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									Lead authority     Authority   Region   If Joint proposal list   One line summary                                                                Proposal
Name               Type                 other authorities                                                                                        theme

Adur District      District    SE       Worthing Borough         Reform the Housing Revenue Account in particular the ability to retain          Housing
                                        Councils                 100% of rent received from council housing.

Adur District      District    SE       Worthing Borough         South Downs National Park delegation of Planning Powers to Local                Planning         South West             Transport
                                        Councils                 Authorities

Adur District      District    SE       Worthing Borough         Increased local democratic decision making and accountability, local            Democratic       East of England        Adult social care
                                        Councils                 representation on NHS trusts and quangos.                                       renewal

Ashford            District    SE                                The proposal is for the transfer of some of the development control             Planning         West Midlands          Regeneration and
Borough                                                          (planning) powers relating to the determining of planning applications                                                  Economic Development
Council                                                          for community building projects (such as school, libraries and youth
                                                                 centres) and residential developments from the County Council to
                                                                 Voting age to be reduced to 16 years old                                        Democratic       South East             Planning
Bath & North
East Somerset                                                                                                                                    renewal
Council            Unitary     SW
Bexley London      LB          GL                                That the current volunteer mileage reimbursement system is reviewed so          Transport        London                 Worklessness,
Borough                                                          that drivers are reimbursed at a fair rate, administrative barriers are                                                 unemployment and skills
Council                                                          removed, and drivers are incentivised to use more eco-friendly modes of
Birmingham         Met         WM                                transport.
                                                                 Promote local renewable energy by:                                              Environmental    East Midlands          Children and young
City Council                                                     • Remove barriers to the local grid. In particular lifting the ceilings on      sustainability                          people
                                                                 the use of private electricity wires to supply domestic customers, and on
Birmingham         Met         WM                                Promoting small onto the by increasing rate relief.
                                                                 electricity exportsbusiness grid from private wires                             Finance          Yorkshire and Humber   Regulatory services
City Council

Birmingham         Met         WM                                Local Authorities be granted the same flexibility as other Registered           Housing          North East             Housing
City Council                                                     Social Landlords (RSL‟s) to grant Assured and Assured Shorthold
                                                                 tenancies, as well as Secure Tenancies.
Birmingham         Met         WM                                Introduce Accelerated Development Zones (ADZs).                                 Regeneration     North West             Finance
City Council                                                                                                                                     and Economic
Birmingham         Met         WM                                Ensure that greater consideration is given to the impact of closure of          Local Services                          Safer and stronger
City Council                                                     local public services on service users before a decision is made;                                                       Communities
                                                                 decisions are made in negotiations involving all local stakeholders; that
Birmingham         Met         WM                                stakeholders represent the diversity of the area and all sections of the
                                                                 Utility companies to provide regular, up to date, weather corrected CO2e        Environmental                           Environmental
City Council                                                     data, resultant from domestic and business electricity and gas                  sustainability                          sustainability
                                                                 consumption, on a neighbourhood scale, to local authorities and local
Birmingham         Met         WM                                strategic local food production by:
                                                                 Increase partnerships for public use.                                           Environmental                           Democratic renewal
City Council                                                     • Revising allotment legislation to encourage and facilitate Local              sustainability
                                                                 Authorities to provide more allotments, community gardens, community
Birmingham         Met         WM                                orchards or market gardens, and;
                                                                 Local authorities to be given the discretionary power to regulate vehicles      Safer and                               Local Services
City Council                                                     that park on and damage footways and grass verges where appropriate             stronger
                                                                 and proportionate to the problem.                                               Communities
Borough of         Unitary     SW                                For greater flexibility to be given to local authorities on spending of ring    Finance                                 New Performance
Poole                                                            fenced grants                                                                                                           Framework

Borough of         Unitary     SW                                For Planning Inspectors appointed to determine appeals to have and              Planning                                Health
Poole                                                            connection with and knowledge of the local area.

Borough of         Unitary     SW                                Delegation of greater powers to Local Authorities to control and direct         Transport
Poole                                                            the nature of Local Public Transport.

Borough of         Unitary     SW                                To seek greater influence for the Local Authority in the setting of the         Housing
Poole                                                            Regional Spatial Strategy and local determination of housing targets,
                                                                 including the number of affordable homes per development.
Borough of         Unitary     SW                                To consider the possibility of legislation to build in a Right of Appeal by     Planning
Poole                                                            residents against grant of planning consent by a Local Authority or
                                                                 developer (limited to significant applications.)
Borough of         Unitary     SW                                The ability to retain and influence the setting of the National non-            Finance
Poole                                                            domestic Rate collected by the Authority.

Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                That power be devolved to local authorities to set vehicle speed limits on      Transport
City Council                                                     public roads at any maximum below existing regulations (20mph),
                                                                 according to local needs, in order to encourage safer and more people
Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                friendly streets where appropriate.
                                                                 To allow allotment holders to sell their surplus product to local shops.        Environmental
City Council                                                                                                                                     sustainability

Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                That national government introduce a business rates local protection            Finance
City Council                                                     scheme which gives councils the authority to offer discretionary business
                                                                 rate relief to encourage and sustain small and medium local businesses.
Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                National Government remove pooling regulations for RTB capital               Finance
City Council                                                     receipts and release future and accumulated capital receipts from the
                                                                 sale of council housing to the control of Local Authorities to be
Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                That national planning policy, specifically Planningnew stock and
                                                                 administered as they see fit, but especially to build Policy Statement 1, is Planning
City Council                                                     changed to explicitly support localised food systems, thereby
                                                                 encouraging the provision of food infrastructure including urban and peri-
Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                To change legislation thatdairies and foodauthorities from borrowing
                                                                 urban abattoirs, bakeries, prohibits local hubs.                             Housing
City Council                                                     against their social housing rental income.

Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                To place a legal responsibility on supermarkets to reduce the amount of         Environmental
City Council                                                     non-recyclable materials used in packaging and to provide recycling             sustainability
                                                                 facilities for materials that are not recycled in the local household
Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                recycling collection. incentives and assistance to local homeowners,
                                                                 To increase financial                                                           Environmental
City Council                                                     including landlords, to install micro-renewable energy sources in their         sustainability
Brighton & Hove Unitary        SE                                That food growing be introduced as part of the national curriculum either       Children and
City Council                                                     on or off school sites.                                                         young people

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Government to extend Business Rate Relief to provide the same relief to         Finance
Council                                                          urban Post Offices as rural.

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Reduce commercial and industrial waste.                                         Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                          sustainability

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Establish statutory biodiversity/eco footprint data in planning applications. Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                        sustainability

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Reduce VAT on Property Refurbishment and Brownfield Site                        Housing
Council                                                          development to zero%.

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Encourage car clubs through exemption from congestion charges and               Transport
Council                                                          free road fund licences.

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Place a tax on the purchase of plastic bags by retailers.                       Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                          sustainability

Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Amend the Local Government and Housing Act to support the                       Worklessness,
Council                                                          employment of young people and people with learning difficulties,               unemployment
                                                                 specifically within local authorities                                           and skills
Bristol City       Unitary     SW                                Supporting independent shops in local town centres.                             Planning

Burnley            District    NW                                Seelctive landlord licensing and changes to the CPO regime.                     Housing
Bury               Met         NW                                Add “protecting and improving public health” to the 4 existing objectives       Health
Metropolitan                                                     of the Licensing Act 2003
Cambridge City     District    E                                 The government should give joint powers over all aspects of Transport           Transport
Council                                                          Policy and Planning within Cambridge to Cambridgeshire County and
                                                                 Cambridge City Councils. These powers to include regulation of all
Cambridge City     District    E                                 public bus transport within Cambridge.
                                                                 The government should introduce legislation to significantly reduce the         Environmental
Council                                                          amount of packaging on all retail goods (food and non-food) and require         sustainability
                                                                 all remaining packaging to be biodegradable.
Cambridge City     District    E                                 The government should change current arrangements to allow                      Housing
Council                                                          Cambridge City Council to keep ALL revenue collected from Council
                                                                 Housing rents and ALL receipts from Right to Buy sales of Council
Cambridge City     District    E                                 Homes. Council urges government to act quickly to: a) Make it much
                                                                 The City                                                                        Environmental
Council                                                          easier to introduce renewable energy schemes. b) Legislate to require           sustainability
                                                                 high energy efficiency standards for ALL new buildings before 2016.
Central                                                          The introduction of a 5 year discretionary rate relief for small businesses Environmental
Bedfordshire                                                     in the area operating the development and production of low carbon            sustainability
Council            Unitary     E                                 technologies related to this sector.
                                                                 Amend the Licensing Act 2003 to include ward councillors in the               Regulatory
Cheshire West                                                    definition of 'interested party'. This would enable local ward councillors to services
and Chester        Unitary     NW                                make representations to the Licensing committee as of right.
Chorley            District    NW                                An amendment to be made to Planning Policy Statement 3: Housing                 Planning
Borough                                                          (PPS3) to exclude gardens from the definition of brownfield land
Chorley            District    NW                                Improving the relationships between local authorities and Primary Care          Democratic
Borough                                                          Trusts and strengthening the democratic accountability of PCTs to their         renewal
Council                                                          communities.
Chorley            District    NW                                Give Councils the power to retain a proportion of the revenue from              Finance
Borough                                                          business rates (Non Domestic rates, NNDR) to be spent on local
Council                                                          priorities or to have the power to raise revenue through this mechanism
City of York       Unitary     YH                                Bring commercial waste into councils‟ targets for local levy. recycling
                                                                 by giving powers back to local authorities to set a increasing                  Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                          sustainability

City of York       Unitary     YH                                Accelerate actions regarding the creation of low carbon communities;            Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                          sustainability

City of York       Unitary     YH                                Re-regulation of bus services                                                   Transport

City of York       Unitary     YH                                That City of York council should be able to keep all of its council housing     Transport
Council                                                          rental income and not be subject to the HRA subsidy Regime.

City of York       Unitary     YH                                That “Business Rates are retained locally for spending on sustainability        Finance
Council                                                          (including economic) by council”

City of York       Unitary     YH                                This proposal requests that all landfill tax and LATS penalties (where          Environmental
Council                                                          appropriate) are returned to local authorities for investment in further        sustainability
                                                                 recycling, reduction, reuse and repair measures.
City of York       Unitary     YH                                This proposal requests consideration for a change in legislation, so that       Environmental
Council                                                          producers of packaging, such as supermarkets, have an obligation to             sustainability
                                                                 take it back at their stores locally for reuse or recycling.
Croydon London                                                   Establish Local Appeals Boards to determine planning appeals on minor           Planning
Borough                                                          applications.
Council            LB          GL
Darlington         Unitary     NE                                To request a new legal power to enable licensing committees to take          Health
Borough                                                          account of representations about local views on “sufficiency” in relation to
Council                                                          the provision of premises from which alcohol can be bought
Darlington         Unitary     NE                                Facilitating access to welfare benefits for those in low paid work and/or       Worklessness,
Borough                                                          those who are volunteering.                                                     unemployment
Council                                                                                                                                          and skills
Darlington         Unitary     NE                                A revised Working Neighbourhood Fund (WNF) to better target local               Regeneration
Borough                                                          deprivation                                                                     and Economic
Council                                                                                                                                          Development
Darlington         Unitary     NE                                For Government to take the necessary steps to enable community pubs to          Health
Borough                                                          trade on a level playing field by prohibiting irresponsible promotion of
Council                                                          alcohol as a loss-leader (part one). That government take the necessary
Doncaster          Met         YH                                steps to prohibit restrictive covenants that prevent any future use of a
                                                                 Making local Post Offices more sustainable                                      Local Services
Doncaster          Met         YH                                Empowering parish councils in the planning process                              Planning
Doncaster          Met         YH                                Enable local authorities to encourage local businesses to promote               Finance
Metropolitan                                                     sustainability through the business rates reliefs system
Doncaster          Met         YH                                Universal concessionary pass for young people is implemented across             Transport
Metropolitan                                                     the country.
Doncaster          Met         YH                                 The installation of renewable energy/lighting/heating sources by               Environmental
Metropolitan                                                     households and The provision of renewable energy lighting schemes at            sustainability
Borough                                                          amenities such as multi-use games areas
Dorset County      County      SW       Christchurch             For the government toand packaging to be deal with the issue of vehicles
                                                                 Recycling of plastics enact legislation to enhanced, working with               Transport
Council                                 Borough Council          using inappropriate roads as a result of satellite navigation devices.
                                        Dorset County
Dorset County      County      SW       CouncilCounty
                                        Dorset                   That the Secretary of State for Transport amends the powers of the              Transport
Council                                 Council                  Highway Agency as follows:
                                        West Dorset District
East Devon         District    SW       Council                  „That where roads under their jurisdiction have a highlocal people local
                                                                 Providing more affordable housing in East Devon for or significant              Housing
District Council

East Lindsey       District    EM                                A change to the legislation that would require a larger percentage of the       Democratic
District Council                                                 electorate to call for a meeting, demand a Parish Poll on a question or         renewal
                                                                 the appointment to an Office, and a larger number of those present at the
East Lindsey       District    EM                                meeting, the District Council to retain a proportion of Non Domestic
                                                                 To allow with a de minimis included.                                            Finance
District Council                                                 Rates (NDR) received from caravan parks for reinvestment into local
                                                                 community renewal projects.
East Lindsey       District    EM                                The Government should remove the mandatory element to maintain                  Local Services
District Council                                                 closed churchyards, retaining a power for councils to support the activity,
                                                                 so it became a matter of local choice through the democratic process.
East Riding of     Unitary     YH                                For the Government to increase expenditure on major transport schemes           Transport
Yorkshire                                                        to finance the reopening of the York to Beverley railway.
East Riding of     Unitary     YH                                The removal of an age restriction to Disability Living Allowance (DLA)          Adult social
Yorkshire                                                                                                                                        care
Essex County       County      E                                 Change the definition of 'NEETs' to recognise participation in ECC              Children and
Council                                                          youth initiatives and formal volunteering programmes as valid alternatives      young people
                                                                 to education, training and employment.
Essex County       County      E                                 That ECC be empowered to define and enforce a set of local                      Democratic
Council                                                          performance standards for government agencies and non-departmental              renewal
                                                                 public bodies that operate within Essex.
Essex County       County      E                                 Develop joint arrangements for commissioning non-emergency patient              Health
Council                                                          transport services (PTS). To this end, it is proposed that the Secretary
                                                                 of State:
Essex County       County      E                                 That Local Authorities be empowered to use the existing infrastructure          Democratic
Council                                                          provided by the Electoral Commission to run locally focused                     renewal
                                                                 referendums, including alongside existing votes such as parliamentary,
Essex County       County      E                                 European and local elections.
                                                                 The duty to set the eligibility criteria and amounts payable for all working    Worklessness,
Council                                                          age benefits for all claimants in Essex be devolved from central                unemployment
                                                                 government to ECC.                                                              and skills
Essex County       County      E                                 That ECC be allowed to retain money that it would otherwise have paid to        Environmental
Council                                                          the exchequer in landfill tax. All retained money will be committed to fund     sustainability
                                                                 projects and programmes to improve local environmental sustainability.
Exeter City        District    SW                                For Government to give Exeter City Council the power to retain revenue          Finance
Council                                                          from locally imposed non-domestic rates on store car parking spaces,
                                                                 with the power for the Council to allow discounts to stores that source at
Exeter City        District    SW                                least 30% of goods from within 30 miles of Exeter carrying at least two
                                                                 Ensure that all buses in rural areas are capable of(and which are not first     Transport
Council                                                          bikes on externally secured bike carriers.

Hackney London LB              GL                                Introduce wider powers for councils to be able to reflect residents‟ views      Planning
Borough                                                          and influence the shape of local high streets where the concentration of
Council                                                          particular kinds of businesses can mean that the needs of local people
Hammersmith    LB              GL                                Councils be given the statutory duty to improve sustainable
                                                                 are not met and local communities cease to be neighbourhoods where              Regeneration
and Fulham                                                       there are concentrations of deprivation and be set free to manage               and Economic
London Borough                                                   regeneration resources and their housing assets in a more sensible way          Development
Hampshire      County          SE                                based on what is right for the local area.
                                                                 Devolve the responsibility for Regional Strategy preparation from the           Planning
County Council                                                   regional level to county level, enabling closer links between planning and
                                                                 delivery of services such as transport, education and health, and
Harrow London      LB          GL                                enhancing local democratic accountability
                                                                 Amend the Planning Act to give a duty to local planning authorities to          Planning
Borough                                                          recognise the value of gardens and urban green spaces in the life of the
Council                                                          community, and for the environmental and social sustainability of an area.
                                                                 The Government is requested to enact legislation to enable the transfer         Transport
                                                                 of Highway Authority powers to those District Councils who are willing
Hastings Borough District
                 Council       SE                                and able to take on sole responsibility for on street parking.
                                                                 It is proposed that high-speed broadband is provided throughout the             Local Services
Herefordshire                                                    county.
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Local lettings policy for exisiting housing stock.                              Housing
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Twin-tracking the line between Hereford and Ledbury                             Transport
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Work expereinece on farms as park of the national curriculum.                   Children and
Herefordshire                                                                                                                                    young people
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Designating the Herefordshire Black Mountains as an area of                     Environmental
Herefordshire                                                    outstanding national beauty.                                                    sustainability
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Re-opening the Herefordshire to Gloucstershire canal.                           Transport
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 The Highways Agency should eb required to take into account and act             Transport
Herefordshire                                                    upon local needs.
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Establish/Re-establish train stations on existing lines in the County           Transport
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Establish Post Banks in local Post Offices.                                     Local Services
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Considering the impact and engaging with the local community when               Local Services
Herefordshire                                                    moving or closing public services.
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Reduced VAT on building conversions                                             Housing
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Extension of the commuter train network.                                        Transport
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 Creating a public transport governing body.                                     Transport
Council            Unitary     WM
                                                                 All settlements should have the right to access a public transport service. Transport
Council          Unitary       WM
High Peak        District      EM                                Free Transport for school age children; switching of traffic lights to          Transport
Borough                                                          flashing amber between 12 midnight and 5am in order to reduce carbon
Council                                                          emissions and to encourage drivers to take more responsibility for safe
Islington London LB            GL                                road use
                                                                 Amend legislation which restricts the freedom of the council to require         Worklessness,
Borough                                                          its contractors to pay the London Living Wage.                                  unemployment
Council                                                                                                                                          and skills
Islington London LB            GL                                For the local authority to take over the licensing and enforcement of           Transport
Borough                                                          footways along red routes.
Islington London LB            GL                                Increase the amount of waste that businesses recyle                             Environmental
Borough                                                                                                                                          sustainability
Islington London LB            GL                                Give the council the power to decide if an area is saturated with gambling      Planning
Borough                                                          and/or off license premises so that it can then restrict new licences being
Council                                                          granted (or existing licences being extended).
Islington London   LB          GL                                To give local authorities more control over developments by railway             Planning
Borough                                                          operators to ensure biodiversity is protected and enhanced in these key
Council                                                          sites.
Islington London   LB          GL                                Freedoms for local authorities to discourage empty homes.                       Housing
Islington London   LB          GL                                Using empty business premises for community use, and powers to                  Regeneration
Borough                                                          require all business premises to be kept in a good and presentable              and Economic
Council                                                          condition.                                                                      Development
Islington London   LB          GL                                For local authorities to keep and spend business rates collected in their       Finance
Borough                                                          area to spend on local services and priorities.
Islington London   LB          GL                                To transfer functions from the London Mayor to borough level to give            Planning
Borough                                                          each borough the final say on tall buildings.
Islington London   LB          GL                                To protect and promote neighbourhood shopping centres.                          Planning
Islington London   LB          GL                                Extend the notice period for temporary event notices.                           Regulatory
Borough                                                                                                                                          services
Islington London   LB          GL                                Require leaseholders to keep and provide evidence that gas safety               Housing
Borough                                                          checks have been carried out in their properties.
Kent County        County      SE                                Change in Government policy to allow recourse to government funding in          Transport
Council                                                          the provision of MotorWay Service Areas.

Kent County        County      SE                                The transfer of functions of the Skills Funding Agency and Young                Children and
Council                                                          Peoples Learning Agency in regard to the county of Kent be devolved to          young people
                                                                 The government to issue guidelines to courts not to issue charging              Safer and
                                                                 orders unless there are exceptional circumstances; that is that the court       stronger
Kettering Borough District
                  Council      EM                                is persuaded that thee was an intent to defraud on the part of the debtor.      Communities
                                                                 To change the statutory guidance to allow local authorities to employ           Safer and
                                                                 single teams of warden capable of dealing with all civil enforcement            stronger
Kettering Borough District
                  Council      EM                                issues.                                                                         Communities
                                                                 Give licensing authorities, in conjunction with the police, or the local        Regulatory
                                                                 CDRP, powers to prevent supermarkets selling alcohol below a certain            services
Kettering Borough District
                  Council      EM                                price floor.
Kingston upon     LB           GL                                Introduction of additional licensing conditions for puppy vendors which         Safer and
Thames Royal                                                     will enable Local Authorities to enforce a ban on dogs imported from            stronger
Borough                                                          puppy farms and which will improve the welfare standards in pet shops.          Communities
Council upon
Kingston          LB           GL                                We are proposing that Kingston should be able to keep a proportion of           Finance
Thames Royal                                                     the business rates collected which would be ring-fenced for investment in
Borough                                                          programmes that contributed to local economic and social sustainability.
Council upon
Kingston          LB           GL                                Overturning the Greenwich Judgement                                             Children and
Thames Royal                                                                                                                                     young people
Council London LB
Lambeth                        GL                                Variable National Non Domestic Rates for those businesses that deliver          Finance
Borough                                                          social benefits
Lambeth London LB              GL                                New powers to use empty commercial properties for 3rd sector/social             Regeneration
Borough                                                          enterprises.                                                                    and Economic
Council                                                                                                                                          Development
Lambeth London LB              GL                                Stopping Land Banking                                                           Planning
Leeds City        Met          YH                                Amend schedule 7 of the traffic management act 2004 to extend the               Transport
Council                                                          powers of civil enforcement officers to issue penalty charge notices for
                                                                 obstructive parking.
Lewes District     District    SE                                Central Government to set up legislation to require The Highways                Transport
Council                                                          Agency and the Highway Authority to link the footpaths and cycle ways in
                                                                 the Local Authority area.
Lewes District     District    SE                                Devolve from Central Government to the Local Authority all the funds held       Worklessness,
Council                                                          for the purpose of enterprise support.                                          unemployment
                                                                                                                                                 and skills
Lewes District     District    SE                                The Waste Collection Authority to have the power to levy a charge to            Environmental
Council                                                          cover the cost of disposal of excess waste and to decide how the waste is       sustainability
                                                                 disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
Lewes District     District    SE                                "A review of local government at parish level, review of areas that do not      Democratic
Council                                                          have a parish council, to look at the governance of those areas and the         renewal
                                                                 process of creating parish councils in those areas. Particular attention
Lewes District     District    SE                                beingThe Secretary of State develops a strategy to enablesustainable
                                                                 That given to the relevance of the Parish Meeting to the Councils to            Environmental
Council                                                          promote local energy schemes and in particular review the requirements          sustainability
                                                                 regarding private wire systems
Lewes District     District    SE                                LAs should be able to set increased council tax rates for properties kept       Finance
Council                                                          soley as second homes or used as holiday lets.

Lewes District     District    SE                                That the Secretary of State takes the power (or gives local authorities the     Regeneration
Council                                                          power) to levy non domestic rates on all those car parking spaces - with        and Economic
                                                                 a power for the council to allow discounts (perhaps up to 100%) if the          Development
Lewes District     District    SE                                supermarket Curriculum should include education about government
                                                                 The National or other store, sources a stated percentage of goods for           Democratic
Council                                                          structures and local democracy, designed to encourage participation in          renewal
                                                                 local issues and a feeling of inclusivity in Secondary Schools. Support for
Lewisham                                                         education to beBookmakers. and participatory as possible e.g. to elect a
                                                                 Gambling and as practical                                                       Regulatory
London Borough                                                                                                                                   services
Council        LB              GL
Lewisham                                                         Significantly increase the fund for grants for people to install micro-         Environmental
London Borough                                                   renewables such as solar panels and small wind turbines for their homes sustainability
Council        LB              GL                                (known as the Low Carbon Building Programme).
                                                                 Local Authorities are given power to force utility companies to reinstate       Local Services
Liverpool City                                                   works to original state and that any utilities works that are disruptive to the
Council            Met         NW                                local highway network should be agreed and co-ordinated with the City
                                                                 Council. authorities to retain business rates for local spending.
                                                                 Allow local                                                                     Finance
Liverpool City
Council            Met         NW
                                                                 That the decent homes criteria to provide for housing standards is              Environmental
Liverpool City                                                   changed to allow local authorities to determine minimum standards for           sustainability
Council            Met         NW                                energy conservation, the amount of renewable energy and flood
                                                                 Make it possible for communities to have mandatory lease rights on              Planning
Liverpool City                                                   disused land, and unoccupied buildings from private owners
Council            Met         NW
                                                                 That legislation is introduced to allow local authorities to impose tighter     Housing
Liverpool City                                                   restrictions and minimum requirements on private landlords including 2
Council            Met         NW                                storey multi occupied houses.
                                                                 Amend licensing legislation to prevent alcohol licences being granted at        Regulatory
Liverpool City                                                   any premises which sell petrol.                                                 services
Council            Met         NW
                                                                 That post offices can not be closed until the local co-operative                Local Services
Liverpool City                                                   development office has been given the time and training budget to see if
Council            Met         NW                                an increase in capacity could result in local people taking over the
                                                                 management of the premises.
                                                                 Change legislation to allow proximity ie numbers in an area, using the          Planning
Liverpool City                                                   pharmacy principle, and the effect on public health to be considered as
Council            Met         NW                                grounds for objection and refusal in respect of planning and licensing
Maldon District    District    E                                 applications.
                                                                 The government gives Local Authorities the power to require planning            Planning
Council                                                          permission to be sought for the change of use from premises which fall
                                                                 within the same use class, such as a change from a post office to a
Mid Devon          District    SW                                newsagents or village store, or wider role in their community,required for
                                                                 Give local Post Offices a much demolition (as currently only in                 Local Services
District Council                                                 particular with regard to the provision of government services and
                                                                 banking services.
Mid Sussex         District    SE                                Provision of broadband services should be made the subject of a legal           Local Services
District Council                                                 minimum requirement, in the same way that access to other
                                                                 infrastructure services is, e.g. water.
Newcastle          District    WM                                That Government should promote the decentralisation of services in              Environmental
under Lyme                                                       order to reduce long-distance traffic.                                          sustainability
Newcastle          District    WM                                That Government should incentivise the generation of power within local         Environmental
under Lyme                                                       communities‟ for local consumption.                                             sustainability
Newcastle          District    WM                                That home composting should qualify for recycling credits to be paid to         Environmental
under Lyme                                                       Councils which would subsidise the provision of home composting                 sustainability
Borough                                                          equipment.
Newcastle          District    WM                                That Government should direct farming policy to prioritise the growing of       Environmental
under Lyme                                                       organic and a greater variety of foods for local consumption.                   sustainability
Newcastle          District    WM                                That Government should clarify and simplify the law relating to the use of      Transport
under Lyme                                                       pavements by vehicular traffic such that pavement be reserved exclusively
Borough                                                          for pedestrian use.
Newcastle          District    WM                                That highways should be managed by the most local authority available in        Transport
under Lyme                                                       order to make highway maintenance most appropriate and responsive to
Borough                                                          local need.
Council upon
Newcastle                                                        The City Council requests that legislation is introduced which would            Transport
Tyne City                                                        make it unlawful to park on the footway where any part of a vehicle is within
Council            Met         NE                                1100mm of the edge of the footway within the local authority area
Newcastle upon                                                   The City Council requests the creation of statutory powers to prohibit          Local Services
Tyne City                                                        large pub and retail companies that own drinking establishments from
Council            Met         NE                                imposing restrictive covenants when they sell their property assets.
                               E                                 More effective flood warning systems.                                           Environmental
Norfolk County Council
North Dorset      District     SW       Dorset County            a. Remove capping limit for rural LAs, or apply or reinstate an                 Finance
District Council                        Council                  independently assessed baseline de minimus.

North Dorset       District    SW       Christchurch             b. Apply a the basis for calculation forthe Local in accessBusiness Growth Finance
                                                                 Changes rural weighting to allow of difficulty Authority due to sparsity,
District Council                        Borough Council          Incentive.
                                        Weymouth and
North Somerset     Unitary     SW       Portland Borough         Revision of Planning Laws to achieve less commuter travel.                      Planning

North Somerset     Unitary     SW                                That the Secretary of State transfers responsibility for the support of pubs    Regeneration
Council                                                          and shops in all rural parishes in the county to the local authority.           and Economic
North Somerset     Unitary     SW                                To modify regulations in the Local Transport Act 2008 and the                   Transport
Council                                                          Concessionary Bus Travel (permits) (England) Regulations 2008

North Yorkshire    County      YH       Craven District          That the government introduces a range of measures to promote energy            Environmental
County Council                          Council, Hambleton       efficiency.                                                                     sustainability
                                        District Council,
North Yorkshire    County      YH       Richmondshire
                                        Craven District          Improve labelling of food to promote local produce.                             Environmental
County Council                          Council, Hambleton                                                                                       sustainability
                                        District Council,
North Yorkshire    County      YH       Harrogate Borough
                                        Craven District          Change the State Aid rules to allow Nynet directly to local businesses          Regeneration
County Council                          Council, Hambleton       and residents                                                                   and Economic
                                        District Council,                                                                                        Development
Norwich City       District    E        Harrogate Borough        Introduce, a „Power of Care‟ element to the existing lasting power of           Adult social
Council                                                          attorney.                                                                       care

Nottingham City    Unitary     EM                                To improve the provision of environmental services and tackle crime and         Safer and
Council                                                          anti-social behaviour (ASB) in Nottingham - new powers to address:              stronger
                                                                 - noise nuisance                                                                Communities
Nottingham City    Unitary     EM                                - behaviour of repeat offenders in a locality to prevent an unbalanced
                                                                 Controlling the number of HMOs                                                  Housing
Council                                                          housing market and introduce levels of control through licensing to
                                                                 prevent HMOs having a negative impact on a neighbourhood.
Nottingham City    Unitary     EM                                That the Government make some changes to legislation to help tackle the         Safer and
Council                                                          following issues:                                                               stronger
                                                                 - Littering from cars                                                           Communities
Oxford City        District    SE                                - Fly-posting
                                                                 The City Council is asking for Secretary of State Approval to introduce an      Health
Council                                                          Oxford City wide Licensing Scheme.

Oxford City        District    SE                                Tackling Flood Risk                                                             Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                          sustainability

Oxford City        District    SE                                Creating a new Planning Use Class; Promoting and supporting local               Planning
Council                                                          businesses through a more flexible Business Rate Relief system

Oxford City        District    SE                                Reform to the law of compulsory purchase and that the Government act            Planning
Council                                                          upon the recommendations within the Law Commission Report „Towards
                                                                 a compulsory purchase code (2) procedure‟ (2004)
Oxfordshire        County      SE                                Proposal for an Oxfordshire Adult Skills Agency                                 Worklessness,
County Council                                                                                                                                   unemployment
                                                                                                                                                 and skills
Pendle Borough     District    NW                                Introduce a Landlord Licensing scheme                                           Housing

Redbridge          LB          GL                                A review of the current signs Regulations and General Direction to relax        Transport
London Borough                                                   the illumination requirements for some road signs.
Redbridge          LB          GL                                Introduce a new subsection (possibly A1(a)), to the Use Class Order to          Planning
London Borough                                                   identify the number of coffee shops and takeaway food shops currently
Council                                                          operating as Use Class A1 establishments.
Redbridge          LB          GL                                To suspend the requirement for Redbridge Council to publish statutory           Planning
London Borough                                                   notices in the London Gazette and, instead, to publish notices on its
Council                                                          award winning website, Redbridge-i and Redbridge Life, the Council
Redcar &           Unitary     NE                                The proposal is local papers.
                                                                 paper as well asto enable the Council's Community Protection Officer            Safer and
Cleveland                                                        Service to carry out civil and criminal act duties in a combined manner         stronger
Borough                                                          without fear of legal challenge.                                                Communities
Council &
Redcar             Unitary     NE                                Changes to Section 215 powers under the Town and Country Planning               Planning
Cleveland                                                        Act could be amended to speed up the process where land, including
Borough                                                          property, adversely affects the amenity of the area
Richmondshire      District    YH       Harrogate Borough        Change to the law to make it a legal obligation for Local Government to         Local Services
District Council                        Council and              provide public toilets
Rother District    District    SE       Borough Council.         Preserving the public realm and improving the quality of life in rural          Transport
Council                                                          villages.

Rother District    District    SE                                Transfer New Road Money to Tree and Green Space Provision                       Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                          sustainability
Lead authority     Authority       Region   If Joint proposal list   One line summary                                                               Proposal
Name               Type                     other authorities                                                                                       theme

Rother District    District        SE                                Merton Rule.                                                                   Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                             sustainability

Rother District    District        SE                                Protection for allotments.                                                     Environmental
Council                                                                                                                                             sustainability

Rother District    District        SE                                Duty to maintain and wherever possible enhance the quality of the public       Safer and
Council                                                              realm on public bodies.                                                        stronger
Ryedale District   District        YH       Craven District          Regulation of the price of bottled gas/Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).             Environmental
Council,                                    Council, Hambleton                                                                                      sustainability
                                            District Council,
Ryedale District   District        YH       Richmondshire
                                            Craven District          Give Councils the power to remove restrictive covenants put on buildings Regeneration
Council,                                    Council, Hambleton       such as pubs which are closed by national chains to prevent them from re- and Economic
                                            District Council,        opening as a public house.                                                Development
Sheffield City     Met             YH       Richmondshire            That the government introduces statutory legislation giving Sheffield City Planning
Council                                                              Council a rebuttable right to enter into temporary leases compulsorily
                                                                     with owners of vacant brownfield land, which they can then sublease to
Sheffield City     Met             YH                                community groups.
                                                                     To allow asylum seekers the right to work in the city once their application Worklessness,
Council                                                              for asylum has been received.                                                unemployment
                                                                                                                                                  and skills
Sheffield City     Met             YH                                Formal recognition by government that Sheffield City Council, in its role    Worklessness,
Council                                                              as community leader, is invested with the authority to secure, through       unemployment
                                                                     statutory partnership working with the national agencies, the necessary      and skills
Sheffield City     Met             YH                                That change inCity Council should be given responsibility for maintaining Local Services
                                                                     step Sheffield performance in adult learning, skills and employment at
Council                                                              and sustaining the local Post Office network in our local area.

South              Unitary         SW                                Increasing the size of the Car Park at the M4/A46 (J18) to provide Park & Local Services
Gloucestershire                                                      Share facilities to serve the West of England and beyond.
South              Unitary         SW                                Prevention of Flooding in the Village of Aust                                  Environmental
Gloucestershire                                                                                                                                     sustainability
South              Unitary         SW                                Automatic Rate Relief for Business.                                            Finance
South              Unitary         SW                                Abolish the Regional Spatial Strategy and move to a decentralised              Planning
Gloucestershire                                                      system based around natural communities at local and sub-regional
Council                                                              level.
South              Unitary         SW                                Remove the Gypsy and Traveller DPD Direction                                   Planning
South              Unitary         SW                                Further revision to the priority list of LAs invited to join the Building      Children and
Gloucestershire                                                      Schools for the Future programme.                                              young people
South Hams         District        SW                                That the Government gives a commitment not to enter into any further           Local Services
District Council                                                     Post Office closure programmes and to sustain a national network of
                                                                     around 12,000 Post Offices, establishing a Post Bank, and re-introducing
South Hams         District        SW                                lost or tier local government areas, the Government to most Billing
                                                                     In two curtailed services, bringing the UK inline with give of its EU     Housing
District Council                                                     Authorities the power to create a separate fund for all the additional
                                                                     revenue raised from council tax on second homes.
South Hams         District        SW                                This proposal calls for Government and Local Authority housing and        Housing
District Council                                                     planning requirements to be amended to allow private individuals and non-
                                                                     profit groups to build affordable homes for their own use
South Hams         District        SW                                Government to legislate for Local Authorities to implement a policy that   Environmental
District Council                                                     requires Integrated Health Impact Assessments (IHIA)1 to be                sustainability
                                                                     undertaken on all new developments and strategic plans.
South Hams         District        SW                                That the Government gives Local Authorities the power to apply rate relief Finance
District Council                                                     to businesses that earn 50% of their turnover from selling local foods and
                                                                     goods and that this be fully funded by Central Government.
South Hams         District        SW                                Community Asset Transfer                                                       Local Services
District Council

South Hams         District        SW                                Volunteer centres and Community and Voluntary Services (CVS) are fully Safer and
District Council                                                     funded to encourage volunteer activities in communities                stronger
                                                                     Network of Safe Cycle Routes.                                          Transport
South Hams
District Council   District        SW
                                                                     Adapting Green Spaces to Climate Change                                        Environmental
South Hams                                                                                                                                          sustainability
District Council   District        SW
                                                                     Local Renewable Energy Provision.                                              Environmental
South Hams                                                                                                                                          sustainability
District Council   District        SW
South Hams         District        SW                                That the Government introduces a new policy and provides financial             Environmental
District Council                                                     support or tax incentives to introduce a range of new „green‟ initiatives.     sustainability

South Kesteven     District        EM                                Our proposal asks the government to allow the council to retain 100% of        Housing
District Council                                                     the rent it collects from its housing stock.

South Lakeland     District        NW                                Increasing supply of affordable housing by returning 100 per cent of           Housing
District Council                                                     council housing rents to the local authority area which they came from in
                                                                     order to fund new affordable housing.
South Somerset     District        SW                                Improve home insulation and other energy saving measures in people‟s           Environmental
District Council                                                     homes, with a priority for older people, the „near poor‟ and „hard to treat‟   sustainability
                                                                     housing stock.
South Somerset     District        SW                                This proposal asks Government to help public sector organisations to           Regeneration
District Council                                                     support their local economies by procuring more goods and services             and Economic
                                                                     from local suppliers.                                                          Development
South Somerset     District        SW                                Ensure that any new-build housing development provides some of its own         Environmental
District Council                                                     energy from renewable resources.                                               sustainability

South Somerset     District        SW                                To establish a Community Allowance, enabling long-term unemployed              Worklessness,
District Council                                                     people to undertake a small amount of paid work without it affecting their     unemployment
                                                                     benefits                                                                       and skills
South Tyneside
Metropolitan                                                         The proposal seeks to provide more detailed guidance of when a garage          Regulatory
Borough                                                              could be licensed to sell alcohol under the Licensing Act 2003.                services
South Tyneside     Met             NE
Metropolitan                                                         Changes to the Climate Change Act 2008, Planning Policy Statement:         Environmental
Borough                                                              Planning and Climate Change - supplement to PPS, to ensure a               sustainability
Council            Met             NE                                propsperous low carbon economy that provides a good quality of lie to
South Tyneside
                                                                     UK residents. details changes to Part 4 of the Housing Act 2004 to allow Housing
                                                                     This proposal
Borough                                                              the council to raise money for the renovation from commercial sources, to
Council            Met             NE                                allow a more affordable rent to be charged where the situation requires it
South Tyneside
                                                                     and to make stronger formal and to take action against properties that
                                                                     Request for it easier for council‟slegislative arrangements for Local      Transport
Borough                                                              Councils to influence the delivery of the Highways Agency‟s national and
Council            Met             NE                                regional roads programme.
Southampton        Unitary         SE                                That Central Government provide Waste Disposal Authorities with an         Environmental
City Council                                                         additional landfill tonnage allowance to take into account commercial      sustainability
                                                                     waste activities.
Southampton        Unitary         SE                                To request an amendment to existing benefit regulations in order to        Worklessness,
City Council                                                         encourage volunteering, flexible working patterns and learning without     unemployment
                                                                     adversely affecting an individual‟s benefit entitlement.                   and skills
Southampton        Unitary         SE                                To set up a regional Energy Service Company to promote the provision           Environmental
City Council                                                         and use of more sustainable energy and heat, including renewables,             sustainability
                                                                     within Southampton / the Partnership for Urban South Hampshire
Southend-on-       Unitary         E                                 (PUSH) area.a comprehensive package of neighbourhood support,
                                                                     To implement                                                                   Democratic
Sea Borough                                                          engagement and training opportunities to improve and sustain life              renewal
Council                                                              chances of local communities in Southend.
Southwark          LB              GL                                To relax the legal requirement for 20mph zones that every street must          Transport
Council                                                              have self-enforcing calming measures.

Southwark          LB              GL                                Establish a national Plastic Bag Free day to coincide with the                 Environmental
Council                                                              International event.                                                           sustainability

Southwark          LB              GL                                A legal duty for rail operators to work with local authorities and local       Environmental
Council                                                              communities to safeguard and improve the environment around railway            sustainability
                                                                     land and infrastructure.
Southwark          LB              GL                                Create a tax regime which encourages sustainable commuting.                    Transport

Southwark          LB              GL                                Support public sector leaseholders to pay their major works service            Housing
Council                                                              charges by incentivising them to make regular payments.

Southwark          LB              GL                                To allow local authorities to impose civil penalties on freeholders,           Housing
Council                                                              leaseholders or a tenant as appropriate, for the unlawful use of
                                                                     properties, in order to cover the costs of planning enforcement.
Southwark          LB              GL                                Introduce a permissive regime that enables local authorities to prioritise     Planning
Council                                                              permaculture design principles in local planning policy.

                                                                     Councils to be allowed to collect and retain 10% of business rates to          Finance
                                                                     provide stronger support (locally) for small business set up, training,
St Albans City and District Council E                                guidance and infrastructure projects benefiting local businesses
                                                                     Practice based commissioning and scrutiny                                      Health

St Albans City and District Council E
Staffordshire      District         WM                               More regular bus services in Ipstones; Retention of the village post           Transport
Moorlands                                                            office in Ipstones, including a desire to see more services retained by
District Council                                                     post offices generally; The re-opening of those village post offices that
Stockton-on-       Unitary         NE                                have already been closed.
                                                                     It is proposed that the Government bestow on Local Authorities stronger        Planning
Tees Borough                                                         powers to help deal in a more effective, efficient and timely way with the
Council                                                              problems caused by derelict industrial land and buildings.
Stroud District    District        SW                                Reform of the Housing Revenue Account Subsidy arrangements                     Housing

Suffolk Coastal    County          E                                 Overall responsibility for granting licences should remain with the traffic    Regulatory
District Council                                                     commissioners, but local planning authorities (LPA) should have a              services
                                                                     statutory obligation to sanction new operating bases or changes to
Suffolk Coastal    County          E                                 existing sites. of the funding currently distributed through theto obtain
                                                                     A percentage The traffic commissioners would be required Regional              Worklessness,
District Council                                                     Development Agencies (RDAs), the Learning & Skills Council (LSC)               unemployment
                                                                     and Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) be given directly to District          and skills
Sutton London      LB              GL                                Pilot a new rural areas planning, where applications that the authority
                                                                     Councils inapproach to to fund training for employability and skills           Planning
Borough                                                              refuses can be taken to a local panel if either applicant or objectors
Council                                                              express dissatisfaction with the decision
                                                                     That the Government cease any future Post Office closure programmes            Local Services
Teignbridge                                                          and review the impact on communities where closures have already taken
District Council   District        SW                                place.
                                                                     Government to review restrictions on conservation of buildings to allow        Environmental
Teignbridge                                                          the use of more energy efficient materials.                                    sustainability
District Council   District        SW
                                                                     Government to acknowledge the role of Community Land Bank Trusts               Housing
Teignbridge                                                          (CLTs) and ensure involvement at local level on future housing
District Council   District        SW                                developments.
Torridge           District        SW                                Provision of enhanced public transport in rural areas.                         Transport
District Council

Torridge           District        SW                                To allow derelict private buildings, which have not previously been used       Housing
District Council                                                     as residential accommodation (space above shops, meeting rooms,
                                                                     offices, chapels, etc), to be compulsorily purchased by the local authority
Torridge           District        SW                                and second home owners should pay
                                                                     Thatconverted/renovated for housing. 100% of the council tax and that all      Housing
District Council                                                     income raised remains locally.

Torridge           District        SW                                Assist local communities in making their village halls self sustaining.        Regulatory
District Council                                                                                                                                    services

Torridge           District        SW                                Fundamental change to Planning Policy Statements 7 and 3.                      Planning
District Council

Torridge           District        SW                                Financial penalties on retrospective planning applications.                    Planning
District Council

Trafford           Met             NW                                That the government give Local Authorities stronger powers to initiate       Planning
Metropolitan                                                         action more quickly and place a requirement on owners to provide
Borough                                                              realistic proposals for change within a reasonable timeframe, or to allow
Waltham Forest     LB              GL                                Adapt legislation toin and it easier to take control of abandoned patches of Planning
                                                                     the Council to step make serve notice on the owner to sell the
London Borough                                                       land.
Waltham Forest     LB              GL                                Encourage the Government to reduce the time it takes to deal with              Planning
London Borough                                                       appeals against the service of enforcement notices within the Planning
Council                                                              Enforcement system.
Waltham Forest     LB              GL                                Waltham Forest proposes a power to have a 'local voting age or local           Democratic
London Borough                                                       age of representation' so that young people could vote and/or stand for        renewal
Council                                                              their local elections.
Waltham Forest     LB              GL                                Allow discounts on business rates to be set by local criteria.                 Finance
London Borough
Waltham Forest     LB              GL                                Alter the powers available to councils to deal with fly tipping, waste and     Environmental
London Borough                                                       graffiti on privately owned land and buildings to allow the Council to take    sustainability
Council                                                              immediate action where necessary, or reduce the time before an
Warrington         Unitary         NW                                Supporting can be made, work we deem there full a risk to
                                                                     intervention people beyondwhereplacements, intoto betime, paidhealth,          Worklessness,
Borough                                                              employment and fundamentally creating these opportunities.                     unemployment
Council                                                                                                                                             and skills
Warrington         Unitary         NW                                Our proposal would require amendment to the current business rate              Finance
Borough                                                              relief scheme to include an inspection managed award of business rate
Council                                                              relief.
Warwick District   District        WM                                For councils to keep all the rental income on council properties               Housing

Warwick District District          WM                                That the Government return 1% of the landfill tax revenue raised locally       Environmental
Council                                                              (within the district) to be used solely by Local Authorities/Voluntary         sustainability
                                                                     Sector to help increase recycling rates.
Warwick District District          WM                                Local retention of business rates                                              Finance

West Devon                                                           The need to sustain the levels of social and economic capital gained           Planning
Borough                                                              through previous central government Community Development initiatives
Council            District        SW                                such as the Market and Coastal Towns Initiative, Parish Planning and
West Devon                                                           previous government funded regeneration programmes
                                                                     Increase the usage of the Dartmoor Railway                                     Transport
Council            District        SW
West Devon                                  South Hams District      That the Government gives a commitment not to enter into any further           Local Services
Borough                                     Council                  Post Office closure programmes and to sustain a national network of
Council            District        SW                                around 12,000 Post Offices, establishing a Post Bank, and re-introducing
                                                                     That the Government should provide a UK inline with most of its EU
                                                                     lost or curtailed services, bringing thefinancial incentive for landowners     Planning
West Devon
Borough                                                              to sell land for community purposes without financial loss; particularly
Council            District        SW                                small parcels of land for affordable housing.
West Dorset        District        SW       West Dorset DC,          Extension of the concept of Rural Exception Sites to settlements of over       Planning
District Council                            Dorset CC, Purbeck       3000 to include market towns.
West Dorset        District        SW       West Dorset DC,          Developers should be mandated to attain the highest practical Code for         Environmental
District Council                            Dorset CC, Purbeck       Sustainable Homes levels (or equivalent BREEAM rating) in all new              sustainability
                                            DC                       developments.
West Dorset        District        SW       West Dorset DC,          Extension of the rural repurchase fund.                                        Housing
District Council                            Dorset CC, Purbeck
West               District        NW                                To allow local authorities to participate in more than one LAA/MAA.            New
Lancashire                                                                                                                                          Performance
District Council                                                                                                                                    Framework
West               District        NW                                Provide funding to improve train and bus services to and from                  Transport
Lancashire                                                           Skelmersdale.
District Council
West               District        NW                                To re-direct funding for training contracts to local authorities, to ensure    Worklessness,
Lancashire                                                           locality-specific training needs can be addressed and enable the               unemployment
District Council                                                     establishment of practical learning/training & social enterprise business      and skills
West               District        NW                                hubs. authorities to keep a greater proportion of Right to Buy receipts to
                                                                     Local                                                                          Housing
Lancashire                                                           enable house building & estate remodelling
District Council
West               District        NW                                The government to support regeneration in New Towns.                           Regeneration
Lancashire                                                                                                                                          and Economic
District Council                                                                                                                                    Development
West               District        NW                                Lobbying for changes to the Treaty of Rome to encourage local                  Regeneration
Lancashire                                                           economic stimulus.                                                             and Economic
District Council                                                                                                                                    Development
West               District        NW                                Changes to the funding formula for local authorities to facilitate public      Finance
Lancashire                                                           realm maintenance in New Town Areas.
District Council
West               District        NW                                To extend the funding that local authorities receive for the collection of     Environmental
Lancashire                                                           recyclables to all categories of non-business premises.                        sustainability
District Council
West               District        SE                                Government revises its criteria for the award of Flood Defence Grant in Environmental
Oxfordshire                                                          Aid (FDGIA), which is administered by the Environment Agency on behalf sustainability
District Council                                                     of DEFRA.
Westminster        LB              GL                                Revise Government make funding of local flood relief schemes direct to
                                                                     Centralthe method for calculating an area's population.                 Finance
City Council

Westminster        LB              GL                                For a proportion of the business rates collected in the city to be ring   Finance
City Council                                                         fenced so that the City Council can invest in its City Recovery
                                                                     programme and economic development related activities.
Westminster        LB              GL                                Government alters its targets relating to temporarty accomadation so that Housing
City Council                                                         levels of overcrowding can be reduced.

                                                                     Voluntary organisations should not pay business rates for rubbish              Environmental
Wiltshire                                                            collection but rather be treated as domestic customers.                        sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Access to education should be widened to cover as many people's needs          Worklessness,
Wiltshire                                                            as possible.                                                                   unemployment
Council            Unitary         SW                                                                                                               and skills
                                                                     Amending Stamp duty land tax to rejuvinate the housing market.                 Housing
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Adaptations should be made to new affordable housing at design stage to Adult social
Wiltshire                                                            meet mobility targets                                                   care
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Stamp Duty Land Tax from house sales should be paid to the local               Housing
Wiltshire                                                            authority to encourage the building of more affordable homes.
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     New houses to be equipped with rain water harvesting and solar power           Environmental
Wiltshire                                                            units to minimise their impact on the environment.                             sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Lowered curbs for wheelchair users should be painted yellow to ensure          Transport
Wiltshire                                                            car drivers are made aware not to park in front of them
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Inject Vehicle Excise Duty paid by Wiltshire residents back into the local     Transport
Wiltshire                                                            area
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Changes to national speed limit signage.                                       Transport
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Strict speed limits in town centres and villages of 20mph.                     Transport
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     All MOT tests to include the statutory recording of mileage                    Transport
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Government to set a requirement for a strategic policy for Climate             Environmental
Wiltshire                                                            Change to be developed and owned by local authorities                          sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Introduce plastic recycling collections at the doorstep.                       Environmental
Wiltshire                                                                                                                                           sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Energy production to be decentralised to local level.                          Environmental
Wiltshire                                                                                                                                           sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Increase tax on chewing gum                                                    Safer and
Wiltshire                                                                                                                                           stronger
Council            Unitary         SW                                                                                                               Communities
                                                                     Mandatory for utility companies to publish or make available aggregate         Environmental
Wiltshire                                                            figures for utility usage on a community basis.                                sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Introduce facilities for storing electrical energy generated by                Environmental
Wiltshire                                                            renewables.                                                                    sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Undertake a national review of the use of street lights.                       Environmental
Wiltshire                                                                                                                                           sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     Office sustainability                                                          Environmental
Wiltshire                                                                                                                                           sustainability
Council            Unitary         SW
                                                                     The Sustainable Communities Act consultation process should not just           Democratic
Wiltshire                                                            be a one off, but be ongoing, or at least held once per year.                  renewal
Council            Unitary         SW
Windsor &          Unitary         SE                                To devolve the provision of Information, Diagnosis and Brokerage (IDB)         Regeneration
Maidenhead                                                           services, and their associated budgets, to the Royal Borough of Windsor        and Economic
Royal Borough                                                        and Maidenhead, the local authority                                            Development
Windsor &          Unitary         SE                                Transfer the financial and operational responsibility for the local fire and   Local Services
Maidenhead                                                           rescue services from the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Services
Royal Borough                                                        (RBFRS) to the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM).
Wirral             Met             NW                                Changes in central government legislation and funding structures               Local Services
Metropolitan                                                         relating to Community Asset Transfer.
Wycombe            District        SE                                Wycombe District Council as the lead council, in conjunction with South        Transport
District Council                                                     Oxfordshire District Council is asking the Government to review and
                                                                     revise its policies and priorities so that effective immediate action can be
                                                                     taken to reduce the level and impact of motorway noise from the M40

Southwark          LB              GL                                Create a Southwark Safety Camera Partnership to provide a localised            Transport
Council                                                              approach to road safety.

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