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					Freedom Through Education

     Welcome to Our World
New Image.JPG   A Little History

• How Freedom Club came to be…
• Our common story…

• Mission: Freedom Club USA is here to
  guide each of our members to an abundant
  life and attract financial, health, emotional
  and spiritual freedoms - enough to be able
  to give freely and help others through
  inner awakening.
                       What Is
                  Freedom Club USA?
New Image.JPG

A national membership organization
• Educational programs:
         - Financial Freedom and Prosperity
                Mortgage - Credit Card – Auto/Vehicle
                    Student Loan - IRS

         - Bring awareness and light
         - Healthy Bodies and Minds
                          Who is
                    Freedom Club USA?
    New Image.JPG

     People from all over
      the country, from
      the East coast to
     Hawaii and Alaska!
      And now Canada!

•    Founder – Tom
•    Directors –
•      Judi & Joanne
•    Administrative office
•    Ambassadors
•    Members
•    YOU
New Image.JPG          Disclaimer
We do not give…
  - Financial advice
     - Legal advice
       - Tax advice
                This a Proprietary Process
    Members make their own decisions using
•     Public and Member website areas
•     Public and member calls
•     Guest speakers and recordings
•     Other education on their own
New Image.JPG
                6 Pillars of Freedom

•   Personal Freedom
•   Health Freedom
•   Energy Freedom
•   Financial Freedom
•   Asset Protection
•   Freedom to be Benevolent
New Image.JPG        Personal Freedom

• Emotional Freedom
   – Freedom from those ties that bind us to the
   – Releasing through Quantum Energetics
   – Personal and group coaching through one of
     the vendor/alliance partners
         • (Coach Judi really is a Life Coach)
New Image.JPG   Personal Freedom

•   Financial Independence
•   Knowing your rights
•   Health freedom
•   Empowerment through education
New Image.JPG      Health Freedom

• Website links
    – Health products, mercury and fluoride,
      vaccines, chips, colloidal silver ban (?)
•   Codex Alimentarius
•   Fellow members—many modalities
•   Quantum Energetics for emotional health
•   Personal foundation for a strong you
New Image.JPG    Energy Freedom

• Over 25 links to alternative sources
   – Air cars
   – Water vehicles
   – Magnetic vehicles
   – Nicolai Tesla‘s work and world
   – Much, much more
New Image.JPG    FCUSA Website

• Focus on Education not in the Main
• Most is available to the public
   – Members do have their privileges!
• Quick start page and Newsletter
• Resource page
• Choose your topics and dig right in
                       Freedom Club USA
                  is NOT about debt elimination
New Image.JPG

                Financial educational programs
                         can help you:

$   Turn ALL Bank & IRS debt into CASH
$   Pay off your debts
$   Learn to live with asset protection and privacy
$   Become a part of world benevolence projects
$   You win, lender wins, benevolence wins!

                      Everybody WINS!
New Image.JPG   Financial Independence

• Living in debt is NOT freedom!

• Financial Freedom vs. Financial

• Our program is designed to bring you
                      The History of the
                   Federal Reserve System
 New Image.JPG

    The Creature From Jekyll Island
                           (Audio on website, Book or CD)

• Federal: IT IS NOT! Privately held corp.*
• Reserve: there are no reserves
• System: there is no Gold or Silver Backing

*(Russo & Griffin proved this to be true)
                     The Result:
                US Bankruptcy of 1933
New Image.JPG

• US government went bankrupt in 1933
• Enter the IRS!
• We are still in bankruptcy, by choice
• All the gold and silver currency has been taken
  from the public
• “Money” is now fiat currency
• Entire ―money‖ system based on Debt
New Image.JPG
New Image.JPG
                Banker’s Manifesto of
New Image.JPG

• Revealed by Lindbergh
• ―…the lower order of people are already
  showing signs of restless commotion.‖
• ―The courts must be called to our aid,
  debts must be collected, bonds and
  mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as
                Banker’s Manifesto of
New Image.JPG

• ―People without homes will not quarrel
  with their leaders‖

• ―…the people must be kept in a state of
  political antagonism."
                      Where Money
                      Comes From
 New Image.JPG

Fractional banking creates money from
                 using your note

• FED creates FRNs and ―loans‖ you your money?
• You pay principal & interest to bank for money they did
  not loan you!
• That is “Conversion”
• How does the bank do this?
 New Image.JPG     How Banks Operate

• Banking statute of 1863 still in place
    – ―Banks can lend neither their credit nor their money‖

• Your promissory note funded your ―loan‖

• Your Payments are “Conversion”: ―the act of
   changing from one form to another‖ ―The wrongful
   possession or disposition of another‘s property as if
   it were one‘s own‖

• They converted YOUR promissory note and
  signature into your funding without disclosure –
  which is fraud!
                         Know Who You Are –
    New Image.JPG

Your “Sweat Equity” is collateral for the US
  CORPORATION to Federal Reserve Bank
•   USA: private foreign corporation, 1871—in England!
•   IRS: private corporation, 1933
•   Corps only do business with other corps
•   Created your Strawman (corp. 1933)

                    Your Corporation STRAWMAN name in
                          ALL CAPITAL LETTERS
                       JOHN H DOE/MARY A DOE
  New Image.JPG   How Did They Do This?

     Birth Certificate gives them control

• Your parents give them permission when they sign
  the birth certificate! (or Certificate of Live Birth)
• From then on all ―business‖ is done with this
  fictitious you
                  We Can Take Back
                Control of the Strawman
New Image.JPG

• File a proprietary UCC1 Financing
  Statement To Take control of your
• File in private agency (Not Sec of State)
• We are now the Holder in Due Course of
  the original filing

He who holds originals holds power
                The Uniform Commercial
New Image.JPG

     Maritime Law - Admiralty Law
• Law of the Seas - from ancient times
• UCC brings Law of the Seas inland
• Contract law: supreme law over all
  national and international commerce

                Everything is commerce
                       Using The
                  Administrative Remedy
New Image.JPG

                   Must exhaust all
                Administrative Remedies
•    5 years to take action after you learn of fraud

•    The Administrative Remedy (AR):
    1.   Legal documents address fraud
    2.   Bank/IRS/CRA CEO‘s Strawman account funds AR
    3.   No new debt is created
    4.   Not a loan – no repayment required
                    The Administrative
 New Image.JPG

• There is a short letter
• UCC1 Lien is placed against
• Debt converted to CASH
• Learn to live a protected and
  private life style

     Live debt free, choose
                         The Steps of Your
 New Image.JPG

1)   Register using your Ambassador‘s Link
2)   Become a member –submit your claims when ready
3)   We control your Strawman - GL UCC1
4)   FCUSA processes your claims
5)   Learn Asset Protection from site
6)   Continue to study

     AR Campaign takes about 30 days
New Image.JPG     Your Reward!

•   Mortgages     = $250,000 ea.
•   Credit Cards = $100,000 ea.
•   Student Loans = $100,000 ea.
•   Auto Loans    = $100.000 ea.
•   IRS or CRA    = $250,000 lifetime

• Old, new, paid, current, foreclosed,
  repossessed… all OK.
    New Image.JPG             Your Reward!

      Conversion Payout—case law
•    Convert your ―debt‖ into cash
•    How many claims can you submit?
•    How would this change your life?

      Award            Payout
•    $100,000 x 6 = $ 600,000
•    $250,000 x 4 = $1,000,000

                    What would you do with this payout?
                The Final Steps
New Image.JPG

• FCUSA will set-up your starter entities and
  master account to accept your funds.
• FCUSA will file your UCC claims
• You can also acquire a reloadable debit card
• Learn from our experts how to set-up your Asset
  Protection with diversification, then invite others
  by becoming an Ambassador

• Pay it forward!
                Your Continuing
New Image.JPG

    New way of living to stay Wealthy

• Asset Protection and Privacy
• Ongoing Guidance/Outside Programs
• Website, speakers, seminars
• Recommended reading
New Image.JPG   Benefits of Membership

• Access to member ONLY pages and calls
   – Administrative Remedies (AR)
   – Asset Protection and Privacy
   – Live speakers in these areas
   – Recorded calls from guest speakers
   – Coaching and Emotional Clearing with QE
                Membership has its
New Image.JPG

• Members only events
• Like-minded people--your future team
• Team participation in world-wide
• Post-pay for Coaching and Quantum
                     FCUSA Pricing – ALL
                    Deducted from Funding
New Image.JPG

• Membership                                                $1000 lifetime
• GL UCC1 Strawman                                          $300 1/person
• Educational Programs                                      $2700 each
     (includes Bank/IRS UCC1)
   –   Mortgages*
   –   Auto loans*
   –   Credit cards – highest limit or total payments*
   –   IRS & CRA - paid and billed
   –   Student Loans*
   *Compute principal, interest, late and legal fees paid
New Image.JPG   Additional Programs

Getting YOU ready for your future!

• Quantum Energetics Individual* $795
• Quantum Energetics Family*     $1195

 *Paid from your backend funding
 New Image.JPG   Take Action Now
  – Hear ―Creature From Jekyll Island‖
  – Read ―Strawman UCC‖
  – View ―Money and the Federal Reserve‖
  – ―From Freedom to Fascism‖ links
• Online Newsletter
• Live Intro calls each Monday – Archived
• Membership - Start an AR Process
An Introduction to Privacy and
       Asset Protection

      How Protected Are You?
How Private are Your Personal Affairs?
New Image.JPG   Living with Wealth

• Rockefeller said: ―Own nothing and control

• We want you to keep it!

• It will change your life. There are pros and

• FCUSA—continuing education and support for
  the members and the club
                 Why do I need Asset
                    Protection ?
 New Image.JPG

• The United States has
  70% of the world‘s law
• The US also has 95% of
  the world‘s attorneys
• There are more law
  students in school right
  now than there are
  practicing attorneys
• These guys have to eat!
 New Image.JPG   Domestic Structuring

• Structures for Privacy and
    – C Corporations
    – LLCs, LPs, etc.
    – Corporation Sole
    – Contract Trusts
    – Private Interest
    – Others
• Managed and nominee
• Several Attractive states
New Image.JPG   Reasons to Start Now

• Protect what you have
• You may realize lower taxes if you are a
• Keep your affairs private
• Estate planning

• Work with professionals and take the time
  to educate yourself
New Image.JPG   Privacy Possibilities

• Privacy
   – Financial privacy can
     be guaranteed by law
   – You can hire an
     Independent Asset
   – You can work both
     offshore and onshore
     with creative
                 Private Interest
New Image.JPG

• A holding entity for offshore funds
   – A solid type of structure where you remain in
     control of the funds and you are anonymous
   – You can move the funds to other entities by
     wire transfer
   – Most come with a debit card and prepaid
     credit card
New Image.JPG     Other Entities

• International Business
• Trust Organizations
• Offshore LLC
• Corporation Sole
New Image.JPG      Consideration

• With the rapidly changed banking climate it is
  best to diversify your assets.
• Perhaps a blend of cash, gold, silver, real estate,
  business, commodities… etc.
New Image.JPG   So Much to Learn!

• Start with your membership
• Read the Asset Protection Material
• Listen to the member calls
• Join the Sovereign Society and similar
• Read, study, listen, and consult with the
New Image.JPG   It all Sounds so Confusing

• Anything is when it is new

• Just know the first couple of steps

• Have fun with the journey!
New Image.JPG      Benevolence

•   FCUSA - Heartbeat of the movement
•   Many ideas and projects are listed on site
•   Working together to change the world!
•   Locally, nationally and globally
•   Ambassador program rewards you for
    sharing FCUSA to friends and associates
New Image.JPG         Getting Started

                • Explore the center
                column on site for quick
                • Use ‗Shortcuts‘ in the
                right column to locate
                key services.
                • Use the left column
                for in-depth learning.
New Image.JPG   Ambassador Program

• Ambassador
  * Become a member (paid on backend)
  * Submit your claims
  * Sign-up for Ambassador program (free)
  * Acquire free replicate-able site
  * Order free business cards
  * Earn $10,000 - $25,000 from each
  prospect‘s claim

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