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					A Panel Discussion
Key Questions for our
 panel members will be:
 1. How did the crusades affect you and
  others you know?
 2. What is your opinion of the
  crusaders’ actions?
 3. What lessons can be learned from
  the crusades?
Step 1: Read the explanation of what your role in the
  group is and what your responsibilities are:

Step 2: Production Director assigns each
  teammate to one of the three sections to prepare:
  11.4, 11.5, 11.6 and reads section 11.6 himself/herself.

Then, teammates work together on the first column
 of the Matrix on the last page of your handout.

When you have finished, raise your hand so I can check your work.
Step 3: Learn about your historical figure
- Take turns reading out loud about your
  figure. Historian organizes turns.
- When you come to the each set of
  questions, stop and discuss as a team.

- Step 4: Answer questions 1-3 on the
 second page of the handout together.
 Be sure to answer question 3 the way
 your figure would answer it.
Step 5 – Prepare 4 questions that your
 Historian and Production Director will ask
 the other historical figures.

Make sure you ask 2 questions of people who
 will agree with your figure and 2 questions
 of people who will disagree with your

When you finish Step 5, raise your hand so I
 can check your work and the each member
 of the team can then begin their individual
Public Relations Agents writes a 1-
 minute introduction that includes:

- the figure’s name, accomplishments,
  and a description of some things he or
  she may have seen, heard, and felt
  during the crusades.
- The introduction also describes how
  the crusades affected the figure.
Actor prepares a 30-second opening
 statement summarizing the figure’s
view on the question:
What is your opinion of the crusaders’

Actor then cuts out the mask and adds
 visual detail, making sure he or she can
 breathe, see, and speak through it.
Historian writes a 30-second closing
 statement that completes this

From a historian’s view, the most
 important lesson to be learned from
 the crusades is…
Production Director creates a plaque
 for the historical figure with name,
 illustration, and motto that symbolize
 the figure’s religious perspective and
 memorable experiences in the
The plaque should be clear enough to be
 read from a distance.
Procedure for Friday:
1. Public Relations Agents give 1
   minute introduction of their panelist
2. Actors give 30 second opening
3. Historians and Production
   Directors ask questions
4. Historians give 30 second
Grading will be based on:
Public Relations Agent: quality of your
   1 minute introduction: figure’s name,
   accomplishments, how did the
   crusades affect your figure?
Actors 30 second opening statement
   about your opinion of what the
   crusaders did and answers to
   questions from the Historians and
   Production Directors.
Grading will be based on:
Historians: quality of your 30 second
   closing statement (What is the most
   important lesson to learn about the
   crusades?) and the quality of your
Production Directors: quality of your
   questions and the details on your

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