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					                                                  ‫משרד הבריאות‬
                                      ‫האגף לשירותי מידע ומחשוב, תחום מידע‬
                                           ‫המחלקה לאם לילד ולמתבגר‬
                                            ‫המחלקה לגנטיקה קהילתית‬

                          Registration of Birth Defects / Congenital Anomalies

                                                                  ICD9      ICD10
Nervous System
Anecephalus                                                       740       Q00.0
Spina bifida with hydrocephalus                                   741       Q05.0-Q05.4
Spina bifida without mention of hydrocephalus                     741.9     Q05.5-Q05.8
Encephalocele                                                     742       Q01
Microcephalus                                                     742.1     Q02
Reduction deformities of brain -                                  742.2
      Agenesis of part of brain                                             Q04.3
      Holoprosencnphaly                                                     Q04.2
Congenital hydrocephalus                                          742.3     Q03
Other specified anomalies of brain -                              742.4     Q05.9, Q00.1, Q00.2
      Congenital cerebral cyst                                              Q04.6, Q04.4
      Porencephaly                                                          Q04.5, Q04.0, Q04.1,Q04.8,Q06.0-
                                                                            Q06.8, Q07.0-Q07.8

Unspecified anomaly of brain’ spinal cord’ and nervous system     742.9     Q04.9, Q06.9, Q07.9
Anophthalmos                                                      743       Q11.0, Q11.1
Microphthalmos                                                    743.1     Q11.2
Buphthalmos (congenital glaucoma)                                 743.2     Q15.0
Congenital cataract and lens anomalies                            743.3     Q12.0-Q12.9
Aniridia                                                          743.45    Q13.1
Other specified anomalies of iris and ciliary body -              743.46
      Coloboma of iris                                                      Q13.0, Q13.2
Unspecified anomaly of eye                                        743.9     Q15.9
Absence of external ear (anotia)                                  744.01    Q16.0
Microtia                                                          744.23    Q17.2
Other anomaly of ear                                              744.29    Q16.1-Q16.9, Q17.1, Q17.3-Q17.9
Cleft palate                                                      749       Q35
Cleft lip                                                         749.1     Q36
Cleft palate with cleft lip                                       749.2     Q37
Common truncus                                                    745       Q20.0
Transposition of great vessels                                    745.1     Q20.3
Tetralogy of fallot                                               745.2     Q21.3
Common ventricle                                                  745.3     Q20.4
Ventricular septal defect                                         745.4     Q21.0
Endocardial cushion defects                                       745.6     Q21.2
Anomalies of pulmonary valve                                      746       Q22.0, Q22.1, Q22.2, Q22.3
Tricuspid atresia and stenosis, congenital                        746.1     Q22.4
Ebstein’s anomaly                                                 746.2     Q22.5
Congenital stenosis of aortic valve                               746.3     Q23.0, Q23.1
Hypoplastic left heart syndrome                                   746.7     Q23.4
Subaortic stenosis                                                746.81    Q24.4
Congenital heart block                                            746.86    Q24.6
Atresia and stenosis of aorta                                     747.22    Q25.1, Q25.2, Q25.3
                                                                      ICD9     ICD10
Anomalous of pulmonary aorta                                          747.3    Q25.5-Q25.7
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection                           747.41   Q26.2
Respiratory system
Choanal atresia                                                       748      Q30.0
Agenesis, hypoplasia, and dysplasia of lung                           748.5    Q33.3, Q33.6
Unspecified anomaly of respiratory system                             748.9    Q33.9
Aglossia                                                              750.11   Q38.3
Tracheoesophageal fistula, esophageal atresia and stenosis            750.3    Q39.0, Q39.1, Q39.2, Q39.3
Atresia and stenosis of small intestine                               751.1    Q41
Atresia and stenosis of large intestine, rectum and anal canal        751.2    Q42
Unspecified anomaly of digestive system                               751.9    Q45.9
Hypospadias and epispadias                                            752.6    Q54, Q64.0
Indeterminate sex and pseudohermaphroditism                           752.7    Q56
Cystic kidney disease -                                               753.1    Q61
      Cyst of kidney (congenital) (multiple)
      Polycystic (disease of) kidney
Obstructive defects of renal pelvis and ureter-                       753.2    Q62.1-Q62.4
      Congenital hydronephrosis
Exstrophy of urinary bladder                                          753.5    Q64.1
Unspecified anomaly of urinary system                                 753.9    Q64.9
Talipes equinovarus (club foot)                                       754.51, Q66.0
Polydactyly                                                           755     Q69
Syndactyly                                                            755.1   Q70
     Deficiency of upper limb:
Transverse deficiency of upper limb                                   755.21
Longitudinal deficiency of upper limb, not elsewhere classified       755.22      Q71
Longitudinal deficiency, radial, complete or partial                  755.26
Longitudinal deficiency, phalanges, complete or partial               755.29
     Deficiency of lower limb:
Transverse deficiency of lower limb                                   755.31
Longitudinal deficiency, femoral, complete or partial (with or        755.34      Q72
without distal deficiencies, incomplete)
Longitudinal deficiency, tibiofibular, complete or partial (with or   755.35
without distal deficiencies, incomplete)
Anomalies of skull and face bones -                                   756      Q75
Chondrodystrophy                                                      756.4    Q77
Anomalies of diaphragm -                                              756.6    Q79.0, Q79.1
      congenital hernia - diaphragmatic
Anomalies of adominal wall -                                          756.7    Q79.3, Q79.4
      Prune belly (syndrome)
Other and unspecified anomalies of musculoskeletal system             756.9    Q79.8, Q79.9
Chromosomal anomalies
Down’s syndrome                                                       758      Q90
Patau’s anomalies (trisomy 13)                                        758.1    Q91.4-Q91.7
Edward’s syndrome (trisomy 18)                                        758.2    Q91.0, Q91.1, Q91.2, Q91.3
Conditions due to anomaly of unspecified chromosome                   758.9    Q99.9

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