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					                                               Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group 2012 Sign Up Options

Legal Defense Fund
To protect and better serve our agents, we are giving you an opportunity to sign up for The Legal Defense Fund. Sign ups for coverage for 2011 will be held from
January 13th through the 31st. Sales Associates who subscribe will have a $0 deductible responsibility in the event of any claim, settlement or judgment on any
transaction closed during your dates of coverage. Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group will represent, protect, and defend you against these claims on any covered,
closed transaction.

This fund will cover transactions done while with Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group. Any known claims filed prior to the fund sign-up date will not be covered by
this policy. Lawsuits filed after the expiration of this contract will not be covered. This policy covers claims made during the calendar year 2011.

The Sales Associate will be billed $25.00 per month ($300.00 per year). Or, if you elect to pay in advance, the fee will be discounted by $50.00 to the amount of
$250.00. Billed amounts must be kept paid on a regular basis to be considered actively covered by this fund.

This plan provides for greater security to our Sales Associates during the course of their careers and allows Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group to quickly resolve
any claims without having to concern our Sales Associates. It allows you to keep your commission after every sale without concerns of future claims. With the
problems that do come up being quickly resolved, we also keep our customers satisfied and happy.

Our current E & O insurance program has a $10,000 deductible, in which the Sales Associate shares on a basis proportionate to his split received on the transaction
in question. As many of you know, it is very easy to reach the $10,000 threshold in problem situations. As our marketplace matures, be assured that litigation and
claims against Realtors will increase. We do not like having to collect our Sales Associates commissions after closing a deal!

From now through January 31, 2011, you may sign up for the program by completing this form and returning it to Bev Bryant in Administration. No further
opportunities to subscribe will be available during 2011, except to Associates new to Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group. Agents new to the company will have
only 30 days from signing on with the company to sign up for the Legal Defense Fund.

     I elect to join the fund and would like to pay $250.00 in advance for a $0 deductible legal defense fund.
     I elect to join the fund and authorize Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group to bill/collect $25.00 per month on my office bill.
     I do not wish to participate in the legal defense fund. I am aware that I shall be responsible for up to $10,000 in deductible costs per claim, proportionate to
     my split. I am further aware that I will not be allowed to change my election after January 31, 2011.

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Continuing Education Fund

Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group offers a program for Sales Associates to save money toward attending Continuing Education classes. If you choose, the
Company will automatically deduct $10 from each closing you have during 2011 starting after you have signed up. We will not collect amounts on previously
issued commission checks. The proceeds withheld from your checks will be refunded to you or applied to your office bill upon your request.

If you wish to have the $10 Continuing Education Fund deducted, please sign below and turn in to the administrative office immediately. Deadline to sign up is
January 31st or within 30 days for new hires.

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Convention/Christmas Savings Fund
Coldwell Banker Tomlinson Group offers a program for Sales Associates to save money toward attending the Coldwell Banker National Convention held in the spring of
2012. Agents and staff members may also use this as a Christmas savings fund.

For agents, if you choose, the company will automatically deduct a minimum of $10 from each closing you have during 2011. Then, if you go to convention, you will
receive a maximum of $10 per 2011 closing as matching funds from the company just after you attend the convention in 2012. To collect the matching funds, you must
submit a copy of your registration & hotel receipts from the convention to the administration office.

For agents and staff wishing to use this as a Christmas savings fund, simply complete the information below. Your savings will then be returned to you in early
December, 2011. Please note there are no matching funds for Christmas savings.

If you wish to participate in this program, please state the amount you wish to have deducted from each check, print your name legibly, sign where indicated, and turn
in to the administrative office immediately. The deadline to sign up is January 31st, or within 30 days for new hires.

Amount to withhold from each check: ____________________

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