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The iPad Reviewed


Get the latest product from IPAD2.3g, features a very complete and simple, excellent offerings from IPAD.

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Get the latest product from IPAD2.3g, features a very complete and simple, excellent offerings

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The iPad Reviewed

The iPad is a brilliant concept: a computer driven solely by your touch. Since the announcement of
the iPad on January 27, 2010, no device has generated so much hype. iPad rumors ranged from
running Mac OS X to having a built in camera. This article will provide facts and dispel rumors.
And with all the Internet Hype going on you sure will need to have the rumors dispelled and the
facts outlined.

The iPad has a 9.7 inch multitouch LED (backlit) display, a pixel resolution of 1024x768, an A4
processor, 16-64 GB of flash storage, 802.11n Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth 2.1. The iPad comes
in 2 flavors: a WIFI only version and a WIFI+3G version. The iPad weighs roughly 1.6 Lbs. Like its
predecessors it has an accelerometer and runs on iPhone OS (albeit a slightly modified version).
The iPad claims 10 hour battery life although the settings used to achieve that are not known.
There are several criticisms with these features. Why was iPhone OS was used instead of MAC
OS? Mac OS is not optimized for the multitouch display like the iPhone OS. Another criticism
concerns the A4 processor. The A4 processor contains the same graphics chip as the iPhone
3GS, yet its only 400 mhz higher. Will the A4 processor support the higher resolution without bugs
or crashes? The iPad is running on a 4:3 aspect ratio. This aspect ratio is great for reading books
and browsing the web, yet it will be problematic for watching movies -- the letter boxing would be
too big

The Criticisms. The Three big criticisms concerning the iPad are: its lack of flash, its lack of
multitasking and its lack of a camera. The lack of flash is officially explained by interfering with the
battery life of the device. Unofficially, there are several possible explanations. The first one
guesses that Apple wants to retain a strong control of its AppStore. Enabling flash will allow users
to get applications that are normally sold on the AppStore for free and thus undermining Apple's
profits (no longer the $99 developer fee). The second guess states that Apple wants to be the
herald of the new HTML 5 technology. Seeing the popularity of the iPad, developers will want to
jump on the HTML5 bandwagon to maximize profit. Although flash is predominant in the web
today, HTML5 will slowly eat away at Adobe's monopoly and nevertheless, there is nothing a good
jailbreak can't fix. The lack of Multitasking is also an issue. Multitasking is actually already present
in the iPhone OS 3.0, but it is only restricted to Apple's Apps. This is done for security reasons and
battery reasons. An Apple Insider has announced that Apple has already announced the solution
to the multitasking problem, perhaps the new "long tap" gesture will bring out a "task manger"--like
interface. Once again, nothing a jailbreak can't fix (backgrounder+Proswitcher for the iPhone).
Another concern for potential consumers is the lack of camera. One should expect things like this
from Apple - a camera is something they would be adding to the Generation 2 iPad to promote
sales. A camera shouldn't be the selling point, however for the consumers who absolutely need a
camera -- a 30pin attachment camera is rumored for the iPad
The Good. The iPad was never meant to be a netbook substitute. A netbook is a small buggy
device. The iPad provides a closed, fluid and stream lined experience. There are tablets that are
technologically superior to the iPad (HPSlate and Notion Ink's Adam). However these devices are
not optimized for the Mobile Platform. The HPSlate is running on Windows 7, an awkward choice
for a touch oriented device. Notion Ink's Adam is running on Android 2.0, however it is run on a
Pixel Qi screen (colored e-ink) -- not a good substitute for LCD. The iPad is a closed system, so
no annoying bugs and viruses (imagine a virus on a Tablet). The iPad comes with access to an
already populated AppStore. Whatever your interests are 140,000+ apps will surely suit your every
need. The iPad sacrifices some of its Technical Features to provide an experience that someone
as young as a child or not tech oriented as a senior can enjoy.

As of March 12th, the iPad could be preordered. Should you pre-order an iPad? I would advise
against it. Wait a few days after the iPad's Official release (April 3rd for USA and slightly later for
other countries) and watch a few videos to get the general feel of the device. Wait for all the hype
to settle and decide whether it is your type of a device. Which version should you buy? I would
recommend the 3G - there is nothing like having the Internet at your fingers, however if you plan to
use the iPad at home, the Wifi version should do just fine. The iPad is a revolutionary new device.
Don't be left behind

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Get the latest product from IPAD2.3g, features a very complete and simple, excellent offerings

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