“Over the summer of 2009 Sprout by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                                                          ROBERT E. BRYAN FELLOWSHIP

                                            Project Sprout
                                         P          roject Sprout is a gar-
                                                    den-based nutrition
                                                    education program that
                                         targets low-income elementary
                                                                              only type of food provided by
                                                                              private charitable organiza-
                                                                                       Two students in the
                                         school children. Over the sum-       public health department and I
                                         mer of 2009 Sprout ran for six       began the planning of a nutri-
                                         weeks under the Carrboro-based       tion class for kids, linked to
        Leighann Breeze                  hunger-relief nonprofit TABLE.       TABLE’s backpack program.
                                         The classes taught the basics of     We ran a six week trial pro-
        HOMETOWN: Durham, NC             gardening and the value of eating    gram to work out the kinks in
                                         fresh, local, and healthy snacks     our lesson plan. After the
                                         straight from Sprout’s garden        classes, I began to think about
            MAJOR/DEGREE:                and other local gardens.             the founding principles of TA-
              Psychology                                                      BLE and how it related to this
             Class of 2010
                                         Project Goals                        fresh food education program.
                                         1. Increase kids’ familiarity with   My main concern was that if
            PROJECT TITLE:                  fresh foods                       we are running a program that
             Project Sprout              2. Increase knowledge of fresh       teaches children to be self-       made providing for them that
                                            food availability beyond the      sufficient, they will need to      much more fulfilling for us, as
                                            supermarket                       know how to get fresh foods        educators, donors, and role
           FACULTY MENTOR:
          Penny Gordon-Larsen,           3. Teach kids the basics of          without the help of their mom      models.
                Nutrition                   growing fresh foods and pro-      and dad. This led to the idea               Changes made in this
                                            vide them with means to be-       that TABLE could be a vehicle      summer session have served to
                                            gin their own garden              by which I could run a kids’       build the foundation for future
         COMMUNITY PARTNER:              4. Raise children’s confidence in    gardening class. Thus, the idea
         TABLE Ministries, Inc.                                                                                  running of Project Sprout. Due
                                            their ability to provide food     for Project Sprout was con-
                                            for themselves through gar-       ceived.                            to some unexpected scheduling
          PROJECT LOCATION:                 dening                                     By utilizing the educa-   changes, we provided educa-
           Orange County, NC             5. Raise preferences/affinity for    tional resources of the Univer-    tional services to significantly
                                            fresh foods above that of         sity community and using TA-       fewer children than we had
   ___________________________________      processed foods                   BLE as a vehicle for connec-       planned. We were left with ex-
                                                                              tion, project SPROUT ran a         cess materials that will function
                                                  Since beginning my edu-     six-week garden-based nutri-
                                                                                                                 as seeds to grow project sprout
                                         cation at UNC, I developed a         tion education program in an
“Over the summer of 2009                 profound interest in nutrition       effort to diminish the negative    in the future. These supplies,
                                         and healthy living. This hobby       health effects of low socio-       along with some supplementary
 Sprout ran for six weeks                developed from a personal life-      economic status. The lessons       funding, will be enough to sus-
                                         style to a form of outreach after    taught gardening skills, nutri-
 under the Carrboro-based                my experience with TABLE, a          tion, and healthy snacking.
                                                                                                                 tain the program for an addi-
                                                                                                                 tional six weeks. I trust that the
                                         hunger relief nonprofit, in the      The children who attended the
   hunger-relief nonprofit               summer of 2008. While packing        classes showed a genuine ap-
                                                                                                                 community need will still be
                                                                                                                 prevalent and have been assured
                                         backpacks with groceries to be       preciation, a desire to be in-
TABLE, teaching children                 sent home with low-income chil-      volved, and an enthusiasm          that local community summer
                                         dren, I found myself discouraged     about the lessons we taught.       programs would be happy to
 of low income families the              by the types of foods being put      Their eagerness to receive aid     recruit children to participate.
                                         into the bags. I began to realize
basics of gardening and the              that many low-income families
                                         rely on high calorie, low nutrient
value of eating fresh, local,            food either because it is less ex-
                                         pensive than fresh produce at the
       and healthy.”                     grocery store or because it is the

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