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									Bandwidth Monitor - Features
Bandwidth Monitor - What to expect?

The previous article dealt with the need for a bandwidth monitor. This article will deal with the
basic functions of a 'bandwidth monitor' tool.

Traffic analysis

It is important to be aware of the traffic patterns in a network in order to monitor bandwidth
usage. Generating highly granular and accurate traffic reports is the primary function of a
'bandwidth monitor'. It is recommended to allow options to export the traffic reports into other
forms like PDF or CSV for ease of record maintenance. Setting up periodic emailing of reports
gives the 'bandwidth monitor' and edge over the rest of the lot. An alerting mechanism for
threshold violation is even more value for money.

Trend analysis

A 'bandwidth monitor' with a futuristic approach will allow trend analysis. The result of the trend
analysis will help provisioning enough resources and bandwidth for future use depending on how
the network grows. The bandwidth usage is studied over a period of time and this historical
information helps a great deal in capacity planning.

Web based

A web based tool has many advantages over a tool that uses hardware probes. The possibilities
of accessing bandwidth related information from anywhere through a web browser offers
immense ease of use for the administrator to monitor the network.

Platform independence

The bandwidth monitor should be platform independent. Deploying the same tool on different
platforms is a lot easier than juggling with multiple tools for multiple platforms. This flexibility
of operation could offer a competitive edge over other products in the market.

Network security

Last but not the least, network security is a very important aspect. A network is vulnerable to a
wide range of attacks like zero day attacks, denial of service attacks, virus attacks etc. The
bandwidth monitor should have features that shield the network from such attacks and raise
alarms when these attacks are sensed.

With network landscape changing at a very rapid rate, there are bigger constraints on it. Modern
day tools meant for bandwidth monitoring perform a lot more functions apart from the core
functions, This has led to a war between the providers of these tools in the market. Nevertheless,
the war has a positive side to it. To sustain themselves, every vendor tries to offer maximum
value to the product. This has led to the increase in overall quality of the tools that monitor
bandwidth in the network. A lot of allied parameters can also be constantly monitored with the
available tools. To choose the best tool that suits the network is in the hands of the network
Administrator. The guidelines mentioned above could be helpful in choosing the one tool that
your network needs.

Sai Sundhar Padmanabhan is a Marketing Analyst for ManageEngine's Netflow ANalyzer which
predominantly does bandwidth monitoring. Besides merely generating bandwidth profiles, it
could also be used to a lot of other purposes like monitoring Cisco's Class Bases Quality of
Service(CBQoS) policies. Service providers could use it for Billing purposes as well. More
information is available in the Netflow Analyzer website.

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