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									                            LATE BREAKING BROKEN NEWS
                                                                                         FADE IN

Two reporters, Maggie-Lynne Winters and Chad Waller, sit behind a solid wood desk. A scenic
panoramic view of the city at night lies behind them. Smiles are plastered on their face like they
were surgically placed on them.

                                   MAGGIE (sounding professional)
                      Good evening staff and members of the
                      Huntington Beach Boys and Girls Club.
                      Welcome to Clubbin’TV’s news program,
                      CNN, Club News Nexus. Good evening
                      to you Chad.

                      And good evening to you Maggie. There
                      is much a buzz in our hive this week. Our
                      top story is the fires that swept across much
                      of Malibu on January 7th.

                      The fires, which are still being investigated,
                      have torn many lives apart. Family histories
                      have been lost and there are many, many
                      children and teens without personal belongings.

                      Trisha has such a warm heart. She
                      learned of the donations from an
                      email that was sent to her. But now,
                      in other news. Puppy love and hard,
                      stale, chalky candies shaped as
                      hearts will be all the rave.

                      I hope you are not talking about
                      Ground hog Day. Pawxatawnee
                      Phil has a wet nose, not fun to
                      snuggle with.
Off-screen an arrow with a heart for a tip flies into Chad. He professional attitude is replaced
by puppy dog eyes and sappiness.

                                      CHAD (sounding love struck)
                      Nope. I’m talking about Valentine’s
                      Day. Everyone’s either most loved
                      or lonely “Hallmark Holiday.” We’re
                      talking red roses and date movies and
                      mushy, gushy, squishy cards that say
                      “I choo, choo, choose you, and boxes of
                      chocolates with bite marks on each
                      chocolate and…

                                     MAGGIE (interrupting quickly)
                      Chad, please, back on topic. This is no
                      place to turn into a romantic. So, as you
                      were saying before your heart bled out.

                      Yes, as I was trying to say. We have the
                      Teen Valentine’s Day dance coming up.
                      the Delaware Branch, here in Huntington
                      Beach, will be hosting and Kingston will
                      be invited.

                      From what I understand, this dance will
                      be unlike any dance in the past. But how?

                      Simple. We are going to have a real, live
                      DJ spinning music, complete with scratching
                      and mashing up of current and past hits. I
                      can’t wait for the dance.

                      Think, a real DJ, amazing. I can do a radio
                      DJ impression,
                               MAGGIE (disc jockey voice)
                      HERE WE ARE, TOP OFF THE HOUR!!!
                      WAX ON STAX, THE TOP HITS OF THE
                      RITZ!!! WE GOT BUDDY HOLLY, WE GOT
                      ELVIS, WE GOT SUNNY AND CHER…

Maggie realizes that Chad is looking at her in shock. She blushes and goes silent. Chad
continues. A floating box depicting a heart with musical notes appears over Chad’s right

                                    CHAD (speaking slowly at first, then speeding up)
                      As I was saying… we will have a DJ. All
                      we know about the DJ is he’s called DJ
                      Mateo (pronounced Muh-tay-o). There will
                      also be a bounce house and a Valentine’s
                      photo booth, where you can get your
                      photo taken with a large, fat, baby Cupid.

Another arrow flies from off-screen. This time it hits Maggie. She bolts upright like static
electricity has shocked her suddenly.

                                    MAGGIE (sounding love struck)
                      Chad, I hope you’ll get your picture taken
                      with me. I’ve always wanted my picture
                      taken with you.

                      You have?

                                 MAGGIE (shyly)
                      Yeah… kinda… I got a, like you, know…

                                    CHAD (confused)
                      Maggie, are you OK? You look like a little

                                 MAGGIE (rushing her words)
                      I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU!!!

                                    CHAD (in a little bit of shock)
                      YOU DO?!?! Wow, Ummm, I don’t
                      know what to say…
                       Don’t say anything yet. What I’m trying
                       to ask is… will you go to the dance with

                       Y-y-yeah, I mean yes! I was going to
                       ask you, but I didn’t know if you
                       would go with me… I would love to
                       be your date…Cha-ching, he shoots,
                       he scores!!!
Chad and Maggie hold each other’s hands and look into each other’s eyes.

The camera pans to another desk to the right of Chad and Maggie, who are now off camera.
Another news reporter is sitting at the desk. It is the large, fat Cupid baby. A sheet of paper is
put in front of him.

                       Late breaking news: Head anchors
                       Chad and Maggie are going to the
                       dance together. My job is complete.
                       Please tune in next time when that
                       annoying green man, Lemmy the
                       Leprechaun tries to get his gold back.

Eros reaches under the desk and pulls out a pair of sunglasses. He puts them on.

                       This is Eros signing off. And that’s
                       the way the cake crumbles.

                                                                                       FADE OUT

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