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									Benefits of debt consolidation

In the present age all of us have to take on a certain degree of debt to
pacify our basic needs.Debt taking has almost become unavoidable for the
masses.But the real problem arises when the debtor takes on several loans
to meet his requirements and afterwords finds it difficult to pay off the
monthly installments.

Debt consolidation means combining different loans or debts into one low
payment. Different loans of the consumer with higher rate of interest
will be clubbed together and he will get a new loan with a lower rate of
interest to repay the existing loans. During the time of recession many
people have lost their jobs and finding very difficult to arrange for
funds to pay off their existing loans. Debt consolidation is also
extremely beneficial for them.

Debt consolidation can simply be from a number of unsecured loans into
another unsecured loan but more often it involves a secured loan against
an asset that serves as a collateral security and it involves commonly a
house. In case of non-payment of loan, the lender can dispose off the
property and get back his funds. That is why the debts involving
collateral securities are offered at lower rate of interest. Other
factors to be considered by the lender are credit score, debt income
ratio, types of existing loans and securities etc.

There are many benefits of debt consolidation. First of all the consumer
will save a lot of money by paying lower rate of interest and can divert
his money for other productive purposes. Secondly he will save himself
from the botheration of paying off several monthly debt installments and
now pay off only one installment. Moreover he can also avoid late fee
charges as single payment can be arranged easily in a month .The consumer
will lead a hassle free life and he will get complete freedom from the
phone calls of creditors and he can also improve his credit ratings.

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