Global Benefits From the Phaseout of Leaded Fuel by ProQuest


The study described in this article assessed the global benefits from the phaseout of leaded fuel. The authors extended previous estimates to the global level and incorporated the latest scientific and economic research on societal effects. Starting with detailed studies in the U.S., the authors argue that extrapolation based on the ratio of U.S. gross domestic product (GDP) to world GDP is the most accurate method at this time. Their overall best estimate is a global benefit of $2.45 trillion/year, within a range of $2.05-$2.83 trillion. Environmental health professionals increasingly face the task of justifying policies on the basis of economic benefits. Without more detailed morbidity and mortality data, the authors' extrapolation here represents the best estimate of global benefits from leaded fuel phaseout. Their estimate adds to the justification of current programs and may help support future international efforts. The authors also comment on how these techniques may be extended to state and local levels. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT]

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