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					Good Recipes at the Heart of MyDish Ltd

On the 26th of January 2012 Carol Savage, MD and founder of the social
network MyDish, will be at the LAR Consultancy‟s Kol Chai Business Club
discussing the challenges of growing an online business in an ever-
changing and increasingly competitive market.

London, UK, January 24, 2012 --, a UK based social network
for recipe lovers, was founded in 2007 after Carol Savage saw the
unfulfilled need for a website allowing users to search, store and share
their favourite recipes.

Carol Savage says;
“I decided to build MyDish after my husband‟s mother died and he returned
with a caseful of her belongings, including two scraps of paper with her
favourite recipes on. I wished I too could have kept precious recipes
from loved ones and it was then I started to realise a platform where
people can share and store such precious recipes was not only needed but
important too.”

Often described by members as the „Facebook for foodies‟ the MyDish
platform has grown from strength to strength since its inception and has
developed considerably in status, popularity and size under Carol‟s

Winning investment from Deborah Meaden on the BBC show Dragon‟s Den in
2009, Carol has also helped secure MyDish not only massive publicity but
also a healthy amount of investment that will help secure the future of
this unique and innovative platform as it continues to build on its USP.

Carol comments;
“What singles MyDish out as being completely different to other recipe
websites is that our site contains many unique recipes that have been
uploaded by all levels of chef and food enthusiast. For example,
university trainee chefs – the Jamie Olivers, Gordon Ramsays and Heston
Blumenthals of tomorrow – are all adding their recipes for free for you
to try your hand at and comment on.”

Now in its 5th year MyDish is home to over 12,000 recipes, --45,000
members and gets thousands of visits per day from all over the world and
although the growth has been good the journey has been far from straight
forward with many a lesson being learnt along the way. Some of the
important lessons and steps Carol has learnt are as follows:

Build a taxonomy / SEO should be a priority from day one
Throw away proof of concept and start again
Creative marketing - Build partnership relationships
Try (& measure) things – be prepared to admit defeat
personalised books didn‟t work
Develop a clear focus with incremental goals (What key metrics and what
levers best impact)
Quality control of content is absolutely paramount
keep costs tight & plan for contingencies – goals can take longer to
reach than planned
Carol will be elaborating on these steps and much, much more on the 26th
of January to help business owners and managers get it right for their
online business.

Those interested in hearing more about good recipes,, the
challenges of working with a business online, and of course the truth
behind the Dragons Den pitch, can see Carol at 7:45pm on the 26th of
January 2012. The venue is yet to be decided but further event
information can be found at tickets will cost

About MyDish:
The MyDish site is a popular recipe and cooking social network. Home to
thousands of recipes and an active community it is often described as
"Facebook for foodies"

St Martin's Courtyard, 17 Slingsby Place
London WC2E 9AB

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