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									Benefits Of PC Based Video Conferences
With the evolution of the personal computer, there are technologies available that a couple
hundred years ago people would never have dreamed possible. One such technology is holding a
video conference through the PC and internet. This technology has perks and benefits galore.
Many people and businesses utilize this technology every day.

PC video conferencing saves time. By all the participants being able to stay in their own location,
it ensures the meeting can start promptly. It also ensures that the participants are more likely to
attend, as there are no traffic backups or other mishaps.

Video conferencing saves money for all the participants. There are video conferencing websites
available who host these meetings. They are generally fairly inexpensive, costing at most a
couple hundred dollars a month for unlimited use. The participants save money on transportation
costs and formal attire. Businesses save money on refreshments or lunches. Also if a meeting
place has to be rented, a video conference call on the personal computer saves that expense as

More people can attend a video conference than a traditional meeting. Because a video
conference has no space restrictions, there is virtually an unlimited amount of people that can
attend a conference over the internet. People who otherwise may not be able to attend the
meeting would now be able to making transmitting information more efficient.

Video conferencing equipment is easy to set up and use. Most equipment can be set up within a
few minutes. Many different types of items, such as web cameras and microphones, are
available. Because they are all compatible with most video conferencing websites, the best fit for
each individual can be chosen.

Meetings are held in "real time." All participants will meet at the same designated time, allowing
the meeting to be held at one time and then be over. There is no delay while other recipients
receive the information.

Video conferencing tend to make businesses more productive. By cutting down on travel time, a
meeting can be held when all participants are ready. Once the meeting is over, the participants
can continue other tasks as necessary without having to travel to a different location. Many
businesses find this a useful tool in increasing productivity with employees.

While most times personal computer video conferencing is thought of in terms of businesses, it
can also be useful for family and friends. When individuals are separated by miles and they have
an activity that needs to be planned or just want to get together and hang out, virtually meeting
may be a great way for them to do it.

PC video conferencing has a plethora of benefits to both individuals and businesses alike. From
saving time and money to increasing productivity, this relatively new technology has assisted
many in their pursuits. Video conferencing is sure to become more popular in the coming years
as this new way of meeting catches on in popularity and more people discover its vast benefits.

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