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									RE: Engagement letter for Business Tax Return Preparation

Dear Client,

        Thank you for choosing our office to assist you with your tax return reporting this year.
We are so excited for 2010 and the changes we have made in the firm to increase the quality of
your experience at Number Won. We look forward to working with you, planning to save you
taxes, help to build your wealth and cultivate a wonderful long lasting relationship for many years
to come.

        Specifically, you have requested that we assist you in preparing your business income tax
returns. In order to best serve you we will be requesting accurate information from your financial
records. Attached is a client information sheet with some of the details we will need.

         Please remember that Corporate Income Tax Returns (S-Corporations, C-
Corporations) are due on or before March 15, 2010. LLC/Partnership Returns are due on
or before April 15, 2010. An extension may be requested to file your business return(s). We will
charge $30 to prepare your extension, when your tax return is completed this amount will be
deducted from your final bill, if your return is filed by the extension due date. This extension
allows you to file your tax return up until September 15, 2010. Remember the extension is an
extension to file the return, but not an extension to pay any tax liability due. If any tax is due or
you think it may be due you must pay that amount to the IRS and any applicable state
taxing agency by the filing date. If payment is not made timely there will be penalties and
interest due for the non-payment.

         Once your financial information is received a staff accountant will be assigned to your
file throughout the completion of your tax return. Your return will then be reviewed by one of our
senior staff members for accuracy.

         Our basic rate for tax return preparation for your Business Tax Return starts at $600.
There will be an additional fee based on hourly rates for bookkeeping services and for the
preparation of additional schedules or other significant reporting if these services are
necessary. All charges for tax return preparation are due and payable prior to the release of the
return to the client or the filing of the return.

        We accept major credit cards for payment. If that is your choice for method of payment
please provide that information to us to be placed in your file. Please be assured that no
charges will be made to your credit card without your prior notification. If you choose not to
use a credit card we will require a $600 retainer prior to starting your tax return.

        When information is requested but not received within a reasonable amount of time
progress billings will be applied to your account.

    856 S. Sage Drive, Suite 3, Cedar City, Utah 84720 Toll Free: (877) 678-4646 Fax: (480) 346-4017

Business Engagement Letter
         Our work in connection with the preparation of your income tax returns does not include
any procedures to discover errors in information or other irregularities, should any exist. The
engagement does not include any services not specifically stated in this letter. We do offer
all of the accounting services of a full service CPA firm and would be pleased to provide you
with any of these services, including consultation, should you desire them. Additional charges
will be made for these services.

         You are responsible for the proper recording of financial activities, for the safeguarding
of assets, and for the substantial accuracy of your financial records. You should retain all
documents, canceled checks, and other data that form the basis of income and deductions. These
may be necessary to prove the accuracy and completeness of your returns to a taxing authority.
Therefore, please send us photo copies. Do not send originals. There will be additional charges
for making photo copies and for mailing back your originals.

          We will use our judgment in resolving questions where the tax law is unclear. Unless
otherwise instructed by you, we will resolve such questions in your favor whenever possible. The
law does provide various penalties that may be imposed when taxpayers understate their tax
liability. Please remember, you have the final responsibility for the information on your
income tax returns.

         There is always a possibility that your return may be selected for review by taxing
authorities. Any proposed adjustments by the examining agent are subject to certain rights of
appeal. In the event of such government tax examination, we will be available, upon request, to
represent you. There will be additional charges for the time and expenses incurred.

         All invoices are due and payable upon completion of the business tax return and all
major credit cards are accepted. It is agreed and acknowledged that any unpaid balance
pursuant to this Engagement Letter is subject to interest at the rate of Eighteen Percent (18%) per
annum, collection charges (which may be as much as 50%), court costs and reasonable attorney
fees. It is agreed and acknowledged that any returned or dishonored check will result in a $25.00
check charge, and shall be subject to the provisions contained in U.C.A. §7-15-1 and U.C.A.
§76-6-505. It is agreed and acknowledged that failure to make payment as provided by this
Engagement Letter constitutes a breach of this Engagement Letter and shall immediately be
entitled to all remedies available under the law. It is agreed and acknowledged that this shall be
governed by the laws of the State of Utah and that venue shall be Cedar City, Iron County.

        To formalize our relationship, we respectfully ask that you return both pages of the
signed copy of this letter. Thank you for your business.



Dustyn Johnson                             Client Signature: ___________________________
Chief Operating Officer
                                           Print Name: _______________________________

                                           Company Name: ___________________________

                                           Date: ____________________________________
    856 S. Sage Drive, Suite 3, Cedar City, Utah 84720 Toll Free: (877) 678-4646 Fax: (480) 346-4017

Business Engagement Letter
                             Client Information Form
Company Name: _________________________________________________________

Contact Name(s): _________________________________________________________

Physical Address: _________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________State: _________ Zip code: ______________

Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________State: _________ Zip code: ______________

Phone numbers: Home: _______________________ Cell: ________________________

Business: ____________________________ Fax: _______________________________

Email address: ___________________________________________________________

Business Start Date: __________ Type of Entity: ______________

Corporation #: _____________ Federal EIN: ________________

President: ________________________ DOB: ___________ SS #:______________ DL #:_____________

Vice President: ___________________ DOB: ____________ SS #:______________ DL #: ____________

Secretary: _______________________ DOB: ____________ SS #:_______________DL #: ____________

Treasurer: _______________________ DOB: ____________ SS #:_______________DL #: ___________

Additional information: ____________________________________________________




    856 S. Sage Drive, Suite 3, Cedar City, Utah 84720 Toll Free: (877) 678-4646 Fax: (480) 346-4017

Business Engagement Letter
             Client Credit Card Information Sheet

Client Name:_____________________________________________________________

Client Mailing Address: ____________________________________________________

City, State & Zip Code: ____________________________________________________

Contact Phone(s): _________________________________________________________

Type of Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express): ____________________

Name on Card (if different): ________________________________________________

Card Number: ____________________________________________________________

Card security Code: ________________
(found on back of card by signature line; last three or four digits)

Expiration Date: __________________________________________________________

Billing Address for Card (if different): ________________________________________

City, State & Zip Code: ____________________________________________________

If you choose not to use a credit card we will require a $600 retainer prior to starting your
tax return.

    856 S. Sage Drive, Suite 3, Cedar City, Utah 84720 Toll Free: (877) 678-4646 Fax: (480) 346-4017

Business Engagement Letter
            Checklist for Business Tax Information
    In order to prepare your 2009 business income tax return we will need the following

    1) Financial Statements (Income Statement and Balance Sheet) as of December 31,
        2009. These statements should tie to your beginning balances as of January 1,
        2009 and your last year’s tax return if one was filed. Also, all of your bank
        statements should be reconciled and your bank balances accurate as of December
        31, 2009. If you are unable to provide this information our accounting staff is
        willing and able to assist with this process. Please be aware, though, that there are
        additional charges incurred for these bookkeeping services.
    2) Any closing statements (HUD-1) for real estate and rental properties purchased
        during the year.
    3) Interest statements and mortgage balances for any loans as of December 31, 2009.
        Please include escrow account activity and balances.
    4) Beginning balance, interest rate, term and payment amount for any other loans
        your business has and the assets that are associated with them.
    5) Please note any changes in business address, business ownership, address changes
        on present owners and contact information.
    6) Property management statements regarding income and expenses in connection
        with your rental properties.
    7) Complete information on any assets purchased or sold during the year of 2009.
    8) If your business was formed prior to 2009 and we did not prepare your 2008
        business tax return(s) please provide a copy of the last two years returns.
    9) A signed engagement letter, a client information form and credit card information
        for billing purposes. We cannot begin processing your information until all of the
        information in item nine is received.
    10) If first year in business, please send copies of Operating Agreement. Disclosing
        owners and percentage of ownership.

       Please photo-copy all of the above referenced information and send us the
copies. Please do not send originals of any of this information to our office. Retain
those original documents in your files for safe-keeping in the event that questions
arise or additional information may be needed from them in the future.

       Just for information purposes, if you are using QuickBooks as your accounting
software program we would recommend that you create an accountants copy of the file
and e-mail or send a copy of that file with your records to our office. This may save
some potential questions we may have on the other information that you provide us.

Thank you for allowing us to assist you.

    856 S. Sage Drive, Suite 3, Cedar City, Utah 84720 Toll Free: (877) 678-4646 Fax: (480) 346-4017

Business Engagement Letter

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