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                           JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:              Trainer

EMPLOYED BY:            Blackburn with Darwen CVS

SERVICE AREA:           Volunteer Centre

SALARY:                 £27,052 pro rata – Salary Point 32

WORKING HOURS:          15hrs per week

RESPONSIBLE TO:         Project Manager


To help to deliver the Volunteering for Stronger Communities Project within
Pennine Lancashire.

To identify small and under resourced organisations to develop and deliver
a training programme on all aspects of managing volunteers to stimulate
the development of new volunteering opportunities in the community

To design a training package on employability skills for volunteers furthest
from the labour market (to be accessed by volunteers)

To design, develop and deliver other training programmes on behalf of the
Volunteer Centre and BwD CVS, and seek Centre accreditation with an
awarding body / course accreditation (if applicable).


1. To work with stakeholders by:-
      a. Taking a partnership approach working with Burnley Pendle and
         Rossendale Volunteer Centre, and partners in Hyndburn &
         Ribble Valley to consult, plan and deliver project activities.
      b. Identifying small under-resourced organisations / groups
         throughout Pennine Lancashire that are in need of training
         support to manage volunteers effectively.
      c. Promoting the project to partner agencies, local businesses,
         potential volunteers and to small and under-resourced groups
         looking to involve volunteers.
      d. Promoting and helping to facilitate accessible networking for
         small organisations with each other e.g. volunteer coordinator
         forum, social networking, neighbourhood initiatives, shadowing/
         exchange with volunteer-involving groups, volunteer manager
         buddying, e-learning.

2. To lead on developing & delivering the curriculum, learning materials
   and other resources for use by volunteers, volunteer managers and
   other CVS staff. This will include:-
      a. Developing training courses and learning materials to support
         volunteers, especially linked to employability & personal
         development (to be delivered by the Employability Development
      b. Developing & delivering training courses and learning materials
         around volunteer management, which will be accessible to small
         under resourced groups with a strong focus on
         diversity/inclusion issues to address barriers for hard-to-reach
         groups; and ways to support the skills development of their
      c. Developing simple accessible good practice resources and
         learning materials, including basic volunteer management
         procedures, sample forms specifically created for the needs of
         under-resourced groups, etc.
      d. Exploring and pursuing (if applicable) Centre accreditation with
         an awarding body and developing course accreditation (where

3. To participate as a valued and effective member of the team by:-
      a. Contributing to the attainment of Volunteer Centre Quality
         Accreditation and plan project activity in line with the established
         quality standards.
      b. Supporting the six core functions of a Volunteer Centre
         (brokerage, creating volunteering opportunities, marketing, good
         practice development, lobbying & campaign and strategic
         development of volunteering)
          c. Maintaining information and keeping detailed records for
             purposes of monitoring and performance management and
          d. Contributing to the continuous improvement of your own work
             area and that of the Volunteer Centre team
          e. Participating in research/evaluations to gather evidence of
             impact of project
          f. Assisting the project manager to produce quarterly performance
             reports to the funders, managers, partners and the CVS
             Executive Committee.
          g. Attending meetings, training & other events as required by CVS
             & the team
          h. Positively contributing to activities which require a team
             approach (e.g. CVS or Volunteer Centre promotional events,
          i. Undertaking other duties within CVS when required, which are
             commensurate with the level of responsibility for the post
The post holder must adhere to all CVS policies and procedures, which are
contained in a suite of handbooks on the intranet and will be made available
as part of the induction process.

The staff of CVS are ultimately responsible to the Executive Committee which
is made up of elected representatives from the CVS membership. Day to day
management responsibilities are delegated to the Chief Executive and the
management team. This post will be line-managed by the Project Manager.

The full time equivalent salary is £27,052 and the full time equivalent week is
37 hours per week. This is currently a part-time post for a basic 15 hours per
week with the pro rata salary being £10,967. This post is funded by the Big
Lottery Fund until January 2014. The post holder may be paid additional hours
at £20.00 per hour to support new project activity that generates additional

Holiday entitlement is 22 days plus 8 statutory days and the days between
Christmas and New Year (increasing to 27 days after 5 years continuous
service). Holidays are pro rata depending on the number of hours worked.

You are required to make yourself aware of, understand and act on, your
obligations to yourself, to work colleagues, to CVS, to our customers and
other stakeholders. These obligations are contained in the Employee
Handbook and supporting handbooks, which are available on the CVS
Intranet. Staff must pay particular attention to the Equality and Diversity
Policy, Customer Care Policy, IT Policy, and, Health and Safety Policy and
adhere to all CVS policies and procedures at all times

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