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Template for Classified Staff Job Descriptions

                                                                          The job title you will use
                                          Division Name                   in your advertising &
                                  Working Job Title (FS Org Title)        recruitment, on your org
Location                                                                  charts, and on business
Classification title
Job class number

Job definition

In a sentence or two, give a general description of the type of work to be done.
Include skill level (apprentice, journey-level) if relevant.
Include “Facilities Services name-of-division.”

Duties and Responsibilities

List, in order of decreasing amount of time, the specific tasks to be performed.
Include physical tasks and statement of employee’s reporting relationships and other
staff interaction.
Include these statements as needed:
       1. Follow all University and Facilities Services’ policies and procedures.
       2. Attend all required meetings and trainings.
       3. Perform related duties as required.

Supervisory positions need to include a description of the type and magnitude of
authority & responsibility for decision-making and the impact of decisions on the
university, the division, the unit, or the public. Include quantifiers and dimensions
indicating the magnitude of the position’s responsibilities (budgetary authority, impact of
fiscal decisions, number of population served, long-term effects of decisions).


These are qualifications an applicant must have in order to be considered for the

Describe the level of training and/or education required.
Cite class specification requirements and unit specifics.
State the number of years’ experience needed using the skills in question.
State any special certification or essential license(s).
May include this statement: Equivalent education/experience will substitute for
requirements except when there are necessary legal qualifications, such as a
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Template for Classified Staff Job Descriptions


Describe any additional skills, work experience, knowledge of regulations, or
certifications that would be helpful to the job but are not required.
Describe preferred personal qualities that may be helpful to the job (demonstrated ability
to take direction, team player, written skills).
May include request for very specific experience useful for the job.

Note: “Desired” qualifications may be “Required” depending on the position and the
staffing profile of the unit at the time of the recruitment. If so, cite these qualifications in
the Requirements section.

The following are examples of frequently cited desired qualifications.
   o Demonstrated successful experience as a lead or supervisor.
   o Demonstrated ability to take direction, work well with others and as a member of
        a team.
   o Record of providing excellent customer service.
   o Demonstrated effective verbal and written communication skills.
   o Demonstrated successful experience in computer technology and computerized
        maintenance management system.
   o Demonstrated knowledge and practical experience with WISHA (Washington
        Industrial Safety and Health Act) and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health
        Act) regulations.

Conditions of Employment

Always include: A satisfactory outcome from a criminal background verification will be
required prior to hire.

Select from the following, as appropriate to the position:
    o Valid driver’s license recognized by the State of Washington.
    o May be required to accept variable work shift.
    o Must be able to work in a nonsmoking environment.
    o Approved footwear must be provided at the employee’s expense and worn on the
    o Must be able to be fitted for and wear a respirator on the job.
    o Must be able to work outside under all weather conditions.
    o Ability to lift and move heavy material is required.
    o Work may require access to confined spaces and heights using approved safety
    o A tuberculosis (TB) test is required for work assignments in nonhuman primate
        areas and in the Medical Center.
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Template for Classified Staff Job Descriptions

Final check:

    1. Review the Duties and Responsibilities section and make sure there is a clear link
       between the description of the position’s duties and the requirements identified
       for the position.
    2. Be sure that all of the position’s essential functions are included in the job
       definition statement and the description of responsibilities.
    3. Make sure that all conditions of employment are listed and that the link between
       these and job duties is clear.

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