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Spanish 2 by dfhdhdhdhjr


									      Spanish 2

Practice with adjectives of
   nationality and ser
• Explain the uses of ser using the acronym
Cuaderno pg 18
      El mes de los hispanos
• Septiembre y octubre es el mes de los
  hispanos o Hispanic Heritage Month.

• From September 15 to October 15 is when
  people recognize the contributions of
  Hispanic and Latino Americans to the U.S.
  and celebrate their heritage and culture.
• Hispanic Heritage Month begins on September 15,
  the anniversary of independence for five Latin
  American countries—Costa Rica, El Salvador,
  Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. In addition,
  Mexico declared its independence on September 16,
  and Chile on September 18.

The term Hispanic or Latino, as defined by the U.S.
  Census Bureau, refers to Puerto Rican, South or
  Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin
  regardless of race. On the 2010 Census form, people
  of Spanish/Hispanic/Latino origin could identify
  themselves as Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano,
  Puerto Rican, Cuban, or "another Hispanic, Latino, or
  Spanish origin."
              El proyecto
• You will make a profile of a Hispanic
  person and present it to the class next
• Choose a Hispanic person and bring their
  name to class with the following
  information on Tuesday!
   You must include in their profile
     using complete sentences:
• 1. Name:
• 2. Age:
• 3. Home and nationality: (include where their
  parent’s are originally from)
• 4. Languages:
• 5. What they are like: 3 appearance adjectives
  and 3 for personality
• 6. Interests: 3 things they like to do
• 7. What they do: job
• You must use a 14 in. by 22 in poster
  board and display it vertically.
• You need to write the profile info on it
• Have at least 1 good photo of the person.
• You will present this to the class in
• You cannot READ the whole time, you
  must make eye contact.
       La semana que viene
• We will present miércoles
• Have poster ready but don’t write on it until
  after Tuesday
• We will work on your script together in
  class on Tuesday.
• You must have the info in English for us to
  work with, however!
• Bring this info! It is a part if the project

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