; Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis
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Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis


Canadean's "Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd: Company Profile and SWOT Analysis" contains in depth information and data about the company and its operations. The profile contains a company overview, business description, SWOT analysis, key facts, information on products and services, details of locations and subsidiaries, plus information on key news events affecting the company.

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									Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.

Advanced Enzyme Technologies                                                     Key Employees
                                                                                 Name                        Job Title

                                                                                 Beni Prrasad Rauka          Chief Financial Officer
Fast Facts
                                        A Wing, Sun Magnetica, Thane (W), 400    C. L. Rathi                 Managing Director
Headquarters Address
                                        604 , India

Telephone                                + 91 22 41703200                        Dipak Roda                  General Manager
                                                                                                             General Manager -
Fax                                      + 91 22 25835159                        Dr. Anil Kumar Gupta
                                                                                                             Research & Development

Website                                 www.enzymeindia.com                      Mukund Kabra                Director

Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange           N/A                                      Piyush Rathi                General Manager

Number of Employees                     400                                      V. L. Rathi                 Chairman

Fiscal Year End                         March
                                                                                 Company Overview
Revenue (in US$ million)                25.92

                                                                                 Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. (AETL) is
Revenue (in INR million)                1,190.66
                                                                                 a biotechnology company, based in India. The
                                                                                 company produces a broad range of enzymes
                                                                                 from four natural origins: plant, vegetable, fungi
                                                                                 and bacteria. AETL offers its enzymes to
                                                                                 number of industries including human health
SWOT Analysis                                                                    care, animal health care, food processing,
                                                                                 industrial processing and bio fuel industry
Strengths                               Weaknesses                               among others. Additionally, it manufactures
                                                                                 probiotics such as Bacillus coagulans and
                                        Over-dependence on the domestic          Saccharomyces       boulardii.    The    company
Awards and recognitions
                                        market                                   operates through five manufacturing facilities,
                                                                                 three of which, are located in Maharashtra, one
Broad product portfolio                                                          in Gujarat and one in Madhya Pradesh. The
                                                                                 company      is   headquartered       in   Thane,
Certifications                                                                   Maharashtra, India.

Strengthening operational performance
                                                                                 Key Competitors
Opportunities                           Threats                                  Aum Enzymes

Improvement in fluid milk production in                                          Danisco A/S (Ticker: DCO)
                                        Consolidation with the industry

Increase in healthcare spending         Shortage of skilled personnel in India   KAYPEEYES BIOTECH (P) LTD.

Increase in pet industry spending in the                                         Novozymes A/S (Ticker: NZYM B)
                                         Stringent regulations
                                                                                 Unique Biotech Limited.


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Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.


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