First Lego League Competition 2003 by yurtgc548


									     First Lego League
     Competition 2004
Montgomery County Community College
Lansdale Catholic High School Robotics

            June 23, 2004
• FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of
  Science and Technology) NPO based in New
• Inspire students to think of careers in science and
• Dean Kamen – Founder
   – President, DEKA Research and Development
   – Inventor of the “Ginger”
• Dr. Woody Flowers – National Advisor –
   – Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering
     – MIT
   – Created “King of the Hill” competition for MIT
  Lansdale Catholic High School
• Lansdale Catholic Cyber-Crusaders Team 272
• 8 years involvement
• Many awards most recently including…
   – 2002 Philadelphia Regional
       • Regional Champion, Motorola Quality Award
   – 2003 Philadelphia Regional
       • Regional Finalist
   – 2004 Pittsburgh Regional
       • Chairman’s Award, Imagery Award, Woody Flowers Award
   – 2004 Philadelphia Regional
       • Number One Seed, General Motors Industrial Design Award
           LC Cyber Crusaders
• Sharon Williams (215-362-6160)
   – Faculty Advisor (Science Department Chair)
• Frank Larkin (215-519-7273)
   – Project Coordinator / Engineer
• Maureen Weiss (215-368-5144)
   – Administration (Keeps us on track and organized)
• Great support from LC administration, many
  additional Parents, Engineers and Alumni
• 30 – 40 Students each year in various roles
  including Engineering, Marketing, Imagery,
  Animation, Additional Resources, etc…
                     Team Funding
• Competition costs for 2005 season
   –   $6,000 for “kit of parts” and first regional competition
   –   $4,000 for each additional regional and / or national competition.
   –   $1,000 for additional materials for actual robot
   –   Additional expenses for travel, hotels etc. for competitions
• Primary sponsors
   –   Visteon Automotive Systems (7 years)
   –   United Auto Workers (3 years)
   –   Montgomery County Community College
   –   Additional individuals and companies
• Fundraisers
   – Super Bowl Sunday hoagie sale, school dances, coupon books, etc.
   – FIRST Lego League Competition (FLL)
  First Lego League Competition
• FLL Competition for Middle School students
   – Students build a robot from a “kit of parts” (Lego Mindstorms) to
     compete against others to solve “real world” challenges.
   – Teams start in late September, meet on their own schedule and
     have between 6-9 weeks to prepare for competition.
   – Grades 4-9; small groups of 4–8 kids per group + 2 coaches
   – Diverse sponsorships including Schools, Parishes (CYO), Scouts,
     Explorers, Neighborhoods, Home School Groups, etc.
• Lansdale High School Competition
   – Started as part of FLL pilot year in 1998
   – Local competition began as a fundraiser for Cyber Crusader HS
     team, to promote Lansdale Catholic and FIRST.
   – Continues to provide a catalyst for FIRST in this area.
   – Has grown from 6 teams in 1998 to 48 teams last year with a
     waiting list of 5 teams.
   – We have found it best to run the competition as a “tune up” for
     State competitions on the weekend before Thanksgiving.
       FLL Competition Overview
• Pennsylvania is a hotbed for FIRST robotics
   – Many FRC High School and FLL teams in area
   – FIRST holds 3 FLL state competitions in PA, 2 in this area, Upper
     Darby and Pottsville. Also a late meet (Jan.) at the Franklin
• Our Competition
   – At LC we were limited to 30 teams because of space
   – Teams from New York, New Jersey; Delaware, Virginia,
     Maryland and Pennsylvania.
   – Some traveled over 3 hours, one way to participate.
   – MCCC space can easily accommodate 48 teams
• Competition Brief Schedule
   –   Teams arrive at 8 am
   –   Practice Rounds, Presentations and Judging in Morning
   –   Actual Competition starts around 12:30 pm
   –   All teams get complete schedule and syllabus before they arrive
FIRST / MCCC / LC Partnership
• Current Status
   – MCCC and Lansdale Catholic Robotics partnered last year to
     provide one of the best FLL competitions in the area
   – Brings name recognition for all FLL teams
   – No other contribution can be expected for FIRST.
• Lansdale Catholic Robotics
   – LC is know for its expertise in running this competition
   – LC will staff competition including team guides and helpers, adult
     judges, referees, gate attendants, team check-in, food concession,
     score keepers, playing field setup and teardown, announcers, and
   – Together we have 6 dual playing fields including regulation
     lighting, 3 legacy fields from LC and 3 new ones built last year by
     LC Robotics with money provided by MCCC.
   – LC benefits by monies from gate, raffle and concession stand.
FIRST / MCCC / LC Partnership
• Montgomery County Community College
   – MCCC leader in community has facilities and name recognition
   – Many Universities are already involved: Drexel University, Virginia
     Commonwealth University, US Naval Academy, MIT
   – Desire to showcase College to future students and their parents
• Primary Responsibilities
   –   Athletic field house including both gyms and several classrooms
   –   Parking Lot
   –   Power
   –   Both gym audio systems
   –   Tables, chairs and bleachers as needed
• Opportunities
   – MCCC can showcase their facilities to our judges who come from
     local engineering firms like Lockheed Martin, Merck and others.
   – MCCC’s name recognition can attract “celebrity” guest appearances
   – Schedule can be arranged to allow teams and parents to tour science
     and technology facilities and college.
          Competition Details
• Competition Gym
  – For best results and rapid competition flow 6 dual
    playing fields are required. These will be evenly spaced
    throughout gym. 12 teams compete per round
  – Audio system for announcers and music.
  – Power for each field for lights. (4 - 40 watt florescent
    bulbs) (installed last year by MCCC)
                      Competition Details
    • “Pits” Gym (no bleachers)
         – Set up for 48 teams, 1 table per team, 6 chairs per table
         – Audio system for queuing teams and making
           competition announcements.
         – Power for each team to power a PC that is supplied by
           each team to program their robot.

Note: Scaled Visio
drawings will be
supplied again this
          Competition Details
• 4 Judging Rooms
  – Used to judge each team’s robot and program in various
  – A playing field will be set up in each room for teams to
    show their stuff to judges.
  – Teams will be scheduled to visit judges in the morning.
• 2 Presentation Rooms
  – Teams have option to give a 5 minute presentation
    related to this year’s challenge.
  – Presentation room will have 2-3 judges
  – Room for additional people to stand and watch will be
                Open Items
• Concession
  – LC will operate a concession stand in the Pits.
    This was well received last year.
  – LC may need to set up grills outside.
• Giveaways
  – At competition LC will prepare a “Fun Facts”
    questionnaire to give to all kids attending
    competition to present additional knowledge of
    topic in a fun way.
  – Possible MCCC giveaway opportunity.
                Open Items
• Competition Date
  – November 20th 2004, Saturday before
  – We will need the day before to set up
• Advertising and Promotion
  – Lansdale Catholic High School Robotics name
    must be used in all advertising. This will help
    teams associate this competition with the
    positive experience they have had in the past.
  – Lansdale Catholic High School will need to be
    consulted on all advertising that uses LC’s

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