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									Benefits of Proactive Network Monitoring
Today the computer consultants are ready to monitor and maintain their client's network
proactively but it is not an easy task. Many times the providers may skip to monitor it proactively
if they charge according to hours. It is very important to maintain the network in order to extract
the most of the network.

Proactive network monitoring enhances the productivity of the client's business and also takes
the reliability of the system up to a good level of performance. With this the business can save a
lot of IT support costs. The basic and healthy maintenance plan should be comprised of the
below points:-

I. Event log monitoring
II. Internet bases reporting and inventory collection
III. Monitoring of all the backup, on-site and off-site
IV. Monitoring of the firewalls
V. Application services monitoring
VI. There should be a perfect remote support covering all the events and other issues.

The process of monitoring has a 24x7 platform and a hosted software is configured for this. It
executes the tasks related to inform the client via emails and sms alerts if there any event or issue
happens. There are different types of network monitoring utilities that can be used according to
the requirements and offer many benefits to the clients.

Enhanced Productivity - We get the signs of any problem that is going to happen and it may
become serious. So event logs should be checked for the unmonitored server. Many times the
antivirus system remained left to update. There should be a danger of failing of the hard drive
without any alert. Proactive monitoring services make your business strong to overcome the
unanticipated situations. With this you can easily examine the business reports related to the non-
functional devices and also for applications.

Expanded Reliability - Proactive monitoring makes the provider reliable towards the client. If all
the issues are tracked proactively before they can harm the business of the client, it develops a
satisfaction and a feeling of security. The service provider will get negligible complaints against
their machines because they are already monitored and maintained by the provider and the period
of your service increases.

Money Savings - The services on hourly based support are generally unstable. But the proactive
solution can be a cost-effective one for the business owners. The IT support providers offer the
affordable solutions for small business owners as well as for the medium sized business owners.
To take a monthly package can be a good decision.

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