A Christmas Carol

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					Jordan Nelson                                                                    Mr. Pitcher
Period 2                                                                         Jan 12 2010

                                   A Christmas Carol
        We have all been told that Christmastime is all about giving, however sometimes
it is hard not to concentrate on everything we want to receive. I think Charles Dickens
saw this problem and used the story of A Christmas Carol to help remind people about
the true meaning of Christmas. In the story he uses three ghosts to try and teach Scrooge
the real meaning of Christmas. I believe that through ethos, pathos and logos, the ghost of
Christmas Future is the most persuasive in getting scrooge to change.

        Ethos is very important for the ghost of Christmas Future because if he had none,
scrooge wouldn’t have been afraid of him. One element that the ghost uses is the fact that
he doesn’t talk. This shows that the ghost doesn’t care about Scrooge. It also creates an
eerie effect that scares Scrooge. The ghost is tall and deathly looking. This creates an
effect that makes him seem like the grim reaper, the last thing someone sees before they
die. This also shows Scrooge that he couldn’t resist the ghost if he wanted to. You never
see the ghost’s face, which means that he might not actually be someone. This could
account for the ghost’s silence that makes Scrooge uneasy. All in all, the ethos aspect of
the ghost of Christmas Future makes him more persuasive than the other two ghosts.

        I think that pathos is the most important part of persuasion, and this is what makes
Scrooge want to become different. First off, the ghost shows scrooge that the only legacy
he will leave behind is the fact that a lady will get money from stealing and selling his
drapes. He shows this to Scrooge to prove that the rest of the world feels won’t remember
him. This also shows how the rest of the world has no conscience just like him. The ghost
has no emotion with Scrooge which is really important in the story. The ghost gives the
vibe that shows Scrooge that he really doesn’t care what happens to him. The ghost’s
pessimism is very emotional for Scrooge. He might as well die, because there is no joy
left in his life. This would also make me come to tears and want to change. The element
of pathos is the deciding factor in persuading scrooge, but when the ghost continues to
torment him, it is like the cherry on top of everything.

       Logos ensures the fact that Scrooge will change. The ghost shows him his grave
making him believe he will die. This makes Scrooge wonder if it is too late to change.
This also shows that it is his fault. The ghost shows the death of Tiny Tim. This shows
scrooge that because of his actions, someone else died. This makes him also think about
how he treated Bob Crachit so badly even though he had no clue what he was going
Jordan Nelson                                                                Mr. Pitcher
Period 2                                                                     Jan 12 2010

through. The ghost’s uses Logos to show what the future holds if Scrooge doesn’t change
his ways.

       Using the elements of Ethos, Pathos and Logos, the ghost of Christmas Future was
the most successful of the ghosts at persuading Scrooge. Making him change his ways
shows Scrooge and the readers that Christmastime is more about giving to others than it
is about receiving gifts and money.

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