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									                                                                                            Terms and Conditions


All orders require a minimum of 25% deposit. Additional deposits are due upon DL Foodservice Design notification to customer based on production or receipt of merchandise. At all times customers
orders must maintain a minimum of 25% deposit on all products ordered to avoid delays in completion of order.


All orders require a 50% deposit, 25% deposit upon receipt of equipment by DL Foodservice Design and 25% on delivery. All payments are to be made via certified check, E.F.T., or credit card.


Any and all accounts are subject to a 1.5% service charge per month on outstanding balances. Accounts deemed un-collectable are subject to service charge and reasonable attorney’s fee in connection with
collection proceedings.

Returned/Canceled Goods Policy:

All orders are subject to a 25% restocking and/or cancelation charge on standard manufactured products which figure is based on the price of the item(s) purchased, as well as inbound and outbound freight
charges. Returned merchandise is subject to inspection and acceptance by DL Foodservice Design and/or manufacturer prior to refund being issued. Any and all returned merchandise is to be returned in the
original packing inclusive of operation manuals, etc., if applicable.

Any deposits secured on all custom equipment and/or special orders will be forfeited in the event of cancelation. Any outstanding balance inclusive of freight is due in full.

Partial cancelation of orders is subject to a 25% restocking/cancelation charges. All deposits received will be held pending balance due of restocking/cancelation charges, if applicable. Should additional
deposits become necessary on balance or order not being canceled, the same will become due upon prior cancellation. Should partial cancellation pertain to customized equipment no credit will be allowed
for said cancellation.


In the event of a dispute buyer agrees to submit matters to the New Jersey Jurisdiction.

Return Check Policy:

Checks returned due to insufficient funds, account closed, referred to maker, or stop payment are subject to a $50.00 service charge per item. Funds due are to be replaced by cash, certified check, E.F.T.,
or credit card as specified by DL Foodservice Design.


Any fees incurred for return items, wire transfer fee, or stop payments are to be assumed by customer.

Acceptance of Goods:

By customer acceptance of goods delivered or picked up, any at all claims pertaining to damage waived. Customer is to inform DL Foodservice Design of any concealed damage upon receipt of goods. DL
Foodservice Design does not accept any liability pertaining to damaged caused by common carrier or by trucking agent. In the event a loaner unit is provided by DL Foodservice Design, the amount of
money outstanding for the damaged/delayed item is due in full.

Delivery Policy:

Dates of scheduled deliveries are approximate. DL Foodservice Design relies on manufacturers projected production and shipping schedule. Customer agrees to hold DL Foodservice Design harmless of
any unforeseen delays in shipment, including but not limited to strikes, factory vacation schedules, freight carrier delays or damage, and acts of God.

All orders shipped are payable by cash or certified check at the time of delivery or E.F.T., or credit card prior to delivery at DL Foodservice Design discretion.

Loaner Policy:

Any equipment offered “On Loan” bases is subject to return to DL Foodservice Design in good condition upon demand.

Warranty Policy:

Goods sold are subject to manufacturer’s warranties, if applicable. DL Foodservice Design agrees to make available to customers any and all warranties provided by specified manufacturer. Customer
agrees to hold DL Foodservice Design harmless from any and all claims, included but not limited to: Mechanical defect, Malfunction, Breakdowns or Failure whether in or out of warranty, or Lost of
Product, Productivity, or Profit.

Any and all used/refurbished equipment is sold on an as is basis, with no implied warranty.

Refund Policy:

Refund or store credit is available all returns must be accompanied by sales invoice. Refunds due on merchandise previously purchased by check are subject to customer check clearance prior to refund
being issued.

Storage Fees:
Should customer be unable to accept delivery within 10 (ten) days of DL Foodservice Design notification to customer, DL Foodservice Design reserves the right to assess storage fee based on length of
time the merchandise is to be restored. Rates are based on $20.00 per item, per day.

Customers Obligation:
               1.         To read, understand and follow all service/warranty manuals provided by manufacturer.
               2.         To adhere all maintenance regulations described within specified manuals pertaining to customers obligations.
               3.         To more specifically have temperature control settings, adjustments to time clock, calibration of thermostats and digital thermometers, water column pressure set by customers own
                          appointed personal or agent, at customers expense.

Dealer Exclusion:
DL Foodservice Design will not fasten, glue, mail, screw, welled any fixture or equipment to existing walls nor dismantle. All plumbing and electric is to be done by others.

Leasing Customers:
Customer accepts and acknowledges responsibility for payment of any and all balances owed to DL Foodservice Design by leasing company.

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