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									  Session Planning
Students’ motivation
Ekaterina Shirshikova
  Learning should be goal oriented

 People can learn if taught well
 There should be a sense of achievement
      Participation

 Different methods of learning
Case studies


Face-to-face feedback

Problem solving sessions

Role plays


Team projects

Theoretical overviews
1 point for each answer   2- excellent; 1-average;
 of any team member              0 - absent
          Random selection

            Mixed English

Information about
Answer should be:
 Relevant to the topic
 Properly justified
 Stimulate students to speak
 Develop creativity
 Develop thinking
 Every lecture – 5-7 min per team
 Based on the current lecture
 Case study presentation

 Improve presentations skills
 Time management
 English skills
 Confidence

Assessment presentation is video recorded or with a presence of
one more person
 Solved by all                     Each team individual
 Presented by the one who speak   case
less                                Presentation of each
 Discussion                       case
                                    Discussion
 Apply theory
 Analyze theory
 Remember

                    Feel the situation

 Lecture discussion
 Article search and discussion
 Newspaper discussion
 E-mail discussion
               Posters
               Advertisement
               Campaign
 After each

                Point to the team
                    which ask

Point to the team which
 Industry preparation
Sign after each lecture personally
 Point system

   Every week
   Fixed format
   Submit to director
 CD for each subject:
 Summary of major point of study material for
the semester
 Sample case studies
 Sample tests
 Other information for students
9.00    Student s’ team p resenta tio n

9.10    Lecture

9.40    Tim e f or q uestions

9.50    Role p lay g am e/ interacti o n tasks

10.05   Case study

10.25   Pr es e nt a tio n   tim e f or   c as e s t ud y/
        interactio n tasks/ deb ates

10.35   Test or q uiz

10.45   Task f or next lesson, ap p raisal f orm

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