2009-03-26-CEPI-Steering-Committee-Minutes by huanghengdong


									                                        CEPI Steering Committee Meeting
                                                 Draft Minutes
                                                 March 26, 2009
                                          Waycobah Fisheries Building
                                                 Waycomah, NS
                                               10:00 am -- 4:00 pm

    Cheryl Bartlett (CBU)                                        Pat Bates (BSS)
    Irene Googoo (Waycobah elder)                                Bruce G. Hatcher (CBU)
    Tracy Googoo (Waycobah Fisheries)                            Shelley Porter (UINR - CEPI)
    Guy Rochon (EC)                                              Rene Lavoie (DFO Emeritus)
    Shelley Denny (UINR)                                         Jonathan Saul (MRWS)
    Yves Bosse (Parks Canada)                                    Teresa MacNeil (BLBRA)
    Cheryl Berube (UINR)                                         Annie Johnson (UINR)
    Elizabeth MacCormick (CBU)                                   Albert Marshall (UINR)
    Robert Livingstone (SRDWA)                                   Dave Moore (Membertou Geomatics)

    Regrets: David Harris (NS DNR), Dan Christmas (Membertou), John MacInnes (NS DFA), Kevin Squires
    Chair: Rene Lavoie
    Minutes: Cheryl Berube

1. Meeting Called to Order:

   Rene Lavoie called the meeting to order

2. Opening Prayer:

   Albert Marshall gave the opening prayer

3. Additions/Deletions to the Agenda

   Added – Science group workshop report to be done first thing after lunch.
   Moved – Communication task team report was moved up in the agenda to be before lunch.

4. Review & Approval of the Minutes

   3 corrections were made to the minutes – Added Albert Marshall to co-learning section, Guy Rochon and
    Rene Lavoie added to the list of regrets. Corrected the action item re: creating a youth group.
   One correction was made to the agenda.

5. Review of Meeting Action Items

    1)     Next month, Shelley Porter is looking at other partners to co-ordinate the issues about a youth group.
       Either to continue with the UINR youth group or work with UINR and the Mi’kmaq Legal Support
       Network to create a new group.
       ACTION: Shelley Porter to report on this item at the next meeting.
    2)     The material for the packages of information is ready. Shelley Porter just needs money for the items
           to be reprinted and distributed. Guy Rochon volunteered to do up some printing of the information.
3)      BIO as part of CONNECTIONS project has offered to provide 3 water level meters and will be
        located and maintained by BIO. CEPI will provide money and support with assistance through the
        university. Gary Bugden is the contact.
4)      The redrafting of the 2009-2010 budget was done and two versions were completed due to
    disagreements about the budget.
5)      The Senior council meeting was to be scheduled for a meeting in May
6)      The biosphere reserve letter was drafted and sent.
7)      Shelley Porter is still looking at the budget and the budget justification will be presented at the
    meeting later on in the agenda.
8)      Kim will schedule a meeting with Phil.
    ACTION: This item will be tabled until next meeting.
9)      The Terms of Reference issue will be tabled until the next meeting.
10)     Shelley Denny re: CEPI monitoring task team report. Training for collection of information in the
    Bras d’Or Lakes will be ON April 30th. Volunteers should provide their own YSI.
    ACTION: Rene to find a contact for Shelley Denny and her sampling at BIO.
    ACTION: Cheryl Bartlett to contact BEAHR about training for Aboriginal youth.
Fred has headed that monitoring task team.
    ACTION: Jim Richards to organize a meeting between UINR and CEPI to meet together
    concerning collaboration between UINR and CEPI
11)     Cheryl Bartlett will present about co-learning.
    ACTION: Allow more time for review of action items on the agenda.

6.  Financial Update and report of the Funding and Finance Task Team – Annie Johnson
   Annie Johnson Distributed the financial information to the committee.
   INAC requested funds back from UINR due to CEPI funds not being spent.
   2 budgets were drawn up. The first came out to be about $320,000.00. Jason reviewed and suggested that
    we should keep the budget to be the same as 2008-2009.
 There were some suggestions to save money: one was to hold meetings once every two months rather
    than monthly; also, to include open houses along with the elders’ meetings so instead of having 2 open
    houses and 2 elders’ meetings, we would have only 2 meetings which are both open house meetings and
    elders’ meetings.
 There was a suggestion made to search for sources of other funding.
ACTION: Financial funders to get together and try to get more in-kind support from the funding
task team.
 The co-ordinator position for the development of best management practices would be one where we try
    to share between CEPI and UINR,
ACTION: Cheryl Berube to find out about senior citizens moneys for elder advisors or for elders
within CEPI.
ACTION: Find alternate sources of funding for the CEPI process. Some suggestions were communities
and First Nations.

7. Science priorities planning workshop
    Jason Naug asked the committee to work on the Science Workshop. Eight people attended the
       meeting. It is proposed that the workshop be scheduled for April 28 – 29th .
8. Co-learning presentation – Albert Marshall and Cheryl Bartlett
    Albert presented his talk on two-eyed seeing. The topic for the next meeting will be Muin and
       the 7 bird hunters. The presentation is available in the form of a 25 minute DVD.

9. Middle River Watershed Society (MRWS) presentation -- John Saul
 John presented about the purpose and work of the Middle River Watershed Society.
ACTION: Send information package about CEPI to the MRWS (902-295-7155)

10. Mapping Product Report – Dave Moore, Membertou Geomatics
 Dave Moore presented the habitat threats and sedimentation mapping. The presentation will be placed on
    the website for UINR and CEPI.

11. Roundtable Discussion – All

     It was suggested that we implement the suggestions we made at the meeting and meet once every 2
      months rather than monthly
   ACTION: Schedule steering committee meeting for May 1st in Chapel Island.
    The biosphere reserve nomination document was sent including our letter of support. Teresa MacNeil
      thanked the committee for the letter. A vote will be called on April 6th regarding the biosphere
      document in Inverness county. There were 22 letters of support.
    Bruce: updated on Geoconnections. 4 representatives went to participate in 2 days of workshops
      about integrated management.
    Jean Labelle is the new Regional Director General for Natural Resources.
    Shelley spoke about the concerns with others about declaring the Bras d’Or a Marine Protected Area.
   ACTION: Shelley Porter to invite someone to speak about Marine Protected Areas and how they
   can help management planning and to ask Dave for the person’s name.
    River Denys Watershed Society applied for funding from Adopt-a-stream. The Glen Brook report
      will be ready in May.
    Elizabeth went to two workshops for Geomatics training for riparian and watershed assessment. Free
      software is available – ARC program and Google Atlas from ESRI Canada.

The next meeting is scheduled for May 1st, in Chapel Island.

12. Albert Marshall said the closing prayer.

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