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									How to make money on Twitter

You have to admit, almost everyone is joining a social networking site. Not only that they can
use it to maintain contact with friends and relatives; they can also use it to record special
memories of their past. A great thing about these sites is that you can even make money by using
them. Sounds good, huh? “How to make money on Twitter”, you ask? It is really pretty simple.
Just register and fix your profile and you‟re off!

Of All Social Networking Sites Available; Why Twitter?

The answer is pretty simple; mainly because Twitter is known to be a micro-blogging platform
and is very interactive. There is no limit on what you can say or post on Twitter so you can use it
to promote anything that you want. You can post links of your website or blogs, post some tiny
tidbits of press releases in connection with the information that you have in your site, you can
promote any kinds of product and services and answer any questions that your followers might
have at once. Another good thing about Twitter is that whenever you have any change of plan or
last minute changes for any product presentation that you are having, you can post it there and
you can be sure that your followers would get the message right away.

How to make money on Twitter

How To Make Money On Twitter:
If there are a lot of people following you on Twitter, then you can make use of direct
advertisements. You can recommend any product or service that your advertisers offer. In effect,
you are endorsing those services and products to your followers and can also promote any new
product and service to them. You can answer any questions that they may have in behalf of your
advertisers. Also, you can embed any affiliate links in your tweet or if you have your own
products and services to offer, you can sell them directly thru your sales page. You can offer and
receive suggestions from your followers as well.

Another step on how to make money on Twitter is by doing paid reviews. You can use Twitter
also for reviewing any products and services that are available. The advertisers of those products
and services would then pay you for your reviews.

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How to make money on Twitter
You can even give a kind of a testimonial about a person‟s skills. You can get paid also for that
kind of service. You can even promote other people‟s Twitter account as well. In connection to
that, if you have many followers, advertisers can use you to endorse or run a contest so that
people would get interested in whatever they are offering.

These are just some of the ideas on how to make money on Twitter. There are still a lot of ideas
to be discovered and all it takes is a little experimentation and you can be sure that you will earn
lots of money in the long run.
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How to make money on Twitter

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