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Caught Dirty Handed - Worksheet


									             Caught Dirty Handed
          Group Members:

    1.   ______________________________________________________________________________________

    2.   ______________________________________________________________________________________

    3.   ______________________________________________________________________________________

    4. ______________________________________________________________________________________

Use the chart below to record your scores. This is an example of the degree of visual
cleanliness and the score each should receive. When you have completed the exercise switch
jobs so that all group members have been allowed to do all jobs. Jobs include: Washer, scorer,
timer, and blind folder. You will be graded using the rubric on the back of this page.

Scoring Chart

            Washer                      Washing Time (in seconds) with Water Only

                                    0                   1                5              20

    Answer the following questions using complete sentences. Be thorough and thoughtful.

    1. How might hand washing affect your family’s health?

    2. What difference does soap make?

    3.   What infectious diseases could be spread by failure of people to adequately wash their hands?
                                Collaborative Work Skills :

                   Caught Dirty Handed – Hand Washing Lab

        Teacher Name: Susie Barber

        Student Name:    ________________________________________

CATEGORY 25 points available 20 points available 15 points available 10 points available
Quality of      Provides work of the      Provides high quality      Provides work that         Provides work that
Work            highest quality.          work.                      occasionally needs to      usually needs to be
                                                                     be checked/redone by       checked/redone by
                                                                     other group members to     others to ensure quality.
                                                                     ensure quality.

Time-      Routinely uses time well Usually uses time well        Tends to procrastinate,       Rarely gets things done
management throughout the project to throughout the project,      but always gets things        by the deadlines AND
                ensure things get done but may have               done by the deadlines.        group has to adjust
                on time. Group does not procrastinated on one     Group does not have to        deadlines or work
                have to adjust deadlines thing. Group does not    adjust deadlines or work      responsibilities because
                or work responsibilities have to adjust deadlines responsibilities because      of this person's
                because of this person's or work responsibilities of this person's              inadequate time
                procrastination.         because of this person's procrastination.              management.
Working         Almost always listens     Usually listens to,        Often listens to, shares   Rarely listens to, shares
with Others     to, shares with, and      shares, with, and          with, and supports the     with, and supports the
                supports the efforts of   supports the efforts of    efforts of others, but     efforts of others. Often
                others. Tries to keep     others. Does not cause     sometimes is not a good    is not a good team
                people working well       "waves" in the group.      team member.               player.

Focus on        Consistently stays        Focuses on the task        Focuses on the task        Rarely focuses on the
the task        focused on the task and   and what needs to be       and what needs to be       task and what needs to
                what needs to be done.    done most of the time.     done some of the time.     be done. Lets others do
                Very self-directed.       Other group members        Other group members        the work.
                                          can count on this          must sometimes nag,
                                          person.                    prod, and remind to
                                                                     keep this person on-
Clean Up        Area was as clean as,    Area was fairly clean       Area was somewhat          Area was untidy. Water
                or cleaner than when     after activity. No trash or clean after activity.      and or trash was visible.
                activity began. Sink and debris was present.
                floor was dry, no signs
                or trash or debris. fl

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