Don't Get Caught Anti-Piracy Fact Sheet_2010 by huanghengdong


									Bob thought selling refurbished
PCs loaded with illegal software
would slip through the net...

  BoB is wrong!
  the net is Closing in
Don’t get Caught in the net
Getting caught like Bob, hurts your pocket, damages your
reputation and puts your company’s future revenue under
threat. Just ask these guys...

                                       MoRely CoMPuteRs
                                                      Leeds, UK

                                      CC CoMPuteR RePaiRs
                                                     Bristol, UK

                                         CoMPuteR Resale
                                                   Chesterfield, UK

                  MaRsh CoMPuteRs high teCh tRaDing ltD
                                                      Kent, UK

                                   sMithDown CoMPuteRs
                                                    Liverpool, UK

                                 snowDon CoMPuteRs ltD
                                                    Online Trader

                                 Fizz tiMe aka eleCtRiCBuy
                                                    Online Trader

to avoid joining this list, make sure you only use genuine Microsoft®
software, and join one of the Microsoft Refurbisher Programs.

It is estimated that 35 million PCs * are                    counterfeit software remains a serious
refurbished and resold with software each                    and growing problem in the PC
year. Microsoft takes the manufacture                        refurbishment market.
and sale of counterfeit software on
refurbished PC’s very seriously. We work                     if you are refurbishing PCs and
hard to educate our customers and                            providing Microsoft software, make
partners about the risks of counterfeit                      sure you only use genuine Microsoft
and how to tell if the Microsoft software                    software, and use one of the
they purchased is genuine. Unfortunately,                    Microsoft Refurbisher Programs.

* Gartner, Secondary PC Market Study, April 2008

                                                   Bob’s wrong!
                                                   the net is Closing in
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