Orton Gillingham Training Flyer by glimmerii


									                    Children’s Dyslexia Center ~ Valley of Columbus
                                                      tau Specialist
                      Offering Orton Gillingham Teacher Training
                                   IMSLEC accredited

                                         45 hours lecture:
                                         • Begins July 23,35,27,30,31; plus 5 Saturdays throughout the year
                                         • Professional reading and book reports
                                         • Ashland Graduate credit available

                                         100 hour supervised practicum:
                                         • Teach 2 children in our Dublin Clinic after school 2 days per week
                                         •   56 sessions throughout the academic year
                                         • Free training and tutoring
                                         • Cost underwritten by Scottish Rite Mason’s charitable outreach

                                         Intern under Master OG Trainers:
                                         • Experienced, qualified Advanced Level Master tutors on staff
                                         • AOGPE and ALTA certified trainers
                                         • Level 2 Dyslexia Specialist principle trainer
                                         • Energized, collaborative learning environment

                                         Located in our Dublin Clinic:
                                         • Well stocked facility
                                         • Large Professional Library
                                         • One on One tutoring rooms

                                         Learn how to successfully teach dyslexic
                                         and struggling readers:
                                         • Learn the appropriate strategies to successfully teach those children who
                                           struggle with Phonemic Awareness, Alphabetic Principle, Phonics,
                                           Fluency, Comprehension, and Vocabulary
                                         • Take your skills back to the classroom or resource room and impact your
                                           students and district with higher reading achievement
                                         • Be part of a positive alumni network for ongoing professional support
                                         !         VISIT OUR WEBSITE www.helpusread.org
                                         !         to view our syllabus
  Contact: Jean Colner Director
                                         !         and download application
!     columbus.learning.center@gmail.com
      614-799-1261                                Space is limited to most qualified applicants

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