51 0 B 6 3D 3 Dimensions 3DA 3 Dimension Array 3DRAM 3 Dimension RAM 4GL 4th Generation Language procedural Language A D

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51 0 B 6 3D 3 Dimensions 3DA 3 Dimension Array 3DRAM 3 Dimension RAM 4GL 4th Generation Language procedural Language A D Powered By Docstoc
					   $&51$0(                              (B'(6&
3D           3 Dimensions
3DA          3 Dimension Array
3DRAM        3 Dimension RAM
4GL          4th Generation Language (procedural Language)
A/D          Analog to Digital
A/UX         Apple’s UniX version
AA           Auto Answer
AAL 1-5      ATM Adaption Layer 1-5
AAT          Average Access Time
AB           Address Bus
ABIOS        Advanced BIOS
ABIST        Automatic Built-In Self-Test (IBM)
ABM          Advanced Battery Management
ABR          Available Bit Rate
AC           Area Code
ACA          Asynchronous Communications Adapter
ACDI         Asynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACIA         Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACK          ACKnowledge character
ACPC         Apple Communications Protocol Card
ACR          Automatic Call Recording
ACS          Advanced Communications Services
ACS          Asynchronous Communications Server
ADA          Augusta ADA Lovelace Byron
ADB          Apple’s Desktop Bus
ADC          Analog to Digital Converter
ADCCP        Advanced Data Communications Control Procedure
ADDDS        Automatic Direct Distance Dialing System
ADDR         Address Register
ADES         Automatic Digital Encoding System
ADLC         Asynchronous Data Link Control
ADP          Automatic Data Processing
ADPCM        ADaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation
ADPE         Automatic Data Processing Equipment
ADSLt        Asymetric Digital Subscriber Line technology
ADSP         Appletalk Data Stream Protocol
ADX          Automatic Data eXchange
AF           Audio Frequency
AFC          Automatic Frequency Control
AFP          Appletalk Filing Protocol (Mac)
AFT          Automated Funds Transfer
AFTP         Anonymous File Transfer Protocol
AGR          Annual Growth Rate
AGRAS        AntiGlare antiReflective AntiStatic
AIC          AIXwindows Interface Composer (IBM)
AIFF         Audio Interchange File Format
AIR          Automatic Image Refinement (Canon)
AIX          Advanced Interactive eXecutive (IBM)
AL           Assembly Language
ALAP         Appletalk Link Access Protocol
ALGOL       ALGorithmic Oriented Language
ALIWEB      Archie Like Indexing in the WEB (Internet)
ALU         Arithmetic & Logic Unit
AM          Active Matrix
AM          Amplitude Modulation
AM          Asynchronous Mode
AMCD        Active Matrix Color Display
AMD         Active Matrix Display
AMEL        Active Matrix Electro Luminescent
Amiga-DOS   Amiga Disk Operating System
AMLCD       Active Matrix LCD
AMMA        Advanced Memory Management Architecture
AMPS        Advanced Mobile Phone Service (Motorola)
AMS         Asymetric Multiprocessing System
AMT         Active Matrix Technology
AMTF        Average Modulation Transfer Function
AMTFT       Actine Matrix Thin Film Transistor
AN          Access Node
ANHR        Access Node Hub Router
ANR         Access Node Router
ANS         Advanced Network Services
ANSI        American National Standards Institute
AOCE        Apple Open Collaborative Environment
AOE         Application Operating Environment (AT&T)
AOL         America On-Line
AOU         Arithmetic Output Unit
APA         Adaptive Packet Assembly
APDA        Apple Programmers & Developpers Association
APL         A Programming Language
APL         Algorithmic Programming Language
APM         Advanced Power Management (O/S2)
APPC        Advanced Program to Program Communications (IBM)
APPCP       APPC Protocol (IBM)
APPN        Advanced Peer to Peer Networking (IBM)
ARAG        AntiReflection AntiGlare
ARCA        Advanced RISC Computing Architecture
ARCC        Cyclic Redundancy Check Character
ARCNet      Advanced Resource Computer Network
ARLL        Advanced Run Length Limited
ARM         Advanced RISC Machine (processor)
ARPA        Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPANet     Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARTS        Asynchronous Remote Takeover Server
ARTT        Asynchronous Remote Takeover Terminal
AS3AP       ANSI SQL Standard Scalable And Portable
ASA         Advanced SCSI Architecture
ASAP        As Soon As Possible
ASCII       American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCSI       Advanced SCSI
ASIC        Application Specific Integrated Cuircuit
ASK      Amplitude Shift Keying
ASM      ASseMbler
ASMP     ASymetric MultiProcessing
ASN      Access Stack Node
ASNM     AdvanceStack Network Management (HP)
ASPI     Advanced SCSI Programming Interface (Adaptec)
ASR      Automatic Speech Recognition
AT       Advanced Technology
AT       ATtention
ATA      Advanced Technology Attachment
ATAPI    ATA Packet Interface
ATASPI   ATA Software Programming Interface
ATDMx    Asynchronous Time-Division Multiplexing
ATDT     ATtention Dial Tone
ATM      Asynchronous Transfer Mode
ATM      Automatic Teller Machine
ATPS     Appletalk Printing Services (Mac)
AUX      First serial port (COM#1)
AV       Audio/video
AVC      Automatic Volume Control
AVI      Audio Video Interlaced
AVI      Audio Video Interleaved (Microsoft)
AVR      Automatic Voice Recognition
AVR      Automatic Voltage Regulation
AVt      Anti Virus technology
AWG      American Wire Gage
AWK      UNIX Language - Al Aho, Peter Weinberger & Brian Kernighan
AX       Architecture eXtended
b        bit
B        Byte
BALUN    BALanced UNbalanced device
BASIC    Beginner’s All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BASM     Built-in ASseMbler
BBS      Bulletin Board System
BC       Bar Code
BC       Binary Code
BCD      Binary Coded Decimal
BCN      Backbone Concentrator Node
BCPL     Basic Computer Programming Language
BER      Bit Error Rate
BERT     Bit Error Rate Test/tester/testing
BEX      Broadband EXchange
BFF      Binary File Format (IBM)
BIND     Berkeley Internet Name Domain
BIOS     Basic Input/Output System
BIPS     Billion of Instructions Per Second
BISDN    Broadband ISDN
BITBLT   BIT BLock Transfer
BIX      BYTE (magazine ) Information eXchange (BBS)
BL       BackLit
BLAST   BLocked ASynchronous Transmission protocol (CRG)
BLED    Blue Light Emitting Diode
BLOb    Binary Large Object
BMP     Bit MaP
BNS     Backbone Network Service
BoB     Break out Box
BOF     Beginning Of File
BOM     Bill Of Materials
BOOT    BOOTstrap (launching)
BOOTP   BOOTstrap Protocol (Internet)
BOPS    Billion Operations Per Second
BOT     Beginning Of Tape
BPI     Bits Per Inch
Bpi     Bytes per inch
BPP     Bits Per Pixel
bps     Bits per second
Bps     Bytes per second
BR      Baud Rate
bR      Bit Rate
BRI     Basic Rate Interface
BSC     Bynary Synchronous Communications
BSD     Berkely Software Distribution
BSYNC   Binary SYNchronous Communications (Protocol)
BTAM    Basic Telecommunications Access Method (IBM)
BYTE    Binary element string of 8 bits
C       C (programming language)
C&N     Communications & Networking
C&P     Cut & Paste
C-REt   Color Resolution Ehancement technology (HP)
CAD     Computer Aided Design
CADD    Computer Aided Design & Drafting
CADE    Computer Aided Document Engineering
CAE     Common Applications Environment
CAE     Computer Aided Engineering
CAGR    Compound Annual Growth Rate
CALL    Computer Aided Language Learning
CAM     Common Access Method
CAM     Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMMU   CAche Memory Management Unit
CAP     Computer Aided Programming
CAP     Computer Aided Publishing
CAPI    Common API
CaPSL   Canon Printing System Language
CASE    Computer Aided Software Engineering
CAT     Computer Aided Testing
CATS    Computer Assisted Training System
CATV    Community Antenna TeleVision (Cable TV)
CAV     Constant Angular Velocity
CBIOS   Compatibility BIOS
CBL     Computer Based Learning
CBMS       Computer Based Message System
CBR        Constant Bit Rate
CBX        Computer-controlled Branch eXchange
CC         Carbon Copy
CCA        Common Communications Adaptor
CCD        Charge Coupled Display
CCFT       Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCITT      Consultative Committee International Telegraphy & Telephony
CCM        Charge Coupled Memory
CCP        Custom Color Palette
CCTV       Closed Circuit TeleVision
CD         Collision Detection
CD         Color Display
CD         Compact Disk
CD+        Compact Disk + Enhanced Music
CD+G       Compact Disk + Graphics
CD-DA      Compact Disk - Digital Audio
CD-I       Compact Disk - Interactive
CD-MO      Cpmpact Disk - Magneto Optical
CD-R       Compact Disk - Recordable
CD-ROM     Compact Disk - Read Only Memory
CD-ROMXA   Compact Disk - Read Only Memory eXtended Architecture
CD-RTOS    Compact Disk - Real Time Operating System
CD-V       Compact Disk - Video
CD-WO      Compact Disk - Write Once
CD-XA      Compact Disk - eXtended Architecture
CDDI       Copper Distributed Data Interface
CDE        Common Desktop Environment
CDE        Computer Design & Engineering
CDF        Comma Delimited Format
CDFS       Compact Disk File System (Microsoft)
CDMA       Code Division Multiple Access
CDPD       Cellular Digital Packet Data
CDR        Compact Disk Recorder
CDRAM      Cached Dymanic RAM
CDTV       Compact Disk TeleVision
CDV        Comma Delimited Values
CE         Clear Entry
CE         Collision Elimination
CE         Consumer Electronics
CEMM       Compaq Expanded Memory Manager
CEO        Chief Executing Officer
CERN*      European laboratory for particle physics
CES        Consumer Electronics Show
CF         Cellular Frequency
CFA        Color Filter Array
CFM        Cubic Feet per Minute
CFP        Computer Freedom & Privacy
cfps       Cubic feet per second
CGA        Color Graphics Adapter
CGI        Computer Graphics Interface
CGM       Computer Graphics Metafile
CHAt      Conversational Hypertext Access technology (Internet)
CHRP      Common Hardware Reference Platform
CHS       Cylinder Head Sector
CIA       Computer Interface Adaptor
CICS/VS   Customer Information Control System/Virtual Storage (IBM)
CIF       Common Interchange Format
CIM       Compuserve Information Manager
CIR       Committed Information Rate
CIS       Compuserve Information Services
CISC      Complex Instruction Set Computer
CIT       Computer Integrated Telephony
CIX       Commercial Internet eXchange (Internet)
CIX       Compulink Information eXchange
CLA       Custom Logic Array
CLI       Call Level Interface
CLI       Command Line Interpreter
CLNP      ConnectionLess Network Protocol
CLOS      Common Lisp Object System
CLS       CLear Screen
CLV       Constant Linear Velocity
CMC       Common Messaging Calls
CMC       Computer Mediated Communications (Internet)
CMF       Creative Music Format
CMIP      Common Management Information Protocol
CML       Computer Managed Learning
CMMU      Cache Memory Management Unit (Motorola)
CMOS      Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMS       Color Management Settings
CMYK      Cyan Magenta Yellow blacK
CN        Communications Network
CNA       Certified Netware Administrator (Novell)
CNE       Certified Novell Engineer
CNM       Communications Network Management
CNSS      Core Nodal Switching System (Internet)
COAST     Cache On A STick
COBOL     COmmon Business Oriented Language
CODASYL   Conference On DAta SYstems Languages
CODEC     COder DECoder
CODEC     COmpression DECcompression
CoDIAK    Concurrent Development, Integration & Applica. of Knowledge
COFF      Common Object File Format (UNIX)
COM       Common Object Model (Microsoft)
COM#      Communications # (port #) - serial asynchronous port
COMAL     COMmon Algorithmic Language
COMDEX    COMputer Dealers EXposition
CONS      Connection Oriented Network Services
CORBA     Common Object Request Broker Architecture
COSE      Common Open Software Environment
CP        Control Program
CPI       Characters Per Inch
CPI        Clocks (pulse cycles) Per Instruction
CPI        Common Programming Interface (IBM)
CPL        Characters Per Line
CPM        Characters Per Minute
CPM        Counts Per Minute
CPS        Characters Per Second
CPS        Cycles Per Second
CPU        Central Processing Unit
CR         Carriage Return
CR/LF      Carriage Return / Line Feed
CRC        Cyclic Redundancy Check
CRISC      Complex Reduced Instruction Set Computer
CROM       Control Read Only Memory
CRT        Cathode Ray Tube
CS         Clear to Send
CS         Computer Science
CS         Customer Service
CSE        Certified System Engineer
CSLIP      Compressed SLIP (Internet)
CSMA       Carrier Sense Multiple Access
CSMA/CD    CSMA/with Collision Detection
CSPDN      Circuit Switched Public Data Network
CSU        Channel Service Unit
CSV        Comma Separated Values
CTI        Computer & Telephony Integration
CTPA       Coaxial to Twisted Pair Adapter
CTS        Clear To Send
CTV        Cable TeleVision
CUI        Common User Interface (IBM)
CVALIN     Complete VALue IN
CVF        Compressed Volume File
CVGA       Color Video Graphics Array
CVRAM      Cached VRAM
CWIS       Community Wide Information Service/System (Internet)
D&D        Drag & Drop
D-AMPS     Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
D/AM       Digital/Analog Mixer
D/L        Down/Load
DAC        Digital to Analog Converter
DAI        Distributed Artificial Intelligence
DAL        Data Access Language (Apple)
DAMPS      Digital Advanced Mobile Phone Service
DARPANet   Defense ARPANet
DAT        Digital Audio Tape
DAt        Disk Array technology
DATD       Digital Audio Tape Drive
DAV        Digital Audio Video
DB 1-5     DataBase 1-5
DBAdm      DataBase Administrator
DBDL       Database Definition Language
DBE        Data By Example
DBF           DBase Format 1-5
DBMS          Data Base Management System
DBS           Data Base Server
DC            Data Compression
DC #          Device Control #
DCA           Distributed Communications Architecture
DCA           Document Content Architecture (IBM)
DCC           Digital Compact Cassette
DCCS          Digital Cross Connect Switching
DCE           Data Carrier Equipment
DCE           Data Circuit-terminating Equipment
DCE           Data Communications Equipment
DCE           Distributed Computing Environment
DCI           Display Control Interface (Microsoft)
DCL           DEC Command Language (DEC)
DCLZ          Data Compression Lempel-Ziv
DCM           Data Communications Manager
DD            Double Density
DD-MM-YY      DayDay MonthMonth YearYear
DD-MM-YYYY    DayDay MonthMonth YearYearYearYear
DDA           Device Driver Architecture
DDB           Device Dependant Bitmap
DDBMS         Distributed DBMS
DDC           Digital Data Channel (VESA)
DDC 1-2&A-B   Display Data Channel 1-2 &A-B
DDCMP         Digital Data Communications Message Protocol (DEC)
DDD           Direct Distance Dialing
DDE           Dynamic Data Exchange (Microsoft)
DDL           Document Description Language
DDS 1-33      Digital Data Storage 1-3
DDU           Disk Drive Unit
DEC           Digital Equipment Corporation
DES           Data Encryption Standard
DFM           Data Fax Modem
DFWMAC        Distributed Foundation Wireless Media Access Control
DH            Digital Hierarchy
DHCP          Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
DIA           Document Interchange Architecture (IBM)
DIBEngine     Device Independant Bitmap Engine
DIBOL         DIgital Business Oriented Language (DEC)
DIF           Data Interchange Format
DIGIT         DIGital unIT
DIMMs         Dual In-line Memory Modules
DIN           Deutches Industrie Normalization (Germany)
DIP           Dialup Internet Protocol (Internet)
DIP           Dual In Line Pins
DIP           Dual In-line Package
DIVE          Direct Interface Video Extension (O/S2 Warp)
DLL           Dynamic Link Library (Microsoft)
DLT           Digital Linear Tape
DMA           Direct Memory Access/Addressing
DMAC      Direct Memory Access Channel
DME       Distributed Management Environment
DMI       Desktop Management Interface
DMMS      Dynamic Memory Management System
DMP       Dot Matrix Printer
DMS       Data Management System
DMY       Day Month Year
DNA       Distributed Network Architecture
DOD       Digital Optical Disk
DOD       Direct Outward Dialing
DOEA      Distributed Objects Everywhere Architecture
DOMF      Distributed Object Management Facility
DOS       Disk Operating System
DPCM      Differential Pulse Code Modulation
DPDT      Double Pole Double Throw
DPMI      DOS Protected Mode Interface (Microsoft)
DPMS      Display Power Management System (VESA)
DPSK      Differential Phase Shift Keying
DR/BOND   Dial-up Router/Bandwith ON Demand (NEC)
DR_DOS    Digital Research - Disk Operating System
DRAM      Dynamic RAM
DRDBA     Distributed Relational Data Base Architecture (IBM)
DS        Double Sided
DS        Dual Scan
DSA       Distributed System Architecture
DSCD      Dual Scan Color Display
DSCSI     Differential SCSI
DSD       Dual Scan Display
DSDD      Double Sided/Double Density (720K)
DSHD      Double Sided/High Density (1.2 Meg - 1.44 Meg)
DSN       Digital Switched Network
DSNet     Distributed Systems Network
DSOM      Distributed System Object Model (IBM)
DSP       Digital Signal Processing
DSPCD     Dual Scan Passive Color Display
DSQD      Double Sided Quad Density disk
DSS       Digital Signature Standard
DSS       Disk Storage System
DSSD      Double Sided/Single Density (360K)
DSTN      Dual scan Super Twist Nematics (displays)
DSVD      Digital Simultaneous Voice & Data
DT        Dial Tone
DTC       Data Transmission Channel
DTD       Digital Television Display
DTE       Data Terminal Equipment
DTH       Direct To Home satellite television
DTMF      Digital Tone Multi Frequency
DTP       Desk Top Publishing
DTR       Data Terminal Ready
DTR       Dedicated Token Ring
DTV       Desk Top Video
DVMRP      Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol (Internet)
DX 2-4     DupleX 2 - 4
DXF        Drawing eXchange Format
DYM        Day Year Month
E-Mail     Electronic Mail
EAROM      Electrically Alterable Read Only Memory (see also EEROM)
EATA       Enhanced AT bus Attachment
EBC        EISA Bus Controller
EBCDIC     Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ECC        Error Check Code
ECC        Error Checking & Correction
ECC        Error Correction Code
ECM        Error Correction Mode
ECNE       Enterprise Certified NetWare Engineer (Novell)
ECP        Enhanced Capabilities Port (Microsoft)
ECR        Electronic Cash Register
EDAC       Error Detection And Correction
EDC        Electronic Document Distribution
EDC        Error Detection & Correction
EDC        Error Detection Code
EDGARs     Electronic Data Gathering Analysis & Retrieval system
EDI        Electronic Data Interchange
EDI        Electronic Document Interchange (DEC)
EDLC       Ethernet Data Link Control
EDO        Extended Data Out
EDODRAM    Extended Data Out DRAM
EDORAM     Extended Data Out Random Access Memory
EDRAM      Enhanced DRAM
EE         Electrical Engineer
EEC        Extended Error Correction
EEE (E3)   Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3)
EEMS       Enhanced Expanded Memory Specifications
EEPROM     Electrically Erasable PROM
EEROM      Electrically Erasable ROM (see also EAROM)
EFF        Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFSM       Ethernet/FDDI Switching Module
EFTS       Electronic Funds Transfer System
EGA        Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGP        Exterior/External Gateway Protocol
EHF        Extremely High Frequency
EIA        Electronic Industries Association
EIDE       Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics
EISA       Extended Industry Standard Architecture
ELAN       Emulated LAN
ELD        Electro Luminescent Display
ELF        Extremely Low Frequency
EMACS      Editing MACroS (Unix)
EMAPI      Extended MAPI
EMF        Enhanced Meta File
EMI        Electro Magnetic Interference
EMM        Expanded Memory Manager
EMR         Enhanced Metafile Record
EMS         Expanded Memory Specification (LIM)
EMX         Enterprise Messaging eXchange
ENDEC       ENcoder/DECoder
ENSS        Exterior Nodal Switching System (Internet)
EOD         End Of Data
EOF         End Of File
EOP         End Of Program
EOR         Exclusive OR (See also XOR)
EOT         End Of Tape
EOT         End Of Transmission
EP-L        Electro Photographic-L cartridge
EPA/ES      Environmental Protection Agency/Energy Star compliant
EPLD        Electrically Programmable Logic Device
EPP         Enhanced Parallel Port
EPROM       Electrically Programmable ROM
EPROM       Erasable Programmable ROM
EPS         Encapsulated PostScript
EPSE        Experimental Packet Switched Service
EPSF        Encapsulated PostScript File
EPSPL       Encapsulated PostScript Programming Language
ER/RC       Extended Result/Response Code
ERLL        Enhanced Run Length Limited
EROM        Erasable Read Only Memory
EROS        Electronic Retail Online Services
ERP         Error Recovery Procedure
ES          Energy Star compliant
ES          Ethernet Station
ES          Expert System
ESA         Enterprise Systems Architecture (IBM)
ESC/P       Epson Standard Code for Printers
ESCM        Extended Services Communications Manager (IBM
ESMR        Extended Specialized Mobile Radio
ESP         Energy Star Program
ET          Eastern Time
Et          Encapsulation technology
ETB         End of Transmission Block
ETC         Enhanced Throughput Cellular (AT&T)
ETDMA       Enhanced Time Division Multiple Access
EVE         Extensible VAX Editor
EVGA        Extended Video Graphics Adapter
EVIL        Extensible Video Interactive Language
EXE2BIN     EXEcutable TO BINary conversion program (.EXE to .COM)
F-ATA 1-2   Fast Advanced Technology Attachment 1-2
F-SCSI      Fast SCSI
FAQ         Frequently Asked Question
FAR         Fully Automatic Response
FAST        Fast Access Storage Technology
FAT         File Allocation Table
FATA 1-2    Fast ATA 1-2
FAX         FAcsimile transmission
FBIOS     Flash BIOS
FC        Fiber Channel
FC-AL     Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop
FC/AL     Fiber Channel/Arbitrated Loop
FD        Floppy Disk
FD        Full Duplex
FDC       Floppy Disk Controller
FDD       Floppy Disk Drive
FDDI      Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDHDD     Floppy Disk High Density Drive
FDMA      Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDMx      Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDSP      Flash Digital Signal Processor
FDx       Full Duplex
FE        Fast Ethernet
FEA       Fast Ethernet Alliance
FEC       Forward Error Correction
FED       Field Emitter Display
FEFO      First Ended First Out
FEPROM    Flash Erasable PROM
FET       Field Effect Transistor
FFD       Flicker Free Display
FFS       Fast File System
FFT       Fast Fourier Transform
FHD       Fixed Head Disk
FIFO      First In First Out
FILO      First In Last Out
FIX       Federal Internet eXchange
FLC       Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
FLOPS     FLoating point Operations Per Second
FM        Fax Modem
FM        Frequency Modulation
FOIRL     Fiber Optic Inter Repeater Link (IEEE)
FORTH     Programming Language (See also HLL)
FORTRAN   FORmula TRANslator (See also HLL)
FOSSIL    Fido Opus Seadog Standard Interface Layer
FOTS      Fiber Optic Transmission System
FP        Floating Point
FPI       Floating Point Interface
FPLA      Field Programmable Logic Array
FPM       Feet Per Minute
FPMRAM    Fast Page Mode RAM
FPROM     Field PROM
FPS       Fast Packet Switching
FPS       Frames Per Second
FPT       Forced Perfect Termination
FPU       Floating Point Unit
FQDN      Fully Qualified Domain Name (Internet)
FRAM      Ferroelectric Random Access Memory
FRAM      Flash Random Access Memory
FRI       Frame Relay Internetworking
FRMon     Full RMonitor or RMonitoring
FROM      Ferroelectric Read Only Memory
FROM      Flash Read Only Memory
FROM      Fusible Read Only Memory
FRU       Field Replaceable Unit
FSF       Free Software Foundation (Internet)
FSIMM     Flash SIMM
FSK       Frequency Shift Keying
FSTN      Film Super Twist Nematics
FSTt      Flat Square Tube (CRT) technology
FTAM      File Transfer & Access Method
FTM       Flat Tension Mask (Zenith)
FTP       File Transfer Protocol (Internet)
FW-SCSI   Fast/Wide SCSI-2
FXS       Foreign eXchange Service
G         Giga - one billion
GaN       Gallium Nitride
Gb        Giga bits
GB        Giga Bytes
Gbps      Giga bps
GDI       Graphical Device Interface
GE        Green Energy
GEM       Graphics Environment Manager (Digital Research Inc.)
GEOS      Graphic Environment Operating System (Geoworks)
GHZ       Giga Hertz
GIF       Graphic Interchange Format
GIF       Graphics Image File
Giga      One thousand millions (one billion)
GIGO      Garbage In Garbage Out
GII       Global Information Infrastructure
GIS       Generalized Information System
GIS       Geographical Information System
GIS       Global Information Solutions (AT&T)
GIS       Gopher Information System
GIS       Government Information Services
GIX       Global Internet eXchange
GL        Graphics Library
GM        General Manager
GMIB      Graphical Management Information Base
GMR       Giant Magneto Resistance
GMS       Global Messaging Service (Novell)
GMS       Global System for Mobile Communications
GMT"      Greenwich Mean Time
GND       Ground (Electrical Earth)
GNN       Global Network Navigator (Spry Technologies)
GP        Gas Plasma
GPF       General Protection Fault
GPI       Ground Position Indicator
GPS       Global Positioning System
GSAM      Generalized Sequential Access Method
GSMC        Global System for Mobile Communications
GTL+        Gunning Transceiver Logic +
GTO         Guito To Operations (IBM)
GUI         Graphical User Interface
GVT         Global Virtual Time
GW-BASIC    General Work - BASIC
HAL         Hardware Abstraction Layer
HAM         Hold And Modify
HBL         Horizontal BLanking
HBO         Home Box Office
HD          Hard Disk
HD          High Density
HDAM        Hierarchical Direct Access Method
HDDC        Hard Disk Drive Controller
HDLCP       High-level Data Link Control Protocol
HDSC        High Density Signal Carrier (DEC)
HDSL        High-rate Digital Subscriber Link
HDTV        High Definition TeleVision
HDx         Half Duplex
HF          High Frequency
HFS         Hierarchical File System (MacIntosh)
HH          Half Height
HHP         Hand Held Product
HIC         Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HIDAM       Hierarchical Indexed Direct Access Method
HIEST       Highest Image Enhancement Screen Technology
HIFD        HIgh density Floppy Disk
HiFiCt      High Fidelity Color technology
HiFiPP      High Fidelity Printing Process
HIMEM       HIgh MEMory
HIP         Host Interface Processor
HIPO        Hierarchy plus Input Process Output
HIPPI       HIgh Performance Parallel Interface
HISAM       Hierarchical Indexed Sequential Access Method
HLLAPI      High Level Language Application Programming Interface
HLP         Higher Layer Protocol
HLS         Hue Luminance Saturation (color model)
HMA         High Memory Area (Microsoft)
HMA         Hub Management Architecture
HMMU        Hardware Memory Management Unit
HNI         Hierarchical Network Interface
HP          Hewlett Packard
HP-GL/1-2   Hewlett Packard Graphics Language/1-2
HP/UX       Hewlett Packard’s version of UniX
HPCC        High Performance Computing & Communications
HPFS        High Performance File System (OS/2)
HPGL/1-2    Hewlett Packard Graphics Language 1-2
HPLJ 1-5    Hewlett Packard Laser Jet 1-5
HPPI        High Performance Peripheral Interface
HPS         Hertz Per Second
HRG         High Resolution Graphics
HRI        Hardware RAID controller Interface
HS         High Speed
HSAM       Hierarchical Sequential Access Method
HSB        Hue Saturation Brightness
HSF        Horizontal Scanning Frequency (display screen)
HSI        Hue Saturation Intensity
HSM        Hierarchical Storage Management
HSNet      Home Shopping Network
HSV        Hue Saturation Value
HSYNC      Horizontal SYNChronisation
HTF        Hyper-G Text Format
HTML       HyperText Markup Language
HTTP       HyperText Transport or Transfer Protocol
HV         High Voltage
HWD        Height Width Depth
HYTELNet   HYpertext browser for TELNET Network accessible sites
Hz         Hertz
I-WAY      Information hyWAY
IAB        Internet Activities Board (Internet)
IAB        Internet Architecture Board (Internet)
IAC        Inter Application Communications (Apple)
IAP        Internet Access Provider (Internet)
iBCS       Intel Binary Compatibility Specifications (Intel)
IBM        International Business Machines
IBM-GL     IBM - Graphics Language
IBMGNet    IBM Global Network
IBS        Internet Board Shop
ICAM       Integrated Communications Access Method
ICAMP      Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing Program
iCAS       Intel Communicating Applications Specifications (Intel)
ICLID      Incomming Call Line IDentification
ICM        Image Color Matching (KodaK)
ICMP       Internet Control Message Protocol (Novell)
iCOMP      Intel COMparative Microprocessor (Intel)
ID#        IDentification Number
IDAPI      Integrated Database API ( Borland)
IDDE       Integrated Development & Debugging Environment (Symantec)
IDE        Imbedded Drive Electronics
IDE        Integrated Development Environment (Borland)
IDE        Integrated Device Electronics
IDE        Integrated Drive Electronics
IDMS       Integrated Database Management System
IDN        Integrated Digital Network
IDNS       Internet Domain Name System
IDSTN      Integrated Digital Switching & Transmission Network
IEC        Inter Exchange Carrier or IXC
IETF       Internet Engineering Task Force (Internet)
IF         Intermediate Frequency
IGMP       Internet Group Multicast Protocol (Internet)
IM         Infrared Microwave
IMACS      Image Management And Communication System
IMAP 1-2   Internet Mail Access Protocol 1-2 (Internet)
IMTV       Interactive Multimedia TeleVision
IN         INput
INICOS     UNIversal Compiler FORTRAN compatible
INM        Internet Network Model
InterNIC   Internet Network Information Centre (Internet)
IOS        Internetwork Operating System
IP         Information Provider
IP         Internet Protocol
IPA        Internet Protocole Address
IPC        Instructions Per Clock
IPM        Inches Per Minute
IPNG       Internet Protocol Next Generation
IPS        Inches Per Second
IPSS       International Packet Switched Service
IPX        Internetwork Packet eXchange (Novell)
IPX/SPX    Internet Packet eXchange/Sequenced Packet eXchange
Ir         Infrared
IRB        Instruction Reorder Buffer
IRC        Internal Relay Chat (Internet)
IRD        Integrated Receiver/Descrambler
IrDA       Infrared Developper’s Association
IRIS       Image Retrieval & Information System
IrLED      Infrared Light Emitting Diode
IRMA       Information Resource Management Agency
IRQ #      Interrupt ReQuest line #
IRR        Internal Rate of Return
IRt        Infra Red technology
IRTF       Internet Research Task Force (Internet)
IS         Information Science
IS         Internet Society
ISA        Industry Standard Architecture
ISAM       Indexed Sequential Access Method
ISDN       Integrated Services Digital Network
ISDS       Internet Society Domain Survey
ISH        Information Super Highway
ISM        Information System Management
ISNet      Internet Shopping Network
ISO        International Standards Organisation
ISOC       Internet SOCiety
ISORF      International Standards Organisation Reference Model
ISP        Internet Service Provider (Internet)
ISQL       Interactive SQL
ISV        Independant Software Vendor
IT         Information Technology
ITU        International Telecommunications Union (Geneva)
ITU-T      ITU’s - Telecommunication standardization sector
ITV        Interactive TeleVision
IUAP       INternat User Account Provider (Internet)
IURL       Internet Uniform Resource Locator
IVES       Information Vending Encryption System
IXC       Inter eXchange Carrier or IEC
IXD       IndeX Duplicate
JACUDI    JApan Computer Usage Development Institute
JANet     Joint Academic Network
JEDEC     Joint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
JEIDA     Japan Electronics Industry Development Association
JFIF      JPEG File Interchange Format
JFS       Journaled File System (IBM)
JFSL      JFS Log
JIPS      JANet Internet Protocole Service
JIS       Japan Industrial Standards
JPEG      Joint Photographic Experts Group
JPG       Joint Photographic (experts) Group
JUGHEAD   Jonzy’s Universal Gopher Hierarchy Excavation And Display
JUNet     Japan Unix Network
K         Kilo
KAI       Kurzweil Applied Intelligence
Kb        Kilo bits - 1024 bits
KB        Kilo Bytes - 1024 bytes
Kbps      Kilo bits per second
KBps      Kilo Bytes per second
Kg        Kilogram
KHz       Kilo Hertz
Kilo      One Thousand
KISS      Keep It Simple Stupid
Km        Kilometer
KOPS      Kilo (thousand) Operations Per Second
KSH       Key Strokes per Hour
KSH       Korn SHell (Unix)
KSPM      KeyStrokes Per Minute
KSR       Keyboard Send Receive
L#        Level #
LA        Line Adapter
LADDA     LAyered Device Driver Architecture (Microsoft)
LADT      Local Area Data Transport
LAN       Local Area Network
LANACS    LAN Asynchronous Connection Server
LANM      LAN Management
LANS      LAN Server
LAP       Link Access Protocol
LAPB      Link Access Procedure Balanced
LAPD      Link Access Protocol Direct
LAPM      Link Access Procedure for Modems
LASER     Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiations
LAT       Local Access Terminal
LATA      Local Access & Transport Area
LAVC      Local Area VAX Cluster
LAWN      Local Area Wireless Network
LBT       Logical Bus Technology
LCA       Lotus Communications Architecture (Lotus)
LCD       Liquid Crystal Display
LCDC      LCD Console
LCDDS     Leased Circuit Digital Data Service
LCF       Low Cost Fiber
LCP       Link Control Procedure
LD        Long Distance
LDA       Logical Device Address
LDC       Lotus Development Corporation
LDLAN     Long Distance LAN
LDM       Limited Distance Modem
LDM       Long Distance Modem
LE        LAN Emulation
LE-ARP    LAN Emulation - Address Resolution Protocol
LEC       Local Exchange Carrier (or Company)
LECC      Layered ECC
LECS      LAN Emulation Configuration Server
LED       Light Emitting Diode
LEDD      LED Display
LF        Line Feed
LF        Low Frequency
LFO       Low Frequency Oscillator
LH        LoadHigh command
LICS      Lotus International Character Set (LDC)
LIEP      Large Internet Exchange Packet (Novell)
LIFO      Last In First Out
LiIB      Lithium Ion Battery
LIM       Lotus Intel Microsoft
LIM/EMS   Lotus Intel Microsoft/Expanded Memory Specification
LIMA      Lotus Intel Microsoft AST
LIP       Large Internet Packet
LIPS      Logical Instructions Per Second
LISA      Linked Index Sequential Access
LISP      LISt Processing language (See also HLL)
LL        Local Line
LLC 1-2   Logical Link Contro 1l-2
LLF       Low Level Format
LM        Load Module
LM/X      Lan Manager/UNIX
LOC       Loop On-line Control
LOG       LOGarithm base 10
LOGO      Programming Language (See also HLL)
LPI       Lines Per Inch
LPM       Lines Per Minute
LPS       Lines Per Second
LPT#      Parallel Line PrinTer # (port #)
LQ        Letter Quality
LRC       Local Register Cache
LRC       Longitudinal Redundancy Check
LRCC      Longitudinal Redundancy Check Character
LRM#      Layer Reference Model #
LS        Least Significant
LS        Low Speed
LSA       LAN & SCSI Adapter (IBM)
LSAPI     License Services API
LSb       Least Significant bit
LSB       Least Significant Byte
LSC       Least Significant Character
LSD       Least Significant Digit
LSI       Large Scale Integration
LUN       Logical UNit (See also LU)
LX        Low power dupleX
LZW       Lempel Ziv Welch (algorythm)
M         Meg - one million
Mac       MacIntosh (Apple’s computer)
MAC       Media Access Control
MAL       Macro Assembly Language
MAN       Metropolitan Area Network
MAP       Memory Allocation maP
MAPI      Messaging/Mail Application Program Interface (Microsoft)
MASM      Macro ASseMbler (Microsoft)
MAU       Media Access Unit
MAVDM     Multiple Application VDM
Mb        Megabits
MB        MegaBytes
MBASIC    Microsoft BASIC (Microsoft)
MBone     Multicast backBone (Internet)
Mbps      Mega bps
MBps      Mega Bps *MBps
MCA       Micro Channel Architecture (IBM)
MCD-ROM   Multimedia CD-ROM
MCGA      Multi Color Graphics Adapter
MCSS      Microsoft Customer Support Services (Microsoft)
MD        Magnetic Disk
MD        Mini Discs
MDA       Monochrome Display Adapter
MDF       Main Distribution Frame
MDI       Multiple Document Interface
MDK       Multimedia Developers Kit (Microsoft)
MDLP      Mobile Data Link Protocol
MDS       MacIntosh Development System
MDTR      Maximum Data Transfer Rate
MDY       Month Day Year
Meg       Mega
Mega      One Million
MET       Memory EnhancementTechnology (Hewlett Packard)
MFCL      Microsoft Foundation Class Library (Microsoft)
MFF       Music File Format
MFFS      Microsoft Flash File System (Microsoft)
MFM       Modified Frequency Modulation
MFME      MFM Encoding
MFP       Multi Function Product
MFQF      Multi File Query Filter
MFS         MacIntosh File System (MacIntosh)
MGA         Monochrome Graphics Adapter
MHCT        Microsoft Hardware Compatibility Testing (Microsoft)
MHS         Message Handling Service
MHz         Mega Hertz
MIB         Management Information Base
Micro       One millionth
MIDI        Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MIF         Management Information Format
MII         Microsoft IBM Intel
MIL-SPECS   MILitary SPECifications
Milli       One thousandth
MILNet      MILitary Network
MIMD        Multiple Instructions Multiple Data stream
MIME        Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (Internet)
MINX        Multimedia Information Network eXchange
MIPS        Million of Instructions Per Second
MLAPI       MultiLingual Application Programming Interface
MLID        Multiple Link Interface Driver
MMCD        Multi Media Compact Disk
MMR         Modified Modified Read
MMU         Memory Management Unit
MNP 1-10    Microcom Network Protocol 1-10 (Microcom)
MO          Magneto Optical (disk drive)
MOB         Memory Order Buffer
MOBO        MOther BOard
MOD         Magneto Optical Drive
MOD         MODem
MODEM       MOdulator/DEModulator
MOO         MUD (Multi User Dimensions) Object Oriented
MOPS        Million of Operations Per Second
MOS         Metal Oxide Semiconductor
MOSFET      Metal Oxide Semiconductor FET
MP          Massively Parallel
MPC3        Multimedia PC 3 compatibility specifications
MPCS        Multimedia PC System
MPEG 1-2    Motion Pictures Experts Group 1-2
MPP         Massively Parallel Processing
MPSS        Microsoft Product Support Services (Microsoft)
MPTN        Multiple Protocol Transfer Network
MPTS        Multi Protocol Transfer Services
MPU         Micro Processor Unit
MR          Magneto Resistive (thin film)
MRCF        Microsoft Realtime Compression Format (Microsoft)
MRHt        Magneto Resistive Head technology
MS          Management Science
MS          Micro Second
Ms          Micro Second *Ms
MS          MicroSoft corporation
MS-DOS      MicroSoft DOS (Microsoft)
MSACM       MicroSoft Audio Compression Manager (Microsoft)
MSAPPS    MicroSoft APPlicationS (Microsoft)
MSAT      Mobile SATellite
MSATC     MSAT Communicators
MSATNet   MSAT Network
MSb       Most Significant bit
MSB       Most Significant Byte
MSCDEX    MicroSoft Compact Disk EXtensions (Microsoft)
MSD       MicroSoft Diagnostics (Microsoft)
MSD       Microsoft System Diagnostics (Microsoft)
MSDNet    MicroSoft Developper’s Network (Microsoft)
MSI       Medium Scale Integration
MSM       MicroSoft Mail (Microsoft)
MSMS      Microsoft System Management Server (Microsoft)
MSNet     MicroSoft Network (Microsoft)
MSRP      Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
MSS       Mass Storage System
MTBF      Mean Time Between Failures
MTD       Magnetic Tape Drive
MTF       Microsoft Tape Format (Microsoft)
MTF       Modulation Transfer Function
MTSO      Mobile Telephone Switching Office
MTTF      Mean Time To Failure
MU        Memory Unit
MUD       Multi User Dialogue (Internet)
MUD       Multi User Domain (Internet)
MUD       Multi User Dungeons (Internet)
MUSE      Multi User Shared Environment
MUX       MUltipleXer or MUltipleXing
MVB       Microsoft Visual Basic (Microsoft)
MVDM      Multiple Virtual DOS Machines
MVS       Multiple Virtual Storage (IBM)
MX        Mail eXchanger (Internet)
MXS       Microsoft eXchange Server (Microsoft)
MZR       Multiple Zone Recording
N-AMPS    Narrow band - Advanced Mobile Phone Service (Motorola)
N/I       Non Interlaced
NADH      North American Digital Hierarchy
NAFTA     North American Free Trade Agreement
NAK       Negative AcKnowledgement
Nano      One Billionth
NAP       Network Access Point
NAPLPS    North American Presentation Level Protocol Syntax graphics
NATO      North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NB        Narrow Band
NC        Normally Closed
NCA       Network Communications Adapter
NCC       Netscape Communications Corporation
NCC       Network Communications Controller
NCCE      Novell Collaborative Computing Environment
NCE       Nomadic Computing Environment
NCP       Network Control Protocol
NCS        Netscape Communications Server
NCSA       National Center for Supercomputing Applications
NCSI       Network Communications Services Interface (Novell)
NDDK       Network Device Development Kit (Microsoft)
NDIS       Network Device Interface Specifications
NDS        Netware Directory Services (Novell)
NED        NASA Extragalactic DataBase (NASA)
NEP        Network Entry Point
NES        Nintendo Entertainment System
NEST       Novell Embedded Systems Technology (Novell)
Net        Network (domain name) or InterNet network (Internet)
NET-BEUI   Network BIOS Extended User Interface (IBM)
NET-BIOS   Network Basic Input/Output System (IBM)
NETAdm     Network Administrator
NFS        Network File System (Sun)
NFT        Network File Transfer
NIC        Network Information Center (Internet)
NIC        Network Interface Card
NICAD      NIckel CADnium
NICOLAS    Network Information Center On-Line Aid System (NASA)
NiH        Nickel Hydroxyde (batteries)
NiMH       Nickel Metal Hydroxide (batteries)
NIP        Non Impact Printer
NIPS       Network I/Os Per Second
NIS +      Network Information Service Plus (Unix)
NISDN      Narrowband ISDN
NLM        Netware Loadable Module (Netware)
NLQ        Near Letter Quality
NM         Network Management
NMI        Non Maskable Interrupt
NMM        Netware Management Map (Netware)
NMP        Network Management Protocol (AT&T)
NMS        Network Management System (Novell)
NMT        Nordic Mobile Telephone
NNSC       NSF Network Service Center
NNTP       Network News Transfer Protocol (Internet)
NO         Normally Open
NOC        Network Operations Center
NOD        Numerical Optical Disk
NORAD      NORth american Air Defense
NOS        Network Operating System
NPA        North American Numbering Plan
NPDNet     Nordic Public Data Network
NPDU       Nested Protocol Data Unit
Ns         nanosecond
NSERC      National Sciences & Engineering Research Council (Canada)
NSF        National Science Foundation
NSFNet     National Science Foundation Network
NSI        NASA Science Internet
NSP        Native Signal Processing (Intel)
NSP        Network Service Provider
NSTL      National Software Testing Laboratories inc (US)
NT        New Technology (Windows NT - Microsoft)
NT#       Network Terminator#
NTA       National Telecommunications Agency
NTAS      New Technology (Windows NT) Advanced Server (Microsoft)
NTF       No Trouble Found
NTFS      New Technology (Windows NT) File System (Microsoft)
NTP       Network Terminal Protocol
NTS       NT (Windows NT) Server
NTSA      Netware Telephony Services Architecture (Novell)
NTSC      National Television Standards Committee (US)
NTU       Network Terminating Unit
NURBS     Non Uniform Rational B-Spline
NVRAM     Non Volatile RAM
NVT       Novell Virtual Terminal (Novell)
NW        NetWare
NWDS      Network Wide Directory System
OBEX      OBject EXchange (Borland)
OCE       Open Collaborative Environment (Apple)
OCF       Object Components Framework (Borland)
OCL       Open Class Library (IBM)
OCR       Optical Character Recognition
OCXs      OLE custom controls
ODA       Office Document Architecture
ODAPI     Open Database Application Program Interface (Borland)
ODBC      Open DataBase Connectivity (Microsoft)
ODBMS     Object-oriented DataBase Management System (also OODBMS)
ODC       Open Database Connectivity
ODD       On Demand Dialing
ODI       Open Data-link Interface (Novell)
ODI       Open Device Interconnect (Netware)
ODMA      Open Document Management API
ODP       Open Distributed Processing
ODS       Open Data Services (Microsoft)
OEIC      Opto Electronic Integrated Circuits
OEM       Original Equipment Manufacturer
OFS       Object File System (Microsoft)
OGL       Open GL
OLAP      On Line Analytical Processing
OLE 1-2   Object Linking & Embedding 1-2 (Microsoft)
OLTP      On Line Transaction Protocol
OM        Office Manager
OME       Open Messaging Environment
OMF       Object Module Format (Microsoft)
OMF       Open Message Format
OMG       Object Management Group
OMI       Open Messaging Interface (Lotus)
OMT       Object Modeling Technique
ONC       Open Network Computing (Sun)
ONMS      Open Network Management System
OOAD      Object Oriented Analysis & Design
OOBE       Out Of Box Experience
OOD        Object Oriented Design
OODB       Object Oriented DataBase
OODBMS     Object Oriented DataBase Management System (see also ODBMS)
OOFS       Object Oriented File System
OOG        Object Oriented Graphics
OOOS       Object Oriented Operating System
OOPL       Object Oriented Programming Language
OOPS       Object Oriented Programming System
OOS        Object Oriented System
OOUI       Object Oriented User Interface
OPAC       On-line Public Access Catalog (Internet)
OpenDoc    Open Document
OpenGL     Open Graphics Library
OpenVMS    Open Virtual Memory System (DEC)
OPM        Operations Per Minute
OPROM      Optical Programmable ROM
OPS        Operations Per Second
ORACLE     On-line Inquiry & Report Generator (Unix DB)
ORBA       Object Request Broker Architecture
OS         Operating System
OS/2       Operating System /2 (IBM)
OS/E       Operating System / Environment
OSA        Open System Architecture
OSAM       Overflow Sequential Access Method
OSF        Open Software Foundation
OSI/#LRM   Open Systems Interconnect 7 Layer Reference Model (ISO)
OSQL       Object Structured Query Language
OVMS       Open VMS
OWL        Object Windows Library (Borland)
OWL        Open Windows Library (Borland)
P 5-6      Pentium 5-6
P&P+       Plug & PLay + (see also PnP+)
P-SRAM     Pseudo-Static Random Access Memory
PA         Problem Analysis
PABX       Private Automatic Branch eXchange
PACS-L     Public Access Computer System List (Internet)
PAD        Packet Assembler/Disassembler
PAGR       Projected Annual Growth Rate
PAIH       Public Access Internet Host (Internet)
PAL        Paradox Application Language (Borland)
PAL        Programmable Array Logic
PAL        Programming Assembly Language
PALCD      Plasma Addressed Liquid Crystal Display
PAM        Pulse Amplitude Modulation
PAP        PAcket level Procedure
PAP        Password Authentication Protocol
PARC       Palo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
PAT        Peripheral Allocation Table
PAX        Portable Archive eXchange (Unix)
PAX        Private Automatic eXchange
PBC          Pipelined Burst Cache
PBX          Private Branch eXchange
PC           Personal Computer
PC           Printed Circuit
PC-DOS       Personal Computer - Disk Operating System (IBM)
PCB          Printed Circuit Board
PCCS         Portable Computers & Communications Services
PCD          Photo CD
PCEB         PCI to EISA Bridge (Intel)
PCI          Peripheral Component Interface
PCL 1-5      Printer Control Language 1-5 (HP)
PCM          Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA 1-3   Personal Computer Memory Card Industry Association Type 1-3
PCMS         Precision Color Management System (KodaK)
PCNFS        Personal Computer Network File System
PCS          Personal Communications Services
PCX          PC paintbrush X
PDA          Personal Digital Assistant
PDF          Portable Document Format
PDIAL        Public Dialup Internet Access List (Internet)
PDL          Program Design Language (ADA)
PDN          Public Data Network
PDP 1-11     Programmable Data Processor (DEC - PDP 1-11)
PDS          Packet Driver Specification
PDS          Processor Direct Slot (Mac)
PDT          Performance Diagnostic Tool (IBM)
PEA          Pocket Ethernet Adapter
PEEL         Programmable Electrically Erasable Logic
PEFF         Portable Executable File Format
PEL          Picture ELement (IBM)
PEM          Privacy Enhanced Mail (Internet)
PEP          Packetized Ensemble Protocol (Telebit)
PERL         Practical Extraction & Reporting Language (Unix)
PERT         Program Evaluation & Review Technique
PEt          Print Enhancement technology (Compaq)
PFA          Pixel Flow Architecture
PFMF         Printer Font Metric File
PGA          Pin Grid Array
PGA          Professionnal Graphics Adapter (IBM)
PGA          Programmable Gate Array
PGL          Professionnal Graphics Language
PGP          Pretty Good Privacy (encryption program)
PHIGS        Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics Standard
PHY          PHYsical layer protocol
Pico         One Trillionth
PICT         PICTure
PID          Process IDentification number (see also PIN)
PIF          Picture Interchange Format
PIF          Program Information File
PIM          Personal Information Manager
PIN          Personal Identification Number
PING        Packet INternet Gopher
PIO 1-4     Peripheral Input/Output 1-4
PIOCS       Physical Input/Output Control System
PIP         Picture In Picture
PIPEX       Public Internet Protocol EXchange
PIPO        Parallel In Parallel Out
PIXEL       PIcture ELement
PL          Physial Layer
PL/1        Programming Language One
PL/M        Programming Language for Micros (derived from PL/1)
PLA         Programmable Logic Array
PLL         Phase Locked Loop
PLL 1-2     Postscript Level Language 1-2
PLO         Phase Locked Oscillator
PLPS        Presentation Level Protocol Standards
PM          Presentation Manager (IBM)
PM          Preventative Maintenance
PM          Print Manager
PM          Program Manager (Microsoft)
PM 1-6      Page Maker 1-6
PMBX        Private Manual Branch eXchange
PMLCD       Passive Matrix LCD
PMMU        Paged Memory Management Unit
PMOS        Positive channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor
PMR         Private Mobile Radio
PMS color   Pantone Matching System color
PMX         Private Manual eXchange
PN          Part Number
PNETS       Public Non ExclusiveTelecom Services
PNI         Packet Network Intercommunications
PnP+        Plug and Play+ (see alse P&P+)
POF         Point Of Failure
POP         Point Of Purchase
POP 1-3     Post Office Protocol 1-3
POS         Point Of Sale
POSE        Portable Operating System Extension
POSIX       Portable Operating System Interface for Unix
POST        Point Of Sale Terminal
POST        Power On Self Test
POTS        Plain Old Telephone System
POWER       Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC (IBM)
POWERPC     POWER Performance Computing
PP          Point to Point
PPDF        Portable Postscript Document Format
PPDL        Point to Point Data Link
PPI         Pulses Per Inch
PPM         Pages Per Minute
PPN         Peer to Peer Networking
PPP         Point To Point Protocol (Internet)
PPS         Packets Per Second
PPS         Pulses Per Second
PPSN      Public Packet Switched Network
PPt       Packed Pixel Technology
PRAM      Programmable Random Access Memory
PReP      PowerPC Reference Platform (IBM/Motorola)
PRI       Primary Rate Interface
PRMD      PRivate Management Domain (X.400)
PRML      Partial Response Maximum Likelihood
PROLOG    PROgramming in LOGic (language)
PROM      Programmable Read Only Memory
PRR       Pulse Repetition Rate
PS        Packet Switch(ing)
PS        PostScript
PS        Power Supply
PS        Proportional Spacing
PS/2      Personal System/2 (IBM)
PSDN      Packet Switched Data Network
PSDS      Packet Switched Data Service
PSE       Packet Switching Exchange
PSERVER   Print SERVER (Netware)
PSF       Permanent Swap File
PSI       Pounds per Square Inch
PSINet    Performance Systems International Network
PSK       Phase Shift Keying
PSN       Packet Switching Network
PSN       Public Switched Network
PSP       Pachet Switching Processor
PSPDN     Packet Switched Public Data Network
PSS       Packet Switching Services
PSTN      Public Switched Telephone Network
PSU       Packet Switching Unit
PTM       Phase Time Modulation
PTO       Public Telephone Operator
PTt       Rarallel Tasking technology
PUP       PARC Universal Packet (protocol)
PVC       Permanent Virtual Circuit
PVM       Parallel Virtual Machine
PW        PassWord
PWD       Print Working Directory (Unix)
PWM       Pulse Width Modulation
Q&A       Questions & Answers
Q+E       Querying & Editing
QA        Quality Assurance
QBE       Query By Example
QBF       Query by Form
QCIF      Quarter Common Interchange Format
QEMM      Quarterdeck Expanded Memory Manager (Quarterdeck Corp)
QF        Query Filter
QFP       Quad Flat Pack
QICSC     Quarter Inch Cartridge Standards Committee
QICW      Quarter Inch Cartridge Wide
QPSK      Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
QTAM         Queued Terminal Access Method
QTM          Quadratic Texture Map
QUICC        QUad Integrated Communications Controller (Motorola)
QXI          Queue eXecutive Interface
R&D          Research & Development
R/T          Receive/Transmit
R/W          Read/Write
RAB          RAID Advisory Board
RAD          Rapid Application Development
RAID 1-5     Redundant Arrays of Independent Disks or Drives levels 1-5
RAM          Random Access Memory
RAMDAC       Random Access Memory Digital to Analog Converter
RAMP         Remote Access Maintenance Protocol (Internet)
RAS          Reliability Availability & Serviceability
RAS          Remote Access Server
RASAPI       Remote Access Services Applic. Program. Interface (MSoft)
RAT          RISC Architecture Tchnology
RATFOR       RATional FORtran
RBBS         Remote Bulletin Board System
RBOC         Regional Bell Operating Company
RCF          Remote Call Forwarding
RCP          Remote CoPy (Internet)
RD           Receive Data (see also RXD)
RDB          Relational DataBase
RDBMS        Relational DataBase Management System
RDO          ReaD Only
RDRAM        Rambus DRAM
RDSR         Receiver Data Service Request
REM          REMark
REP          REPeat
REQ          REQuired
REt          Resolution Enhancement technology (HP)
RET          RETurn
REXX         Restructured EXtended eXecutor language (IBM)
RF           Radio Frequency
RFC          Request For Comments (Internet)
RFD          Request For Discussion (Internet)
RFI          Radio Frequency Interference
RG           Reference Guide
RGB          Red Green Blue
RI           Radio Interference
RIFF         Raster Image File Format
RIFF         Resource Interchange File Format (Microsoft)
RIME         RelayNet International Message Exchange
RIP          Raster Image Processor
RIP          Remote Imaging Protocol
RIP          Routing Information Protocol (Novell)
RIP(scrip)   Remote Imaging Protocol script
RISC         Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RLE          Run Length Encoded (ing)
RLL          Run Length Limited
RLN      Remote LAN Node (DCA)
RLSI     Ridiculously Large Scale Integration
RMA      Return Merchandise Authorization
RMNet    Reuter’s Money Network
RMon     Remote Monitor or Monitoring
RMSM     Root Mean Square Misconvergence
RMSP     Root Mean Square Pincushioning
RMW      Read Modify Write
RN       Read News (Internet)
RNP      Regional Network Provider
RNX      Restricted Numeric eXchange
ROB      ReOrder Buffer (Intel)
ROM      Read Only Memory
ROP      RISC OPeration
RORO     Read Only Read Only
RORW     Read Only Read and Write
ROS      Read Only Storage (IBM)
ROS      Resident Operating System
RPC      Remote Procedure Call
RPM      Revolutions Per Minute
RPN      Reverse Polish Notation
RPPROM   ReProgrammable Programmable Read Only Memory
RPS      Revolutions Per Second
RQ       Relational Query
RQBE     Relational Query By Example (Fox Pro)
RQE      Reply Queue Element
RR       Real Reality
RS       Request To Send
RSA129   Rivest Shamir Adleman 129 digit cryptographic security #
RSADS    RSA Data Security
RSAM     Relative Sequential Access Method
RSM      Real Storage Management
RSNS     Registration Services Network Solutions
RSS      Routing & Switching System
RSTS     Resource Sharing & Time Sharing (DEC)
RSX      Real time resource Sharing eXecutive
RT       Real Time
Rt       RISC technology
RT       Run Time
RTAM     Remote Telecommunications Access Method
RTAM     Remote Terminal Access Method
RTC      Real Time Clock
RTEL     Reverse TELnet (Internet)
RTF      Rich Text Format (Microsoft)
RTFM     Read The F..... Manual
RTI      Real Time Interface
RTL      Run Time Library
RTM      Real Time Monitor
RTM      Register Transfer Module
RTM      Registered Trade Mark
RTM      Run Time Manager (Borland)
RTOS       Real Time Operating System
RTS        Real Time System
RTS/CTS    Request To Send/Clear To Send
RTTY       Radio TeleTYpewriter (Communications)
RTV        Real Time Video
RTXT       Rich TeXT
RWM        Read Write Memory
RWRO       Read and Write Read Only
RWRW       Read and Write Read and Write
RX         Receiver
RXD        Receive Data
S&R        Search & Replace
S-HTTP     Secure Hyper Text Transfer or Transport Protocol
S-VHS      Super Video Home System
S/H        Sample & Hold
S/N        Signal to Noise (see SNR)
S/TK       Sectors per TracK
S/W        SoftWare
SAA        Systems Application Architecture (IBM)
SAC        Special Area Code
SAF-TE     SCSI Accessed Fault Tolerance Enclosures
SAINT      Symbolic Automatic INTegrator
SAM        Sequential Access Method
SANE       Standard Apple Numeric Environment
SAP        Service Advertising Protocol (NetWare)
SAP        Structural Analysis Program
SATAN      Security Administrator’s Tool for Analysing Networks
SAVDM      Single Application Virtual DOS Machine
SBA        Small Business Administration (Internet server)
SBD        Smart Battery Data
SC         Spell Checker
SCADA      Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCAM       SCSI Configured AutoMaticaly
SCC        Serial Communications Controller
SCC        Specialized Common Carriers
SCC        Synchronous Channel Check (IBM)
SCODP      Scan Conversion Object Description Page
SCOPE      Simple COmmunications Programming Environment (Hayes)
SCR        Silicon Controlled Rectifier
SCR        Stolen Computer Registery
SCRN       SCReeN (display)
SCSA       Signal Computing System Architecture (Dialogic)
SCSI 1-3   Small Computer System Interface 1&3
SD_STB     Streaming Data STroBe (IBM)
SDA        System Display Architecture
SDB        Symbolic DeBugger (Unix)
SDCD       Super Density Compact Disk
SDD        Software Description Database (INternet)
SDD        Super Density Disk
SDF        Space Delimited Format
SDH        Synchronous Digital Hierarchy
SDI         Serial Data In
SDI         Single Document Interface
SDI         Software Development Interface (Mosaic)
SDK         Software Developer’s Kit (Microsoft)
SDL         System Design Language
SDLC        Synchronous Data Link Control (protocol)
SDMS        SCSI Device Management System (NCR)
SDN         Software Defined Network (AT&T)
SDRAM       Synchronous Dynamic Random Aaccess Memory
SDV         Switched Digital Video (AT&T)
SDX         Satellite Data eXchange
SE          Software Engineering
SE          Switched Ethernet
SEA         Standard Extended Attribute (OS/2)
SEC         Single Error Correction
SECAM       SEquentiel Couleur Avec Memoire (Europe)
SEM         SQL Enterprise Manager
SETEXT      Structured Enhanced TEXT
SFQL        Structured Full-text Query Language
SFT I-III   System Fault Tolerance I-III
SGML        Standard Generalized Markup Language
SGRAM       Synchronous Graphics RAM
SHF         Super High Frequency
SHRAM       SHeet RAM
SI          Systems Integrator
SIA         Standard Interface Adapter
SICC        Standard Industrial Classification Code
SID         Station IDentification (AT&T)
SIDF        Standard Interchange Data Form
SIG         Special Interest Group
SIGCAT      Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications & Technology
SIMD        Single Instruction Multiple Data (processor)
SIMM        Single In-line Memory Module
SIMPLE      Script application language IMPLEmentation
SIP         Simple Internet Protocol
SIP         Single In-line Package
SIPO        Serial In Parallel Out
SIPP        Single In-line Pin Package
SIr         Serial Infra red (Hewlett Packard)
SKICAT      SKy Image Cataloging & Analysis Tool (NASA)
SKU         Stock Keeping Unit
SLC         SX Low-power Cache
SLIP        Serial Line Interface Protocol
SLIP        Serial Line Internet Protocol (Internet)
SLP         Suggested List Price
SLSI        Super Large Scale Integration
SM          Synchronous Modem
SMBus       System Management Bus
SMDS        Switched Multi-megabit Data Service
SMDS        Switched Multimedia Data Service
SMF       Single Mode Fiber
SMK       Software Migration Kit (Microsoft)
SMMDS     Switched Multi Megabit Data Service
SMPS      Symetric Multi Processing System
SMR       Specialized Mobile Radio
SMRAM     System Management Random Access Memory
SMS       Storage Management (Sub)System
SMS       System Management Server (Microsoft)
SMt       Surface Mount technology
SMTP      Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SN        Serial Number
SN        Signal Node
SNA       Systems Network Architecture (IBM)
SNMP2     Simple Network Management Protocol Rev/2
SNOBOL    StriNg Oriented symBOlic Language 1-4
SNR       Signal to Noise Ratio (see S/N)
SOA       State Of the Art
SOCKS     SOCKet Secure server (Internet)
SOHO      Small Office Home Office
SOM       Start Of Message
SOM       System Object Model (IBM)
SOS       Silicone On Sapphire
SOTA      State Of The Art
SP        Scalable POWER/parallel
SPA       Software Publishers Association
SPAP      Secure Password Authentication Protocol
SPARC     Scalar Processor ARChitecture (Sun)
SPDIF     Sony Phillips Digital Interface Format
SPDT      Single Pole Double Throw
SPI       SCSI Parallel Interface
SPID      Service Provider IDentification
SPITBOL   SPeedy ImplemenTation of snoBOL
SPN       Switched Public Network
SPOOL     Simultaneous Peripheral Operations On-Line
SPP       Sequenced Packet Protocol
SPP       Standard Parallel Port
SPPS      Scalable Power Parallel System (IBM)
SPROM     Switched PROM
SPS       Scalable POWER/parallel Server
SPT       Sectors Per Track
SPX       Sequenced Packet eXchange (Novell)
SQL       Structured Query Language
SQL/DS    Structured Query Language/Data System (IBM)
SQLL      SQL Link
SQLS      SQL Server
SR        Speech Recognition
SRAM      Shadow Random Access Memory
SRAM      Static Random Access Memory
SRep      Sales Representative
SRMon     Super RMonitor or RMonitoring
SRP      Suggested Retail Price
SRS      Speech Recognition System
SS       Satellite Switched
SS       Single Sided
SS7      Signaling System #7
SSA      Serial Storage Architecture
SSDD     Single Sided/Double Density
SSI      Small Scale Integration
SSL      Secure Sockets Layer
SSQD     Single Sided Quad Density
SSS      Single Strip Scan
SSSD     Single Sided/Single Density
SST      Super Serial Technology
ST       Self Test
STAIRS   STorage And Information Retrieval System
STDA     Street Talk Dirrectory Assistance (Banyan)
STDMx    Statistical Time Division Multiplexer
STE      Subscriber Terminal Equipment
STEP     Standard for The Exchange of Product model data
STL      Standard Template Library
STM      Synchronous Transfer Mode
STN      Super Twist Nematics (displays)
STP      Shielded Twisted Pair cable
STRAM    Synchronous Transmit Receive Access Method
STRESS   STRuctural Engineering System Solver (language)
STS      Synchronous Transport Signal
STt      Secure Transaction technology
STX      STart of teXt
SVC      Switched Virtual Circuit
SVDM     Simultaneous Voice & Data Modem
SVGA     Super Video Graphics Array or Apapter
SVID     System V Interface Definition
SVM      System Virtual Machine (Microsoft)
SVR      SerVeR
SVRAM    Synchronous VRAM
SVS      Single Virtual Storage
SWAIS    Simple Wide Area Information Server (Internet)
SWAMI    SoftWare Aided Multifont Input
SWEDAC   SWEDish board for technical ACcreditation
SWISH    Simple Web Indexing System for Humans
SX       SimpleX
SYLK     SYmbolik LinK
SYNC     SYNChronous
SYSOP    SYStem OPerator
T        Tera - one trillion
T/B      Top and Bottom
T/R      Transmit & Receive
TA       Terminal Adaptor
TAF      Time And Frequency
TAM      Terminal Access Method
TANSTAAFL   There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TAO         Telephony Application Object
TAPI        Telephony Application Programming Interface
TAR         Tape ARchive
TAS         Telephone Answering Service
TASM        Turbo Assembler (Borland)
TAXI        Transparent Asynchronous Transceiver/Receiver Interface
Tb          Tera bits
TB          Tera Bytes
TBITS 5     Treasury Board Information Technology Standard 5
TBU         Tape Backup Unit
TC          Time Clock
TC          Trash Can
TCM         Trellis Coded Modulation
TCMx        Terminal Computer & Multiplexer
TCP         Transmission Control Protocol
TCP/IP      Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCU         Transmission Control Unit
TD          Tape Drive
TDMA        Tape Direct Memory Access
TDMA        Time Division Multiplexing Access
TDMx        Time Division Multiplexing
TDV         Tab Delimited Values
TE          Terminal Emulator
TE          Text Editor
TE/2        Terminal Emulator/2 (Oberon)
TEAM        Terminal Expandable Added Memory
TELEX       TELeprinter EXchange
TELNet      Terminal EmuLation protocol Network
TEML        Turbo Editor Macro Language (Borland)
Tera        One million millions (one trillion)
TERMPWR     TERMinator PoWeR
TET         Text Enhancement Technology
TFEL        Thin Film Electro Luminescent
TFT         Thin Film Transistor (displays)
TFTAM       Thin Film Transistor Active Matrix
TFTCD       TFT Color Display
TFTD        TFT Display
TFTP        Trivial File Transfer Protocol
THD+N       Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise
TI          Texas Instruments inc.
TIA         Telecommunications Industry Association
TIA         The Internet Adapter (Internet)
TIFF        Tagged Image File Format
TIGA        Texas Instruments Graphics Adapter
TK/TK       TracK to TracK
TM          Trade Mark
TMP         TeMPorary
TMR         Triple Modular Redundancy
TN          Terminal Node
TN          Twisted Nematics
TNC       Terminal Node Controller
TOC       Table Of Contents
TOS       Tape Operating System
TPI       Tracks Per Inch
TPORT     Twisted pair Port Transceiver (AT&T)
TPW       Turbo Pascal for Windows
TQFP      Thin Quad Flat Pack
TR        Terminal Ready
TR        Token Ring
TRN       Threaded Read News (Internet)
TRNA      Token Ring Network Adapter
TRON      Time Read Operations system Nucleus
TRS       Token Ring Server
TRS-DOS   Tandy Radio Shack DOS
TRSM      Token Ring Switching Module
TRt       Token Ring technology
TSAPI     Telephony Services Application Program Interface (AT&T-Nov)
TSOS      Time Sharing Operating System
TSR       Terminate & Stay Resident
TSTN      Triple Super Twist Nematics (displays)
TSV       Tab Separated Values
TT        True Type
TTF       Tagged Text File
TTF       True Type Font
TTFP      True Type Font Pack
TTt       Travan Tape technology
TTY       Tele TYpe(writer)
TU        Tape Unit
TUBA      TCP & UDP with Big Addresses
TVI       TeleVision Interference
TWAIN     Toolkit Without An Important Name
TWX       TeletypeWriter eXchange service
Tx        Telex
TXA       Terminal eXchange Area
TxD       Transmit Data
TXT       TeXT format
TXT2STF   TeXT To STructured File (Lotus Agenda)
U-SCSI    Ultra SCSI
U/L       Up/Load
U/U       Unencode/Undecode
U/UD      U/U Decoding (Unix)
U/UE      U/U Encoding
UAE       Unrecoverable Application Error
UAI       Universal Application Interface
UART      Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UFS       Unix File System
UG        User Group
UHF       Ultra High Frequency
UI        UNIX International
UI        User Interface
UL        Underwriters Laboratory
UL        Up Load
UL        Upper Limit
ULSI      Ultra Large Scale Integration
UM        Micro
UMA       Upper Memory Area
UMB       Upper Memory Block (LIM/AST)
UNC       Universal Naming Convention
UNCOL     UNiversal Cmputer Oriented Language
UNICOM    UNIcom integrated COMmunications system
UNIVAC    UNIVersal Automatic Computer
UPC       Universal Product Code
UPS       Uninterruptible Power Supply
UREO      Unix RSCS Emulation Protocol
URI       Universal Resource Identifier
URL       Uniform Resource Locator
URN       Uniform Resource Name
USAM      Unique Sequential Access Method
USART     Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter
USBC      Universal Serial Bus Connector
USENet    News USEr’s Network
USL       Unix Systems Laboratories
USR       US Robotics corporation
USRT      Universal Synchronous Receiver/Transmitter
UTP       Unshielded Twisted Pair cable
UUCP      Unix to Unix Copy Program
UV        Ultra Violet
UW-SCSI   Ultra Wide SCSI
UXART     High Speed UART
V         Volt
VA        Virtual Address
VAC       Volts AC
VAD       Value Added Dealer
VADD      Value Added Disk Driver
VAM       Virtual Access Method
VAR       Value Adder Reseller
VAX/VMS   Virtual Address eXtension/Virtual Memory System (DEC)
VB        Visual Basic (Microsoft)
VBA       Visual Basic for Applications (Microsoft)
VBDDP     Visual Basic Data Dictionary Programming
VBE/AI    VESA BIOS Extension/Audio Interface
vBNS      Very high-speed Backbone Network Service (MCI+NSF)
VBRUN     Visual Basic RUN time
VBX       Visual Basic eXtension
VBXs      Visual Basic custom controls
VCC       Virtual Channel Connections
VCD       Video Compact Disk
VCD       Virtual Communications Driver
VCD       Visual Class Designer
VCO       Voltage Controlled Oscillator
VCOS      Visual Caching Operating System (AT&T)
VCPt      Visual Context Processor technology
VCR        Video Cassette Recorder
VDC        Volts DC
VDDM       Virtual Device Driver Manager
VDE        Visual Development Environment
VDFM       Voice Data Fax Modem
VDI        Virtual Device Interface
VDIF       Video Display Information File
VDISK      Virtual DISK
VDM        Virtual DOS Machine (IBM)
VDMAD      Virtual Direct Memory Access Device (Microsoft)
VDS        Virtual DMA Services
VEGA       Video7 Enhanced Graphics Adapter (Video 7 inc.)
VEMM       Virtual Expanded Memory Manager
VEOS       Virtual Environment Operating System
VERONICA   Very Easy Rodent Oriented Netwide Index to Comput. Archives
VESA       Video Electronics Standards Association
VF         Virtual Floppy
VFAT       Virtual File Allocation Table (Microsoft)
VFD        Vacuum Fluorescent Display
VFM        Voice Fax Modem
VFP        Visual FoxPro
VFPCK      Visual FoxPro Connectivity Kit
VFPDD      Visual FoxPro Database Designer
VFPPM      Visual FoxPro Project Manager
VFS        Virtual File System
VFW        Video For Windows
VGA        Video Graphics Adapter
VGC        Video Graphics Controller
VHDL       VHSIC Hardware Description Language
VHF        Very High Frequency
VHS        Video Home System
VHS        Virtual Host Storage
VHSI       Very High Scale Integration
VHSIC      Very High Speed Integrated Circuit
VICC       Visual Information Control Console
VIF        Virtual InterFace
VIMC       Vendor Independant Messaging Consortium
VINES      VIrtual NEtwork Software
VINES      VIrtual NEtworking System (Banyan)
VIPER      Verifiable Integrated Processor for Enhanced Reliability
VJHEADER   Van Jacobsen HEADER compression (Unix)
VL-BUS     VESA Local - BUS
VLDB       Very Large DataBase
VLF        Very Low Frequency
VLIW       Very Long Instruction Word
VLM        Very Large Memory
VLM        Virtual Loadable Module
VLSI       Very Large Scale Integration
VLSIPS     Very Large Scale Immobilized Polymer Synthesis
VM         Virtual Machine
VM         Virtual Memory
VMA      Virtual Memory Address
VMB      Virtual Machine Boot
VME      Virtual Memory Environment
VMM      Virtual Memory Manager
VMOS     Virtual Memory Operating System
VMS      Virtual Memory System (DEC)
VMS      Voice Message System
VMT      Virtual Memory Technique
VNA      Virtual Network Architecture
VO       Visual Object
VOC      Creative VOiCe format (Sound Blaster)
VOD      Video On Demand
VOS      Virtual Operating System
VOSIM    VOice SIMulation
VPD      Virtual Printer Device
VPDN     Virtual Private Data Network
VPDS     Virtual Private Data Service (MCI)
VPt      Virtual Printer technology
VPU      Virtual Processing Unit
VR       Virtual Reality
VR       Voltage Regulator
VRAM     Variable Random Access Memory
VRAM     Video Random Access Memory
VRC      Validation & Rule Checking
VRC      Vertical Redundancy Check
VRML     Virtual Reality Markup Language
VRML     Virtual Reality Modeling Language
VROOMM   Virtual Real-time Object-Oriented Memory Manager (Borland)
VRT      Voltage Reduction Technology
VS       Virtual Storage
VSAM     Virtual Storage Access Method (IBM)
VSAT     Very Small Aperture Terminal
VSM      Visual System Manager
VSOS     Virtual Storage Operating System
VSYNC    Vertical SYNChronisation
VT       Video Terminal
Vt       Voice technology
VTAM     Virtual Telecommunications Access Method (IBM)
VTAM     Virtual Terminal Access Method
VTR      Video Tape Recorder
VTSRS    Voice Type Speeck Recognition System
VUP      VAX Unit of Performance
VVt      Voice View technology
VxD      Virtual device eXtended Driver (Microsoft)
W3       World Wide Web
W3A      World Wide Web Applets
W3C      World Wide Web Consortium
WABI     Windows Application Binary Interface (Sun)
WAIS     Wide Area Information Server
WAN      Wide Area Network
WANODI     Wide Area Network ODI
WARM       Write Always Read Many times
WATS       Wide Area Telephone Service
WAV        Windows Audio Video
WDL        Windows Driver Library (Microsoft)
WDRAM      Windows Dynamic Random Access Memory
Web        World Wide Web
WFW        Windows For Workgoups (Microsoft)
WHAG       WHAt Guide
WHAM       Waveform Hold & Modify (Microsoft)
WIMPd      Windows Icons Menus & Pointing devices
WIMPm      Window Icons Mouse & Pull-down menus
WinCIM     Windows Compuserve Information Manager
WINS       Windows Internet Naming Service (Microsoft)
WIT        Web Interactive Talk (Internet)
WMAPI      Windows Messaging API
WMRA       Write Many Read Always
WNIC       Wide-area Network Interface Co-processor
WNTRK      Windows NT Resource Kit
WOOD       Write Once Optical Disk
WORM       Write Once Read Many times
WOSA       Windows Open Systems Architecture (Microsoft)
WOW        Windows On Windows
WP         WordPerfect
WPHD       Write Protect Hard Disk
WPS        WorkPlace Shell O/S2
WRAM       Windows Random Access Memory
WRMS       Web Reception Monitoring Service
WWIS       World Wide Information System (Internet)
WWW        World Wide Web (Internet)
WWWVL      World Wide Web Virtual Library
WWWW       World Wide Web Worm
WYSBYGI    What You See Before You Get It
WYSIWYP    What You See Is What You Print
X/X        eXceed/Xpress
XA         eXtended Architecture
XAPIA      X.400 Application Program Interface Association
XBM        X Windows BitMap
XCOPY      eXtended COPY
XDF        eXtended Density Format (IBM)
XGA        eXtended Graphics Array (IBM)
XMM        eXtended Memory Manager (LIM/AST)
XMS        eXtended Memory Specifications (LIM/AST)
XN         eXecution Node
XON/XOFF   Transmitter ON/OFF Telecommunications control protocol
XOR        eXclusive OR (see also EOR)
XPG        X/open Portability Guide
XSMD       eXtended Storage Module Driver interface
XT         eXtended Technology
YAHOO   Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle (Internet)
YAP     Yield Analysis Pattern
YTC     Yield To Call
YYCP    Unix to Unix Communications Protocol
ZCAV    Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
ZCR     Zero Crossing Rate
ZIF     Zero Insertion Force (socket)
ZIP     Zigzag In-line Package/pin
ZPR     Zero Power Resistance
ZRE     Zero Rate Error
ZSL     Zero Slot LAN
ZWC     Zero Word Count

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