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					Groupe Flo SA

Groupe Flo SA                                                           Key Employees
                                                                        Name                          Job Title
Fast Facts
                                   Tour Manhattan, La Défense Cedex ,   Antoine Flamarion             Director
Headquarters Address
                                   92005, France
                                                                        Arnaud Louet                  Finance Director
Telephone                          + 33 1 41923000
                                                                                                      Chief Executive Officer,
                                                                        Dominique Giraudier
Fax                                + 33 1 41923009                                                    Director
                                                                                                      Managing Director Theme
                                                                        Eric Vincent
Website                            N/A                                                                Restaurants
                                                                        Gilles Samyn                  Chairman
Ticker Symbol, Stock Exchange      FLO (Euronext Paris)

                                                                        Jean-Marc Espalioux           Director
Number of Employees                6,000

                                                                        Luc Bertrand                  Director
Fiscal Year End                    December

                                                                        Mathieu Chabran               Director
Revenue (in US$ million)           505.07
                                                                        Maximilien     de   Limburg
Revenue (in EUR million)           378.80                               Stirum
                                                                        Pascal Malbequi               Director

                                                                        Company Overview
SWOT Analysis
                                                                        Groupe Flo SA (Groupe Flo) is a commercial
Strengths                          Weaknesses                           restaurant chain operator based in France. It
                                                                        was established in the year 1968 following the
Financial growth                   Sluggish growth rate                 acquisition of Brasserie Flo Jean-Paul Bucher.
                                                                        As of December 2010, the company owned and
Strong brand portfolio                                                  operated 296 restaurants of which 126 are
                                                                        franchised and the remaining 170 are company-
Strong focus towards franchisee                                         owned serving more than 25.0 million customers
business                                                                every year. The company principally operates
                                                                        through six brands: Hippopotamus, Tablapizza,
Opportunities                      Threats
                                                                        Bistro Romain, FLO Brasseries, Taverne de
                                                                        Maitre    Kanter    and    Concessions    FLO.
Decreased VAT                      External and unforeseen risks        Geographically, the company operates in
                                                                        France, Spain, China, the UAE, Slovenia, the
New outlets opening drive growth   Fluctuating raw material prices      Netherlands, Algeria, Morocco, Cyprus and
                                                                        Russia. Groupe Flo is headquartered in Paris,

                                                                        Key Competitors
                                                                        Autogrill S.p.A. (Ticker: AGL)

                                                                        Buffalo Grill SA


                                                                        Flunch SAS

                                                                        Groupe Le Duff S.A.


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Groupe Flo SA


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