Me on the Map presentation by huanghengdong


									    Me on the Map

            Where am I?
How can I discover ways to use maps?
     First Grade: Mrs. Martin
   Maps come in all
   different forms.

                                       They have different features.

They can be exciting and bewildering
                                  So where am I?

In the grand scheme of things you are somewhere on
a map in this great universe and you can narrow it
down by looking at maps!
   How can I explore maps?

Map exploration can be fun! All you need are maps
and important key information about maps then you
are on your way to learning the exciting world of
maps! Join me on this journey of maps as together we
look at maps like you never have before!
You will first make a KWL chart of
    what I know about maps!
     Next, complete a fold map by
listening closely to directions on how
     to color and fold your maps!

                               self assessment
Then with a partner you will create a
audio taping of the book Me on the
       Map by Joan Sweeney

Finally, you will write about a place
you would like to visit on the map.

So when you are finished with this
unit you will be able to answer the
       following questions:
       Where am I?
       How can I explore maps?
       What are countries, states, counties,
        and towns?

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