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                    Benefits / Incentives

LAWAMERICA is a privately owned “C” corporation, founded in 1996 by Dennis
Russell, who is its current president and CEO. LAWAMERICA is dedicated to the
uniquely American Ideal of providing AFFORDABLE EQUAL ACCESS TO EQUAL

Through group purchasing power, LAWAMERICA delivers the widest range of
affordable, professional legal services to members and their families. Offering the most
comprehensive plan of legal service possible, LAWAMERICA will provide immediate
legal protection, an enhanced quality of life and peace of mind knowing that a legal
problem will not devastate the family.

For the discounted low monthly membership fee LAWAMERICA provides:

       1.  No Waiting
       2.  Coverage for pre-existing legal matters
       3.  Direct, toll-free access to your main provider law firm
       4.  Legal protection for spouses, including significant others or domestic partners
           and all dependents up to the age of 21 at no additional cost.
       5. Unlimited plan usage.
       6. Comprehensive legal coverage over all areas of the law, except employment
       7. Protection when traveling on vacation or business across the USA.
       8. Full portability of the legal plan when you change employment; with no added
           costs or stipulations.
       9. Toll-free Customer Care Center for benefit and eligibility questions and quick
           problem resolution.
       10. Traditional attorney/ client relationship is maintained.
       11. Medium to large size law firms, with the attorneys, support staff and
           experience to service all your legal needs.

                           INTERNET MARKETING CONSORTIUM
                 261 OLD YORK ROAD, SUITE 930 • JENKINTOWN, PA • 19046
                  TELEPHONE: 215-887-5700 X107 • FACSIMILE: 215-887-7076
                                            –2–                               January 24, 2012

Times have changed! No longer do you have to work for a BIG company to have access
to a fantastic benefits package! You can become your own Human-Resources Department
and give yourself the benefits package that you’ve always wanted!

Welcome to Maxous!

Whether you're a business looking for a way to recruit and retain your employees, a non-
profit organization looking for a residual fundraiser, or an individual looking for the best
benefit package available for the price, Maxous has the answer!

Maxous is not health insurance, but a healthcare savings program. Upon joining you
have access to networks, which include over 350,000 provider locations throughout the
United States. This extensive network of specialists will include everything from doctors
to dentists, and everything in between!
The discounts Maxous healthcare offers will include any member in your household as
long as they are considered a dependent or spouse under IRS guidelines. They will be
included for one low price.


5x the Speed for all dial up users and more!
Shift the Internet into high gear! Surf the Web 5 times faster for Free!!!

Tired of waiting for web pages to download? Rev the Web is for you. With our easy-to-
install software, you’ll surf the web up to 5 times faster. You’ll also speed web-based
email and attachments and file downloads. And it’s totally free. Simply download Rev the
Web. Then get ready to shift your Internet experience into high gear. No Tricks. No
                                           –3–                                January 24, 2012

Gimmicks. Rev the Web is a safe, secure world-class Internet accelerator that respects
your privacy.

The IT Squad brings professional computer management to home users and small
businesses as a service - there is no software or equipment to buy. We'll simply make sure
that your computer works each and every day, so that you can focus on what you need to

Each day your computer will back up all its files to our secure vault (we have 4 levels of
redundantly secured files!). If you ever need to restore your computer or recover a file,
our technicians can walk you through a web-based recovery or ship you auto-run CD's
that will rebuild your computer to exactly the way it was.

Our system automatically downloads and installs the latest updates to your computer. If a
patch gets damaged or removed, we'll automatically reinstall it until your computer is
fully protected.

We'll even send you a periodic status certificate so that you KNOW that your computer is
safe to use on the Internet.

First 30 days are FREE, then only $14.95 / month for the first 10 gig of storage

Gift Certificates of America, Inc.
Gift Certificates of America is a program, which allows you to offer your customers an
online shopping spree for next to nothing! There are different programs to choose from,
but it basically boils down your customers choosing products from Gift Certificates of
America’s online catalog and only paying the cost of shipping! Get a product that costs
$99.00 and you only pay the $15.00 to get it shipped to you.

The Gift Certificates of America program is a superb incentive to boost the power of your
marketing plan. Using this program, you can award any customer an Internet Shopping
Spree of from $100.00 to $2000.00. This is not only can help you gain orders, but the
program is incredibly inexpensive.
                                          –4–                              January 24, 2012

                      - Free   1 Month Trial
Mailcall is Great American Technologies, Inc. primary product, which converts text e-
mails into speech, reading messages directly over any phone, anywhere, to users. It also
allows users to conveniently respond to messages with their natural speaking voice or
with 5 preselected auto responses. Mailcall allows you instant access to your email and
selected web sites. To become a Mailcall subscriber just log onto today by
using our promo code (10065)

Contact your Facilitator for more information about Mailcall and the FREE 1 month trial.
Revolutionize the way you communicate, forever.

Save your family thousands of dollars and no longer pay retail for the same products
and services that you already buy on a daily basis.

Cut your grocery bills in half, pay wholesale prices for gift items, and take that
vacation you dreamed about FOR HALF THE PRICE!

FREE to join. Imagine what your family could do with an EXTRA $6,000 per year… buy
that new car, take that dream vacation, fix up your home or purchase that big screen TV.

BSP is a Branded Service Provider that develops and builds private label rewards and
loyalty marketing programs for merchants and service providers in a variety of industries
and marketing channels.

The BSP Rewards Network consists of companies who really care about building
incentives, continuity and loyalty with their customers by offering them up to 15%
rewards discounts from their favorite name brand online stores - and then the opportunity
                                           –5–                               January 24, 2012

to spend those rewards just like cash at all BSP Network online and in-store certificate
participating merchants!

BSP offers a myriad of unique benefits for Merchants and Members that is unmatched in
the industry.

The Ultimate Internet Protection Tool to protect children & families from the
Pornography, Hate, Violence, Online Predators and ALL the other perils on the net!
Absolutely FREE

Millions of dollars has been spent in developing this unique browser based safety tool,
and now for a limited time you can OWN it for FREE. Children's Educational Network
and various sponsors want every household in the world to have this superior protection
tool and we do not want cost to be an excuse.

You've probably heard about Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape browsers before, but
have you ever heard about the Kid Safe BrowserT by Children's Educational Network?
The secret to this safe, fun and educational Browser for Kids is its amazing technology
that allows children to surf only safe, pre-approved, child-appropriate websites. With this
browser you can have peace of mind that your kids are safe! What is that worth to you?
One happy customer said, "It's like putting my children in an Internet playpen... Now I
don't worry and I can allow my children to enjoy the Internet in a safe, enclosed
environment." Every parent wants to allow his or her child to grow and develop at the
rapid pace of our society and not fall behind. If you knew of a product that gave you the
power to protect your children while allowing them to grow and develop in a monitored
environment wouldn't you want to check it out?

PromoRocket offers promotional discounts and incentives along with branded items and
trade show giveaways to promote businesses, motivate staff, improve traffic at trade
shows, thank customers, and increase safety awareness.
                                          –6–                              January 24, 2012

Magazines: Annual Subscriptions – for as little as 40 cents.
We offer significantly reduced rates on magazine subscriptions to hundreds of major
magazines such as Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, Newsweek, Parenting,
Cosmopolitan, Readers Digest, and Self.

Millionaire Bills

The "Millionaire Business Card" and the New "Reissue Series 2003" I.A.M. Million
Dollar Bills are Powerful Marketing Tools that you can use to easily and continually
expand your "warm market", create your own Fresh Pre-Qualified Leads of the Highest
Quality and effectively promote your company, products and services. Now you can
achieve More Success Faster!
MDC Group creates successful promotions for businesses that are looking to increase
sales and bottom line profits by creating more leads, getting more appointments, closing
more deals, providing a referral program, and employee awards thru travel awards that
have a cost to value ratio from as low as $3 value for every $1 in cost to as much as $12
value for every $1 in cost. Where else can you turn a $10,000 award budget into more
than $100,000 in motivational value?
                                           –7–                               January 24, 2012

Most businesses that use cash or discounting as their primary incentives are not even
aware that individual travel awards offer a much higher perceived value than cash or even
merchandise; for the same or even lower cost to them. A business can offer a 3Day /
2Night family vacation with a retail value as much as $560 for as little as $9.00 or a 5Day
/ 4Night family vacation to St. Thomas or Hawaii for only $50.00.

We always ensure successful promotions by researching the company, the industry, and
the target market involved. We then create a specific, turn key, and exclusive promotion
for each business with a formula designed to maximize and optimize a company’s earning
potential by creating a point of difference in the marketplace.

To help businesses make the best decision possible we offer a FREE evaluation of a
business’s promotional history which allows us to take a brief look at all aspects of a
promotion, from the marketing to the fulfillment.

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