; Gang-Related charges
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Gang-Related charges


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									Gang-Related charges

   Kevin Lopez
         History of GANGS
• Gangs started in record in India in1200’s AD,
  but they were not know as gangs but thugs.
  In the US we grew up with our type stories of
  thugs like pireates and Billy the Kid. As the
  1800’s went by a new generation of gangs
  were created by emigrational people that
  came to the US like the Irish that created
  gang called Dead Rabbit and Jewish created
  Monk Eastern gang that terrorized New York.
40 Years of Homicide
Homicides from 1967 to 2006
          Who are the Latin Kings

• The gang had started in Chicago,
  Illinoins in the 1940’s. The gang were
  out of Hispanic descent.
• Those who are members must have
  a hispanic bloodline.
• In 1994 New York City experience
  the reality of Latin Kings. They were
  the strongest and violent New York.
            Law of Kiling
• (d) Except as provided in Section 3002
  of the Fish and Game Code, any person
  who willfully and maliciously discharges
  a firearm from a motor vehicle is guilty
  of a public offense punishable by
  imprisonment in the county jail for not
  more than one year or in the state
         Who are Bloods
• Bloods are a gang that was formed in
  1993, within the New York City jail.
• In that time the Latin Kings were the
  most prevalent and organized gang in
  NYC jails.
• They created for pretection The United
  Blood Nation, for they can recruit new
  What were the blood gangs
• The origanal recriut sets were in New
  York even though there are even in Los
• The origanals sets are called: Mad
  Stone Villians (MSV), Valentine Blood
  (VB), Nine Tray Gangsters (NTG),
  Gangster Killer Bloods (GKB), etc.
Murders in Los Angles
        Gang-related Law
• California 12022.55. Additional
  Punishment for Discharging Firearm
  From Vehicle
• The law says that if the person next to
  the person that shoot someone in the
  vechale would have 5,6, or 10 years in
  state prison.
Owner of car permit to
discarge in the vencile
• (c) Any person who willfully and
  maliciously discharges a firearm from a
  motor vehicle at another person other
  than an occupant of a motor vehicle is
  guilty of a felony punishable by
  imprisonment in state prison for three,
  five, or seven years.

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