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									                         Host Gator Reviews

                                                                            By: Matt Bacak
If you have a personal or business website, hosting is one of the most important things to
consider. This is because a poor hosting service will cause losses in visitors, revenue etc. due to
frequent downtimes. There are many hosting services but the one that’s been consistently
delivering is host gator. The following host gator reviews will explain why you should consider

   1. Variety
All host gator reviews agree that this hosting company that a very large variety of services for
any kind of business or personal need. Not only do you get web hosting services but you also
get reseller hosting, virtual private servers and dedicated servers. All these services have plans
that suit all business and personal requirements. For instance, reseller hosting consists of
numerous plans, admin and control panel features, programming and database features, email
features etc. Web hosting consists of a hatchling and baby plan that’s suitable for personal
websites and small businesses and a business plan etc.

   2. Reliability
The high level of reliability features prominently in many Host gator reviews. They use high
quality Dual Xeon servers that are then connected to backup servers. This means that they have
a 99% uptime most of the time. This high level of reliability means that you can never lose
visitors in high traffic days or sales from due to your website being down. This uptime extends
to all services they offer e.g. shared hosting no matter how many processes being ran.

   3. Customer support
When using host gator, an urgent question may come up for which you’ll want a quick answer.
With Hostgator, you can get clarification and answers almost immediately because of their
world class customer support services. You can either use a toll free number to call them, send
them an email or use live chat support. In all instances, you’ll get someone that’s amply
qualified to answer any question you might have. Many host gator reviews talking about the
high quality world class service has caused many people to port their websites to this service.
   4. Affordability
You might think that Hostgator has very high prices but this is completely inaccurate. All their
services are very affordable allowing you to use them for both personal and business needs.
Their pricing options start at $3.96/month for webhosting, $15.96/month for VPS hosting etc.
allowing you to enjoy numerous features at very low prices. For this money, you’ll get many
free things like a site builder, website templates, free domain, database, script and file transfers
etc. You’ll also save money with host gator because you get free $100 Adwords credit allowing
you to promote your business or website on Google. In that same respect, you can use various
promotion codes to save a lot of money on hosting fees. Some promo codes can award you a
20% discount, others allow you to pay $0.01 as your hosting fee for a month etc. Also, if you
find that for some reason you don’t like the service, you can ask for a full refund, using the ‘45
day money back guarantee’ feature. Host gator reviews that talk about the Host gator’s
affordability are completely accurate.

In a nutshell, all host gator reviews agree that Hostgator is the best service to use for any kind
of hosting need, be it for business sites, blogs, online services etc.

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