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									PerformancePoint Services
Duration: 8 minutes

Overview: PerformancePoint Services is all about surfacing data to users in a dashboard format to allow
users to create business decisions based on the dashboard information. In this demo you will see how
you can build such a PerformancePoint dashboard based on some data in SQL Server Analysis Services.

All these tools give you a way to analyze your data, organize it, and then present it to those who need it
in a way that allows them to maximize understanding and maximize the benefit for the business.

The demo is based on      Select the Monitor Key Performance section on the main page of the BI Center.
a site that is created    Click the Start using PerformancePoint Services hyperlink.
based on the BI
Center template.
This brings you to a
page where you will
start building all your
Services applications.

                       Click the Run to Dashboard Designer button. This opens the Dashboard
                       Designer application.
There are 2 important There is a data connection defined to the AdventureWorks SQL Server Analysis
areas in the           database.
Workspace Browser
on the left. The first
area is the Data
Connections area.
You can connect to
any type of external
data source.
The second area is
Content area
dashboards, KPIs,
scorecards and
Let’s take a look at      In the Connection Settings pane you can define to which data source to
the data connection.      connect.
                          Click the Time button to see the time mappings. This allows your page to be
                          specific to the current day. You can define a time dimension that is used to
                          determine what day it is.
Once you have the         In this demo the sales is based on 3 key values:
data source set up,             Month to date
you can start building          Quarter to date
the other items. The            Year to date
first one to look at is   These values are calculated using the data in the data source.
the KPIs.

                          Select the Data Mapping hyperlink on the YTD value. There is a mapping to the
                          Internet Sales amount.
                          There is also a filter defined that indicates that only sales within this
                          YearToDate may be calculated. The same is done for MTD and QTD.
                     The last row in the grid is an Actual. The Data Mapping columns contains a
                     custom formula. The KPI is a relation between the target value and the YTD. The
                     custom formula takes the sales of the last year and multiplies it with 1.25.

Take a look at the   In the dashboard a measure is set up on the KPI Internet Sales. Internet Sales is
Sales dashboard.     what you are going to see in your scorecard. You can break down the data in
                     the scorecard based on sales per territory. The KPI is then calculated for each
                     Internet Sales in each country.
You can also build      In this demo there is a report that shows what is the Internet Sales for the
reports.                current calendar year broken down by product category.

The dashboard           Select the Internet Sales dashboard again. When you look at the Dashboard
showed the              Content pane, the Sales scoreboard is placed at the top and the Sales By
information broken      Category report at the bottom.
down per territory      You can define a relationship that specifies for example that you want to filter
while the report        the information displayed in the report based on the item selected in the
showed the              scorecoard.
information broken
down per product
You can relate the
two pieces of
information using the
The Dashboard          Right-click the Internet Sales dashboard and choose Deploy.
Designer allows        When you return to the SharePoint site in the browser you see that it now
deploying the content calculates all of the sales and gives information by territory.
to SharePoint. You
will see that the
Internet Sales are
calculated and
displayed by country
and the graph reflects
the selected country.
The only downside is
that you can only
show the information
explicitly defined in
the Dashboard

                         You can now select an individual country and see that the graph in the Sales By
                         Category reflects the information for the selected country.
If you want to analyze   Right-click a bar in the graph and select Decomposition Tree. This will display
why a certain product    some extra information in a dialog form. You can investigate this information in
is sold more than        a lot of different aspects.
another one you can
bring up a
Decomposition Tree.
This decomposition
tree gives the end
users the ability to
explore the data in
slightly different

                       You can break down the data by month, by quarter, by year,…

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