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									                                                     The Teleworker

                                            2006 Editorial Calendar
                     February              April              June              August            October            December
Issue Focus    Continuity of         Collaboration      Computer            Wi-Fi              Broadband           Storage
               Operations                               Security
                                     Mobility Month
  Mobility     Home Office – New     Enabling Virtual   Doctor's Office:    Pocket Office:     What's Under        Can you Hear
  Garage       Year’s Resolution:    Meetings:          Security to         Handheld,          your Hood?:         Me Now?:
                 Desktop or            Video            Immunize your       Always at your     The latest in       Mobile phone
                 Laptop                Conferencing     PC: A buyer’s       Desk: An in-       broadband           coverage
                 Wireless Network      Online           guide on            depth review of
                 Printer               Collaboration    computer security   the latest         Printer-friendly:   Storage
                 Internet                                                   handheld           A look at the       Devices – from
                 Connectivity                                               devices            latest printers     iPods to
                 Phone                                                                                             Servers
                 Communications                                             Wireless –

Tele-Vision:   Telework              Patent and         Profile Section:    Profile Section:   Profile             CIO Focus:
 Telework      Professional          Trademark Office   Federal Agency      Federal Agency     Section:            How do CIOs
Profiles and   Spotlight – General   Pilot Program      Profile             Profile            Federal             view the
Commentary     Services                                                                        Agency Profile      issues?
               Administration        Telework Beyond    CIO Focus: How      Telework
                                     the Metro:         do CIOs view the    Professional       Telework            Profile Section:
                                     USDA, Rural        issues?             Spotlight          Professional        Federal Agency
                                     Development,                                              Spotlight           Profile
                                     Michigan           Industry Profile    Industry Profile
                                                                                               Industry Profile    Industry Profile

                                     CIO Focus: How
                                     do CIOs view the

                                       Industry Profile

  Critical      COOP and Telework      Associations –     Associations –     In Touch: How
Connections     – Boost National       Not Just an        Not Just an        to talk across
                Security               Acronym:           Acronym:           the "cube" –
                                       Organizations      Organizations      remote
                                       supporting         supporting         collaboration
                                       Federal telework   Federal telework   strategies
                                                          – Part 2
 PC Pilates                                                                                   Increasing
                                                                                              among Federal
Policy Corner   GAO Report             The                                   News from the    News from the   News from the
                Examines               Telecommuter                          Hill             Hill            Hill
                Methodologies          Tax Fairness Act
Survey Says       “COOP: A Wake                           Telework           Gridlock:                        OPM’s
                  Up Call” Study                          Exchange Fuel      Where’s the                      Telework
                  Results                                 and Telework       worst traffic?                   Report
                  “Federal Telework:                      Study
                  No Free Ride”
                                                          Progress Report
                                                          on GSA Telework
   Ask Dr.        State and Local      Collaboration      Laptop Wireless    SPAM – not       Using           Storage
  Telework        Teleworkers          Tools              Cards – access     just a canned    Technical       Devices – from
                  Viruses and                             points             ham              Support         iPods to
                  Spyware                                                                     Services        Servers

On Top of the   Congress:         Supporting the      Profile:         Mandates: Do    What Do       End of Year:
    Hill        Alleviating the   Telecommuter        Members who      Federal         Regulators    Was 2006
                Effects of High   Tax Fairness Act:   support          agencies        say About     better than
                Fuel Prices         Senator Chris     telework         care?           Telework      2005 for
                                    Dodd (D-CT)       initiatives                      Progress in   telework
                                    Representative                     Member          the Federal   initiatives?
                                    Christopher                        Profiles        Government
                                    Shays (R-CT)
 Big Picture                                          Managing the     How to Keep     Where is      Recruitment
                                                      distributed      your Remote     your Head?    and Retention
                                                      workforce –      Career in the   Management    – Generation
                                                      How are          Fast Lane       acceptance    Y – How to
                                                      Federal                          of telework   retain and
                                                      agency                                         recruit the
                                                      managers                                       best and the
                                                      managing their                                 brightest
                                                      workers                                        Tax: How to
                                                                                                     write off your
                                                                                                     home office


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