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									Kraze International Incorporated

Kraze International Incorporated                                                 Key Employees
                                                                                 Name                        Job Title
Fast Facts
                                       Kraze Building 997-5 , Guri-si, , South   Byung-sik Min               Chief Executive Officer
Headquarters Address
                                                                                                             Managing Director -
                                                                                 Josh Kim
Telephone                               + 82 3 1554 4021                                                     International Division
                                                                                 Jung, Ji Bum                Manager - Japan
Fax                                     + 82 3 1554 4020

                                                                                 Kim, Kyung Min              Head - Overseas Business
Website                                N/A

                                                                                 Naomi Min                   Researcher
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange          N/A

                                                                                 Tiffany Lee                 Manager
Number of Employees                    1,000

Fiscal Year End                        December
                                                                                 Company Overview
Revenue (in US$ million)               N/A
                                                                                 Kraze     International  Incorporated   (Kraze)
                                                                                 founded in 1998 is a quick service restaurant
                                                                                 group based in South Korea. It operates and
                                                                                 franchises over 100 restaurants in South Korea,
SWOT Analysis                                                                    Singapore, Macau and Hong Kong under Kraze
                                                                                 Burger brand. These restaurants are open for
                                                                                 business during 365 days an year and also offer
Strengths                              Weaknesses
                                                                                 dine-in or carry out services. The company’s
                                                                                 menu features a rich assortment of burgers,
Strong brand image                     Geographic concentration                  French fries, sandwiches, pastas, rice, side
                                                                                 dishes, beer and soft drinks among others. In
Strong presence in Korea                                                         2011, the company plans to expand operations
                                                                                 in the US, Canada, Australia and Taiwan. Kraze
Opportunities                          Threats                                   International Incorporated is headquartered in
                                                                                 Guri-si, South Korea.
Future expansion plans                 Fluctuating raw material prices

Growing consumer preference for quick
                                                                                 Key Competitors
                                      Rising Inflation
service restaurants
                                                                                 Burger King Korea Ltd
                                       Rising manpower cost
                                                                                 Lotteria Co., Ltd.

                                                                                 McKim Company Ltd.

                                                                                 Smashburger South Korea

                                                                                 Subway International B.V.


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Kraze International Incorporated


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