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Five Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day is the perfect holiday to show the people in your life how much you care for them.
Whether it's through cards, flowers, chocolates, or another way, gifts on Valentine's Day are a
wonderful form of expression. Here are five excellent gift ideas you can use this Valentine's Day:

1. Everyone loves picture frames. Try something different this Valentine's Day by cutting a heart
shape into a CD. You can use any CD you like, whether it's a blank disc, or an old CD you just
never use any more. Place a picture of yourself or of you and your loved one together in the center
of the heart shaped CD, with the shiny side facing up. You have now created a beautiful
handmade gift that's simple, shiny, and something they will remember forever.

2. Girls love jewelry, so for the little girls in your life, try making a cute heart shaped Valentine's
Day themed necklace. You can find little bottles shaped like hearts with bubbles or perfume in
them, attached to a necklace at many craft stores. Apply your own heart to the center of the
pendant and write any phrase you like such as "sweet one" or "I love you". They look adorable and
have a nice custom touch when you create the heart label yourself.

3. Trinket and jewelry boxes are a Valentine's Day favorite. Spruce up an old tin by adding ribbon
and printed phrases. Glue the ribbon around the edge of the tin, and use scrapbook or printed
paper to apply to the top. Finish it off with some glitter and a pink ribbon, and you have a nice
customized box that she'll love to put her jewelry or other trinkets in.

4. Handmade jewelry is another sentimental Valentine's favorite. Make pins using candy molds
shaped like hearts and plaster of Paris. Mix the plaster well and pour it into the candy molds, and
insert a small pin. When it's dry, remove it from the mold and paint it. Apply a clear glaze or
glazing spray to give it a finished look and to protect the pin. You now have a beautiful home made
piece of jewelry that's straight from the heart.

5. One of the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts is something called "Daily Love." Simply cut out
small paper hearts using construction or sketch paper in different Valentine's Day colors. Then,
write something on each heart that tells the other person why or how much you love them. Put the
small hearts in a jar or a nice box, and your loved one can pull one out each day to be reminded of
just how much you truly love and care for them.

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