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					                           FAQ: BG TIME Scholarship Competition
Bridging Generations through Technology, Information, Media & Engagement

Q:        Who should I interview?
A:        Any person over 50 who has a story to tell. A few examples are grandparents, community leaders,
          members of a local Shepherd’s Center or of your church…. the list is limitless. See the BG TIME

Q:        What should I ask about?
A:        Anything to get your subject talking. Here are some ideas, but you are certainly not limited to
          these – think outside the box: • What are some of the defining moments in your life? • What do
          you do to have fun? • What do you like to talk about to other people? • What is/are life-changing
          experiences you have gone through? • What are your hobbies? • What do you like to teach your
          grandchildren? • What makes you happy? • What makes you sad? • What frustrates you?

Q:        What kinds of media can I use?
A:        Among those you can use are
           audio
           slideshows
           video
           blog entries
           interactive graphics
           other forms of text
           social media

Q:        Do I have to be going to a South Carolina school to receive the scholarship?
A:        No. Scholarships will be in check form.

Q:        Where can I find examples of stories about and by senior citizens?
A:        BG TIME website:

Q:        What books might be of interest for me to read to see what others have done to get stories
          from and about senior citizens?
A:        Some suggestions:
     1.   Having our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years by Amy Hill Hearth
     2.   Listening is an Act of Love, edited by David Isay (StoryCorps Project – the largest oral history
          project in the nation's history –presents a tapestry of American stories, told by the people who
          lived them to the people they love.)
     3.   The Greatest Generation by journalist Tom Brokaw (Stories about the generation of people
          who grew up in the United States during the Great Depression and then went on to fight in World
          War II.)
     4.   We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of American Nurses Trapped on Bataan by the Japanese
          by Elizabeth Norman (Relates the stories of Army and Navy nurses who were caught during the
          bombing of Manila, Philippines by the Japanese and their establishment of a jungle hospital for
          the numerous casualties.)

Q:        Can an individual student win more than one scholarship?
A:        No, individual students may receive only one scholarship.

Q:        Can an individual teacher receive an award for more than one student?
A:        Yes, if a teacher has a student who places first and a student who places third, that teacher will
          receive $500.

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