Ghosts of Mississippi Viewing Guide

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Ghosts of Mississippi Viewing Guide

1. Who was Medgar Evers?

2. What happened to him?

3. Byron De La Beckwith was arrested for the crime. What is his demeanor as he was being brought into
the courthouse and in the courtroom?

4. What was the outcome of the two trials? What does that mean?

5. What is the attitude of the District Attorney's office towards reprosecuting the crime?

6. What does Mrs. Evers' attorney alledge happened with the original juries?

7. What is Bobby DeLaughter's wife's reaction to his research in the case?

8. Why does Bobby DeLaughter tell Mrs. Evers that he's decided to pursue the case?

9. All the evidence has been "lost". What are the problems with regathering evidence for the case?

10. What happens between DeLaughter and his wife?

11. Where was the gun?

12. What is in the book Klandestine?

13. Does the author agree to testify?

14. What happened to DeLaughter's son?

15. What does Beckwith say in his phone call to DeLaughter?

16. How does the information about the gun hurt the case?

17. What does the District Attorney want to do with the case and DeLaughter's involvement in it?

18. What does Mrs. Evers have that will be helpful to the case?

19. How is the autopsy recreated?

20. Why does Evers' brother refuse to come to the trial?

21. How is DeLaughter's family threatened the night before the trial begins?

22. Which witness surprises everyone by not testifying?

23. What is the verdict?

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