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special aYpe edition f                     model t coast-to-coast race   f   aYpe most photographed fair in historY   f aYpe walking tour

From logs to log-ons: celebrating 100 years
This summer, the University of Washington and the City of            But all of that changed after 1909. The Exposition planted the
Seattle will celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Alaska-       seeds for a century of new inquiry, inspiration and interpersonal
Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE), held on the University of           connections that had a profound impact not only on Washington
Washington campus from June 1 through October 16, 1909.              state but around the world, especially on what is now called the
                                                                     Pacific Rim.
Conceived by local businessmen to promote Seattle’s industry,
resources, trade connections and natural beauty, the Exposition      Today, the raw and rugged logging town that so audaciously
also transformed the newly-relocated university on the shores of     envisioned its future in a public university, realized its dream
Lake Washington, bringing the world to its doors and order to its    of becoming a vital world center of research and technology;
stunning but untamed landscapes.                                     its health, economy and quality of life inexorably linked to the
                                                                     engines of discovery it set in motion so long ago.
Although a Territorial University had been launched in
Washington 48 years earlier, in an ornate building at what is        No longer relying on trains and steamships to bring the world
now Fourth Avenue and University Street in downtown Seattle,         to campus, the University of Washington now communicates
its growth had been compromised by a faltering state economy         instantaneously with the world via the Internet, “logging on”
and stifling isolation from the world of ideas and discoveries       many times each day to create better lives and generate new
generated by its counterpart universities on the eastern             opportunities for Seattle, Washington state and the world.
seaboard. Even after the transcontinental railroad finally crossed
the Cascades in 1887, travel was treacherous and lengthy.

                     A listing of all AYPE events on the UW campus this summer and fall
                     is available at

                         Coast to coast in a                                                    Model T                                   L

to commemorate the opening of the                                   Henry Ford believed that his lightweight, flexible Model T was
                                                                    perfect for both 1909 roads and the conditions of the race —
alaska-Yukon-pacific exposition in                                  rain, mud, streams, deserts, and Snoqualmie Pass — and 23
seattle, six automobiles — two model t                              days later the first Model T crossed the finish line at Geyser
                                                                    Basin (now Drumheller Fountain on the UW campus). Although
fords, an itala, a stearns, an acme                                 eventually disqualified when it was revealed that the engine
                                                                    had been replaced (making the Shawmut the winner), Model T
and a shawmut — set off from new York
                                                                    sales soared.
in 1909 in what was called the “ocean
                                                                    In a re-creation of that historic race, 54 Model T Fords will arrive
to ocean endurance race.”                                           at Drumheller Fountain on Sunday, July 12, in the last leg of a
                                                                    month-long journey from White Plains, NY to Seattle. Scheduled
                                                                    to begin crossing the finish line at 10 a.m., they will be met
                                                                    with a welcoming ceremony that will include a display of
                                                                    alternative-energy vehicles currently in use by both the City
                                                                    of Seattle and the UW.

                                                                    At noon, the Model Ts will leave for a celebratory parade down
                                                                    Fifth Avenue in downtown Seattle.

                                                                    For more details and an itinerary of the 2009 cross-country
                                                                    race, please visit

                                                                    PhoTos FroM UniversiTy oF WashingTon Libraries, sPeCiaL CoLLeCTions Division.
                                                                    above: noWeLL x2215 LeFT: noWeLL x2210.

                    AYPE attracted almost three million visitors and closed with a surplus of $63,000
                    which was donated to the Seaman’s Institute and the Anti-Tuberculosis League.

at the burke museum:                                                free aYpe summer events:

may 30 – nov. 29, Exhibit,         sept. 13, Symposium, Asian       June 1 – oct. 30
AYP: Indigenous Voices Reply,      and Pacific Participants at      Exhibit, When the World Came                    Exhibit, Capturing the AYPE: Frank
examining the representation       the AYPE: Fear and Friendship.   to Campus, Suzzallo Library                     Nowell, Exposition Photographer,
of indigenous peoples at AYPE.     10–5. For details and            Exhibit Room 102. Re-creates                    Allen Library Balcony.
Open daily, 10-5, Th 10-8. Free    registration visit               the grandeur of AYPE with
                                                                                                                    Exhibit, Alaskan Women’s Work
admission first Thursdays. Also        photographs and memorabilia
                                                                                                                    at the 1909 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
free to Burke members, children                                     displayed in historic settings.
                                                                                                                    Exposition, Special Collections
under five years, and UW
                                                                                                                    Lobby, Allen Library South Basement.
students, faculty and staff.
                                                                                                                    For libraries and exhibit hours,
the most photographed fair in history?

The confluence of several forces may have made the alaska-yukon-       created the most enduring legacy. according to a new book
Pacific-exposition the most photographed world’s fair in history:      about the fair, Picturing the alaska-yukon-Pacific exposition:
the City beautiful movement, which inspired grand neoclassic           The Photographs of Frank h. nowell, by UW visual Materials
buildings thought to promote moral and civic virtue; photographic      Curator nicolette bromberg, nowell’s photographs of the fair
advances, including motion pictures, dry plate negatives, and, for     appeared regularly in newspapers, magazines, and other venues
hobbyists, $1 “brownie” cameras and rolled film; and the exploding     to promote fair attendance. UW special Collections, housed in
popularity of picture postcards, widely used for quick notes much      UW Libraries, holds thousands of these photographs, including
as text messages are today.                                            the largest collection of nowell originals. The book is due out this
                                                                       summer and also includes “rephotographs” of ayPe sites taken
but it was the elegant and beautiful portraits of the palatial         by UW photography students working under UW photography
buildings and landscaped walkways by professional photographers,       lecturer John stamets.
especially ayPe official photographer Frank h. nowell, which have

                   An open-air “natural amphitheater” where Padelford Hall now stands was built for the AYPE opening day
                   speech by James J. Hill. It was also the site of a later speech by President Taft and, in 1911, a rousing

                   speech on preserving Washington’s environment by Teddy Roosevelt.

relive aYp exposition with a campus walking tour

guided ayPe Centennial walking tours of the UW seattle campus are
now underway and will continue throughout the summer. Friends
of seattle’s olmstead Parks are conducting free tours starting at
the burke Museum at 10 a.m. on the last saturday of the month,
June through september. The seattle architecture Foundation, in
partnership with the Museum of history & industry, is offering 90
minute tours followed by an informal chat session on every first
Thursday of the month from June to october, beginning at 6 p.m.
at architecture hall. Tickets ($10 Mohai members, $15 others) are
available at or by calling 1-800-838-3006.

in addition to guided tours, a free walking tour brochure about ayPe
and the UW campus is available from the UW visitor’s Center, the
suzzallo and allen Libraries, and University bookstore. The self-
guided tour follows a path that coincides with new campus signage
explaining the history and impact of the ayPe on the UW campus.

                                                                                                            neighborhood resources

June 22 – sept. 27, AYPE           July 12, Reenacting the New York    sept. 23, University of              husky athletics:
Centennial Photography Project,    to Seattle auto race of 1909,       Washington Club Centennial           city of seattle:
Architecture Hall, top floor.      54 Model T Fords will arrive at     Open House, featuring AYPE 
AYPE “rephotographs” by UW         Drumheller Fountain on the last     “Hoo-Hoo Club” photo exhibit,        transportation:
photography students. Open         leg of their journey from New       Colleen Rohrbaugh Room     
M–F, 9–5.                          York state. They will be joined     (downstairs) 9–4:30.                 seattle police:
                                   by electric cars from the UW and                               
                                   the City of Seattle. 10 a.m.                                             uw police:
                                                                                                            north of 45th committee:
                                                                                                            u-district chamber of commerce:
                                                                                                            university heights center:
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meet Your neighbor

Leonard garfield, director of the Museum of history & industry

Leonard garfield, director of the Museum of history & industry                                      garfield believes that civic literacy —
(Mohai), is more than an expert on northwest history; he is                                         understanding the community in which
also an expert on making history a tool for future generations.                                     you live — is the key to an engaged, well-
“We like people to think about history and what can be learned                                      informed citizenry. he notes that anyone
from it,” says garfield, who came to Mohai 10 years ago from 4                                      can explore the several thousand historic
Culture, the cultural services agency for King County.                                              images available online through, and
                                                                                                    he is proud of the fact that thousands of school children
Mohai’s ayPe exhibits, which will continue throughout 2009,
                                                                                                    a year visit Mohai for its state-certified program on local
support garfield’s goal of people learning from history.
                                                                                                    history, noting that he has “never turned away a class
actual fair artifacts, such as the Dubilier wireless telephone,
                                                                                                    because of lack of funds.”
continuous silent movie footage of the fair, or the gallery of
captioned photographs made from original glass negatives, help                                      in 2012, because of the planned widening of sr 520, Mohai
visitors view ayPe through 1909 eyes.                                                               will be moving from McCurdy Park in Montlake to the former
                                                                                                    naval reserve armory on south Lake Union.
although the fair was a showcase for new technology —
automobiles, baby incubators, even a salmon-butchering                                              “We are a hometown museum and will miss our neighbors,
machine — it also reflected the ignorance and prejudice of the                                      many of whom came here as children and are now returning
time, celebrating Washington’s ties to exotic foreign ports even                                    with their grandchildren.” but, he says, the new location will
as it exploited their native populations in “ethnic” exhibits.                                      be more central, and Mohai’s long history of working with
                                                                                                    the UW through internships and special Collections
                                                                                                    collaborations will not change.

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