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									InterMed Specialists                                                                                                              972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                                             Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                                              

 ID#             IMS REDS Electrodes Buy 40 pkgs get 10 Free - That's less than $4 a Package                       Location       Price

                                                      Hi-Lo/Tilt Tables
     If you don't see what your looking for call and we will locate it!
     Customize your new Lloyd Hi-Lo - Call Today                                                                    CALL      972-906-9200
     Zenith Custom Hi-Lo - Build To Order New                                                                       CALL      972-906-9200
     Hill HiLo Activator Style Table - Custom                                                                       CALL      972-906-9200
 T33 Zenith 210 I Hilo Rosewood upholstery, Gray Base                                                               DEN         1,595.00
 T37 Zenith 210 I Hilo Gray cloth                                                                                   DEN         1,695.00
T20a Zenith 240 II, Hilo/Elevation Power front, Drop Pelvic, Burgundy 1989                                          Other       5,395.00
 T48 Zenith 440 II & 460 II need repair                                                                                           CALL
 T54 Zenith 320 II, Sage Green                                                                                       SLC        4,495.00
 T05 Zenith 220 II, Drop Cervical, Elevation & Tilt, Breakaway chest, Drop Pelvic w/Elevation                        DEN        3,495.00
 T22 Zenith Advantage #190 Tan upholstry 1989                                                                        DEN        1,375.00
 T41 Lloyd Galaxy Hilo, New 8-07, Burgundy, Drop pelvic & cervical                                                  Other         CALL
 T62 Lloyd Galaxy Hilo, Good shape sold as is, New Doctor Special call for price!                                    DEN         900.00
 T19 Lloyd Galaxy Hilo, 1985, 4 Drops manual and Auto                                                               Other         CALL
T19b Lloyd Galaxy Hilo & Elevation 22"-38"                                                                           DEN        2,350.00
 T55 Softec Activator Hilo, Granite upholstry                                                                        SLC        1,795.00
 T72 Activator Hilo Model #645                                                                                       SLC        1,295.00
T35c Activator Hilo Model #645, Olive upholstery                                                                    Other       1,695.00
 T24 Healthcare Manuf Activator Type Table, Blue upholstry                                                          NM-O          CALL
                                            Stationary Chiropractic Tables
T3102 Ergobasic Adjusting Table with Pelvic/Cervical Drops,Elevation/Tilt head, Refurbished,                          TX        1,395.00
T3077 HCMI Stationary Drop Table, Tilt Head, Elevating Pelvic, Elevating Ankle,                                       TX         595.00
T3104 Spinalator Adjusting Table, with Foot Cocking Pelvic Drop, Elevation Drop Headpiece                             TX        1,195.00
      Chattanooga Ergo Bench w/Tilting Head-NEW-SPECIAL- TB9000-+Freight $95.00                                      ALL         496.00
 T27a Chattanooga Ergo Basic, Elev & Drop Pelvic, tilt head, Burgundy, (Naug on head is cracked)                     DEN         650.00
  T04 Pettibon Adjustable Table, w/adjustable thoracic head piece up to 40 degree angle, w/leg holding straps        DEN         495.00
 T20b Pettibon Adjustable Table, w/adjustable thoracic head piece up to 40 degree angle, w/leg holding straps, 2     DEN        440.00ea
 T27b US Table #STA2000, Stationary w/5 Drops foot cocking, Loaded, Green upholstery                                 DEN        1,395.00
 T27c US Table #STA2001 , Stationary w/5 Drops foot cocking, Loaded, Burgundy upholstery                             DEN        1,750.00
  T80 Omni 4 Drop Stationary, Navy Blue                                                                              SLC        1,595.00
 T35b Turbo Table, Elevation/tilt/drop cervical, Elevation Thoracic w/face slot, Blue/green uphol                    DEN          offer
   T  Tuhli 4 Drop Stationary                                                                                        DEN          CALL
  T70 Barnes/Relaxo Stationary W/Drop Cervical, Teal upholstery                                                      DEN         595.00
                                                      Elevation Tables
      HILL HA90C Elevation Adjusting Table - NEW Build To Order                                                     CALL      972-906-9200
      HILL HA90C Air Activated Drop / Elevation Adjusting table - Build To Order New                                CALL      972-906-9200
T3106 Kyro DC101 Elevation Table w/Tilt Head - Black                                                                 TX          595.00
  T    Special - Dynatronics HLT-3, 3 Section Hilo PT w/Free stool                                                   ALL        1,695.00
         ProAdjuster System 8/05                                                                                    DEN           CALL
 T15     Hill HA90C, Tilt Head, Breakaway Chest, Slide out elevating Ankle, Seafoam, Age 2002                       DEN         1,395.00
 T02     Hill HA90C, Basic Chiro model, 27" wide, 20" elevation, Azure blue Age 1997                                DEN         1,250.00
T21a     Hill HA90 Rectangle top 30"wide 76"long,20-33 Height,Oxblood uphol, face slot w/insert,2003                DEN         1,250.00
T21b     Hill HA90E Lift back,fold down foot section, 22-35 elev, 30" wide, Mauve upholstery, 1999                  DEN         1,750.00

                                                                         Page 1                   02c8037c-d684-4e56-928c-d49a8347db1c.xls
InterMed Specialists                                                                                   972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                  Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                   

 T64   Hill Elevation Activator Style, Gray                                               SLC        1,695.00
T15b   Hill PT Elevation 3 section                                                       Other       1,595.00
T16b   Chattanooga PT Mobilization table, 5 section, needs upholstry                     DEN          995.00
 T72   Five Section PT Elevation, Light Mauve worn on edges                               SLC        1,395.00
 T32   Kyro DC101 elevation table, Tan upholstery                                        DEN          745.00
 T79   Williams #170 Elevation Drop Table, SLC                                           Other       2,195.00
 T39   Kyro Elevation Table w/Tilt Head, 23"-39" Height, Burgundy                         ALB         795.00
 T32   Kyro Elevation Table w/Tilt Head, 23"-39" Height                                  DEN          695.00

                                                              Page 2   02c8037c-d684-4e56-928c-d49a8347db1c.xls
InterMed Specialists                                                                                                 972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                                Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                                 
                              Traction/IST/Intersegmental/Roller Tables
T3085 Decompression System, Chattanooga TX Touch Screen Head, DiscTrac Table, NEW (Free KDT
      Course)                                                                                                      8,600.00
T3088 Decompression System, Chattanooga TX Touch Screen Head, DiscTrac Table, Demo Unit (Free KDT
      Course)                                                                                                      8,400.00
T3084 Hill Anatamotor IST, with Traction Package, Burgandy, Almost New                                  TX         1,895.00
    T Hill Anatamotor ($1,050.00 Re-Upholstered)                                                        TX          775.00
D3110 Traction Head, MP1, Programmable 9 programs                                                       TX         1,195.00
R3109 Traction Head, MP1, Programmable 9 programs                                                       TX         1,095.00
    E Quantum 400 IST with patient hand control- New                                                    ALL        2,295.00
  E51 Inertial Extensilizer, Kenny Color ?, 1986 This should be a T#                                    SLC        1,895.00
  E49 Authothonic Stabilizer, Kenny color? This should be a T #                                         SLC         999.00
  T18 Dry Hydrotherapy, Chiro Jet, Blue, T17 (M sell 1st)                                              DEN         1,150.00
   Tb Acuspina Decompression                                                                           Other         CALL
  T28 Chattanooga TX -7 moble traction w/Tru-trac Traction table, fixed height                          ALB        2,395.00
 T46c TruTrac Traction table and Head TT92B12                                                          DEN         1,195.00
T28b Saunders Cervical Traction, Clinical model, Ask for Clevis                                        DEN          239.00
  T18 Backman II Dry Hydotherapy table                                                                 Other       1,350.00
  T86 Orthion Combi I Roller Table                                                                      SLC         650.00
 T40b Hill Anatamotor, Almond, All traction belts, cervical halter, leg roller, Great shape, T40c      DEN         1,795.00
                                        Flexion/Distraction Tables
        HILL AFT Automatic Flexion Table - Custom Build To Order NEW                                   CALL      972-906-9200
   T    Duncan Back Specialists Flexion Distraction - Foot Controlled Electric Tension                   TX         795.00
   T    Lloyd Extra Wide (26") Flexion Distraction Table - Electric Elevation/Extension                  TX          CALL
   T    HCMI Back Specialists Flexion Distraction, Elevation - Full Drops                                TX          CALL
T3081   Leander Flexion Distraction, Pelvic, Thoracic, Cervical Drops, lateral Flex                      TX        2,795.00
T3079   Leander Flexion Distraction, Pelvic, Thoracic BA, Cervical Drops, lateral Flex                   TX        1,595.00
 T16c   Cox Flexion/Distraction, #95 w/Elevation                                                        DEN        4,700.00
  T16   Cox Flexion/Distraction, Williams, Tan leather, Stationary height adjustable                    DEN        1,495.00
  T29   McMannis Table, Manual Flexion, T27C Gray cloth $595.00                                         DEN         695.00
  T09   ChiroMannis Cox Table, Tilt Head, Saddle Brown                                                  DEN        1,395.00
 T14b   ChiroMannis Cox Table, New upholstery Navy Blue                                                 DEN        1,395.00
  T44   Leander Lite Manual F/D, Green upholstry Great Shape                                            DEN        1,595.00
 T26c   Leander Autoflexion tables, 2ea, age 1979, T26D needs upholstery Denver metro-gordon           Other       1,095.00
  T73   Leander Autoflexion table                                                                       SLC         950.00
  T23   Eckard/Leander Automatic Flexion/Distraction, Elevation Height, Drop Pelvic, Verispeed          DEN        2,795.00
  T08   Titan Autoflex table                                                                           Other       1,395.00
 T34b   PET Eurotech, Platinum maunual flexion w/Drop Pelvic and Cervical, breakaway chest              DEN        1,295.00
 T26a   Barnes Flexion Distraction W/ Electric Elevation, Gray upholstry, (T-45)                       NM-O        1,395.00
 T26b   Barnes or Chiromanis w/Flexion Handle, Navy Upholstry (cracked by face slot)                   NM-O         995.00
  T47   Back Specialists Manual Flexion/Distraction                                                    Other       1,295.00
                                 Therapy/Exam/Benches/Misc. Tables
T3108   Clinic Masters Table Inertial Extensilizer                                                      TX          300.00
   T    Thompson Specicific Toggle Drop Tables 2 of them (low)                                          TX         175-195
T3074   Therapy Bench 26", Bottle Neck with Arms, Great condition, Burgandy                             TX          185.00
T3080   Winco Therapy Bench, Bottle Neck with Arms, Grey                                                TX          185.00
T3075   Massage Table, 30", Adjustable Height, Green                                                    TX          225.00
T3103   Therapy / Exam Table, Wood with H Brace, 27" wide x 72" x 28" tall, Green                       TX          145.00
  T43   Bailey Exam/Therapy Table w/lift back, forest green new $796.000                                NM          477.00
  T36   Hausman Exam/Treatment Table w/pPer holder,Brown uphol(comes w/Chatt Prone Pillow)             DEN          195.00
   M    Stationary Massage Table , Creative Concepts                                                   DEN           CALL
 T36b   Oak Therapy/Exam table w/face slot - small 2" tear, Brown upholstery                           DEN          175.00
 T30c   Lloyd Portable Activator - like new                                                            Other        675.00
  T31   Adjusting Bench, Brown $175.00 or Free with Purchase of $175.00, 2nd avail fabric upholstery   DEN          175.00
 T39b   Zenith Side Posture Toggle table, Gray upholstry, Drop Cervical - BJ Palmer                    DEN          895.00
 T10b   Bench w/face slot, black upholstry                                                             DEN          125.00
  T38   Tony Portable deluxe adjusting table,                                                          DEN          235.00
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InterMed Specialists                                                                                    972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                   Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                    

 T46     Mat table 5' x 7' Navy - Den $245.00                                             DEN          375.00
 T50     Treatment table, w/shelves & elect outlet, buckskin                               SLC         245.00
 T53     Back Specialists Adj Bench, Heavy Duty                                            SLC         265.00
T34a-e   Galaxy Bench, Lloyd bench, old petebon table                                     Other        225 ea.
 T78     MD Exam Table, Brown upholstry, Beige Base                                        SLC         250.00
 T10                                                                                      DEN          175.00

                                                               Page 4   02c8037c-d684-4e56-928c-d49a8347db1c.xls
InterMed Specialists                                                                                              972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                             Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                              

                                  Electro-Therapy & Ultrasound
E3009 Dynatron 500, 4 channel IFC, Premod, Russian, Target Feature, Refurbished                       TX         750.00
 E42 Endomed Interferential Stim Unit, Sold AS IS                                                    SLC         495.00
  E   Williams Intertron #4000, 4 channel                                                            DEN         875.00
                                               Combo Units
E3030   Chatt Intelect Legend XT 4 Channel Combo Unit with Cart                                      TX         3,595.00
E3094   Hands-Free U.S. with High Volt Stim, Hill HF27, Combo unit with Cart, NEW DEMO               TX         2,595.00
E3013   Chattanooga Vectra 4C, 4 Ch Combo Unit, Factory Refurb 2 yr warranty                         TX         2,895.00
   E    Intertron 6200, Ultrasound/Interferential & multi waveforms, 2 channel                      DEN         1,495.00
 E05B   Richmar HV, Model VI Combo, 2 units                                                         Other       675.00ea
E3011   Chattanooga Ultrasound, 5cm, 2 yr warranty, NEW                                               TX        1,295.00
E3008   Ultrasound, Mettler Sonocator 730, 3 soundheads - like new 90 days Wrty                       TX         995.00
E3007   Ultrasound, Omnisound 2000 1 & 3 mhz controls on soundhead, 5 cm head                         TX         595.00
 E01    Mettler #706, 10cm2 Head                                                                     DEN         625.00
 E43    Amrex U200 Ultrasound w/Cart                                                                 SLC         450.00
                                               HighVolt M/S

E-SLC Amrex HV752 High Volt                                                                          SLC         495.00
 E53 Amrex HV752 High Volt w/FDA upgrade                                                             SLC         550.00
 E47 Richmar High Volt Stim /Ultrasound doesn't work                                                 SLC         345.00
E3097   Diathermy, Mettler Autotherm, Reconditioned                                                   TX         795.00
E3018   Diathermy, Mettler Autotherm, Refurbished                                                     TX         895.00
 E50    Mettler Diathermy                                                                            SLC         795.00
 E25    Mettler Diathermy ME 300, (E25) (E25b)(25c)                                                  DEN         875.00
                               EMS/Muscle Stim/Microcurrent & Misc.
E3012   Chattanooga VMS Stimulator 4 channel,                                                         TX         395.00
E3010   Detox Foot Bath, Erchonia EB PRO Energy Balancing Unit, NEW                                  TX         2,775.00
E3022   Erchonia Floor Stand (holds 1 Percusser, 1 Adjuster, and one Laser)                          TX          345.00
E3021   Erchonia VA3 Adjustor Tool                                                                    TX         959.00
E3073   Erchonia Percusser                                                                            TX        1,065.00
 E47    Amrex MS322 Low volt stim                                                                    SLC         195.00
 E27    Magnatherm Diatheramy, works good                                                            DEN          CALL
 E26    Microcurrent units-AlphaStim, 1-batt, 1#350, 1-Axion IV, Phaser 1 Thomas Wing                DEN          CALL
 E28    Axion Mico 5 Micro-current stim                                                              DEN         995.00
  E     Microderm Machine- Demo only - Dermaglow, Cost 6250.00                                       DEN        3,495.00
 E52    Sternes Myo-Train V 4 Channel Med Frequency Stim                                             SLC         795.00
 E48    Tens Mitron #2600, Sold as is                                                                SLC          20.00
 E34    Birtcher UV Light, Hand Held, 2 ea                                                           DEN          95.00
                                           Laser/Light Therapy
E3004 Chatt Genisys Cold Laser, 1040mW Cluster Probe and 200 mW Trigger Point Probe, NEW             TX         3,495.00
E3005 Laser, Medex Duolight, 4 diode probe with carrying case and protocol book, NEW                 TX         2,595.00
E3121 LiteCure LCT-1000, Class IV Warm Laser Therapy w/ Massage Ball (10,000mW)                      TX           CALL

R3025   Pneumex Triple Unweighting Unit (Like New) - Lists for $9999                                 TX         7,695.00
  R     Pnewumex Double UnWeighting Unit (like New) - Lists for 8495                                 TX         6,995.00
R3091   Treadmill, Star Trac TR 4000 Refurbished                                                     TX         2,795.00
  R     Landice L8 Rehab Treadmill Demo                                                              TX           CALL

                                                             Page 5               02c8037c-d684-4e56-928c-d49a8347db1c.xls
InterMed Specialists                                                                                                  972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                                 Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                                  

  R     Vibration Therapy Platform "ProVibe"                                                             TX           CALL
R3095   Recumbent Exercise Bike, Star Trac 4400                                                          TX         1,750.00
R3093   Eliptical Exercise Machine, Precor EFX 544, corded 110 V                                         TX         2,495.00
R3096   Exercise Bike, Upright, Diamond Back 1100                                                        TX          395.00
R3092   Rebounder, Adjustable Trampoline and medicine balls                                              TX          375.00
  R     G-5 Vibrators, With Stand & Applicators, New (Special) Retail $2100.00                           All        1,595.00
  M     Pettibon Link Trainer w/wobble chair                                                            DEN           CALL
 R00    Thera-Band Extremity Straps, NEW Come as a Pair, Used as Ankle, Wrist, Cervical                 DEN          7.00pr
 R07    Vision Fitness, Stationary upright Bike Model E3000                                             Other        775.00
 R08    Cybex Stepper Climb Max Platinum                                                                Other       1,450.00
 R53    KAT Balance System, Needs updated software, lowered price by 2K, as is                           SLC        2,795.00
 R66    Back Swing Exerciser                                                                             SLC         150.00
 R44    Chattanooga BackErciser Model 100H, (if you buy this you get $50.00 in free product)             SLC
 R01    Chattanooga E-2 Hydroc and used packs, holds 2 oversize 2 standard 2 neck ($65.00cart)          DEN          345.00
 R49    Chattanoogs Hydrocollator Covers, Terry, SLC, Oversize                                           SLC        $12.00ea
 R51    Milar Mirror, 16 x 48 Portable New                                                               SLC          170.00
 R60    Therabath Parafin Unit, 1 ea, Chattanooga -paracare unit 1 ea ,R61                               SLC         79.00ea
 R45    Walker- Child Size, Adj height 21" - 25"                                                         SLC          19.00

                                                                             Page 6   02c8037c-d684-4e56-928c-d49a8347db1c.xls
InterMed Specialists                                                                                                                  972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                                                 Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                                                  

R40    Total Gym Acces, Dip Bar, Squat Handle Bar,Back Support/Curl Support,Elev. Platform                               SLC         CALL
R54    Skiers Edge- Plyometric Training,                                                                                 SLC        595.00
R55    PlyoJumper- Restive Jump Strengthening                                                                            SLC         35.00
R26d   Pump- Bellows type- Two Way Action, For exercise balls, Ball Red 55cm 10.00 R25b                                  DEN         15.00
R64    Pronex II, 1-Regular 1-Wide Pronenex II's have no shoulder foam, early models                                     SLC        95.00ea
R57    Kettler Upright Bike, Ergometer AX1                                                                               SLC        350.00
R60    Pace U/E                                                                                                          SLC        200.00
R62    Paramount Back/Ab Single stack 200lb                                                                              SLC        595.00
R63    Pace (Henley) Stepper                                                                                             SLC        450.00
R22    Quantum Back Machine                                                                                              DEN         CALL
R30    Leg Extension & Leg Curl Weight Stack Machine (Fitness Plus) Price lowered $600.00                                DEN        895.00
R31    Back/Ab Machine, Requires Free Weights                                                                            DEN        795.00
R03    Bailey Moble Weight Rack, New, W/ Weights Misc Ankle weights                                                      DEN        395.00
R04    Sammons Preston Wall Pulley, Dual stack, wall mount                                                               DEN        325.00
R05    Wall Pully Free Standing, EN 310 -75 lb Weight Stack, 5 lb incriments                                             DEN        695.00
R02    Hogan Freestand Wall Pulley, 100 lbs                                                                              DEN        595.00
R06    Dumbbell Rack, 7' Long 2 tier, NEW, my cost $311.25                                                               DEN        160.00
                                               Whirlpools & Accessories
 R57   Ferno Ille Hydrotherapy Chair- Model #23, Adjustable Height W/Casters                                             SLC         395.00
 R47   Ultralift, Ferno Illie, Moble Patient Lift                                                                        SLC        1,295.00
 R18   Whitehall Whirlpool #60, In Dr's Office                                                                          DEN         1,395.00
 R21   Ferno Ille Low Boy                                                                                               Other         Offer
 R23   Whitehall Whirlpool-Hiboy Stainless Moble                                                                        DEN          695.00
 R58   Ferno Ille Whirlpool- Hi Boy, Plastic Tank                                                                        SLC         895.00
 R59   Ferno Ille Whirlpool Model #1005, Stationary, 28"L x 16"W x 25"H, W/Turbine & Thermo                              SLC        1,175.00
 Don   Ferno Ille Whirlpool Hi Boy older                                                                                DEN          895.00
 R50   Ille Whirlpool, 14"W x 16"D x 24"L                                                                                SLC         700.00
 R61   Whitehall Turbin only Model #Jota 18M, Others in Denver                                                           SLC          CALL
  M    Portable Whirlpools units- Great for OT's or home use, Never used                                                DEN         89.00ea

 D     KinCom II Two Seat Hydrocllic System (Computer, printer, arm, elbow, shoulders, knee)                             TX           CALL
 D     Dynatron 2000 Dynamometer Testing Station                                                                         TX           CALL
D00    X-Ray Cassetts, misc sizes, Dallas, Denver and SLC                                                               DEN           CALL
D02    Film Bin w/some film- wall mount, Safelight florescent tube, Cassettes 11" x 17" dupont                          DEN           CALL
 D     Computers, printers, copier/fax combo's                                                                          DEN           CALL
 D     S.A.M. Sliimline system, CD                                                                                      DEN          995.00
D01C   Charts Laminated, Framed 1- Vertebral Column, 1- Foot & Ankle, 1-Carpal Tunnel                                   DEN          20.00ea
D06    AccuDexa BMP Bone Density, 2nd unit D06b                                                                         DEN         2,500.00
 D     Gonad Shield, Ovaey shield 10.00ea                                                                               DEN           10.00
 D     X-Ray machine, Bennett 300 - 125, 1988, Hope processor, cassettes                                                Other         Offer
 D     Viewbox 14 x 17 single unit                                                                                      DEN           75.00
D04    Viewbox 2 bank 14 x 17                                                                                            ALB         110.00
D05b   Viewbox 14 x 17 -8 Bank 4 over 4 under, Diminsions: 58" Wide (Viewing is 56") x 40" Height                       DEN          450.00
D33    Visual Odessy Lighted Anatomical Charts Set of 3 Nervous, Spinal & Crainal Neves, Muscular & Spinal Nerves        SLC      Factory repair
D12    CROM & BROM Deluxe, Cervical and Lumbar ROM                                                                      DEN         165.00ea
D34    Futrex 5000 Body Fat Analyzer                                                                                     SLC        1,695.00
D40    Stetho Dop-Imex Electronic Doppler-Vascular                                                                       SLC         295.00
D36    Med-General Portable Adjustable Medical Light                                                                     SLC         175.00
D29    Wolf Safelight 8 x 10, Combo Darkroom light and Light                                                            DEN           40.00
D08    Dermatherm STI (DT-25)                                                                                           DEN           CALL

                                                                           Page 7                     02c8037c-d684-4e56-928c-d49a8347db1c.xls
InterMed Specialists                                                                                                                     972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                                                                                                    Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                                                                                                     

M3015   Exam Stool, 4 Casters, Brown Spinup Style                                                                           TX          40.00
T3017   Paraffin Bath, Therabath, Hand & Foot                                                                               TX          55.00
  M     Pettibon Cervical traction units 2- 10.00ea, SOT blocks 20.00, speeder board 25.00, Tricore pillow 10.00           DEN          38.00
  M     Pettibon Link Trainer w/Wobble Chair,Film Bin, Poster, Backman II hydrotherapy, Massage table                      DEN          CALL
M08b    Curtains w/Track and carriers, Ivory, 6' x 9' right angle                                                          DEN          99.00
  M     File Cabinet 2 Drawer nice wood w/key                                                                              DEN          25.00
 M01    Lateral File Cabinets, 1- 4 Drawer $150.00, 1- 2 Drawer $50.00                                                     DEN          50.00
M02b    Lateral File Cabinets, 1- 4 Drawer $200.00, 1- 3 Drawer $150.00, 1- 4 Drawer regular $60.00                        DEN          60.00
 M02    Bolsters, Goniometers, Sharps containers, Sani Cloths & hand wipes                                                 DEN          CALL
 M02    Stools, 2 regular $50.00ea, 1 Pneumatic $60.00, 1 cart, 3 shelf                                                    DEN          50.00
 M03    6-misc computors, monitors, printers - make offer, Desks 1- 72"x36", 1- 66"x35" $60.00ea                           DEN
 M34    Office Chair Maroon, Desk chair w/casters                                                                           SLC          39.00
M-SLC   Cart, Metal Apollo                                                                                                  SLC          75.00
M06b    Cabinet on casters $25.00, Microwave $25.00                                                                        DEN           25.00
 M07    Sign "ACUPUNCTURE" 10' long 1' Tall Solid Sign, White letters Burgundy Background                                  DEN          895.00
 M37    Sign "CHIROPRACTIC" 16" Individual Letters, 14 1/2' Long, Blue Letters, Lighted                                     SLC        1,795.00
 M09    Sign "CHIROPRACTOR" Individual Letters                                                                             Other       1,695.00
 M10    Sign Lighted, "CHIROPRACTOR" 16" letters 12' 2" long, Blue Letters                                                 DEN         1,495.00
 M72    Lighted Sign, Has a Picture of a Spine w/Chiropractor printed Vertically, Cost $4000.00new                          SLC        1,150.00
 M12    5' Round Oak Framed Human Body Stain Glass                                                                         DEN           Look
 M30    Lamp, Floor Goose neck style                                                                                        SLC          CALL
 M35    File Cabinet 2 Drawer , M38 2nd Unit Wood, 49.00ea                                                                  SLC          49.00
 M58    Work Desk, No Drawers, M 59 Desk Laminate, 3 drawers, M57 Desk 4 Drawer $39.00                                      SLC          39.00
 M70    2 Drawer Cabinet- Off White Wood                                                                                    SLC          50.00
 M61    Alpha Star TV Reciever Satillite, Star Track 1000 W/ Remote                                                         SLC          FREE
 M68    Sharps Containers Small, New 48 Containers                                                                          SLC         3.25ea
M62A    Crutches, 1-Pair of Wood, 4 pair of Aluminum                                                                        SLC        12.00ea
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InterMed Specialists                                          972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                         Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                          

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InterMed Specialists                                           972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                          Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                           

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InterMed Specialists                                           972-906-9200
865 E. Main Stree                                          Fax 972-906-9206
Lewisville, TX 75057                           

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