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									Oneida Ltd.

Oneida Ltd.                                                                    Key Employees
                                                                               Name                       Job Title
Fast Facts
                                                                                                          Chief Financial Officer,
                                      163-181 Kenwood Avenue, Oneida, 13421,   Andrew G. Church
Headquarters Address                                                                                      Chief Operating Officer
                                      United States of America
                                                                               Andrew Herenstein          Director
Telephone                             + 315 361 3000
                                                                                                          Senior Vice President -
                                                                               Bill Grannis
Fax                                   + 315 361 3700                                                      Global Procurement
                                                                                                          Senior Vice President,
Website                               N/A                                      Catherine H. Suttmeier     General Counsel,
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange         N/A                                      Diane Price Baker          Director

Number of Employees                   450                                      Edward W. Rabin            Director

Fiscal Year End                       December                                 Eric S. Salus              Director

Revenue (in US$ million)              N/A                                      Gerald Madigan             Director

                                                                               Hugh R. Rovit              Director
                                                                                                          Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                               James E. Joseph
SWOT Analysis
                                                                               Company Overview
Strengths                             Weaknesses

Wide business operations              Closure of owned outlets                 Oneida Ltd (Oneida) is involved in the sale of
                                                                               foodservice equipment in the US and
                                                                               internationally. The company principally caters
                                                                               to the foodservice and consumer industries
                                                                               globally. It provides a wide range of products
Opportunities                         Threats                                  including flatware, dinnerware, drink-ware and
Improving industry expectations for                                            kitchenware. In foodservice industry, the
                                      Economic conditions                      company sells its products to hotels, restaurants
                                                                               and other similar establishments. Key brands of
Strategic growth initiatives          Intense competition                      the company include Oneida, Wedgwood,
                                                                               Spiegelau,      Schonwald,     Walther      Glas,
                                                                               Sant’Andrea, Noritake and Buffalo. Apart from
                                                                               the US, the company has presence in the UK,
                                                                               Mexico, Canada and China and operates
                                                                               distribution network in more than 75 countries
                                                                               worldwide. The company is headquartered in
                                                                               Oneida, New York, the US.

                                                                               Key Competitors
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