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					                                                         MINERAL DEPOSIT DATA OF MINERAL RESOURCES MAP OF EAST ASIA(2007)
NO          COUNTRY   PROVINCE   MINE_DEPOSIT            COMMODITY             TYPE             AGE   SIZE   RESERVE_RE                                                                                        MAIN_MINERAL                             LATITUDE/LONGITUDE REFERENCE
     1001   China     Anhui      Dagongshan              Au                    Wth              TnQ   S      1.012t Au at 5.489g/t Au                                                                                                                   N33-04-00, E117-53-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1002   China     Anhui      Maoshan                 Au                    Hyd/Vn           U     S      1.494t Au at 6.34g/t Au                                                                                                                    N32-55-00, E117-49-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1003   China     Anhui      Machang                 Au                    Alv/Plc          TnQ   S      1.635t Au at 0.400g/t Au                                                                                                                   N32-04-00, E118-03-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1004   China     Anhui      Dongxi                  Au                    Hyd/Vn           J     S      1.353t Au, 1.90t Ag at 15.11g/t Au                                                                                                         N31-12-30, E116-28-3 Cun et al., 1992; Zhou, 1996
     1005   China     Anhui      Nanguanlin              Au                    Hyd/Vn           U     S      1.054t Au at 5.350g/t Au                                                                                                                   N31-12-30, E116-29-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1006   China     Anhui      Taoyuan                 Au                    Fe-Cap           TnQ   S      1.271t Au at 6.01g/t Au                                                                                                                    N30-57-30, E118-05-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1007   China     Anhui      Xinqiao                 Au                    Fe-Cap           TnQ   S      3.006t Au at 4.66g/t Au                                                                                                                    N30-55-30, E118-00-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1008   China     Anhui      Mashan                  Au                    Hyd/Lnt          K     M      16.8Mt 27.76t Au at 6.450g/t Au                                                                   py, pyr, apy, sph, gal, tet, elc, ngld   N30-55-00, E117-52-0 Cun et al., 1992; Zhou, 1996
     1009   China     Anhui      Huangshilaoshan         Au                    Fe-Cap           TnQ   M      13.461t Au at 5.790g/t Au                                                                         gth, hem, ngld, elc                      N30-52-00, E117-50-0 Cun et al., 1992; Zhou, 1996
     1010   China     Anhui      Jiguanshi               Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn,   Hyd/Ffill        U     S      1.300t Au at 8.820g/t Au                                                                                                                   N30-51-30, E117-54-0 Cun et al., 1992; Zhou, 1996
     1011   China     Anhui      Daijiachong             Au                    Fe-Cap           TnQ   S      1.487t Au at 7.110g/t Au                                                                                                                   N30-50-30, E117-47-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1012   China     Anhui      Simengkou               Au                    Fe-Cap           TnQ   S      2.679t Au at 8.980g/t Au                                                                                                                   N30-43-00, E117-50-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1013   China     Anhui      Langyashan              Cu, Au, Mo            Skn/Lnt-Mas      Mz2   M      72.2kt Cu, 1.195Kt Mo, 8.10t Au                                                                   cp, bon, mgt, py, chc, hem, mlb          N32-16-00, E118-14-0 Zhou, 1996
     1014   China     Anhui      Shaxi                   Cu                    Hyd/Lnt-Dis      Mz2   M      540Kt Cu at 0.61% Cu                                                                                                                       N31-08-30, E117-17-0 Zhou, 1996
     1015   China     Anhui      Magushan                Cu, Mo                Skn              K     M      86Kt Cu, 11.8Kt Mo, 1.89t Au, 307t Ag                                                             cp, mlb, py, chc                         N30-58-30, E118-57-0 Zhou, 1996
     1016   China     Anhui      Shizishan               Cu, Au, Ag            Skn/Lnt          Mz2   L      1.50Mt Cu, 15t Au at 1.02-1.20% Cu                                                                py, cp, gal, sph, pyr, mgt               N30-55-00, E117-53-0 Zhou, 1996; MEG, 1995
     1017   China     Anhui      Xinqiao                 Cu, Fe, Au, Ag        Skn-Hyd/Lnt      U     M      486Kt Cu, 120Kt Pb, 39.7Kt Zn, 20t Au at 0.77% Cu, 2.47% Pb, 7.46% Zn, 0.78g/t Au                 py, cp, mgt, sid                         N30-55-00, E118-00-0 Zhou, 1996
     1018   China     Anhui      Fenghuangshan           Cu, Fe, Mo, Au        Skn              Mz2   M      330Kt Cu, 1.16Kt Mo, 14.35t Au at 0.58-1.74% Cu                                                   py, cp, gal, sph, pyr, mgt               N30-54-00, E118-04-3 Zhou, 1996; MEG, 1995
     1019   China     Anhui      Tongguanshan            Cu, Fe                Skn/Mas          Mz2   L      133Mt at 1.01% Cu, 0.24g/t Au, 8.67g/t Ag                                                         py, cp, gal, sph, pyr, mgt               N30-51-30, E117-50-0 Zhou, 1996; MEG, 1995
     1020   China     Anhui      Tongshan/Xuanzhou       Cu, Fe, S             Skn              U     M      105.6Kt Cu at 0.709% Cu, 5.42Mt iron ore at 35% Fe                                                                                         N30-43-00, E118-43-0 Zhou, 1996
     1021   China     Anhui      Tongniujing             Cu, Mo                Hyd/Vn           U     S      28Kt Cu, 0.54Kt Mo                                                                                cp, bon, mlb                             N30-40-00, E116-52-0 Zhou, 1996
     1022   China     Anhui      Anqing                  Cu                    Skn/Mas-Lnt      Mz2   M      41.3Mt at 1.16% Cu, 0.18g/t Au, 4.2g/t Ag                                                         py, cp, mgt, pyr, tet, gal, sph          N30-40-00, E116-59-0 Zhou, 1996; MEG, 1995
     1023   China     Anhui      Liufengshan             Cu, Fe                Hyd              U     S      43.5Kt Cu, 0.598t Au at 2.6% Cu                                                                   chc, gth, hem                            N30-35-00, E117-31-0 Zhou, 1996
     1024   China     Anhui      Tongshan                Cu, Fe                Skn              U     M      82.8Kt Cu                                                                                         py, cp, mgt                              N30-26-00, E117-18-0 Zhou, 1996
     1025   China     Anhui      Wangchang               Fe                    Skn/Lnt          U     M      19.8Mt at 36.0% Fe, 128.4Kt py ore, 5.4Mt gyp                                                     mgt, hem, py, cp                         N34-03-30, E116-58-3 Zhou, 1996
     1026   China     Anhui      Xulou                   Fe                    Skn/Mas          U     M      29.7Mt at 48-63% Fe with 4.1Kt Co                                                                 mgt, hem, py, cp                         N33-52-30, E116-40-0 Zhou, 1996
     1027   China     Anhui      Qianchang               Fe, Cu, Au            Skn/Mas          K     M      46.1Mt at >45% Fe with 21Kt Cu, 13.2t Au                                                          mgt                                      N33-41-30, E116-52-0 Zhou, 1996
     1028   China     Anhui      Yeshan                  Fe, B                 Skn/Mas          K     M      16.44Mt iron ore with 794Kt B ore                                                                                                          N32-32-30, E118-57-0 Zhou, 1996
     1029   China     Anhui      Huoqiu                  Fe                    Vol-Sed/Lyr      A     L      1040Mt at 39.0-62.7% Fe                                                                           mgt, hem                                 N32-23-00, E116-08-0 Zhou, 1996
     1030   China     Anhui      Nanshan                 Fe                    Skn-Hyd/Vn-Dis   K     M      70Mtiron ore with 57Kt V2O5, 3,28Mt FeS2                                                          mgt, py                                  N31-43-00, E118-37-3 Zhou, 1996
     1031   China     Anhui      Taocum                  Fe                    Skn-Hyd/Lnt      K     M      220Mt at 22.33% Fe                                                                                mgt, hem                                 N31-40-00, E118-37-3 Zhou, 1996
     1032   China     Anhui      Aoshan                  Fe, P, V              Skn-Hyd/Mas      K     L      1,80Mt iron ore with 380Kt V2O5, 2.1Mt py ore, 4.2Mt P2O5                                         mgt, py                                  N31-37-30, E118-37-0 Zhou, 1996
     1033   China     Anhui      Baixiangshan            Fe, V, Co             Hyd-Rpl/Lyr      U     L      150Mt at 39.43% Fe with 310Kt V2O5, 7.38Kt Co                                                     mgt, hem, gth                            N31-33-00, E118-34-0 Zhou, 1996
     1034   China     Anhui      Gushan                  Fe                    Vol-Sed/Lyr      K     L      128Mt at 43.73% Fe                                                                                hem, mgt, gth                            N31-28-00, E118-31-0 Zhou, 1996
     1035   China     Anhui      Jinlong                 Fe, V, Co             Skn-Hyd/Lnt      K     M      72.86Mt at 36% Fe with 1.36Mt py ore, 6.7Kt Co, 30.8Kt V2O5                                       mgt, hem, py, cp                         N31-23-30, E118-16-0 Zhou, 1996
     1036   China     Anhui      Longqiao                Fe, Cu                Skn-Hyd/Mas      K     L      104Mt at 44.0% Fe with 90Kt Cu at 0.09% Cu, 7.96Mt py ore                                         mgt, py, cp                              N31-12-30, E117-30-0 Zhou, 1996
     1037   China     Anhui      Hejiadaling/Zhongshan                         Hyd-Rpl/Lnt      U     M      19.1Mt at 53.98% Fe                                                                               hem, mgt                                 N31-08-30, E117-28-0 Zhou, 1996
     1038   China     Anhui      Changlongshan           Fe                    Skn-Hyd/Lyr      U     M      34.4Mt at 45.31% Fe                                                                               hem, spc, mgt, gth, sid, cp              N31-08-00, E118-01-0 Zhou, 1996
     1039   China     Anhui      Luohe                   Fe, Gp                Skn-Hyd          U     L      476Mt at 36.32% Fe with 0.897Mt V2O5, 18Kt Cu, 41Mt Gyp                                           mgt, pyr, py, gyp                        N31-04-00, E117-18-0 Zhou, 1996
     1040   China     Anhui      Dabaozhuang             Fe, Cu, Gp            Hyd/Lyr          K     M      17.8Mt iron ore at 45.96% Fe with 84.3Mt py ore, 48.4Mt gyp , 87.86% CaSO4                        mgt, py, hem, cp, gyp                    N31-00-00, E117-22-0 Zhou, 1996
     1041   China     Anhui      Datong                  Mn                    Sed/Bed          P     M      4.7Mt ore at 23.8-36.9% Mn                                                                        rhc, Mn-ox                               N30-48-00, E117-45-0 Zhou, 1996
     1042   China     Anhui      Mengkeng                Mo                    Hyd/Vn           J     S      6Kt Mo at 0.24% Mo                                                                                mlb, py, cp, bon                         N30-21-00, E118-00-3 Zhou, 1996
     1043   China     Anhui      Yueshan                 Pb, Zn, Ag            Hyd/Lnt          U     M      398Kt Pb+Zn, 55.7t Ag at 0.71% Pb, 1.58% Zn                                                       sph, gal, py                             N31-11-00, E117-30-0 Zhou, 1996
     1044   China     Anhui      Huangshanling           Pb, Zn                Skn-Hyd/Lnt      U     M      139Kt Pb, 55Kt Zn, 265t Ag at 2.78% Pb, 2.0% Zn, 65.78g/t Ag                                      gal, sph                                 N30-23-00, E117-37-3 Zhou, 1996
     1045   China     Anhui      Sanbo                   Pb, Zn, Cu            Hyd/Irg          U     M      62Kt Zn, 21Kt Pb, 0.8Kt Cu at 2.88% Zn, 1.66% Pb, 1.03% Cu                                        sph, gal, cp, py                         N29-56-00, E117-49-0 Zhou, 1996
     1046   China     Anhui      Qianshan-Taihu          Ti                    Alv/Plc          Q     S      83.4Kt TiO2                                                                                       rut                                      N30-32-00, E116-30-0 Zhou, 1996
     1047   China     Anhui      Jixia                   W                     Skn/Lnt          U     M      10.3Kt WO3, 3.6Kt Cu, 4.5Kt Zn                                                                    sch, pyr, py, sph, cp                    N30-07-00, E118-42-0 Zhou, 1996
     1048   China     Anhui      Baimoling               F                     Hyd/Vn           K     M      1.04Mt at 51-70% CaF2                                                                             fl                                       N30-55-00, E119-19-0 Zhou, 1996
     1049   China     Anhui      Zhuangcum               F                     Hyd/Vn           U     M      3.45Mt                                                                                            fl                                       N30-32-00, E118-46-3 Zhou, 1996
     1050   China     Anhui      Dingyuan                Gp                    Sed/Bed          Tp    L      320Mt at 60.1-73.8% CaSO4                                                                         gyp                                      N32-28-00, E117-40-0 Zhou, 1996
     1051   China     Anhui      Dongxing                Na                    Evp/Bed          Tp    L      1700Mt                                                                                                                                     N32-31-00, E117-35-3 Zhou, 1996
     1052   China     Anhui      Dahengshan              P                     Sed/Bed          Pr    M      17.3Mt at 8-12% P2O5                                                                              apt                                      N31-42-00, E117-31-0 Zhou, 1996
     1053   China     Anhui      Susong                  P                     Sed/Bed          Pr    M      50.6Mt at 12-20% P2O5                                                                             apt                                      N30-20-00, E116-01-3 Zhou, 1996
     1054   China     Anhui      Mashan                  Py                    Vol-Sed/Lnt      J     M      106Mt at 13.91% S                                                                                 py, mgt, hem                             N31-41-00, E118-34-0 Zhou, 1996
     1055   China     Anhui      Xiangshan               Py                    Vol-Sed/Lnt      J     M      35.5Mt at 16.81% S                                                                                py, mgt, hem                             N31-38-00, E118-33-0 Zhou, 1996
     1056   China     Anhui      Huangtun                Py                    Hyd/Lnt          U     M      23.8Mt at 21.27% S                                                                                py, hem                                  N31-14-00, E117-28-0 Zhou, 1996
     1057   China     Anhui      Hejiaxiaoling           Py                    Vol-Sed/Lnt      J     M      90.4Mt at 16.4% S, 3.2Mt iron ore                                                                 py, mgt, hem                             N31-04-00, E117-35-3 Zhou, 1996
     1058   China     Anhui      Tianebaodanshan         Py, As, Au            Skn/Lnt          C     M      7.42Mt Py ore with 93Kt As, 17.65t Au                                                             py, pyr, ngld                            N30-53-00, E117-57-3 Zhou, 1996
     1059   China     Anhui      Yinzhushan              Py                    Hyd/Vn           U     M      2.07Mt at 15.7-22.4% S                                                                            py, gth                                  N30-41-00, E116-45-3 Zhou, 1996
     1060   China     Anhui      Shimenkou               Py                    Sed/Lnt          U     M      4.33Mt                                                                                            py, mRc, cp                              N30-41-00, E117-54-0 Zhou, 1996
     1061   China     Anhui      Huashan                 Rc                    Sed/Bed          C     M      13.69Mt at 45.84% Al2O3, 2.08% Fe2O3, 13.96% Ig. Loss                                             kln, hmc, hem, gbs, py                   N31-36-00, E118-07-3 Zhou, 1996
     1062   China     Fujian     Zhangpu                 Al                    Wth/Lnt          TnQ   S      0.84Mt at 35-60% Al2O3ツ・3H2O, 16-19% Fe2O3                                                        gbs                                      N24-02-00, E117-50-0 Li, 1996
     1063   China     Fujian     Hebaoshan               Au                    Hyd/Vn           U     S      2.50t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                                                     N26-56-00, E117-11-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1064   China     Fujian     Huangbu                 Au                                     U     S      2.00t Au                                                                                                                                   N26-45-00, E116-39-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1065   China     Fujian     Guantian                Au                    Hyd/Dis          U     S      5.00t Au at 11.0g/t Au                                                                                                                     N25-54-30, E118-12-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1066   China     Fujian     Ancun                   Au                    Hyd/Vn           U     S      3.0t Au at 7.5g/t Au                                                                                                                       N25-45-00, E118-18-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1067   China     Fujian     Bitian                  Au                    Hyd/Dis          U     S      3.0t Au at 6.65g/t Au                                                                                                                      N25-08-00, E116-20-0 Cun et al., 1992
     1068   China     Fujian     Zijinshan               Cu, Au                Prp              K     L      190Mt at 1.09% Cu, 2.9Mt at 4.30g/t Au                                                            py, dgn, eng, mlb, bon, cp               N25-12-00, E116-25-0 Cun et al., 1992; MEG, 1995; Li, 1996
     1069   China     Fujian     Jianai                  Fe, Pb, Zn                             U     M      4.35Mt iron ore with 120Kt Pb, 150Kt Zn                                                           gth, mgt, gal, sph                       N25-58-30, E117-49-3 Li, 1996
     1070   China     Fujian     Yindingge               Fe                                     U     M      18.0Mt                                                                                            gth, py                                  N25-50-00, E117-50-3 Li, 1996
     1071   China     Fujian     Guashan                 Fe                    Skn/Lnt          U     M      12.4Mt at 31.3% Fe                                                                                mgt                                      N25-35-00, E117-21-0 Li, 1996
     1072   China     Fujian     Yangshan                Fe                    Skn/Lnt          Mz2   M      50.6Mt at 42.8% Fe                                                                                mgt, hem, gth                            N25-35-00, E118-07-3 Li, 1996
     1073   China     Fujian     Pantian                 Fe                    Skn/Lnt          U     M      29.3Mt at 50.48% Fe                                                                               hem, gth, mgt                            N25-17-30, E117-52-3 Li, 1996
     1074   China     Fujian     Luoyang                 Fe                    Skn/Lnt          U     M      28.9Mt at 48.57% Fe, 3% S, 0.47% Zn                                                               mgt, hem, gth, py, sph, mlb              N25-17-00, E117-40-0 Li, 1996
     1075   China     Fujian     Makeng                  Fe, Mo                Skn/Lnt          U     L      479Mt iron ore at 34.3-38.4% Fe with 82.9Kt Mo                                                    mgt, hem, mlb                            N25-00-00, E117-07-0 Li, 1996
     1076   China     Fujian     Liancheng               Mn                    Wth-Res/Lnt      Q     M      3.48Mt at 27-32% Mn                                                                               rhd, rhc, psl, pyl                       N26-07-00, E117-01-3 Li, 1996
     1077   China     Fujian     Renchang                Mn                    Sed/Lnt          U     M      40% Mn                                                                                            psl, pyl                                 N25-26-00, E116-42-3 Li, 1996
     1078   China     Fujian     Chilu                   Mo                    Hyd/Stw-Dis      K     M      2.34Mt at 0.074% Mo                                                                               mlb, py                                  N26-57-30, E119-35-0 Li, 1996
     1079   China     Fujian     Xikeng                  Nb, Ta, Sn            Pgm-Hyd/Vn       U     S      0.010-0.017% Nb2O5, 0.010-0.028% Ta2O5, 0.049-0.880% Sn                                           col-tan, cas                             N26-36-00, E118-02-3 Li, 1996
     1080   China     Fujian     Yindong                 Pb, Zn, Ag, Cu                         U     M      300Kt Pb+Zn                                                                                                                                N27-27-00, E120-10-0 Li, 1996
     1081   China     Fujian     Xiashan                 Pb, Zn                Skn-Hyd/Vn       U     M      130Kt Pb+Zn                                                                                                                                N27-24-30, E118-59-0 Li, 1996
     1082   China     Fujian     Shuiji                  Pb, Zn                Vol-Hyd/Lnt-Vn   Pr    M      300Kt Pb, 280Kt Zn, 314t Ag at 1.1-2.4% Pb, 1.1-1.8% Zn, 33.6g/t Ag                               py, sph, gal, cp, arg                    N27-23-30, E118-20-0 Li, 1996
     1083   China     Fujian     Yinkeng                 Pb, Zn, Ag                             U     M      290Kt Pb+Zn                                                                                                                                N25-38-30, E119-05-0 Li, 1996
     1084   China     Fujian     Huangcuo                REE                   Sed/Bch-Plc      Q     S      0.421Kg/m3 mnz, 0.014Kg/m3 xnt                                                                    ilm, mgt, mnz, xnt, zir                  N24-25-00, E118-12-3 Li, 1996
     1085   China     Fujian     Hangluokeng             W, Mo                 Hyd/Vn-Stw       J     M      0.23-3.27% WO3, 0.04% Mo                                                                          wlf, sch, mlb                            N26-20-00, E116-54-0 Li, 1996
     1086   China     Fujian     Lifan                   Ba                    Sed/Bed          O     M      4.59Mt 82% BaSO4                                                                                  bar                                      N26-05-00, E117-14-3 Li, 1996
     1087   China     Fujian     Linggengqiang           Gr                    Mtm/Bed          Pr    M      10.07Mt ore at 5.38% Grp                                                                          grp, fsp, qz, bit                        N27-18-00, E117-47-0 Li, 1996
     1088   China     Fujian     Yanggu'an               F                     Hyd/Vn           U     M      2.06Mt at 38% CaF2                                                                                fl                                       N27-29-00, E117-18-0 Li, 1996
     1089   China     Fujian     Huitan                  F                     Hyd/Vn           U     M      2.13Mt at 50-60% CaF2, 40-50% SiO2                                                                fl                                       N27-29-00, E118-12-0 Li, 1996
     1090   China     Fujian     Nanshanxia              F                     Hyd/Vn           U     M      2.38Mt at 57% CaF2, 37% SiO2                                                                      fl                                       N27-27-30, E117-34-0 Li, 1996
1091   China   Fujian   Changkou                   F                Hyd/Ffill           Mz2   M   1.15Mt at 53% CaF2, 41% SiO2                                                                fl                                 N26-51-00, E117-34-3   Li, 1996
1092   China   Fujian   Xibeitang                  Kl                                   U     S   3.0Mt                                                                                                                          N26-45-00, E119-32-3   Li, 1996
1093   China   Fujian   Zhuzhong                   Kl, Pp           Hyd-Rpl             J     S   3.32Mt Kln ore, 0.7Mt Pph ore, 1.68Mt Ser ore at 16.3% Al2O3                                kln, pph, qz, ser                  N26-08-00, E118-44-0   Li, 1996
1094   China   Fujian   Zhongshan                  Kl               Hyd-Rpl             J     S   3.27Mt at 17.25% Al2O3, 1.16% Fe2O3                                                         kln, qz                            N25-37-30, E118-50-0   Li, 1996
1095   China   Fujian   Daqiutou                   Kl               Wth/Lnt             Q     M   8.4Mt                                                                                       kln, qz                            N25-26-00, E118-23-3   Li, 1996
1096   China   Fujian   Donggongxia                Kl               Wth/Lnt             Q     M   52.9Mt                                                                                      kln, hll, qz                       N25-10-00, E116-57-0   Li, 1996
1097   China   Fujian   Gaoshan                    Kl               Wth                 Q     S   1.35Mt at 14.8% Al2O3                                                                                                          N24-54-00, E118-18-3   Li, 1996
1098   China   Fujian   Guoshan                    Kl               Wth/Lnt             Q     M   37.6Mt at 73.31% SiO2, 16.23% Al2O3, 4.43% Ig. L.                                           kln, hll, qz, fsp                  N24-39-00, E118-14-3   Li, 1996
1099   China   Fujian   Shoushan                   Pp               Hyd-Rpl             J     M   >4.0Mt at 70.08% SiO2, 22.15% Al2O3, 0.91% K2O+Na2O, 5.07% Ig. L.                           pph, kln, qz                       N26-20-30, E119-13-0   Li, 1996
1100   China   Fujian   E'mei                      Pp               Hyd-Rpl             J     M   6.08Mt at 70.0% SiO2, 23.1% Al2O3, 0.96% Fe2O3                                              pph, kln, qz                       N26-17-00, E119-18-0   Li, 1996
1101   China   Fujian   Dongzai                    Pp               Hyd-Rpl             J     M   16.0Mt at 69.08% SiO2, 19.89% Al2O3, 1.29% Na2O+K2O                                         pph, qz, aln                       N25-44-00, E119-19-0   Li, 1996
1102   China   Fujian   Pingfeng                   Py, Pb, Zn, Cu   Skn/Lnt             U     M   14.77Mt at 18.9% S, 0.91% Pb, 2.9% Zn, 0.152% Cu                                            py, gal, sph, cp                   N27-52-00, E118-18-0   Li, 1996
1103   China   Fujian   Tieshan                    Py, Zn           Skn/Mas             U     M   2.69Mt at 19.1% S                                                                           py, gth, mgt, sph                  N27-29-30, E118-59-0   Li, 1996
1104   China   Fujian   Wangmushan                 Py, Cu, Au                           U     M   4.35Mt at 18.5% S, 0.88% Cu, 4.47g/t Au                                                                                        N27-22-00, E118-52-3   Li, 1996
1105   China   Gansu    No.460                     Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   0.737t Au at 17.2g/t Au, 5.5g/t Ag                                                          ngld, elc, py                      N42-27-00, E096-24-0   Tang, 1996
1106   China   Gansu    Saozishan                  Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.02t Au at 8.10g/t Au                                                                                                         N42-25-00, E096-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
1107   China   Gansu    Huolezhadegai              Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   3.32t Au at 12.80g/t Au                                                                                                        N42-23-00, E096-26-0   Cun et al., 1992
1108   China   Gansu    Langwashan                 Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   2.36t Au at 19.65g/t Au                                                                                                        N42-14-00, E097-02-3   Cun et al., 1992
1109   China   Gansu    Nanjinshan                 Au               Vol-Hyd/Vn          U     S   2.697t Au at 5.11g/t Au                                                                     elc, ngld, nslv, py, wit           N41-58-00, E096-10-0   Tang, 1996; Cun et al., 1992
1110   China   Gansu    Mazhuangshan               Au               Hyd/Sil             U     S   7.91t Au at 7.39g/t Au                                                                                                         N41-50-00, E095-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
1111   China   Gansu    Jinyaozi(?)                Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   8.725t Au at 9.74g/t Au                                                                                                        N41-40-00, E095-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
1112   China   Gansu    Mingshujing East           Au               Hyd/Sil             U     S   9.45g/t Au                                                                                  ngld, elc, py, gth                 N41-15-00, E094-50-0   Tang, 1996
1113   China   Gansu    Jinchanggou                Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn              Pz2   S   0.649t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                      ngld, elc, gal, mlb                N41-14-30, E096-50-0   Tang, 1996; Cun et al., 1992
1114   China   Gansu    Shijinpo                   Au               Hyd/Vn              U     M   13.61t Au at 26.57g/t Au                                                                                                       N41-10-00, E095-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
1115   China   Gansu    Jingoujing                 Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   2.02t Au at 8.10g/t Au                                                                                                         N41-09-00, E094-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
1116   China   Gansu    Nanjintan                  Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.60t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                                         N41-05-00, E095-21-0   Cun et al., 1992
1117   China   Gansu    Xinjinchang                Au               Hyd/Vn              U     M   10.0t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                                          N40-53-00, E094-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
1118   China   Gansu    Xiaoxigong                 Au               Hyd/Vn              Pz2   M   15.48t Au at 7.24g/t Au                                                                     ngld, elc                          N40-45-30, E096-57-0   Tang, 1996; Cun et al., 1992
1119   China   Gansu    Xiaoyuannanshan            Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   3.0t Au at 8.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N40-22-30, E096-10-0   Cun et al., 1992
1120   China   Gansu    Caojiakou                  Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   6.10t Au at 5.20g/t Au                                                                                                         N38-41-00, E100-53-0   Cun et al., 1992
1121   China   Gansu    Huangyanghe                Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   1.40t Au at 0.29g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N37-30-00, E102-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
1122   China   Gansu    Qinfenlin                  Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   3.50t Au at 7.42g/t Au                                                                                                         N37-17-00, E102-26-3   Cun et al., 1992
1123   China   Gansu    Xiwan                      Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   1.03t Au at 1.00g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N36-36-00, E104-03-0   Cun et al., 1992
1124   China   Gansu    Zaorendao                  Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.04t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                                         N35-02-00, E102-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
1125   China   Gansu    Mingzhushan                Au               Hyd/Sil             U     S   6.0t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N34-25-00, E104-51-0   Cun et al., 1992
1126   China   Gansu    Liba                       Au               Hyd/Sil             Mz1   M   >50t Au at 3.67g/t Au                                                                       ngld, elc, py, apy, pyr, cp, gal   N34-24-00, E105-01-0   Tang, 1996; Mao et al., 2002; Zhou et al., 2
1127   China   Gansu    Luoba                      Au               Hyd/Dis             U     S   3.32t Au at 2.68g/t Au                                                                                                         N34-24-00, E105-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
1128   China   Gansu    Chabu                      Au               Hyd/Sil             U     S   5.0t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                       py                                 N34-10-00, E103-48-0   Tang, 1996; Mao et al., 2002
1129   China   Gansu    Laerma                     Au               Hyd/Dis (Cln)       Mz    S   23t Au at 1.5-5.6g/t Au                                                                     py, cnb, stb                       N34-09-00, E102-38-0   Tang, 1996; Mao et al., 2002
1130   China   Gansu    Maquan                     Au               Hyd/Sil             Mz    S   7.52t Au at 5.55g/t Au                                                                      py, apy                            N34-07-00, E105-04-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1131   China   Gansu    Tianjiahe                  Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   1.24t Au                                                                                                                       N34-06-00, E105-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
1132   China   Gansu    Zhongqu                    Au               Hyd/Sil (Cln)       Mz    M   10.0t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                      py                                 N34-05-00, E102-15-3   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1133   China   Gansu    Anjiacha                   Au               Hyd/Sil             Mz    S   8.65t Au at 5.5g/t Au                                                                       py, apy                            N33-56-00, E105-29-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1134   China   Gansu    Liuxianghe                 Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   2.28t Au at 0.433g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N33-47-30, E105-29-3   Cun et al., 1992
1135   China   Gansu    Pingding                   Au, As           Hyd/Dis (Cln)       U     S   5.2t Au, 20Kt As at 11.09g/t Au                                                             py, orp, apy, cnb                  N33-45-00, E104-26-0   Tang, 1996; Mao et al., 2002
1136   China   Gansu    Dashi                      Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   3.43t Au at 0.712g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N33-35-00, E105-27-0   Cun et al., 1992
1137   China   Gansu    Tanhe                      Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   3.15t Au at 0.365g/m3 Au                                                                    ngld, hem, mgt, zir                N33-32-00, E105-45-0   Tang, 1996
1138   China   Gansu    Wangba                     Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   1.02t Au at 0.341g/t Au                                                                                                        N33-19-00, E105-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
1139   China   Gansu    Anmenkou                   Au               Sed/Alv, Clv-Plc    Q     S   2.7t Au at 0.413g/m3 Au                                                                     ngld, zir, py                      N33-13-30, E105-42-0   Tang, 1996
1140   China   Gansu    Shijiba                    Au               Hyd/Sil-Dis (Cln)   Mz    M   15t Au at 5.8-8.1g/t Au                                                                     py, apy                            N33-04-30, E104-29-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1141   China   Gansu    Yujiawan                   Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   4.72t Au at 0.544g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N32-45-00, E105-24-3   Cun et al., 1992
1142   China   Gansu    Bikou                      Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   4.72t Au at 0.374g/m3 Au                                                                    ngld, mgt, ilm, rut, sch           N32-45-00, E105-25-0   Tang, 1996
1143   China   Gansu    Xiaojia                    Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   9.71t Au at 0.30g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N32-44-00, E105-12-0   Cun et al., 1992
1144   China   Gansu    Zhongmiao                  Au               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   2.86t Au at 0.629g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N32-43-30, E105-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
1145   China   Gansu    Dadao'erji                 Cr               Mgm/Pdf             U     L   1.56Mt at 18.5% Cr2O3                                                                                                          N39-02-00, E095-36-0   Tang, 1996
1146   China   Gansu    Gongpoquan                 Cu               Prp                 Pz2   M   170Kt Cu at 1.02% Cu                                                                        cp, py, bon                        N41-51-00, E097-02-0   Tang, 1996
1147   China   Gansu    Huitongshan                Cu, Sn, Ag       Skn/Lnt             U     M   43Kt Cu, 25.7Kt Sn at 1.64% Cu, 93.9g/t Ag                                                                                     N41-02-30, E095-19-0   Tang, 1996
1148   China   Gansu    Baishantang                Cu, Pb, Ag       Hyd-Rpl             Pz2   M   205Kt Cu, 29Kt Pb at 1.17% Cu, 14g/t Ag                                                     chc, cp, py, mgt                   N40-41-00, E099-44-0   Tang, 1996; MEG, 1995
1149   China   Gansu    Zheyaoshan/Baiyinchang     Cu, Zn           Vol-Sed/Bed         Pr    L   4mines total; 1.3Mt Cu, 0.40Mt Pb, 0.8Mt Zn at 2.84% Cu, 2.5% Zn, 0.71g/t Au, 12.58g/t Ag                                      N36-38-00, E104-15-0   Tang, 1996
1150   China   Gansu    Huoyanshan/Baiyinchang     Cu, Zn           Vol-Sed/Bed         Pr    L   4mines total; 1.3Mt Cu, 0.40Mt Pb, 0.8Mt Zn at 1.24% Cu, 3.29% Zn, 0.79g/t Au, 9.28g/t Ag                                      N36-37-30, E104-14-3   Tang, 1996
1151   China   Gansu    Xiaotieshan/Baiyinchang    Cu, Zn, Pb       Vol-Sed/Bed         Pr    L   6.3Mt at 1.29% Cu, 3.39% Pb, 5.34% Zn, 2.28g/t Au, 126g/t Ag                                                                   N36-37-00, E104-20-0   Tang, 1996; MEG, 1995
1152   China   Gansu    Tongchanggou/Baiyinchang   Cu, Zn           Vol-Sed/Bed         Pr    M   1.17% Cu, 0.84% Pb, 2.10% Zn                                                                                                   N36-37-00, E104-20-3   Tang, 1996
1153   China   Gansu    Tongkuangpo                Cu               Vol-Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   46.8Kt Cu, 2.1t Au at 1.75% Cu, 0.8g/t Au, 8.2g/t Ag                                                                           N32-58-00, E105-41-0   Tang, 1996
1154   China   Gansu    Langwashan                 Fe               Skn-Hyd/Lnt         U     M   14.3Mt at 39.6% Fe                                                                          mgt                                N42-14-00, E097-04-0   Tang, 1996
1155   China   Gansu    Shuangjingzi               Fe, Zn           Skn/Lnt             U     S   3.85Mt iron ore with 20Kt Zn                                                                mgt, sph                           N41-46-00, E095-35-0   Tang, 1996
1156   China   Gansu    Hongshan                   Fe               Sed/Bed             Pr    M   10.3Mt at 32.58% Fe                                                                         mgt                                N41-28-00, E095-51-0   Tang, 1996
1157   China   Gansu    Anbei                      Fe               Skn/Lnt             Pz1   S   2.42Mt at 49.1% Fe                                                                          mgt                                N40-50-00, E096-12-3   Tang, 1996
1158   China   Gansu    M-739                      Fe               Hyd/Mas             Pr    S   1.7Mt at 47.1% Fe                                                                           mgt                                N40-36-30, E099-40-0   Tang, 1996
1159   China   Gansu    Sidaogou                   Fe               Sed/Bed             Pz1   M   14.59Mt at 29.86% Fe                                                                        sid, mgt                           N39-50-00, E096-56-0   Tang, 1996
1160   China   Gansu    Liugouxia                  Fe               Sed/Bed             Pr    M   42.8Mt at 38.6% Fe                                                                          mgt, hem                           N39-42-00, E096-55-0   Tang, 1996
1161   China   Gansu    Jintieshan                 Fe               Sed/Bed             Pr    L   542Mt at 37.86% Fe                                                                          hem, sid, bar                      N39-25-00, E097-55-0   Tang, 1996
1162   China   Gansu    Dongdoshan                 Fe               Sed/Lnt             Pr    M   28Mt at 31.75% Fe                                                                           mgt, bar                           N38-27-00, E102-00-0   Tang, 1996
1163   China   Gansu    Chenjiamiao                Fe, Cu           Vol-Sed             Pz1   M   29Mt at 32.45% Fe, 0.73% Cu                                                                 mgt, py, cp                        N34-54-00, E106-29-0   Tang, 1996
1164   China   Gansu    Dangduo                    Fe               Sed/Bed             D     M   5.3Mt at 33% Fe                                                                             hem                                N34-15-00, E103-06-0   Tang, 1996
1165   China   Gansu    Heila                      Fe               Sed/Lnt             D     M   53.2Mt at 34.56% Fe                                                                         hem                                N34-10-00, E103-49-0   Tang, 1996
1166   China   Gansu    Majiashan                  Hg               Hyd-Rpl             U     S   513t Hg at 0.502% Hg                                                                        cnb                                N33-40-00, E106-07-0   Tang, 1996
1167   China   Gansu    Yushishan                  Mn               Wth/Lnt             Pr    M   152Kt at 21.5-36.27% Mn                                                                     psl, pyl                           N41-27-00, E095-05-0   Tang, 1996
1168   China   Gansu    Heixiakou                  Mn               Wth/Lnt             Pz1   M   150Kt at 38.3% Mn                                                                                                              N40-07-30, E096-36-0   Tang, 1996
1169   China   Gansu    Goulingzi                  Mn, Fe, Mo                           Pr    M   1.2Mt at 24.38% Mn, 0.076% Mo, 0.083% Co                                                                                       N33-04-00, E105-02-0   Tang, 1996
1170   China   Gansu    Huaheitan                  Mo               Hyd/Dis             Tr    S   24.3Kt Mo at 0.08% Mo                                                                       mlb                                N41-13-00, E095-23-0   Tang, 1996
1171   China   Gansu    Jinchuan                   Ni, Cu           Mgm/Lnt             Pr    L   663.8Mt at 1.25% Ni, 0.81% Cu, 0.343% Co, 0.028-0.21g/t Pt, 0.014-0.12g/t Pd                pyr, pnt, cp, cbn                  N38-28-00, E102-10-0   Tang, 1996; MEG, 1995
1172   China   Gansu    Huaniushan                 Pb, Zn, Ag, Au   Skn                 Tr    M   153.9Kt Pb, 74Kt Zn, 504t Ag at 3.70% Pb, 2.41% Zn, 174g/t Ag                                                                  N41-13-00, E095-34-0   Tang, 1996
1173   China   Gansu    Diaoshigou                 Pb, Zn           Hyd-Str             Pr    M   89.7Kt PbZn at 1.24% Zn, 1.51% Pb                                                           gal, sph                           N39-50-00, E095-42-3   Tang, 1996
1174   China   Gansu    Dadonggou                  Pb, Zn           Str                 Pr    M   116Kt PbZn at 1.07-3.54% Pb, 0.11-0.47% Zn                                                                                     N39-33-00, E097-18-0   Tang, 1996
1175   China   Gansu    Yaoquan                    Pb, Zn, Mn, Fe   Sed/Lnt             Pr    M   11.74Mt iron ore, 230Kt PbZn at 0.86% Pb, 0.95% Zn, 37.82% FeMn                                                                N39-13-00, E100-43-0   Tang, 1996
1176   China   Gansu    Jiaolongzhang              Zn, Pb, Fe       Vol-Sed/Lnt         U     M   166.6Kt PbZn at 2.75% Zn, 1.87% Pb                                                          sph, py, gal, mgt, py              N35-21-00, E105-55-0   Tang, 1996
1177   China   Gansu    Xialadi                    Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd-Rpl             U     M   119Kt Pb, 118t Ag, 808t Zn at 2.15% Pb, 3.02% Zn, 24.4g/t Ag                                gal, sph, py, cp                   N34-47-00, E103-31-0   Tang, 1996
1178   China   Gansu    Yaogou                     Pb, Zn, Ag       Str                 U     S   46.5Kt Pb, 2.8Kt Zn, 90.9t Ag at 1.29% Pb, 1.09% Zn                                         gal, sph, py                       N34-45-00, E103-27-0   Tang, 1996
1179   China   Gansu    Lijiagou/Xicheng           Pb, Zn           Str (SEDEX)         D     L   24.76Mt at 7.37% Zn, 1.28% Pb, 8.48g/t Ag                                                   sph, gal, py, cp, apy              N34-06-00, E105-44-0   MEG, 1995
1180   China   Gansu    Dengjiashan/Xicheng        Pb, Zn           Str                 U     M   541.4Kt PbZn                                                                                                                   N34-03-00, E105-34-0   Tang, 1996
1181   China   Gansu    Changba/Xicheng            Pb, Zn           Str (SEDEX)         D     L   43.9Mt at 7.04% Zn, 2.74% Pb, 14.6g/t Ag                                                                                       N34-01-00, E105-43-0   Tang, 1996; MEG, 1995
1182   China   Gansu    Luoba/Xicheng              Pb, Zn           Str                 D     L   1.41Mt PbZn                                                                                                                    N33-57-00, E105-59-0   Tang, 1996
1183   China   Gansu    Bijiashan/Xicheng          Pb, Zn, Cu       Str                 D     M   950Kt PbZnCu, 338t Ag, 2.127t Ge                                                                                               N33-52-00, E105-53-0   Tang, 1996
1184   China   Gansu    Meixiunan                  Sb, Hg           Hyd/Bed             U     S   4.8Kt Sb at 4.59% Sb, 0.06-0.15% Hg                                                         stb, cnb                           N34-40-00, E102-52-3   Tang, 1996
1185   China   Gansu    Aiwan                      Sb               Hyd/Ffill           U     M   150Kt Sb at 2.86% Sb                                                                                                           N33-41-00, E104-58-0   Tang, 1996
1186   China   Gansu    Mingxishan                 Sn                                   U     M   1650t Sn at 0.2-0.3% Sn                                                                                                        N41-50-00, E095-58-0   Tang, 1996
1188   China   Gansu       Hongjianbinshan         W, Bi            Hyd/Vn            Pz2   M   12.6Kt WO3 at 0.752-0.907% WO3, 1.32Kt Bi, 2.11Kt BeO                                  wlf                                    N42-12-00, E096-30-0   Tang, 1996
1189   China   Gansu       Ta'ergou                W, Be, Bi, Sn    Skn-Hyd/Vn        U     L   208.7Kt WO3 at 1.264% WO3 for wlf, 0.208% WO3 for sch, 4.7Kt BeO, 4.0Kt Sn, 3.2Kt Bi   wlf, sch                               N39-24-00, E097-07-0   Tang, 1996
1190   China   Gansu       Dongfenggou             Ba               Sed/Lnt-Bed       Cm    L   5.8Mt at 70-80% BaSO4                                                                  bar                                    N33-05-00, E104-58-0   Tang, 1996
1191   China   Gansu       Tangia-Erboshan         Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   740Kt Grp                                                                                                                     N39-13-00, E103-50-0   Tang, 1996
1192   China   Gansu       Qibaquan                F                Hyd/Vn            Pz2   M   1.36Mt at 77.17% CaF2                                                                  fl                                     N39-38-00, E099-50-0   Tang, 1996
1193   China   Gansu       Zhaoluguo-Tougou        F                Hyd/Vn            U     M   1.08Mt                                                                                 fl                                     N38-07-00, E101-46-0   Tang, 1996
1194   China   Gansu       Xishimen                F                Hyd/Vn            U     M   650Kt at 70.68% CaF2                                                                   fl                                     N37-56-00, E101-20-0   Tang, 1996
1195   China   Gansu       Zhengbeishan            Gp               Sed/Bed           Tn    M   74.8Mt at 89.5% CaSO4                                                                                                         N39-25-00, E100-23-0   Tang, 1996
1196   China   Gansu       Lujiagou-Huoshaocheng   Gp               Sed/Bed           C     M   >55Mt                                                                                                                         N36-59-00, E103-02-0   Tang, 1996
1197   China   Gansu       Mafengzigou             P                Sed/Bed           Pr    M   18.99Mt at 10.6% P2O5                                                                                                         N38-35-00, E101-50-0   Tang, 1996
1198   China   Gansu       Donshuiquan             Rc               Sed/Bed           C     M   8,08Mt                                                                                                                        N38-26-00, E101-20-0   Tang, 1996
1199   China   Gansu       Hejiashan               Rc               Sed/Lnt           C     S   4.97Mt                                                                                 Kln                                    N35-28-00, E105-49-0   Tang, 1996
1200   China   Guangdong   Songxi                  Ag, Sb           Hyd/Vn            U     M   20t Ag, 20Kt Sb                                                                                                               N24-35-00, E116-16-0   Wu, 1996
1201   China   Guangdong   Fuwan                   Ag               Hyd               U     S   373g/t Ag                                                                                                                     N22-57-30, E112-50-0   Wu, 1996
1202   China   Guangdong   Pangxitong              Ag, Au, Pb, Zn   Hyd/Dis           U     M   410g/t Ag, 1.01g/t Au                                                                                                         N21-50-00, E110-04-0   Wu, 1996
1204   China   Guangdong   Lianmai                 Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.02t Au                                                                                                                      N24-06-00, E112-11-0   Cun et al., 1992
1205   China   Guangdong   Jiulong                 Au                                 U     M   10.0t Au at 6.31g/t Au                                                                                                        N24-05-00, E112-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
1206   China   Guangdong   Xinzhou                 Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   8.23t Au at 11.33g/t Au                                                                                                       N24-02-30, E112-56-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1207   China   Guangdong   Banti                   Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.10t Au at 6.84g/t Au                                                                                                        N23-51-00, E111-55-0   Cun et al., 1992
1208   China   Guangdong   Jingu                   Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   6.84g/t Au                                                                                                                    N23-50-00, E111-56-0   Wu, 1996
1209   China   Guangdong   Zinzhuang               Au               Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   6.69t Au at 2.71g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N23-46-00, E111-52-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1210   China   Guangdong   Hetai                   Au               Hyd/Dis           J     M   50t Au at 6.8g/t Au                                                                    py, cp, pyr, apy                       N23-21-00, E112-16-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
1211   China   Guangdong   Jinli                   Au                                 U     S   5.0t Au at 10.48g/t Au                                                                                                        N23-05-00, E112-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
1212   China   Guangdong   Changkeng               Au, Ag           Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   8g/t Au, 292g/t Ag                                                                                                            N23-01-00, E112-53-0   Wu, 1996
1213   China   Guangdong   Hejiang                 Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.53t Au at 12.01 g/t Au                                                                                                      N22-44-00, E111-13-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1214   China   Guangdong   Pingtang                Au                                 U     S   5.0t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                                                                         N22-28-00, E111-22-0   Cun et al., 1992
1215   China   Guangdong   Dongkeng                Au               Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.0t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                        N22-22-00, E111-22-3   Cun et al., 1992
1216   China   Guangdong   Changgangling           Bi, W            Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.55Kt Bi                                                                              bis, sch, py                           N24-26-00, E113-11-0   Wu, 1996
1217   China   Guangdong   Tiegang                 Co               Hyd/Vn            U     S   >1.0Kt Co                                                                                                                     N23-48-30, E115-14-0   Wu, 1996
1218   China   Guangdong   Dabaoshan               Cu, Zn, Pb, Fe   Sed-Exh/Lnt       D     M   126Mt at 0.72% Cu, 21Mt at 6.23% Pb+Zn                                                 py, pyr, cp, sph, gal, sid, mlb, sch   N24-35-00, E113-41-0   MEG, 1995
1219   China   Guangdong   Damaishan               Cu, Pb, Zn       Skn/Mas           Mz2   M   20Kt Cu, 40Kt Pb+Zn at 1.35% Cu, 6.91% Pb, 2.09% Zn                                                                           N24-30-00, E112-18-0   Wu, 1996
1220   China   Guangdong   Yushi                   Cu Pb, Zn        Str/Lnt           C     S                                                                                                                                 N24-28-30, E116-12-3   Wu, 1996
1221   China   Guangdong   Xiping                  Cu, Mo, Sn       Hyd-Skn/Irg       K     M   0.8% Cu, 0.06-0.045% Mo, 0.16-0.18% Sn                                                                                        N22-30-00, E111-23-0   Wu, 1996
1222   China   Guangdong   Shilu                   Cu, Mo           Skn/Lnt           K     M   300Kt Cu at 0.79% Cu, 0.11% Mo                                                                                                N22-12-00, E111-42-0   Wu, 1996
1223   China   Guangdong   Jianshan                Fe               Skn/Irg-Mas       K     M   22.16Mt at 50.1% Fe, 0.376% WO3, 0.102% Mo, 0.109% Sn                                  mgt, hem                               N24-42-00, E115-57-3   Wu, 1996
1224   China   Guangdong   Tongluotang             Fe               Sed/Bed           Pr    M   15.2Mt at 22.17% Fe, 0.0132% Co                                                        mgt                                    N24-40-00, E111-58-3   Wu, 1996
1225   China   Guangdong   Tieshanzhang            Fe, Sn           Skn/Lnt           U     M   21.0Mt at 55.1% Fe, 0.216% Sn                                                          hem, gth, mgt, cas                     N24-22-00, E115-48-0   Wu, 1996
1226   China   Guangdong   Chencun                 Fe               Hyd-Rpl/Irg       U     M   11Mt                                                                                   gth, mgt, py                           N24-12-00, E114-03-0   Wu, 1996
1227   China   Guangdong   Tengtie                 Fe, Sn           Skn/Lnt           U     S   0.51Mt at 42.5% Fe, 0.19% Cu, 0.202% Sn                                                mgt, cp, cas                           N24-07-00, E112-16-0   Wu, 1996
1228   China   Guangdong   Dading                  Fe, Sn, Zn       Skn/Irg-Mas       K     L   110Mt at 45.02% Fe with 80Kt Sn at 0.126% Sn, 200Kt Zn at 0.292% Zn                    mgt                                    N24-07-00, E114-35-0   Wu, 1996
1229   China   Guangdong   Baxiang                 Fe               Str/Bed           U     M   20.0Mt at 42.6% Fe                                                                     mgt, py, pyr, gal, sph, cp             N23-41-00, E115-55-0   Wu, 1996
1230   China   Guangdong   Lishan                  Fe, Sn, Pb       Skn/Mas           U     M   20Mt at 51.67% Fe, 0.278% Sn, 3.34% Pb                                                                                        N23-37-00, E114-27-0   Wu, 1996
1231   China   Guangdong   Baoshanzhang            Fe, Cu           Skn/Irg-Mas       U     M   80.7Mt at 34.19% Fe                                                                    mgt, py, cp, py                        N23-37-00, E114-55-0   Wu, 1996
1232   China   Guangdong   Fucheng                 Fe, Cu           Skn/Irg           J     M   30.0Mt at 37.1-46.5% Fe, with 60Kt Cu at 0.45-1.27% Cu                                 mgt, cp                                N22-08-30, E111-50-0   Wu, 1996
1233   China   Guangdong   Xi'an                   Hg               Hyd/Lnt           U     S   0.301% Hg                                                                              cnb, stb                               N24-48-30, E113-24-0   Wu, 1996
1234   China   Guangdong   Xiaodai                 Mn               Sed/Lnt           D     M   1.31Mt at 23% Mn, 25% Fe                                                                                                      N24-58-00, E112-12-3   Wu, 1996
1235   China   Guangdong   Baokeng                 Mn               Wth-Res/Lnt       Q     M   2.0Mt at 16-25% Mn, 11-20% Fe                                                                                                 N24-42-00, E116-23-3   Wu, 1996
1236   China   Guangdong   Fenshui                 Mn               Wth-Res/Lnt       Q     M   1.62Mt at 22.49% Mn, 69g/t Ag                                                                                                 N24-26-30, E116-12-0   Wu, 1996
1237   China   Guangdong   Baishaping              Mn               Wth-Res/Lnt       Q     M   1.17Mt at 22.63% Mn                                                                                                           N24-24-00, E116-13-0   Wu, 1996
1238   China   Guangdong   Xinrong                 Mn               Sed/Lnt           D     M   1.49Mt at 23.36% Mn, 28.9% Fe                                                          pyl, psl                               N22-36-00, E111-28-0   Wu, 1996
1239   China   Guangdong   Baishizhang             Mo               Hyd/Vn            U     M   0.116% Mo                                                                                                                     N24-01-00, E115-32-0   Wu, 1996
1240   China   Guangdong   Jilongshan              Mo               Prp               K     S   0.07% Mo                                                                               py, mlb, cp, bis, gal                  N23-10-30, E112-33-0   Wu, 1996
1241   China   Guangdong   Linwan                  Mo               Hyd/Stw-Dis       K     S   0.073% Mo                                                                              mlb, py, hem, mgt                      N22-17-30, E111-34-0   Wu, 1996
1242   China   Guangdong   Poziyin                 Mo               Hyd/Stw           K     S   0.0538% Mo                                                                             mlb, py                                N21-39-30, E110-24-0   Wu, 1996
1243   China   Guangdong   Dongdong                Nb, Sn, Ti       Sed/Plc           Q     S                                                                                          col, cas, zir, ilm                     N23-34-00, E113-46-0   Wu, 1996
1244   China   Guangdong   Yonghan                 Nb, Ta, Sn       Sed/Plc           Q     S                                                                                          col, cas, mnz, zir, ilm                N23-34-00, E113-57-0   Wu, 1996
1245   China   Guangdong   Hengshan                Nb, Ta, Sn       Wth/Lnt           TnQ   S                                                                                          tan, col, cas, mnz                     N23-31-00, E112-22-0   Wu, 1996
1246   China   Guangdong   Paitan                  Nb, Ta, Sn       Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S                                                                                          col, cas, mnz, zir                     N23-29-00, E113-46-0   Wu, 1996
1247   China   Guangdong   520 District            Nb, Ta           Wth-Res           Q     S                                                                                          col, tan, mnz, xnt, mgt, py, top       N23-20-00, E114-28-0   Wu, 1996
1248   China   Guangdong   Yangliutang             Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Lnt           U     M   180Kt Pb+Zn at 2.55% Pb, 7.57% Zn with 2.8Mt Py ore                                    gal, sph, py                           N25-09-00, E113-25-0   Wu, 1996
1249   China   Guangdong   Fankou                  Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Bed           D     L   66.72Mt at 9.97% Zn, 4.88%Pb, 101.8g/t Ag                                              py, sph, gal, apy                      N25-08-00, E113-36-0   Wu, 1996; MEG, 1995
1250   China   Guangdong   Dajianshan              Pb, Zn, Sn       Hyd/Vn            U     M   470Kt Pb+Zn, 4Kt Sn at 2.50% Pb, 3.10% Zn                                                                                     N24-28-00, E114-24-0   Wu, 1996
1251   China   Guangdong   Shangcang               Pb, Zn           Hyd/Lnt           Mz2   M   260Kt Pb+Zn at 1.51% Pb, 8.52% Zn                                                      sph, gal, py                           N23-49-00, E114-04-0   Wu, 1996
1252   China   Guangdong   Chapai                  Pb, Zn           Hyd/Str(MSV)      U     M   490Kt Pb+Zn at 3.65% Pb, 8.26% Zn                                                      sph, gal, py                           N23-37-00, E114-17-0   Wu, 1996
1253   China   Guangdong   Hecun                   Pb, Zn                             U     M   160Kt Pb+Zn at 1.99% Pb, 2.22% Zn, 23.7g/t Ag                                          gal, sph, py                           N22-55-00, E112-46-0   Wu, 1996
1254   China   Guangdong   Danshui                 Pb, Zn           Hyd/Str(MSV)      U     M   200Kt Pb+Zn at 1.58% Pb, 1.21% Zn                                                      gal, sph, py                           N22-48-00, E114-34-0   Wu, 1996
1255   China   Guangdong   Tiantang                Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag   Skn/Lnt           K     M   700Kt Pb+Zn                                                                                                                   N22-35-00, E112-02-3   Wu, 1996
1256   China   Guangdong   Renju                   REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N24-50-00, E115-52-0   Wu, 1996
1257   China   Guangdong   Bachi                   REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N24-45-00, E115-55-0   Wu, 1996
1258   China   Guangdong   Zhaijiding              REE, Kl          Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                          kln, qz                                N24-40-00, E113-20-0   Wu, 1996
1259   China   Guangdong   Xiache                  REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                          kln. Qz                                N24-40-00, E115-05-0   Wu, 1996
1260   China   Guangdong   Yousheng                REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N24-30-00, E115-03-0   Wu, 1996
1261   China   Guangdong   Laisi-Xueshan           REE              Wth-Res/Alv-Plc   TnQ   S                                                                                          xnt, mnz, zir                          N24-00-00, E114-20-0   Wu, 1996
1262   China   Guangdong   Mantoushan              REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N23-40-00, E116-07-0   Wu, 1996
1263   China   Guangdong   Puzhai                  REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N23-38-00, E116-10-0   Wu, 1996
1264   China   Guangdong   Wujingfu                REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N23-27-30, E116-05-0   Wu, 1996
1265   China   Guangdong   Wufang                  REE              Wth-Res           TnQ   S                                                                                                                                 N23-26-50, E116-05-0   Wu, 1996
1266   China   Guangdong   510 Area                REE              Wth-Res/Alv-Plc   TnQ   S                                                                                          xnt, mnz, zir, ilm                     N23-26-00, E112-25-0   Wu, 1996
1267   China   Guangdong   Nanshanhai              REE, Ti, Zr      Sed/Bch-Plc       TnQ   M                                                                                          mnz, zir, ilm, rut                     N21-40-00, E111-40-0   Wu, 1996
1268   China   Guangdong   Madianhe                REE, Ti, Zr      Sed/Bch-Plc       TnQ   S                                                                                          mnz, zir, ilm, rut, cas                N21-32-00, E111-23-3   Wu, 1996
1269   China   Guangdong   Diancheng               REE, Ti, Zr      Sed/Bch-Plc       TnQ   S                                                                                          mnz, xnt, rut, cas                     N21-30-00, E111-20-0   Wu, 1996
1270   China   Guangdong   Lejiawan                Sb               Hyd/Lyr           U     M   >60Kt at 2.62% Sb                                                                      stb, py                                N25-27-30, E113-12-0   Wu, 1996
1271   China   Guangdong   Meihua                  Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     M   10Kt Sb                                                                                stb, py, cnb                           N25-14-00, E113-07-0   Wu, 1996
1272   China   Guangdong   Chilaoding              Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.22-4.99% Sb                                                                                                                 N24-47-00, E113-23-3   Wu, 1996
1273   China   Guangdong   Xiejiashan        Sn                  Wth/Lnt        TnQ   M   >10Kt Sn at 0.43% Sn                                                                         cas, mgt, sch             N24-31-00, E113-06-0   Wu, 1996
1274   China   Guangdong   Xihuashan         Sn                  Hyd/Vn         U     M   5.8Kt Sn at 0.47% Sn                                                                         cas, py, pyr, sph, gal    N24-30-00, E114-31-3   Wu, 1996
1275   China   Guangdong   Baoshanzhang      Sn, W               Hyd/Vn         U     M   >20Kt Sn, 550t WO3                                                                           cas, wlf, mlb             N23-51-00, E115-31-0   Wu, 1996
1276   China   Guangdong   Houpoao           Sn, Pb, Zn, Ag      Hyd/Vn         K     M   >20Kt Sn, >200Kt Pb+Zn                                                                                                 N23-38-00, E116-32-3   Wu, 1996
1277   China   Guangdong   Chetian           Sn                  Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   759g/m3 Sn                                                                                                             N23-37-00, E116-19-0   Wu, 1996
1278   China   Guangdong   Tiezhang          Sn                  Hyd/Vn-Lnt     U     M   30Kt Sn at 0.24-0.85% Sn                                                                                               N23-30-00, E115-22-0   Wu, 1996
1279   China   Guangdong   Tashan            Sn                  Prp            K     M   7.0Kt Sn at 0.64% Sn                                                                                                   N23-14-00, E115-32-0   Wu, 1996
1280   China   Guangdong   Xiling            Sn                  Hyd/Vn-Stw     U     S   4.1Kt Sn                                                                                     cas                       N23-02-00, E115-57-3   Wu, 1996
1281   China   Guangdong   Jiuquling         Sn, W               Grs-Hyd/Vn     U     M   10Kt Sn at 0.33-0.46% Sn                                                                     cas, wlf                  N22-56-00, E111-57-3   Wu, 1996
1282   China   Guangdong   Changpu           Sn, Pb, Zn          Hyd/Vn         U     M   >20Kt Sn at 0.49% Sn, 0.82% Pb, 1.22% Zn                                                     cas, gal, sph             N22-56-00, E115-14-0   Wu, 1996
1283   China   Guangdong   Niutoushan        Sn, Cu, Zn          Hyd/Vn         U     S   0.34% Sn, 0.2% Cu, 0.15% Zn                                                                                            N22-52-00, E115-11-0   Wu, 1996
1284   China   Guangdong   Jishuimen         Sn, Pb, Zn          Hyd/Vn         U     M   6.9Kt Sn, 60Kt Pb+Zn                                                                         py, pyr, gal, sph, cas    N22-51-00, E115-03-0   Wu, 1996
1285   China   Guangdong   Qichan            Sn                  Skn/Lnt        Mz2   M   1.04% Sn                                                                                     mgt, cas, gth             N22-34-00, E111-17-0   Wu, 1996
1286   China   Guangdong   Yinyan            Sn                  Hyd/BRc        K     M   0.53% Sn                                                                                     cas, wlf, mlb             N22-21-00, E111-20-0   Wu, 1996
1287   China   Guangdong   Bantanhe          Sn, Ti, REE         Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   524g/m3 Sn                                                                                   cas, ilm, mnz             N22-12-30, E112-55-0   Wu, 1996
1288   China   Guangdong   Xishan            Sn, W, Cu, Pb, Zn   Grs-Hyd/Vn     Mz2   M   >10Kt Sn, 5.0Kt WO3                                                                          cas, wlf                  N22-08-00, E111-40-0   Wu, 1996
1289   China   Guangdong   Xialan            Ti, Fe, V           Wth-Res        TnQ   M   13Mt at 26.35% Fe, 6.6% TiO2, 0.265% V2O5                                                    ilm                       N24-25-00, E115-40-0   Wu, 1996
1290   China   Guangdong   Linjiang          Ti                  Wth-Res/Lnt    Q     S   1.1Mt at 36.08kg/t ilm                                                                       ilm                       N23-39-00, E114-40-0   Wu, 1996
1291   China   Guangdong   Tuyang            Ti                  Sed/Bch-Plc    U     S   15.37kg/m3                                                                                                             N23-20-00, E116-10-3   Wu, 1996
1292   China   Guangdong   Guixu             Ti                  Wth-Res        TnQ   S   30.05kg/m3                                                                                   ilm, zir                  N23-06-30, E111-29-0   Wu, 1996
1293   China   Guangdong   Pingding          Ti                  Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   34.1kg/t ilm                                                                                 ilm, zir, mgt             N22-01-00, E110-25-0   Wu, 1996
1295   China   Guangdong   Miantuwo          W, Cu               Hyd/Vn         U     M   10.0Kt WO3 at 1.0% WO3, 0.33% Cu, 0.90% Mo                                                   wlf, sch, cas, mlb, bis   N24-59-30, E114-18-0   Wu, 1996
1296   China   Guangdong   Yaoling           W                   Hyd/Vn         K     M   >30.0Kt WO3 at 0.4-2.52% WO3                                                                 wlf, sch, py, mlb         N24-50-00, E113-55-0   Wu, 1996
1297   China   Guangdong   Shirenzhang       W, Sn               Hyd/Vn         U     M   >10Kt WO3, 1.0Kt Sn at 0.63% WO3, 0.04% Sn                                                   wlf, cas                  N24-50-00, E114-08-3   Wu, 1996
1298   China   Guangdong   Meiziwo           W, Sn               Hyd/Vn         U     M   >20Kt WO3                                                                                    wlf, cas, mlb, bis        N24-48-00, E114-13-3   Wu, 1996
1299   China   Guangdong   Hongling          W                   Hyd/Vn-Dis     U     M   >10.0Kt WO3 at 1.79% WO3                                                                     wlf, mlb, cp, sch         N24-29-00, E113-58-0   Wu, 1996
1300   China   Guangdong   Jubankeng         W                   Hyd/Vn         U     M   0.33% WO3, 0.127% Sn                                                                         wlf, cas, cp, sph, gal    N24-28-00, E114-40-0   Wu, 1996
1301   China   Guangdong   Lianhuashan       W                   Prp            U     M   0.58-1.44% WO3                                                                               wlf, sch                  N23-38-00, E116-53-0   Wu, 1996
1302   China   Guangdong   Xiaonanshan       W                   Hyd/Vn         U     M   >10.0Kt WO3 at 0.1-0.46% WO3                                                                 wlf, cas, mlb, cp         N22-05-30, E111-42-0   Wu, 1996
1303   China   Guangdong   Nanhe             W, Mo               Hyd/Stw        Pz1   S   0.264% WO3, 0.028% Mo                                                                        sch, mlb, cp, bis         N21-45-00, E110-14-0   Wu, 1996
1304   China   Guangdong   Nanpengdao        W                   Hyd/Vn         U     M   14.0Kt WO3 at 2.16% WO3                                                                      wlf, bis, cp, mlb, cas    N21-33-00, E112-14-0   Wu, 1996
1305   China   Guangdong   Jiulongping       B                   Skn/Lnt        U     S   6.68% B2O3                                                                                   ldw, noc, cp, sph, mgt    N24-27-00, E112-27-3   Wu, 1996
1306   China   Guangdong   Meidong           Gr                  Sed-Mtm/Bed    U     S                                                                                                                          N24-13-00, E114-23-0   Wu, 1996
1307   China   Guangdong   Tongxi            Gr, Py              Sed-Mtm/Bed    Tr    M   1.34Mt Grp, 4.66Mt py ore                                                                                              N23-50-00, E113-40-0   Wu, 1996
1308   China   Guangdong   Liangjiang        F                   Hyd/Vn         U     M   0.44Mt at 48.75% CaF2                                                                                                  N25-23-30, E113-17-0   Wu, 1996
1309   China   Guangdong   Zhangguling       F                   Hyd/Vn         K     M   0.47Mt at 39.77% CaF2                                                                                                  N25-19-00, E113-28-0   Wu, 1996
1310   China   Guangdong   Jiangtou          F                   Hyd/Vn         U     M   0.41Mt at 68.27% CaF2                                                                                                  N25-06-00, E114-25-0   Wu, 1996
1311   China   Guangdong   Dipili            F                   Hyd/Vn         K     M   1.01Mt at 61.88% CaF2                                                                                                  N24-06-00, E115-50-0   Wu, 1996
1312   China   Guangdong   Daoji             F                   Hyd/Vn         K     M   2.56Mt at 51.69% CaF2                                                                                                  N23-45-00, E114-42-3   Wu, 1996
1313   China   Guangdong   Jingshancan       F                   Hyd/Vn         U     S   0.27Mt at 60.7% CaF2                                                                                                   N23-39-00, E113-35-0   Wu, 1996
1314   China   Guangdong   Xingning          Gp                  Sed/Bed        Tp    M   48.9Mt at 82.04% CaSO4                                                                       gyp, anh                  N24-14-00, E115-41-0   Wu, 1996
1315   China   Guangdong   Mafang-Chaoyang   Gp                  Sed/Bed        Tp    M   55.8Mt                                                                                       gyp                       N23-17-00, E112-48-0   Wu, 1996
1316   China   Guangdong   Dalangshan        Gp                  Sed/Bed        Tp    M   27Mt at 83.77% CaSO4                                                                                                   N23-12-30, E112-50-0   Wu, 1996
1317   China   Guangdong   Yanbu             Gp                  Sed/Bed        Tp    M   20.0Mt at 80.03% CaSO4                                                                       anh, gyp                  N23-06-00, E113-10-0   Wu, 1996
1318   China   Guangdong   Feitianyan        Kl                  Wth-Res        TnQ   M   32Mt at 13.99% Al2O3, 78.19% SiO2, 0.62% Fe2O3                                                                         N23-41-00, E116-41-3   Wu, 1996
1319   China   Guangdong   Shawei            Kl                  Wth-Res        TnQ   M   9.2Mt                                                                                                                  N23-15-00, E114-39-0   Wu, 1996
1320   China   Guangdong   Zhangjiabian      Kl                  Wth-Res        TnQ   S   4Mt at 32.9% Al2O3, 50.05% SiO2, 1.01% Fe2O3+TiO2 as conc.                                                             N22-35-00, E113-29-0   Wu, 1996
1321   China   Guangdong   Yuhuai            Kl                  Wth-Res        TnQ   M   64Mt at 34.05% Al2O3, 1.27% Fe2O3 as conc.                                                                             N22-11-00, E112-46-3   Wu, 1996
1322   China   Guangdong   Shatian           Kl                  Wth-Res        TnQ   M   11.9Mt at 17.5% Al2O3                                                                                                  N21-57-00, E110-46-3   Wu, 1996
1323   China   Guangdong   Shan'ge           Kl                  Sed/Bed        Tn    L   290Mt at 32.6% Al2O3, 0.32% TiO2, 0.72% Fe2O3                                                                          N21-49-00, E110-56-0   Wu, 1996
1324   China   Guangdong   Shandai           Kl                  Wth-Res        Q     M   45.9Mt                                                                                                                 N21-22-00, E110-31-0   Wu, 1996
1325   China   Guangdong   Gekeng            Na                  Evp/Bed        Tp    L   44.15Mt                                                                                                                N23-19-30, E112-59-0   Wu, 1996
1326   China   Guangdong   Longgui           Na, Tn              Evp            Tp    L   66.5Mt Na, 20.2Mt Na2SO4                                                                                               N23-17-00, E113-18-0   Wu, 1996
1327   China   Guangdong   Tangxi            Pp                  Hyd/Lnt        J     S   0.45Mt at 14.41% Al2O3, 73.20% SiO2                                                          pph, qz                   N23-50-00, E116-05-0   Wu, 1996
1328   China   Guangdong   Xigangzhai        Py                  Sed/Bed        D     M   2.49Mt at 32.33% S                                                                           py                        N25-12-00, E113-23-0   Wu, 1996
1329   China   Guangdong   Jintan            Py                  Hyd/Lnt        U     M   3.09Mt at 35% S                                                                              py                        N24-25-00, E113-07-0   Wu, 1996
1330   China   Guangdong   Jingchongjiao     Py                  Sed/Lnt        D     M   2.38Mt at 37.9% S                                                                            py                        N24-23-30, E113-24-0   Wu, 1996
1331   China   Guangdong   Liuhuangshan      Py                  Hyd/Lnt        U     M   3.74Mt at 24.52% S                                                                           py, pyr                   N24-23-00, E113-17-0   Wu, 1996
1332   China   Guangdong   Hongyan           Py                  Sed/Bed        D     M   21.0Mt at 26.06% S                                                                                                     N24-12-00, E112-55-0   Wu, 1996
1333   China   Guangdong   Makou             Py                  Sed/Lnt        D     M   1.91Mt at 30.74% S                                                                           py                        N24-12-00, E113-20-0   Wu, 1996
1334   China   Guangdong   Xiniu             Py                  Sed/Bed        D     M   37.0Mt at 20.05% S                                                                           py                        N24-06-00, E113-02-0   Wu, 1996
1335   China   Guangdong   Tongxi            Py                  Skn/Irg        U     M   4.62Mt at 19.71% S                                                                           pyr, gal, sph             N23-54-00, E113-41-0   Wu, 1996
1336   China   Guangdong   Guantian          Py                  Hyd/Vn         K     M   17.17Mt at 22.9% S                                                                           py                        N23-06-30, E115-29-0   Wu, 1996
1337   China   Guangdong   Dajiangping       Py                  Sed/Bed        U     L   >200Mt at 32.09% S                                                                           py, pyr, gal, sph         N23-04-00, E111-58-3   Wu, 1996
1338   China   Guangdong   Edi               Py, Ag              Hyd/Dis        U     M   6.14Mt at 13.12% S, 19.69g/t Ag                                                              py                        N23-02-30, E115-56-3   Wu, 1996
1339   China   Guangdong   Shibankeng        Py                  Sed/Bed        U     M   20.11Mt at 15.39% S                                                                                                    N22-56-30, E111-59-0   Wu, 1996
1340   China   Guangdong   Heishigang        Py                  Skn/Irg        U     M   17.3Mt at 22.73% S                                                                           py, gal, sph              N22-19-00, E111-51-3   Wu, 1996
1341   China   Guangdong   Nanshan           Rc                  Sed/Lnt        C     S   2.76Mt at 37.07% Al2O3+TiO2, 2.11% Fe2O3                                                     kln                       N24-56-00, E114-08-0   Wu, 1996
1342   China   Guangdong   Guapaishan        Rc                  Sed/Lnt        C     S   2.08Mt at 29.41% Al2O3, 3.5% Fe2O3                                                           kln                       N24-42-00, E113-36-0   Wu, 1996
1343   China   Guangdong   Yuantan           Rc                  Sed/Bed        Q     M   5.93Mt at 33.57% Al2O3, 0.45% Fe2O3                                                          kln                       N23-38-00, E113-09-0   Wu, 1996
1344   China   Guangdong   Guotang           Rc                  Sed/Lnt        Q     S   3.32Mt at 27.5% Al2O3, 2.57% Fe2O3                                                                                     N23-15-00, E113-05-0   Wu, 1996
1345   China   Guangdong   Tiantangwei       Rc                  Sed/Bed        U     S   2.39Mt at 29.19% Al2O3, 2.25% Fe2O3                                                                                    N22-45-00, E114-06-3   Wu, 1996
1346   China   Guangdong   Jiazi             Zr, Ti              Sed/Bch-Plc    Q     S                                                                                                zir, ilm, rut, mnz, cas   N22-52-00, E116-04-0   Wu, 1996
1347   China   Guangxi     Fenghuangshan     Ag                  Hyd-Rpl        U     S   oxide ore zone: 747g/t Ag, prim. ore zone: 355g/t Ag                                         pyg                       N22-58-00, E107-49-0   Zhai, 1996
1348   China   Guangxi     Zhongsu           Ag, Au              Hyd/Dis        U     S   209t Ag at 185.05g/t Ag, 0.43g/t Au                                                                                    N21-56-00, E110-06-0   Zhai, 1996
1349   China   Guangxi     Jinshan           Ag, Au, Pb, Zn      Hyd/Ffill      K     M   576t Ag, 1.535t Au, 6.4Kt Pb, 5.7Kt Zn                                                                                 N21-54-00, E110-02-0   Zhai, 1996
1350   China   Guangxi     Jiaomei/Pingguo   Al                  Sed/Lnt        P     S   730Kt at 64% Al2O3, 11.94% SiO2, 5.78% Fe2O3                                                 dsp                       N23-37-30, E107-37-0   Zhai, 1996
1351   China   Guangxi     Gumei             Al                  Wth-Res/Lnt    Q     M   Qt Bx: 25.05Mt at 54-59% Al2O3, 7.4-11.9% SiO2, 8.8-19.8% Fe2O3; Pm Bx: 3.54Mt                                         N23-33-00, E106-37-3   Zhai, 1996
1352   China   Guangxi     Taiping/Pinnguo   Al                  Sed/Bed-Lnt    P     M   59.4Mt at 54.5% Al2O3, 3.53% SiO2, 23.5% Fe2O3 with 5.38Kt Ga                                dsp                       N23-33-00, E107-35-0   Zhai, 1996
1353   China   Guangxi     Youchang          Al                  Sed/Bed        Q     M   Pm Bx: 5.9Mt, Qt Bx: 4.2Mt at 45-53.4% Al2O3, 7.5-9.1% SiO2, 16.5-28.5% Fe203, 4.3-5.3% Ti   dsp, kln                  N23-29-00, E107-06-0   Zhai, 1996
1354   China   Guangxi     Nadou/Pingguo     Al                  Sed/Bed        P     M   19.5Mt at 64.7% Al2O3, 6.8% SiO2, 7.9%Fe2O3                                                  dsp                       N23-27-00, E107-31-0   Zhai, 1996
1355   China   Guangxi     Longhua           Al                  Sed/Bed        P     M   31.04Mt at 46.3-58.0% Al2O3, 10.1-19.0% SiO2, 10.9-21.4% Fe2O3 with 2.83Kt Ga                dsp                       N23-24-00, E106-30-0   Zhai, 1996
1356   China   Guangxi     Ludong            Al                  Sed/Lnt        Q     M   Pm Bx: 20.3Mt, Qt Bx: 35.3Mt at 47.8-67.4% Al2O3, 1.56-27.6% SiO2, 10.3-28.1% Fe2O3          dsp                       N23-07-30, E106-16-0   Zhai, 1996
1357   China   Guangxi     Baishui           Au                  Hyd/Vn         U     S   >5.00t Au at 20.00g/t Au                                                                                               N25-58-30, E110-11-3   Cun et al., 1992
1358   China   Guangxi     Fenshuiao         Au                  Hyd/Dis        U     S   1.67t Au at 8.610g/t Au                                                                                                N25-55-00, E110-05-0   Cun et al., 1992
1359   China   Guangxi     Jinzhudong        Au                  Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U     M   10.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                N24-58-00, E106-24-0   Cun et al., 1992
1360   China   Guangxi     Langquan          Au                  Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U     S   5.00t Au at 4.70g/t Au                                                                                                 N24-51-00, E106-16-0   Cun et al., 1992
1361   China   Guangxi     Gengxin           Au                  Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U     S   5.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N24-41-30, E106-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
1362   China   Guangxi     Tianwan           Au                  Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U     S   5.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N24-39-30, E104-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
1363   China   Guangxi     Pingshan          Au                  Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U     S   5.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N24-36-30, E106-16-0   Cun et al., 1992
1364   China   Guangxi   Longhuo              Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00-10.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                  N24-36-00, E105-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
1365   China   Guangxi   Pingtang             Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                                                        N24-34-00, E105-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
1366   China   Guangxi   Jinya                Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     M   30.00t Au at 5.25g/t Au                                                          py, apy, cnb, rlg, stb       N24-34-00, E106-52-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1367   China   Guangxi   Caijiaping           Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   1.00t Au at 3.00-5.00g/t Au                                                                                   N24-30-00, E106-53-0   Cun et al., 1992
1368   China   Guangxi   Mingshan             Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     M   10.00t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                          py, apy, sph, gal, cp, orp   N24-24-30, E106-51-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1369   China   Guangxi   Longshui             Au                    Hyd/Dis           Pz1   S   3.006t Au at 11.260g/t Au                                                        py, gal, ngld                N24-24-00, E111-57-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1370   China   Guangxi   Luolou               Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   0.980t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                       N24-21-00, E106-46-3   Cun et al., 1992
1371   China   Guangxi   Zhanggongling        Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     S   6.782t Au, 484t Ag at 4.685g/t Au, 338g/t Ag                                                                  N24-21-00, E112-00-0   Cun et al., 1992
1372   China   Guangxi   Badu                 Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     S   5.00t Au at 5.50g/t Au                                                                                        N24-16-00, E105-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
1373   China   Guangxi   Pingwang             Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                                                        N24-15-00, E106-17-3   Cun et al., 1992
1374   China   Guangxi   Gaolong              Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     M   25.00t Au at 4.02g/t Au                                                          py, stb, cnb                 N24-14-00, E105-41-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1375   China   Guangxi   Longchuan            Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                        N24-09-00, E106-51-0   Cun et al., 1992
1376   China   Guangxi   Nabi                 Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                        N24-06-00, E105-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
1377   China   Guangxi   Luoxiang             Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                        N23-57-30, E110-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
1378   China   Guangxi   Taohua               Au                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.03t Au at 8.15g/t Au                                                                                        N23-55-00, E110-47-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1379   China   Guangxi   Xinxing              Au                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                        N23-55-00, E110-51-0   Cun et al., 1992
1380   China   Guangxi   Gupao                Au                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   5.218t Au at 5.10-17.9g/t Au                                                                                  N23-54-00, E111-00-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1381   China   Guangxi   Laola                Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     S   1.50t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                                        N23-53-30, E110-57-0   Cun et al., 1992
1382   China   Guangxi   Liuling              Au                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.078t Au at 14.63g/t Au                                                                                      N23-48-00, E110-21-0   Cun et al., 1992
1383   China   Guangxi   Jiaoman              Au                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.5t Au                                                                                                       N23-40-00, E106-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
1384   China   Guangxi   Guohua               Au                                      U     S   2.00t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                                                        N23-27-00, E107-26-0   Cun et al., 1992
1385   China   Guangxi   Daluo                Au                    Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   3.500t Au at 0.1500g/m3 Au                                                                                    N23-26-00, E108-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1386   China   Guangxi   Shuitai              Au                    Sed/Alv-Dlv-Plc   Q     S   8.170t Au at 0.1621g/m3 Au                                                                                    N23-21-30, E108-35-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1387   China   Guangxi   Wanjia               Au                    Sed/Alv-Dlv-Plc   Q     S   1.800t Au at 0.2300g/m3 Au                                                                                    N23-18-00, E108-39-3   Cun et al., 1992
1388   China   Guangxi   Sanhua               Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                        N23-16-00, E109-31-0   Cun et al., 1992
1389   China   Guangxi   Rangnan              Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.00t Au at 3.00-4.00g/t Au                                                                                   N23-16-00, E111-07-0   Cun et al., 1992
1390   China   Guangxi   Zhongxian            Au                    Sed/Plc           Q     S   2.00t Au at 0.230g/m3 Au                                                                                      N23-15-00, E108-42-3   Cun et al., 1992
1391   China   Guangxi   Longtoushan          Au                    Hyd/BRc           K     M   11.80t Au at 5.210g/t Au                                                         ngld, py, mRc                N23-12-00, E109-27-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhai, 1996
1392   China   Guangxi   Liuhe                Au                    Skn               U     S   1.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                        N22-54-00, E109-24-0   Cun et al., 1992
1393   China   Guangxi   Datianchong          Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     S   3.00t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                        N22-48-00, E110-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1394   China   Guangxi   Baihe                Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   5.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                        N22-42-00, E109-29-0   Cun et al., 1992
1395   China   Guangxi   Nanxiang             Au                    Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                       N22-40-00, E109-16-0   Cun et al., 1992
1396   China   Guangxi   Dadutang             Au                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.200t Au at 9.980g/t Au                                                                                      N22-25-00, E110-22-3   Cun et al., 1992
1397   China   Guangxi   Shanshi              Au                    Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   2.00t Au at 2.6g/t Au                                                                                         N22-07-00, E106-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
1398   China   Guangxi   Liangiiang           Cu, Zn                Hyd/Vn            U     M   134.2Kt Cu at 0.99% Cu, 0.21% Zn                                                                              N23-25-00, E108-25-0   Zhai, 1996
1399   China   Guangxi   Qinjia               Cu, Sn                Skn/Lnt           Pz1   M   130.9Kt Cu, 32.1Kt Sn, 49Kt As ore at 1.60% Cu, 0.24% Sn, 0.39% As                                            N23-07-00, E106-37-0   Zhai, 1996
1400   China   Guangxi   Laochating           Fe                    Sed/Bed           D     M   8.86Mt at 44.02% Fe                                                              hem                          N25-42-00, E110-31-3   Zhai, 1996
1401   China   Guangxi   Haiyang              Fe                    Sed/Bed           D     M   53.1Mt at 29.3-37.3% Fe                                                          hem                          N25-20-00, E110-35-0   Zhai, 1996
1402   China   Guangxi   Daxu                 Fe                    Sed/Bed           D     M   10.15Mt at 34.46% Fe                                                             hem                          N25-11-00, E110-26-0   Zhai, 1996
1403   China   Guangxi   Huaiqun              Fe                    Wth-Res           Q     M   5.1Mt at 57.38% Fe                                                               gth                          N24-57-30, E108-32-0   Zhai, 1996
1404   China   Guangxi   Tunqiu               Fe                    Sed/Bed           D     M   54Mt at 44.49% Fe                                                                hem                          N24-48-00, E109-34-0   Zhai, 1996
1405   China   Guangxi   Panlong              Fe, Mn                Sed-Wth/Lnt       Q     M   13.8Mt at 25-30% Fe, 3-6% Mn                                                     sid, gth                     N22-37-00, E110-20-3   Zhai, 1996
1406   China   Guangxi   Laituan              Fe                    Sed/Lnt           P     M   17.7Mt at 33.84% Fe                                                              gth                          N22-27-30, E107-32-0   Zhai, 1996
1407   China   Guangxi   Quxiang              Fe                    Sed/Bed           P     M   23.2Mt at 34.70% Fe                                                              sid, gth                     N22-22-30, E107-35-0   Zhai, 1996
1408   China   Guangxi   Mayang               Hg                    Hyd/Ffill         U     S   319t Hg at 0.83-1.45% Hg                                                         cnb, py                      N25-24-00, E107-18-0   Zhai, 1996
1409   China   Guangxi   Yilan                Hg                    Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.98Kt Hg at 1.05% Hg                                                            cnb, py                      N24-58-00, E107-21-0   Zhai, 1996
1410   China   Guangxi   Pingle               Mn                    Sed/Bed           P     M   10.75Mt at 21.7-25.4% Mn                                                                                      N24-44-00, E110-48-0   Zhai, 1996
1411   China   Guangxi   Lipu                 Mn                    Sed/Wth           Q     M   3.54Mt at 22.08% Mn                                                                                           N24-16-30, E110-25-0   Zhai, 1996
1412   China   Guangxi   Longtou              Mn                    Sed-Res/Lnt       C     M   8.09Mt at 33.77% Mn                                                                                           N24-30-00, E108-07-0   Zhai, 1996
1413   China   Guangxi   "81"                 Mn                    Wth-Res/Lnt       TnQ   M   11.6Mt at 29% Mn                                                                                              N23-57-30, E109-15-0   Zhai, 1996
1414   China   Guangxi   Sanli                Mn                    Sed-Wth/Lnt       Q     M   1.64Mt at 20-40% Mn                                                                                           N23-35-00, E109-48-0   Zhai, 1996
1415   China   Guangxi   Mugui                Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     M   24.69Mt at 21.22% Mn                                                                                          N23-29-00, E110-18-0   Zhai, 1996
1416   China   Guangxi   Dongping             Mn                    Sed/Bed           Tr    M   16.2Mt at 27.7% Mn                                                                                            N23-17-00, E107-10-0   Zhai, 1996
1417   China   Guangxi   Zurong               Mn                    Sed-Res           Tr    M   1.07Mt at 17.05% Mn                                                                                           N23-14-30, E106-47-3   Zhai, 1996
1418   China   Guangxi   Tuhu                 Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     M   4.39Mt at 18.52% Mn                                                                                           N23-02-00, E106-52-0   Zhai, 1996
1419   China   Guangxi   Hurun                Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     M   11.6Mt at 25.5-31.7% Mn                                                                                       N22-58-00, E106-40-3   Zhai, 1996
1420   China   Guangxi   Xialei               Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     L   133.7Mt at 31.94% Mn                                                                                          N22-53-00, E106-47-0   Zhai, 1996
1421   China   Guangxi   Dazhi                Mn, Co                Sed-Res           P     M   4.52Mt at 25.00% Mn with 1.08Kt Co                                                                            N22-00-00, E108-27-0   Zhai, 1996
1422   China   Guangxi   Maoantan             Ta, Nb, Bi            Pgm/Lnt, Sed/Alv- U     M   1,244t Ta2O5, 1.214t Nb2O5, 7,145t BiO at 94g/t Ta2O5, 91g/t Nb2O5, 540g/t BiO                                N26-12-00, E110-50-0   Zhai, 1996
1423   China   Guangxi   Limu                 Ta, Nb, Sn, W         Hyd/Vn            Mz2   M                                                                                                                 N25-12-00, E110-56-0   Zhai, 1996
1424   China   Guangxi   Songshan             Ta, Nb                Pgm/Lnt           U     M   1,175t TaNb, 272t Sn                                                                                          N21-48-30, E109-51-3   Zhai, 1996
1425   China   Guangxi   Dapoling/Baotan      Ni, Cu                                  Pr    S   13.2Kt Ni, 6.8Kt Cu at 0.21-0.68% Ni, 0.03-0.35% Cu                                                           N24-58-30, E108-45-3   Zhai, 1996
1426   China   Guangxi   Beishan              Pb, Zn                Str/Lnt           D     L   1.03Mt Zn, 72Kt Pb, 2.65Mt Py ore at 4.49% Zn, 0.705% Pb                         sph, py, gal                 N25-12-00, E108-12-0   Zhai, 1996
1427   China   Guangxi   Maanshan/Mangchang   Pb, Zn, Ag            Hyd/Ley-Vn        U     M   271.6Kt Zn, 124.3Kt Pb, 828t Ag at 2.13% Zn, 1.89% Pb, 110g/t Ag                                              N25-09-00, E107-28-0   Zhai, 1996
1428   China   Guangxi   Duchuan              Pb, Zn                Str/Lnt           D     M   239.5Kt Zn, 90.5Kt Pb, 15t Ag at 3.13% Zn, 1.18% Pb                                                           N25-06-00, E108-10-0   Zhai, 1996
1429   China   Guangxi   Siding               Pb, Zn                Str/Lnt           D     M   445.9Kt Zn, 79.7Kt Pb at 9.65% Zn, 1.80% Pb                                      sph, gal                     N25-02-30, E109-32-0   Zhai, 1996
1430   China   Guangxi   Gutan                Pb, Zn                Str/Lnt-Dis       D     M   105Kt Zn, 22.3Kt Pb at 4.2% Zn, 0.82% Pb                                         sph, gal                     N24-59-00, E109-32-0   Zhai, 1996
1431   China   Guangxi   Laochang             Pb, Zn, Cu            Hyd/Vn            U     M   141Kt Zn, 56Kt Pb, 3.5Kt Cu                                                                                   N24-58-00, E110-39-0   Zhai, 1996
1432   China   Guangxi   Fengyan              Pb, Zn                Str/Lnt           D     M   101.4Kt Zn, 22.7Kt Pb at 1.76% Zn, 0.41% Pb                                                                   N23-41-00, E109-50-0   Zhai, 1996
1433   China   Guangxi   Pencun               Pb, Zn                Str/Lnt           D     M   98.6Kt Zn, 22.8Kt Pb at 0.5-2.0% Pb, <10% Zn                                                                  N23-30-00, E109-49-0   Zhai, 1996
1434   China   Guangxi   Changtun             Pb, Zn                Hyd/Ffill         U     M   166.7Kt Zn, 37.3Kt Pb at 4.2% Zn, 1.06% Pb                                                                    N23-00-00, E107-20-0   Zhai, 1996
1435   China   Guangxi   Fozichong            Pb, Zn, Cu            Skn/Irg           Mz2   M   379.8Kt Zn, 297.9Kt Pb, 13.8Kt Cu                                                sph, gal, cov, py            N22-58-30, E111-21-0   Zhai, 1996
1436   China   Guangxi   Xinhua               Pb, Zn, Ag            Hyd/Vn            U     M   53.9Kt Pb, 90.8Kt Zn, 186t Ag at 2.11% Pb, 3.36% Zn, 75.6g/t Ag                                               N22-30-00, E109-48-0   Zhai, 1996
1437   China   Guangxi   725                  REE, Y                Alv-Plc/Wth-Abs   TnQ   S                                                                                    mnz, zir                     N24-37-30, E111-38-0   Zhai, 1996
1438   China   Guangxi   Huashan              REE                   Wth-Abs           TnQ   S                                                                                                                 N24-36-00, E111-09-0   Zhai, 1996
1439   China   Guangxi   Yichuanghe           REE                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.3Kt mnz, 1.6Kt zir, 4.9Kt ilm                                                  mnz, zir, ilm                N22-52-30, E111-05-3   Zhai, 1996
1440   China   Guangxi   520/Beiliu           REE, Ti, Hf, zir      Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     M   24.6Kt xnt, 13.9Kt mnz at 89.2 g/m3 xnt, 55.4 g/m3 mnz, 1.4Kg/m3 TiO2            ilm, zir, mnz, xnt           N22-29-00, E110-29-0   Zhai, 1996
1441   China   Guangxi   Shiyu                REE, Y                Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     M   11Kt mnz, 3.4Kt xnt, 4.3Kt zir at 136.5g/m3 mnz, 80.9g/m3 xnt, 101.5 g/m3 zir                                 N22-24-00, E110-30-0   Zhai, 1996
1442   China   Guangxi   Baima                REE, Y                Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     M   7.4Kt xnt, 11.0Kt mnz, 10.9Kt zir                                                xnt, mnz, zir                N22-22-30, E110-21-0   Zhai, 1996
1443   China   Guangxi   Chashan              Sb, W                 Hyd/Vn            U     M   100Kt Sb                                                                         stb, wlf                     N24-50-00, E107-39-0   Zhai, 1996
1444   China   Guangxi   Maxiong              Sb                    Hyd/Ffill         U     M   56.8Kt Sb at 4.06% Sb                                                                                         N24-42-00, E105-23-0   Zhai, 1996
1445   China   Guangxi   Poyan                Sb                    Hyd/Ffill         U     M   37.3Kt Sb                                                                        stb, py                      N24-42-00, E105-30-0   Zhai, 1996
1446   China   Guangxi   Shuiluo/Wuxu         Sb, Pb, Zn, Hg, Mo,   Hyd/Vn            U     S   5.5Kt Sb, 5.7Kt Pb, 28.6Kt Zn, 205t Hg                                                                        N24-38-00, E107-51-0   Zhai, 1996
1447   China   Guangxi   Sanpaidong           Sb, Pb, Zn            Hyd/Lnt           U     M   31.9Kt Sb, 41.0Kt Pb, 53.6Kt Zn                                                                               N24-38-00, E107-51-3   Zhai, 1996
1448   China   Guangxi   Jianzhupo            Sb, Ag, Pb, Zn        Hyd/Vn            U     M   151Kt Sb, 654t Ag, 89.8Kt Pb, 29.3Kt Zn                                                                       N24-38-00, E107-52-0   Zhai, 1996
1449   China   Guangxi   Masong               Sb                    Hyd/Ffill         U     M   12.8Kt Sb                                                                                                     N24-32-00, E104-54-3   Zhai, 1996
1450   China   Guangxi   Jiumao               Sn, Cu                Hyd/Vn            U     M   30.4Kt Sn, 2.2Kt Cu                                                                                           N25-21-00, E109-17-3   Zhai, 1996
1451   China   Guangxi   Liuxiu               Sn                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   19.7Kt Sn at 0.18-0.50% Sn                                                                                    N25-21-00, E109-17-3   Zhai, 1996
1452   China   Guangxi   Shaping/Baotan       Sn, Cu, As            Hyd/Dis           U     M   15.7Kt Sn, 2.78t Cu                                                                                           N25-05-00, E108-49-3   Zhai, 1996
1453   China   Guangxi   Dashan/Mangchang     Sn, Zn                Hyd/Vn-Lyr        Mz    M   25.9Kt Sn, 842Kt Zn, 317t Ag at 0.49% Sn, 2.17% Zn                                                            N25-03-30, E107-27-0   Zhai, 1996
1454   China   Guangxi   Yidong/Baotan              Sn               Hyd/Lyr-Vn          Pr    M   55.8Kt Sn                                                                                   cas                                N24-59-00, E108-45-0   Zhai, 1996
1455   China   Guangxi   Wudi/Baotan                Sn               Hyd/Vn              Pr    M   19.8Kt Sn, 1.1Kt Cu at 0.342% Sn                                                                                               N24-59-00, E108-46-0   Zhai, 1996
1456   China   Guangxi   Dafulou/Dachang            Sn, Zn           Skn                 K     M   40Kt Sn, 9Kt Zn at 0.62% Sn, 2.58% Zn                                                                                          N24-56-00, E107-38-0   Zhai, 1996
1457   China   Guangxi   Kengma/Dachang             Sn               Hyd/Vn              K     M   20Kt Sn                                                                                                                        N24-55-00, E107-44-0   Zhai, 1996
1458   China   Guangxi   Changpo-Tongkeng/Dachang   Sn, Zn, Pb, Sb   Skn, Str(SEDEX)     K     L   Total Dachang area: 98.46 Mt at 0.7% Sn, 2.41% Zn, 0.31% Pb, 24g/t Ag, 0.25% Sb, 1.16% As   py, pyr, sph, gal, cas, apy, stb   N24-50-00, E107-34-0   Zhai, 1996; MEG, 1995
1459   China   Guangxi   Lamo/Dachang               Sn, Zn, Cu       Skn-Hyd/Str         K     M   5.86Kt Zn, 30Kt Sn, 34Kt Cu, 252t Ag at 3.88% Zn, 0.45% Sn, 0.61% Cu, 60.2g/t Ag                                               N24-49-30, E107-34-0   Zhai, 1996
1460   China   Guangxi   Bali-Longtoushan/Dachang   Sn, Pb, Zn, Cu   Skn, Str(SEDEX)     K     M   contained in Dachang mine                                                                   py, pyr, sph, gal, cas, apy, stb   N24-48-00, E107-33-0   Zhai, 1996; MEG, 1995
1461   China   Guangxi   Wanggao                    Sn, W            Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S                                                                                               cas                                N24-38-00, E111-26-0   Zhai, 1996
1462   China   Guangxi   Shuiyanba                  Sn, W            Skn-Hyd/Alv-Plc     U     M   54Kt Sn, 5Kt WO3                                                                                                               N24-33-00, E111-31-0   Zhai, 1996
1463   China   Guangxi   Niumiao                    Sn, Ti           Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     M   7.56Kt Sn, 28.5Kt ilm                                                                       cas, ilm, zir                      N24-31-00, E111-10-0   Zhai, 1996
1464   China   Guangxi   Xinlu/Pinggui              Sn, Zn           Skn-Hyd, Sed/Alv-   U     M   54.0Kt Sn, 57Kt Zn                                                                                                             N24-30-00, E111-37-0   Zhai, 1996
1465   China   Guangxi   Shanhu                     Sn, W, Cu, Zn    Hyd/Vn, Sed/Alv-P   U     L   83Kt WO3, 29.1Kt Sn, 11.9Kt Cu, 24.4Kt Zn                                                   wlf, cas, sch, cp, sph, py         N24-20-00, E111-23-0   Zhai, 1996
1466   China   Guangxi   Tangcun                    Ti               Wth-Res             TnQ   S   1.35Mt ilm at 3.35% TiO2                                                                                                       N23-25-00, E111-04-0   Zhai, 1996
1467   China   Guangxi   Dongsheng                  Ti               Wth-Res             TnQ   M   3.61Mt ilm at 3.01% TiO2                                                                    ilm                                N23-20-00, E110-56-0   Zhai, 1996
1468   China   Guangxi   Xindi                      Ti, Zr           Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   97Kt ilm at 20Kg/m3 ilm, 0.15Kg/m3 zir                                                      ilm, zir                           N23-14-00, E111-11-0   Zhai, 1996
1469   China   Guangxi   Sanjirang                  Ti, Zr           Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   291.7Kt ilm at 47.7Kg/m3                                                                    ilm, zir                           N23-12-00, E111-05-0   Zhai, 1996
1470   China   Guangxi   Guanjing                   Ti, Zr           Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     M   1.02Mt ilm at 1.04% TiO2                                                                    ilm, rut, zir                      N21-38-00, E108-58-0   Zhai, 1996
1471   China   Guangxi   Huaiqun                    V                Sed/Lnt             U     M   17.4Kt V2O5 at 0.52% V2O5                                                                                                      N24-52-00, E108-35-0   Zhai, 1996
1472   China   Guangxi   Dafeng                     V                Sed/Bed             D     L   1.53Mt V2O5 at 1.09% V2O5                                                                                                      N23-28-00, E108-34-0   Zhai, 1996
1473   China   Guangxi   Niutangiie                 W                Hyd/Vn              Pz2   M   40.1Kt WO3, 1.5Kt Bi, 118t Ag., 1.7Kt Sn at 0.699% WO3                                      sch, py                            N25-52-00, E110-33-0   Zhai, 1996
1474   China   Guangxi   Pingdongling               W                Hyd/Vn              U     M   10.8Kt WO3 at 0.2-5.0% WO3                                                                  wlf                                N25-09-00, E109-03-3   Zhai, 1996
1475   China   Guangxi   Damingshan                 W                Hyd/Vn              U     L   160.2Kt WO3 at 0.2-0.9% WO3                                                                 wlf                                N23-30-00, E108-27-0   Zhai, 1996
1476   China   Guangxi   Youmapo                    W, Mo            Skn-Hyd/Dis         Mz2   M   48.6Kt WO3, 2.4Kt Mo at 0.399% WO3, 0.021% Mo                                               sch, mlb, py                       N22-19-00, E110-08-0   Zhai, 1996
1477   China   Guangxi   Damashan                   As               Hyd/Vn              U     M   5.5Kt FeAsS                                                                                 apy                                N23-07-00, E108-49-0   Zhai, 1996
1478   China   Guangxi   Banbi                      Ba               Sed/Bed             Cm    L   7.0Mt at 80-90% BaSO4                                                                                                          N25-29-00, E109-32-0   Zhai, 1996
1479   China   Guangxi   Liwang                     Ba               Hyd/Ffill           U     M   2.8Mt at 93.2% BaSO4                                                                        bar                                N25-12-00, E109-53-0   Zhai, 1996
1480   China   Guangxi   Pancun                     Ba               Sed/Bed, Hyd/Vn     D     L   8.2Mt at 69.1% BaSO4                                                                        bar, qz                            N24-08-00, E109-52-3   Zhai, 1996
1481   China   Guangxi   Longbao                    Ba               Hyd/Ffill           U     M   2.3Mt at 68.4% BaSO4                                                                        bar                                N24-02-30, E109-55-0   Zhai, 1996
1482   China   Guangxi   Puhe                       Ba               Hyd/Vn              U     M   2.5Mt at 60.2% BaSO4                                                                        bar                                N24-01-00, E109-47-0   Zhai, 1996
1483   China   Guangxi   Sicun                      Ba               Sed/Bed, Hyd/Vn     U     L   13.5Mt at 87.4% BaSO4                                                                       bar                                N23-58-00, E109-51-0   Zhai, 1996
1484   China   Guangxi   Nonghua                    Ba, Py           Hyd/Ffill           U     M   2.7Mt at 70.36% BaSO4, 5.6Mt as Py ore                                                      bar, py                            N23-03-00, E106-17-3   Zhai, 1996
1485   China   Guangxi   Shuanghuajiang             F                Hyd/Ffill           Tr    M   1.45Kt at 43% CaF2                                                                          fl                                 N26-09-00, E110-32-0   Zhai, 1996
1486   China   Guangxi   Beishi                     F                Hyd/Ffill           K     M   2.44Kt at 72.5% CaF2                                                                        fl                                 N22-57-00, E110-04-0   Zhai, 1996
1487   China   Guangxi   Sifangling                 F                Hyd/Ffill           Tr    M   410Kt at 58.5% CaF2                                                                         fl                                 N21-53-00, E108-08-0   Zhai, 1996
1488   China   Guangxi   Putian                     Gp               Sed/Bed             K     M   9.7Mt at 63.16% CaSO4                                                                       gyp                                N23-40-00, E109-18-0   Zhai, 1996
1489   China   Guangxi   Qinling                    Gp               Sed/Bed             K     M   32.0Mt                                                                                      gyp                                N22-17-00, E108-53-3   Zhai, 1996
1490   China   Guangxi   Dalingtou                  Gp               Sed/Bed             Tp    M   27.1Mt at 70.9% CaSO4                                                                       gyp                                N21-46-00, E109-09-0   Zhai, 1996
1491   China   Guangxi   Dashujiao                  Kl               Wth-Res/Lnt         TnQ   S   1.36Mt at 63-72% SiO2, 15-22% Al2O3, 0.6-1.4% Fe2O3                                         kln, qz, ser                       N24-48-00, E110-46-0   Zhai, 1996
1492   China   Guangxi   Mulishan                   Kl               Wth-Res/Lnt         TnQ   S   1.97Mt at 72.9% SiO2, 18.7% Al2O3, 0.75% Fe2O3                                              qz, kln, mic, fsp                  N23-18-30, E111-08-0   Zhai, 1996
1493   China   Guangxi   Shizilu                    Kl               Wth-Res/Lnt         TnQ   L   127.9Mt at 52% SiO2, 32.86% Al2O3, 1.21% Fe2O3, 2.91% K2O, 0.12% Na2O, 10.07% Ig. L.        kln, qz                            N21-41-30, E109-24-0   Zhai, 1996
1494   China   Guangxi   Du'an                      P                Sed/Bed             D     M   2.2Mt at 4.1-8.6% P2O5                                                                                                         N23-18-30, E106-30-0   Zhai, 1996
1495   China   Guangxi   Balong                     P                Sed/Bed             D     M   10.5Mt at 15-23% P2O5                                                                                                          N23-09-00, E106-57-3   Zhai, 1996
1496   China   Guangxi   Bahe                       P                Sed/Bed             D     M   6.5Mt at >10.9% P2O5                                                                                                           N23-07-30, E106-52-3   Zhai, 1996
1497   China   Guangxi   Hucun                      P                Sed/Bed             D     M   6.9Mt at 14.4% P2O5                                                                                                            N22-37-00, E109-42-3   Zhai, 1996
1498   China   Guangxi   Shoucheng                  Py               Hyd/Ffill           U     M   576Kt at 20-30% S                                                                                                              N25-08-00, E109-48-0   Zhai, 1996
1499   China   Guangxi   Hangdong                   Py               Sed/Bed             P     M   35.5Mt at 15.36% S                                                                          py                                 N24-40-00, E106-50-0   Zhai, 1996
1500   China   Guangxi   Datong                     Py               Sed/Bed             P     M   6.07Mt at 18.05% S                                                                          py                                 N24-23-00, E107-36-3   Zhai, 1996
1501   China   Guangxi   Hongnipo                   Py, Ba           Sed/Lnt             D     M   4.0Mt                                                                                       py, gal, sph, pyr                  N23-29-00, E106-45-0   Zhai, 1996
1502   China   Guangxi   Xinbin                     Py               Sed/Bed             P     M   3.48Mt at 27.9% S                                                                           py, gth                            N23-17-00, E108-51-0   Zhai, 1996
1503   China   Guangxi   Santan                     Py               Hyd/Ffill           U     M   4.9Mt at 17.7% S, 0.017% Mo, 0.138% Cu                                                                                         N22-11-00, E110-02-0   Zhai, 1996
1504   China   Guangxi   Qianjiang                  Rc               Sed/Bed             P     M   8.9Mt at 35% SiO2, 40% Al2O3, 10% Fe2O3, 10-15% Ig. L.                                      dsp, mic, qz, py                   N23-37-00, E108-58-0   Zhai, 1996
1505   China   Guangxi   Weiluo                     Rc               Sed/Bed             Q     M   15.3Mt at 31.7% Al2O3, 1.31% Fe2O3, 1.52% TiO2                                              kln, qz, hem, py                   N22-44-00, E108-02-3   Zhai, 1996
1506   China   Guangxi   Jizhao                     Tl               Hyd-Rpl/Bed         U     M   26.1Mt at 56-63% SiO2, 29-31% MgO, 0.5-2.5% Fe2O3, whiteness.:78-93.7                                                          N25-36-30, E109-50-3   Zhai, 1996
1507   China   Guangxi   Tongzishan                 Tl               Hyd-Rpl/Bed         U     S   1.1Mt at 46-66% SiO2, 25-32% MgO, 0.3-1.7% Fe2O3, whiteness.53-96                                                              N25-36-30, E109-51-0   Zhai, 1996
1508   China   Guangxi   Guping                     Tl               Hyd-Rpl/Bed         U     M   8.9Mt at 51-61% SiO2, 30-32% MgO, 0.93-1.2% Fe2O3                                                                              N25-36-00, E109-50-0   Zhai, 1996
1509   China   Guangxi   Maanshan                   Tl               Hyd-Rpl/Vn          U     M   3.1Mt at 61-63% SiO2, 31-35% MgO, 0.1% Fe2O3, White n.:60-80                                                                   N23-38-00, E108-30-0   Zhai, 1996
1510   China   Guizhou   Xinmin                     Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   3.46Mt at 67% Al2O3, 8.9% SiO2, 4.5% Fe2O3                                                  dsp                                N28-58-00, E107-47-3   Wu, 1996
1511   China   Guizhou   Dazhuyuan                  Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   33.39Mt at 68% Al2O3, 7.7% SiO2, 4.5% Fe2O3                                                 dsp                                N28-54-00, E107-53-3   Wu, 1996
1512   China   Guizhou   Fengwancao                 Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   6.24Mt at 60% Al2O3, 9% SiO2, 9.8% Fe2O3                                                    dsp                                N28-34-00, E107-35-0   Wu, 1996
1513   China   Guizhou   Goujiang                   Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             U     M   14.39Mt at 50-70% Al2O3, 5-15% SiO2                                                         dsp, gib, bhm                      N27-37-00, E106-56-0   Wu, 1996
1514   China   Guizhou   Houcao                     Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             C     M   13.85Mt at 67% Al2O3, 8.0% SiO2, 114ppm Ga                                                  dsp                                N27-35-30, E107-03-0   Wu, 1996
1515   China   Guizhou   Xianrenyan                 Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   15.43Mt at 57% Al2O3, 8% SiO2, 17% Fe2O3                                                    dsp                                N27-29-30, E107-06-0   Wu, 1996
1516   China   Guizhou   Songjiadalin               Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   5.13Mt at 59-77% Al2O3, 2.-10% SiO2, 109ppm Ga                                              dsp                                N27-28-30, E106-58-0   Wu, 1996
1517   China   Guizhou   Ganba-Changchong           Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   19.92Mt at 63.5% Al2O3, 11.0% SiO2                                                          dsp                                N26-48-00, E106-32-0   Wu, 1996
1518   China   Guizhou   Maige                      Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             C     M   7.62Mt at 67.4% Al2O3, 10.9% SiO2                                                           dsp, kln                           N26-47-30, E106-21-3   Wu, 1996
1519   China   Guizhou   Xiaoshanba                 Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   20.26Mt at 68.4% Al2O3, 10.9% SiO2                                                          dsp                                N26-47-30, E106-38-0   Wu, 1996
1520   China   Guizhou   Doupengshan                Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             C     M   11.39Mt at 66% Al2O3, 9.5% SiO2                                                             dsp, kln                           N26-46-00, E106-41-0   Wu, 1996
1521   China   Guizhou   Yanglong                   Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             C     M   7.65Mt at 70.8% Al2O3, 6.3% SiO2                                                            dsp                                N26-45-00, E106-20-0   Wu, 1996
1522   China   Guizhou   Yunwushan                  Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   89.7Mt at 68.3% Al2O3, 11.44% SiO2                                                          dsp                                N26-44-00, E106-46-0   Wu, 1996
1523   China   Guizhou   Changchonghe               Al               Sed/Lnt             C     M   15.78Mt at 66-73% Al2O3, 6-10% SiO2                                                         dsp                                N26-41-00, E106-23-0   Wu, 1996
1524   China   Guizhou   Maiba                      Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             C     M   15.7Mt at 64-66% Al2O3, 10-13% SiO2                                                         dsp                                N26-40-00, E106-17-3   Wu, 1996
1525   China   Guizhou   Lindai                     Al, Ga           Sed/Lnt             C     M   8.16Mt at 66.3% Al2O3, 9.5% SiO2                                                            dsp                                N26-38-00, E106-21-0   Wu, 1996
1526   China   Guizhou   Maochang                   Al, Py, Ga       Sed/Lnt             C     L   179Mt at 59-71% Al2O3, 6-8% SiO2, 2-10% Fe2O3                                               dsp, kln, py                       N26-37-00, E106-18-0   Wu, 1996
1527   China   Guizhou   Kengtou                    Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.11t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                                                         N27-02-00, E109-12-0   Cun et al., 1992
1528   China   Guizhou   Jinjing                    Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.92t Au at 3.24g/t Au                                                                                                         N26-53-00, E109-19-0   Cun et al., 1992
1529   China   Guizhou   Danzhai                    Au, Hg           Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   1.97t Au at 7.04g/t Au                                                                      apy, py, cnb, stb, orp             N26-10-00, E107-52-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1530   China   Guizhou   Miaolong                   Au, As, Sb       Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     M   10.10t Au, 7.8Kt As, 4.1Kt Sb at 5.31g/t Au                                                 py, apy, orp, stb                  N26-05-00, E107-52-3   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1531   China   Guizhou   Baqiao                     Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   1.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                                         N25-57-00, E107-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
1532   China   Guizhou   Zimudang                   Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     M   54.90t Au at 5.27g/t Au                                                                     py, apy, orp, rlg                  N25-35-00, E105-28-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1533   China   Guizhou   Jiaoguan                   Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   5.00t Au at 4.5g/t Au                                                                                                          N25-23-00, E105-50-3   Cun et al., 1992
1534   China   Guizhou   Getang                     Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     M   30.67t Au at 6.2g/t Au                                                                      py, apy, stb, gth, cnb, rlg        N25-18-30, E105-18-3   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1535   China   Guizhou   Douyajing                  Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   2.05t Au at 1.37g/t Au                                                                                                         N25-09-00, E106-12-3   Cun et al., 1992
1536   China   Guizhou   Lannigou                   Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     M   80.00t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                     py, apy, orp, cnb                  N25-08-30, E105-53-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
1537   China   Guizhou   Yangyou                    Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   1.70t Au at 4.5g/t Au                                                                                                          N25-02-30, E105-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
1538   China   Guizhou   Yata                       Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     M   15.44t Au at 5.01g/t Au                                                                                                        N24-56-00, E105-38-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1539   China   Guizhou   Banqi                      Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   6.76t Au at 5.01g/t Au                                                                      py, apy, mRc, stb                  N24-49-00, E105-39-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wu, 1996
1540   China   Guizhou   Baidi                      Au               Hyd/Dis(Cln)        U     S   1.00t Au at 4.5g/t Au                                                                                                          N24-43-30, E106-07-0   Cun et al., 1992
1541   China   Guizhou   Shizhuyan                  Cu, As           Vol-Hyd/Vn          U     S   4.89Kt Cu, 3.46Kt As at 0.99% Cu, 1.02% As                                                  cp, apy, py, pyr                   N27-53-00, E108-32-3   Wu, 1996
1542   China   Guizhou   Weining                    Cu               Vol-Hyd/Lnt, Sed/   U     M   54.9Kt Cu at 1% Cu                                                                          cp, chc, bon, azr                  N27-11-30, E104-14-0   Wu, 1996
1543   China   Guizhou   Dihu                       Cu, Pb, Zn, Au   Hyd/Lnt             U     S   8.6Kt Cu, 8.6Kt Pb, 9.1Kt Zn, 1.34t Au                                                      cp, tet, gal, sph                  N25-37-30, E108-37-0   Wu, 1996
1544   China   Guizhou                 Xiaohebian                Fe              Sed/Bed         U     M   132Mt at 32-37% Fe (hem ore), 26-30% Fe (sid ore)                                 hem, sid                               N26-59-00, E104-40-0   Wu, 1996
1545   China   Guizhou                 Caiyuanzi                 Fe              Hyd/Lyr-Vn      U     M   37.4Mt at 35.9% Fe                                                                                                       N26-57-30, E104-47-0   Wu, 1996
1546   China   Guizhou                 Tiekuangshan              Fe              Hyd-Rpl         U     M   13.9Mt (gth ore) at 53.70% Fe, 9.1Mt (sid ore), at 36.6% Fe                       sid, hem, gth                          N26-57-00, E104-40-0   Wu, 1996
1547   China   Guizhou                 Lushan                    Fe              Sed/Bed         P     M   117Mt at 42-57% Fe                                                                sid, gth                               N26-42-30, E107-43-0   Wu, 1996
1548   China   Guizhou                 Guanyinshan               Fe              Hyd/Ffill       U     M   21Mt at 30.7-39.1% Fe (sid ore), 46.9-52.8% Fe (gth ore)                          sid, gth                               N26-32-00, E104-55-0   Wu, 1996
1549   China   Guizhou                 Banchang-Dongjiaba        Hg              Hyd/Lnt-Dis     U     S   2.02Kt Hg at 0.131% Hg                                                            cnb                                    N28-40-00, E108-01-3   Wu, 1996
1550   China   Guizhou                 Muyouchang                Hg              Hyd/Lnt-Bed     U     M   16.13Kt Hg at 0.147% Hg                                                           cnb                                    N28-34-00, E107-58-0   Wu, 1996; Zeng et al., 1988
1551   China   Guizhou                 Songtao                   Hg              Hyd/Bed         U     S   1.40Kt Hg at 0.1% Hg                                                                                                     N27-57-00, E108-58-0   Wu, 1996; Zeng et al., 1988
1552   China   Guizhou                 Luanyantang               Hg              Hyd/Bed         U     S   2.49Kt Hg at 0.391% Hg                                                            cnb                                    N27-52-00, E109-12-0   Wu, 1996
1553   China   Guizhou                 Baiyabi                   Hg              Hyd/Lnt         U     S   2.91Kt Hg at .014-0.26% Hg                                                        cnb                                    N27-50-00, E109-15-0   Wu, 1996
1554   China   Guizhou                 Shaluowan-Huilongxi       Hg              Hyd/Vn          U     S   1234t Hg                                                                          cnb                                    N27-47-30, E109-18-3   Wu, 1996
1555   China   Guizhou                 Lula                      Hg              Hyd/Lnt         U     S   5.49Kt Hg at 0.13-0.69% Hg                                                        cnb                                    N27-45-00, E109-20-0   Wu, 1996
1556   China   Guizhou                 Wanshan                   Hg              Hyd/Bed-Lnt     U     M   26.3Kt Hg at 0.2-0.7% Hg                                                          cnb                                    N27-30-00, E109-08-0   Wu, 1996; Zeng et al., 1988
1557   China   Guizhou                 Baimadong                 Hg              Hyd/Lnt         U     S   2.68Kt Hg at 0.15% Hg                                                                                                    N26-58-00, E107-02-3   Wu, 1996
1558   China   Guizhou                 Danzhai                   Hg              Hyd/Irg         U     M   14.11Kt Hg at 0.15-1.5% Hg                                                                                               N26-07-00, E107-48-0   Wu, 1996
1559   China   Guizhou                 Jiaoli                    Hg              Hyd/Lnt-Vn      U     S   1.89Kt Hg at 0.5-0.8% Hg                                                                                                 N26-01-00, E107-46-3   Wu, 1996
1560   China   Guizhou                 Xingren                   Hg, Tl          Hyd/Bed         U     S   3.69Kt Hg at 0.08-0.3% Hg, 0.0113% Tl                                                                                    N25-35-00, E105-31-0   Wu, 1996
1561   China   Guizhou                 Dawu                      Mn              Sed/Bed         Pr    M   10.3Mt at 18.8% Mn                                                                                                       N28-02-30, E108-54-0   Wu, 1996
1562   China   Guizhou                 Yanglizhang               Mn              Sed/Bed         Pr    M   14.74Mt at 19.89% Mn                                                                                                     N27-58-30, E108-44-0   Wu, 1996
1563   China   Guizhou                 Datangpo                  Mn              Sed/Lnt         Pr    M   6.79Mt at 13.6-22% Mn                                                                                                    N27-57-00, E108-50-3   Wu, 1996
1564   China   Guizhou                 Tongluojing               Mn              Sed/Bed         P     M   36.35Mt at 18.2-19.6% Mn (carbonate ore), 26-28.2% Mn (oxide ore)                                                        N27-39-00, E106-58-0   Wu, 1996
1565   China   Guizhou                 Tuanxi                    Mn              Sed/Bed         P     M   3.53Mt (1.15Mt Mn-ox ore; 2.38Mt carbonate ore) at 17% Mn                                                                N27-26-00, E107-02-0   Wu, 1996
1566   China   Guizhou                 Baimadong                 Mo, U, Hg       Hyd/Lnt         U     S   792t Mo at 0.135-0.182% Mo                                                        mlb                                    N26-53-00, E106-48-0   Wu, 1996
1567   China   Guizhou                 Dajishan                  Mo, U           Hyd/Bed         U     S   3.202Kt Mo at 0.257% Mo                                                           mlb                                    N24-52-00, E104-40-0   Wu, 1996
1568   China   Guizhou                 Moucaogou                 Nb, Ta          Pgm/Vn          U     S   146t Nb+Ta at 0.0118-0.0252% Nb2O5+Ta2O5                                                                                 N28-00-00, E108-34-0   Wu, 1996
1569   China   Guizhou                 Tianqiao                  Pb, Zn          Str/Lnt         Pz2   M   46.3Kt Pb, 98.8Kt Zn at 3.6-5.5% Pb, 4.7-14.9% Zn                                 gal, sph, py                           N27-03-00, E104-34-0   Wu, 1996
1570   China   Guizhou                 Zhazichang-Maomaochan     Pb, Zn          Sed/Bed         U     M   232.6Kt Pb+Zn at 3.0-5.5% Pb, 2.0-8.0% Zn                                         cer, smt, sph, gal, py                 N26-57-00, E104-26-0   Wu, 1996
1571   China   Guizhou                 Shanshulin                Pb, Zn          Hyd/Vn          U     M   39.1Kt Pb, 155.9Kt Zn at 0.84-4.49% Pb, 2.12-14.98% Zn                            gal, sph, py                           N26-23-00, E105-02-3   Wu, 1996
1572   China   Guizhou                 Niujiaotang               Zn, Ga          Str/Bed         Pz1   M   233.5Kt Zn, 0.68Kt Ga at 5-7.5% Zn, 0.06-0.13% Ga                                 smt, sph, py                           N26-12-00, E107-38-0   Wu, 1996
1573   China   Guizhou                 Puan-Qinlong              Pb, Zn          Str/Lnt         Pz2   M   98.4Kt Pb, 144.5Kt Zn at 1.5-5.9% Pb, 1.2-2.6% Zn                                 gal, sph, py                           N26-00-00, E105-02-0   Wu, 1996
1574   China   Guizhou                 Banpo                     Sb              Hyd/Vn          U     M   148.2Kt Sb at 4.83% Sb                                                            stb                                    N25-49-00, E107-41-0   Wu, 1996
1575   China   Guizhou                 Bameng                    Sb, Au          Hyd/Lnt         U     M   63Kt Sb at 2.3-8.09% Sb, 0.11-1.63g/t Au                                          stb                                    N25-48-00, E108-09-0   Wu, 1996
1576   China   Guizhou                 Dachan                    Sb              Hyd/Lnt         U     M   277Kt Sb at 2.62% Sb                                                              stb                                    N25-44-30, E105-05-0   Wu, 1996
1577   China   Guizhou                 Biaoshuiyan               Sn, W           Hyd/Vn          U     M   5.55Kt Sn, 1.32Kt WO3, 1.36Kt Cu at 0.22-0.99% Sn, 0.12-0.45% WO3, 0.54-1.0% Cu   cas, sch, wlf, cp, bon, apy, pyr, py   N27-59-30, E108-38-0   Wu, 1996
1578   China   Guizhou                 Dahebian                  V, Ba           Sed/Bed         Cm    L   135.4Kt V2O5 at 0.706-0.9.5% V2O5                                                 hmc, cal, py, sph, bar                 N27-04-30, E109-12-3   Wu, 1996
1579   China   Guizhou                 Heiwanhe                  W, Sn           Hyd/Vn          Pr    M   4.77Kt WO3, 2.59Kt Sn, 2.11Kt Cu at 0.258% WO3, 0.137% Sn, 0.114% Cu                                                     N27-50-00, E108-39-0   Wu, 1996
1580   China   Guizhou                 Xionghuanggou             As                              U     S   546t As at 6.69-7.72% As                                                          orp                                    N27-50-30, E108-10-0   Wu, 1996
1581   China   Guizhou                 Shizhuyan                 As, Cu          Hyd/Vn          U     S   3,466t at 1.02% As                                                                apy, cp                                N27-47-00, E108-37-0   Wu, 1996
1582   China   Guizhou                 Dahebian                  Ba              Sed/Bed         Cm    L   109Mt at 85.56% BaSO4 with 135.4Kt V2O5,                                          bar, cal, dlm                          N27-02-00, E109-10-0   Wu, 1996
1583   China   Guizhou                 Dingguanpo                Ba              Hyd/Vn          O     M   570Kt at 90% BaSO4                                                                bar                                    N26-59-00, E108-07-0   Wu, 1996
1584   China   Guizhou                 Wengyong-Qingjangwo       Ba                              Pz2   M   251Kt at 97% BaSO4                                                                bar                                    N26-50-00, E107-59-3   Wu, 1996
1585   China   Guizhou                 Shuishan                  Ba              Hyd/Vn          U     M   758Kt at 92-99% BaSO4                                                             bar                                    N26-34-00, E107-33-0   Wu, 1996
1586   China   Guizhou                 Maping                    Dm              Kmb/Pip         U     S   3774car. at 11.05-59.41mg/m3                                                                                             N26-56-30, E108-18-0   Wu, 1996
1587   China   Guizhou                 Yanhe                     F, Ba           Hyd/Vn          U     M   1.21Mt                                                                            fl, bar                                N28-29-00, E108-19-0   Wu, 1996
1588   China   Guizhou                 Huayandong                F               Hyd/Vn, Ffill   U     S   60Kt at 29-38% CaF2                                                               fl                                     N26-12-00, E105-58-0   Wu, 1996
1589   China   Guizhou                 Qinlong                   F, Sb           Hyd/Lnt         U     M   1.38Mt at 35.2-45.2% CaF2                                                         fl, stb                                N25-42-30, E105-08-0   Wu, 1996
1590   China   Guizhou                 Weining                   Gp              Sed/Lnt         C     S   590Kt at 92.53% gyp                                                               gyp                                    N27-08-00, E103-59-0   Wu, 1996
1591   China   Guizhou                 Jiuzhou                   Gp                              U     S   670Kt at 94.3% gyp                                                                gyp                                    N27-01-00, E107-42-3   Wu, 1996
1592   China   Guizhou                 Taipingbao                Gp              Sed/Bed         Tr    M   77.7Mt at 65.8-96.8% anh+gyp                                                      anh, gyp                               N26-13-00, E105-44-0   Wu, 1996
1593   China   Guizhou                 Majiagou                  Gp              Sed/Bed         Tr    M   10.1Mt at 73.49-77.18% anh                                                        anh, gyp                               N25-52-30, E104-39-3   Wu, 1996
1594   China   Guizhou                 Maanshan                  K               Evp/Bed         Cm    M   13.54Mt at 8.22% K2O, 57.57% SiO2, 16.59% Al2O3                                   hmc                                    N27-03-00, E109-06-0   Wu, 1996
1595   China   Guizhou                 Xishui                    Kl              Wth-Res/Lnt     TnQ   S   110Kt at 37.9-39.5% Al2O3, 0.05-0.93% Fe2O3, 44.1-46.0% SiO2                      kln                                    N28-12-00, E106-09-0   Wu, 1996
1596   China   Guizhou                 Renhuai                   Kl              Wth-Res/Lnt     TnQ   S                                                                                     kln                                    N28-05-00, E106-20-3   Wu, 1996
1597   China   Guizhou                 Qianxi                    Kl              Wth-Res/Lnt     TnQ   S                                                                                     kln                                    N27-08-00, E106-07-0   Wu, 1996
1598   China   Guizhou                 Zhijin                    Kl              Sed/Lnt         P     S   0.5Mt                                                                             kln                                    N26-53-00, E105-48-0   Wu, 1996
1599   China   Guizhou                 Yaochuochang              Kl              Sed/Lnt         P     M   5.21Mt at 34.9% Al2O3, 48.0% SiO2, 1.26% Fe2O3, 13% Ig.L                          kln                                    N26-22-00, E107-52-0   Wu, 1996
1600   China   Guizhou                 Wanglong                  Na, I , K, Li   Evp/Bed         Tr    M   4.2% Na, 27mg/l I, 210mg/l Br, 300mg/l K, 64.8mg/l Li, 372.6mg/l B in brine                                              N28-31-00, E105-50-3   Wu, 1996
1601   China   Guizhou                 Songlin                   P               Sed/Bed         Pr    M   8.89Mt at 23-25% P2O5                                                             apt                                    N27-47-00, E106-40-0   Wu, 1996
1602   China   Guizhou                 Kaiyang                   P               Sed/Bed         Pr    L   423Mt at 34.2% P2O5                                                                                                      N27-08-00, E106-51-0   Wu, 1996
1603   China   Guizhou                 Baiyan                    P               Sed/Bed         U     L   555Mt at 25.01% P2O5                                                                                                     N27-02-00, E107-25-0   Wu, 1996
1604   China   Guizhou                 Gaoping                   P, I            Sed/Bed         Pr    L   263Mt at 27.15% P2O5 with 11.1Kt I                                                                                       N26-58-00, E107-18-0   Wu, 1996
1605   China   Guizhou                 Xinhua                    P               Sed/Bed         Pr    L   1,348Mt at 17.22% P2O5, 0.1% RE2O3, 340ppm Y2O3,                                                                         N26-39-00, E105-52-3   Wu, 1996
1606   China   Guizhou                 Liaoyuan-Yangcungou       Py              Sed/Bed         P     M   21.4Mt at 8.8-21.0% S                                                             py                                     N28-04-00, E106-46-0   Wu, 1996
1607   China   Guizhou                 Zhongsi                   Py              Sed/Bed         U     M   34.0Mt at 10.1-21.2% S                                                                                                   N27-57-30, E106-58-0   Wu, 1996
1608   China   Guizhou                 Renhui                    Py              Sed/Bed         P     M   24.1Mt at 14-17% S                                                                py, mRc                                N27-57-00, E106-32-0   Wu, 1996
1609   China   Guizhou                 Dongqinba                 Py              Sed/Bed         P     M   12.5Mt at 13.5% S                                                                                                        N27-49-00, E107-04-0   Wu, 1996
1610   China   Guizhou                 Bijie                     Py              Vol-Sed/Bed     P     L   66.3Mt at 20.5% S                                                                 py, mRc                                N27-41-00, E105-22-0   Wu, 1996
1611   China   Guizhou                 Meitan                    Py              Sed/Bed         P     M   18.6Mt at 17.7% S                                                                 py                                     N27-37-00, E107-19-0   Wu, 1996
1612   China   Guizhou                 Sanchahe                  Py              Sed/Bed         P     M   28Mt at 11-18% S                                                                  py                                     N27-35-00, E106-55-0   Wu, 1996
1613   China   Guizhou                 Qianxi                    Py              Vol-Sed/Bed     P     M   29.6Mt at 14-18% S                                                                py, mRc                                N27-10-30, E105-58-0   Wu, 1996
1614   China   Guizhou                 Dafang                    Py              Sed/Bed         U     M   35.7Mt at 12.9-18.3% S                                                                                                   N27-02-00, E105-20-0   Wu, 1996
1615   China   Guizhou                 Paidai                    Py              Hyd/Vn-Rpl      U     M   4.4Mt at 16.7-29.2% S                                                             py, bar                                N26-06-00, E108-01-0   Wu, 1996
1616   China   Guizhou                 Siuwen                    Rc              Sed/Lnt         C     M   23.5Mt at 35.5% Al2O3, 2.09% Fe2O3, 9.29% Ig. L.                                  kln                                    N26-42-00, E106-34-0   Wu, 1996
1617   China   Guizhou                 Qinzhen                   Rc              Sed/Lnt         C     M   26.15Mt at 41.4-46.6% Al2O3, 1.3-2.0% Fe2O3, 31.5-39.1% SiO2                      kln                                    N26-35-00, E106-21-3   Wu, 1996
1618   China   Guizhou                 Guiyan-Pingba             Rc              Sed/Lnt         Tr    S   0.69Mt                                                                                                                   N26-24-00, E106-19-0   Wu, 1996
1640   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaokouhuaying-Manhantu   Ag              Hyd/Vn          U     S   151t Ag at 178.7g/t Ag                                                                                                   N42-08-00, E117-30-0   Li, 1996
1641   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Niuquan                   Ag, Au          Hyd/Vn          U     M   650t Ag, 3.63t Au at 283.7g/t Ag, 1.58g/t Au                                                                             N41-38-30, E116-35-0   Li, 1996
1642   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Guzhigou                  Ag, Pb, Zn      Hyd/Ffill       U     S   213t Ag at 138.5g/t Ag                                                                                                   N41-20-00, E118-17-0   Li, 1996
1643   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yinyeling                 Ag, Pb, Zn      Skn/Lnt         U     S   251t Ag, 19Kt Pb, 20Kt Zn at 173.2g/t Ag, 1.31% Pb, 1.55% Zn                                                             N40-18-00, E116-56-0   Jiang, 1996
1644   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Hechun                    Al, Rc          Sed/Bed         C     M   5.54Mt at 47.62% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.7% Fe2O3, 13.93% Ig.L                                                                     N36-30-00, E114-06-0   Li, 1996
1645   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Lanying                   Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   3.079t Au at 16.27g/t Au                                                                                                 N41-20-00, E117-14-3   Cun et al., 1992
1646   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Menying                   Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   3.0t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                                                                    N41-14-30, E117-06-0   Cun et al., 1992
1647   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Beiciyugou                Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.50t Au at 14.9g/t Au                                                                                                   N41-07-00, E117-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
1648   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Wudaohe                   Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   3.14t Au at 6.11g/t Au                                                                                                   N41-07-00, E118-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
1649   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shizilin                  Au              Hyd/Sil         U     S   7.158t Au at 7.62g/t Au                                                                                                  N41-04-30, E117-50-3   Cun et al., 1992
1650   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dayingzi                  Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   7.0t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                                                    N41-01-00, E116-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
1651   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiashuangtai              Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   3.393t Au at 16.7g/t Au                                                                                                  N40-58-30, E115-11-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1652   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yangmuwa                  Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   3.343t Au at 13.79g/t Au                                                                                                 N40-58-00, E115-13-0   Cun et al., 1992
1653   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Beiliying                 Au              Hyd/Vn          U     S   3.684t Au at 17.99g/t Au                                                                                                 N40-58-00, E117-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
1654   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huangtuliang              Au              Hyd/Vn-Sil      U     S   5.0t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                              py                                     N40-57-30, E115-39-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1655   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhongshangou             Au           Hyd/Vn             Mz1   S   4.027t Au at 6.27g/t Au                                                                                        N40-56-00, E115-10-0   Cun et al., 1992; Hart et al., 2002
1656   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Hougou                   Au           Hyd/Vn             U     M   12.0t Au at 5.5g/t Au                                                                                          N40-55-30, E115-36-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1657   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dongcha                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   2.0t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                           N40-55-00, E116-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
1658   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jinjiazhuang             Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.559t Au at 21.11g/t Au                                                                                       N40-53-00, E115-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
1659   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dongping                 Au           Hyd/Vn             J     M   25.374t Au at 6g/t Au                                                             py, mgt, cp, gal, sph, tet   N40-52-30, E115-24-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
1660   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shuijingtun              Au           Hyd/Vn             U     M   12.329t Au at 9.24g/t Au                                                                                       N40-50-30, E115-05-3   Cun et al., 1992
1661   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Nanlenggou               Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   2.027t Au at 6.6g/t Au                                                                                         N40-50-30, E115-13-0   Cun et al., 1992
1662   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Gujuzi                   Au           Hyd/Vn             U     M   15.0t Au at 6.07g/t Au                                                                                         N40-50-00, E115-14-0   Cun et al., 1992
1663   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Qidaohe                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   2.0t Au at 8.0g/t Au                                                                                           N40-50-00, E116-40-3   Cun et al., 1992
1664   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Beigangou                Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   6.323t Au at 7.740g/t Au                                                                                       N40-48-30, E116-49-3   Cun et al., 1992
1665   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaoyingpan              Au           Hyd/Vn             Tr    M   35.144t Au at 7.74g/t Au                                                          py, cp, gal, tet             N40-47-30, E115-12-3   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
1666   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Hanjiagou                Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   2.417t Au at 7.73g/t Au                                                                                        N40-47-00, E115-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
1667   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dabaiyang                Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   2.0t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                           N40-46-00, E115-17-3   Cun et al., 1992
1668   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Geyubao                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.0t Au at 6.84g/t Au                                                                                          N40-45-30, E115-11-0   Cun et al., 1992
1669   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhangquanzhuang          Au           Hyd/Vn             U     M   12.668t Au at 14.24g/t Au                                                                                      N40-44-00, E115-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
1670   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiayingfang              Au           Hyd/Sil            U     M   19.82t Au at 3.46g/t Au                                                                                        N40-44-00, E118-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
1671   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xituogu                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   5.0t Au at 9.5g/t Au                                                                                           N40-39-00, E117-01-3   Cun et al., 1992
1672   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Detiangou                Au           Hyd/Vn-Dis         U     S                                                                                     py, mlb, sph, cp             N40-36-00, E116-39-0   Jiang, 1996
1673   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yueryan                  Au           Hyd/Vn-Stw-Dis     J     M   13.764t Au at 11.51g/t Au                                                         py, cp, gal, pyr, mlb        N40-36-00, E118-34-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
1674   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yangshudixia             Au, Mo       Wth-Res (Fe-Cap)   TnQ   S   2.361t Au at 8.21g/t Au, 1.74Kt Mo                                                py, gth, mlb                 N40-33-00, E116-31-0   Cun et al., 1992; Jiang, 1996
1675   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xinlonggou               Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.855t Au at 81.0g/t Au                                                                                        N40-32-00, E119-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
1676   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shanjiawanzi             Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.022t Au at 27.49g/t Au                                                                                       N40-29-00, E118-37-0   Cun et al., 1992
1677   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sanjia                   Au, Ag, Cu   Hyd/Vn             U     S   4.625t Au at 27.52g/t Au, 24.65g/t Ag, 0.17% Cu                                   py, cp                       N40-28-30, E119-02-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1678   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhanghe                  Au           Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   1.414t Au at 0.2822g/m3 Au                                                                                     N40-28-00, E118-28-0   Cun et al., 1992
1679   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xingganhe                Au           Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   2.254t Au at 0.3632g/m3 Au                                                                                     N40-27-00, E119-16-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1680   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhouzhizi                Au           Hyd/Sil            U     S   3.0t Au                                                                                                        N40-27-00, E119-32-3   Cun et al., 1992
1681   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Chagou                   Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   5.196t Au at 7.88g/t Au                                                                                        N40-25-00, E118-09-3   Cun et al., 1992
1682   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Miaozhizi                Au           Hyd/Sil            U     S   1.23t Au at 7.05g/t Au                                                                                         N40-25-00, E119-08-3   Cun et al., 1992
1683   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiazhizi                 Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.0t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                                                          N40-22-00, E119-30-3   Cun et al., 1992
1684   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Banbishan                Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.662t Au at 7.21g/t Au                                                                                        N40-21-30, E119-07-3   Cun et al., 1992
1685   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Niuxinshan               Au           Hyd/Vn             J     M   20.284t Au at 24.02g/t Au                                                         py, cp, sph, gal             N40-21-00, E118-37-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
1686   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dachagou                 Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   5.0t Au at 20.0g/t Au                                                                                          N40-20-30, E118-37-3   Cun et al., 1992
1687   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huajian                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   9.828t Au at 13.6g/t Au                                                                                        N40-19-00, E118-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1688   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jinchangyu               Au           Hyd/Vn             J     M   66.362t Au at 7.08g/t Au                                                                                       N40-18-00, E118-26-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
1689   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Wanzhuang                Au, Ag       Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.09t Au, 10.0t Ag                                                                py, gal, cp, sph             N40-16-00, E116-57-3   Jiang, 1996
1690   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Gaojiadian               Au           Hyd/Sil            U     S   3.136t Au at 3.91g/t Au                                                                                        N40-16-00, E118-11-3   Cun et al., 1992
1691   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Maoshan                  Au           Hyd/Sil            U     S   1.424t Au at 93.66g/t Au                                                                                       N40-14-30, E117-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
1692   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiqinghe                 Au           Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   2.310t Au at 0.2736g/m3 Au                                                                                     N40-14-30, E118-31-3   Cun et al., 1992
1693   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Erbazi                   Au           Hyd/Sil            U     S   2.0t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                                                                           N40-13-00, E118-45-3   Cun et al., 1992
1694   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Malanyu                  Au           Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   4.237t Au at 1.239g/m3 Au                                                                                      N40-10-00, E117-51-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1695   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huanghuashan             Au           Hyd                U     S   4.4t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                                                                           N40-07-00, E117-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
1696   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Luanmuyi                 Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.218t Au                                                                                                      N39-09-00, E114-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
1697   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dashiyu                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.046t Au at 9.15g/t Au                                                                                        N39-08-00, E114-37-3   Cun et al., 1992
1698   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yinfang                  Au           Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.0t Au                                                                                                        N39-08-00, E114-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
1699   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shihu                    Au           Hyd/Vn             K     M   20.0t Au at 12.56g/t Au                                                                                        N38-38-30, E114-14-3   Li, 1996; Zhou et al., 2002
1700   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Gaoshitai                Cr           Mgm/Pdf            U     M   172Kt Cr2O3 at 14.12% Cr2O3                                                                                    N41-08-00, E117-58-0   Li, 1996
1701   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Fangmayu                 Cr           Mgm/Pdf-Vn         U     M   236Kt Cr2O3 at 9.6% Cr2O3                                                                                      N40-38-30, E117-08-0   Jiang, 1996
1702   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaosigou                Cu, Mo       Prp-Skn            U     M   130Kt Cu, 110Kt Mo at 0.67% Cu, 0.085% Mo                                                                      N40-55-00, E118-33-0   Li, 1996
1703   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shouwangfen              Cu, Mo, Fe   Skn                U     M   1.16% Cu, 0.238% Mo, 33.15% Fe                                                    cp, mlb, py, pyr             N40-45-00, E117-46-0   Li, 1996
1704   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Futuyu                   Cu, Mo       Skn-Prp            U     M   185Kt Cu at 1.82-2.43% Cu                                                         cp, mlb, mgt, hem            N39-22-00, E114-52-0   Li, 1996
1705   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Mujicun                  Cu, Mo       Prp-Skn            U     M   103Kt Cu, 782t Mo at 0.55% Cu, 0.142% Mo                                                                       N39-20-00, E114-52-3   Li, 1996
1706   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhoutaizi                Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        U     M   33.51Mt at 33.15% Fe                                                                                           N41-01-00, E117-32-0   Li, 1996
1707   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jinbeizhuang             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   117.9Mt at 32.77% Fe                                                                                           N40-51-00, E115-34-0   Li, 1996
1708   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Longyan                  Fe           Sed/Bed            Pr    L   321.35Mt at 37-46% Fe                                                             mgt, hem                     N40-44-00, E115-30-0   Li, 1996
1709   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Maquanzi                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   13.1Mt at 26.7% Fe                                                                mgt, hem                     N40-43-00, E116-39-0   Jiang, 1996
1710   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Anlingxigou              Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   7.3Mt at 27.6% Fe                                                                 mgt, hem                     N40-42-00, E116-38-3   Jiang, 1996
1711   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sihetang                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed-Lnt    A     M   46.5Mt at 30.3-33.5% Fe                                                           mgt                          N40-41-30, E116-46-3   Jiang, 1996
1712   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huangcaoliang            Fe           Sed/Bed            Pr    M   19.48Mt at 47.69% Fe                                                              mgt, hem                     N40-40-00, E115-26-0   Li, 1996
1713   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Tanglanggou              Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   5.18Mt at 27.01% Fe                                                               mgt, hem                     N40-40-00, E116-38-0   Jiang, 1996
1714   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shanshenmiao             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   23.1Mt at 30.3-33.5% Fe                                                           mgt                          N40-40-00, E116-49-0   Jiang, 1996
1715   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Fengjiayu                Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed-Lnt    A     M   70.7Mt at 30.3-33.5% Fe                                                           mgt                          N40-40-00, E116-50-3   Jiang, 1996
1716   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shipaogou                Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   29.03Mt at 30.3-33.5% Fe                                                          mgt                          N40-39-30, E116-50-0   Jiang, 1996
1717   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Fangmayu                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   14.73Mt                                                                           mgt                          N40-38-00, E117-09-3   Jiang, 1996
1718   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Baihejian                Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   15.6Mt                                                                            mgt                          N40-37-30, E117-05-0   Jiang, 1996
1719   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sihai                    Fe, Mn       Sed/Bed            U     M   13.7Mt at 29.36% Fe, 2.86% Mn                                                     hem                          N40-35-00, E116-25-0   Jiang, 1996
1720   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Donggezhuang-Yanlao      Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   29.2Mt at 30.08% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-35-00, E116-58-0   Jiang, 1996
1721   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaocao                  Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   11.94Mt                                                                           mgt                          N40-35-00, E117-05-3   Jiang, 1996
1722   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Bingmaying               Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   41.58Mt at 29.89% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-34-00, E117-02-3   Jiang, 1996
1723   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xinzhuang                Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   38.04Mt at 26.7% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-34-00, E117-11-0   Jiang, 1996
1724   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Gudaogou-Loutaizi        Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   39.44Mt at 29-32% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-33-30, E118-32-0   Li, 1996
1725   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dacao                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   59.3Mt at 26.92% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-32-30, E117-06-0   Jiang, 1996
1726   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sangyuan                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   55.5Mt at 30.51% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-31-30, E117-10-0   Jiang, 1996
1727   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Mayukou                  Fe           Sed/Bed            Pr    M   37.27Mt at 37.41% Fe                                                              mgt, hem, gth, sid           N40-30-00, E115-29-3   Li, 1996
1728   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Lutou                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   11.81Mt at 28.99% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-30-00, E117-05-0   Jiang, 1996
1729   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Banjieyu                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   11.4Mt at 27.10% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-27-30, E117-03-3   Jiang, 1996
1730   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dongzigou                Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   56.02Mt at 33.48% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-27-30, E118-28-0   Li, 1996
1731   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dayan                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   18.8Mt at 27.10% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-25-00, E117-00-3   Jiang, 1996
1732   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huogezhuang              Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   41.5Mt at 26.75% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-24-30, E116-59-0   Jiang, 1996
1733   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shuiyu                   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        U     M   29.43Mt at 25.5% Fe                                                                                            N40-24-00, E116-56-0   Jiang, 1996
1734   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shachang                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   115Mt at 31.79% Fe                                                                mgt                          N40-24-00, E117-02-0   Jiang, 1996
1735   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shijiazhuang             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   13.69Mt at 30.69% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-24-00, E118-20-0   Li, 1996
1736   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Caijiawa                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   30.25Mt at 26.44% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-21-30, E116-54-0   Jiang, 1996
1737   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Miaogou                  Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   57.47Mt at 29.30% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-21-30, E119-19-0   Li, 1996
1738   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Longwan                  Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        U     M   77.86Mt at 30.7% Fe                                                               mgt                          N40-18-00, E118-07-0   Li, 1996
1739   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sanyizhuang              Fe, Zn       Skn/Mas            J     M   10.14Mt iron ore, 9.65Mt Zn ore, 1.85Mt Mo ore at 38.15% Fe, 3.68% Zn, 0.09% Mo   mgt, sph, mlb                N40-14-00, E114-47-0   Li, 1996
1740   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shirengou                Fe           Sed/Bed-Lnt        A     L   254.46Mt at 31.21% Fe                                                             mgt                          N40-14-00, E117-52-0   Li, 1996
1741   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xixiakou                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed-Lnt    A     M   28.02Mt at 31.32% Fe                                                              mgt                          N40-05-00, E118-39-0   Li, 1996
1742   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Qian'an Area             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     L   1.60Bt at 20-31% Fe                                                                                            N39-59-00, E118-34-0   Li, 1996
1743   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Bangchuishan-Mopanshan   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed-Lnt    A     M   87.41Mt at 33.98% Fe                                                              mgt                          N39-57-00, E118-49-0   Li, 1996
1744   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhaodianzi               Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed        A     M   35.35Mt at 30%ツ± Fe                                                               mgt                          N39-56-30, E118-39-0   Li, 1996
1745   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Mancheng                 Fe                 Vol-Sed/Bed    U     L   816Mt at 34.49% Fe                                                                          mgt, hem            N39-40-00, E118-45-0   Li, 1996
1746   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sijiayin                 Fe                 Vol-Sed/Bed    A     L   2.36Bt at 30.52% Fe                                                                         mgt, hem            N39-38-00, E118-44-0   Li, 1996
1747   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yucheng                  Fe, Cu, Zn, W, B   Skn/Mas        K     M   38.50Mt iron ore, 1909t Cu, 46.9Kt Zn, 1213t W, 1360t B ore at 39.20% Fe, 0.81% Cu, 1.75%   mgt, cp, sph        N39-17-00, E114-54-3   Li, 1996
1748   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhijiazhuang             Fe                 Skn            K     M   48.38Mt at 34.67% Fe                                                                        mgt                 N39-13-00, E114-52-3   Li, 1996
1749   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiakou                   Fe                 Mgm/Mas        U     M   14.89Mt at 31% Fe                                                                           mgt                 N38-17-00, E113-40-0   Li, 1996
1750   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Fenghuangshan            Fe                 Skn/Mas        K     M   14.07Mt at 43.27% Fe                                                                                            N36-54-00, E114-20-0   Li, 1996
1751   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Hanxin                   Fe                 Skn/Mas        K     L   878.52Mt                                                                                                        N36-43-00, E114-09-3   Li, 1996
1752   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiangguan                Mn, Ag             Hyd/Vn         K     M   3.778Mt at 138.7g/t Ag                                                                                          N40-14-00, E115-12-0   Li, 1996
1753   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dongshuichang            Mn, B              Sed/Bed        U     M   490Kt Mn at 19-21% Mn, 9.39% B2O3                                                                               N40-11-00, E117-28-0   Li, 1996
1754   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Longtiangou              Mn                 Sed/Bed        U     S   22Kt at 39.8% Mn                                                                                                N38-29-00, E114-13-0   Li, 1996
1755   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sadaigoumen              Mo                 Hyd/Dis        Tr    M   187Kt Mo at 0.076% Mo                                                                                           N41-14-00, E116-37-0   Li, 1996
1756   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jiajiaying               Mo                 Hyd/Stw-Dis    U     M   60Mt at 0.1014% Mo                                                                                              N40-35-00, E115-10-0   Li, 1996
1757   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dazhuangke-Dongjiagou    Mo                 Hyd/BRc-Dis    Mz2   S   3.57Kt Mo at 0.075% Mo                                                                      mlb                 N40-26-00, E116-12-0   Jiang, 1996
1758   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shihuyu                  Mo                 Hyd/Lnt-Vn     Mz2   S                                                                                               mlb, py             N40-24-00, E116-18-0   Jiang, 1996
1759   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Maoshan                  Ni, Cu, Co         Hyd/Ffill      U     S   150Kt at 0.156% Ni, 0.078% Co, 0.24% Cu                                                                         N40-20-00, E117-20-0   Li, 1996
1760   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Caijiaying               Pb, Zn, Ag         Hyd/Vn         U     L   1Mt Pb+Zn, 19t Au, 1.1Kt Ag at 8.95% Pb+Zn, 0.49g/t Au, 29.38g/t Ag                                             N41-27-00, E115-15-0   Li, 1996
1761   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jiaodingshan             Pb, Zn             Hyd/Irg        K     M   56Kt Pb, 104Kt Zn, 152t Ag at 0.61% Pb, 0.93% Zn, 14.1g/t Ag                                                    N40-47-30, E118-25-3   Li, 1996
1762   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dongsancha               Zn                 Skn/Lnt-Vn     Mz2   S   88Kt Zn at 3.84% Zn                                                                         sph, mgt            N40-25-00, E116-15-0   Jiang, 1996
1763   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Nanzhaozhuang            Pb, Zn             Hyd-Rpl        K     M   116.8Kt Zn, 14.1Kt Pb, 132t Ag at 3.13% Zn, 1.04% Pb, 34.99g/t Ag                                               N39-23-00, E114-57-3   Li, 1996
1764   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dawan                    Zn, Mo             Prp-Skn        U     M   700Kt Zn, 258.7Kt Mo, 621t Ag, 6.5Kt Pb at 3.76% Zn, 0.117% Mo, 27g/t Ag                                        N39-15-00, E114-52-3   Li, 1996
1765   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Damiao                   V, Ti, P           Mgm/Mas-Dis    U     L   150Kt V2O5, 15Mt TiO2                                                                                           N41-10-00, E117-55-0   Li, 1996
1766   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Beishuiyu                Ti, Fe             Mgm/Lyr        U     M   10.84Mt at 18.19% Fe, 0.31% V2O5, 4.73% TiO2                                                                    N37-40-00, E114-13-0   Li, 1996
1767   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Longguanzheng            Gr                 Mtm/Bed        A     M   11.83Mt at 3% Grp                                                                                               N40-49-00, E115-39-0   Li, 1996
1768   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Chechang                 Gr                 Mtm/Irg        U     M   70.0Kt at 29.2% Fx C                                                                                            N39-45-00, E115-53-0   Jiang, 1996
1769   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Guangfayong              F                  Hyd/Vn         U     M   292Kt at 21.6-80.13% CaF2, 235Kt 1st grade ore at 80.13% CaF2                                                   N42-07-00, E117-47-0   Li, 1996
1770   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Hejialou                 F                  Hyd/Vn         U     M   2.79Mt at 31.3%-40.33% CaF2                                                                                     N41-18-00, E118-51-0   Li, 1996
1771   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yangshuling              F                  Hyd/Vn         U     M   400Kt                                                                                                           N40-58-30, E118-55-0   Li, 1996
1772   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shuangdongzi             F                  Hyd-Rpl        U     M   1.62Mt at 32% CaF2                                                                                              N40-57-30, E118-49-0   Li, 1996
1773   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Lanying                  F                  Hyd/Vn         U     S   82-91% CaF2                                                                                                     N40-48-00, E116-40-0   Jiang, 1996
1774   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shuangbei                Gp                 Sed/Bed        Tp    L   748Mt at 80.93% CaSO4                                                                       gyp                 N37-19-00, E114-35-3   Li, 1996
1775   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Guocun                   Gp                 Sed/Bed        O     M   43.26Mt                                                                                     gyp                 N37-10-00, E114-24-0   Li, 1996
1776   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Wuxiangpo                Kl                 Wth/Vn         TnQ   M   1.51Mt at 18.91% Al2O3, 0.92% Fe2O3+TiO2, 68-71% SiO2                                       kln, ser, qz        N39-01-30, E115-21-0   Li, 1996
1777   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dawushugou               P                  Mgm/Mas        U     M   35.6Mt at 4.51% P2O5 with 2.5Kt Co                                                          apt, ilm, v-ilm     N41-15-30, E117-48-0   Li, 1996
1778   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Luoguozigou              P, Fe              Mgm/Dis        U     M   211.5Mt at 5.02% P2O5, 3.21Mt iron ore                                                      apt, ilm, tmgt      N41-13-00, E117-52-0   Li, 1996
1779   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Maying                   P, Fe              Mgm/Irg-Mas    U     M   10.35Mt P-iron ore at 7% P2O5                                                               apt, mgt, ilm       N41-09-30, E117-55-0   Li, 1996
1780   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Zhaobin'gou              P, Fe              Sed/Lnt        A     M   88.98Mt phosphate ore at 4.25% P2O5; 88.98Mt iron ore at 15.19% Fe                          apt, ilm            N41-07-00, E116-54-0   Li, 1996
1781   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Fanshan                  P                  Hyd/Mas        U     S   91.52Mt at 11.87% P2O5                                                                                          N40-12-00, E115-26-0   Li, 1996
1782   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yangpoyuan-Zhaojiatai    Pp                 Mtm/Bed        P     S   1.61Mt at 38.8% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.91% Fe2O3, 42.6% SiO2, 7.14% Ig.L                             pph, qz             N39-53-00, E115-57-0   Jiang, 1996
1783   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Gaobanhe                 Py, Zn             Sed/Bed-Lnt    Pr    M   29.74Mt at 18.91% S, 0.81% Zn, 0.29% Pb, 21% Fe                                             py                  N40-26-00, E117-57-3   Li, 1996
1784   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Mianhetan                Py                 Sed/Bed        C     M   3.46Mt Py ore at 13-17% S                                                                                       N37-59-30, E114-00-0   Li, 1996
1785   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xinshutai                Py, Fe, Cu         Vol-Sed/Str    A     M   6.76Mt Py ore, 10.81Mt Mgt ore, 1320t Cu at 14-21% S                                        py, pyr, mgt        N37-23-00, E114-08-0   Li, 1996
1786   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sanwancun                Py, Cu, Co         Skn/Str-Dis    K     M   8.13Mt Py ore with 21.3Kt Cu, 2395t Co, 117t Mo                                                                 N36-51-30, E114-20-0   Li, 1996
1787   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Pinganpu                 Rc                 Sed/Bed        C     M   10.69Mt at 42.5% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.75% Fe2O3, 13.2% Ig.L                                        kln                 N40-31-00, E117-32-3   Li, 1996
1788   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huiyu                    Rc                 Sed/Bed        C     M   7.17Mt at 34.7% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.63% Fe2O3, 49.36% SiO2, 7.9% Ig.L                             kln, qz             N40-02-00, E116-03-3   Jiang, 1996
1789   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yexi                     Rc                 Sed/Bed        C     M   2.84Mt at 48.82% Al2O3+TiO2, 2.2% Fe2O3, 7.5% Ig.L                                                              N39-58-00, E116-12-3   Jiang, 1996
1790   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Kaiping                  Rc                 Sed/Bed        P     M   51.56Mt                                                                                                         N39-44-00, E118-19-3   Li, 1996
1812   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Pingdingshan             Au                 Hyd/Dis        U     M   10t Au at 7.8g/t Au                                                                                             N48-24-00, E129-54-3   Cun et al., 1992
1813   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Tuanjiegou               Au, Sb             Hyd/Stw-Dis    K     M   61.0t Au at 7.67g/t Au                                                                                          N48-21-00, E130-15-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002; MEG, 19
1814   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaoyuhe                 Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   3.874t Au at 0.268g/m3 Au                                                                                       N48-17-00, E129-45-0   Kang,1996
1815   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Laogou-Changboshan       Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   2.561t Au at 0.311g/m3 Au                                                                                       N48-15-00, E130-16-0   Kang,1996
1816   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jiayinhe-Jiulizhuanghe   Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   5.676t Au at 0.223g/m3 Au                                                                                       N48-15-00, E130-34-0   Kang,1996
1817   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dujiahe                  Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   1.435t Au at 0.210g/m3 Au                                                                                       N48-11-00, E130-20-0   Kang,1996
1818   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaoqilahe               Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   1.919t Au at 0.259g/m3 Au                                                                                       N47-54-00, E130-28-0   Kang,1996
1819   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Wutonghe                 Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   2.006t Au at 0.343g/m3 Au                                                                                       N47-51-00, E130-11-0   Kang,1996
1820   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sipingshan               Au                                U     M   10t Au at 7.5g/t Au                                                                                             N47-25-00, E134-06-0   Cun et al., 1992
1821   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Dongfengshan             Au, Fe             Sed/Lnt        Pr    S   6.95t Au at 9.88g/t Au                                                                                          N47-16-00, E129-52-0   Kang,1996
1822   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Daanhe                   Au                 Hyd            U     S   7t Au at 9.0g/t Au                                                                                              N46-58-00, E128-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
1823   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sifangtai                Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   2.861t Au at 0.288g/m3 Au                                                                                       N46-22-30, E130-40-0   Kang,1996
1824   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Laozuashan               Au, As             Skn            U     M   20.4t Au at 7.38g/t Au                                                                                          N46-10-00, E131-26-0   Cun et al., 1992
1825   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Huanan                   Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     M   30.3t Au at 0.253g/m3 Au                                                                                        N46-05-00, E130-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
1826   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Leifenggou               Au                 Sed/Alv-Plc    Q     S   5.487t Au at 0.299g/m3 Au                                                                                       N44-55-00, E130-11-0   Kang,1996
1827   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaojinshan              Au                 Sed/Bed        J     S   2.70t Au at 3.63g/t Au                                                                                          N44-46-00, E130-36-0   Kang,1996
1831   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Gongpengzi               Cu, Zn, W          Skn            Mz2   M   129Kt Cu, 83Kt Zn, 17.7Kt Pb, 30.9Kt WO3 at 1.23% Cu, 1.6% Zn, 0.18% Pb, 0.414% WO3                             N45-38-00, E127-24-0   Kang,1996
1834   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Daxilin                  Fe                 Skn            U     M   5.37Mt at 48.4% Fe                                                                                              N47-28-00, E128-59-0   Kang,1996
1835   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Erguxishan               Fe, Cu, Pb, Zn     Skn            Pz2   M   14.5Mt iron ore, 390Kt Zn, 18Kt Cu, 130Kt Pb at 34.11% Fe, 3.98% Zn, 0.66% Cu, 3.37% Pb     mgt, cp, sph, gal   N47-09-00, E128-29-0   Zhu,1999; Yao et al., 1993
1836   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Mengjiagang              Fe                 Sed/Bed        Pr    M   15.23Mt at 32.18% Fe, 1.11% S, 0.30% P                                                      mgt, qz             N46-32-00, E130-24-0   Zhu,1999; Kang,1996
1837   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shuangyashan             Fe                 Sed/Bed        Pr    M   80.72Mt at 30.98% Fe                                                                        mgt, qz             N46-31-00, E131-10-0   Kang,1996
1838   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Sujiaweizi               Fe                 Skn            U     S   3.014Mt iron ore, 51Kt Zn, 1.3Kt Mo at 38.61% Fe                                            mgt, sph, mlb       N45-20-00, E126-53-0   Kang,1996
1839   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Shifa Iron-Zinc          Fe, Zn             Skn            U     S   2.02Mt at 37.19% Fe, 1.77% Zn, 7.83% S                                                      mgt, sph            N45-16-00, E127-05-0   Kang,1996
1840   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Linhai                   Fe                 Skn            Pz2   M   7.22Mt at 38.45% Fe, 0.14% S                                                                mgt                 N45-13-00, E129-35-0   Kang,1996
1841   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Jingbo                   Fe                 Hyd-Rpl        Pz2   M   29.06Mt at 27.15% Fe                                                                        mgt                 N44-00-30, E128-38-0   Kang,1996
1842   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Wudaoling                Mo                 Skn/Irg        U     M   41.7Kt Mo at 0.167% Mo                                                                      py, mlb             N45-10-00, E127-09-0   Zhu,1999; Kang,1996
1843   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Xiaoxiling               Pb, Zn             Str/Mas        Pz1   M   400Kt Pb, 530Kt Zn at 4.09% Pb, 4.3-5.23% Zn                                                py, gal, sph        N47-28-00, E129-11-0   Kang,1996
1844   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Qianshan/Laodaomiaogou   Pb, Zn             Hyd/Vn         Pz2   M   71.3Kt Zn, 35.5Kt Pb at 0.1-4.8% Zn, 0.6-1.2% Pb                                            sph, gal, py, pyr   N47-23-00, E129-10-0   Kang,1996
1845   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Bailing                  Zn, Cu             Skn            U     M   127Kt Zn at 2.02% Zn, 23Kt Cu at 1.04% Cu                                                   sph, mgt, cp, py    N45-30-00, E127-08-0   Kang,1996
1846   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Wuxing                   PGE, Cu, Ni, Co    Mgm/Irg        U     S   8.33t Pt+Pd, 14.8Kt Cu, 8.6Kt Ni, 1.438Kt Co at 0.779g/t Pt+Pd                                                  N45-03-00, E131-23-0   Kang,1996
1848   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yunshan                  Gr                 Mtm/Bed        U     L   41.3Mt grp at 10.36% C                                                                                          N47-55-00, E130-38-0   Kang,1996
1849   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yanbishan                Gr                 Mtm/Bed        Pr    M   1.57Mt grp at 9.19% C, 0.97% S, 42.72% SiO2                                                                     N46-20-00, E131-20-0   Kang,1996
1850   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Foling                   Gr                 Mtm            Pr    L   28.95Mt grp at 6.84% C                                                                                          N45-40-00, E130-36-0   Kang,1996
1851   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Malaishan                Gr                 Mtm/Bed        Pr    M   2.27Mt grp at 7-8% C                                                                                            N45-28-00, E131-46-0   Kang,1996
1852   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Guangyi                  Gr                 Mtm            Pr    M   3.63Mt grp at 16.40% C                                                                                          N45-10-00, E130-15-0   Kang,1996
1853   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Tudingzi-Heping          Gr                 Mtm/Bed        Pr    M   720Kt grp at 6.86% C                                                                                            N45-09-00, E130-28-0   Kang,1996
1854   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Liumao                   Gr                 Mtm            Pr    L   29.54Mt grp at 9.7% C                                                                                           N45-08-00, E130-50-0   Kang,1996
1855   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Yongtai-Anshan           Gr                 Mtm/Bed        Pr    M   230Kt grp at 5.36% C, 0.64% TiO2                                                                                N45-00-00, E130-41-0   Kang,1996
1856   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Liumao                   P, K               Sed, Hyd/Lnt   Pr    M   34.61Mt P2O5, 50.05Mt K2O at 2.38% P2O5, 8.38% K2O                                                              N45-17-00, E130-45-0   Kang,1996
1857   China   Hebei (cont. Beijing)   Beishan/Huanghua         Rc                 Sed/Bed        Tp    M   15.87Mt at 33.61% Al2O3, 2.53% Fe2O3                                                        kln                 N44-37-00, E129-34-0   Kang,1996
1858   China   Henan                   Poshan                   Ag, Au, Zn, Pb     Hyd/Ffill      U     S   278g/t Ag, 0.48g/t Au                                                                                           N32-32-30, E113-27-0   Cun et al., 1992
1859   China   Henan                   Huangchengshan           Ag, Au             Hyd/Vn         U     S   353t Ag at 362g/t Ag                                                                                            N31-57-30, E114-20-3   Luo,1996
1860   China   Henan                   Mianchi-Shanxian         Al                 Sed/Lnt        Pz2   M   85.0Mt                                                                                      dsp                 N34-50-00, E111-37-0   Luo,1996
1861   China   Henan                   Xin-an                   Al                 Sed/Lnt        Pz2   M   13.0Mt                                                                                      dsp                 N34-48-00, E112-03-0   Luo,1996
1862   China   Henan   Gongyi                  Al             Sed/Lnt           Pz2   M   57.9Mt                                                           dsp                                       N34-41-00, E113-05-0   Luo,1996
1863   China   Henan   Yanshi                  Al             Sed/Lnt           Pz2   M   31.4Mt                                                           dsp                                       N34-30-00, E112-45-0   Luo,1996
1864   China   Henan   Dengfeng-Mixian         Al             Sed/Lnt           Pz2   M   64.6Mt                                                           dsp                                       N34-23-00, E113-13-0   Luo,1996
1865   China   Henan   Fangshan                Al             Sed/Lnt           Pz2   M   6.8Mt                                                            dsp                                       N34-12-00, E113-11-0   Luo,1996
1866   China   Henan   Yaoshan                 Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   3.72t Au at 9.27g/t Au                                                                                     N34-35-20, E111-22-0   Luo,1996; Cun et al., 1992
1867   China   Henan   Shenjiayao              Au             Hyd/Dis           U     S   3.80t Au at 5.11g/t Au                                           py, apy, mrm, sph, gal, cp                N34-33-00, E111-20-0   Luo,1996; Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1868   China   Henan   Wulicun                 Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   1.09t Au at 5.82g/t Au                                                                                     N34-29-30, E110-32-0   Luo,1996; Cun et al., 1992
1869   China   Henan   Huanchiyu               Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   1.20t Au at 6.71g/t Au                                           py, mgt, sph, mlb, cp                     N34-28-45, E110-33-4   Luo,1996; Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1870   China   Henan   Lujiayu                 Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   6.15t Au at 5.39g/t Au                                                                                     N34-28-00, E110-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1871   China   Henan   Dahu                    Au, Ag         Hyd/Vn            J     M   63t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                              py, cp, gal, sph, pyr, bon, mlb, cov      N34-28-00, E110-36-5   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Zhou et
1872   China   Henan   Linghu                  Au             Hyd/Vn            K     M   15.35t Au at 5.45g/t Au                                          py, cp, gal, sph, pyr, bon, cov, bis, a   N34-27-40, E110-39-5   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1873   China   Henan   Chuchalanshi            Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   7.0t Au at 11.96g/t Au                                                                                     N34-26-40, E110-33-0   Cun et al., 1992
1874   China   Henan   Andi                    Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   4.38t Au at 6.37g/t Au                                                                                     N34-26-30, E110-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
1875   China   Henan   Jinqu                   Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   7.08t Au at 9.22g/t Au                                                                                     N34-26-30, E110-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1876   China   Henan   Wenyu                   Au, Pb, Cu     Hyd/Vn            J     M   50t Au at 6.5g/t Au                                              py, gal, cp, sph, tet                     N34-25-00, E110-25-2   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Zhou et
1877   China   Henan   Tonggou                 Au, Pb, Cu     Hyd/Vn            K     S   1.45t Au at 20.34g/t Au                                          py, gal, cp, sph, pyr, sch, mgt, mlb      N34-25-00, E110-26-3   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1878   China   Henan   Dongchuang              Au, Ag         Hyd/Vn            J     M   55t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                              py, gal, pyr, cp, sch, wlf                N34-25-00, E110-27-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Zhou et
1879   China   Henan   Laoyacha                Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   3.70t Au at 7.78g/t Au                                                                                     N34-25-00, E110-29-2   Cun et al., 1992
1880   China   Henan   Qinshan                 Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   5.29t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                     N34-25-00, E110-33-1   Cun et al., 1992
1881   China   Henan   Jindongcha              Au, Ag, Cu     Hyd/Vn            K     M   12.38t Au at 7.69g/t Au                                          py, sph, gal, cp, mgt, wlf                N34-24-30, E110-31-5   Cun et al., 1992
1882   China   Henan   Sifangou                Au             Hyd/Vn            J     M   37.01t Au at 10.13g/t Au                                         py, cp, gal                               N34-24-30, E110-34-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
1883   China   Henan   Guijiayu                Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   1.95t Au at 10.56g/t Au                                                                                    N34-24-30, E110-39-0   Cun et al., 1992
1884   China   Henan   Canzhuyu                Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   7.40t Au at 5.40g/t Au                                                                                     N34-24-00, E110-29-0   Cun et al., 1992
1885   China   Henan   Yangzhaiyu              Au, Pb, Ag     Hyd/Vn            J     M   50t Au at 11g/t Au                                               py, gal, cp, sph, mgt, sch, wlf, pyr      N34-24-00, E110-34-4   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Zhou et
1886   China   Henan   Qiangma                 Au, Pb, Cu     Hyd/Vn            K     M   19.0t Au at 8.88g/t Au                                           py, cp, sph, gal, mgt, pyr, sch           N34-23-50, E110-31-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1887   China   Henan   Fancha                  Au             Hyd/Vn            K     S   5.40t Au at 8.95g/t Au                                                                                     N34-23-20, E110-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
1888   China   Henan   Luocha                  Au             Hyd               U     S   3.70t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                     N34-14-00, E111-51-0   Cun et al., 1992
1889   China   Henan   Qiyugou                 Au, Ag         Hyd/BRc           K     M   23.92t Au at 7.40g/t Au                                          py, cp, gal, bis, tet                     N34-14-00, E111-57-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
1890   China   Henan   Shanggong               Au, Ag, Pb     Hyd/Dis           U     M   29.08t Au at 6.87g/t Au                                          py, gal, sph, cp, tet, sch                N34-13-00, E111-33-0   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Luo,1996
1891   China   Henan   Hugou                   Au             Hyd               U     S   5.00t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                                     N34-13-00, E111-33-5   Cun et al., 1992
1892   China   Henan   Jishan                  Au             Hyd               U     S   3.70t Au at 8.5g/t Au                                                                                      N34-13-00, E112-53-0   Cun et al., 1992
1893   China   Henan   Ganshuyao               Au             Hyd               U     S   3.42t Au at 6.20g/t Au                                                                                     N34-11-20, E111-32-0   Cun et al., 1992
1894   China   Henan   Yaogou                  Au, Ag, Cu     Hyd/Vn            U     M   15.00t Au at 8.85g/t Au                                          py, spc, cp, gal, sph                     N34-11-00, E111-54-5   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Luo,1996
1895   China   Henan   Gaoduchuan              Au             Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   3.06t Au at 0.2059g/m3 Au                                                                                  N34-10-50, E112-04-5   Cun et al., 1992
1896   China   Henan   Kuanping                Au             Hyd               U     S   4.13t Au at 7.24g/t Au                                                                                     N34-07-30, E111-51-0   Cun et al., 1992
1897   China   Henan   Kangshan                Au             Hyd/Dis-Vn        U     M   12.74t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                          py, gal, sph, cp, gth                     N34-03-10, E111-20-5   Cun et al., 1992; Luo,1996; Zhou et al., 200
1898   China   Henan   Xingxingyin             Au             Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.00t Au at 8.09g/t Au                                                                                    N34-03-00, E111-21-4   Cun et al., 1992
1899   China   Henan   Tantou                  Au             Hyd/Dis           U     M   15.00t Au at 8.190g/t Au                                         py, mRc, gal, sph, apy                    N34-02-20, E111-45-5   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Luo,1996
1900   China   Henan   Hongzhuang              Au             Hyd/Dis           U     S   4.22t Au at 5.16g/t Au                                                                                     N34-00-50, E111-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1901   China   Henan   Dianfang                Au             Hyd               U     S   5.23t Au at 4.58g/t Au                                                                                     N34-00-30, E111-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
1902   China   Henan   Qianhe                  Au, Ag, Te     Hyd/Dis           U     M   17.78t Au at 14.84g/t Au                                         py, mRc, gal, sid, hes                    N33-58-50, E111-52-4   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Luo,1996
1903   China   Henan   Shimen                  Au             Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.87t Au at 8.34g/t Au                                                                                     N33-55-00, E110-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
1904   China   Henan   Sanhe                   Au             Hyd               U     S   5.95t Au at 8.08g/t Au                                                                                     N33-51-20, E111-28-0   Cun et al., 1992
1905   China   Henan   Chitudian               Au             Hyd               U     S   1.00t Au at 7.30g/t Au                                                                                     N33-50-40, E111-35-4   Cun et al., 1992
1906   China   Henan   Penggou                 Au             Hyd               U     S   1.48t Au at 10.19g/t Au                                                                                    N33-41-00, E112-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
1907   China   Henan   Gaozhuang               Au             Hyd               U     S   1.37t Au at 6.95g/t Au                                                                                     N33-36-10, E111-27-4   Cun et al., 1992
1908   China   Henan   Wangou                  Au             Hyd/Vn            Pz2   S   4.63t Au at 12.36g/t Au                                                                                    N33-30-00, E111-48-0   Cun et al., 1992; Luo,1996
1909   China   Henan   Guaihe                  Au             Hyd               U     S   1.15t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                                     N33-28-00, E113-02-3   Cun et al., 1992
1910   China   Henan   Putang                  Au             Hyd               U     S   2.44t Au at 4.70g/t Au                                                                                     N33-18-00, E111-21-0   Cun et al., 1992
1911   China   Henan   Maotang                 Au             Hyd               U     S   2.07t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                                     N33-15-00, E111-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
1912   China   Henan   Jingziguan              Au             Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.01t Au at 0.2328g/m3 Au                                                                                  N33-14-00, E111-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
1913   China   Henan   Siwang                  Au             Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.14t Au at 0.1745g/m3 Au                                                                                  N33-08-00, E111-10-0   Cun et al., 1992
1914   China   Henan   Qizitang                Au             Hyd/Dis           U     S   3.03t Au at 6.51g/t Au                                                                                     N33-07-30, E112-12-3   Cun et al., 1992; Luo,1996
1915   China   Henan   Yindongpo               Au, Ag         Hyd/Dis-Lnt       U     M   45.68t Au at 5.13g/t Au                                          py, gal, sph, arg                         N32-34-00, E113-24-0   Cun et al., 1992; Luo,1996; Zhou et al., 200
1916   China   Henan   Laowan                  Au             Hyd/Dis-Vn        U     M   25.06t Au at 5.05g/t Au                                                                                    N32-28-30, E113-21-3   Cun et al., 1992; Luo,1996
1917   China   Henan   Yuchong                 Au                               U     S   1.31t Au at 5.79g/t Au                                                                                     N31-53-00, E114-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
1918   China   Henan   Qiushuwan               Cu, Mo         Skn-Hyd/Pip       U     S   0.72% Cu, 0.056-0.103% Mo                                        cp, mlb, py, pyr, gal                     N33-12-30, E112-14-0   Luo,1996
1919   China   Henan   Anlin                   Fe             Skn/Mas           K     M   56.7Mt at 41% Fe                                                 mgt                                       N36-07-30, E113-53-0   Luo,1996
1920   China   Henan   Tieshanhe               Fe             Hyd-Rpl           Pr    M   5.6Mt at 42.28% Fe                                               mgt, hem, gth                             N35-11-00, E112-10-0   Luo,1996
1921   China   Henan   Xinkou                  Fe             Vol-Sed/Bed-Lnt   A     M   22.2Mt at 32.91% Fe                                              mgt, hem                                  N35-10-00, E112-52-0   Luo,1996
1922   China   Henan   Daimeizhai              Fe             Sed/Bed           U     M   >20.0Mt at 46.47% Fe                                             hem, gth                                  N35-02-00, E111-57-0   Luo,1996
1923   China   Henan   Xuchang                 Fe             Vol-Sed/Bed       A     M   204.6Mt at 30% Fe                                                mgt, hem                                  N34-10-00, E113-44-0   Luo,1996
1924   China   Henan   Babaoshan               Fe, Cu         Skn/Mas-Lnt       K     M   22.8Mt at 42.12% Fe, 0.61-0.67% Cu                               mgt, gth, py, cp                          N34-05-00, E110-51-0   Luo,1996
1925   China   Henan   Quli                    Fe, Zn, Cu     Skn/Mas           U     M   27.9Mt at 32.68% Fe, 2.02% Zn, 0.50% Cu                                                                    N33-59-00, E110-54-0   Luo,1996
1926   China   Henan   Ximalou                 Fe             Mgm-Hyd/Lnt       U     M   13.9Mt at 20.87% Fe                                              mgt                                       N33-54-00, E112-40-0   Luo,1996
1927   China   Henan   Dawangzhuang            Fe             Skn/Irg           U     M   9.02Mt at 40.10% Fe                                              mgt                                       N33-50-00, E116-32-3   Luo,1996
1928   China   Henan   Wugang                  Fe, P, Ti, V   Mgm/Lyr           Pr    M   96.4Mt at 34.77% Fe, 1.825% P, 1.04% TiO2, 0.15% V2O5            ilm, mgt, py, apt                         N33-25-30, E113-31-3   Luo,1996; Yao, 1993
1929   China   Henan   Jingshansi              Fe             Sed/Bed           Pr    M   184.3Mt at 25.81% Fe                                             mgt, hem, gth                             N33-25-10, E113-31-3   Yao,1993
1930   China   Henan   Tongbai-Qinyang         Fe             Skn/Mas           U     S   4Mt at 55% Fe                                                                                              N32-41-00, E113-38-0   Luo,1996
1931   China   Henan   Leimengou               Mo             Prp               U     M   340 Kt Mo                                                                                                  N34-11-00, E111-48-0   Luo,1996
1932   China   Henan   Yechangping             Mo, W          Prp-Skn           U     M   137Kt Mo, 94Kt WO3 at 0.133% Mo, 0.102% WO3                      mlb, sch                                  N34-07-00, E110-34-0   Luo,1996
1933   China   Henan   Luanchuan               Mo, W          Prp-Skn/Dis       K     M   >2.0Mt Mo, 7Kt WO3 at 0.076-0.159% Mo                            mlb, sch, py, sph, gal                    N33-57-00, E111-30-0   Luo,1996
1934   China   Henan   Xizaogou                Pb, Zn         Hyd/Ffill         K     M   88Kt Pb, 72.2Kt Zn at 2.26% Pb, 1.85% Zn                         gal, sph, py, pyr, mRc                    N33-56-00, E112-10-0   Luo,1996
1935   China   Henan   Dahe                    Zn, Cu         Hyd/Ffill         U     S   24.3Kt Zn+Pb at 5.65-11.79% Zn; 3.6Kt Cu, at 1.0-1.95% Cu                                                  N32-30-00, E113-28-0   Luo,1996
1936   China   Henan   Wulichuan-Guanpo        Sb             Hyd/Ffill         U     L   53.2Kt Sb at 5%ツ± Sb                                             stb, py, arg                              N33-50-00, E110-55-0   Luo,1996
1937   China   Henan   Baimiao                 Ti             Wth/Lnt           TnQ   S   2.34% TiO2                                                       rut                                       N33-19-00, E111-09-0   Luo,1996
1938   China   Henan   Baishugang-Wujianfang   Ti             Wth/Lnt           Q     S   >600Kt as rutile at 1.88-2.23% TiO2                              rut                                       N33-18-30, E112-49-0   Luo,1996
1939   China   Henan   Yangchong               Ti             Mgm/Lyr           Pr    M   7.14Mt ore at 2.14-2.36% TiO2                                    rut                                       N31-44-00, E114-44-0   Luo,1996
1940   China   Henan   Hengling                Gr             Mtm/Lyr           Pr    L   19.0Mt at 8.13% Fx C                                             grp                                       N33-29-00, E111-27-3   Luo,1996
1941   China   Henan   Xiaodouling             Gr             Mtm/Lyr           Pr    M   2.73Mt                                                           grp                                       N33-17-00, E111-06-0   Luo,1996
1942   China   Henan   Xiaochagou              Gr             Mtm/Lyr           Pr    L   69.3Mt at 4.53% Fx C                                             grp                                       N33-14-00, E112-01-0   Luo,1996
1943   China   Henan   Liuba                   F              Hyd/Vn            K     M   272Kt at 84.5% CaF2                                                                                        N33-50-00, E111-48-0   Luo,1996
1944   China   Henan   Dajianduo               F              Hyd/Vn            K     M   425Kt at 63.25% CaF2                                             fl, qz                                    N33-47-00, E112-23-3   Luo,1996
1945   China   Henan   Chenlou                 F              Hyd/Vn            K     M   2.5Mt at 67.25% CaF2                                             fl                                        N33-46-00, E112-05-0   Luo,1996
1946   China   Henan   Zhouzhuang              F              Hyd/Ffill         K     M   680Kt at 52.8% CaF2                                              fl                                        N32-41-00, E113-50-0   Luo,1996
1947   China   Henan   Jianshan                F              Hyd-Rpl           K     M   4.8Mt at 46.3-68.6% CaF2                                         fl                                        N32-32-00, E113-51-0   Luo,1996
1948   China   Henan   Xinji                   Gp             Sed/Bed           Cm    L   500Mt at 64.1% CaSO4                                             anh                                       N33-46-00, E113-02-3   Luo,1996
1949   China   Henan   Anpeng                  Gp             Sed/Bed           T     M   89Mt at 65% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                          gyp                                       N32-35-00, E113-12-0   Luo,1996
1950   China   Henan   Wangyao                 Kl             Sed/Bed           C     M   10.2Mt at 37.49% Al2O3, 42.83% SiO2, 1.75% Fe2O3, 13.75% Ig.L.   kln, pph, chl, ser                        N35-18-00, E113-21-0   Luo,1996
1951   China   Henan   Hucun-Zhangwan          Kl             Sed/Bed           P     M   12.6Mt at 37.49% Al2O3, 0.93% Fe2O3, 12.04% Ig.L.                kln                                       N35-13-00, E112-57-0   Luo,1996
1952   China   Henan   Zhongling          Kl                   Sed/Bed         P     S   1.6Mt at 39.8% Al2O3, 43.51% SiO2, <3% Fe2O3                                                                                N34-43-00, E113-03-0   Luo,1996
1953   China   Henan   Yexian-Wuyan       Na                   Evp/Bed         T     L   15Bt at 90% Na, 2-6% CaSO4                                                                                                  N33-32-00, E113-32-0   Luo,1996
1954   China   Henan   Shiti              P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   6.3Mt at 18.26% P2O5                                                                                                        N34-19-00, E112-20-0   Luo,1996
1955   China   Henan   Xinji              P                    Sed/Bed         Cm    M   22.6Mt at 11.48% P2O5                                                                     qz, apt                           N33-48-00, E112-58-0   Luo,1996
1956   China   Henan   Shimenchong        P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   7.1Mt at 10.28% P2O5                                                                                                        N31-54-00, E115-12-0   Luo,1996
1957   China   Henan   Fengfeng           Py                   Sed/Bed         C     M   16.3Mt at 16.43% S                                                                        py, mRc                           N35-10-00, E113-10-0   Luo,1996
1958   China   Henan   Zhuyuan-Kuangkou   Py                   Sed/Bed         C     M   17.3Mt at 18.1% S                                                                         py                                N34-58-00, E112-07-3   Luo,1996
1959   China   Henan   Yinjiagou          Py, Cu, Zn           Hyd-Rpl         K     M   48.9Mtat 19.81% S with 150Kt Cu, 130Kt Zn                                                                                   N34-14-00, E110-42-3   Luo,1996
1960   China   Henan   Shangliuzhuang     Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   7.8Mt at 21.3-44.8% Al2O3, 29.1-56.0% SiO2, 6.9-15.8% Ig.L.                               kln, pph                          N35-20-00, E113-16-0   Luo,1996
1961   China   Henan   Siling             Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   S   2.6Mt at 25.7-61.3% Al2O3, 24.9-56.0% SiO2, 8.3-14.4% Ig.L.                               kln, dsp, pph                     N35-18-30, E113-14-0   Luo,1996
1962   China   Henan   Xizhangzhuang      Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   21.8Mt at 26.4-65.8% Al2O3, 19.0-49.1% SiO2, 7.95-15.3% Ig.L.                             kln, pph, dsp                     N35-17-30, E113-10-0   Luo,1996
1963   China   Henan   Dawa               Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   7.2Mt at 30.3-40.0% Al2O3, 31.3-48.2% SiO2, 7.1-14.1% Ig.L.                               kln, pph                          N35-16-30, E113-03-0   Luo,1996
1964   China   Henan   Moshipo            Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   5.3Mt                                                                                     kln, pph                          N35-15-00, E113-09-0   Luo,1996
1965   China   Henan   Wachun             Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   S   4.9Mt at 23.8-57.8% Al2O3, 21.1-61.4% SiO2, 7.9-14.2% Ig.L.                               kln, hmc, pph, dsp                N35-15-00, E113-28-0   Luo,1996
1966   China   Henan   North Qinyang      Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   30.0Mt at 45.4-77.6% Al2O3, 7.9-39.9% SiO2, 8.6-13.8% Ig.L.                               dsp, kln, pph                     N35-10-00, E112-58-3   Luo,1996
1967   China   Henan   East of Jiajiawa   Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   8.3Mt at 76.3% Al2O3, 1.15% Fe2O3, 14.49% Ig.L.                                           dsp, kln                          N34-51-00, E111-42-3   Luo,1996
1968   China   Henan   Qiligou            Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   7.7Mt                                                                                     dsp, kln                          N34-48-30, E111-20-0   Luo,1996
1969   China   Henan   Yushan             Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   66.8Mt at 50.32% Al2O3, 25.16% SiO2                                                       dsp, kln                          N34-46-00, E112-10-0   Luo,1996
1970   China   Henan   Dujiagou           Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   8.7Mt at 74.49% Al2O3, 4.82% SiO2, 1.33% Fe2O3, 14.48% Ig.L.                              dsp, kln, gbs                     N34-38-30, E111-29-0   Luo,1996
1971   China   Henan   Shecun             Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   49.4Mt                                                                                    dsp                               N34-35-00, E113-08-0   Luo,1996
1972   China   Henan   Zhuangtou          Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   9.2Mt                                                                                     dsp                               N34-20-00, E113-07-0   Luo,1996
1973   China   Henan   Bianzhuang         Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   M   10.1Mt                                                                                    dsp                               N33-57-30, E112-50-0   Luo,1996
1974   China   Henan   Liangwa            Rc                   Sed/Lnt         Pz2   S   2.2Mt                                                                                     dsp                               N33-49-00, E112-50-0   Luo,1996
1975   China   Henan   Anpeng             Tn                   Evp             T     M   48.4Mt at 93.38% (NaHCO3+Na2CO3)                                                                                            N32-35-00, E113-12-0   Luo,1996
1976   China   Henan   Wucheng            Tn                   Evp             Tp    M   57.2Mt at 54.9% Na2CO3                                                                                                      N32-25-00, E113-38-0   Luo,1996
1977   China   Hubei   Yindonggou         Ag, Au, Pb, Zn       Hyd/Vn          U     M   1.45Kt Ag, 14.88t Au, 19.4Kt Pb, 35.6Kt Zn at 176.5g/t Ag, 1.80g/t Au                                                       N32-33-00, E110-04-3   Li, 1996
1978   China   Hubei   Qingjiagou         Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc     Q     S   2.16t Au at 0.3538g/m3                                                                                                      N32-59-00, E110-44-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1979   China   Hubei   Baisang            Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.00t Au at 9.2g/t Au                                                                                                       N32-54-00, E111-02-3   Cun et al., 1992
1980   China   Hubei   Heilongtan         Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   5.596t Au at 5.5g/t Au                                                                                                      N32-06-00, E113-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
1981   China   Hubei   Baiyun             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn          U     S   5.80t Au at 3.01-9.44g/t Au                                                                                                 N31-30-00, E114-11-3   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1982   China   Hubei   Chengma            Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.00t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                                      N31-20-00, E114-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
1983   China   Hubei   Shuiyuesi          Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.00t Au at 7.98g/t Au                                                                                                      N31-14-00, E111-01-0   Cun et al., 1992
1984   China   Hubei   Guaizigou          Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.28t Au at 14.25g/t Au                                                                                                     N30-47-00, E110-56-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1985   China   Hubei   Shibanxi           Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   2.00t Au at 30.0g/t Au                                                                                                      N30-48-00, E111-01-0   Cun et al., 1992
1986   China   Hubei   Xiaojiapu          Au                                   U     S   2.00t Au at 4.60g/t Au                                                                                                      N30-11-30, E114-55-0   Cun et al., 1992
1987   China   Hubei   Taibaoshan         Au                                   U     S   2.0t Au at 6.00-10.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N30-06-00, E114-56-0   Cun et al., 1992
1988   China   Hubei   Zhanghai           Au                   Hyd/Dis (Crl)   U     S   4.0t Au at 3.0g/t Au                                                                                                        N30-05-00, E114-57-0   Cun et al., 1992
1989   China   Hubei   Chenzishan         Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.751t Au at 6.85g/t Au                                                                                                     N30-02-30, E114-48-0   Cun et al., 1992
1990   China   Hubei   Fengtou            Au                   Skn             U     S   1.751t Au at 9.54g/t Au                                                                                                     N29-59-30, E115-00-0   Cun et al., 1992
1991   China   Hubei   Tongkengling       Au                   Hyd/Vn          U     S   1.00t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                                      N29-55-00, E114-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
1992   China   Hubei   Shewushan          Au                   Hyd/Dis (Cln)   U     M   >12.00t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                                    N29-54-00, E113-42-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1993   China   Hubei   Jilongshan         Au, Cu, Ag           Skn             Mz    M   30.0t Au at 4.04g/t Au with 280Kt Cu, 379t Ag                                                                               N29-48-00, E115-25-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1994   China   Hubei   Fangshan           Au, Sb               Hyd/Dis         U     S   4.62t Au at 6.51g/t Au                                                                                                      N29-30-00, E114-05-0   Cun et al., 1992; Li, 1996
1995   China   Hubei   Xiangzikou         Cu                   Skn             JK    M   53.7Kt Cu, 994.3Kt Fe at 0.90% Cu, 45.91% Fe                                                                                N30-16-00, E114-58-0   Li, 1996
1996   China   Hubei   Tonglushan         Cu, Fe               Skn/Mas         JK    L   56.8Mt iron ore, 1.12Mt Cu, 68.98t Au at 27.9-54.1% Fe, 0.49-8.08% Cu                                                       N30-07-00, E114-53-3   Li, 1996
1997   China   Hubei   Jiguanzui          Cu, Au, Fe           Skn/Mas         JK    M   184.9Kt Cu, 28.14t Au, 2.05Mt Fe at 1.76% Cu, 4.3g/t Au, 42.68% Fe                                                          N30-06-30, E114-55-0   Li, 1996
1998   China   Hubei   Shitouzui          Cu, Fe               Skn/Mas         JK    M   26.3Mt iron ore, 333.1Kt Cu at 32.82% Fe, 1.27% Cu                                                                          N30-04-00, E114-58-0   Li, 1996
1999   China   Hubei   Tongshankou        Cu, Mo               Skn/Mas         JK    M   501Kt Cu, 13.2Kt Mo, 153t Ag at 0.94% Cu                                                                                    N30-00-00, E114-50-0   Li, 1996
2000   China   Hubei   Longjiaoshan       Cu, W                Skn/Mas         JK    M   76.7Kt Cu, 41.8Kt WO3, 1.1Mt S at 0.4-1.35% Cu                                            cp, py, sch                       N29-59-00, E114-56-0   Li, 1996
2001   China   Hubei   Baiyunshan         Cu                   Prp             U     M   122.1Kt Cu at 0.78% Cu                                                                                                      N29-53-00, E115-04-0   Li, 1996
2002   China   Hubei   Lijiawan           Cu, Au               Skn             JK    M   98.1Kt Cu, 5.61t Au at 1.37% Cu, 0.84g/t Au, 15.9g/t Ag                                                                     N29-49-30, E115-26-0   Li, 1996
2003   China   Hubei   Fengshandong       Cu                   Skn/Mas         JK    M   504.6Kt Cu at 0.93-1.38% Cu, 0.38g/t Au, 19.9g/t Ag                                                                         N29-48-30, E115-27-0   Li, 1996
2004   China   Hubei   Huoshaoping        Fe                   Sed/Bed-Lnt     D     L   512Mt at 20.44% Fe, high in P                                                             hem                               N30-31-00, E110-50-3   Li, 1996
2005   China   Hubei   Chengchao          Fe                   Skn             U     M   201.8Mt iron ore, 9.8Kt Co at 45.05% Fe, 0.013% Co                                        mgt, hem, gth, py                 N30-23-00, E114-55-3   Li, 1996
2006   China   Hubei   Longjiaoba         Fe                   Sed/Bed         D     M   131.7Mt at 30.58-53.29% Fe, high in P                                                     hem, gth                          N30-18-00, E110-24-0   Li, 1996
2007   China   Hubei   Guandian           Fe                   Sed/Bed         D     L   388Mt at 45.11% Fe, high in P                                                             hem                               N30-14-30, E110-05-0   Li, 1996
2008   China   Hubei   Daye               Fe, Cu, Co           Skn/Mas         JK    M   160.7Mt iron ore, 676Kt Cu, 31.5Kt Co at 52.13% Fe, 0.57% Cu, 0.024% Co                   mgt, hem, cp, py, mRc, bon, pyr   N30-12-00, E114-54-3   Li, 1996
2009   China   Hubei   Jinshandian        Fe                   Skn/Mas         K     M   128.1Mt iron ore at 36.7-44.8% Fe                                                         mgt, hem, py, sid                 N30-09-00, E114-49-0   Li, 1996
2010   China   Hubei   Huangmei           Fe                   Sed/Bed-Lnt     C     M   40.4Mt iron ore at 30.8-36.5% Fe                                                          gth, sid                          N30-04-00, E115-59-0   Li, 1996
2011   China   Hubei   Lingxiang          Fe                   Hyd-Rpl         K     M   48.7Mt iron ore at 40.69-54.17% Fe                                                        mgt, hem, py                      N30-03-30, E114-49-0   Li, 1996
2012   China   Hubei   Daguangshan        Fe, Co               Skn/Lnt         U     M   18.8Mt iron ore, 4.24Kt Co at 41.5-56.8% Fe, 0.006-0.18% Co                               mgt, hem, py, cp, pyr             N29-58-30, E114-53-0   Li, 1996
2013   China   Hubei   Zhongguwan         Hg                   Hyd/Ffill       U     S   341Kt at 0.37% Hg                                                                         cnb, opm                          N30-28-30, E111-02-0   Li, 1996
2014   China   Hubei   Gucheng            Mn                   Sed/Lnt         Pr    M   23.6Mt at 11.39-18.59%Mn                                                                  rhc                               N30-35-00, E111-06-0   Li, 1996
2015   China   Hubei   Miaoya             Nb, REE              Crb/Irg         U     L   929.5Kt Nb2O5, 1.21Mt LREE                                                                                                  N32-30-00, E109-56-0   Li, 1996
2016   China   Hubei   Duanfengshan       Ta, Nb               Pgm/Vn          U     M   3.39t (NbTa)2O5 at 0.006% Ta2O5, 0.0129% Nb2O5                                                                              N29-20-00, E113-44-0   Li, 1996
2017   China   Hubei   Yinshan            Zn, Pb, Ag, Au, Mn   Str/Lnt         U     M   359.4Kt Zn, 144.7Kt Pb, 3.36t Au, 805t Ag at 4.25% Zn, 2.60% Pb, 0.4g/t Au, 92.95g/t Ag                                     N29-55-00, E115-10-3   Li, 1996
2018   China   Hubei   Juanshui           REE                  Sed/Plc         Q     S   502g/m3                                                                                   mnz                               N29-10-00, E113-42-3   Li, 1996
2019   China   Hubei   Xujiashan          Sb                   Hyd/Ffill       U     S   17.4Kt Sb at 5.13% Sb                                                                                                       N29-47-00, E114-37-3   Li, 1996
2020   China   Hubei   Dafushan           Ti                   Mgm/Dis         Pr    M   1.109Mt rut at 2.3-2.6% rut                                                               rut                               N32-12-00, E112-55-3   Li, 1996
2021   China   Hubei   Yangjiabao         V                    Sed/Bed         Cm    M   852Kt V2O5                                                                                                                  N32-48-30, E111-12-0   Li, 1996
2022   China   Hubei   Shuanghe           V, Se                Sed/Bed         P     S   0.015-0.028% Se, 0.41-0.49% V2O5, 0.044-0.053% Mo                                                                           N30-09-00, E109-34-0   Li, 1996
2023   China   Hubei   Shimen             V                    Sed/Bed         U     S   0.79% V2O5                                                                                                                  N29-30-00, E113-47-0   Li, 1996
2024   China   Hubei   Ruanjiawan         W, Cu, Mo            Skn/Mas         U     M   6.3Kt Cu, 40.3Kt WO3, 1.1Kt Mo at 0.248-0.40% WO3, 0.063-0.078% Mo                                                          N29-52-00, E115-09-0   Li, 1996
2025   China   Hubei   Liulin             Ba                   Sed/Bed         Pz2   L   10.0Mt at 83.1-96.1% BaSO4                                                                bar                               N31-28-00, E113-15-0   Li, 1996
2026   China   Hubei   Sanchaya           Gr                   Mtm/Bed         U     S                                                                                                                               N31-13-00, E111-06-0   Li, 1996
2027   China   Hubei   Bancang            F                    Hyd/Vn          U     M   868.8Kt                                                                                                                     N31-40-00, E114-24-0   Li, 1996
2028   China   Hubei   Huahe(Zhaishan)    F                    Hyd/Vn          U     M   3.72Mt at 60% CaF2                                                                                                          N31-24-00, E114-34-0   Li, 1996
2029   China   Hubei   Yingcheng          Gp                   Sed/Bed         Tp    M   87.4Mt at 65-85% CaSO4                                                                    gyp                               N31-01-00, E113-26-0   Li, 1996
2030   China   Hubei   Gaodianzi          Gp                   Sed/Bed         Tp    L   250Mt at 65-85% CaSO4                                                                     gyp                               N30-44-00, E112-02-0   Li, 1996
2031   China   Hubei   Yunying            Na                   Evp/Bed         Tp    L   324Mt at 93-100% Na                                                                                                         N31-00-30, E113-38-0   Li, 1996
2032   China   Hubei   Qianjian           Na                   Evp/Bed         Tp    L   347Mt                                                                                                                       N30-29-00, E112-58-0   Li, 1996
2033   China   Hubei   Dengjiaya          P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   11.0Mt at 24.12% P2O5                                                                                                       N31-57-00, E111-42-3   Li, 1996
2034   China   Hubei   Baokang            P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   205Mt at 24-26% P2O5                                                                                                        N31-49-00, E111-06-0   Li, 1996
2035   China   Hubei   Shingshen          P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   60.5Mt at 22.01-22.9% P2O5                                                                                                  N31-38-00, E110-43-0   Li, 1996
2036   China   Hubei   Jingxiang          P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   63Mt at 18.8% P2O5                                                                                                          N31-35-00, E112-10-0   Li, 1996
2037   China   Hubei   Huangmailing       P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    M   110Mt at 11% P2O5                                                                                                           N31-26-00, E114-04-0   Li, 1996
2038   China   Hubei   Yichang            P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    L   1239Mt at 18-23% P2O5                                                                                                       N31-12-30, E111-16-0   Li, 1996
2039   China   Hubei   Hefeng             P                    Sed/Bed         Pr    L   1170Mt at 15.96% P2O5                                                                                                       N29-49-00, E110-28-0   Li, 1996
2040   China   Hubei   Huangchangping     Py                   Sed/Bed         P     M   21.46Mt at 15.76% S                                                                       py,mRc                            N30-46-00, E109-42-0   Li, 1996
2041   China   Hubei   Xishan             Rc                   Sed/Lnt         P     M   23.6Mt Rcl, 4.0Mt Bx at 41.14-67.37% Al2O3+TiO2                                           kln, dsp                          N31-42-30, E112-30-0   Li, 1996
2042   China   Hubei   Shizilishan      Sr, Pb, Zn           Skn-Hyd/Irg       U     L   5.41Mt Sr, 40Kt Pb, 13.3Kt Zn at 55.21% SrSO4                                                cls, sph, gal             N30-12-00, E115-05-0   Li, 1996
2043   China   Hunan   Lijiatian        Al                   Sed/Bed           P     M   2.3Mt at 49.4% Al2O3, 10.52% SiO2                                                                                      N28-11-00, E110-07-3   Dong,1996
2044   China   Hunan   Feishan          Al                   Sed/Bed           P     M   2.28Mt                                                                                                                 N26-34-00, E109-39-3   Dong,1996
2045   China   Hunan   Shinqianghe      Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.50t Au at 0.2098g/m3 Au                                                                                              N29-11-00, E113-17-3   Cun et al., 1992
2046   China   Hunan   Yuanshui         Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.147t Au at 0.3221g/m3 Au                                                                                             N28-50-00, E111-28-0   Cun et al., 1992
2047   China   Hunan   Miluo West       Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   3.155t Au at 0.1675g/m3 Au                                                                                             N28-50-00, E113-01-0   Cun et al., 1992
2048   China   Hunan   Liulincha        Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.125t Au at 3.25-14.0g/t Au                                                                                           N28-47-30, E111-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
2049   China   Hunan   Miluo East       Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   8.846t Au at 0.1846g/m3 Au                                                                                             N28-47-00, E113-11-3   Cun et al., 1992; Dong,1996
2050   China   Hunan   Huangtudian      Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.0t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                                                                  N28-45-00, E111-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2051   China   Hunan   Cuijiaqiao       Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   3.0t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                                                  N28-44-00, E112-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
2052   China   Hunan   Huangjindong     Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   11.999t Au at 4.31-5.03g/t Au                                                                                          N28-42-30, E114-00-0   Cun et al., 1992; Dong,1996
2053   China   Hunan   Yangshanzhuang   Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.965t Au at 5.56g/t Au                                                                                                N28-42-30, E114-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
2054   China   Hunan   Canglangping     Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   7.933t Au at 7.95g/t Au                                                                                                N28-39-00, E111-39-3   Cun et al., 1992
2055   China   Hunan   Huangtupo        Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N28-38-00, E111-42-0   Cun et al., 1992
2056   China   Hunan   Santangjie       Au                   Hyd/Vn-Dis        U     S   3.0t Au                                                                                                                N28-37-00, E111-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
2057   China   Hunan   Haishaping       Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.0t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                                                   N28-36-00, E111-01-0   Cun et al., 1992
2058   China   Hunan   Lingjiaxi        Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.556t Au at 13.6g/t Au                                                                                                N28-35-00, E111-12-0   Cun et al., 1992
2059   China   Hunan   Huangshan        Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                                  N28-35-00, E111-14-0   Cun et al., 1992
2060   China   Hunan   Guofu            Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   2.00t Au at 0.330g/m3 Au                                                                                               N28-35-00, E113-57-0   Cun et al., 1992
2061   China   Hunan   Banbianshan      Au                   Prp               U     S   5.0t Au at 3.5g/t Au                                                                                                   N28-34-00, E112-10-0   Cun et al., 1992
2062   China   Hunan   Dengshiqiao      Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   5.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N28-34-00, E112-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2063   China   Hunan   Yujishan         Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   5.718t Au at 6.04g/t Au                                                                                                N28-32-00, E110-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
2064   China   Hunan   Xiangxi          Au, Sb, W            Hyd/Vn            U     M   38.173t Au at 6.2g/t Au, 2.8% Sb, 0.44% WO3                                                  ngld, stb, sch, wlf, py   N28-32-00, E110-52-0   Cun et al., 1992; MEG, 1995
2065   China   Hunan   Fuzhuxi          Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.574t Au at 4.96g/t Au                                                                                                N28-29-00, E111-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
2066   China   Hunan   Qibaoshan        Au                   Wth/Fe-Cap        TnQ   S   2.88t Au at 2.71g/t Au                                                                                                 N28-18-30, E113-56-0   Cun et al., 1992
2067   China   Hunan   Sanjiang         Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.0t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                                                   N28-05-00, E111-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
2068   China   Hunan   Zhentou          Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   2.684t Au at 0.2311g/m3 Au                                                                                             N27-59-00, E113-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2069   China   Hunan   Henjiangchong    Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.0t Au at 3.34g/t Au                                                                                                  N27-59-00, E113-28-0   Cun et al., 1992
2070   China   Hunan   Huangsikeng      Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   3.0t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                                                   N27-55-00, E113-32-0   Cun et al., 1992
2071   China   Hunan   Yanlinsi         Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.0t Au at <27.5g/t Au                                                                                                N27-54-00, E113-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
2072   China   Hunan   Xikou            Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.075t Au at 0.3315g/m3 Au                                                                                             N27-51-30, E110-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2073   China   Hunan   Gutaishan        Au, Sb                                 U     S   7.395t Au at 6.00-14.06g/t Au                                                                                          N27-50-00, E111-01-0   Cun et al., 1992
2074   China   Hunan   Taojinping       Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.0t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                                                                  N27-48-30, E110-45-0   Cun et al., 1992
2075   China   Hunan   Longwanjian      Au, Sb                                 U     S   5.373t Au at 6.480g/t Au                                                                                               N27-46-00, E110-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
2076   China   Hunan   Zhongdu          Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.0t Au at 8.00g/t Au                                                                                                  N27-43-00, E110-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
2077   China   Hunan   Jinkengchong     Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   11.598t Au at 5.57g/t Au                                                                                               N27-35-00, E112-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2078   China   Hunan   Longshan         Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   11.219t Au at 5.160g/t Au                                                                                              N27-30-00, E111-45-0   Cun et al., 1992
2079   China   Hunan   Xingfengshan     Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.026t Au at 2.55g/t Au                                                                                                N27-29-30, E110-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
2080   China   Hunan   Maan             Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.0t Au at 8.0g/t Au                                                                                                   N27-25-30, E112-15-3   Cun et al., 1992
2081   China   Hunan   Dahongshan       Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N27-22-00, E109-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2082   China   Hunan   Gaojiaao         Au                   Hyd/Dis(Cln)      U     S   9.38t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                                                 N27-22-00, E111-21-3   Cun et al., 1992; Dong,1996
2083   China   Hunan   Huanglongqiao    Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   2.316t Au at 0.2411g/m3 Au                                                                                             N27-22-00, E113-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
2084   China   Hunan   Chanziping       Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   5.00t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                                 N27-20-00, E110-23-0   Cun et al., 1992
2085   China   Hunan   Mobin            Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.497t Au at 6.7g/t Au                                                                                                 N27-04-00, E109-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
2086   China   Hunan   Taojinchon       Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.510t Au at 3.53g/t Au                                                                                                N27-03-30, E109-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
2087   China   Hunan   Baozijiao        Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.652t Au at 0.2751g/m3 Au                                                                                             N26-58-00, E109-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
2088   China   Hunan   Aoshan           Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   2.109t Au at 0.4182g/m3 Au                                                                                             N26-40-00, E109-35-3   Cun et al., 1992
2089   China   Hunan   Jintan           Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.20t Au at 0.200g/m3 Au                                                                                               N26-40-00, E109-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
2090   China   Hunan   Longwangshan     Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   7.698t Au at 4.780g/t Au                                                                                               N26-33-00, E112-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
2091   China   Hunan   Kangjiawan       Au                                     U     M   34.0t Au at 3.650g/t Au                                                                                                N26-33-00, E112-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
2092   China   Hunan   Yinmadong        Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   5.0t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                  N26-22-30, E109-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2093   China   Hunan   Boyang           Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.0t Au at 3.0g/t Au                                                                                                   N26-12-30, E109-31-0   Cun et al., 1992
2094   China   Hunan   Dafang           Au, Sb, Pb                             U     S   6.76t Au                                                                                                               N25-45-00, E112-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
2095   China   Hunan   Qibaoshan        Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag, Au   Hyd/Ffill         J     M   280Kt Cu, 56.2Kt Pb, 519.3t Zn at 1.19% Cu                                                                             N28-18-00, E113-57-0   Dong,1996
2096   China   Hunan   Jiuquwan         Cu                   Sed/Bed           K     M                                                                                                cup, azr,chc              N27-57-00, E110-07-0   Dong,1996
2097   China   Hunan   Tonggutang       Cu                   Sed/Bed           K     M   86.2Kt Cu                                                                                    chc                       N26-32-30, E112-28-3   Dong,1996
2098   China   Hunan   Dashunlong       Cu, Pb, Zn, Sn       Skn-Hyd/Mas-Vn    U     M   50.0Kt Cu, 8.3Kt Sn at 0.82% Cu, 0.28% Sn                                                                              N26-07-00, E112-42-3   Dong,1996
2099   China   Hunan   Tongshanling     Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag       Skn/Mas-Lnt       K     M   370Kt CuPbZn, 1062t Ag at 6.5% CuPbZn                                                                                  N25-19-00, E111-27-0   Dong,1996
2100   China   Hunan   Baoshan          Zn, Pb, Cu, W, Mo,   Skn/Mas           K     L   20Kt WO3, 19.6Kt Mo, 107Kt Cu, 13.6Kt Bi, 776.5Kt Pb, 842.2kt Zn, 2042t Ag, 11.6t Au, 13.6                             N25-45-00, E112-42-3   Dong,1996
2101   China   Hunan   Taiqingshan      Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   18.69Mt at 26.8-29.1% Fe                                                                     hem, sid                  N29-57-00, E111-10-0   Dong,1996
2102   China   Hunan   Yangjiafang      Fe                                     D     M   44.25Mt at 38.96% Fe                                                                         hem                       N29-45-00, E111-11-0   Dong,1996
2103   China   Hunan   Xingguan         Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   10.5Mt at 38.29% Fe                                                                          hem                       N29-41-30, E111-14-0   Dong,1996
2104   China   Hunan   Maidiping        Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   13.52Mt at 39.02% Fe                                                                         hem                       N29-32-00, E110-29-0   Dong,1996
2105   China   Hunan   XiaoXigu         Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   31.5Mt at 44.20% Fe                                                                          hem                       N29-32-00, E110-51-0   Dong,1996
2106   China   Hunan   Woyunjie         Fe                   Sed/Bed-Lnt       D     M   9.75Mt at 41.04% Fe                                                                          hem                       N29-25-00, E110-03-0   Dong,1996
2107   China   Hunan   Limixi           Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   16.05Mt at 42.98% Fe                                                                         hem                       N29-23-00, E110-02-0   Dong,1996
2108   China   Hunan   Xijie            Fe                   Sed/Lnt           D     S   3.8Mt at 37.7% Fe                                                                            hem                       N29-21-00, E110-11-0   Dong,1996
2109   China   Hunan   Yujiaju          Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   18.29Mt at 32.77% Fe                                                                         hem                       N29-20-00, E110-39-0   Dong,1996
2110   China   Hunan   Taozixi          Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   11.22Mt at 36.12% Fe                                                                         hem                       N29-19-00, E110-04-0   Dong,1996
2111   China   Hunan   Binlangping      Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   18.9Mt at 35.91% Fe                                                                          hem                       N29-13-00, E110-06-3   Dong,1996
2112   China   Hunan   Chahuamiao       Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   20.6Mt                                                                                       hem                       N27-58-00, E111-54-0   Dong,1996
2113   China   Hunan   Zaobo            Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   5.2Mt at 31-35% Fe                                                                           hem                       N27-15-00, E113-50-0   Dong,1996
2114   China   Hunan   Qingshui         Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   25.6Mt at 39.89% Fe                                                                          hem, mgt                  N26-59-00, E113-31-0   Dong,1996
2115   China   Hunan   Lushui           Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   17.5Mt at 47.9% Fe                                                                           hem                       N26-56-30, E113-32-0   Dong,1996
2116   China   Hunan   Qidong           Fe                   Sed/Bed           Pr    L   366Mt at 29.73% Fe                                                                           mgt                       N26-52-00, E112-06-3   Dong,1996
2117   China   Hunan   Leilongli        Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   13.95Mt at 38.01% Fe                                                                         hem, gth                  N26-50-30, E113-31-0   Dong,1996
2118   China   Hunan   Paiqian          Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   44.57Mt at 35.86% Fe                                                                         hem. gth, mgt             N26-48-00, E113-28-3   Dong,1996
2119   China   Hunan   Daping           Fe                   Sed/Bed           U     L   131Mt at 48% Fe                                                                              hem, mgt                  N25-25-00, E113-42-0   Dong,1996
2120   China   Hunan   Chatian          Hg                   Hyd/Str           U     S   7.6Kt Hg at 0.19% Hg                                                                                                   N27-48-00, E109-22-0   Dong,1996
2121   China   Hunan   Minle            Mn                   Sed/Lnt           Pr    L   31.04Mt at 19.86% Mn                                                                         rhc                       N28-20-00, E109-20-0   Dong,1996
2122   China   Hunan   Xiangtaoyuan     Mn                   Sed/Bed           O     M   6.54Mt at 15.1-21.4% Mn                                                                      rhc                       N28-20-00, E112-05-0   Dong,1996
2123   China   Hunan   Jinshi           Mn                   Sed/Bed           Pr    M   1.44Mt at 17.34% Mn                                                                          rhc                       N28-00-00, E112-27-0   Dong,1996
2124   China   Hunan   Xiangtan         Mn                   Sed/Bed           Pr    M   14.72Mt at 21.31% Mn                                                                                                   N27-58-00, E112-54-0   Dong,1996
2125   China   Hunan   Tangganshan      Mn                   Sed/Bed           Pr    M   5.52Mt at 15.9-20.6% Mn                                                                      rhc                       N27-57-00, E112-12-0   Dong,1996
2126   China   Hunan   Jiangkou         Mn                   Sed/Bed           Pr    M   7.88Mt at 17.45% Mn                                                                          rhc                       N27-07-30, E110-28-0   Dong,1996
2127   China   Hunan   Dongxiangqiao    Mn                   Sed-Wth/Bed       P     M   7.46Mt                                                                                       rhc                       N25-59-00, E111-23-0   Dong,1996
2128   China   Hunan   Manaoshan        Mn, Pb, Zn, Ag       Str/Lnt ISEDEX)   D     M   3.68Mt at 17.55% Mn, 2.4% Pb, 61g/t Ag                                                                                 N25-44-00, E113-05-0   Dong,1996
2129   China   Hunan   Houjiangqiao     Mn, Pb, Zn           Str/Lnt (SEDEX)   D     M   24.6Mt at 13.4% Mn, 0.47% Pb, 1.54% Zn                                                                                 N25-30-00, E111-43-0   Dong,1996
2130   China   Hunan   Tianmenshan      Ni, Mo               Sed/Bed           Cm    M   23.6Kt Ni, 33.1Kt Mo, 30.0Kt V2O5, 1.1Mt P at 0.156-0.36% Ni, 0.346-0.492% Mo, 0.603% V2O5                             N29-04-00, E110-30-0   Dong,1996
2131   China   Hunan   Taolin           Pb, Zn, F            Hyd/Vn            U     L   405.5Kt Pb, 576.2Kt Zn, 6.0Mt fl at 1.22% Pb, 1.13% Zn                                                                 N29-20-00, E113-30-0   Dong,1996
2132   China   Hunan            Yutang-Limei           Pb, Zn           Hyd/Lnt           U     S   1.53Mt at 3.39% Zn                                                                                                       N28-27-00, E109-21-0   Dong,1996
2133   China   Hunan            Dongjiahe              Pb, Zn           Sed/Bed           Mz    M   516Kt Zn, 115Kt Pb, 5.1Kt Cd, 10.2Mt Py ore at 2.55% Zn, 0.81% Pb, 22% S                   sph, gal, py                  N28-10-00, E110-23-0   Dong,1996; MEG, 1995
2134   China   Hunan            Heqing                 Pb, Zn           Sed/Bed           D     M   17.6Mt at 2.14% Zn, 0.54% Pb                                                                                             N27-38-00, E111-26-0   Dong,1996
2135   China   Hunan            Baiyunpu               Pb, Zn           Sed/Bed           D     M   12.9Mt py ore at 0.75% Pb, 2.3% Zn with Cu, Ag                                                                           N27-22-00, E111-20-0   Dong,1996
2136   China   Hunan            Donggangshan           Pb, Zn, Ag, F    Hyd/Vn            U     M   129Kt Pb, 137Kt Zn, 1.82Mt fl at 1.6-3.64% Pb, 1.73-3.36% Zn, 30.49% CaF2                  py, sph, gal, cnb, cas        N27-11-00, E112-59-0   Dong,1996
2137   China   Hunan            Qinshuitang            Pb, Zn, Ba       Hyd/Vn            U     M   620Kt Pb+Zn                                                                                                              N26-59-00, E111-50-0   Dong,1996
2138   China   Hunan            Shuikoushan            Pb, Zn           Skn/Mas           K     L   1.97Mt Pb+Zn, 8.88Mt py ore, 52.1t Au, 1.66Kt Ag at 2.5-4.4% Zn, 3.2-3.9% Pb               sph, gal, py, cp, mgt, apy    N26-36-00, E112-38-0   Dong,1996; MEG, 1995
2139   China   Hunan            Tieshilong             Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            U     M   146.4Kt Pb, 79.6t Zn, 3.5t Ag at 5.11% Pb, 1.84% Zn, 70.9g/t Ag                                                          N25-54-00, E113-14-0   Dong,1996
2140   China   Hunan            Donpo-Jinchuantang     Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            K     M   148Kt Pb+Zn at 4.97% PbZn                                                                  sph, gal                      N25-47-00, E113-05-3   Dong,1996
2141   China   Hunan            Huanshaping            Pb, Zn, Cu       Skn/Lnt           J     L   20.9Mt at 3.98% Pb, 6.63% Zn                                                               sph, gal, pyr, cnb            N25-40-00, E112-41-3   Dong,1996
2142   China   Hunan            Xiangdongbei           REE, Ti          Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     M   250Kt mnz, 669Kt ilm, 69.7Kt rut                                                           mnz, ilm, rut                 N29-02-00, E113-37-0   Dong,1996
2143   China   Hunan            Guposhan               REE              Wth/Bed           Q     S   12.6Kt RE2O3, 2.2Kt ilm, 0.4Kt mnz at 0.106% RE2O3                                         ilm, zir, mnz, frg            N24-42-00, E111-30-0   Dong,1996
2144   China   Hunan            Xiangxi/Woxi           Sb, W, Au        Hyd/Vn            U     L   156.8Kt Sb, 55Kt WO3, 40.7t Au at 0.91-2.98% Sb, 0.22-1.65% WO3, 3.49-8.05g/t Au           stb, sch                      N28-30-30, E110-58-0   Dong,1996
2145   China   Hunan            Wangjiachong           Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     M   17.7Kt Sb                                                                                                                N28-25-00, E111-49-3   Dong,1996
2146   China   Hunan            Zhazixi                Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     M   116.1Kt Sb at 8.48% Sb                                                                                                   N28-17-30, E110-50-0   Dong,1996
2147   China   Hunan            Xikuangshan            Sb               Hyd               U     L   >2.0Mt Sb                                                                                  stb                           N27-47-30, E111-33-0   Dong,1996
2148   China   Hunan            Xianjiangchong         Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     M   9.6Kt Sb at 4.01% Sb                                                                       stb                           N26-44-00, E111-17-0   Dong,1996
2149   China   Hunan            Huishuiwan             Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     M   20.4Kt Sb at 2.69% Sb                                                                                                    N26-42-30, E111-12-3   Dong,1996
2150   China   Hunan            Xinkai                 Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     M   11.5Kt Sb at 9.99% Sb                                                                                                    N25-45-00, E111-50-0   Dong,1996
2151   China   Hunan            Dayishan               Sn               Sed/Plc           Q     L   139.8Kt at 407-6641g/m3 Sn                                                                                               N26-11-00, E112-38-0   Dong,1996
2152   China   Hunan            Hongqiling             Sn, Pb, Zn       Hyd/Vn            Mz    M   57.9Kt Sn, 24.9Kt Pb, 43.3Kt Zn, 13.7Kt Cu at 0.36% Sn, 0.22% Pb, 0.38% Zn                 cas, wlf                      N25-50-00, E113-13-0   Dong,1996
2153   China   Hunan            Yiejiwei               Sn, Pb, Zn       Skn/Mas-Vn        U     M   113Kt Sn, 63Kt Cu, 37Kt WO3, 82Kt Zn, 1.3Mt py ore, 5.8Mt fl at 0.365% Sn, 0.20% Cu                                      N25-41-00, E113-10-0   Dong,1996
2154   China   Hunan            Jiepailing             Sn, Pb, Zn, Cu   Hyd/Vn            U     M   76Kt Sn, 46Kt Cu, 100Kt Bi, >100Kt PbZn at 0.8% Sn, 0.57% Cu, 0.26% Bi                     cas, cp                       N25-32-00, E113-18-0   Dong,1996
2155   China   Hunan            Xianghualing           Sn, Pb, Zn       Hyd               Mz2   M   18.8Kt Sn, 90.5Kt Pb, 94.39Kt Zn at 1.39% Sn, 2.29% Pb, 2.17% Zn                                                         N25-29-00, E112-34-0   Dong,1996
2156   China   Hunan            Darongxi               W                Skn-Hyd/Str-Vn    U     M   44Kt WO3 at 0.63% WO3                                                                      sch                           N28-20-00, E111-10-0   Dong,1996
2157   China   Hunan            Situpu                 W                Grs-Hyd/Vn        U     M   22.2Kt WO3 at 0.384% WO3                                                                   sch                           N28-04-00, E111-54-3   Dong,1996
2158   China   Hunan            Xiangdong/Dengfuxian   W, Ta, Nb        Hyd/Vn            Mz2   M   28Kt WO3 at 1.519% WO3                                                                     wlf                           N27-02-00, E113-47-3   Dong,1996
2159   China   Hunan            Chuankou-Yanglinao     W                Hyd/Vn            U     L   163.4Kt WO3 at 0.460% WO3                                                                  wlf                           N26-55-00, E112-58-0   Dong,1996
2160   China   Hunan            Shizhuyuan             W, Mo, Sn, Bi    Skn-Hyd/Mas-Vn    Mz2   L   705Kt WO3, 118Kt Mo, 265.8Kt Bi, 480Kt Sn at 0.331% WO3, 0.056% Mo, 0.124% Bi, 0.165% Sn                                 N25-46-00, E113-09-0   Dong,1996
2161   China   Hunan            Xintianling            W, Bi            Skn               U     L   300Kt WO3, 106Kt Bi, 2.4Kt Ga at 0.37% WO3                                                 sch                           N25-42-00, E112-52-0   Dong,1996
2162   China   Hunan            Yaogangxian            W                Skn-Hyd/Mas-Vn    Mz2   L   350Kt WO3 at 0.13-0.29% WO3                                                                sch, wlf                      N25-38-00, E113-19-0   Dong,1996
2163   China   Hunan            Shenkenli              W, Pb, Zn, Sn    Skn/Mas           Mz2   M   18Kt WO3, 22Kt Pb at 0.65-1.36% WO3, 0.8-2.23% Pb, 100g/t Ag                               sch, wlf                      N25-28-00, E112-35-0   Dong,1996
2164   China   Hunan            Zhuantouao             W                Skn/Mas           J     L   66.5Kt WO3 at 0.617% WO3                                                                   sch                           N25-26-00, E113-28-0   Dong,1996
2165   China   Hunan            Baiyunxian             W                Skn-Hyd/Mas-Vn    Mz2   M   31.4Kt WO3 at 0.312% WO3                                                                   sch                           N25-22-00, E113-35-0   Dong,1996
2166   China   Hunan            Qiliping-Tangshipu     B                Skn/Lnt           U     M   374.5Kt at 5.4-7.0% B2O3                                                                   szb                           N26-20-00, E112-29-3   Dong,1996
2167   China   Hunan            Gongxi                 Ba               Sed/Bed           Cm    L   453Mt at 63.63-77.30% BaSO4                                                                bar                           N27-09-00, E109-10-0   Dong,1996
2168   China   Hunan            Lutang-Heye            Gr               Skn/Lnt           U     L   27.59Mt at 70-72%                                                                          grp                           N25-30-00, E112-41-3   Dong,1996
2169   China   Hunan            Dingjiagang            Dm               Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   673K Karat Dm, 159.5Kg Au                                                                                                N28-52-00, E111-31-0   Dong,1996
2170   China   Hunan            Shuangjiangkou         F                Hyd/Ffill         Mz2   M   4.03Mt at 60.26% CaF2                                                                      flu                           N26-57-00, E112-52-3   Dong,1996
2171   China   Hunan            Shiliao                F                Hyd/Ffill         Mz2   M   722Kt at 51.64% CaF2                                                                       flu                           N26-34-00, E113-47-3   Dong,1996
2172   China   Hunan            Wujiayu                Gp               Evp/Bed           Q     M   65.4Mt                                                                                     gyp                           N29-50-00, E111-49-0   Dong,1996
2173   China   Hunan            Shangwutong            Gp               Sed/Bed           Tp    M   34.7Mt at 60-70% CaSO4                                                                     gyp                           N29-25-00, E111-30-0   Dong,1996
2174   China   Hunan            Zimenqiao              Gp               Sed/Bed           C     M   29.08Mt at 78-92% CaSO4+CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                        gyp                           N27-32-00, E112-18-0   Dong,1996
2175   China   Hunan            Liangshitang           Gp               Sed/Bed           Tp    M   60.5Mt at 64.8% CaSO4+CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                          gyp                           N27-12-00, E111-42-0   Dong,1996
2176   China   Hunan            Changle                Gp               Sed/Bed           C     L   347Mt at 92% CaSO4+CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                             gyp                           N26-57-00, E111-10-0   Dong,1996
2177   China   Hunan            Baishui                Kl               Wth/Lnt           Q     M   92.2Mt at 19.1-20.8% Al2O3, 0.85-1.23% Fe2O3                                               kln, hll, ser                 N28-41-00, E113-07-0   Dong,1996
2178   China   Hunan            Majingao               Kl               Hyd-Wth/Irg-Mas   Q     M   20.3Mt at 73-76% SiO2, 14% Al2O3, 4% K2O+Na2O                                              kln, qz, ser                  N27-46-00, E113-39-0   Dong,1996
2179   China   Hunan            Jiepai                 Kl               Wth/Lnt           Q     M   14Mt at 69.77% SiO2, 19.97% Al2O3, 0.47% Fe2O3                                                                           N27-14-00, E112-32-0   Dong,1996
2180   China   Hunan            Jixian                 Kl               Wth/Lnt           Q     M   5.8Mt at 60.6% SiO2, 26.1% Al2O3, 0.61% K2O                                                kln, qz, ill, hll             N26-30-00, E112-42-0   Dong,1996
2181   China   Hunan            Shuang'an              Kl               Wth/Lnt           Q     M   9.8Mt at 72.7% SiO2, 15.7% Al2O3, 3.7% K2O                                                 kln, qz                       N26-23-00, E112-35-0   Dong,1996
2182   China   Hunan            Yanjing                Na, Tn           Evp/Bed           Tp    L   175Mt NaCl, 336Mt Na2SO4                                                                                                 N29-53-00, E111-43-0   Dong,1996
2183   China   Hunan            Iixian                 Na, Tn           Evp/Bed           Tp    L   130.1Mt NaCl, 21.56Mt Na2SO4                                                                                             N29-38-00, E111-37-0   Dong,1996
2184   China   Hunan            Hengyang               Na, Tn           Evp/Bed           Tp    L   10.5Bt NaCl, 2.4Bt Na2SO4                                                                                                N26-58-00, E112-42-0   Dong,1996
2185   China   Hunan            Dongshanfeng           P                Sed/Bed           Pr    L   1.491Bt at 16% P2O5                                                                                                      N29-55-00, E110-42-0   Dong,1996
2186   China   Hunan            Yonghe                 P                Sed/Bed           Pr    M   103Mt at 22% P2O5                                                                                                        N28-18-00, E113-57-0   Dong,1996
2187   China   Hunan            Xixi                   P                Sed/Bed           Pr    M   60Mt at 11.4-17% P2O5                                                                                                    N28-12-00, E110-03-0   Dong,1996
2188   China   Hunan            Matian                 P                Sed/Bed           Pr    S   4.07Mt at 18.6% P2O5                                                                                                     N28-08-00, E112-35-0   Dong,1996
2189   China   Hunan            Pushi                  P                Sed/Bed           Pr    M   39.34Mt at 19.66% P2O5                                                                                                   N28-02-00, E110-04-0   Dong,1996
2190   China   Hunan            Huangjingping          P                Sed/Bed           Pr    M   7.02Mt at 19.82% P2O5                                                                                                    N27-36-00, E112-38-3   Dong,1996
2191   China   Hunan            Qingshanchong          Py               Sed/Bed           D     M   5.45Mt at 23.48% S                                                                         py, sph, gal                  N28-01-30, E111-43-0   Dong,1996
2192   China   Hunan            Putou                  Py               Sed/Bed           D     M   9.51Mt at 16.95-28.75% S                                                                   py                            N26-37-00, E110-23-0   Dong,1996
2193   China   Hunan            Shangbao               Py               Skn/Mas           U     S   1.42Mt                                                                                                                   N26-15-00, E112-57-3   Dong,1996
2194   China   Hunan            Hongshuichong          Py               Sed/Bed-Lnt       D     M   2.05Mt at 16.9-29.5% S                                                                     py, gth                       N25-20-00, E111-29-0   Dong,1996
2195   China   Hunan            Dafutan                Rc               Sed/Bed           P     S   3.36Mt at 62.19% Al2O3, 24.9-27.8% SiO2                                                                                  N27-59-00, E110-13-0   Dong,1996
2196   China   Hunan            Majiaqiao              Rc               Sed/Bed           C     M   5.0Mt at 43.6-43.7% Al2O3, 51.5-52.9% SiO2                                                 kln, qz                       N27-41-00, E112-40-0   Dong,1996
2197   China   Hunan            Tanjiashan             Rc               Sed/Bed           C     M   10.0Mt at 55-60% SiO2, 38.4% Al2O3, 17.8% Ig Loss                                          kln, ser, qz                  N27-43-00, E112-58-3   Dong,1996
2198   China   Hunan            Lanrong                Tl                                 U     S   1.88Mt at 29-30% MgO, 31-59% SiO2, 3-20% Al2O3                                             tlc, chl                      N26-18-00, E110-28-0   Dong,1996
2201   China   Inner Mongolia   Eren Tolgoi            Ag, Mn, Pb, Zn   Hyd/Vn-Sil        K     S   150-180 g/t Ag                                                                                                           N48-23-00, E116-40-0   Lu,1996
2210   China   Inner Mongolia   Chaihulanzi            Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.744t Au at 3.9g/t Au                                                                                                   N42-26-00, E118-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
2211   China   Inner Mongolia   Zhuanshanzi            Au               Hyd/Vn            U     M   13.276t Au at 13.47g/t Au                                                                  ngld, py, sph, cp, gal, bon   N42-22-30, E119-35-0   Cun et al., 1992; Lu,1996
2212   China   Inner Mongolia   Lianhuashan            Au               Hyd/Vn            Pz2   S   5.072t Au at 8.9g/t Au                                                                                                   N42-21-00, E118-40-0   Lu,1996; Hart et al., 2002
2213   China   Inner Mongolia   Wanfu                  Au                                 U     S   2.64t Au at 11.1g/t Au                                                                                                   N42-10-00, E118-32-0   Cun et al., 1992
2214   China   Inner Mongolia   Honghuagou             Au               Hyd/Vn            K     M   23.54t Au at 15.79g/t Au                                                                   py, cp, sph, hem              N42-10-00, E118-47-0   Cun et al., 1992; Lu,1996; Zhou et al., 2002
2215   China   Inner Mongolia   Loufenmao              Au               Hyd               U     S   5.729t Au at 20.05g/t Au                                                                                                 N41-59-30, E119-00-3   Cun et al., 1992
2216   China   Inner Mongolia   Jinchanggoulian        Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            K     M   50t Au at 12g/t Au                                                                         py, cp, gal, sph              N41-59-30, E120-20-0   Cun et al., 1992; Lu,1996; Zhou et al., 2002
2217   China   Inner Mongolia   Sain Usu               Au               Hyd/Vn            Tr    M   20t Au at 5-6g/t Au                                                                        py, gal, apy                  N41-55-00, E110-03-0   Cun et al., 1992; Lu,1996
2218   China   Inner Mongolia   Erdaoguo               Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.867t Au at 8.39g/t Au                                                                                                  N41-54-00, E120-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
2219   China   Inner Mongolia   Bayanobo-Bei           Au               Hyd               U     S   5.154t Au at 15.14g/t Au                                                                                                 N41-53-00, E109-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
2220   China   Inner Mongolia   Anjiayingzi            Au               Hyd/Vn-Sil        J     S   9.33t Au at 10g/t Au                                                                                                     N41-52-30, E118-50-0   Cun et al., 1992; Lu,1996
2221   China   Inner Mongolia   Dongfen                Au               Hyd               U     S   2.864t Au at 6.4g/t Au                                                                                                   N41-38-30, E119-10-0   Cun et al., 1992
2222   China   Inner Mongolia   Reshui                 Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.557t Au at 18.56g/t Au                                                                                                 N41-31-00, E118-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2223   China   Inner Mongolia   Hanihe                 Au               Sed/Dlv-Plc       Q     S   1.170t Au at 1.007g/m3 Au                                                                                                N41-20-00, E109-17-0   Cun et al., 1992
2224   China   Inner Mongolia   Haolaigou              Au               Sed/Alv-Dlv-Plc   Q     S   1.00t Au at 0.80g/m3 Au                                                                                                  N41-17-00, E112-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
2225   China   Inner Mongolia   Zhonghouhe             Au               Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.136t Au at 0.60g/m3 Au                                                                                                 N41-14-00, E111-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
2226   China   Inner Mongolia   Xiaoyutai              Au               Sed/Alv-Dlv-Plc   Q     S   1.22t Au at 0.625g/m3 Au                                                                                                 N41-07-30, E109-08-0   Cun et al., 1992
2227   China   Inner Mongolia   Houshihua              Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.898t Au at 8.37g/t Au                                                                                                  N40-56-00, E110-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
2228   China   Inner Mongolia   Jinpen                 Au               Sed/Dlv-Plc       Q     S   4.602t Au at 1.41g/m3 Au                                                                                                 N40-55-00, E112-34-3   Cun et al., 1992
2229   China   Inner Mongolia   Wulashan/Hadamengou    Au               Hyd/Vn-Sil        Pz2   M   31.285t Au at 4.0g/t Au                                                                    py, mgt ,hem                  N40-47-00, E109-30-0   Cun et al., 1992; Lu,1996; Zhou et al., 2002
2230   China   Inner Mongolia   Hegen Ul               Cr               Mgm/Pdf           P     M   1.29Mt at 23.62% Cr2O3                                                                                                   N44-48-00, E116-26-0   Lu,1996
2231   China   Inner Mongolia   Solonshan Area         Cr               Mgm/Vn-Lnt        U     M   0.492Mt at 16.2-30.5% Cr2O3                                                                                              N42-20-00, E108-51-0   Lu,1996
2233   China   Inner Mongolia   Naoniushan              Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn             U     S   26.5Kt Cu, 226Kg Au                                                                          cp, py, pyr                               N45-48-00, E121-35-0   Lu,1996
2234   China   Inner Mongolia   Lianhuashan             Cu, Ag               Hyd/Vn-Dis         U     M   147kt Cu, 421t Ag at 0.99% Cu                                                                                                          N45-37-00, E121-43-0   Lu,1996
2235   China   Inner Mongolia   Budunhua                Cu                   Hyd/Vn-Lnt         Mz2   M   67Kt Cu at 0.62-1.04% Cu                                                                                                               N44-57-30, E121-29-0   Lu,1996
2236   China   Inner Mongolia   Dajingzi                Cu, Sn, Ag, Pb, Zn   Hyd/Vn             U     M   67.5Kt Cu, 22.1Kt Pb, 21.9Kt Sn, 364t Ag                                                     cp, cas, sph, gal                         N43-40-00, E118-12-3   Lu,1996
2237   China   Inner Mongolia   Bainaimiao              Cu, Au               Hyd/Vn             U     M   335.6Kt Cu, 10.1Kt Mo, 16t Au at 0.76% Cu, 0.019% Mo, 0.37g/t Au                             cp, mlb, mgt                              N42-15-00, E112-30-0   Lu,1996
2238   China   Inner Mongolia   Hogjil                  Cu, Zn, Pb           Sed/Bed            Pr    M   627.6Kt, 781.5Kt Zn, 973.2Kt Pb at 0.56-1.35% Cu, 0.54-1.46% Zn, 1.17-1.57% Pb                                                         N41-22-00, E106-48-0   Lu,1996
2240   China   Inner Mongolia   Lizishan                Fe                   Skn/Mas-Lnt        U     M   4.41Mt iron ore at 49.4-55.5% Fe                                                             mgt, hem                                  N48-22-00, E120-42-0   Lu,1996
2241   China   Inner Mongolia   Qoblum                  Fe, Zn               Skn/Lnt            J     M   18.88Mt iron ore, 348.6Kt Zn at 36.3% Fe                                                     mgt, hem, gth, sph, pyr, py, cp, bis, m   N46-38-00, E118-35-0   Lu,1996
2242   China   Inner Mongolia   Huanggang               Fe, Sn, W            Skn                U     M   89Mt iron ore, 290.3Kt Sn, 104.6Kt Zn, 52.9Kt WO3 at 39.17% Fe                                                                         N43-28-00, E117-27-0   Lu,1996
2243   China   Inner Mongolia   Ondor Sum               Fe                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        Pr    M   74.4Mt iron ore at 28.27-45.46% Fe                                                           mgt, hem, gth                             N42-31-00, E112-58-0   Lu,1996
2244   China   Inner Mongolia   Heiyingshan             Fe                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        C     M   14.2Mt iron ore at 54.54% Fe                                                                 hem, mgt, gth                             N42-13-00, E098-19-0   Lu,1996
2245   China   Inner Mongolia   Har Obo                 Fe                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        Pr    M   21.24Mt iron ore at 36.04% Fe                                                                                                          N41-37-00, E110-15-0   Lu,1996
2246   China   Inner Mongolia   Goyohoi                 Fe                   Sed/Lnt            Pr    M   22.02Mt iron ore at 33.56% Fe                                                                hem, mgt                                  N41-34-00, E110-08-0   Lu,1996
2247   China   Inner Mongolia   Sanhemin                Fe                   Sed/Bed            A     M   165Mt iron ore at 34.82% Fe                                                                                                            N41-28-00, E111-03-0   Lu,1996
2248   China   Inner Mongolia   Shujigou                Fe                   Sed/Lnt            Pr    M   67.97Mt                                                                                                                                N41-11-00, E109-22-0   Lu,1996
2249   China   Inner Mongolia   Dongwufenzi             Fe                   Sed/Bed            Pr    M   27.84Mt                                                                                                                                N41-05-30, E109-30-3   Lu,1996
2250   China   Inner Mongolia   Gongyiming              Fe                   Sed/Lnt            Pr    M   21.02Mt iron ore at 38.20 % Fe                                                               mgt                                       N40-55-00, E109-57-3   Lu,1996
2251   China   Inner Mongolia   Debseg                  Fe                   Sed/Bed            A     M   17.57Mt iron ore at 26.58% Fe                                                                                                          N40-31-00, E105-50-0   Lu,1996
2252   China   Inner Mongolia   Gaxun Tal               Fe                   Skn/Lnt            Pr    M   18.14Mt iron ore at 48.18% Fe                                                                mgt                                       N39-33-00, E101-30-0   Lu,1996
2253   China   Inner Mongolia   Liushashan              Mo                   Hyd/Vn             U     M   20.7Kt at 0.075% Mo                                                                          mlb, sch                                  N42-09-00, E098-20-0   Lu,1996
2255   China   Inner Mongolia   Changchunling           Zn, Pb, Ag           Hyd/Vn             J     M   35Kt Pb, 69.5Kt Zn, 220t Ag at 0.5-1.0% Pb+Zn                                                                                          N45-31-00, E121-52-0   Lu,1996
2256   China   Inner Mongolia   Mongon Tolgoi           Zn, Pb, Ag, Au       Hyd/Vn             P     M   1,024t Ag, 290,643t Zn, 116,750t Pb, 3,181t Sn, 2.016t Au at 26-251g/t Ag, 1.08-3.79% Zn,                                              N45-16-00, E121-23-0   Lu,1996
2257   China   Inner Mongolia   Hobgol                  Zn, Pb               Skn/Lnt            K     M   632.6Kt Zn, 17.4Kt Pb at 3.8-5.5% Zn                                                                                                   N44-44-00, E119-09-0   Lu,1996
2258   China   Inner Mongolia   Bayan Nur               Zn, Pb, Ag, W        Skn/Mas-Lnt        J     M   177Kt Zn, 660Kt Pb, 1,026t Ag                                                                sph, gal, cp, py, pyr, sch                N44-31-00, E118-58-0   Lu,1996
2259   China   Inner Mongolia   Yujiawopu               Zn, Pb               Skn-Hyd/Vn         U     M   44.3Kt Pb, 59.1Kt Zn at 1.64-0.98% Pb, 2.17-1.58% Zn                                                                                   N42-54-00, E118-54-3   Lu,1996
2260   China   Inner Mongolia   Dongzi                  Zn, Pb               Hyd/Vn             U     M   39.4Kt Pb, 94.0Kt Zn, 0.7Kt Cu                                                                                                         N42-52-00, E118-29-0   Lu,1996
2261   China   Inner Mongolia   Hol Us                  Zn, Pb               Hyd/Vn             J     M   59.0Kt Pb, 125.4t Zn at 0.5-1.39% Pb+Zn                                                                                                N42-52-00, E118-46-0   Lu,1996
2262   China   Inner Mongolia   Oboshan                 Zn, Pb, Cu           Skn/Lnt-Mas        U     M   154.6Kt Zn, 31.3Kt Pb, 17.6Kt Cu at 1-3% Zn, 0.7-2.5% Pb, 0.5-1.5% Cu                                                                  N42-51-00, E119-10-0   Lu,1996
2263   China   Inner Mongolia   Tianqiaogou             Zn, Pb               Hyd/Vn             U     M   67.0Kt Pb, 124.2Kt Zn at 1.37% Pb, 2.54% Zn                                                                                            N42-48-00, E118-37-0   Lu,1996
2264   China   Inner Mongolia   Xiaoyingzi              Zn, Pb               Skn/Lnt            J     M   273Kt Zn, 136Kt Pb, 221t Ag at 2.78% Pb, 7.01% Zn, 26g/t Ag                                  gal, sph                                  N42-38-00, E118-47-0   Lu,1996
2265   China   Inner Mongolia   Jiashengpan             Zn, Pb               Str/Bed-Lnt        Pr    L   1.676Mt Zn, 0.189Mt Pb at 3.95% Zn, 1.35% Pb                                                 py, sph, gal                              N41-25-00, E109-12-0   Lu,1996
2266   China   Inner Mongolia   801 RM/REE Y            Y, Nb, Ta            Mgm-Hyd/Dis        U     S   at 0.295% Y2O3, 0.258% Nb2O5, 0.016% Ta2O5                                                                                             N45-22-00, E120-23-0   Lu,1996
2267   China   Inner Mongolia   Baiyan Obo              REE, Fe, Nb          Crb/Lnt            Pr    L   1459Mt iron ore at 33.85% Fe(East), 33.57% Fe(West), 0.8-8.18% RE2O3, 0.051-0.153% Nb2O5     mgt, mnz, bst, pyc                        N41-47-00, E109-48-3   Lu,1996
2268   China   Inner Mongolia   Modon                   Sn, Cu               Hyd/Vn             J     M   5.9Kt Sn, 2.3Kt Cu at 0.1-1.27% Sn                                                           cas, stn, cp, sph, mlb                    N44-13-00, E116-32-0   Lu,1996
2269   China   Inner Mongolia   Samai                   W                    Hyd-Grs/Vn         U     M   22.7Kt WO3 at >0.17% WO3, 3.8-76g/t Ag                                                       wlf                                       N45-50-00, E116-37-0   Lu,1996
2270   China   Inner Mongolia   Baishitouwa             W                    Hyd/Vn             P     M   22.2Kt WO3 at 0.378% WO3                                                                     wlf                                       N41-55-00, E115-10-0   Lu,1996
2271   China   Inner Mongolia   Qiyishan                W, Sn, Mo            Hyd/Vn-Dis         K     S   0.174% WO3, 0.05% Mo, 0.23% Sn                                                               wlf, sch, mlb                             N41-08-30, E099-09-0   Lu,1996
2272   China   Inner Mongolia   Miaogou                 Gr                   Mtm                U     M   Cryst. Grp:0.75Mt, Total Grp:16.65Mt                                                                                                   N40-56-00, E111-04-0   Lu,1996
2273   China   Inner Mongolia   Denlongsu               Gr                   Mtm/Bed            U     M   Cryst. Grp:411Kt, Total Grp:6.46Mt                                                                                                     N40-54-00, E111-22-0   Lu,1996
2274   China   Inner Mongolia   Shibaoqi                Gr                   Mtm/Bed            U     M   Cryst. Grp:0.9Mt, Total Grp:24.85Mt                                                                                                    N40-50-00, E111-28-0   Lu,1996
2275   China   Inner Mongolia   Huangtuyao              Gr                   Mtm/Bed            U     M   Cryst. Grp:63.6Mt, Total Grp:2.44Mt                                                                                                    N40-37-00, E113-53-0   Lu,1996
2276   China   Inner Mongolia   Dangbajing              Gr                   Mtm                U     M   Cryst. Grp:430Kt, Total Grp:5.72Mt                                                                                                     N39-12-00, E101-56-0   Lu,1996
2277   China   Inner Mongolia   Sumt Qagan'obo          F                    Hyd/Lnt            U     L   20Mt at 56.52% CaF2                                                                                                                    N43-08-00, E111-11-0   Lu,1996
2278   China   Inner Mongolia   Obot                    F                    Hyd/Lnt            U     M   1.15Mt at 68.35% CaF2                                                                                                                  N43-00-00, E111-02-0   Lu,1996
2279   China   Inner Mongolia   Haxat                   F                    Hyd/Vn             U     M   863Kt at 61.2-75.6% CaF2                                                                                                               N42-01-00, E109-57-0   Lu,1996
2280   China   Inner Mongolia   Dongqiyishan            F                    Hyd/Vn             U     M   770Kt at 81.66% CaF2                                                                                                                   N41-10-00, E099-31-0   Lu,1996
2281   China   Inner Mongolia   Naimdai                 Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tp    M   43.92Mt                                                                                                                                N42-49-00, E110-36-0   Lu,1996
2282   China   Inner Mongolia   Daiqing Jo              Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tp    M   48.42Mt at 69.47% CaSO4                                                                                                                N40-20-00, E107-28-0   Lu,1996
2283   China   Inner Mongolia   Nogon                   Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tp    M   17.28Mt at 55-85% CaSO4                                                                                                                N38-58-00, E107-02-0   Lu,1996
2284   China   Inner Mongolia   Suj                     Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tp    L   3.326Bt                                                                                                                                N38-45-00, E107-10-0   Lu,1996
2285   China   Inner Mongolia   Jungar Banner           Kl                   Sed/Bed            C     M   90Mt                                                                                                                                   N39-45-00, E111-09-0   Lu,1996
2286   China   Inner Mongolia   Dongsheng               Kl                   Sed/Bed            P     L   1.0Bt at 1.0%ツ± Fe2O3, 24-32% Al2O3 +TiO2                                                                                              N39-36-00, E109-58-0   Lu,1996
2287   China   Inner Mongolia   Buran Teg               P                    Sed/Bed-Mtm        Pr    L   259Mt at 5-9% P2O5                                                                                                                     N41-41-00, E109-30-0   Lu,1996
2289   China   Inner Mongolia   Bilut                   Py, Cu, Zn           Hyd/Vn             U     M   7.9Mt ore at 19.59% S, 0.64% Cu, 0.29% Pb                                                                                              N42-20-00, E113-01-0   Lu,1996
2290   China   Inner Mongolia   Duimenshan              Py, Zn               Sed/Bed            Pr    M   6.47Mt ore with 61.6Kt Zn                                                                                                              N41-22-00, E107-50-0   Lu,1996
2291   China   Inner Mongolia   Dongshengmiao           Py, Zn               Str/Lnt            Pr    L   239Mt ore with 5.19Mt Zn, 1.067Mt Pb at 21.16% S, 2.68% Zn, 0.55% Pb                         py, sph, gal                              N41-12-00, E107-10-0   Lu,1996
2292   China   Inner Mongolia   Shanpianggou            Py                   Str/Lnt            Pr    L   114Mt py ore with 61.6Kt Zn at 13.9-25.8% S                                                  py                                        N41-07-30, E109-07-0   Lu,1996
2293   China   Inner Mongolia   Tanyaokou               Py, Cu, Pb, Zn       Str/Bed-Lnt        U     M   87.05 Mt py ore with 466Kt Cu, 43Kt Pb, 1,107t Zn                                                                                      N41-02-00, E106-50-0   Lu,1996
2294   China   Jiangsu          Pingshantou             Au, Ag , Pb, Zn      Hyd/Mas-Wth        U     S   8.0t Au, 428t Ag, 155Kt PbZn at 3.79g/t Au, 236g/t Ag                                                                                  N32-10-00, E118-57-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhu,1996
2295   China   Jiangsu          Tangshan                Au                   Hyd/Dis            U     S   2.3t Au at 2.3g/t Au                                                                                                                   N32-04-00, E119-05-0   Cun et al., 1992
2296   China   Jiangsu          Tongjing                Au, Cu, Ag           Hyd/Vn             U     S   5.0t Au, 17Kt Cu at 1.97g/t Au, 0.77% Cu                                                                                               N31-47-30, E118-34-3   Zhu,1996
2297   China   Jiangsu          Tubaoshan               Au                   Hyd/Dis            U     S   1.93t Au at 10.84g/t Au                                                                                                                N31-27-00, E119-27-3   Cun et al., 1992
2298   China   Jiangsu          Anjishan                Cu, Au, Pb, Zn, Sn   Skn, Prp/Irg-Dis   U     M   290Kt Cu, 90Kt Zn, 1,69t Au, 4.5t Mo                                                         cp, py, sph, chc,mlb, bon, pyr, mgt, he   N32-08-00, E119-14-0   Zhu,1996
2299   China   Jiangsu          Funiushan               Cu, Zn, Au           Skn                U     M   63Kt Cu, 16Kt Zn, 9.2t Au at 1.01% Cu, 1.47% Zn, 0.847g/t Au                                 cp, py, sph, mlb                          N32-07-00, E119-02-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhu,1996
2300   China   Jiangsu          Jiangliyuan-Weilaojia   Fe                   Skn/Lnt            U     M   15.89Mt iron ore at 42-51% Fe                                                                mgt, hem                                  N34-38-00, E116-47-0   Zhu,1996
2301   China   Jiangsu          Liguo                   Fe                   Skn/Lnt            U     M   51.5Mt iron ore, 30Kt Cu                                                                     mgt, hem, py, cp                          N34-35-00, E117-20-0   Zhu,1996
2302   China   Jiangsu          Yenshan                 Fe, B                Skn/Lnt            K     S   3.25Mt iron ore, 3.3Kt Cu, 150Kt B ore at 46.8% Fe, 0.19% Cu, 5-7% B2O3                      mgt, hem, cam                             N32-31-30, E118-57-0   Zhu,1996
2303   China   Jiangsu          Wanghao                 Fe                   Skn/Mas            U     M   13.7Mt at 35.42% Fe                                                                          mgt, hem, py, ldw                         N32-06-00, E121-20-0   Zhu,1996
2304   China   Jiangsu          Weigang                 Fe                   Skn/Irg            U     S   4.7Mt at 34.9-48.5% Fe                                                                       mgt, hem                                  N32-05-00, E119-22-3   Zhu,1996
2305   China   Jiangsu          Meishan                 Fe                   Vol-Hyd/Lnt        K     M   310Mt at 25.69% Fe                                                                           mgt, py                                   N31-56-30, E118-42-3   Zhu,1996
2306   China   Jiangsu          Qilinshan               Fe                   Skn/Lnt            U     M   15.1Mt at 42.02% Fe                                                                                                                    N31-53-00, E118-46-0   Zhu,1996
2307   China   Jiangsu          Fenghuangshan           Fe                   Hyd/Lyr-Vn         U     M   29.2Mt at 43.77% Fe                                                                          hem, mgt, py, cp                          N31-47-30, E118-46-0   Zhu,1996
2308   China   Jiangsu          Qixiashan               Zn, Pb, Au, Ag       Hyd-Rpl            U     L   1.40Mt Zn, 0.78Mt Pb, 21.85t Au, 2.75Kt Ag at 4.81-7.61% Zn, 2.6-5.8% Pb, 0.17-1.71g/t Au,   sph, gal, py, rhc, tet, eng               N32-18-00, E118-52-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhu,1996
2309   China   Jiangsu          Laorenfeng              Zn, Pb, Cu                              U     M   33Kt Zn, 15.6Kt Pb, 4.2Kt Cu, 17t Ag at 2.3-4.1% Zn, 0.29-1.8% Pb, 0.19-0.24% Cu             cp, py, gal, sph, cov, gth                N32-08-00, E119-09-0   Zhu,1996
2310   China   Jiangsu          Yuli                    Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag       Skn/Lnt            U     M   118Kt Pb, 242Kt Zn, 23Kt Cu, 631t Ag at 4-8% Pb+Zn                                           gal, sph, cp, py, mgt                     N31-20-30, E120-23-0   Zhu,1996
2311   China   Jiangsu          Wuzhai                  Pb, Zn, Ag           Skn/Lnt            U     M   78Kt Pb, 144Kt Zn, 144.5t Ag at 4.06% Pb, 5.22% Zn, 0.63% Cu                                 sph, gal, mgt, py, pyr, cp                N31-20-30, E120-25-3   Zhu,1996
2312   China   Jiangsu          Tanshan                 Pb, Zn, Ag           Skn/Lnt            K     M   115Kt Zn, 57Kt Pb, 296t Ag at 0.65-1.94% Pb, 3.47-3.72% Zn                                   py, sph, gal, cp, mgt                     N31-17-00, E120-22-0   Zhu,1996
2313   China   Jiangsu          Maobei                  Ti                   Sed/Bed            U     M   168Mt ore at 2.13% TiO2                                                                      rut, ilm                                  N34-26-00, E118-37-0   Zhu,1996
2314   China   Jiangsu          Yushiquan               F                    Hyd/Vn             U     M   490Kt ore at 70.24% CaF2                                                                                                               N31-19-00, E120-28-0   Zhu,1996
2315   China   Jiangsu          Lianshan                Gm                   Wth/Bed            Q     S   757Kg spp                                                                                    spp                                       N32-27-00, E118-45-0   Zhu,1996
2316   China   Jiangsu          Sihu                    Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tp    L   369Mt                                                                                                                                  N34-36-00, E117-52-3   Zhu,1996
2317   China   Jiangsu          Zhouchongcun            Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tr    L   242Mt                                                                                        gyp                                       N32-08-00, E118-57-3   Zhu,1996
2318   China   Jiangsu          Suzhou                  Kl                   Hyd/Dis-Wth        U     M   68.8Mt at 30-39% Al2O3, 40-50% SiO2, 1-5% Fe2O3                                                                                        N31-22-00, E120-28-0   Zhu,1996
2319   China   Jiangsu          Shizhai                 Na                   Evp/Bed            U     L   503Mt at 52.3-83.2% NaCl                                                                                                               N34-44-00, E116-38-0   Zhu,1996
2320   China   Jiangsu          Huaian                  Na                   Evp/Bed            K     L   976Mt at 61-85% NaCl                                                                                                                   N33-30-30, E119-00-0   Zhu,1996
2321   China   Jiangsu          Hongze                  Na                   Evp/Bed            Tp    L   596Mt at 75% NaCl                                                                                                                      N33-28-30, E118-49-0   Zhu,1996
2322   China   Jiangsu          Jintan                  Na                   Evp/Bed            T     L   1978Mt at 85% NaCl                                                                                                                     N31-47-30, E119-27-3   Zhu,1996
2323   China   Jiangsu          Haizhou                 P                    Sed/Bed            Pr    M   127Mt at 8.7-22.27% P2O5                                                                                                               N34-30-00, E119-06-0   Zhu,1996
2324   China   Jiangsu          Taishan                 P                    Mgm/Mas            U     M   10.7Mt at 13.63% P2O5                                                                        apt, mgt                                  N31-55-00, E118-45-0   Zhu,1996
2325   China   Jiangsu          Chalukou                Py                   Hyd-Rpl/Lyr        U     M   2.23Mt at 10.5-43.4% S                                                                       py                                        N32-05-00, E118-51-0   Zhu,1996
2326   China   Jiangsu   Yuntaishan       Py                   Vol-Hyd/Lnt       Tr    M   19.1Mt at 10-30% S                                                                           py, mRc, mgt                       N31-49-00, E118-46-0   Zhu,1996
2327   China   Jiangxi   Lengshuikeng     Ag, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Dis           U     M   89.7g/t Ag, 1.22% Pb, 2.17% Zn                                                                                                  N27-57-00, E117-16-0   Chen, 1996
2328   China   Jiangxi   Jiaoli           Ag, Pb, Zn, W        Skn/Lnt           U     S   216.4t Ag, 19.1Kt Pb, 16.7Kt Zn, 9.68Kt WO3 at 161.9g/t Ag, 0.174% WO3                       gal, sph, sch, arg                 N25-53-00, E114-20-0   Chen, 1996
2329   China   Jiangxi   Wujia            Au, Ag               Wth/Fe-Cap        TnQ   S   5.175t Au at 4.92g/t Au                                                                                                         N29-47-00, E115-39-0   Cun, 1992
2330   China   Jiangxi   Dingjiashan      Au                   Wth/Fe-Cap        TnQ   S   1.80t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N29-46-00, E115-42-3   Cun, 1992
2331   China   Jiangxi   Xixinqiao        Au                   Wth/Fe-Cap        TnQ   S   1.50t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                                                                          N29-45-00, E115-47-3   Cun, 1992
2332   China   Jiangxi   Yangjishan       Au, Ag, Cu, Pb, Zn   Hyd/BRc           U     S   6.075t Au, 135t Ag at 5.11g/t Au, 113.47g/t Ag                                                                                  N29-41-00, E115-41-3   Cun, 1992
2333   China   Jiangxi   Tiemenkan        Au                   Wth/Fe-Cap        TnQ   S   2.11t Au at 4.80g/t Au                                                                                                          N29-40-00, E115-50-0   Cun, 1992
2334   China   Jiangxi   Gaofeng          Au                   Wth/Fe-Cap        TnQ   S   1.022t Au at 12.170g/t Au                                                                                                       N29-38-00, E115-34-0   Cun, 1992
2335   China   Jiangxi   Jincun           Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   2.00t Au at 0.200g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N29-34-00, E117-34-0   Cun, 1992
2336   China   Jiangxi   Zangwan          Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   3.83t Au at 0.256g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N29-28-00, E117-24-0   Cun, 1992; Chen, 1996
2337   China   Jiangxi   Gutongqiao       Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   2.18t Au at 0.220g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N29-23-30, E117-20-0   Cun, 1992
2338   China   Jiangxi   Wukou            Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.311t Au at 0.2755g/m3 Au                                                                                                      N29-12-00, E117-50-0   Cun, 1992
2339   China   Jiangxi   Kengkou          Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.402t Au at 0.232g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N29-10-00, E117-50-0   Cun, 1992
2340   China   Jiangxi   Fuxikou          Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.200t Au at 0.280g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N29-08-30, E117-50-0   Cun, 1992
2341   China   Jiangxi   Maao             Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.115t Au at 0.347g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N29-02-00, E114-20-3   Cun, 1992; Chen, 1996
2342   China   Jiangxi   Jinshan          Au                   Hyd/Dis-Vn        U     M   44.704t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                     py, apy, mgt, tet, cp              N28-59-00, E117-42-3   Cun, 1992; Chen, 1996; Zhou et al., 2002
2343   China   Jiangxi   Guanzhuang       Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   5.12t Au at 0.202g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N28-58-30, E117-26-0   Cun, 1992
2344   China   Jiangxi   Wanyuandong      Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.00t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N28-57-00, E114-22-3   Cun, 1992
2345   China   Jiangxi   Tulongshan       Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.031t Au at 31.00g/t Au                                                                                                        N28-56-00, E114-24-0   Cun, 1992
2346   China   Jiangxi   Fengshuxia       Au                   Sed/Dlv-Alv-Plc   Q     S   2.425t Au at 0.3627g/m3 Au                                                                                                      N28-56-00, E117-03-0   Cun, 1992
2347   China   Jiangxi   Huanzhuang       Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.50t Au at 0.263g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N28-28-30, E116-57-0   Cun, 1992
2348   China   Jiangxi   Gangbei          Au                                     U     S   1.00t Au at 2.09g/t Au                                                                                                          N28-14-00, E117-43-0   Cun, 1992
2349   China   Jiangxi   Huxu             Au                   Hyd/Vn            Mz2   S   1.817t Au at 5.44g/t Au                                                                                                         N28-11-00, E116-35-0   Cun, 1992; Chen, 1996
2350   China   Jiangxi   Chaigulong       Au                                     U     S   1.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N28-11-00, E116-38-0   Cun, 1992
2351   China   Jiangxi   Taoyuan          Au                                     U     S   1.00t Au at 5.5g/t Au                                                                                                           N28-08-00, E114-21-0   Cun, 1992
2352   China   Jiangxi   Dongyuan         Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   2.480t Au at 0.251g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N28-04-00, E116-14-0   Cun, 1992
2353   China   Jiangxi   Dushi            Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.20t Au at 0.240g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N28-03-30, E115-59-3   Cun, 1992
2354   China   Jiangxi   Maopai           Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.00t Au at 14.00g/t Au                                                                                                        N27-38-00, E116-30-0   Cun, 1992
2355   China   Jiangxi   Caoling          Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.00t Au at 5.50g/t Au                                                                                                          N26-15-00, E114-23-3   Cun, 1992
2356   China   Jiangxi   Liulong          Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn            U     S   8.265t Au at 8.70g/t Au, 27.1g/t Ag                                                                                             N26-08-00, E115-23-0   Cun, 1992; Chen, 1996
2357   China   Jiangxi   Gangmian         Au                                     U     S   3.00t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N25-53-00, E115-54-0   Cun, 1992
2358   China   Jiangxi   Wangmudu         Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1.507t Au at 0.229g/t Au                                                                                                        N25-37-00, E115-00-0   Cun, 1992
2359   China   Jiangxi   Chengmenshan     Cu, Zn, Mo, Au       Skn-Prp           Mz2   L   1.87Mt Cu, 1.51Mt Zn, 34.0Kt Mo, 67.7t Au at 0.76% Cu, 0.047% Mo, 0.25g/t Au                                                    N29-39-00, E115-48-0   Chen, 1996; MEG, 1995
2360   China   Jiangxi   Wushan           Cu, Au, Ag, Zn       Skn/Lnt           J     L   1.45Mt Cu, 42.02t Au, 1.23Kt Ag at 1.1% Cu, 0.26g/t Au, 9.3g/t Ag                            py, cp, bon, chc, sph, gal         N29-38-30, E115-38-0   Chen, 1996
2361   China   Jiangxi   Dexing           Cu, Mo               Prp               J     L   9.6Mt Cu at 0.42-0.50% Cu, 0.01-0.03% Mo                                                     py, cp, mlb                        N29-02-00, E117-46-0   Chen, 1996; MEG, 1995
2362   China   Jiangxi   Cunqian          Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd               U     M   104Kt Cu, 93.3Kt Pb, 245.4Kt Zn, 4.85t Au at 0.63% Cu, 1.12% Pb, 4.53% Zn                                                       N28-27-00, E115-10-0   Chen, 1996
2363   China   Jiangxi   Fenglin          Cu, W, Fe, Bi                          U     S                                                                                                chc                                N28-17-30, E116-40-0   Chen, 1996
2364   China   Jiangxi   Yongping         Cu, W, Au, Ag        Str/Bed-Lnt       C     L   1.48Mt Cu, 133.4Kt WO3, 21.9t Au, 3.02Kt Ag at 0.73% Cu, 0.078% WO3                          py, cp, sch                        N28-14-30, E117-46-0   Chen, 1996; MEG, 1995
2365   China   Jiangxi   Tiekeng          Fe                   Skn/Mas           Mz2   M   36.6Mt at 38.7% Fe                                                                                                              N27-58-00, E114-46-3   Chen, 1996
2366   China   Jiangxi   Xinyu            Fe                   Sed/Bed           Pr    L   830Mt at 27.8% Fe                                                                            mgt                                N27-44-00, E114-54-0   Chen, 1996
2367   China   Jiangxi   Shanzhuling      Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   6.7Mt at 52% Fe                                                                              hem, sid, gth                      N27-30-00, E113-46-3   Chen, 1996
2368   China   Jiangxi   Zhuling'ao       Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   11.6Mt at 25-60% Fe                                                                          hem, sid, gth                      N27-02-00, E113-54-0   Chen, 1996
2369   China   Jiangxi   Wushishan        Fe                   Sed/Bed           D     M   23.3Mt at 51.7% Fe                                                                           hem                                N26-57-00, E113-59-3   Chen, 1996
2370   China   Jiangxi   Huating          Mn                   Sed/Lnt           C     M   19.2Mt at 23.9-24.2% Mn, 16-18% Fe                                                                                              N28-50-00, E117-20-0   Chen, 1996
2371   China   Jiangxi   Geyuan           Nb, Ta, W, Sn        Pgm-Grs/Vn        U     M   32.1Kt Ta2O5, 49.3Kt Nb2O5, 9.5Kt WO3, 8.3Kt Sn, 1.5Kt Mo at 139ppm Ta2O5, 214ppm Nb2O5, 0   col, tan, cas, wlf, mlb            N28-39-00, E117-33-0   Chen, 1996
2372   China   Jiangxi   Huangshan        Nb, Ta               Pgm/Lnt           Mz2   M   28Kt Nb2O5, 1.6Kt Ta2O5 at 437ppm Nb2O5, 44ppm Ta2O5                                                                            N28-39-00, E117-37-0   Chen, 1996
2373   China   Jiangxi   Yichun           Ta, Nb               Pgm/Lnt           J     M   18.6Kt Ta2O5, 14.9Kt Nb2O5 at 10-100ppm Ta2O5                                                                                   N27-35-00, E114-25-0   Chen, 1996
2374   China   Jiangxi   Hailouling       Ta, Nb               Hyd/Vn-Dis        J     S   550t Ta2O5, 370t Nb2O5 at 176ppm Ta2O5, 120ppm Nb2O5                                         col, tan                           N26-20-00, E116-21-3   Chen, 1996
2375   China   Jiangxi   Yinshan          Pb, Zn, Cu, Au, Ag   Hyd/Vn            U     M   411.8Kt Pb, 558.6Kt Zn, 1.08Mt Cu, 127.6t Au, 2.69Kt Ag                                      sph, gal, py, cp, eng, arg         N28-58-00, E117-35-0   Chen, 1996
2376   China   Jiangxi   Qibaoshan        Pb, Zn, Co, Cu       Str/Lnt           U     M   329.1Kt Zn, 222Kt Pb, 24.6Kt Cu, 9.6Kt Co                                                    gal, sph, py, cov, sid             N28-12-00, E115-01-3   Chen, 1996
2377   China   Jiangxi   Datian           REE                  Wth-Res/Lnt       Q     S                                                                                                                                   N26-20-00, E115-10-0   Wu et al., 1992
2378   China   Jiangxi   Xunwu            REE                  Wth-Res           Q     S                                                                                                                                   N24-58-00, E115-35-0   Wu et al., 1992
2379   China   Jiangxi   Zudong-Longnan   REE                  Wth-Res           Q     S                                                                                                                                   N24-45-00, E114-52-0   Huang et al., 1988
2380   China   Jiangxi   Guanxi-Longnan   REE                  Wth-Res           Q     S                                                                                                                                   N24-45-00, E114-58-0   Huang et al., 1988
2381   China   Jiangxi   Baoshan          Sb, Au               Hyd/Vn            U     M   40.1Kt Sb at 2.8-11.2% Sb                                                                    stb, apy                           N29-22-00, E115-37-0   Chen, 1996
2382   China   Jiangxi   Tuobeishan       Sb                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   13.1Kt Sb at 2.02% Sb                                                                        stb                                N29-05-30, E114-53-0   Chen, 1996
2383   China   Jiangxi   Zengjialong      Sn, Cu, Zn           Skn/Lnt           U     M   42.3Kt Sn, 21.1Kt Zn, 7.0Kt Cu at 0.47-0.87% Sn, 0.15% Cu, 0.47% Zn                                                             N29-25-00, E115-36-0   Chen, 1996
2384   China   Jiangxi   Songling         Sn                   Grs-Hyd/Vn        J     M   7.48Kt Sn at 0.422% Sn                                                                       cas                                N26-27-00, E116-33-0   Chen, 1996
2385   China   Jiangxi   Yanbei           Sn                   Grs-Hyd/Dis       K     M   103Kt Sn at 0.84% Sn                                                                         cas                                N25-17-00, E115-37-0   Chen, 1996
2386   China   Jiangxi   Chebu            Ti                   Sed/Wth-Plc       Q     S   998Kt ilm.                                                                                   ilm, mgt                           N24-52-00, E115-00-0   Chen, 1996
2387   China   Jiangxi   Yangchuling      W, Mo                Hyd/Stw-Dis       J     L   73.8Kt WO3, 23.8Kt Mo at 0.19% WO3, 0.06% Mo                                                                                    N29-22-00, E116-18-0   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2388   China   Jiangxi   Qingshuxia       W                    Hyd/Vn-Stw        U     M   43Kt WO3 at 0.1-0.5% WO3                                                                     sch, wlf                           N29-22-00, E118-07-3   Chen, 1996
2389   China   Jiangxi   Xianglushan      W                    Skn/Mas           U     L   216.6Kt WO3, 2.01t Au, 208.5t Ag, 35.1Kt Cu, 9.6Kt Bi at 0.53% WO3                           sch                                N29-15-00, E114-20-0   Chen, 1996
2390   China   Jiangxi   Dahutang         W                    Hyd/Vn-Stw        U     M   41.4Kt WO3 at 0.165% WO3, 0.10% Cu, 0.032% Sn                                                wlf, mlb, sch, cp, cas             N28-57-00, E114-55-0   Chen, 1996
2391   China   Jiangxi   Xushan           W, Cu                Skn-Grs-Hyd/Lnt-V J     L   71.5Kt WO3, 35.8Kt Cu at 0.36-1.79%WO3, 0.12-0.74% Cu                                        wlf, sch, py, cp                   N27-50-00, E115-49-0   Chen, 1996
2392   China   Jiangxi   Xiatongling      W, Mo, Bi            Hyd/Vn            J     L   125.4Kt WO3, 34.1Kt Mo at 0.23% WO3, 0.03-0.09% Mo, 0.035% Bi                                wlf, sch, mlb, bis                 N27-34-00, E114-33-3   Chen, 1996
2393   China   Jiangxi   Hukeng           W                    Hyd/Vn            J     L   58.7Kt WO3 at 0.35-1.64% WO3                                                                 wlf, sph, py, sch, cp, mlb         N27-26-00, E114-20-0   Chen, 1996
2394   China   Jiangxi   Huameiao         W                    Hyd/Vn            J     L   67.4Kt WO3, 1.0Kt Mo, 3.5Kt Bi at 1.28% WO3, 0.023% Mo, 0.085% Bi                            wlf, sch, mlb, bis                 N26-30-00, E115-45-0   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2395   China   Jiangxi   Shangpin         W                    Pgm-Hyd/Vn        J     M   30.9Kt WO3, 25.1t Ta2O5 at 0.241% WO3, 0.030% Mo                                             wlf, cp, mlb, cas                  N25-49-00, E115-24-0   Chen, 1996
2396   China   Jiangxi   Huangsha         W                    Hyd/Vn            J     L   126.9Kt WO3 at 0.578% WO3                                                                    wlf, cp, py, cas                   N25-47-00, E115-25-3   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2397   China   Jiangxi   Pangushan        W, Bi                Hyd/Vn            J     L   107.6Kt WO3, 17.5Kt Bi at 1.105% WO3                                                                                            N25-43-00, E115-24-0   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2398   China   Jiangxi   Maoping          W, Sn                Grs-Hyd/Dis-Vn    U     L   108.8Kt WO3, 51.1Kt Sn, 6.4Kt Mo at 0.13% WO3, 0,116% Sn                                     wlf, cas, mlb                      N25-40-00, E114-29-0   Chen, 1996
2399   China   Jiangxi   Huangpodi        W, Mo                Skn-Hyd/Irg-Vn    J     M   43.0Kt WO3, 7.6Kt Mo, 2.48Kt Bi at 0.22% WO3                                                 wlf, sch, mlb                      N25-40-00, E115-10-3   Chen, 1996
2400   China   Jiangxi   Zhangdou         W, Bi                Hyd/Vn            J     M   40.4Kt WO3, 2.2Kt Bi at 0.25-2.13% WO3                                                       wlf, sch, mlb                      N25-36-00, E114-33-0   Chen, 1996
2401   China   Jiangxi   Zuoba            W, Bi                Hyd/Vn            U     M   34.0Kt WO3, 1.27Kt Mo, 1.97Kt Bi at 1.41% WO3, 0.057% Mo, 0.08% Bi                           wlf, mlb, bis, cas, sch            N25-34-00, E114-28-3   Chen, 1996
2402   China   Jiangxi   Baoshan          W, Pb, Zn            Skn/Irg           J     M   40.5Kt WO3, 109.6Kt Pb+Zn, 5.3Kt Cu                                                          sch, gal, sph, cp, eng, py         N25-32-00, E114-17-3   Chen, 1996
2403   China   Jiangxi   Shilei           W, Sn                Hyd/Vn            J     M   36.9Kt WO3, 18.8Kt Sn at 0.206-1.9% WO3, 0.104-0.916% Sn                                     wlf, cas, cp, gal, sph, sch, mlb   N25-32-00, E114-26-0   Chen, 1996
2404   China   Jiangxi   Piaotang         W, Sn                Hyd/Vn            J     L   91.8Kt WO3, 63.4Kt Sn, 15.8Kt Cu at 0.154% WO3, 0.115% Sn, 0.049% Cu                         wlf, cas, mlb, cp, sph             N25-30-30, E114-25-3   Chen, 1996
2405   China   Jiangxi   Muziyuan         W, Mo                Hyd/Vn            J     M   5.4Kt WO3 at 0.958% WO3                                                                                                         N25-30-00, E114-10-0   Chen, 1996
2406   China   Jiangxi   Xihuashan        W                    Hyd/Vn            J     L   81Kt WO3 at 1.086% WO3                                                                       wlf, mlb, cas                      N25-28-00, E114-16-0   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2407   China   Jiangxi   Jiulongnao       W                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   19.8Kt WO3, 594t Bi at 0.422% WO3                                                            wlf, cas                           N25-25-00, E114-12-0   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2408   China   Jiangxi   Dajishan         W                    Hyd/Vn            J     L   173.9Kt WO3, 50.2Kt Bi, 1.2Kt Mo at 2.03% WO3, 0.038% Mo, 0.02% Sn, 0.105% Bi                wlf, sch, mlb, gal, bis            N24-36-00, E114-24-0   Chen, 1996; Zhu, 1999
2409   China   Jiangxi   Xiashan          Gr                   Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   2.7Mt grp ore, 86.7Kt V2O5 at 6.6-10.42% grp                                                                                    N27-57-00, E116-58-0   Chen, 1996
2410   China   Jiangxi   Lianhuashan      F                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   1.19Mt at 74.6-78.2% CaF2                                                                                                       N29-36-00, E116-57-3   Chen, 1996
2411   China   Jiangxi   Dean             F                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   2.31Mt at 39.48% CaF2                                                                        fl, qz                             N29-23-00, E115-44-0   Chen, 1996
2412   China   Jiangxi   Caokeng          F                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   355Kt CaF2 at 62-66% CaF2                                                                    fl, qz                             N28-09-00, E118-14-0   Chen, 1996
2413   China   Jiangxi   Nankeng          F                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   2.33Mt at 53.6% CaF2                                                                         fl, qz                             N27-02-00, E115-47-0   Chen, 1996
2414   China   Jiangxi   Xiefang          F                    Hyd/Vn            U     M   1.93Mt at 57-73% CaF2                                                                                                           N25-39-00, E115-47-3   Chen, 1996
2415   China   Jiangxi   Wushishan        Gp                   Sed/Bed           C     M   29.6Mt at 72.2% CaSO4                                                                        anh, gyp                           N26-57-00, E114-07-0   Chen, 1996
2416   China   Jiangxi    Haihui                 Kl           Wth-Res/Mas   Q     S   1.81Mt at 64-65% SiO2, 20-23% Al2O3                                                          kln, qz, msc                      N29-33-30, E116-03-0   Chen, 1996
2417   China   Jiangxi    Gaolingcun             Kl           Wth-Res/Lnt   Q     L                                                                                                kln, hll                          N29-28-00, E117-30-0   Chen, 1996
2418   China   Jiangxi    Xixiang                Kl           Wth-Res/Lnt   Q     S   3.6Mt                                                                                        qz, kln                           N28-37-30, E114-22-3   Chen, 1996
2419   China   Jiangxi    Shaziling              Kl           Wth-Res/Lnt   TnQ   S   2.71Mt at 67.7% SiO2, 19.4% Al2O3, 4.2% K2O, 0.43% Na2O, 4.6% Ig. L.                                                           N28-12-00, E116-16-0   Chen, 1996
2420   China   Jiangxi    Gaozhou                Kl           Hyd/Irg       J     S   488Kt at 73-79% SiO2, 14-19% Al2O3, 0.08-0.49% Fe2O3                                         kln, ser, qz                      N28-07-00, E118-02-0   Chen, 1996
2421   China   Jiangxi    Yashan                 Kl           Wth-Res/Lnt   TnQ   M   6.7Mt                                                                                        kln, qz, hll                      N27-38-00, E114-30-0   Chen, 1996
2422   China   Jiangxi    Zhumaqiao              Kl           Sed/Bed       U     S   4.35Mt                                                                                       qz, kln                           N26-59-30, E114-35-0   Chen, 1996
2423   China   Jiangxi    Shanglong              Kl           Wth-Res/Lnt   TnQ   M   21.6Mt at 72.5% SiO2, 16.7% Al2O3, 0.8-1.3% Fe2O3                                            kln, qz                           N26-20-00, E115-12-3   Chen, 1996
2424   China   Jiangxi    Qingjiang              Na           Evp/Bed       Tp    L   10609Mt at 65.9% NaCl                                                                                                          N28-00-00, E115-35-3   Chen, 1996
2425   China   Jiangxi    Zhoutian               Na           Evp/Bed       K     L   946Mt at 60% NaCl                                                                                                              N25-19-00, E115-47-0   Chen, 1996
2426   China   Jiangxi    Danan                  P            Sed/Bed       Pr    M   3.36Mt at 10-15.5% P2O5                                                                                                        N28-34-00, E118-12-0   Chen, 1996
2427   China   Jiangxi    Chaoyang               P            Sed/Bed       Pr    M   107Mt at 16.6-18.6% P2O5                                                                                                       N28-27-00, E118-03-0   Chen, 1996
2428   China   Jiangxi    Longmen                Pp           Hyd/Irg       J     S   1.48Mt at 15.7% Al2O3, 1.09% K2O, 0.17% Na2O                                                 pph, qz, kln, ser                 N28-03-00, E118-02-0   Chen, 1996
2429   China   Jiangxi    Jiyangling             Ps           Wth/Lnt       TnQ   S   1.02Mt at 75% SiO2, 14.6% Al2O3, 3.5% K2O, 0.82% Na2O, 2.69% Ig.L.                           qz, kln, hll, ser                 N29-27-30, E116-17-0   Chen, 1996
2430   China   Jiangxi    Aoling                 Ps           Hyd-Wth/Irg   U     S   1.1Mt at 75.3% SiO2, 15% Al2O3, 2.2% K2O, 1% Na2O                                                                              N29-15-00, E117-21-0   Chen, 1996
2431   China   Jiangxi    Ningcun                Ps           Hyd-Wth/Irg   U     S   2.99Mt at 75-77% SiO2, 14-15% Al2O3, 0.2-1.0% Na2O, 0.25-3.4% K2O, 2.5-3.5% Ig.L.            ser, kln, qz, fsp                 N29-13-00, E117-14-0   Chen, 1996
2432   China   Jiangxi    Shangzhu               Ps           Hyd/Irg       U     M   28.4Mt at 70-78% SiO2, 14-15% Al2O3, 2-5% K2O, 0.1-1.3% Na2O, 2.1-3.8% Ig.L.                 ser, qz, kln                      N28-00-00, E117-16-0   Chen, 1996
2433   China   Jiangxi    Tieshan                Py           Skn/Lnt       U     M   19.8Mt at 20.4% S                                                                            py, pyr, mgt                      N27-51-00, E114-53-0   Chen, 1996
2434   China   Jiangxi    Qingtang               Py           Skn-Hyd/Lnt   Mz2   M   25.5Mt at 18.8% S, 0.178% Cu                                                                 pyr, py, cp, sch                  N26-26-00, E115-52-0   Chen, 1996
2435   China   Jiangxi    Xitan                  Tl           Mtm/Lnt       U     M   68.7Mt at 75-95% tlc                                                                         tlc, qz, cal                      N28-34-00, E118-16-0   Chen, 1996
2436   China   Jiangxi    Yanqian                Tl           Hyd/Irg       J     M   5.27Mt at 56.5% tlc                                                                          tlc, trm                          N26-17-00, E115-39-0   Chen, 1996
2437   China   Jilin      Shanmenyin             Ag, Au       Hyd/Vn        K     M   689t Ag, 0.93t Au                                                                                                              N43-01-00, E124-32-3   Chen, 1996
2438   China   Jilin      Toudaochuan            Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.17t Au at 11.24g/t Au                                                                                                        N43-30-00, E126-03-0   Cun et al., 1992
2439   China   Jilin      Zhangxing              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.5t Au at 20g/t Au                                                                                                            N43-21-30, E128-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
2440   China   Jilin      Dufuanglin             Au           Sed/Bed       U     S   2.0t Au at 1.52g/t Au                                                                                                          N43-18-00, E130-41-0   Cun et al., 1992
2441   China   Jilin      Ciweigou               Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.88t Au at 4.94g/t Au                                                                                                         N43-17-30, E129-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
2442   China   Jilin      Huangsondianzi         Au           Sed/Bed       U     S   8.55t Au at 1.57g/t Au                                                                                                         N43-17-00, E130-59-3   Cun et al., 1992
2443   China   Jilin      Erdaolin               Au                         U     S   5.0t Au                                                                                                                        N43-16-00, E125-29-0   Cun et al., 1992
2444   China   Jilin      Xiaoxinancha           Au, Cu       Skn-Prp       Pz2   M   23.4t Au, 130Kt Cu at 3.37-7.81g/t Au, 0.63-1.62% Cu                                                                           N43-12-00, E130-48-3   Chen and Li, 1996
2445   China   Jilin      Erdaodianzi            Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   >40t Au at 6.35g/t Au                                                                                                          N43-10-00, E127-10-0   Cun et al., 1992
2446   China   Jilin      Naozhi                 Au           Hyd           U     S   4.59t Au at 6.4g/t Au                                                                                                          N43-10-00, E129-39-0   Cun et al., 1992
2447   China   Jilin      Guanma                 Au                         U     S   4.5t Au at 6.5g/t Au                                                                                                           N43-08-00, E126-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
2448   China   Jilin      Yangjinguo             Au           Hyd           U     S   2.25t Au at 5.39g/t Au                                                                                                         N43-08-00, E130-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
2449   China   Jilin      Wuxingshan             Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.464t Au at 5.4g/t Au                                                                                                         N43-03-00, E129-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
2450   China   Jilin      Wanyue                 Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.7t Au at 10.6g/t Au                                                                                                          N43-02-00, E125-27-0   Cun et al., 1992
2451   China   Jilin      Nongping               Au           Hyd           U     S   6t Au at 6.5g/t Au                                                                                                             N43-02-00, E130-39-3   Cun et al., 1992
2452   China   Jilin      Huanan                 Au                         U     S   1.5t Au at 7.64g/t Au                                                                                                          N42-58-00, E126-51-0   Cun et al., 1992
2453   China   Jilin      Banmiaozi              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   11.42t Au at 15.17g/t Au                                                                                                       N42-58-00, E127-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
2454   China   Jilin      Sandaogou              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   4.88t Au at 12.94g/t Au                                                                                                        N42-58-00, E127-21-0   Cun et al., 1992
2455   China   Jilin      Daxianguo              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.1t Au at 19.25g/t Au                                                                                                         N42-57-30, E127-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2456   China   Jilin      Liushuhezi             Au           Sed/Alv-Plc   Q     S   9.46t At at 0.216g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N42-56-00, E130-34-0   Cun et al., 1992; Chen and Li, 1996
2457   China   Jilin      Laojinchang            Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.55t Au at 7.99g/t Au                                                                                                         N42-55-00, E127-23-0   Cun et al., 1992
2458   China   Jilin      Jiapigou               Au           Hyd/Vn        J     M   60t Au at 8.0g/t Au                                                                          py, cp, pyr, hem, mgt, bis, arg   N42-55-00, E127-25-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2459   China   Jilin      Wanbao                 Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   4.0t Au at 18g/t Au                                                                                                            N42-52-30, E128-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2460   China   Jilin      Houdidong              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   8.0t Au at 5.4g/t Au                                                                                                           N42-49-00, E129-45-3   Cun et al., 1992
2461   China   Jilin      Haigou                 Au           Hyd/Vn        K     M   >30t Au at 6g/t Au                                                                           py, gal, cp, pyr, arg             N42-43-00, E128-01-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2462   China   Jilin      Shipengguo             Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.45t Au at 18.88g/t Au                                                                                                        N42-38-00, E126-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2463   China   Jilin      Shuidao                Au           Sed/Alv-Plc   Q     S   3.8t At at 0.225g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N42-20-00, E125-30-3   Cun et al., 1992
2464   China   Jilin      Xiangluwanzi           Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   15.04t Au at 6.94g/t Au                                                                                                        N42-17-00, E125-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
2465   China   Jilin      Linjiang               Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.75t Au at 15.19g/t Au                                                                                                        N41-49-00, E126-56-0   Cun et al., 1992
2466   China   Jilin      Fuangguoshan           Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   15t Au at 12g/t Au                                                                                                             N41-47-30, E126-42-0   Cun et al., 1992
2467   China   Jilin      Cuocao                 Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   20t Au at 10g/t Au                                                                                                             N41-43-00, E126-40-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2468   China   Jilin      Shijiapuzi             Au                         U     S   0.8t Au at 7.82g/t Au                                                                                                          N41-41-00, E125-56-3   Cun et al., 1992
2469   China   Jilin      Nancha                 Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   13t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                                                            N41-40-00, E126-19-0   Cun et al., 1992
2470   China   Jilin      Longsheng              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   3.0t Au at 7.5g/t Au                                                                                                           N41-28-00, E125-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
2471   China   Jilin      Jinchangguo            Au           Hyd           U     S   1.72t Au at 8.1g/t Au                                                                                                          N41-24-00, E125-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
2472   China   Jilin      Xicha                  Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   4.65t Au at 4.18g/t Au                                                                                                         N41-23-00, E125-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
2473   China   Jilin      Huolong                Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   3.05t Au at 8.26g/t Au                                                                                                         N41-01-00, E126-02-0   Cun et al., 1992
2474   China   Jilin      Xiaosuihe              Cr           Mgm/Lnt       U     M   31.0Kt at 22.81% Cr2O3                                                                                                         N43-52-00, E126-22-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2475   China   Jilin      Hongdaping             Cu, Pb, Zn   Vol-Sed/Lnt   P     S   5.9Kt Cu, 2.5Kt Pb, 12.4Kt Zn at 1.16-1.66% Cu, 1.42-0.08% Pb, 2.16-0.34% Zn                                                   N43-27-30, E129-34-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2476   China   Jilin      Shijuzi                Cu           Str/Mas       Pz2   M   52Kt Cu at 1.52% Cu                                                                          cp, bon, chc                      N43-03-00, E126-08-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2477   China   Jilin      Tianbaoshan            Cu, Pb, Zn   Vol-Sed/Lnt   Tr    M   749Kt Cu, 187Kt Pb, 512Kt Zn, 5.1Kt Mo, 132t Ag, 65t Cd                                                                        N42-57-30, E128-53-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2478   China   Jilin      Tonghua                Cu           Hyd/Dis-Vn    K     M   63Kt Cu at 0.78% Cu                                                                          cp, apy, pyr, py                  N41-53-00, E125-48-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2479   China   Jilin      Linjan                 Cu, Mo       Skn/Irg-Mas   K     M   28.6Kt Cu, 3.2Kt Mo at 0.5-1.0% Cu, 0.08% Mo                                                                                   N41-39-00, E127-15-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2480   China   Jilin      Tadong                 Fe           Sed/Bed       Pz1   M   137Mt at 25.24% Fe                                                                           mgt, apt                          N43-49-00, E128-37-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2481   China   Jilin      Laoniuguo              Fe           Sed/Bed       A     M   173Mt at 31.49% Fe                                                                           mgt                               N42-58-00, E127-20-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2482   China   Jilin      Banshiguo              Fe           Sed/Bed       A     M   127Mt at 33.96% Fe                                                                           mgt                               N42-06-00, E126-38-3   Chen and Li, 1996
2483   China   Jilin      Dalizi                 Fe, Mn       Sed           Pr    M   38Mt at 40-60% Fe                                                                            mgt, hem, sid                     N41-47-00, E126-50-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2484   China   Jilin      Luannitang             Fe           Sed           Pr    M   7.28Mt at 46-32% Fe, 2.34% S                                                                 hem, gth, mgt                     N41-38-00, E127-24-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2485   China   Jilin      Qidaogou               Fe           Sed/Bed       Pr    S   3.94Mt                                                                                       mgt                               N41-34-00, E126-24-3   Chen and Li, 1996
2486   China   Jilin      Qianzuolao/Daheishan   Mo           Prp           J     M   0.8Mt Mo at 0.066% Mo                                                                        mlb, py                           N43-28-00, E126-20-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2487   China   Jilin      Hongqiling             Ni, Cu       Mgm/Lnt       D     M   No.7: 204.4Kt Ni, 39.0Kt Cu, 3.1Kt Co at 2.3% Ni, 0.63% Cu, 0.05% Co No.1: 53.8Kt Ni, 11.1                                     N42-55-00, E126-19-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2488   China   Jilin      Zhangxiang-Zhangren    Ni, Cu       Mgm/Dis-Mas   Pz2   M   69.0Kt Ni, 21.0Kt Cu                                                                                                           N42-47-00, E128-46-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2489   China   Jilin      Chibaisong             Ni, Cu       Mgm           Pr    M   86.4Kt Ni, 49.5Kt Cu at 0.38-0.94% Ni, 0.25-0.54% Cu                                                                           N41-42-00, E125-55-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2490   China   Jilin      Fangniugou             Zn, Pb, Cu   Vol-Sed/Lnt   Pz1   M   357.0Kt Zn, 11.3Kt Cu, 28.3Kt Pb, 132t Ag, 1541t Cd at 3.31% Zn, 0.52% Pb, 0.057% Cu, 10g/                                     N43-28-00, E125-10-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2491   China   Jilin      Huangoushan            Pb, Zn       Str/Mas       Pr    M   110Kt Zn, 18Kt Pb (oxide and sulphide ores)                                                  sph, gal, py                      N41-47-30, E126-36-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2492   China   Jilin      Gaotaigou              B                          Pr    M   310Kt at 10.4% B2O3                                                                                                            N41-14-00, E126-06-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2493   China   Jilin      Xianrendong            Gr           Mtm           K     M   4.06Mt                                                                                                                         N43-15-00, E125-56-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2494   China   Jilin      Sanbanjiang            Gr           Mtm           U     L   19.73Mt at 5.2-5.97% Fix. C                                                                                                    N41-36-00, E125-48-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2495   China   Jilin      Baishan Basin          Gp           Sed/Bed       U     L   29.19Mt at 56.93-61.34% CaSO4                                                                                                  N41-48-00, E126-10-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2496   China   Jilin      Toudaogou              Py           Skn/Vn-Lnt    K     M   8.1Mt py ore, 4.86Mt feasible ore with 14Kt Cu, 1.2Kt Mo at 19.46% S                                                           N43-35-00, E126-32-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2497   China   Jilin      Xitaizi                Py           Sed/Bed       T     M   4.64Mt                                                                                       py, mRc                           N43-01-00, E126-42-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2498   China   Jilin      Shuiquliu              Rc                         U     S                                                                                                                                  N44-36-00, E127-12-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2499   China   Jilin      Yaolin                 Tl           Hyd/Bed-Vn    U     M   2.28Mt at 35.1-62.6% SiO2, 24.9-33.2% MgO, 0.02-12.8% CaO, 0.89% Fe2O3, 3.16-22.1% Ig.L      tlc                               N41-55-00, E126-45-0   Chen and Li, 1996
2500   China   Liaoning   Hongyang               Al           Sed/Bed       C     M   1.8Mt at 53.52% Al2O3, 14.83% Fe2O3                                                          gib                               N41-32-00, E123-24-3   Liu, 1996
2501   China   Liaoning   Zhaojiagou             Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.203t Au at 5.2g/t Au                                                                                                         N42-30-30, E122-47-3   Cun et al., 1992
2502   China   Liaoning   Muyangzheng            Au           Sed/Plc       Q     S   2.230t Au at 0.251g/m3 Au                                                                                                      N42-17-00, E124-12-0   Cun et al., 1992
2503   China   Liaoning   Xianjinchang           Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.583t Au at 25.1g/t Au                                                                                                        N42-16-00, E124-55-0   Cun et al., 1992
2504   China   Liaoning   Houdaxian              Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   5.4t Au at 8g/t Au                                                                                                             N42-15-00, E119-29-0   Cun et al., 1992
2505   China   Liaoning   Gouyedianzi            Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   8.0t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                                                                          N42-15-00, E124-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
2506   China   Liaoning   Jingjiagou                    Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.531t Au at 10.8g/t Au                                                                N42-15-00, E124-55-3   Cun et al., 1992
2507   China   Liaoning   Mengjiagou                    Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.083t Au at 17.49g/t Au                                                               N42-12-00, E119-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
2508   China   Liaoning   Shaoguoyingzi                 Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.004t Au at 15.80g/t Au                                                               N42-12-00, E119-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
2509   China   Liaoning   Mahugou                       Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.0t Au at 8.0g/t Au                                                                   N42-12-00, E120-52-0   Cun et al., 1992
2510   China   Liaoning   Baoguolao                     Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.277t Au at 16g/t Au                                                                  N42-06-00, E120-45-0   Cun et al., 1992
2511   China   Liaoning   Shajingou                     Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.225t Au at 2.98g/t Au                                                                N42-01-30, E120-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
2512   China   Liaoning   Wanjiadagou                   Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   9.564t Au at 15.0g/t Au                                                                N41-58-30, E124-29-0   Cun et al., 1992
2513   China   Liaoning   Wandong                       Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.55t Au at 17.09g/t Au                                                                N41-58-00, E120-23-0   Cun et al., 1992
2514   China   Liaoning   Zhengbeigou                   Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.833t Au at 12.49g/t Au                                                               N41-58-00, E120-33-0   Cun et al., 1992
2515   China   Liaoning   Nanzamu                       Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S                                                                                          N41-57-30, E124-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2516   China   Liaoning   Xiadapu                       Au, Ag, Cu   Hyd           K     S   5.822t Au at 12.59g/t, 18g/t Ag                                                        N41-57-30, E124-32-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2517   China   Liaoning   Erdaogou                      Au, Ag, Cu   Hyd/Vn        U     M   11.899t Au at 13.59g/t Au, 80.17g/t Ag, 0.62% Cu                                       N41-57-00, E120-23-3   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2518   China   Liaoning   Pingfang                      Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.221t Au at 12.0g/t Au                                                                N41-54-00, E120-30-3   Cun et al., 1992
2519   China   Liaoning   Paishanlou                    Au           Hyd/Vn-Dis    K     M   30.0t Au at 4.0g/t Au                                              py, cp, apy, pyr    N41-53-00, E121-48-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2520   China   Liaoning   Gushanzi                      Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.0t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                   N41-48-00, E120-22-0   Cun et al., 1992
2521   China   Liaoning   Dongwujiazi                   Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.788t Au at 12g/t Au                                                                  N41-47-30, E120-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2522   China   Liaoning   Damiao                        Au           Hyd/Vn        U     M   18.0t Au at 15g/t Au                                                                   N41-45-00, E120-14-0   Cun et al., 1992
2523   China   Liaoning   Shengjingao                   Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.0t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                                                   N41-43-00, E121-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
2524   China   Liaoning   Donghanjia                    Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.512t Au at 12.77g/t Au                                                               N41-42-30, E124-32-3   Cun et al., 1992
2525   China   Liaoning   Kangjiawan                    Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S                                                                                          N41-42-00, E120-02-3   Cun et al., 1992
2526   China   Liaoning   Zhang-gao                     Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.393t Au at 13.4g/t Au                                                                N41-32-00, E119-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
2527   China   Liaoning   Zhasaiyingzi                  Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.152t Au at 8.4g/t Au                                                                 N41-27-30, E119-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2528   China   Liaoning   Hongshi                       Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   3.26t Au at 5.16g/t Au                                                                 N41-18-00, E121-03-0   Cun et al., 1992
2529   China   Liaoning   Niangnianggong                Au                         U     S   5t Au at 15g/t Au                                                                      N41-02-00, E121-12-3   Cun et al., 1992
2530   China   Liaoning   Laoguanbao                    Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.5t Au at 20g/t Au                                                                    N40-55-30, E120-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
2531   China   Liaoning   Shuiquan                      Au, Cu       Hyd/BRc       U     S   5.011t Au at 6.730g/t Au                                                               N40-55-30, E120-54-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2532   China   Liaoning   Shaheying                     Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.333t Au at 8.33g/t Au                                                                N40-55-00, E120-45-0   Cun et al., 1992
2533   China   Liaoning   Zhongtanghe                   Au           Sed/Plc       U     S   3.545t Au at 0.412g/m3 Au                                                              N40-52-00, E123-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2534   China   Liaoning   Baiyun                        Au, Ag, Cu   Hyd/Vn        U     S   6.686t Au at 6.28g/t Au, 4.55g/t Ag                                                    N40-50-00, E123-36-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2535   China   Liaoning   Taoyuan                       Au                         U     S   1.416t Au at 12.72g/t Au                                                               N40-48-00, E123-42-3   Cun et al., 1992
2536   China   Liaoning   Maojiadian                    Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   5.496t Au at 11.56g/t Au                                                               N40-44-30, E118-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
2537   China   Liaoning   Shawogou                      Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   5.0t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                   N40-44-30, E125-24-0   Cun et al., 1992
2538   China   Liaoning   Baizhangzi                    Au, Ag       Hyd/Vn        K     M   27t Au at 15g/t Au, 21.42g/t Ag                                    py, cp, gal, sph    N40-43-00, E119-04-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996; Zhou et al., 20
2539   China   Liaoning   Fenshui                       Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.677t Au at 13.21g/t Au                                                               N40-42-00, E122-37-0   Cun et al., 1992
2540   China   Liaoning   Shimiao                       Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   0.580t Au at 7.6g/t Au                                                                 N40-40-00, E123-33-3   Cun et al., 1992
2541   China   Liaoning   Shaobanglin                   Au                         U     S   5.0t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                   N40-28-00, E119-56-3   Cun et al., 1992
2542   China   Liaoning   Pianlin                       Au           Sed/Plc       U     S   2.019t Au at 0.33g/m3 Au                                                               N40-28-00, E123-10-0   Cun et al., 1992
2543   China   Liaoning   Nandaxian                     Au           Hyd           U     M   15.8t Au at 11.890g/t Au                                                               N40-26-00, E119-33-3   Cun et al., 1992
2544   China   Liaoning   Wolongquan                    Au           Hyd           U     S   8.002t Au at 8.9g/t Au                                                                 N40-16-00, E122-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
2545   China   Liaoning   Maolin                        Au           Hyd/Dis       J     M   24.486t Au at 3.160g/t Au                                          pyr, apy, py, mgt   N40-11-00, E122-46-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2546   China   Liaoning   Wulong                        Au           Hyd/Vn        Tr    M   38.47t Au at 7.28g/t Au                                            py, pyr, bis        N40-11-00, E124-13-3   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996; Zhou et al., 20
2547   China   Liaoning   Youfanggou                    Au           Hyd           U     S                                                                                          N40-08-00, E124-05-3   Cun et al., 1992
2548   China   Liaoning   Weizi                         Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   7.856t Au at 7.05g/t Au                                                                N40-05-30, E123-09-3   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2549   China   Liaoning   Sidaogou                      Au, Cu, Pb   Hyd/Vn-Dis    U     M   11.27t Au, 11.2Kt Cu, 20.4Kt Pb at 6.27g/t Au                                          N40-05-30, E124-19-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2550   China   Liaoning   Linguo                        Au           Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.0t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                                                   N40-12-30, E123-26-0   Cun et al., 1992
2551   China   Liaoning   Huatong                       Au                         U     S   1.0t Au at 3.0g/t Au                                                                   N40-01-00, E121-57-0   Cun et al., 1992
2552   China   Liaoning   Xinfeng                       Au           Hyd           U     S   7.0t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                  N39-43-00, E123-05-0   Cun et al., 1992
2553   China   Liaoning   Hongtoushan                   Cu, Zn       Vol-Sed/Mas   Pr    M   373Kt Cu, 490.4Kt Zn at 1.72% Cu, 2.27% Zn                                             N42-04-00, E124-32-3   Liu, 1996
2554   China   Liaoning   Hengren                       Cu, Pb, Zn   Skn           Mz2   M   93.3Kt Cu, 491.4Kt Zn, 136.8Kt Pb at 0.46% Cu, 2.40% Zn, 6.7% Pb   gal, sph, cp        N41-11-00, E125-28-0   Liu, 1996
2555   China   Liaoning   Wangbaoshan                   Cu, Pb, Zn   Hyd/Pip       U     M   105.6Kt Zn, 44.4Kt Pb, 0.5kt Cu                                    cp, sph, gal        N39-40-30, E121-44-0   Liu, 1996
2556   China   Liaoning   Yuanjiagou                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   Pr    S   2.65Mt at 33.73% Fe                                                mgt, hem            N43-00-30, E123-56-0   Liu, 1996
2557   China   Liaoning   Baoguo                        Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   64.93Mt at 33.78% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N42-08-00, E120-50-0   Liu, 1996
2558   China   Liaoning   Wangmazigou                   Fe           Sed/Bed       A     S   2.56Mt at 29.72% Fe                                                mgt, hem            N41-54-00, E120-25-0   Liu, 1996
2559   China   Liaoning   Xiaolaihe                     Fe           Sed/Bed       A     M   36.58Mt at 37.07% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-52-00, E124-36-0   Liu, 1996
2560   China   Liaoning   Aoniu                         Fe           Sed/Bed       A     M   21.45Mt at 32.87% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-38-00, E124-09-3   Liu, 1996
2561   China   Liaoning   Waitoushan                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   242.43Mt at 31.05-31.68% Fe                                        mgt, hem            N41-28-00, E123-35-0   Liu, 1996
2562   China   Liaoning   Yanlongshan                   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   14.35Mt at 29.86% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-27-30, E123-32-3   Liu, 1996
2563   China   Liaoning   Maerling                      Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   34.36Mt at 30.30% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-25-30, E123-34-0   Liu, 1996
2564   China   Liaoning   Mianhuapuzi                   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   30.24Mt at 35.06% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-24-00, E123-37-3   Liu, 1996
2565   China   Liaoning   Hongqipuzi                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   11.27Mt at 30.93% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-24-00, E123-39-3   Liu, 1996
2566   China   Liaoning   Dawanggou                     Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   11.34Mt at 30.26% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-22-00, E123-37-0   Liu, 1996
2567   China   Liaoning   Lishugou                      Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   26.92Mt at 35.81% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-22-00, E123-42-3   Liu, 1996
2568   China   Liaoning   Pandaogou                     Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   12.45Mt at 30.22% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-20-00, E123-36-3   Liu, 1996
2569   China   Liaoning   Anshan Qidashan               Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   308.12Mt at 28.79-31.79% Fe                                        mgt, hem            N41-19-00, E123-07-3   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2570   China   Liaoning   Huanxiling                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   38.18Mt at 28.46% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-18-00, E123-58-0   Liu, 1996
2571   China   Liaoning   Daheyan                       Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     S   5.22Mt at 35.04% Fe                                                mgt, hem            N41-17-00, E123-33-0   Liu, 1996
2572   China   Liaoning   Beitai                        Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   99.94Mt at 33.59% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-16-00, E123-36-0   Liu, 1996
2573   China   Liaoning   Mengjiapuzi                   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   43.68Mt at 26.26% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-14-30, E123-35-0   Liu, 1996
2574   China   Liaoning   Jiajiapuzi                    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   112.08Mt at 26.09% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-13-00, E123-33-0   Liu, 1996
2575   China   Liaoning   Gounchanglin No.2             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   580.96Mt at 31.28-34.79% Fe                                        mgt, hem            N41-09-00, E123-29-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2576   China   Liaoning   Gongchanglin Laogonchanglin   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   363.67Mt at 31.28-34.79% Fe                                        mgt, hem            N41-07-30, E123-32-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2577   China   Liaoning   Anshan Hongqi                 Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   613.38Mt at 30.46% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-07-00, E123-07-3   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2578   China   Liaoning   Nanfen                        Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   1015.3Mt at 31.82% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-06-00, E123-50-0   Liu, 1996
2579   China   Liaoning   Anshan Xidabei-Zhangjiawan    Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   323.52Mt at 31.41-33.97% Fe                                        mgt, hem            N41-05-00, E123-10-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2580   China   Liaoning   Gongchanglin No.1             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   322.92Mt at 31.28-34.79% Fe                                        mgt, hem            N41-04-30, E123-28-3   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2581   China   Liaoning   Gongchanglin No.3             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     S   3.17Mt at 31.28-34.79% Fe                                          mgt, hem            N41-04-00, E123-32-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2582   China   Liaoning   Xianshan                      Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   827.86Mt at 34.22% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-04-00, E123-52-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2583   China   Liaoning   Anshan Guanmenshan            Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   266.68Mt at 29.06% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-02-00, E123-07-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2584   China   Liaoning   Anshan Lizishan               Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   77.28Mt at 30.06% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-02-00, E123-07-4   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2585   China   Liaoning   Anshan Yanqianshan            Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   273.98Mt at 29.75% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-01-00, E123-10-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2586   China   Liaoning   Anshan Gushouyu               Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   33.38Mt at 26.98% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-01-00, E123-10-3   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2587   China   Liaoning   Dong Anshan                   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   743.28Mt at 32.46% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-01-00, E123-57-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2588   China   Liaoning   Anshan Heishilizi             Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   87.18Mt at 26.73% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N41-00-30, E122-59-3   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2589   China   Liaoning   Anshan Dagushan               Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   360.85Mt at 33.76% Fe                                              mgt, hem            N41-00-30, E123-02-3   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2590   China   Liaoning   Anshan Xiaolinzi              Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   34.85Mt at 32.27% Fe                                               mgt, hem            N40-58-00, E122-58-0   Yao, 1993; Liu, 1996
2591   China   Liaoning   Tuolongzhai                   Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     S   3.03Mt at 31.50% Fe                                                mgt, hem            N40-52-30, E122-50-0   Liu, 1996
2592   China   Liaoning   Yezhugou                      Fe           Sed/Bed       Pr    M   46.92Mt at 30.27% Fe                                               sid, hem, py        N40-52-00, E119-18-0   Liu, 1996
2593   China   Liaoning   Daankou                       Fe                         Pr    S   13.76Mt at 28.26% Fe                                               mgt, hem, py, sid   N40-48-00, E123-11-0   Liu, 1996
2594   China   Liaoning   Guodishan                     Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     S   10.60Mt at 32.65% Fe                                                                   N40-42-00, E122-29-0   Liu, 1996
2595   China   Liaoning   Laobian                       Fe           Vol-Sed/Bed   A     S   29.48Mt at 32.65% Fe                                                                   N40-40-00, E122-22-0   Liu, 1996
2596   China   Liaoning   Fanjiagou               Fe                                   Pr    S   5.89Mt at 33.81% Fe                                                      mgt                                    N40-39-30, E123-13-0   Liu, 1996
2597   China   Liaoning   Taipinggou              Mn               Sed/Bed             Pr    M   Oxide ore: 530Kt at 10% Mn, Crb. ore: 6.43Mt at 20% Mn                                                          N41-07-00, E119-20-0   Liu, 1996
2598   China   Liaoning   Wafangzi                Mn               Sed/Bed             Pr    M   21.64Mt at 21.58% Mn, 13.02% Fe                                                                                 N41-01-30, E120-09-0   Liu, 1996
2599   China   Liaoning   Xiaojiayenzi            Mo               Skn-Hyd/Mas-Lnt     Mz2   M   97.9Kt Mo at 0.23% Mo                                                    mlb, py                                N41-30-00, E119-52-3   Liu, 1996
2600   China   Liaoning   Gangtun                 Mo               Hyd/Dis-Stw         U     M   53.1Kt Mo at 0.12% Mo                                                    mlb, py                                N41-00-00, E120-38-0   Liu, 1996
2601   China   Liaoning   Lanjiagou               Mo               Hyd/Stw-Dis         Mz    M   216.8Kt Mo at 0.13% Mo                                                   mlb, py                                N40-58-30, E120-46-0   Liu, 1996
2602   China   Liaoning   Laohudong               Mo, Zn, Pb, Mn   Hyd/Pip-Vn          U     M   12Kt Mo, 113.1Kt Zn, 13.3Kt Pb                                           sph, mlb, py, mgt                      N40-53-00, E120-55-3   Liu, 1996
2603   China   Liaoning   Yangjiazhangzi          Mo               Skn/Lnt-Vn          J     M   50Kt Mo at 0.11% Mo                                                      mlb, py                                N40-48-30, E120-30-0   Liu, 1996
2604   China   Liaoning   Guanmenshan             Pb, Zn           Str/Mas (MSV)       J     M   3.376Mt at 3.6% Pb, 7.26% Zn                                             sph, gal, py                           N42-14-00, E124-11-0   Liu, 1996
2605   China   Liaoning   Qingchengzi             Pb, Zn, Ag       Vol-Sed/Mas         Pr    L   732.4Kt Pb, 348.3Kt Zn                                                   gal, sph, apy, pyr                     N40-45-00, E123-36-0   Liu, 1996
2606   China   Liaoning   Bajiazi                 Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe   Skn                 Mz2   M   151.3Kt Pb+Zn, 5.6Mt Py, 290t Ag, 13.5Kt Cu                              py, gal, sph                           N40-38-00, E120-01-0   Liu, 1996
2607   China   Liaoning   Wudaoling               B, Fe            Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   386Kt B2O3, 3.87Mt iron ore at 10.13% B2O3, 31.24% Fe                    szb, mgt                               N40-54-30, E125-02-3   Liu, 1996
2608   China   Liaoning   Zhuanmiaogou            B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   120Kt B2O3 at 12-16% B2O3                                                szb, mgt                               N40-52-30, E125-18-0   Liu, 1996
2609   China   Liaoning   Huayuan'gou             B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   118Kt B2O3 at 18.69% B2O3                                                szb, mgt                               N40-50-00, E124-40-0   Liu, 1996
2610   China   Liaoning   Luanjiagou              B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   574Kt B2O3 at 18.97% B2O3 (main deposit)                                 szb, mgt                               N40-48-00, E124-56-0   Liu, 1996
2611   China   Liaoning   Yangmuganzi             B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   185Kt B2O3 at 10.28% B2O3                                                szb, mgt                               N40-48-00, E125-30-0   Liu, 1996
2612   China   Liaoning   Erren'gou               B                Vol-Sed/Str         U     M   446Kt B2O3 at 14.04% B2O3                                                szb, mgt                               N40-47-00, E125-30-0   Liu, 1996
2613   China   Liaoning   Baishi                  B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   180Kt B2O3 at 5.38-11.65% B2O3                                           szb, mgt                               N40-45-00, E125-02-0   Liu, 1996
2614   China   Liaoning   Wengquan'gou North      B, Fe            Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    L   195.89Mt                                                                 szb, mgt                               N40-38-00, E123-48-0   Liu, 1996
2615   China   Liaoning   Wengquan'gou South      B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   15.99Mt B2O3 at 7.23% B2O3, 30.65% Fe, 48ppm U                           szb, mgt                               N40-37-30, E123-48-0   Liu, 1996
2616   China   Liaoning   Ertaizi                 B                Vol-Sed/Str(Lnt-P   Pr    M   279Kt B2O3 at 16.16% B2O3                                                szb, mgt                               N40-30-00, E124-01-0   Liu, 1996
2617   China   Liaoning   Houxianyu               B                Vol-Sed/Str         Pr    M   482Kt B2O3 at 14.80% B2O3                                                szb, mgt                               N40-21-00, E122-39-0   Liu, 1996
2618   China   Liaoning   No.42 Wafangdian        Dm               Kim/Pip             U     S                                                                                                                   N39-44-00, E121-56-0   Liu, 1996
2619   China   Liaoning   Laotiangou No.30        Dm               Kim/Pip             U     S   60mg/m3                                                                                                         N39-36-00, E121-48-0   Liu, 1996
2620   China   Liaoning   No.50 in Toudaogou      Dm               Kim/Pip             U     S                                                                                                                   N39-32-00, E121-41-0   Liu, 1996
2621   China   Liaoning   Toudaogou               Dm               Sed/Alv-Plc         Q     S   13.62mg/m3                                                                                                      N39-32-00, E121-41-0   Liu, 1996
2622   China   Liaoning   No.51,68,74 Toudaogou   Dm               Kim/Pip             U     S                                                                                                                   N39-32-00, E121-41-0   Liu, 1996
2623   China   Liaoning   Shaoleng                F                Hyd/Vn              Pz2   M   190Kt CaF2 at 25-35% CaF2                                                fl                                     N42-56-30, E121-47-0   Liu, 1996
2624   China   Liaoning   Yangjiadian             F                Hyd-Rpl             U     M   118Kt CaF2 at 29.18-35.52% CaF2                                          fl                                     N42-21-00, E121-58-0   Liu, 1996
2625   China   Liaoning   Wafangyu                F                Hyd/Vn              U     M   121Kt CaF2 at 32.54% CaF2                                                fl, py, gal, sph                       N40-13-30, E122-19-0   Liu, 1996
2626   China   Liaoning   Rongguantun             Gp               Evp/Bed             U     M   26.75Mt at 62.35% CaSO4                                                                                         N41-24-00, E123-22-0   Liu, 1996
2627   China   Liaoning   Huolianzhai             Gp               Evp                 U     M   39.366Mt at 67-70% CaSO4                                                                                        N41-24-00, E123-45-0   Liu, 1996
2628   China   Liaoning   Wanbao                  Kl               Wth-Res             TnQ   M   5.25Mt at 25.15% Al2O3, 2.27% Fe2O3, 57.54% SiO2 as conc.ore             kln, qz                                N40-05-00, E124-15-0   Liu, 1996
2629   China   Liaoning   Wulanwusu               P                Mgm                 A     M   20.45Mt P ore at 3.1% P2O5 with 25.29Mt iron ore, 5.479Mt TiO2           apt, mgt, ilm                          N41-41-00, E119-46-0   Liu, 1996
2630   China   Liaoning   Bojishan                P                Mgm                 A     M   57.9Mt at 3.25% P2O5, 15.20% Fe                                          apt, mgt                               N41-36-30, E119-38-0   Liu, 1996
2631   China   Liaoning   Tianshiu                P                Sed/Bed             Pr    M   5.98Mt at 12.98% P2O5                                                    apt                                    N40-58-00, E123-31-0   Liu, 1996
2632   China   Liaoning   Luotun                  P                Sed/Bed             Pr    M   5.89Mt at 5.95-12% P2O5                                                  apt                                    N40-01-00, E122-02-3   Liu, 1996
2633   China   Liaoning   Dahuanggou              Py, Zn, Ag       Vol-Sed/Bed         A     M   4.15Mt at 20.08% S, 1.02% Zn, 11.88g/t Ag                                py, sph, pyr                           N42-11-00, E124-42-3   Liu, 1996
2634   China   Liaoning   Jinjia                  Py               Vol-Sed/Bed         Pr    M   5.92Mt at 15% S                                                          py                                     N41-00-00, E123-43-0   Liu, 1996
2635   China   Liaoning   Yunpan                  Py               Vol-Sed/Lnt         Pr    M   2.01Mt at 16.46% S                                                       py, pyr                                N40-57-30, E123-50-0   Liu, 1996
2636   China   Liaoning   Zhangjiagou             Py               Hyd-Rpl             U     M   4.01Mt at 22.17% S                                                       pyr                                    N40-48-00, E124-07-3   Liu, 1996
2637   China   Liaoning   Beishan                 Py               Skn/Rpl             U     M   6.69Mt py ore with 153Kt Cu, 72.8t Ag at 26.54-32.88% S                  py, mgt, mlb                           N40-39-00, E120-06-0   Liu, 1996
2638   China   Liaoning   Liukuaidi               Py               Vol-Sed/Lnt         Pr    M   2.44Mt at 6.86-15.0% S, 25.38-40.61% Fe, 0.01-0.033% Co, 0.01-0.019% U   py, mgt, pyr                           N40-27-30, E122-55-0   Liu, 1996
2639   China   Liaoning   Dazhifang               Rc               Sed/Bed             C     M   24.76Mt at 44.41-47.9% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.44-1.93% Fe2O3                      kln, qz                                N41-24-00, E123-12-0   Liu, 1996
2640   China   Liaoning   Yantai                  Rc               Sed/Bed-Lnt         C     M   1.16Mt at 40.90% Al2O3+TiO2, 2.32% Fe2O3, 12.44% Ig.L                    kln, qz                                N41-21-00, E123-29-0   Liu, 1996
2641   China   Liaoning   Xiaoshi                 Rc, Al           Sed/Bed-Lnt         C     M   2.03Mt Cly, 1.24 Mt Al ore                                               kln, dsp                               N41-21-00, E124-07-0   Liu, 1996
2642   China   Liaoning   Niuxintai               Rc               Sed/Bed-Lnt         C     M   8.23Mt at 47.26% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.72% Fe2O3, 13.18% Ig.L                    kln, dsp                               N41-15-00, E123-57-0   Liu, 1996
2643   China   Liaoning   Tianshifu               Rc               Sed/Bed-Lnt         C     M   6.16Mt at 43.79-57.71% Al2O3+TiO2, 0.69-2.83% Fe2O3, 13.52-14.63% Ig.L   kln, dsp                               N41-13-30, E124-12-3   Liu, 1996
2644   China   Liaoning   Nanpiao                 Rc               Sed/Bed-Lnt         C     M   21.33Mt at 43.43% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.38% Fe2O3                                kln, dsp                               N41-06-00, E120-40-0   Liu, 1996
2645   China   Liaoning   Fuzhouwan               Rc               Sed/Bed-Lnt         C     M   11.57Mt at 37.72-42.50% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.76-1.94% Fe2O3, 4.25-15.00% Ig.L   kln                                    N39-26-00, E121-32-3   Liu, 1996
2646   China   Liaoning   Lianshan'guan           Tl               Mtm/Lnt             Pr    M   5.7Mt at 30.5% MgO, 50.0-48.75% SiO2                                     tlc, chl                               N40-57-00, E123-40-3   Liu, 1996
2647   China   Liaoning   Fanjiapuzi              Tl               Mtm/Bed             Pr    L   38.08Mt at 32.626% MgO, 0.17% CaO, 62.35% SiO2                           tlc                                    N40-46-00, E122-54-0   Liu, 1996
2648   China   Liaoning   Maeryu                  Tl               Mtm/Lnt             Pr    M   3.47Mt at 33.0% MgO, 0.17% CaO, 61.25% SiO2                              tlc                                    N40-44-00, E122-54-3   Liu, 1996
2649   China   Ningxia    Er'renshan              Au, Py           Hyd/Dis             U     S   1t Au at 5.0g/t, 1.6Mt at 13% S                                          py, apy, gal                           N37-35-00, E105-13-0   Wang,1996; Cun et al., 1992
2650   China   Ningxia    Jinchangzi              Au               Hyd/Dis             U     S   0.37t Au at 4.73g/t Au                                                                                          N37-32-00, E105-21-3   Wang,1996
2651   China   Ningxia    Yandi                   Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   1.06t Au at 0.225g/m3 Au                                                                                        N36-39-00, E105-17-3   Cun et al., 1992
2652   China   Ningxia    Mayigou                 Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.86t Au at 8.66g/t Au                                                                                          N36-33-00, E105-18-3   Cun et al., 1992
2653   China   Ningxia    Yitiaoling              Ba               Hyd/Vn              U     M   170Kt at 89-94% BaSO4                                                                                           N37-43-00, E105-47-3   Wang, 1996
2654   China   Ningxia    Gantang-Xiaohongshan    Gp               Sed/Bed             Pz2   M   49.2Mt at 83% CaSO4                                                                                             N37-26-00, E104-26-0   Wang, 1996
2655   China   Ningxia    Hejiakouzi              Gp               Evp/Bed             Tp    L   250Mt at 50-70% CaSO4                                                                                           N36-55-00, E105-48-0   Wang, 1996
2656   China   Ningxia    Jianquan                Kl               Sed/Bed             Pz2   M   3.07Mt at 33.7-37.3% Al2O3, 47.0-53.4% SiO2                              kln, pph                               N39-05-00, E106-32-3   Wang, 1996
2657   China   Ningxia    Suyukou                 P                Sed/Bed             Pz1   M   7.68Mt at 18.39% P2O5                                                                                           N38-39-00, E105-58-0   Wang, 1996
2658   China   Ningxia    Zihuagou                P                Sed/Bed             Pz1   M                                                                                                                   N38-32-00, E105-58-0   Wang, 1996
2659   China   Ningxia    Shizuishan              Rc               Sed/Bed             Pz2   M   2.05Mt                                                                                                          N39-09-00, E106-50-0   Wang,1996
2662   China   Qinghai    Tianpenghe              Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   2.63t Au                                                                                                        N37-58-00, E100-41-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2663   China   Qinghai    Luotuohe                Au               Sed-Cgl/Bed         U     S   3g/t Au                                                                  py, apy, sid                           N37-54-00, E100-36-0   Feng, 1996
2664   China   Qinghai    Songshunangou           Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   2.095t Au at 10.61 g/t Au                                                py, sph, gal, cp                       N37-24-30, E101-18-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2665   China   Qinghai    Gaomiao                 Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   2.805t Au at 0.1968g/m3 Au                                                                                      N36-25-00, E102-35-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2666   China   Qinghai    Hengshan                Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   1.40t Au at 17.0g/t Au                                                                                          N36-17-30, E102-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2667   China   Qinghai    Xiamen                  Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   0.814t Au at 12.0g/t Au                                                                                         N36-16-00, E102-41-0   Cun et al., 1992
2668   China   Qinghai    Nidangou                Au               Hyd/Sil             U     S   7.65t Au at 9.80g/t Au                                                                                          N36-09-00, E102-02-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2669   China   Qinghai    Shuangpengxi            Au               Hyd/Vn              U     S   0.93t Au at 6.72 g/t Au                                                                                         N35-34-00, E102-10-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2671   China   Qinghai    Duoqueqiao              Au               Hyd/Vn-Dis          Tr    S   0.68t Au at 2.94g/t Au, 12t Ag                                           py, apy, cp, gal                       N35-13-00, E101-02-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2672   China   Qinghai    Keerzancheng            Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   7.418t Au at 0.800g/m3 Au                                                                                       N35-08-00, E097-35-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2674   China   Qinghai    Duoqu                   Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   3.0t Au at 0.2415g/m3 Au                                                                                        N34-25-00, E096-55-3   Cun et al., 1992
2675   China   Qinghai    Dongshengongma          Au               Hyd/Dis (Cln)       U     S   1.23-4.06 g/t Au                                                         py, stb, apy                           N34-18-00, E099-45-0   Feng, 1996
2678   China   Qinghai    Duoka                   Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   3.192t Au at 0.6034g/m3 Au                                                                                      N32-57-00, E100-02-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2679   China   Qinghai    Jieka                   Au               Sed/Plc             Q     S   5.861t Au at 0.460g/m3 Au                                                                                       N32-50-00, E100-14-0   Cun et al., 1992; Feng, 1996
2680   China   Qinghai    Yushigou                Cr               Mgm/Pdf             Pz1   M   396Kt at 30.2-35.25% Cr2O3                                                                                      N38-34-00, E099-03-0   Feng, 1996
2681   China   Qinghai    Langlike                Cu               Vol-Sed/Lnt         Pz1   M   115Kt Cu at 0.44% Cu                                                     cp, py, pyr, sph, mlb                  N37-25-00, E102-00-0   Feng, 1996
2682   China   Qinghai    Honggou                 Cu, Fe           Vol-Sed/Mas         Pz1   M   134.1Kt Cu at 3.66% Cu                                                   cp, py, mgt, hem, gal, apy, sph        N37-24-00, E101-06-0   Feng, 1996
2683   China   Qinghai    Qiadong                 Cu               Vol-Sed/Bed         U     M   108.4Kt Cu at 0.92% Cu                                                   cp, py, pyr, apy                       N35-40-00, E102-18-0   Feng, 1996
2684   China   Qinghai    Tongyugou               Cu, Sn, Pb, Zn   Skn/Lnt             U     M   502.6Kt Cu, 48.9Kt Pb, 36.4Kt Zn, 8.14t Au, 31.3Kt Sn at 1.25% Cu        cp, pyr, gal, sph, py, stn, bon, mlb   N35-26-00, E099-41-0   Feng, 1996
2685   China   Qinghai    Sashitang               Cu, Fe, Zn, Pb   Skn/Lnt             U     M   401.5Kt Cu, 19.2Kt Pb, 36.6Kt Zn at 1.13% Cu, 1.4% Pb, 2.59% Zn          cp, pyr, py, mgt, sph, gal, sch        N35-17-00, E099-50-0   Feng, 1996
2686   China   Qinghai    Deerni                  Cu, Co           Vol-Sed/Mas         Tr    M   71.5Mt at 1.27% Cu, 0.085% Co, 1.04% Zn, 0.43g/t Au                      py, cp, pyr, sph, co-pnt               N34-24-00, E100-08-0   Feng, 1996; MEG, 1995
2687   China   Qinghai    Xiaoshalong             Fe               Vol-Sed             Pz1   M   15.5Mt at 36.8% Fe                                                       sid, mgt, hem                          N39-00-00, E098-52-0   Feng, 1996
2690   China   Qinghai    Haisi                   Fe               Skn/Lnt             Tr    M   5.3Mt at 29.58-52.26% Fe                                                 mgt                                    N36-22-00, E098-14-0   Feng, 1996
2691   China   Qinghai    Baishiya                Fe               Skn/Vn              Tr    M   12.6Mt iron ore, 1.56Mt PbZn ore at 28-55% Fe and 7.25% PbZn             mgt, gal, sph                          N36-10-00, E097-57-3   Feng, 1996
2692   China   Qinghai    Hongshuihe              Fe               Sed/Bed             Pr    M   43Mt at 35% Fe, 39% SiO2, 0.38% P, 0.83% S                               mgt, hem                               N36-03-00, E096-55-0   Feng, 1996
2693   China   Qinghai    Qingshuihe              Fe               Sed/Bed             Pr    M   34.98Mt at 34.3-37.7% Fe, 0.58-1.57% S, 0.41-0.58% P                     mgt, hem                               N36-02-00, E097-03-0   Feng, 1996
2694   China   Qinghai   Zhaokalong               Fe                   Sed/Bed            U     M   10.5Mt iron ore, 133Kt PbZn at 31.8-47.1% Fe                                                 sid, gal, sph, cp, gth            N32-45-00, E097-17-0   Feng, 1996
2695   China   Qinghai   Kuhai                    Hg                                      U     S   2.1Kt Hg, 0.17t Au, 7.7Kt As at 0.043-0.539% Hg                                              cnb, stb                          N35-18-00, E099-13-0   Feng, 1996
2696   China   Qinghai   Shaerno                  Hg                   Hyd/Ffill          U     S   738t Hg at 0.112-0.141% Hg                                                                   cnb                               N35-05-00, E100-49-0   Feng, 1996
2697   China   Qinghai   Muhei                    Hg                   Hyd/Ffill          U     S   0.28% Hg, 0.1% As                                                                            cnb, stb, py, cp                  N35-03-00, E100-40-0   Feng, 1996
2701   China   Qinghai   Shaliuquan               Nb, Ta               Pgm/Vn             Pz1   S   405t NbTa                                                                                                                      N37-00-00, E098-20-0   Feng, 1996
2702   China   Qinghai   Yulonggou                Ni, Cu               Mgm/Mas            Pr    S   2.19Kt Ni, 2.3Kt Cu                                                                          pnt, cp, pyr, mRc                 N36-36-00, E100-52-0   Feng, 1996
2703   China   Qinghai   Yuanshishan              Ni, Co               Wth/Lnt            TnQ   M   98.4Kt Ni, 5.47Kt Co at 0.97% Ni, 0.057% Co                                                  gth, hem, grn                     N36-26-00, E101-45-0   Feng, 1996
2704   China   Qinghai   Lashuixia                Ni, Cu               Mgm/Mas-Dis        U     S   13.2Kt Ni at 4.38% Ni, 0.109% Co, 0.58% Cu, 1.47g/t PGE                                      pnt, cp, py, pyr                  N36-03-00, E102-12-0   Feng, 1996
2705   China   Qinghai   Guomisi Area             Pb, Zn, Cu           Vol-Sed            Pz1   M   134.8Kt Pb, 24.1Kt Zn, 25.5Kt Cu at 1.67-3.70% Pb, 2.05-5.27% Zn, 0.85-1.22% Cu, 0.39-2.08   gal, sph, cp, py, tet, bon        N38-15-00, E100-01-0   Feng, 1996
2707   China   Qinghai   Shaliuhe'nanqu Area      Pb, Zn, W, Sn, Cu    Skn/Lnt            Tr    M   111.3Kt PbZn, 11.2Kt Cu, 31.3Kt WO3, 7.6Kt Sn at 1.84-15.8% PbZn, 0.25-4.58% Cu, 0.3-2.5%    gal, sph, sch, cas, py, pyr, cp   N36-27-00, E098-36-0   Feng, 1996
2708   China   Qinghai   Shiduolong               Pb, Zn, Ag           Skn/Lnt-Dis        Tr    M   36.9Kt Pb, 111.1Kt Zn, 53.9t Ag at 0.67-1.04% Pb, 3.3-10.4% Zn                               sph, gal, py, cp, pyr             N36-02-00, E099-04-0   Feng, 1996
2709   China   Qinghai   Laozanggou               Pb, Zn, Sn           Hyd/BRc            Tr    M   125Kt PbZn, 235t Sn at 0.56-2.68% Pb, 0.03-1.47% Zn, 0.1-0.98% Sn                            py, mRc, gal, sph                 N35-21-00, E101-51-0   Feng, 1996
2711   China   Qinghai   Rilonggou                Sn, Pb, Zn, Cu       Skn/Lnt            U     M   16.5Kt Sn, 8.5Kt Cu, 11.8Kt Pb, 27.1Kt Zn at 0.378% Sn, 0.67% Cu, 3.03% Pb, 2.18% Zn         cas, pyr, cp, gal, sph            N35-20-00, E099-34-0   Feng, 1996
2712   China   Qinghai   Kemuda                   W, Sb                Hyd/Ffill          U     M   903t WO3, 713t Sb at 0.885% WO3, 2.028% Sb                                                                                     N35-00-00, E100-57-3   Feng, 1996
2713   China   Qinghai   Duolanggarizhai          As                   Hyd/Vn             J     M   19.5Kt As, 2Kt Pb at 5.5-19.9% As, 0.12-19.6% Pb                                             apy, gal, py, pyr, sph            N35-20-00, E101-38-0   Feng, 1996
2716   China   Qinghai   Huashizhang              F                    Hyd/Vn             Pz1   M   397Kt at 49.6%CaF2                                                                           fl                                N37-22-00, E101-07-0   Feng, 1996
2717   China   Qinghai   Beishansi                Gp                   Sed/Bed            Tp    L   2130Mt at 70% CaSO4                                                                          gyp, anh                          N36-38-00, E101-49-0   Feng, 1996
2723   China   Qinghai   Keke                     Na                   Evp/Bed            Q     L   942Mt rock salt                                                                              slt                               N36-53-00, E098-15-0   Feng, 1996
2724   China   Qinghai   Chaka                    Na                   Evp/Bed            Q     L   447.9Mt rock salt, 7,3Mt liq. salt                                                           slt                               N36-42-00, E099-02-0   Feng, 1996
2725   China   Qinghai   Shangzhuang              P                    Mgm/Dis            U     M   5.72Mt P2O5 at 3.5% P2O5                                                                     apt                               N36-20-00, E101-52-0   Feng, 1996
2727   China   Qinghai   Xiangzigou               Py                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        Pz1   M   12.0Mt at 16% S                                                                              py                                N38-16-00, E099-44-0   Feng, 1996
2728   China   Qinghai   Shangjiake               Py                   Skn/Mas            Pr    M   3.88Mt at 17.7-26.9% S                                                                       py, pyr                           N36-38-00, E102-10-0   Feng, 1996
2729   China   Qinghai   Liuhuangshan Area        S                    Vol/Irg            Q     M   630Kt S                                                                                                                        N39-01-00, E097-04-0   Feng, 1996
2733   China   Qinghai   Xiaogou                  Tn                   Evp/Bed            Q     L   6388Mt Na2Ca(SO4)2ツ・Na2SO4                                                                                                     N36-36-00, E101-58-0   Feng, 1996
2734   China   Qinghai   Sanshilipu               Tn                   Evp/Bed            Q     M   75Mt Na2Ca(SO4)2                                                                                                               N36-30-00, E101-57-0   Feng, 1996
2735   China   Qinghai   Zongjia-Balong Trona     Tn                   Evp/Bed            Q     M   278Kt Na2CO3 +NaHCO3                                                                                                           N36-25-00, E097-04-0   Feng, 1996
2736   China   Shaanxi   Yingdongzi               Ag, Pb, Cu, Zn       Str/Lnt            D     M   No.13 ore body; 14-88g/t Ag, 1.5-2.3% Pb, 0.44% Cu                                           gal, cp, sid, Ag-tet, chc         N33-36-00, E109-17-3   Liu, 1996
2737   China   Shaanxi   Tianqiaoze               Al                   Sed/Lnt            C     M   15Mt at 57.6% Al2O3, 15.18% Fe2O3, 8.23% SiO2                                                dsp                               N39-08-30, E111-06-0   Liu, 1996
2738   China   Shaanxi   Shiyaohe                 Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.0t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                                                                                           N34-48-00, E106-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2739   China   Shaanxi   Haochayu                 Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   5.08t Au at 8.49g/t Au                                                                                                         N34-27-40, E110-15-0   Cun et al., 1992
2740   China   Shaanxi   Tongyu                   Au                   Hyd/Vn             K     S   9.94t Au at 7.5g/t Au                                                                        py, cp, gal, sph, mgt             N34-27-00, E110-12-1   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002
2741   China   Shaanxi   Mayu                     Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   2.0t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                                                           N34-27-00, E110-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
2742   China   Shaanxi   Tongyu                   Au, Cu, Pb           Hyd/Vn             K     M   31.26t Au at 8-20g/t Au                                                                      py, mgt, cp, gal, wlf, sch, sph   N34-26-10, E110-22-4   Cun et al., 1992; Mao et al., 2002; Zhou et
2743   China   Shaanxi   Shandongyu               Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.03t Au at 10.5g/t Au                                                                                                         N34-25-30, E110-21-0   Cun et al., 1992
2744   China   Shaanxi   Taiyu                    Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.52t Au at 10.5g/t Au                                                                                                         N34-25-20, E110-19-3   Cun et al., 1992
2745   China   Shaanxi   Wangpaigou               Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   0.3t Au at 5.69g/t Au                                                                                                          N34-24-40, E110-10-1   Cun et al., 1992
2746   China   Shaanxi   Dawangxiyu               Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.65t Au at 10.48g/t Au                                                                                                        N34-22-40, E110-27-1   Cun et al., 1992
2747   China   Shaanxi   Hulugou                  Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     M   10t Au at 4.32g/t Au                                                                                                           N34-22-10, E110-09-0   Cun et al., 1992
2748   China   Shaanxi   Yanzhihe                 Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   7t Au at 4.0g/t Au                                                                                                             N34-22-00, E110-22-3   Cun et al., 1992
2749   China   Shaanxi   Lishan                   Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.50t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                                          N34-21-00, E109-15-3   Cun et al., 1992
2750   China   Shaanxi   Jiangjuncha              Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     S   3.0t Au at 7.0g/t Au                                                                                                           N34-10-30, E109-37-2   Cun et al., 1992
2751   China   Shaanxi   Xiangzicha               Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     S   3.68t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                                                          N34-08-15, E109-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2752   China   Shaanxi   Pangjiahe                Au                   Hyd/Sil            Mz1   M   40t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                                            N34-04-30, E106-34-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2753   China   Shaanxi   Baguamiao                Au                   Hyd/Sil            Mz1   M   80t Au at 5.0g/t Au                                                                          py, pyr, mgt, cp, stb             N33-57-00, E106-57-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2754   China   Shaanxi   Mozigou                  Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     S   1.0t Au at 5.70g/t Au                                                                                                          N33-55-00, E108-08-3   Cun et al., 1992
2755   China   Shaanxi   Jindongguo               Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   1.37t Au                                                                                                                       N33-53-00, E108-28-0   Cun et al., 1992
2756   China   Shaanxi   Shuangwang               Au                   Hyd/Sil            J     M   50t Au at 3.08g/t Au (No.8 deposit)                                                          py, tet, mgt, pyr                 N33-52-30, E107-14-3   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996; Zhou et al., 20
2757   China   Shaanxi   Maanqiao                 Au                   Hyd/Sil            Mz1   M   30t Au at 5.1g/t Au                                                                          py, pyr, sph                      N33-50-00, E108-02-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2758   China   Shaanxi   Tieshengou               Au                                      U     S   2.0t Au at 14.6g/t Au                                                                                                          N33-41-00, E110-09-0   Cun et al., 1992
2759   China   Shaanxi   Ertaizi                  Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     S   1.64t Au at 7.87g/t Au                                                                                                         N33-34-00, E109-06-0   Cun et al., 1992
2760   China   Shaanxi   Xujiaping-Baishuijiang   Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   4.34t Au at 0.19g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N33-27-30, E106-03-0   Cun et al., 1992
2761   China   Shaanxi   Longwanggou              Au                   Wth-Res            TnQ   S   1.0t Au at 6.0g/t Au                                                                                                           N33-27-00, E109-21-3   Cun et al., 1992
2762   China   Shaanxi   Hengxianhe               Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   5.20t Au at 0.3513g/m3 Au                                                                                                      N33-23-30, E106-05-3   Cun et al., 1992
2763   China   Shaanxi   Matiwan                  Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   4.00t Au at 0.29g/m3 Au                                                                                                        N33-07-30, E106-11-0   Cun et al., 1992
2764   China   Shaanxi   Majiagou                 Au                   Hyd/Dis(Cln)       U     S   8.0t Au at 15.0g/t Au                                                                                                          N33-20-30, E109-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
2765   China   Shaanxi   Guozhen                  Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   1.85t Au at 0.321g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N33-19-00, E105-49-3   Cun et al., 1992
2766   China   Shaanxi   Huachanggou              Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     S   5.05t Au at 5.05g/t Au                                                                                                         N33-18-00, E105-50-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2767   China   Shaanxi   Jinlongshan              Au                                      U     S   4.75g/t Au                                                                                   py, sph, pyr, qz                  N33-18-00, E109-13-0   Liu, 1996
2768   China   Shaanxi   Jianchaling              Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     M   10t Au at 5g/t Au                                                                            py, gth                           N33-16-00, E106-26-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2769   China   Shaanxi   Wangjiatuo               Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   2.00t Au at 0.259g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N33-06-00, E106-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
2770   China   Shaanxi   Donggouba                Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Ba   Hyd/Vn-Lnt         U     S   6.31t Au, 271t Ag, 113Kt Zn, 444Kt Ba at 3.38g/t Au                                          qz, bar                           N33-14-00, E106-22-0   Cun et al., 1992
2771   China   Shaanxi   Han River                Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   2.10t Au at 0.201g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N33-08-00, E106-40-0   Cun et al., 1992
2772   China   Shaanxi   Lijiagou                 Au                   Hyd/Stw-Dis        U     S   0.56t Au at 8.88g/t Au                                                                                                         N33-07-30, E106-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2773   China   Shaanxi   Juting-Baiquaosi         Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   2.58t Au at 0.352g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N33-07-00, E106-02-3   Cun et al., 1992
2774   China   Shaanxi   Huanglong                Au                   Hyd/Sil            U     S   5.0t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                                          N33-02-00, E108-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
2775   China   Shaanxi   Yanzibian-Yangpingquan   Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   5.28t Au at 0.1771g/m3 Au                                                                                                      N32-55-00, E105-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
2776   China   Shaanxi   Bahai                    Au                   Hyd/Vn             U     S   3.64t Au at 6.3g/t Au                                                                                                          N32-54-00, E105-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
2777   China   Shaanxi   Hanyin                   Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     S   6.1t Au at 0.2756g/m3 Au                                                                                                       N32-53-00, E108-37-0   Cun et al., 1992; Liu, 1996
2778   China   Shaanxi   Hengkou                  Au                   Sed/Alv-Plc        Q     M   14.9t Au at 0.1425g/m3 Au                                                                                                      N32-46-00, E108-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
2779   China   Shaanxi   Songshugou               Cr                   Mgm/Lnt            U     S   77Kt Cr ore at 12-15% Cr2O3                                                                                                    N33-37-00, E110-54-3   Liu, 1996
2780   China   Shaanxi   Loufanggou               Cr                   Mgm/Lnt            U     S   29Kt Cr ore                                                                                                                    N33-34-00, E106-55-0   Liu, 1996
2781   China   Shaanxi   Tongyu                   Cu                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        U     M   65Kt Cu at 0.62% Cu                                                                          cp, py, sph, mgt                  N34-10-00, E107-43-0   Liu, 1996
2782   China   Shaanxi   Tongchang                Cu                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        U     M   250Kt Cu                                                                                     cp, chc, bon                      N33-08-00, E106-20-0   Liu, 1996
2783   China   Shaanxi   Yangshanzhuang           Fe                   Hyd/Vn             U     M   30.1Mt iron ore at 20.37-21.79% Fe                                                                                             N35-38-30, E110-30-0   Liu, 1996
2784   China   Shaanxi   Mulonggou                Fe                   Skn/Mas            K     M   12.9Mt iron ore at 30.41% Fe                                                                 mgt                               N34-10-00, E110-12-0   Liu, 1996
2785   China   Shaanxi   Daxigou                  Fe                   Sed/Bed            D     L   302Mt iron ore at 28.01% Fe                                                                  sid, mgt                          N33-43-30, E109-15-0   Liu, 1996
2786   China   Shaanxi   Yudongzi                 Fe                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        A     M   150Mt iron ore at 31.64% Fe                                                                  mgt                               N33-22-00, E106-19-3   Liu, 1996
2787   China   Shaanxi   Bijigou                  Fe, Ti, V                               Pr    M   42.8Mt iron ore, 210Kt TiO2 at 22-38% Fe, 3.5-8.5% TiO2                                      mgt ,py, pyr                      N33-17-00, E108-02-3   Liu, 1996
2788   China   Shaanxi   Tongchang (Yangjiaba)    Fe                   Hyd/Lnt            U     M   75Mt iron ore at 34.94% Fe                                                                   mgt, py, cp                       N33-10-00, E106-24-0   Liu, 1996
2789   China   Shaanxi   Zhenan                   Hg, Sb               Hyd/Vn             U     S                                                                                                                                  N33-20-00, E109-22-0   Liu, 1996
2790   China   Shaanxi   Gongguan-Huilong         Hg, Sb               Hyd/Ffill          U     M   5457t Hg, 17.9Kt Sb at 0.16-0.71% Hg, 1-5% Sb                                                snb, stb                          N33-06-00, E109-12-0   Liu, 1996; Zeng et al., 1988
2791   China   Shaanxi   Qintonggou               Hg, Sb               Hyd/Vn             U     M   7258t Hg, 25.7Kt Sb                                                                                                            N33-03-00, E109-22-0   Liu, 1996; Zeng et al., 1988
2792   China   Shaanxi   Tiantaishan              Mn, P                Vol-Sed            Cm    M   8.3Mt Mn ore, 6.4Mt P ore at 18.5% Mn, 18.5% P2O5                                                                              N33-20-00, E107-03-0   Liu, 1996
2793   China   Shaanxi   Lijiaying                Mn                   Vol-Sed/Lnt        Pr    M   4.4Mt at 22.28% Mn                                                                           psl, pyl, rhc                     N33-07-00, E106-12-0   Liu, 1996
2794   China   Shaanxi   Qujiashan                Mn                   Sed/Lnt            Pr    M   2.99Mt Mn ore at 21.45% Mn                                                                   rhc                               N32-17-30, E108-10-3   Liu, 1996
2795   China   Shaanxi   Jinduicheng              Mo                   Hyd/Stw-Dis(Prp)   K     M   0.97Mt Mo, 220Kt Cu at 0.099% Mo, 0.028% Cu                                                  mlb, py, cp                       N34-25-00, E109-57-0   Liu, 1996
2796   China   Shaanxi   Huanglongpu              Mo                   Crb/Vn             U     M   230Kt Mo, 237Kt Pb at 0.072-0.104% Mo                                                        mlb, py, gal                      N34-25-00, E110-04-0   Liu, 1996
2797   China   Shaanxi   Taoyuan                  Mo                   Hyd/Vn             U     M   28Kt Mo at 0.06-0.75% Mo                                                                     mlb, py, gal, cp                  N34-22-00, E110-02-0   Liu, 1996
2798   China   Shaanxi   Jianchaling              Ni                   Mgm/Dis            U     M   150Kt Ni, 7.9Kt Co at 0,58% Ni, 0.021% Co                                                    pyr, pnt, py, cp, mgt             N33-13-00, E106-25-0   Liu, 1996
2799   China   Shaanxi   Fengya                   Zn, Pb               Str/Lnt (SEDEX)    U     M   408Kt Pb+Zn at 1.16% Pb, 3.25% Zn                                                            sph, gal, py, cp                  N33-59-00, E106-42-0   Liu, 1996
2800   China   Shaanxi    Bafangshan           Zn, Pb, Cu       Str/Mas (SEDEX)   D    M   500Kt PbZnCu at 1.38% Pb, 4.89% Zn, 0.82% Cu     sph, gal, cp, py                   N33-57-00, E106-50-0   Liu, 1996
2801   China   Shaanxi    Qiandongshan         Pb, Zn           Str/Lnt (SEDEX)   U    M   240Kt Pb+Zn at 7.68% Zn, 1.73% Pb                sph, gal, py                       N33-56-00, E106-47-0   Liu, 1996
2802   China   Shaanxi    Yinmusi              Zn, Pb           Str/Lnt-Vn        U    M   307Kt Pb+Zn at 3.26% Pb, 9.98% Zn                gal, sph, cp, py                   N33-54-00, E106-56-3   Liu, 1996
2803   China   Shaanxi    Yindongliang         Zn, Pb           Str/Lnt (SEDEX)   D    M   419Kt Pb+Zn at 2.02% Pb, 6.24% Zn                gal, sph, py                       N33-52-30, E106-37-3   Liu, 1996
2804   China   Shaanxi    Tongmugou            Zn, Pb           Str/Lnt (SEDEX)   D    M   290Kt Zn, 1.25Kt Cd at 7.9% Zn                   smt, cer, py, sph, cnb             N33-37-30, E109-57-3   Liu, 1996
2805   China   Shaanxi    Xitonggou            Zn, Pb           Str/Lnt (SEDEX)   D    M   307Kt Pb+Zn at 3.34% Zn, 0.87% Pb, 16g/t Ag      sph, gal, smt, cer                 N33-20-00, E109-06-0   Liu, 1996
2806   China   Shaanxi    Sirengou-Nanshagou   Zn, Pb           Str/Lnt-Vn        U    M   500Kt Zn                                                                            N32-54-30, E109-22-0   Liu, 1996
2807   China   Shaanxi    Gaolinggou           Sb               Hyd/Lnt           U    M   12Kt Sb at 5.58% Sb                              stb, py                            N33-52-00, E110-08-0   Liu, 1996
2808   China   Shaanxi    Cai'ao               Sb               Hyd/Vn            U    M   13Kt Sb at 8.6-10.7% Sb                          stb, py                            N33-52-00, E110-20-0   Liu, 1996
2809   China   Shaanxi    Qingshan-Xinmiao     Ti               Vol-Sed           D    S   85.1Kt TiO2 at 1.87% TiO2                        rut                                N33-26-30, E110-56-0   Liu, 1996
2810   China   Shaanxi    Dahe                 Ti               Vol-Sed-Mtm       U    S   2-3% TiO2                                        rut, ilm, gth                      N32-58-00, E108-48-0   Liu, 1996
2811   China   Shaanxi    Huayangchuan         U, Nb, Ta        Hyd/Vn            U    S                                                    gal, Nb-Ta-U, mnz, alln, mgt, py   N34-27-30, E110-05-0   Liu, 1996
2812   China   Shaanxi    Zhongcun             V                Sed               Cm   M   151Kt V2O5 at 0.62-096% V2O5                                                        N33-24-30, E110-17-0   Liu, 1996
2813   China   Shaanxi    Shiti                Ba               Sed/Bed           S    L   10.8Mt Ba ore at 81.77% BaSO4+BaCO3              bar                                N32-45-00, E109-10-0   Liu, 1996
2814   China   Shaanxi    Zhangziping          Ba               Sed/Bed           Pr   M   4.59Mt Ba ore at 52.77-92.91% BaSO4              bar                                N32-22-30, E109-25-3   Liu, 1996
2815   China   Shaanxi    Chongyanggou         Gr               Mtm/Bed           U    M   1.51Mt grp ore                                                                      N34-19-00, E109-16-0   Liu, 1996
2816   China   Shaanxi    Tongyu               Gr               Mtm/Bed           U    M   2.86Mt grp ore                                                                      N34-09-00, E107-47-0   Liu, 1996
2817   China   Shaanxi    Tiehe                Gr               Mtm               U    S   880Kt grp ore                                                                       N33-28-30, E107-30-0   Liu, 1996
2818   China   Shaanxi    Yushipo              F                Hyd/Vn            U    M   408Kt CaF2 ore at 44.46% CaF2                                                       N33-48-00, E109-44-0   Liu, 1996
2819   China   Shaanxi    Wadaozi              Gp               Evp/Bed           Tr   L   454Mt at 78.89-90.53% CaSO4                                                         N32-54-00, E107-37-3   Liu, 1996
2820   China   Shaanxi    Shachuangou          Kl               Sed/Lnt           C    M   20.1Mt                                           kln                                N39-07-00, E111-08-0   Liu, 1996
2821   China   Shaanxi    Xiangshan            Kl               Sed/Lnt           C    M   6.3Mt                                            kln                                N35-32-00, E110-21-3   Liu, 1996
2822   China   Shaanxi    Jiuzigou             P                Mgm               U    M   460Mt P ore at 3.84% P2O5                        apt                                N34-07-00, E106-48-0   Liu, 1996
2823   China   Shaanxi    Jinjiahe             P                Sed/Bed           U    M   6.55Mt P ore at 21.95% P2O5                                                         N33-19-00, E106-01-0   Liu, 1996
2824   China   Shaanxi    Chadian              P                Vol-Sed           Pr   M   22.2Mt P ore at 20.67% P2O5                                                         N33-16-00, E106-28-0   Liu, 1996
2825   China   Shaanxi    Hejiayan             P                Sed/Bed           U    M   5.07Mt P ore at 23.38% P2O5                                                         N33-14-00, E106-20-0   Liu, 1996
2826   China   Shaanxi    Yangpingguan         P                Sed/Bed           Cm   M   8.03Mt P ore at 15.51% P2O5                                                         N32-55-00, E106-00-3   Liu, 1996
2827   China   Shaanxi    Yuexi                Py               Sed/Bed           D    M   5.0Mt Py ore at 26.55% S                         py, sph, gal, cp                   N33-20-30, E109-14-0   Liu, 1996
2828   China   Shaanxi    Erliba               Py               Hyd/Lnt           U    M   6.6Mt Py ore at 13.1-21.1% S, 0.4% Cu            py, cp                             N33-10-00, E106-13-0   Liu, 1996
2829   China   Shaanxi    Shangdian            Rc               Sed/Lnt           C    M   32.4Mt at 36-38% Al2O3                           dsp, kln                           N35-02-30, E109-10-0   Liu, 1996
2830   China   Shaanxi    Tongpinggou          Tl               Hyd-Rpl           U    M   1.81Mt tlc ore                                                                      N33-28-00, E108-30-0   Liu, 1996
2831   China   Shandong   Shilipu              Ag, Pb, Zn                         U    S   200t Ag                                                                             N37-24-00, E120-25-0   Ai, 1996
2832   China   Shandong   Zibo                 Al               Sed/Lnt           C    L   270Mt at 56.20% Al2O3, 15.0% SiO2, 9-13% Fe2O3   dsp                                N36-42-00, E118-10-0   Ai, 1996
2833   China   Shandong   Huangjinhe           Au               Sed/Plc           Q    S   1.38t Au at 0.798g/m3 Au                                                            N37-46-00, E120-46-4   Cun et al., 1992
2834   China   Shandong   Daliuhang            Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   7.15t Au at 15.65g/t Au                                                             N37-37-10, E121-03-0   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2835   China   Shandong   Yaojia               Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   2.0t Au at 5.5g/t Au                                                                N37-36-00, E120-28-0   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2836   China   Shandong   Tianjiahe            Au               Sed/Plc           Q    S   1.54t Au at 0.695g/m3 Au                                                            N37-36-00, E120-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
2837   China   Shandong   Daduogou             Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   5.0t Au at 8.0g/t Au                                                                N37-34-00, E120-52-3   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2838   China   Shandong   Qijiagou             Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   5.3t Au at 11.28g/t Au                                                              N37-33-00, E120-59-3   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2839   China   Shandong   Heilangou            Au               Hyd/Vn            JK   S   9.1t Au at 16.79g/t Au                                                              N37-33-00, E120-59-4   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2840   China   Shandong   Huluxian             Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   4.3t Au at 9.88g/t Au                                                               N37-33-00, E121-01-0   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2841   China   Shandong   Guojiadiang          Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   0.81t Au at 7.62g/t Au                                                              N37-31-30, E120-50-3   Cun et al., 1992
2842   China   Shandong   Xiling               Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   3.50t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                              N37-29-00, E120-58-3   Cun et al., 1992
2843   China   Shandong   Fushan               Au               Hyd/Dis           K    M   25.37t Au at 6.31g/t Au                          py, gal                            N37-28-30, E120-33-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2844   China   Shandong   Xincheng             Au               Hyd/Dis           K    M   82.67t Au at 7.170g/t Au                         py, cp                             N37-28-00, E120-09-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2845   China   Shandong   Baijizhuang          Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   1.50t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                              N37-28-00, E120-37-0   Cun et al., 1992
2846   China   Shandong   Beizai               Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   0.74t Au at 17.61g/t Au                                                             N37-27-30, E120-17-0   Cun et al., 1992
2847   China   Shandong   Daqinjia             Au               Hyd/Dis           K    S   4.75t Au at 10.52g/t Au                                                             N37-27-30, E120-29-0   Cun et al., 1992
2848   China   Shandong   Linglong-Xishan      Au               Hyd/Vn            K    M   36.2t Au at 7.47g/t Au                           py, cp, gal, mgt, pyr              N37-27-30, E120-30-0   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
2849   China   Shandong   Linglong-Jiuqu       Au               Hyd/Vn            K    M   80.5t Au at 11.9g/t Au                           py, cp, gal, mgt, pyr              N37-27-30, E120-31-0   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996; Zhou et al., 200
2850   China   Shandong   Jiehe                Au               Hyd/Dis           U    M   10.17t Au at 6.29g/t Au                                                             N37-27-20, E120-11-1   Cun et al., 1992
2851   China   Shandong   Wasunjia             Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   8.46t Au at 11.70g/t Au                                                             N37-27-10, E120-13-0   Cun et al., 1992
2852   China   Shandong   Sujiadian            Au               Hyd/Dis           K    S   1.09t Au at 6.51g/t Au                                                              N37-27-00, E120-41-1   Cun et al., 1992
2853   China   Shandong   Shangzhuang          Au               Hyd/Dis           K    M   19.04t Au at 6.98g/t Au                                                             N37-26-30, E120-11-0   Cun et al., 1992
2854   China   Shandong   Taishang             Au               Hyd/Dis           K    M   107.8t Au at 4.87g/t Au                                                             N37-26-00, E120-30-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2855   China   Shandong   Hedong-Houjia        Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   9.00t Au at 4.90g/t Au                                                              N37-25-30, E120-09-0   Cun et al., 1992
2856   China   Shandong   Hedong               Au               Hyd/Dis           K    M   14.83t Au at 6.47g/t Au                                                             N37-25-30, E120-09-0   Cun et al., 1992
2857   China   Shandong   Bushang              Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   3.43t Au at 14.26g/t Au                                                             N37-25-30, E120-17-0   Cun et al., 1992
2858   China   Shandong   Qiansungjia          Au               Hyd/Dis-Vn        K    S   5.68t Au at 10.90g/t Au                                                             N37-25-00, E120-10-2   Cun et al., 1992
2859   China   Shandong   Jinchiling           Au, Ag           Hyd/Dis           K    S   7.61t Au at 9.31g/t Au                                                              N37-25-00, E120-22-0   Cun et al., 1992
2860   China   Shandong   Sanshandao           Au, Ag           Hyd/Dis           K    M   61.95t Au at 6.13g/t Au                          py, cp, gal, mgt, apy              N37-24-30, E119-56-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2861   China   Shandong   Hexi                 Au               Hyd/Dis           U    M   37.33t Au at 6.23g/t Au                                                             N37-24-30, E120-06-3   Cun et al., 1992
2862   China   Shandong   Jiaojia              Au, Ag           Hyd/Dis           K    M   57.98t Au at 7.33g/t Au                          py, cp, gal, pyr, mgt              N37-24-10, E120-07-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
2863   China   Shandong   Dongji               Au               Hyd/Dis           U    M   19.23t Au at 7.90g/t Au                                                             N37-24-10, E120-07-3   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2864   China   Shandong   Matang               Au               Hyd/Dis           U    M   11.90t Au at 8.28g/t Au                                                             N37-24-10, E120-07-3   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2865   China   Shandong   Sizhuang             Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   6.00t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                              N37-24-10, E120-07-3   Cun et al., 1992; Ai, 1996
2866   China   Shandong   Wanjishan            Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            K    M   27.29t Au at 9.32g/t Au                                                             N37-24-10, E120-09-0   Cun et al., 1992
2867   China   Shandong   Lingshan'gou         Au               Hyd/Stw           K    M   15.16t Au at 6.63g/t Au                                                             N37-24-00, E120-12-0   Cun et al., 1992
2868   China   Shandong   Panjia               Au                                 U    S   6.50t Au at 6.50g/t Au                                                              N37-24-00, E120-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
2869   China   Shandong   Shancheng            Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   1.46t Au at 14.92g/t Au                                                             N37-24-00, E120-48-0   Cun et al., 1992
2870   China   Shandong   Huangbutun           Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   1.50t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                              N37-24-00, E122-01-0   Cun et al., 1992
2871   China   Shandong   Fanjiabu             Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   5.45t Au at 9.91g/t Au                                                              N37-24-00, E122-07-0   Cun et al., 1992
2872   China   Shandong   Dujiayazi            Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   6.00t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                              N37-23-00, E121-08-0   Cun et al., 1992
2873   China   Shandong   Qilishan             Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   1.25t Au at 7.16g/t Au                                                              N37-22-30, E120-11-2   Cun et al., 1992
2874   China   Shandong   Cangshan             Au, Ag, Cu, Pb   Hyd/Dis           K    M   45.0t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                              N37-22-00, E119-54-0   Cun et al., 1992
2875   China   Shandong   Huangbuling          Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   4.04t Au at 7.27g/t Au                                                              N37-22-00, E120-09-1   Cun et al., 1992
2876   China   Shandong   Jiangjia             Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   5.0t Au at 8.00g/t Au                                                               N37-22-00, E120-13-0   Cun et al., 1992
2877   China   Shandong   Xidouya              Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   1.35t Au at 10.63g/t Au                                                             N37-22-00, E120-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
2878   China   Shandong   Caotougou            Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   3.00t Au at 5.34g/t Au                                                              N37-21-30, E120-17-5   Cun et al., 1992
2879   China   Shandong   Xiyuanxia            Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   1.50t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                              N37-21-30, E121-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
2880   China   Shandong   Bailidian            Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   3.42t Au at 10.53g/t Au                                                             N37-18-30, E120-56-0   Cun et al., 1992
2881   China   Shandong   Xinanhe              Au               Sed/Plc           Q    S   4.31t Au at 0.198g/m3 Au                                                            N37-18-00, E121-30-1   Cun et al., 1992
2882   China   Shandong   Majiayao             Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   2.53t Au at 10.51g/t Au                                                             N37-17-30, E120-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
2883   China   Shandong   Liukou               Au               Hyd/Vn            K    S   0.89t Au at 17.79g/t Au                                                             N37-16-50, E120-51-2   Cun et al., 1992
2884   China   Shandong   Xiayusi              Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   4.19t Au at 7.57g/t Au                                                              N37-15-30, E121-27-0   Cun et al., 1992
2885   China   Shandong   Yukuang              Au               Hyd               U    S   1.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                              N37-15-00, E122-17-0   Cun et al., 1992
2886   China   Shandong   Tongjiazhuang        Au               Hyd/Vn            U    S   4.36t Au at 3.65g/t Au                                                              N37-15-00, E122-25-3   Cun et al., 1992
2887   China   Shandong   Waijiahe             Au               Sed/Plc           Q    S   3.50t Au at 0.220g/m3 Au                                                            N37-14-15, E121-13-1   Cun et al., 1992
2888   China   Shandong   Dayingezhuang        Au               Hyd/Dis           K    M   50.5t Au at 4.59g/t Au                                                              N37-13-40, E120-20-1   Cun et al., 1992
2889   China   Shandong   Hagoushan            Au               Hyd/Dis           U    S   3.88t Au at 4.74g/t Au                                                              N37-13-30, E121-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
2890   China   Shandong   Qinshuihe             Au               Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.00t Au at 1.33g/m3 Au                                                                             N37-13-00, E120-48-0   Cun et al., 1992
2891   China   Shandong   Xizhigezhuang         Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   9.88t Au at 8.95g/t Au                                                                              N37-12-40, E121-34-3   Cun et al., 1992
2892   China   Shandong   Caojiawa              Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.07t Au at 10.40g/t Au                                                                             N37-11-45, E120-20-1   Cun et al., 1992
2893   China   Shandong   Denggezhuang          Au               Hyd/Dis-Vn        K     M   20.92t Au at 10.50g/t Au                                                                            N37-10-30, E121-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
2894   China   Shandong   Jinniushan            Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.50t Au at 3.00g/t Au                                                                              N37-09-30, E121-35-4   Cun et al., 1992
2895   China   Shandong   Fuludi                Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   6.13t Au at 9.60g/t Au                                                                              N37-08-40, E121-38-3   Cun et al., 1992
2896   China   Shandong   Jiangjiayao           Au               Hyd/Dis           K     S   4.83t Au at 5.69g/t Au                                                                              N37-08-00, E120-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
2897   China   Shandong   Liusi                 Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   3.41t Au at 7.78g/t Au                                                                              N37-07-30, E119-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
2898   China   Shandong   Jinqinding            Au, Ag, Cu       Hyd/Vn            K     M   25.30t Au at 9.00g/t Au                                                                             N37-07-00, E121-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
2899   China   Shandong   Xiadian               Au               Hyd/Dis           K     S   4.02t Au at 6.59g/t Au                                                                              N37-06-45, E120-19-0   Cun et al., 1992
2900   China   Shandong   Zhixia                Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.82t Au at 5.79g/t Au                                                                              N37-06-30, E120-17-0   Cun et al., 1992
2901   China   Shandong   Guxianhe              Au               Sed/Plc           Q     S   2.18t Au at0.279 g/m3 Au                                                                            N37-05-40, E121-09-4   Cun et al., 1992
2902   China   Shandong   Tangjiagou            Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.78t Au at 5.16g/t Au                                                                              N37-05-30, E121-29-5   Cun et al., 1992
2903   China   Shandong   Tangsidianzi          Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   0.61t Au at 4.31g/t Au                                                                              N37-04-40, E122-03-3   Cun et al., 1992
2904   China   Shandong   Beibo                 Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   0.98t Au at 4.84g/t Au                                                                              N37-04-00, E120-17-0   Cun et al., 1992
2905   China   Shandong   Shawang               Au               Hyd               U     S   1.50t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                              N37-04-00, E121-09-3   Cun et al., 1992
2906   China   Shandong   Tongxishan            Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.04t Au at 5.99g/t Au                                                                              N37-03-45, E121-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
2907   China   Shandong   Chujigou              Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   2.00t Au at 3.80g/t Au                                                                              N37-03-30, E121-33-4   Cun et al., 1992
2908   China   Shandong   Yinggegou             Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.22t Au at 6.70g/t Au                                                                              N37-02-30, E121-33-5   Cun et al., 1992
2909   China   Shandong   Shanzhuang-Jianli     Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   6.96t Au at 10.61g/t Au                                                                             N37-02-00, E120-16-0   Cun et al., 1992
2910   China   Shandong   Wanjiakou             Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                              N37-02-00, E121-44-3   Cun et al., 1992
2911   China   Shandong   Dashijia              Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                              N37-02-00, E122-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
2912   China   Shandong   Baishi                Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   6.47t Au at 8.61g/t Au                                                                              N37-01-45, E121-26-0   Cun et al., 1992
2913   China   Shandong   Nanshu                Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   1.59t Au at 5.57g/t Au                                                                              N37-01-10, E120-17-4   Cun et al., 1992
2914   China   Shandong   Jiudian               Au, Ag           Hyd/Dis-Vn        K     M   10.21t Au at 5.70g/t Au                                                                             N37-00-30, E120-12-2   Cun et al., 1992
2915   China   Shandong   Heiyangshan           Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.0t Au at 4.50g/t Au                                                                               N36-59-40, E119-45-1   Cun et al., 1992
2916   China   Shandong   Shiqiao               Au               Hyd/Dis           K     S   5.42t Au at 4.58g/t Au                                                                              N36-59-40, E120-16-4   Cun et al., 1992
2917   China   Shandong   Sanjia                Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   4.31t Au at 8.78g/t Au                                                                              N36-59-30, E121-36-3   Cun et al., 1992
2918   China   Shandong   Hujiakou-Hupazhuang   Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.22t Au at 6.70g/t Au                                                                              N36-59-00, E121-32-4   Cun et al., 1992
2919   China   Shandong   Tongling              Au               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 4.08g/t Au                                                                              N36-55-00, E121-43-3   Cun et al., 1992
2920   China   Shandong   Longshan              Au               Hyd/Dis           U     S   1.10t Au at 6.80g/t Au                                                                              N36-53-30, E120-05-0   Cun et al., 1992
2921   China   Shandong   Jizishan              Au               Hyd               U     S   2.03t Au at 3.45g/t Au                                                                              N36-18-00, E118-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2922   China   Shandong   Jinxingtou            Au               Hyd               U     S   0.51t Au at 3.69g/t Au                                                                              N36-02-30, E117-57-3   Cun et al., 1992
2923   China   Shandong   Jinxiantou            Au, Cu           Hyd/Dis           K     S   8.64t Au at 3.31g/t Au                                                                              N35-53-00, E119-06-0   Cun et al., 1992
2924   China   Shandong   Liudu                 Au               Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.33t Au at 0.212g/m3 Au                                                                            N35-49-00, E117-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
2925   China   Shandong   Xiaoyao               Au               Hyd               U     S   4.05t Au at 5.01g/t Au                                                                              N35-45-00, E118-42-3   Cun et al., 1992
2926   China   Shandong   Jinyi                 Au, Ag, Cu, Fe   Hyd/Dis           U     S   6.81t Au at 12.50g/t Au                                                                             N35-37-00, E118-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
2927   China   Shandong   Guilaizhuang          Au               Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                             N35-22-00, E117-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
2928   China   Shandong   Wangjiazhuang         Cu, Zn           Str/Lnt           Pr    M   226.7Kt Cu, 228.3Kt Zn at 1.32% Cu                                                                  N37-30-00, E121-13-0   Ai, 1996
2929   China   Shandong   Xiangkuang            Cu, Py, Zn, Pb   Skn/Mas-Dis       K     M   23.26Mt Py, 153Kt Cu, 110Kt Zn, 53Kt Pb                                     py, cp, sph             N37-25-00, E121-02-3   Ai, 1996
2930   China   Shandong   Kongxintou            Cu, Mo           Skn/Lnt           K     S   8.87Kt Mo, 14Kt Cu, 2.07Mt Fe at 0.153% Mo, 1.04% Cu, 35.02% Fe             cp, mlb, mgt, py        N37-18-00, E121-28-0   Ai, 1996
2931   China   Shandong   Maling                Fe               Vol-Sed/Lnt       Pr    M   29.2Mt at 31.51% Fe                                                         mgt                     N36-57-00, E121-23-0   Ai, 1996
2932   China   Shandong   Jinling               Fe               Skn/Lnt           JK    M   166Mt ore, 160.3Kt Cu, 23.1Kt Co at >51% Fe, 0.05-0.51% Cu, 0.01-0.23% Co   mgt, py, pyr, cp        N36-53-00, E118-09-0   Ai, 1996
2933   China   Shandong   Ji'nan                Fe               Skn/Lnt           JK    M   58.7Mt ore, 2.9Kt Co at 54.03% Fe                                           mgt                     N36-45-00, E117-02-0   Ai, 1996
2934   China   Shandong   Zihe                  Fe               Hyd-Rpl           U     M   220Mt ore at 30.05-45.52% Fe                                                gth, sid                N36-40-00, E118-12-0   Ai, 1996
2935   China   Shandong   Laiwu                 Fe, Cu           Skn               K     L   500Mt ore, 276.1Kt Cu, 24.4Kt Co at 47% Fe                                  mgt                     N36-17-30, E117-37-3   Ai, 1996
2936   China   Shandong   Hanwang               Fe               Sed/Bed           Pcm   M   163Mt at 29.58% Fe                                                          mgt                     N35-59-00, E118-26-0   Ai, 1996
2937   China   Shandong   Wenshang-Dongping     Fe               Sed/Bed           Pcm   L   763Mt at 24.59% Fe                                                          mgt, hem                N35-51-00, E116-27-3   Ai, 1996
2938   China   Shandong   Cangyi                Fe               Sed/Bed           Pcm   M   326Mt at 27.8-32.8% Fe                                                      mgt, hem                N34-50-00, E117-52-3   Ai, 1996
2939   China   Shandong   Xingjiashan           Mo, W            Skn/Dis           K     L   527.2Kt Mo, 37.5Kt WO3 at 0.08% Mo, 0.234% WO3                              mlb, sch                N37-29-00, E121-08-0   Ai, 1996
2940   China   Shandong   Fenghuangshan         Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            U     S   14.2Kt Pb, 7.08Kt Zn at 2.37% Pb, 1.43% Zn                                                          N37-37-00, E120-29-0   Ai, 1996
2941   China   Shandong   Xishan                REE              Crb/Vn            U     M   >100Kt REO at 2.27-5.49% REO                                                bst                     N34-42-00, E117-17-0   Ai, 1996
2942   China   Shandong   Zhengjia              Ti               Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.56Kg/m3 TiO2                                                              rut                     N36-57-00, E120-17-0   Ai, 1996
2943   China   Shandong   Huashan               Ba               Hyd/Vn            U     M   3.57Mt                                                                      bar                     N36-12-00, E119-42-0   Ai, 1996
2944   China   Shandong   Shigou                Ba,              Hyd/Vn            U     M   2.6Mt at 41.93% BaSO4                                                                               N35-20-00, E118-46-0   Ai, 1996
2945   China   Shandong   Fangzhuang            Ba, F            Hyd/Lnt           U     M   1.79Mt at 37.66% BaSO4                                                      bar                     N34-46-30, E118-26-0   Ai, 1996
2946   China   Shandong   Xucun                 Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   3.16Mt at 3.35% Fx. C                                                       grp                     N37-17-00, E121-27-3   Ai, 1996
2947   China   Shandong   Zhanggezhuang         Gr               Mtm/Bed           A     M   531Kt Grp at 3.65% Fx. C                                                    grp                     N37-05-00, E122-00-0   Ai, 1996
2948   China   Shandong   Beishu                Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   45.7Mt at 3.17% Fx. C                                                       grp                     N36-58-30, E120-22-0   Ai, 1996
2949   China   Shandong   Nanshu                Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   2.71Mt Grp ore at 4.16% Fx. C                                               grp                     N36-57-00, E120-22-0   Ai, 1996
2950   China   Shandong   Liugezhuang           Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   2.24Mt Grp ore                                                              grp                     N36-51-00, E119-40-0   Ai, 1996
2951   China   Shandong   Jiaogezhuang          Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    S   0.5Mt Grp ore at 3.28% Fx. C                                                grp                     N36-48-00, E119-43-0   Ai, 1996
2952   China   Shandong   Mingcun               Gr               Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   899Kt Grp ore at 3.12% Fx. C                                                grp                     N36-45-00, E119-40-0   Ai, 1996
2953   China   Shandong   Mengyin               Dm               Kmb               K     S                                                                               dm                      N35-38-00, E117-50-0   Ai, 1996
2954   China   Shandong   Tancheng              Dm               Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S                                                                               dm                      N34-53-00, E118-23-0   Ai, 1996
2955   China   Shandong   Changle               Gm               Sed/Alv-Plc       Q     S   1M carat at 0.936g/m3 Spp                                                   spp                     N36-35-00, E118-54-0   Ai, 1996
2956   China   Shandong   Sanheshan             F                Hyd/Vn            U     M   597Kt at 45% CaF2                                                           fl                      N36-42-00, E119-36-0   Ai, 1996
2957   China   Shandong   Shanxiangjia          F                Hyd/Vn            U     M   484Kt at 35.05% CaF2                                                        fl                      N36-07-30, E119-59-0   Ai, 1996
2958   China   Shandong   Bianqiao              Gp               Sed/Bed           T     L   272Mt at 64.38% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                 gyp                     N35-27-00, E117-50-0   Ai, 1996
2959   China   Shandong   Dige                  Gp               Sed/Bed           Tn    L   550Mt at 75-80% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                 gyp                     N34-43-00, E117-47-3   Ai, 1996
2960   China   Shandong   Dawenkou Basin        Na               Evp/Bed           T     L   7.5Bt rock salt                                                                                     N36-07-00, E116-58-0   Ai, 1996
2961   China   Shandong   Guanli                P                Mgm/Dis           U     M   251Kt at 3.35% P2O5                                                         apt                     N37-15-00, E120-46-0   Ai, 1996
2962   China   Shandong   Shagou                P                Mgm/Dis           U     M   85Mt at 3.27% P2O5                                                          apt                     N34-43-00, E117-19-3   Ai, 1996
2963   China   Shandong   Tangjiagou            Py, Au           Sed/Lnt           Pr    M   2.27Mt at 15.24% S, 6.04g/t Au, 10.07g/t Ag                                 py, pyr                 N36-56-00, E121-42-3   Ai, 1996
2964   China   Shandong   Shihezhuang           Py               Str/Lnt-Dis       U     M   603Kt py ore                                                                pyr, py, cp, sph, mgt   N36-04-00, E117-39-0   Ai, 1996
2965   China   Shandong   Diaoyutai             Py               Hyd/Dis           K     M   224.9Mt at 5% S                                                             py                      N35-48-00, E119-08-0   Ai, 1996
2966   China   Shandong   Mingshui              Rc               Sed/Bed           P     M   16.5Mt                                                                                              N36-43-00, E117-35-0   Ai, 1996
2967   China   Shandong   Zibo                  Rc               Sed/Bed           P     M   24Mt at 38-45% Al2O3, 0.7-2.0% Fe2O3, 14% Ig.Loss                           kln, dsp                N36-37-00, E117-59-0   Ai, 1996
2968   China   Shandong   Zhaozhuang            Rc               Sed/Bed           P     M   47.4Mt at 37.9% Al2O3+TiO2, 2.29% Fe2O3, 13.00% Ig.Loss                     kln, dsp                N34-52-00, E117-33-0   Ai, 1996
2969   China   Shandong   Zhujiazhuang          S                Sed/Bed           Tp    L   2.9Bt at 9.9% S                                                             slf                     N35-58-00, E117-12-0   Ai, 1996
2970   China   Shandong   Liboshikuang          Tl               Hyd-Rpl/Bed-Lnt   Pr    M   35.6Mt at 80.29% Tc                                                         tlc                     N37-23-00, E121-06-0   Ai, 1996
2971   China   Shandong   Fenzishan             Tl               Hyd-Rpl           U     M   2.05Mt                                                                                              N37-10-00, E119-53-0   Ai, 1996
2972   China   Shandong   Haiyang               Tl               Mtm/Bed-Lnt       U     M   15Mt                                                                                                N37-08-00, E121-07-0   Ai, 1996
2973   China   Shandong   Zhifang               Tl               Hyd/Vn            U     M   3.23Mt                                                                                              N36-41-30, E120-12-0   Ai, 1996
2974   China   Shandong   Shidao                Zr               Sed/Plc           Q     S   20Kt ziRcon at 9.72Kg/m3                                                                            N36-57-00, E122-29-0   Ai, 1996
2975   China   Shanxi     Xiaoqinggou           Ag, Mn           Hyd/Ffill         K     M   1000t Ag, 2Mt Mn at 180g/t Au, >20% Mn                                                              N39-22-00, E114-10-0   Wang, 1995
2976   China   Shanxi     Zhijiadi              Ag               Hyd/Ffill         U     M   1109t Ag at 308g/t Ag                                                                               N39-20-00, E114-12-0   Wang, 1995
2977   China   Shanxi     Kuancaoping           Al               Sed/Lnt           C     M   30.7Mt Bx at 58.49% Al2O3, 11.65% SiO2, 11.68% Fe2O3 with 9Mt Hd Cly        dsp, kln                N39-03-00, E112-32-0   Wang, 1995
2978   China   Shanxi     Jiaochuan             Al               Sed/Lnt           C     M   6.9Mt Bx at 58.02% Al2O3, 11.14% SiO2, 12.79% Fe2O3 with 0.57Mt Hd Cly      dsp, kln                N39-01-00, E112-34-3   Wang, 1995
2979   China   Shanxi     Shiqiang              Al               Sed/Lnt           C     M   6Mt Bx at 59.97% Al2O3, 11.64% SiO2, 10.08% Fe2O3                           dsp, kln                N38-57-30, E112-33-0   Wang, 1995
2980   China   Shanxi   Changlianggou                 Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   19.1Mt Bx at 56.82% Al2O3, 14.00% SiO2, 2.23% Fe2O3                                          dsp, kln            N38-50-30, E112-25-0   Wang, 1995
2981   China   Shanxi   Guopianliang-Leijiamao        Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   50.5Mt Bx at 59.43% Al2O3, 6.54% SiO2, 14.61% Fe2O3                                          dsp, kln            N38-50-00, E111-07-3   Wang, 1995
2982   China   Shanxi   Tianhe                        Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   22.3Mt Bx at 61.52% Al2O3, 10.81% SiO2, 6.12% Fe2O3 with 8.5Mt Hd Cly                        dsp, kln            N38-42-00, E113-40-3   Wang, 1995
2983   China   Shanxi   Hejiagetai                    Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   12.27Mt Bx at 64.92% Al2O3, 8.01% SiO2, 8.99% Fe2O3                                          dsp, kln            N38-33-00, E111-10-0   Wang, 1995
2984   China   Shanxi   Nanliu                        Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   8.5Mt Bx at 67.18% Al2O3, 15.51% SiO2, 2.00% Fe2O3 with 7.7Mt Hd Cly                         dsp, kln            N38-03-00, E113-31-0   Wang, 1995
2985   China   Shanxi   Baiquan                       Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   4.4Mt Bx at 63.06% Al2O3, 11.21% SiO2 with 4.0Mt Hd Cly                                      dsp, kln            N37-58-00, E113-37-3   Wang, 1995
2986   China   Shanxi   Baijiazhuang                  Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   19.4Mt Bx at 63.06% Al2O3, 11.44% SiO2, 6.45% Fe2O3                                          dsp, kln            N37-54-00, E113-44-0   Wang, 1995
2987   China   Shanxi   Lijiazhuang                   Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   20Mt Bx at 62.2% Al2O3, 14.72% SiO2, 3.98% Fe2O3, 13-15% Ig.L                                dsp                 N37-38-00, E113-41-0   Wang, 1995
2988   China   Shanxi   Lanjiashan                    Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   4.73Mt Bx at 65.84% Al2O3, 9.73% SiO2, 5.05% Fe2O3 with 11Mt Hd Cly                          dsp, kln            N37-36-00, E110-52-0   Wang, 1995
2989   China   Shanxi   Xiangwang                     Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   49.4Mt Bx at 59.0% Al2O3, 11.0% SiO2                                                         dsp, kln            N37-10-00, E111-32-0   Wang, 1995
2990   China   Shanxi   Suhe                          Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   9.3Mt Bx at 64.3% Al2O3, 10.9% SiO2 with 11.1Mt Hd Cly                                       dsp, kln            N37-16-00, E111-22-3   Wang, 1995
2991   China   Shanxi   Caichang & Wufeng             Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   5Mt Bx at 64.33% Al2O3                                                                       dsp, kln            N37-14-00, E111-29-0   Wang, 1995
2992   China   Shanxi   Ducun                         Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   12.09Mt Bx at 60.01% Al2O3, 11.34% SiO2, 4.70% Fe2O3                                                             N37-12-00, E111-32-0   Wang, 1995
2993   China   Shanxi   Xiangyi                       Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   20Mt Bx at 63.18% Al2O3, 12.84% SiO2 with 8.18Mt Hd Cly                                      dsp, kln            N37-09-00, E111-05-0   Wang, 1995
2994   China   Shanxi   Houwucheng                    Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   8.5Mt Bx at 66.84% Al2O3, 8.14% SiO2, 6.08% Fe2O3                                            dsp, kln            N37-08-00, E111-02-0   Wang, 1995
2995   China   Shanxi   Shigong                       Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   5.5Mt Bx at 66.26% Al2O3, 2.18% Fe2O3 with 11.5Mt Hd Cly                                     dsp, kln            N37-08-00, E111-33-3   Wang, 1995
2996   China   Shanxi   Ke'er                         Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   31.6Mt Bx at 66.0% Al2O3, 2.50% Fe2O3                                                        dsp, kln            N37-07-30, E111-30-0   Wang, 1995
2997   China   Shanxi   Nanglingshang                 Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   5Mt Bx at 67.62% Al2O3 with 4.7Mt Hd Cly                                                                         N37-05-30, E111-05-0   Wang, 1995
2998   China   Shanxi   Xihedi                        Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   42.12Mt Bx at 67.38% Al2O3, 10.45% SiO2, 3.31% Fe2O3                                         dsp, kln            N37-04-00, E111-29-3   Wang, 1995
2999   China   Shanxi   Pangziwa, Bijiazhang, Zhaoj   Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   22.4Mt Bx at 63-66% Al2O3, 11-12.4% SiO2                                                     dsp, kln            N37-03-30, E111-26-0   Wang, 1995
3000   China   Shanxi   Dayu                          Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   5.9Mt Bx at 67.09% Al2O3, 10.64% SiO2                                                        dsp, kln            N36-50-00, E112-07-3   Wang, 1995
3001   China   Shanxi   Yangjiashan                   Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   13.1Mt Bx at 62% Al2O3, 15% SiO2                                                             dsp, kln            N36-47-00, E111-37-0   Wang, 1995
3002   China   Shanxi   Shilin                        Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   20.8Mt Bx at 57.5% Al2O3, 13.00% SiO2, 4.43% Fe2O3, 2.50% TiO2                               dsp, kln            N36-38-30, E111-42-3   Wang, 1995
3003   China   Shanxi   Xiaping                       Al, Py           Sed/Lnt       C     M   64.1Mt Bx at 59.04% Al2O3 with 3.7Mt Hd Cly, 14.4Mt Py ore                                   dsp, kln            N34-57-00, E111-32-0   Wang, 1995
3004   China   Shanxi   Caochuan                      Al               Sed/Lnt       C     M   30.6Mt Bx at 63.82% Al2O3, 12.5% SiO2, 2.38% Fe2O3                                           dsp, kln            N34-55-00, E111-32-0   Wang, 1995
3005   China   Shanxi   Puziwan                       Au               Hyd/BRc       U     M   10t Au at 5g/t Au                                                                                                N40-21-00, E113-37-3   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3006   China   Shanxi   Jiuduigou                     Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   2t Au                                                                                                            N40-18-00, E113-32-0   Cun et al., 1992
3007   China   Shanxi   Tainashui                     Au, Fe           Skn-Hyd/Prp   K     S   3.26t Au at 7.45g/t Au, 0.94Mt Fe at 34.17% Fe, 1.13Mt Py ore                                py, cp, mgt         N39-37-00, E114-12-3   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3008   China   Shanxi   Yaoyu                         Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.484t Au at 5g/t Au                                                                                             N39-28-00, E113-33-0   Cun et al., 1992
3009   China   Shanxi   Yixingzai                     Au               Hyd/Vn        U     M   11.304t Au at 10.33g/t Au                                                                                        N39-23-30, E113-35-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3010   China   Shanxi   Xingzhuang                    Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   5.119t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                                          N39-22-00, E113-38-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3011   China   Shanxi   Moyugou                       Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.285t Au at 3.64g/t Au                                                                                          N39-18-00, E113-50-3   Cun et al., 1992
3012   China   Shanxi   Houyu                         Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.0t Au at 20g/t Au                                                                                              N39-07-30, E113-23-0   Cun et al., 1992
3013   China   Shanxi   Gengzhuang                    Au, Ag, Pb, Zn   Hyd/BRc       U     S   5.147t Au at 10.26g/t Au, 157.68g/t Ag                                                                           N39-06-30, E113-40-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3014   China   Shanxi   Tangohou-Caishuling           Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   11.44g/t Au                                                                                                      N38-59-30, E113-26-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3015   China   Shanxi   Gaofan                        Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.299t Au, 35t Ag at 5.05g/t Au, 80.168g/t Ag                                                                    N38-56-30, E112-57-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3016   China   Shanxi   Dongfengding                  Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   4.036t Au at 7.2g/t Au                                                                                           N35-54-00, E111-38-0   Cun et al., 1992; Wang, 1995
3017   China   Shanxi   Dongfanghong                  Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   3.0t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                                            N35-52-30, E111-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
3018   China   Shanxi   Donggou                       Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.0t Au                                                                                                          N34-57-30, E110-59-5   Cun et al., 1992
3019   China   Shanxi   Shuiyu                        Au               Hyd/Vn        U     S   2t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                                                              N34-47-00, E110-30-3   Cun et al., 1992
3020   China   Shanxi   Wangxian                      Au               Sed/Alv-Plc   U     S   1.0t Au at 0.80g/m3 Au                                                                                           N34-47-00, E110-37-0   Cun et al., 1992
3021   China   Shanxi   Diaoquan                      Cu, Ag                         U     M   84.8Kt Cu, 4.82t Au, 5.53t Ag at 1.78% Cu, 1.018g/t Au, 115.8g/t Ag                                              N39-32-00, E114-31-0   Wang, 1995
3022   China   Shanxi   Houyu                         Cu, Mo           Hyd/Stw-Dis   K     M   57.7Kt Mo, 31.7Kt Cu at 0.061% Mo                                                            mlb, cp, py         N39-08-00, E113-37-0   Wang, 1995
3023   China   Shanxi   Sijiawan                      Cu, Au           Skn           K     S   32.8Kt Cu, 3.36t Au at 2.13% Cu, 2.85g/t Au                                                                      N35-54-00, E111-37-3   Wang, 1995
3024   China   Shanxi   Henglingguan                  Cu               Hyd/Dis       U     M   197Kt Cu at 0.64% Cu                                                                                             N35-23-00, E111-34-0   Wang, 1995
3025   China   Shanxi   Tongkuangyu                   Cu, Mo           Prp           Pr    L   2.67Mt Cu, 10.46Kt Mo, 23.56Kt Co at 0.683% Cu, 0.0032% Mo, 0.0072% Co                                           N35-19-00, E111-40-0   Wang, 1995
3026   China   Shanxi   Bizigou                       Cu               Vol-Sed/Bed   U     M   368Kt Cu, 6.6Kt Co, 1.5Kt Mo at 1.66% Cu                                                                         N35-18-00, E111-35-0   Wang, 1995
3027   China   Shanxi   Luojiahe                      Cu               Vol-Sed/Bed   U     M   100Kt Cu at 1.20% Cu                                                                                             N35-13-30, E112-02-0   Wang, 1995
3028   China   Shanxi   Nanhegou                      Cu               Vol-Sed/Bed   Pr    M   203Kt Cu, 20.7t Ag at 0.76% Cu (Oxide ore), at 1.14% Cu, 0.0356% Co, 1.25g/t Ag, 0.2g/t Au                       N35-13-00, E111-33-0   Wang, 1995
3029   China   Shanxi   Heishanzhuang                 Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   75Mt at 31.53% Fe                                                                            mgt                 N39-08-00, E113-11-0   Wang, 1995
3030   China   Shanxi   Banyu                         Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   64Mt at 30.16% Fe                                                                            mgt, hem, sid       N39-05-00, E113-20-0   Wang, 1995
3031   China   Shanxi   Shanyangping                  Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   U     M   296Mt at 30.31% Fe                                                                                               N39-04-00, E113-17-3   Wang, 1995
3032   China   Shanxi   Zhaochun                      Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   117Mt at 30-32% Fe                                                                                               N39-01-00, E112-56-0   Wang, 1995
3033   China   Shanxi   Baizhiyan                     Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   48Mt at 34.53% Fe                                                                            mgt, hem            N39-01-00, E113-37-0   Wang, 1995
3034   China   Shanxi   Baiyuli                       Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   134Mt at 31.02% Fe                                                                           mgt                 N38-58-30, E113-04-0   Wang, 1995
3035   China   Shanxi   Damingyan                     Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   98Mt at 29.33% Fe                                                                            mgt                 N38-58-00, E113-29-3   Wang, 1995
3036   China   Shanxi   Bata                          Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   49Mt at 28.48% Fe                                                                            mgt                 N38-57-00, E113-09-3   Wang, 1995
3037   China   Shanxi   Shanpeng                      Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   18Mt at 32.21% Fe                                                                            mgt                 N38-56-00, E112-57-0   Wang, 1995
3038   China   Shanxi   Zhangxianpu                   Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   26Mt at 28.22% Fe                                                                            mgt                 N38-56-00, E113-06-3   Wang, 1995
3039   China   Shanxi   Zhangqiang-Linghu             Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   7Mt at 25.7% Fe                                                                              mgt                 N38-53-30, E112-58-0   Wang, 1995
3040   China   Shanxi   Yuanjiachun                   Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   895Mt at 33.79% Fe                                                                           mgt, hem, sid, py   N38-10-00, E111-35-0   Wang, 1995
3041   China   Shanxi   Niangou-Ningjiawan/Yuanjiac   Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   74Mt at 27-37% Fe                                                                            sid, hem, mgt       N38-07-30, E111-36-3   Wang, 1995
3042   China   Shanxi   Hugushan                      Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     L   177Mt at 33% Fe                                                                              hem, mgt, gth       N38-02-30, E111-37-0   Wang, 1995
3043   China   Shanxi   Jianshan                      Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   146Mt at 34.45% Fe                                                                           mgt, hem            N38-02-00, E111-35-0   Wang, 1995
3044   China   Shanxi   Huyanshan                     Fe               Skn/Mas       K     M   25Mt at 40%ツ±Fe                                                                              mgt                 N37-43-00, E111-57-3   Wang, 1995
3045   China   Shanxi   Guyi                          Fe                             A     M   30Mt                                                                                         mgt                 N36-57-00, E113-33-0   Wang, 1995
3046   China   Shanxi   Xiaozai                       Fe               Vol-Sed/Bed   A     M   45Mt at 35.5% Fe                                                                             mgt, hem            N36-50-00, E113-26-0   Wang, 1995
3047   China   Shanxi   Xi'anli                       Fe               Skn/Lnt       K     M   16Mt at 40-46% Fe                                                                            mgt, py             N35-59-00, E113-34-0   Wang, 1995
3048   China   Shanxi   Dawang                        Fe               Skn           K     M   25Mt Fe, 185Mt Gyp ore at 42.9% Fe, 70-80% CaSO4                                             mgt, gyp            N35-58-00, E111-32-0   Wang, 1995
3049   China   Shanxi   Banshan                       Fe               Skn/Mas       K     M   39Mt at 40.7% Fe                                                                             mgt, hem            N35-52-00, E111-50-0   Wang, 1995
3050   China   Shanxi   Zhangjiapo                    Fe               Skn/Mas       K     M   12Mt at 42-39% Fe                                                                            mgt, hem            N35-50-30, E111-48-0   Wang, 1995
3051   China   Shanxi   Beishanjiao                   Fe               Skn/Lnt       U     M   15.23Mt at 38-44% Fe                                                                                             N35-50-00, E111-52-3   Wang, 1995
3052   China   Shanxi   Shangchun                     Mn, Fe                         U     S   4.7Mt at 24.4% Fe, 13.5% Mn                                                                  gth, psl, pyl       N35-37-00, E112-44-0   Wang, 1995
3053   China   Shanxi   Xiyupi                        Pb               Skn/Lnt       U     M   50Kt Pb at 2.97% Pb                                                                                              N37-31-30, E111-53-0   Wang, 1995
3054   China   Shanxi   Nianzigou                     Ti               Mgm/Lnt       U     M   1.33Mt TiO2 at 2.2% TiO2                                                                     rut, mgt, apt       N39-16-30, E113-06-0   Wang, 1995
3055   China   Shanxi   Hongcipu                      Gr               Mtm           U     M   1.63Mt Grp                                                                                                       N40-20-00, E113-27-3   Wang, 1995
3056   China   Shanxi   Liumudi                       Gr               Mtm           A     M   617Kt Grp                                                                                    grp                 N40-15-00, E113-23-0   Wang, 1995
3057   China   Shanxi   Jiwojian                      Gr               Mtm           A     M   769Kt Grp                                                                                    grp                 N40-11-30, E113-10-0   Wang, 1995
3058   China   Shanxi   Geyanggou                     Gp               Sed/Bed       O     M   20.3Mt at 65-85% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                                 gyp                 N37-55-00, E112-29-0   Wang, 1995
3059   China   Shanxi   Jinci                         Gp               Sed/Bed       O     M   24Mt at 65-85% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                                   gyp                 N37-42-00, E112-28-0   Wang, 1995
3060   China   Shanxi   Yanjiafen                     Gp               Sed/Bed       O     M   9.7Mt at 80.4-86.9% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                              gyp                 N36-54-00, E111-46-0   Wang, 1995
3061   China   Shanxi   Ximenwai Zhouxu               Gp               Sed/Bed       O     M   56.7Mt at 83.13% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                                 gyp                 N36-53-30, E111-32-3   Wang, 1995
3062   China   Shanxi   Shanhuang Guanjia'ao          Gp               Sed/Bed       O     M   20.1Mt at 73.61% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                                 gyp                 N36-20-00, E113-21-0   Wang, 1995
3063   China   Shanxi   Jinwangfen                    Gp               Sed/Bed       O     M   19.5Mt at 72.6% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                                  gyp                 N36-10-00, E111-27-0   Wang, 1995
3064   China   Shanxi   Langquan                      Gp               Sed/Bed       O     L   112.7Mt at 70.02% CaSO4ツ・2H2O                                                                gyp                 N36-02-00, E111-17-0   Wang, 1995
3065   China   Shanxi   Zijinshan                     K, P             Mgm/Mas       Mz2   L   474Mt at 12.9% K2O, 2.1-2.8% P2O5                                                                                N38-08-00, E110-52-0   Wang, 1995
3066   China   Shanxi   Wujiayao                      Kl               Sed/Bed       U     M   31.3Mt at 44.2% SiO2, 37.7% Al2O3, 0.43% Fe2O3, 14.9% Ig.L                                                       N39-47-00, E112-55-0   Wang, 1995
3067   China   Shanxi   Pingxingguan                  P                Mgm/Mas       U     M   215Mt at 3.4% P2O5                                                                           apt                 N39-20-00, E113-58-0   Wang, 1995
3068   China   Shanxi   Jingangku                     Py, Cu           Sed/Bed-Lnt   A     M   2.77Mt Py ore with 135Kt Cu                                                                  py                  N38-54-00, E113-38-0   Wang, 1995
3069   China   Shanxi   Qingcheng                     Py               Sed/Bed       C     M   8.18Mt at 19.9% S                                                                            py                  N38-01-00, E113-28-0   Wang, 1995
3070   China   Shanxi    Weijiayu                    Py, Rc   Sed/Lnt        C   M   7.58Mt at 22.23% S                                                              py                      N37-56-00, E113-35-0   Wang, 1995
3071   China   Shanxi    Hexia                       Py       Sed/Bed-Lnt    C   M   8.8Mt at 18.29% S                                                               py                      N37-50-00, E113-37-3   Wang, 1995
3072   China   Shanxi    Suohuang                    Py       Sed/Lnt        C   M   12.20Mt at 20.59% S                                                             py                      N37-42-00, E113-38-3   Wang, 1995
3073   China   Shanxi    Liujiashan                  Py       Sed/Lnt        C   M   13.8Mt at 13.4-16.5% S                                                          py                      N35-57-30, E112-59-0   Wang, 1995
3074   China   Shanxi    Shangling                   Py       Sed/Lnt        C   M   5.5Mt at 13-18% S                                                               py                      N35-43-00, E110-37-0   Wang, 1995
3075   China   Shanxi    Beiliu                      Py, Fe   Sed/Lnt        C   M   7.5Mt Py ore at 12.11% S, 4.2Mt Sid ore                                         py, sid                 N35-28-30, E112-34-0   Wang, 1995
3076   China   Shanxi    Zhoucun                     Py       Sed/Lnt        C   M   12.58Mt at 22.68% S                                                             py, sid                 N35-28-00, E112-37-0   Wang, 1995
3077   China   Shanxi    Shiyu Soft Clay             Rc       Sed/Bed        P   M   10.5Mt at 32.22% Al2O3+TiO2, 2.05% Fe2O3, 10.08% Ig.L                                                   N39-24-00, E112-22-3   Wang, 1995
3078   China   Shanxi    Haojiagou Alum Clay         Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   20Mt Bx, 0.78Mt Hd Cly                                                          dsp, kln                N39-07-30, E112-29-0   Wang, 1995
3079   China   Shanxi    Jiajianao Alum Clay         Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   23Mt Bx at 60.85% Al2O3, 14.68% SiO2, 1.39% Fe2O3, 14.04% Ig.L, 10.7Mt Hd Cly                           N38-03-00, E113-27-3   Wang, 1995
3080   China   Shanxi    Guochun Alum Clay           Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   31Mt Bx, 38.5Mt Hd Cly                                                          dsp, kln                N38-02-30, E113-19-3   Wang, 1995
3081   China   Shanxi    Qianmuping                  Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   16.8Mt Bx, 31.0Mt Hd Cly                                                        dsp, kln                N37-58-00, E113-35-0   Wang, 1995
3082   China   Shanxi    Dongshan Hard Clay          Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   4.5Mt Hd Cly at 56.25% Al2O3, 28.57% SiO2, 1.21% Fe2O3, 14.1% Ig.L              dsp, kln                N37-55-00, E112-41-0   Wang, 1995
3083   China   Shanxi    Houjiagou Refractory Clay   Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   6Mt Bx, 14.4Mt Hd Cly+St Cly                                                    dsp, kln                N37-54-00, E113-38-0   Wang, 1995
3084   China   Shanxi    Taihushi Alum Clay          Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   32.3Mt Bx at 71.71% Al2O3+TiO2, 1.76% Fe2O3, 4.5Mt Hd Cly, 16Mt St Cly          dsp, kln                N37-54-00, E113-42-0   Wang, 1995
3085   China   Shanxi    Tuanshuitou Clay            Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   16Mt Bx, 10.1Mt Hd Cly                                                                                  N37-46-00, E111-02-0   Wang, 1995
3086   China   Shanxi    Xiapu Alum Clay             Rc       Sed/Lnt        C   M   8.3Mt Bx, 6.7Mt Hd Cly                                                          dsp, kln                N37-08-00, E111-38-0   Wang, 1995
3087   China   Sichuan   Nanchuan                    Al       Sed/Lnt        P   M   22.2Mt at 66-70% Al2O3                                                          dsp, kln                N28-40-00, E106-43-0   Zhang, 1996
3088   China   Sichuan   Qiongmo                     Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   S   5.00t Au                                                                                                N34-14-00, E102-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
3089   China   Sichuan   Manaomai/Manaoke            Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   M   20.00t Au at 5.08g/t Au                                                         py, stb, apy, rlg       N33-34-00, E103-40-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
3090   China   Sichuan   Lianhecum                   Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   M   10.0t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                  N33-01-30, E104-22-0   Cun et al., 1992
3091   China   Sichuan   Zheboshan                   Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   S   2.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                  N32-55-00, E103-20-0   Cun et al., 1992
3092   China   Sichuan   Xiaqu                       Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.00t Au at 0.300g/m3 Au                                                                                N32-51-00, E100-01-3   Cun et al., 1992
3093   China   Sichuan   Dongbeizhai                 Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   M   46.00t Au at 6.17g/t Au                                                         apy, orp, rlg, py       N32-51-00, E103-34-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3094   China   Sichuan   Zhangla                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   M   10.408t Au at 0.5524g/m3 Au                                                                             N32-48-00, E103-39-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3095   China   Sichuan   Yaodu                       Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.087t Au at 0.490g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-45-30, E105-26-3   Cun et al., 1992
3096   China   Sichuan   Chuanzhusi                  Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.126t Au at 1.7531g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-45-00, E103-35-0   Cun et al., 1992
3097   China   Sichuan   Shuimo                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.851t Au at 0.4572g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-43-00, E105-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
3098   China   Sichuan   Qiaoqiaoshang               Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   M   15.00t Au at 4.00g/t Au                                                                                 N32-42-00, E103-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
3099   China   Sichuan   Baishui                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   8.678t Au at 0.3648g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-40-00, E105-13-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3100   China   Sichuan   Tianhuang                   Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   3.302t Au at 0.201g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-37-00, E105-27-0   Cun et al., 1992
3101   China   Sichuan   Yangmo                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.233t Au at 0.215g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-35-00, E105-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
3102   China   Sichuan   Guanba                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.803t Au at 0.900g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-35-00, E106-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
3103   China   Sichuan   Banqiao                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.500t Au at 0.2288g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-34-00, E105-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
3104   China   Sichuan   Jialing                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   M   10.159t Au at 0.1856g/m3 Au                                                                             N32-30-00, E105-51-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3105   China   Sichuan   Shuijing                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.053t Au at 0.2394g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-28-30, E104-13-3   Cun et al., 1992
3106   China   Sichuan   Kuoda                       Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   3.50t Au at 0.4474g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-28-00, E104-24-0   Cun et al., 1992
3107   China   Sichuan   Qingxi                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.942t Au at 0.266g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-27-30, E104-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
3108   China   Sichuan   Qiaolou                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   3.708t Au at 0.5095g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-27-30, E104-58-0   Cun et al., 1992
3109   China   Sichuan   Shanshui                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.611t Au at 0.3006g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-27-00, E105-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
3110   China   Sichuan   Gucheng                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   5.470t Au at 0.2789g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-22-00, E104-37-0   Cun et al., 1992
3111   China   Sichuan   Jindonggou                  Au       Hyd/Dis        U   S   5.00t Au at 5.78g/t Au                                                                                  N32-21-30, E104-49-0   Cun et al., 1992
3112   China   Sichuan   Zhaohua                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.254t Au at 0.2204g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-20-00, E105-42-0   Cun et al., 1992
3113   China   Sichuan   Heishui                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.50t Au at 0.250g/m3 Au                                                                                N32-18-30, E104-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
3114   China   Sichuan   Maluba                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.70t Au at 0.270g/m3 Au                                                                                N32-17-00, E105-17-3   Cun et al., 1992
3115   China   Sichuan   Zhamanong                   Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.558t Au at 0.332g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-11-30, E100-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
3116   China   Sichuan   Hongyan                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   M   12.00t Au at 0.2555g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-11-00, E105-42-3   Cun et al., 1992
3117   China   Sichuan   Xiangyan                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.497t Au at 0.2976g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-06-00, E104-47-0   Cun et al., 1992
3118   China   Sichuan   Luoruo                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.503t Au at 0.3119g/m3 Au                                                                              N32-05-00, E100-26-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3119   China   Sichuan   Han-ke                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   3.007t Au at 0.387g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-05-00, E100-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
3120   China   Sichuan   Zhangwang                   Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.00t Au at 0.180g/m3 Au                                                                                N32-05-00, E105-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
3121   China   Sichuan   Sebagou                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   3.37t Au at 0.3742g/m3 Au                                                                               N32-01-30, E098-45-0   Cun et al., 1992
3122   China   Sichuan   Xuri                        Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.025t Au at 0.2524g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-57-30, E100-42-0   Cun et al., 1992
3123   China   Sichuan   Hutiao                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   8.00t Au at 0.222g/m3 Au                                                                                N31-57-00, E105-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
3124   China   Sichuan   Lapu                        Au       Hyd/Dis        U   M   10.0t Au at 8.02g/t Au                                                                                  N31-53-00, E100-08-0   Cun et al., 1992
3125   China   Sichuan   Qiuluo                      Au       Hyd/Dis        U   M   26.0t Au at 16.21g/t Au                                                         py, stb, apy, cp, cnb   N31-50-00, E100-09-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
3126   China   Sichuan   Qinglian                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.541t Au at 0.1634g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-40-00, E104-42-0   Cun et al., 1992
3127   China   Sichuan   Ala/Gala                    Au       Hyd/Dis(Cln)   U   M   20.0t Au at 10.0g/t Au                                                          py, apy, stb            N31-39-30, E099-48-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhou et al., 2002
3128   China   Sichuan   Liujiaba                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.910t Au at 0.2100g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-38-00, E105-55-0   Cun et al., 1992
3129   China   Sichuan   Longfen                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   8.00t Au at 0.2502g/m3 Au                                                                               N31-37-00, E104-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
3130   China   Sichuan   Longmen                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.251t Au at 0.2693g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-36-00, E104-42-0   Cun et al., 1992
3131   China   Sichuan   Jiepai                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.309t Au at 0.1408g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-29-00, E104-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
3132   China   Sichuan   Maiqu                       Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.239t Au at 0.3134g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-18-00, E100-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
3133   China   Sichuan   Panlong                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   9.00t Au at 0.2266g/m3 Au                                                                               N31-17-00, E106-08-0   Cun et al., 1992
3134   China   Sichuan   Liuying                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   M   12.57t Au at 0.304g/m3 Au                                                                               N31-11-00, E104-59-0   Cun et al., 1992
3135   China   Sichuan   Fuli                        Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.752t Au at 0.1904g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-10-00, E106-13-0   Cun et al., 1992
3136   China   Sichuan   Xiangquduo                  Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.00t Au at 0.300g/m3 Au                                                                                N31-07-00, E099-22-3   Cun et al., 1992
3137   China   Sichuan   Muyuba                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.008t Au at 0.1903g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-03-00, E105-09-0   Cun et al., 1992
3138   China   Sichuan   Dongdaigou                  Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.112t Au at 0.5407g/m3 Au                                                                              N31-02-00, E099-34-0   Cun et al., 1992
3139   China   Sichuan   Jiangqu                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.00t Au at 0.300g/m3 Au                                                                                N30-46-00, E099-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
3140   China   Sichuan   Dongjiagou                  Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   1.187t Au at 10.72g/t Au                                                                                N30-46-00, E102-04-0   Cun et al., 1992
3141   China   Sichuan   Xiaowu                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.458t Au at 0.3882g/m3 Au                                                                              N30-32-30, E101-25-0   Cun et al., 1992
3142   China   Sichuan   Tagong                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.004t Au at 0.2977g/m3 Au                                                                              N30-19-00, E101-32-0   Cun et al., 1992
3143   China   Sichuan   Sandiao                     Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   5.00t Au at 11.0g/t Au                                                                                  N30-18-00, E102-14-0   Cun et al., 1992
3144   China   Sichuan   Lingquan                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.576t Au at 0.3161g/m3 Au                                                                              N30-16-30, E102-48-0   Cun et al., 1992
3145   China   Sichuan   Jintaizi                    Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   7.0t Au at 7.80g/t Au                                                                                   N30-16-00, E102-07-0   Cun et al., 1992
3146   China   Sichuan   Huangjinping                Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   4.69t Au at 6.79g/t Au                                                                                  N30-10-00, E102-09-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3147   China   Sichuan   Baisang                     Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.278t Au at 0.2137g/m3 Au                                                                              N30-09-30, E101-30-0   Cun et al., 1992
3148   China   Sichuan   Jinchanggou                 Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.107t Au at 0.3489g/m3 Au                                                                              N30-06-00, E100-05-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhang, 1996
3149   China   Sichuan   Erikuo                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.617t Au at 0.236g/m3 Au                                                                               N30-04-00, E100-12-0   Cun et al., 1992
3150   China   Sichuan   Yuzixi                      Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.671t Au at 0.5286g/m3 Au                                                                              N30-04-00, E101-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
3151   China   Sichuan   Pianyanzi                   Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   2.04t Au at 6.81g/t Au                                                                                  N30-02-00, E102-05-0   Cun et al., 1992
3152   China   Sichuan   Caoba                       Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   1.00t Au at 0.200g/m3 Au                                                                                N29-57-30, E103-06-0   Cun et al., 1992
3153   China   Sichuan   Yulongxi                    Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   4.00t Au at 0.300g/m3 Au                                                                                N29-38-00, E101-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
3154   China   Sichuan   Angu                        Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   2.060t Au at 0.1713g/m3 Au                                                                              N29-31-00, E103-41-0   Cun et al., 1992
3155   China   Sichuan   Jinjitai                    Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   2.00t Au at 5.00g/t Au                                                                                  N29-11-00, E102-16-0   Cun et al., 1992
3156   China   Sichuan   Yanru                       Au       Hyd/Vn         U   S   3.00t Au at 5.5g/t Au                                                                                   N29-07-00, E102-23-0   Cun et al., 1992
3157   China   Sichuan   Chapuzi                     Au       Hyd/Stw        U   S   4.90t Au at 4.84g/t Au                                                                                  N28-22-00, E101-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
3158   China   Sichuan   Wali                        Au       Sed/Alv-Plc    Q   S   3.456t Au at 1.690g/m3 Au                                                                               N28-17-30, E101-36-0   Cun et al., 1992
3159   China   Sichuan   Erze                        Au       Hyd/Vn         U   M   10.81t Au at 3.18g/t Au                                                                                 N28-14-00, E100-28-0   Cun et al., 1992
3160   China   Sichuan    Miansawa                     Au           Hyd/Dis           U     M   10.0t Au at 7.00g/t Au                                                                                          N28-06-00, E101-46-0   Cun et al., 1992
3161   China   Sichuan    Caizidi                      Au           Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.00t Au at 6.00g/t Au                                                                                          N27-59-00, E101-53-3   Cun et al., 1992
3162   China   Sichuan    Masiluo                      Au           Hyd/Vn            U     S   5.00t Au at 8.54g/t Au                                                                                          N27-58-30, E101-44-0   Cun et al., 1992
3163   China   Sichuan    Xiaojie                      Au           Hyd/Vn            U     M   10.0t Au at 7.50g/t Au                                                                                          N26-38-00, E102-55-0   Cun et al., 1992
3164   China   Sichuan    Jiebanjing                   Au           Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.50t Au at 5.79g/t Au                                                                                          N26-30-00, E102-09-3   Cun et al., 1992
3165   China   Sichuan    Peng County                  Cu           Vol-Sed/Bed       Pz1   S   24Kt Cu, 30Kt Zn at 0.92% Cu, 1.18% Zn, 12.9% S                                         cp, bon, sph, gal, py   N31-14-00, E103-43-0   Zhang, 1996
3166   China   Sichuan    Liwu                         Cu, Zn       Vol-Sed/Bed       Pz1   M   260.7Kt Cu, 82.4Kt Zn at 2.5% Cu, 0.75% Zn                                              cp, sph, py             N28-45-00, E101-42-0   Zhang, 1996
3167   China   Sichuan    Datongchang                  Cu, Ag       Sed/Bed           K     M   236Kt Cu at 1.15-1.66% Cu, 40-52 g/t Ag                                                 chc, cp, mlb,azr        N26-33-00, E102-14-0   Zhang, 1996
3168   China   Sichuan    Lalachang                    Cu, Mo, Co   Vol-Sed/Lnt       Pr    M   840Kt Cu, 24Kt Mo, 18Kt Co at 0.92% Cu                                                  cp, bon, mlb, cbt       N26-10-00, E101-56-0   Zhang, 1996
3169   China   Sichuan    Liziya                       Fe           Skn/Mas           Pr    M   21.09Mt at 38% Fe                                                                       mgt                     N32-30-00, E106-50-0   Zhang, 1996
3170   China   Sichuan    Qijiang                      Fe           Sed/Bed           J     M   33.58Mt at 30-40% Fe                                                                    sid, hem, mgt           N29-04-00, E107-10-0   Zhang, 1996
3171   China   Sichuan    Dadingshan                   Fe           Sed/Lnt           Pr    M   15.16Mt at 51.1% Fe                                                                     mgt, hem                N28-17-00, E102-03-0   Zhang, 1996
3172   China   Sichuan    Tiekuangshan                 Fe           Sed/Lnt           Pr    S   6.87Mt at 50.32% Fe                                                                     mgt, hem                N28-15-00, E101-57-0   Zhang, 1996
3173   China   Sichuan    Taihe                        Fe, Ti, V    Mgm/Lyr           U     L   1.78Bt iron ore, 99Mt TiO2, 2.09Mt V2O5 at 25-30% Fe                                    mgt, ilm                N27-56-00, E102-02-0   Zhang, 1996
3174   China   Sichuan    Liangzi                      Fe           Hyd-Rpl           U     M   39.78Mt at 50% Fe                                                                       mgt, sid, gth, py       N27-37-00, E101-48-0   Zhang, 1996
3175   China   Sichuan    Huatan                       Fe           Sed/Bed           O     M   73.85Mt at 45.85% Fe                                                                    hem, mgt                N27-07-00, E102-40-0   Zhang, 1996
3176   China   Sichuan    Baima                        Fe, Ti, V    Mgm/Lyr           U     L   1.19Bt iron ore, 47.5Mt TiO2, 2.94Mt V2O5 at 30.9% Fe, 7.0% TiO2, 0.30% V2O5            mgt, ilm                N27-04-00, E102-07-0   Zhang, 1996
3177   China   Sichuan    Panzhihua                    Fe, Ti, V    Mgm/Lyr           Pz2   L   1.08Bt iron ore, 126Mt TiO2, 3.19Mt V2O5 at 30.6% Fe, 13.83% TiO2, 0.4% V2O5            mgt, ilm                N26-56-00, E101-40-0   Zhang, 1996
3178   China   Sichuan    Hongge                       Fe, Ti, V    Mgm/Lyr           Pz2   L   2.67Bt iron ore, 300Mt TiO2, 6.47Mt V2O5 at 31.2% Fe, 11.9% TiO2, 0.26% V2O5            mgt, ilm, pnt           N26-54-00, E101-37-3   Zhang, 1996
3179   China   Sichuan    Manyin'gou                   Fe           Sed/Bed           Pr    M   54.62Mt at 42.2% Fe                                                                     hem, gth, sid           N26-44-00, E102-46-0   Zhang, 1996
3180   China   Sichuan    Fengshanying                 Fe           Sed/Lnt           Pr    M   32.4Mt at 27.68% Fe                                                                     sid, gth                N26-36-00, E102-03-0   Zhang, 1996
3181   China   Sichuan    Youyang-Xiushan              Hg           Hyd/Vn-Dis        U     M   11.56Kt Hg at 0.138% Hg                                                                 cnb, stb, rlg           N28-31-00, E108-49-0   Zhang, 1996
3182   China   Sichuan    Jinchuan Area                Li           Pgm/Vn            Mz    L   212Kt Li2O at 1.0-1.5% Li2O, 0.03-0.04% BeO                                             spd, bry, col, cas      N31-36-00, E101-45-0   Zhang, 1996
3183   China   Sichuan    Jiajika                      Li           Pgm/Vn            Tr    L   920Kt Li2O at 1.2% Li2O                                                                 spd                     N30-20-00, E101-19-0   Zhang, 1996
3184   China   Sichuan    Gaoyan                       Mn           Sed/Lnt           Pr    M   10.85Mt at 20.53% Mn                                                                    rhc                     N31-54-00, E108-30-0   Zhang, 1996
3185   China   Sichuan    Jiaodingshan                 Mn, Co       Sed/Lnt           Pz2   M   1.92Mt with 5.4Kt Co, 3.6Kt Ni at 35-45% Mn                                             rhc, lnn                N29-26-00, E102-45-0   Zhang, 1996
3186   China   Sichuan    Jinkouhe Dawashan            Mn           Sed/Lnt           O     M   774Kt Mn at 25-30% Mn                                                                   rhc                     N29-20-00, E102-55-0   Zhang, 1996
3187   China   Sichuan    Yangliuping                  Ni, PGE      Mgm/Dis           U     M   214Kt Ni at 0.49% Ni, 0.19% Cu, 0.62g/t PGE, 0.16g/t Au                                 py, pnt, pyr, mgt       N30-42-30, E101-48-0   Zhang, 1996
3188   China   Sichuan    Limahe                       Ni, Cu, Co   Mgm/Dis           Pz2   M   27.6Kt Ni, 13.8Kt Cu at 0.98% Ni, 0.51% Cu                                                                      N26-28-00, E102-03-0   Zhang, 1996
3189   China   Sichuan    Xiacun                       Pb, Zn, Ag   Vol-Sed/Bed       Tr    L   2.14Mt Zn, 1.44Mt Pb, 3.8Kt Ag at 1.9-3.7% Zn, 1.2-2.1% Pb, 0.05-0.2% Cu, 11-24g/t Ag   gal, sph, cp, py, bar   N31-15-00, E099-34-0   Zhang, 1996
3190   China   Sichuan    Tuanbaoshan                  Pb, Zn       Hyd/Lnt           Pr    M   292Kt Zn, 66Kt Pb                                                                       sph, gal, py            N29-26-00, E102-42-3   Zhang, 1996
3191   China   Sichuan    Najiaoxi                     Pb, Zn       Hyd/Cav-Fill      T     M   230Kt Zn, 12Kt Pb at 14.4% Zn, 0.8% Pb                                                  sph, gal                N29-23-00, E099-20-0   Zhang, 1996
3192   China   Sichuan    Wuyi                         Pb           Str/Lnt           O     M   219Kt Pb at 4.15% Pb, <54g/t Ag                                                         gal                     N27-30-00, E102-56-0   Zhang, 1996
3193   China   Sichuan    Tianbaoshan                  Pb, Zn, Ag   Sed-Exh/Lnt       Pr    L   920Kt Zn, 104Kt Pb at 10.1% Zn, 1.5% Pb, 93.6g/t Ag                                     sph, gal, cp            N26-55-00, E102-16-0   Zhang, 1996; MEG, 1995
3194   China   Sichuan    Daliangzi                    Pb, Zn       Hyd-Rpl           U     L   2.38Mt Pb+Zn at 9.3-13.6% Pb+Zn                                                         sph, gal, py            N26-51-00, E102-45-0   Zhang, 1996
3195   China   Sichuan    Xiaoshifang                  Pb, Zn, Ba   Sed-Exh/Lnt       Pr    M   296Kt Zn, 210Kt Pb at 2.29% Zn, 1.62% Pb                                                sph, gal, py, bar       N26-33-00, E102-10-0   Zhang, 1996
3196   China   Sichuan    Maoniuping                   REE          Hyd/Vn            U     M   2.0Mt at 2.49%REO                                                                       bst                     N28-28-00, E102-05-0   Zhang, 1996
3197   China   Sichuan    Chahe                        Sn           Skn-Hyd/Lnt       Pr    M   38.5Kt Sn at 0.5-1.0% Sn                                                                cas, mgt, py, sph       N26-56-00, E102-39-0   Zhang, 1996
3198   China   Sichuan    Pinhe                        Gr           Mtm/Lnt           Pr    M   4.43Mt at 19.9% FC                                                                                              N32-25-00, E106-40-0   Zhang, 1996
3199   China   Sichuan    Zhongba                      Gr           Mtm/Lnt           Pr    M   6.06Mt at 6.88% FC                                                                                              N26-16-00, E101-50-0   Zhang, 1996
3200   China   Sichuan    Nongle                       Gp           Sed/Bed           Tr    M   47.58Mt at 85% CaSO4                                                                    gyp, anh                N31-02-00, E107-06-0   Zhang, 1996
3201   China   Sichuan    Longmenxia                   Gp           Sed/Bed           Tr    M   32.5Mt                                                                                  gyp, anh                N30-57-00, E106-59-0   Zhang, 1996
3202   China   Sichuan    Dawei                        Gp           Sed/Bed           Tr    M   24.0Mt                                                                                  gyp, anh                N29-11-00, E103-14-0   Zhang, 1996
3203   China   Sichuan    Nongle                       K, Gp        Evp/Bed           Tr    M   5.63Mt                                                                                  phl                     N30-53-00, E107-13-0   Zhang, 1996
3204   China   Sichuan    Gaofeng                      Na           Evp/Bed           Tr    M   14.70Mt at 75.5-91.6% NaCl                                                                                      N30-39-00, E108-10-0   Zhang, 1996
3205   China   Sichuan    Ziliujing                    Na           Evp/Bed           Tr    M                                                                                                                   N29-17-00, E104-50-0   Zhang, 1996
3206   China   Sichuan    Dengjingguan/Xinglongchang   Na           Evp/Bed           Tr    M                                                                                                                   N29-13-00, E104-55-0   Zhang, 1996
3207   China   Sichuan    Weixi                        Na           Evp/Bed           Tr    L   450Mt at 96% Na                                                                                                 N29-08-00, E103-47-0   Zhang, 1996
3208   China   Sichuan    Yanjinggou                   Na           Evp/Bed           Tr    L   2.7Bt                                                                                                           N26-58-00, E101-29-0   Zhang, 1996
3209   China   Sichuan    Shifang                      P            Sed/Bed           D     M   46Mt at 29-32% P2O5                                                                                             N31-22-00, E104-03-0   Zhang, 1996
3210   China   Sichuan    Lanjiaping                   P            Sed/Bed           D     M   27.76Mt at 19.59% P2O5                                                                                          N31-15-00, E104-11-0   Zhang, 1996
3211   China   Sichuan    Hanyuan and Ganluo           P, K         Sed/Bed           Cm    M   264Mt at 12-23% P2O5, 3-7% K2O                                                          apt, kfs                N28-54-00, E102-41-0   Zhang, 1996
3212   China   Sichuan    Laoheba                      P            Sed/Bed           Cm    M   391Mt at 31.22% P2O5                                                                                            N28-32-00, E103-19-0   Zhang, 1996
3213   China   Sichuan    Yangjiayuan                  Py           Sed/Bed           D     M   8.35Mt at 14.13% S                                                                      py                      N32-11-00, E105-08-0   Zhang, 1996
3214   China   Sichuan    Dazitang                     Py           Sed/Lnt           S     M   0.97Mt at 33% S                                                                         py, gal, sph            N30-06-00, E102-32-0   Zhang, 1996
3215   China   Sichuan    Xianfeng                     Py           Sed/Bed           P     M   210Mt at 15-20% S                                                                       py, mRc                 N28-14-00, E104-55-0   Zhang, 1996
3216   China   Sichuan    Shiping                      Py           Sed/Bed           U     M   52.06Mt at 15% S                                                                        py                      N27-59-00, E106-02-0   Zhang, 1996
3217   China   Sichuan    Xuyong                       Py           Sed/Bed           P     L   263Mt at 14-18% S                                                                       py                      N27-57-00, E105-32-0   Zhang, 1996
3218   China   Sichuan    Maoping                      Rc           Sed/Lnt           P     M   11.4Mt at 38-44% Al2O3, 1-2% TiO2                                                       kln, qz                 N29-09-00, E103-24-0   Zhang, 1996
3219   China   Sichuan    Shawan                       Rc           Sed/Bed           P     S   3.9Mt at 36.38% Al2O3, 42.89% SiO2, 1.35% Fe2O3, 13% Ig. Loss                           kln, qz                 N29-04-00, E103-30-0   Zhang, 1996
3220   China   Sichuan    Ertan                        Rc           Sed/Lnt           P     S   2.00Mt at 50-70% Al2O3, 7-10% TiO2, 1-2% Fe2O3, 7-11% Ig. Loss                          dsp, kln                N26-48-00, E101-25-0   Zhang, 1996
3221   China   Sichuan    Chongqing Area               Sr           Sed/Lnt           Tr    L   2.96Mt at 43% SrSO4                                                                     cls                     N29-44-00, E105-56-0   Zhang, 1996
3222   China   Sichuan    Western Sichuan              Tn           Evp/Bed           KTp   M                                                                                                                   N30-14-00, E103-40-0   Zhang, 1996
3223   China   Taiwan     Wanli                        Au, Cu       Hyd/BRc           Q     S   2.51g/t Au                                                                              py, apy, gth, eng       N25-09-00, E121-40-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3224   China   Taiwan     Chinkuashih/Jinguashi        Au, Ag, Cu   Hyd/Vn-Dis        Q     M   170t Au, 16Kt Cu at 2.48g/t Au, 0.57% Cu                                                eng, py, cnb, luz       N25-03-00, E121-52-0   Wei and Tang, 2001; Zhou et al., 2002
3225   China   Taiwan     Dongao                       Cu, Zn                         U     S   0.7% Cu                                                                                 py, cp, pyr, sph        N24-32-00, E121-51-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3226   China   Taiwan     Tongshan                     Cu           Vol-Sed/Mas-Dis   U     S   4.35% Cu, 0.19g/t Au                                                                    py, cp, sph             N24-30-00, E121-39-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3227   China   Taiwan     Tongmen-Tongwenlan           Cu           Hyd/Vn            U     S   0.5-5.15% Cu                                                                            cp, py, pyr             N23-58-00, E121-29-3   Wei and Tang, 2001
3228   China   Taiwan     Chimei                       Cu, Au       Prp               Tn    S   7.3Mt at 0.3% Cu, 0.4-0.5g/t Au                                                         cp, py                  N23-29-30, E121-28-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3229   China   Taiwan     Dulanshan                    Cu, Au       Prp               Tn    S                                                                                                                   N22-53-00, E121-11-3   Wei and Tang, 2001
3230   China   Taiwan     Lanyu                        Cu, Au       Prp               Q     S                                                                                                                   N22-02-00, E121-35-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3231   China   Taiwan     Pinglin                      Hg           Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                           cnb, py                 N25-02-00, E121-51-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3232   China   Taiwan     Beitou                       Kl           Hyd/Irg           Q     S                                                                                           hll, qz                 N25-09-00, E121-31-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3233   China   Taiwan     Jinmendao                    Kl           Sed/Bed           U     M   65Mt                                                                                    kln, ser, qz            N24-27-00, E118-20-0   Wei and Tang, 2001
3235   China   Tibet      Duoxiasongduo                Au           Hyd/Vn            U     S   5t Au at 5.5g/t                                                                                                 N31-10-00, E097-51-3   Cun et al., 1992
3244   China   Tibet      Yulong                       Cu, Mo       Prp               Tp    L   6.22Mt Cu at 0.99% Cu, 0.028% Mo, 0.01% WO3                                             py, cp, mlb             N31-26-00, E097-48-0   MEG, 1995 ; Hou et al., 2003
3245   China   Tibet      Zhanaga                      Cu, Au, Ag   Prp               Tp    M   300Kt Cu at 0.36% Cu, 0.03% Mo                                                          py, cp, mlb             N31-19-00, E097-48-0   MEG, 1995 ; Hou et al., 2003
3246   China   Tibet      Mangzong                     Cu           Prp               Tp    M   250Kt Cu at 0.34% Cu, 0.03% Mo                                                          cp, py, mlb             N31-14-00, E097-52-0   Cun et al., 1992; Hou et al., 2003
3247   China   Tibet      Duoxiasongduo                Cu, Mo, Au   Prp               Tp    M   500Kt Cu at 0.38% Cu, 0.04% Mo                                                          py, cp, mlb             N31-10-00, E097-51-0   MEG, 1995 ; Hou et al., 2003
3248   China   Tibet      Malasongduo                  Cu, Mo       Prp               Tp    M   228.3Mt at 0.45% Cu, 0.014% Mo                                                          cp, py, mlb             N31-01-00, E097-55-0   Cun et al., 1992
3249   China   Tibet      Jiaduoling                   Fe           Skn/Irg           U     M   95.7Mt at 23-58% Fe                                                                     mgt, hem, gth           N31-55-00, E098-14-0   Cao, 1996
3256   China   Tibet      Qinggu                       Gr           Skn/Lnt           K     L   2.43Mt at 40-80% C                                                                                              N29-56-00, E097-57-0   Cao, 1996
3257   China   Tibet      Zhag'yab                     Gp           Sed/Bed           Tr    M   >500Mt gyp                                                                              gyp                     N30-40-00, E097-57-0   Cao, 1996
3258   China   Tibet      Neiba                        Gp           Sed/Bed           J     M                                                                                                                   N29-29-00, E098-43-0   Cao, 1996
3260   China   Tibet      Youzha                       Na           Sed/Bed           Tp    M   339Mt NaCl                                                                                                      N30-47-00, E098-36-0   Cao, 1996
3283   China   Xinjiang   Nanpoziquan                  Au, Ag       Hyd/Vn-Dis        Pz2   S   2.0t Au, 20.2t Ag at 10.56g/t Au                                                                                N41-54-00, E095-49-0   Zhang, 1996
3297   China   Xinjiang   Baishanquan                  Fe           Vol-Sed/Lnt       C     M   44Mt at 31.35% Fe                                                                       sid, gth                N42-11-00, E095-56-0   Zhang, 1996
3304   China   Xinjiang   Tianhu                       Fe           Sed/Bed           Pr    L   104Mt at 41.97% Fe                                                                                              N41-41-00, E094-45-0   Zhang, 1996
3310   China   Xinjiang   Weiya                        Fe, Ti, V    Mgm/Lnt           Pz2   S   10.8Mt iron ore, 809Kt TiO2, 2.3Kt V2O5 at 21-33% Fe, 8.6-13.5% TiO2, 0.14-0.24% V2O5   ilm, mgt, hem           N41-40-00, E094-36-0   Zhang, 1996
3314   China   Xinjiang   Hulu                         Ni, Cu, Co   Mgm/Lnt           U     M   80.2Kt Ni, 39.6Kt Cu, 5.1Kt Co at 0.23-0.61% Ni, 0.1-0.49% Cu, 0.02-0.042% Co                                   N42-31-00, E095-48-0   Zhang, 1996
3315   China   Xinjiang   Huanshan Dong           Ni, Cu, Co           Mgm/Lnt           U     M   383.6Kt Ni,188.2Kt Cu,16.7Kt Co at 0.52% Ni, 0.27% Cu, 0.024% Co                                                          N42-14-00, E095-01-0   Zhang, 1996
3316   China   Xinjiang   Huanshan                Ni, Cu, Co           Mgm/Lnt           U     M   334Kt Ni, 208.3Kt Cu, 19.5Kt Co at 0.47% Ni, 0.31% Cu, 0.026% Co                                                          N42-11-00, E094-42-0   Zhang, 1996
3317   China   Xinjiang   Tudun                   Ni, Cu               Mgm/Lnt           U     M   15.9Kt Cu, 26.3Kt Ni, 1.7Kt Co at 0.377% Ni, 0.205% Cu, 0.022% Co                       pnt, pyr, cp                      N42-05-00, E094-15-0   Zhang, 1996
3333   China   Yunnan     LemRchang               Ag, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Ffill         U     S   110t Ag at 100-200g/t Ag                                                                                                  N27-06-30, E103-23-0   Zhang, 1996
3334   China   Yunnan     Bainiuchang             Ag, Pb, Zn, Sn, Cu   Vol-Sed/Lnt       Pz1   M   2.42Kt Ag, 1.04Mt PbZn, 42.8Kt Sn at 188.5g/t Ag, 6.51% PbZn, 0.30% Sn                  gal, sph, py, arg, nslv           N23-28-00, E103-47-3   Zhang, 1996
3335   China   Yunnan     Xiachang                Ag                   Hyd/Lnt           U     S   318.5t Ag at 432.2g/t Ag                                                                                                  N23-13-00, E103-59-0   Zhang, 1996
3336   China   Yunnan     Maijiuping              Al                   Sed/Lnt           P     M   11.3Mt at 56.17-62.59% Al2O3                                                            dsp                               N23-21-00, E104-50-0   Zhang, 1996
3337   China   Yunnan     Jingjiangiie            Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.963t Au at 0.138g/m3 Au                                                                                                 N26-12-00, E100-30-3   Cun. 1992
3338   China   Yunnan     Beiya                   Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   10.0t Au at 8.865g/t Au                                                                                                   N26-10-00, E100-11-0   Cun. 1992
3339   China   Yunnan     Mrchangjing             Au                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   8.877t Au at 6.08g/t Au                                                                                                   N25-33-00, E100-25-0   Cun. 1992
3340   China   Yunnan     Zhacun                  Au                   Hyd/Vn-Dis(Cln)   Tp    M   11.7t Au at 3.31-6.43g/t Au                                                                                               N25-17-00, E100-09-0   Zhang, 1996; Luo et al., 1994
3342   China   Yunnan     Tangshang               Au                   Hyd/Dis (Cln)     U     S   3.00t Au at 3.370g/t Au                                                                                                   N24-25-00, E104-50-0   Cun et al., 1992
3344   China   Yunnan     Laowangzhai/Zhenyuan    Au                   Hyd/Ffill         Tp    M   70.0t Au at 5.15g/t Au                                                                  ngld, stb, apy                    N23-55-30, E101-29-0   Zhang, 1996; Luo et al., 1994
3345   China   Yunnan     Gedang                  Au                   Hyd/Dis (Cln)     U     S   7.00t Au at 3.50g/t Au                                                                                                    N23-36-00, E105-32-0   Cun et al., 1992
3346   China   Yunnan     Tangdiang               Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   2.00t Au at 17.550g/t Au                                                                                                  N23-32-30, E103-09-3   Cun. 1992
3347   China   Yunnan     Jinchang                Au                   Hyd/Vn-Stw        Tr    M   27.2t Au at 4.28g/t Au                                                                  py, hem, gal, sph                 N23-30-00, E101-45-0   Zhang, 1996; Luo et al., 1994; Zhou et al.,
3349   China   Yunnan     Daping                  Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn            Pz2   S   5.6t Au, 13.4t Ag, 2.6Kt Cu, 13.4Kt Pb at 9.98g/t Au, 35.87g/t Ag, 0.54% Cu, 3.03% Pb                                     N22-56-00, E103-05-0   Zhang, 1996
3350   China   Yunnan     Lontanba                Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.354t Au at 0.2869g/m3 Au                                                                                                N22-48-00, E103-08-0   Cun et al., 1992
3351   China   Yunnan     Menglaba                Au                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.03t Au at 0.1801g/m3 Au                                                                                                 N22-40-00, E103-02-3   Cun et al., 1992
3353   China   Yunnan     Xiding                  Au                   Hyd/Dis           U     S   1.00t Au at 7.5g/t Au                                                                                                     N21-55-00, E100-13-0   Cun. 1992
3354   China   Yunnan     Hongshan                Cu, Pb, Zn, Mo       Skn-Prp           Tr    M   231.9Kt Cu, 5.7Kt Mo, 11Kt Pb, 14Kt Zn, 7.5Kt WO3, 284t Ag at 1.01% Cu                  pyr, mgt, py, mRc, cp, sph, gal   N28-09-00, E099-58-0   Zhang, 1996
3355   China   Yunnan     Xuejiping               Cu                   Prp               Tr    M   287Kt Cu, 3t Au, 79.8t Ag at 0.53% Cu                                                   py, cp, chc, mlb, gal, sph        N28-00-30, E099-49-0   Zhang, 1996
3356   China   Yunnan     Dongchuan               Cu                   Sed/Bed           Pr    L   5.0Mt Cu                                                                                                                  N26-15-00, E102-58-0   Zhang, 1996
3357   China   Yunnan     Dacun                   Cu                   Sed/Bed           K     M   230Kt Cu at 1.8% Cu                                                                                                       N26-03-00, E101-20-0   Zhang, 1996
3358   China   Yunnan     Liuzho                  Cu                   Sed/Bed           K     M   367.9Kt Cu at 1.3% Cu                                                                                                     N25-51-30, E101-23-3   Zhang, 1996
3359   China   Yunnan     Moudin                  Cu                   Sed/Bed           K     M   184.5Kt Cu, 98t Ag at 1.28% Cu                                                          chc, mal                          N25-24-00, E101-38-0   Zhang, 1996
3360   China   Yunnan     Yongping                Cu, Co               Hyd/Vn            U     M   65.1Kt Cu, 2.58Kt Co at 1.42% Cu, 0.074% Co                                                                               N25-18-30, E099-32-0   Zhang, 1996
3361   China   Yunnan     Dameichang              Cu                   Sed/Lnt           Pr    M   121Kt Cu, 144t Co, 29t Ag at 0.8-1.33% Cu                                               py, cp, bn, chc                   N25-18-00, E102-08-3   Zhang, 1996
3362   China   Yunnan     Yimen                   Cu                   Sed/Bed           Pr    L   1.02Mt Cu, 3.6Kt Co                                                                                                       N24-38-00, E101-54-0   Zhang, 1996
3363   China   Yunnan     Jiangpo                 Fe                                     U     M   18.2Mt at 39.37% Fe                                                                     mgt, sid                          N28-40-00, E098-41-0   Zhang, 1996
3364   China   Yunnan     Chugeza                 Fe                   Sed/Lnt           Tr    M   139Mt at 35.4-48.7% Fe                                                                  gth, sid                          N27-50-00, E099-02-3   Zhang, 1996
3365   China   Yunnan     Baozipu                 Fe                   Sed/Bed           Pr    M   51Mt at 33% Fe                                                                          hem, gth                          N26-19-00, E103-00-0   Zhang, 1996
3366   China   Yunnan     Yinachang               Fe, Cu               Sed/Bed           Pr    M   6.8Mt iron ore, 68.2Kt Cu, 12.7Kt REE, 1.3Kt Nb2O5                                                                        N25-35-00, E102-03-3   Zhang, 1996
3367   China   Yunnan     Etouchang               Fe, Cu               Vol-Sed/Lnt       Pr    M   17.4Mt iron ore, 7.9Kt Cu at 47.5% Fe                                                   hem, mgt, cp, py                  N25-30-00, E102-10-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3368   China   Yunnan     Yuzidian                Fe                   Sed/Bed           U     M   242Mt iron ore, low grade                                                                                                 N25-28-00, E102-26-0   Zhang, 1996
3370   China   Yunnan     Wangjiatan              Fe                   Hyd/Ffill         U     M   11.2Mt iron ore, 17.9Kt Cu at 39%Fe                                                     hem, sid, cp, py                  N24-52-00, E102-25-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3371   China   Yunnan     Bajie                   Fe                   Sed/Bed           Pr    M   27Mt at 31-37% Fe                                                                       gth, hem, sid                     N24-43-00, E102-17-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3372   China   Yunnan     Shangchang-Baimalong    Fe                   Hyd/Vn            U     S   10.5Mt at 36-49% Fe                                                                                                       N24-18-00, E102-20-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3373   China   Yunnan     Tada-Daliulong          Fe                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   25Mt iron ore at 47% Fe                                                                 gth, sid, hem, mgt                N24-14-00, E102-19-0   Zhang, 1996
3374   China   Yunnan     Huanian                 Fe                   Sed/Lnt           Pr    M   51.8Mt at 35.67% Fe                                                                     sid, py, hem                      N24-09-00, E102-13-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3375   China   Yunnan     Dahongshan              Fe, Cu               Vol-Sed/Bed       Pr    L   458Mt iron ore, 1.35Mt Cu, 12t Au at 25-50% Fe, 0.60-0.52% Cu                           mgt, hem, sid, cp, py, bon        N24-03-00, E101-39-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3376   China   Yunnan     Lukuishan               Fe                   Wth-Res           TnQ   M   45.8Mt iron ore                                                                         gth                               N23-59-00, E102-09-0   Zhang, 1996
3377   China   Yunnan     Huimin                  Fe                   Vol-Sed/Lnt       Pr    L   1.1Bt iron ore at 25-50% Fe                                                             mgt, sid, gth                     N22-18-00, E100-02-0   Zhang, 1996; Yao et al., 1993
3378   China   Yunnan     Xinshan                 Fe, Cu, Pb, Zn       Sed-Hyd/Lnt       U     M   67.8Mt iron ore, 51Kt Cu, 26Kt Pb, 72Kt Zn at 38-48% Fe, 0.25% Cu, 5.2% PbZn            sid, gth                          N21-52-00, E101-31-0   Zhang, 1996
3379   China   Yunnan     Damenglong              Fe                   Vol-Sed/Lnt       U     M   120Mt, low grade                                                                        mgt                               N21-38-00, E100-41-0   Zhang, 1996
3381   China   Yunnan     Ximatang                Hg, Sb               Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.35Kt Hg at 0.09-1.09% Hg                                                              cnb, stb                          N24-01-00, E103-52-0   Zhang, 1996
3382   China   Yunnan     Heqing                  Mn                                     U     M   2.17Mt at 39.98% Mn                                                                                                       N26-30-00, E100-08-0   Zhang, 1996
3383   China   Yunnan     Laowu                   Mn                   Sed/Bed           Tr    M   2.97Mt at 30% Mn                                                                                                          N23-39-00, E103-57-0   Zhang, 1996
3384   China   Yunnan     Dounan                  Mn                   Sed/Bed           Tr    L   15.8Mt at 39.27% Mn                                                                     brn, crhc                         N23-31-00, E103-39-0   Zhang, 1996
3385   China   Yunnan     Yanzijiao               Mn                   Sed/Bed           Tr    M   3.07Mt at 15-30% Mn                                                                                                       N23-28-00, E103-31-0   Zhang, 1996
3386   China   Yunnan     Baixian                 Mn                   Sed/Bed           Tr    M   13.7Mt at 27.6-37.7% Mn                                                                                                   N23-20-00, E102-51-3   Zhang, 1996
3387   China   Yunnan     Mojiang                 Ni, Co               Wth-Res           TnQ   M   217.4Kt Ni, 14.5Kt Co at >1.08% Ni                                                      grn                               N23-27-00, E101-48-0   Zhang, 1996
3388   China   Yunnan     Baimazhai               Ni, Cu, Co           Mgm/Lyr           U     M   42.7Kt Ni, 26.6Kt Cu, 2.0Kt Co                                                                                            N22-53-00, E102-59-0   Zhang, 1996
3389   China   Yunnan     Maoping                 Pb, Zn                                 U     M   59Kt Pb, 142.4Kt Zn at 4.74% Pb, 11.44% Zn                                                                                N27-32-00, E104-02-3   Zhang, 1996
3390   China   Yunnan     Kuangshanchang          Pb, Zn               Str/Lnt           C     L   295.7Kt Pb, 843.9Kt Zn                                                                                                    N26-39-00, E103-38-0   Zhang, 1996
3391   China   Yunnan     Jinding                 Pb, Zn, Sr, Gyp      Str/Mas           Tp    M   14.3Mt Pb+Zn, 614Kt Sr ore, 4Mt Gyp. at 9.63% Pb+Zn                                                                       N26-22-30, E099-30-0   Zhang, 1996
3392   China   Yunnan     Fulechang               Pb, Zn               Str/Lnt           P     M   279.7Kt Zn, 26Kt Pb at 4.74% Zn, 0.37% Pb                                                                                 N25-19-00, E104-20-0   Zhang, 1996
3394   China   Yunnan     Luchaichong-Qianchang   Pb, Zn                                 O     M   Luch: 400Kt PbZn, 285t Ag at 6.94% PbZn, 53.7g/t Ag Qian: 84.6Kt PbZn at 8.48% PbZn                                       N23-31-00, E104-13-0   Zhang, 1996
3395   China   Yunnan     Huangtian               Pb, Zn               Vol-Sed/Lnt       P     M   sulf.ore: 513Kt Pb+Zn at 8.02% PbZn, oxide ore: 137Kt Pb+Zn at 7.6% PbZn                                                  N23-25-00, E102-39-0   Zhang, 1996
3396   China   Yunnan     Xiadong                 Pb, Zn, Sb           Hyd/Ffill         U     M   203Kt Pb, 185Kt Zn, 613t Ag, 56Kt Sb at 2.2-4.9% Pb, 0.5-10.1% Zn, 0.6% Sb                                                N23-17-00, E102-32-3   Zhang, 1996
3397   China   Yunnan     Laochang                Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag       Vol-Sed           C     L   1.2Mt Pb+Zn, 100Kt Cu, 2.0Kt Ag                                                                                           N22-35-00, E099-42-0   Zhang, 1996
3398   China   Yunnan     Zhubu                   PGE                  Mgm/Mas           U     S   5.93t PGE, 14.58Kt Cu, 15.4Kt Ni at 0.2-0.5g/t PGE, 0.27% Cu, 0.14-0.29% Ni                                               N25-47-00, E101-54-0   Zhang, 1996
3399   China   Yunnan     Huangcaoba              PGE, Ni, Cu          Mgm               U     S   5t PGE, 10Kt Ni, 30Kt Cu at 0.3-0.7g/t PGE                                                                                N25-45-00, E100-13-0   Zhang, 1996
3400   China   Yunnan     Anyi                    PGE                  Mgm/Lyr           U     M   51t PGE, 27Mt TiO2 at 0.34g/t PGE, 16.71% TiO2                                                                            N25-27-00, E101-46-0   Zhang, 1996
3401   China   Yunnan     Jinbaoshan              PGE                  Mgm/Irg           U     M   45t PGE, 48.6Kt Cu, 58.4Kt Ni (low grade)                                                                                 N25-06-00, E100-51-0   Zhang, 1996
3402   China   Yunnan     Mengwang                REE                  Sed/Plc           Q     M   16.9Kt mnz, 19.9Kt zir, 138.8Kt ilm at 200-500g/t zir, 750g/t mnz                       mnz, zir, ilm                     N22-17-30, E100-29-0   Zhang, 1996
3403   China   Yunnan     Bijiashan               Sb, F                Hyd/Vn            U     M   65.8Kt Sb, 142Kt CaF2                                                                   stb, fl                           N25-01-30, E100-02-0   Zhang, 1996
3404   China   Yunnan     Muli                    Sb                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   160Kt Sb at 5.23% Sb                                                                                                      N23-59-00, E105-21-0   Zhang, 1996
3405   China   Yunnan     Xiaoxiban               Sb                   Hyd/Dis           U     M   16.4Kt Sb at 3.59% Sb                                                                   stb, py, cp                       N23-14-00, E104-37-0   Zhang, 1996
3406   China   Yunnan     Tiechang                Sn                                     U     M   30.3Kt Sn at 0.796% Sn                                                                                                    N25-42-00, E099-09-0   Zhang, 1996
3413   China   Yunnan     Haobadi                 Sn                   Hyd/Ffill         U     M   85.5Kt Sn at 0.701% Sn                                                                                                    N24-57-00, E099-33-0   Zhang, 1996
3414   China   Yunnan     Gejiu                   Sn, Pb, Cu, Ag       Hyd-Rpl           K     L   1.82Mt Sn, 1.52Mt Cu, 3.08Mt Pb, 0.53Mt Zn, 140Kt W, 2.4Kt Ag                                                             N23-18-00, E103-11-0   Zhang, 1996
3415   China   Yunnan     Xinzhai                 Sn                   Skn/Lnt           U     L   632Kt Sn at 0.555% Sn                                                                                                     N22-59-00, E104-48-0   Zhang, 1996
3416   China   Yunnan     Dulong                  Sn, Pb, Zn           Skn/Mas           U     L   330Kt Sn, 3.02Mt Zn at 0.56% Sn, 5.12% Zn                                                                                 N22-52-00, E104-31-0   Zhang, 1996
3417   China   Yunnan     Ximeng                  Sn                   Hyd/Vn            U     M   21.7Kt Sn                                                                                                                 N22-51-00, E099-32-0   Zhang, 1996
3418   China   Yunnan     Saipushan               Ti                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   1.5Mt TiO2                                                                              ilm, mgt                          N25-37-00, E102-25-0   Zhang, 1996
3419   China   Yunnan     Dongcun                 Ti                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   2.4ツMツつ乃iO2                                                                             ilm                               N25-37-00, E102-51-0   Zhang, 1996
3420   China   Yunnan     Dayipo-Baiyicun         Ti                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   650Kt TiO2 at 101.4Kg/m3 TiO2                                                           ilm, mgt, hem, zir, rut           N25-33-00, E102-27-0   Zhang, 1996
3421   China   Yunnan     Dayin                   Ti                   Sed/Plc           Q     S   2.46Mt                                                                                  ilm                               N25-15-00, E102-40-0   Zhang, 1996
3422   China   Yunnan     Mahuaping               W, Bi, F             Hyd/Vn            U     L   52.6Kt WO3, 31.9Kt BiO, 2.3Mt CaF2 at 0.23-0.82% WO3, 0.11-0.46% BiO                    wlf, sch, fl                      N27-18-00, E100-05-0   Zhang, 1996
3423   China   Yunnan     Longtan                 W                    Hyd/Vn-Dis        U     M   30.8Kt WO3                                                                                                                N23-49-00, E102-28-0   Zhang, 1996
3424   China   Yunnan     Shihuangchang           As                   Hyd/Ffill         U     M   150Kt at 6.21% As                                                                       orp, rlg, py                      N25-27-00, E100-07-0   Zhang, 1996
3425   China   Yunnan     Longtan                 As                   Hyd/Lnt           U     M   69Kt at 11% As                                                                          rlg, orp, py, gal                 N25-01-00, E101-18-0   Zhang, 1996
3426   China   Yunnan     Xujie                   Gr                   Mtm/Bed           Pr    M   42.1Mt at 3-8% Fx C                                                                                                       N25-26-00, E101-46-0   Zhang, 1996
3427   China   Yunnan     Zhongpizhai             Gr                   Mtm/Bed           U     M   690Kt Grp at >10% Fx C                                                                                                    N23-10-00, E102-51-0   Zhang, 1996
3428   China   Yunnan     Laochang                F, Sb                Hyd/Ffill         U     M   2.08Mt                                                                                  flu, stb                          N25-11-00, E104-38-0   Zhang, 1996
3429   China   Yunnan     Yisa                    Gp                   Sed/Bed           Tn    L   119.2Mt at 65-85% Gyp                                                                   gyp                               N23-25-00, E102-17-0   Zhang, 1996
3430   China   Yunnan     Mengyejin               K, Na                Evp               J     L   14.3Mt KCl, 1148Mt NaCl                                                                                                   N22-38-00, E101-39-3   Zhang, 1996
3432   China   Yunnan     Zhebei                  Na, Tn               Evp/Bed           J     L   14.0Bt NaCl, 7.1Bt Na2SO4 at >20% NaCl, >10% Na2SO4                                     slt, mrb                          N25-21-00, E102-28-0   Zhang, 1996
3433   China   Yunnan     Heijin                  Na, Tn               Evp/Bed           K     L   174Mt Na2SO4, 106Mt NaCl, at >9.5% Na2SO4, >24.6% NaCl                                  slt, mrb                          N25-17-30, E101-40-0   Zhang, 1996
3434   China   Yunnan     Annin              Na, Tn               Evp/Bed       K     L   14.0Bt NaCl, 0.71Bt Na2SO4 at <20% NaCl, <27% Na2SO4                                         mrb, slt                                  N24-59-00, E102-33-0   Zhang, 1996
3435   China   Yunnan     Wenka              Na, Tn               Evp/Bed       KTp   L   1.4Bt NaCl at >20% NaCl                                                                      slt, mrb                                  N23-43-00, E100-45-0   Zhang, 1996
3436   China   Yunnan     Zhendong           Na, Gp               Evp/Bed       KTp   L   1.0Bt at 60.65% NaCl, 2-5.6% gyp                                                             slt, gyp                                  N22-28-00, E101-35-0   Zhang, 1996
3437   China   Yunnan     Moxie              Na                   Evp/Bed       KTp   L   7.5Bt NaCl, 1.1Mt Na2SO4 at 61.51% NaCl, 0.25% Na2SO4                                        slt, mrb, gyp                             N21-18-00, E101-42-0   Zhang, 1996
3438   China   Yunnan     Deze               P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   53Mt                                                                                                                                   N25-50-00, E103-38-0   Zhang, 1996
3439   China   Yunnan     Caupu              P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   68.6Mt at 23.76% P2O5                                                                                                                  N24-58-00, E102-20-0   Zhang, 1996
3440   China   Yunnan     Baitacum           P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   20.9Mt at 22.41% P2O5                                                                                                                  N24-50-00, E102-33-0   Zhang, 1996
3441   China   Yunnan     Annin              P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   128.3Mt                                                                                                                                N24-48-00, E102-32-0   Zhang, 1996
3442   China   Yunnan     Haikou             P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   155.8Mt at 25.64% P2O5                                                                                                                 N24-47-00, E102-18-0   Zhang, 1996
3443   China   Yunnan     Jianshan           P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   212.2Mt at 25.48% P2O5                                                                                                                 N24-45-00, E102-30-0   Zhang, 1996
3444   China   Yunnan     Yuhucun            P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    L   650Mt at 25% P2O5                                                                                                                      N24-45-00, E102-52-0   Zhang, 1996
3445   China   Yunnan     Minyihe            P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   158.9Mt at 20.6-23.3% P2O5                                                                                                             N24-39-00, E102-17-3   Zhang, 1996
3446   China   Yunnan     Jinnin             P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    L   450Mt at >26% P2O5                                                                                                                     N24-39-00, E102-38-0   Zhang, 1996
3447   China   Yunnan     Kunyang            P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   156.6Mt at 23.6% P2O5                                                                        cll                                       N24-28-30, E102-49-0   Zhang, 1996
3448   China   Yunnan     Qingshuigou        P                    Sed/Bed       Cm    M   122Mt                                                                                                                                  N24-27-00, E102-52-0   Zhang, 1996
3449   China   Yunnan     Shunhe             Py                   Sed/Lnt       P     M   7.5Mt at 18.07% S                                                                            py                                        N27-58-00, E105-09-0   Zhang, 1996
3450   China   Yunnan     Heishuzhuang       Py                   Sed/Lnt-Pdf   P     M   15.4Mt at 18.6% S                                                                            py                                        N27-30-00, E105-10-0   Zhang, 1996
3451   China   Yunnan     Baofengsi          Py, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Mas       U     M   2.3Mt with 3.7Kt Pb, 1.8Kt Zn at 15.2-18.2% S                                                py, gth                                   N25-54-00, E100-30-0   Zhang, 1996
3452   China   Yunnan     Adong              Py                   Sed/Lnt       P     M   12.3Mt at 14-16% S                                                                           py                                        N25-12-00, E104-08-0   Zhang, 1996
3453   China   Yunnan     Laomeishan         Rc                   Sed/Lnt       P     M   3.55Mt at 40.8% Al2O3, 12.27% SiO2, 8.48% Fe2O3                                                                                        N25-25-00, E102-39-0   Zhang, 1996
3454   China   Yunnan     Hexi               Sr, Pb, Zn           Sed/Lnt       Tr    M   130Kt St ore at 20-35% Sr                                                                                                              N26-50-00, E099-28-0   Zhang, 1996
3455   China   Zhejiang   Hou'an             Ag, Au, Cu, Pb, Zn   Hyd/Vn        K     S   105t Ag, 1.1Kt Cu, 7.7Kt PbZn at 217g/t Ag, 0.51% Cu, 2.03% PbZn                                                                       N29-28-30, E121-00-0   Zhu,1996
3456   China   Zhejiang   Dalingkou          Ag, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        U     S   141.8g/t Ag, 3.21% Pb+Zn                                                                                                               N29-07-30, E120-55-0   Zhu,1996
3457   China   Zhejiang   Jintiansi          Ag, Co, Cu, Pb, Zn   Hyd/Vn        U     S   104t Ag, 536t Co at 179.8g/t Ag, 0.038% Co                                                                                             N28-42-00, E119-05-0   Zhu,1996
3458   China   Zhejiang   Zhupu'ao           Au                   Hyd/Vn        U     S   2.00t Au                                                                                                                               N29-57-00, E120-38-0   Cun et al., 1992
3459   China   Zhejiang   Zhong'ao           Au                   Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.271t Au at 11.40g/t Au                                                                                                               N29-55-00, E120-37-0   Cun et al., 1992
3460   China   Zhejiang   Huangshan          Au                   Hyd/Vn        U     S   3.317t Au at 9.0g/t Au                                                                                                                 N29-35-00, E120-20-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhu,1996
3461   China   Zhejiang   Miaoxiafan         Au                   Hyd/Dis       U     S   4.86t Au at 12.40g/t Au                                                                                                                N29-31-30, E120-18-0   Cun et al., 1992
3462   China   Zhejiang   Luoshan            Au                   Hyd/Dis       U     S   0.909t Au at 4.03g/t Au                                                                                                                N29-24-30, E120-22-0   Cun et al., 1992
3463   China   Zhejiang   Jinjiyan           Au                                 U     S   4.00t Au at 8.30g/t Au                                                                                                                 N29-14-30, E119-43-0   Cun et al., 1992
3464   China   Zhejiang   Huantangkeng       Au                   Hyd/Vn        U     S   1.0t Au                                                                                                                                N29-02-00, E120-17-3   Cun et al., 1992
3465   China   Zhejiang   Kengkou            Au                                 U     S   1.00t Au at 7.80g/t Au                                                                                                                 N28-47-30, E118-53-0   Cun et al., 1992
3466   China   Zhejiang   Yinkengshan        Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        U     M   19.77t Au at 12.10g/t Au, 305.8g/t Ag                                                                                                  N28-38-00, E119-25-0   Cun et al., 1992; Zhu,1996
3467   China   Zhejiang   Babaoshan          Au, Ag               Hyd/Dis       U     S   1.309t Au, 31.0t Ag at 4.63g/t Au, 112.8g/t Ag                                                                                         N27-57-30, E118-58-3   Cun et al., 1992; Zhu,1996
3468   China   Zhejiang   Xiqiu              Cu, Zn, Au, Ag, Ba   Vol-Sed/Lnt   Pr    M   200Kt Cu, 220Kt Zn, 1.1Mt S, 4t Au at 1.0% Cu, 1.69% Zn, 14.6% S, 0.49g/t Au                 py, cp, sph                               N29-56-00, E120-30-0   Zhu,1996
3469   China   Zhejiang   Tongquan/Linghou   Cu, Zn, Pb           Str/Rpl       C     M   110Kt Cu, 60Kt Zn, 7.8Kt Pb, 1.08t Au at 2.32% Cu, 2.05% Pb+Zn, 0.47g/t Au                   cp, bon, sph, py                          N29-35-00, E119-15-0   Zhu,1996
3470   China   Zhejiang   Xianlingbu         Fe, Mo, Cu, W        Skn/Lnt       U     S   10.7Mt iron ore, 4.7Kt Mo, 10.8Kt Cu at 36.47% Fe, 0.184% Mo, 0.39% Cu                       mgt, mlb, cp, sch                         N30-15-00, E120-01-3   Zhu,1996
3471   China   Zhejiang   Lizhu              Fe, Zn, Mo           Skn/Bed       Mz2   M   74.9Mt iron ore, 60Kt Zn, 5Kt Mo at 31% Fe, 1.58% Zn, 0.131% Mo                              mgt, hem                                  N29-58-30, E120-28-0   Zhu,1996
3472   China   Zhejiang   Tongshan           Fe, Sn, Cu, W        Skn/Mas       J     M   2.96Mt iron ore, 1.9Kt Sn, 3.9Kt Cu, 1.55Kt WO3 at 32.8% Fe, 0.38% Sn, 0.79% Cu, 0.59% WO3   mgt, cas, cp, sch                         N29-19-30, E118-48-0   Zhu,1996
3473   China   Zhejiang   Shipingchuan       Mo                   Hyd/Vn        U     S   18.8Kt Mo at 0.244% Mo                                                                       mlb, py, mgt, sch                         N28-18-00, E120-21-0   Zhu,1996
3474   China   Zhejiang   Qiwan              Pb, Zn, Ag           Hyd           U     M   150Kt Zn, 10Kt Pb at 5.4% Zn, 0.59% Pb, 37g/t Ag                                                                                       N29-33-30, E120-18-0   Zhu,1996
3475   China   Zhejiang   Wubu               Pb, Zn               Hyd           K     L   890Kt Zn, 610Kt Pb, 645t Ag at 2.15% Zn, 1.54% Pb, 16.16g/t Ag                               gal, sph, py                              N28-38-00, E120-56-0   Zhu,1996
3476   China   Zhejiang   Shangyang          Pb, Zn               Hyd           K     M   70Kt Pb, 110Kt Zn at 1.9% Pb, 2.88% Zn                                                                                                 N28-30-00, E120-58-0   Zhu,1996
3477   China   Zhejiang   Sunkeng            Pb, Zn               Vol-Sed/Lnt   J     M   240Kt Zn, 4.5Kt Pb at 3.11% Zn, 3.68% Pb                                                     sph, gal                                  N28-12-00, E120-20-0   Zhu,1996
3478   China   Zhejiang   Wu'ao              Pb, Zn, Cu, Ag       Str/Lnt       U     M   296Kt Zn, 129Kt Pb, 4.7Kt Cu, 278t Ag at 2.68% Pb, 2.06% Zn, 0.18% Cu, 45g/t Ag              sph, gal, py, mgt                         N28-04-00, E119-02-0   Zhu,1996
3479   China   Zhejiang   Yangbin            Sn                   Hyd/Vn-Dis    U     S   2.65Kt Sn at 0.224-0.246% Sn                                                                 cas, mlb                                  N27-24-00, E119-44-3   Zhu,1996
3480   China   Zhejiang   Xiaseling          W, Cu                Hyd/Vn        U     M   6.85Kt WO3, 1.27Kt Cu at 1.07-1.85% WO3, 0.39-1.07% Cu                                       wlf, sch, cp                              N30-02-00, E119-00-0   Zhu,1996
3481   China   Zhejiang   Heping             B                    Hyd-Rpl       U     S   50Kt B2O3, 250Kt PbZn ore at 5.74% B2O3, 2.06% Fe2O3, 3.29% Pb+Zn                            dat                                       N30-49-00, E119-48-0   Zhu,1996
3482   China   Zhejiang   Yucun              F                    Hyd/Vn        K     M   2.03Mt at 70.7% CaF2, 22.9% SiO2, 1.21% Fe2O3                                                fl, qz                                    N30-39-00, E119-53-0   Zhu,1996
3483   China   Zhejiang   Yinzishan          F                    Hyd/Ffill     K     M   5.1Mt at 38.6% CaF2                                                                          fl                                        N30-35-00, E119-52-3   Zhu,1996
3484   China   Zhejiang   Xingqiao           F                    Hyd/Ffill     K     M   2.1Mt at 75.6% CaF2                                                                          fl, qz                                    N30-17-00, E118-55-0   Zhu,1996
3485   China   Zhejiang   Zhiling            F                    Hyd/Vn        U     M   1.55Mt at 56.3% CaF2, 30% SiO2                                                               fl, qz                                    N29-59-00, E121-16-0   Zhu,1996
3486   China   Zhejiang   Huangjian          F                    Hyd           U     M   2.9Mt at 45-55% CaF2                                                                         fl                                        N28-57-00, E119-59-3   Zhu,1996
3487   China   Zhejiang   Yangjia/Wuyi       F                    Hyd           U     M   3.38Mt at 40-55% CaF2                                                                        fl                                        N28-56-00, E119-54-0   Zhu,1996
3488   China   Zhejiang   Houshu             F                    Hyd           U     M   7.7Mt at 46.6% CaF2                                                                          fl                                        N28-55-00, E119-42-0   Zhu,1996
3489   China   Zhejiang   Yushantou          F                    Hyd           U     M   1.3Mt at 65-75% CaF2                                                                         fl                                        N28-51-30, E119-51-0   Zhu,1996
3490   China   Zhejiang   Xili               F                    Hyd           U     M   1.7Mt at 35-85% CaF2                                                                         fl                                        N28-51-00, E119-49-3   Zhu,1996
3491   China   Zhejiang   Hushan             F                    Hyd/Vn        K     M   8.5Mt at 51.5% CaF2                                                                          fl                                        N28-40-00, E118-56-0   Zhu,1996
3492   China   Zhejiang   Badu               F                    Hyd/Vn        U     M   5.1Mt at 50.8% CaF2                                                                          fl                                        N28-01-30, E118-54-3   Zhu,1996
3493   China   Zhejiang   Shangjing          Kl                   Hyd/Irg       U     S   1.0Mt at 63.3% SiO2, 21.4% Al2O3, 10.7% Ig.L.                                                kln, qz                                   N29-48-00, E120-28-0   Zhu,1996
3494   China   Zhejiang   Baohuashan         Kl                   Hyd/Lnt       Mz2   S   1.4Mt at 24.05% Al2O3, 0.46% Fe2O3                                                           dic, qz, pph                              N29-08-30, E121-12-0   Zhu,1996
3495   China   Zhejiang   Fengdongyan        Kl                   Hyd-Rpl       U     S   3.8Mt at 15.7-34.1% Al2O3, 0.15-0.30% Fe2O3                                                  kln, pph, qz                              N28-22-30, E119-25-3   Zhu,1996
3496   China   Zhejiang   Xiaojing           Kl                   Hyd-Wth/Irg   Q     S   1.13Mt at 67-77% SiO2, 12-16% Al2O3, 1.18% K2O                                                                                         N28-10-00, E120-32-0   Zhu,1996
3497   China   Zhejiang   Siqian             Kl                   Wth/Lnt       Q     S   2.4Mt at 16.8% Al2O3, 1.25% Fe2O3, 4.3% K2O+Na2O                                             kln,qz                                    N27-53-00, E120-34-3   Zhu,1996
3498   China   Zhejiang   Daxiansi           Kl                   Hyd-Wth/Irg   Q     S   1.23Mt at 14.08% Al2O3, 0.74% Fe2O3, 2.28% K2O, 0.07% Na2O                                   kln, qz                                   N27-53-00, E120-47-3   Zhu,1996
3499   China   Zhejiang   Liang'ao           Pp                   Hyd/Lnt       J     S   1.3Mt at 69% SiO2, 23% Al2O3, 0.5% Na2O+K2O                                                  pph, qz                                   N29-52-00, E120-54-0   Zhu,1996
3500   China   Zhejiang   Fangcun            Pp                   Hyd/Lnt       U     S   0.5Mt at 22% Al2O3, 0.6-0.9% Fe2O3                                                                                                     N29-02-00, E118-39-0   Zhu,1996
3501   China   Zhejiang   Shankou            Pp                   Hyd/Lnt       J     M   12.5Mt at 17-20% Al2O3, 0.2-1.6%K2O+Na2O                                                     pph, qz, ser, cor                         N28-04-00, E120-19-3   Zhu,1996
3502   China   Zhejiang   Miaokeng           Pp                   Hyd/Lnt       J     S   0.8Mt at 18-25% Al2O3, 64-72% SiO2                                                           pph, qz, dsp                              N27-45-00, E119-35-0   Zhu,1996
3503   China   Zhejiang   Guihu              Pp                   Hyd/Lnt       J     M   11.3Mt at 18.1% Al2O3, 0.77% K2O+Na2O                                                        pph, qz                                   N27-21-00, E119-47-3   Zhu,1996
3504   China   Zhejiang   Huajie             Ps                   Hyd/Irg       U     M   4.1Mt at 14.3% Al2O3, 4.6% K2O, 0.7% Na2O, 2.6% Ig.L.                                        qz, ser                                   N29-57-30, E120-30-0   Zhu,1996
3505   China   Zhejiang   Hefu               Py                   Sed/Bed       Pr    M   2.1Mt at 15.06% S                                                                            py, sph, gal                              N29-56-00, E118-55-0   Zhu,1996
3506   China   Zhejiang   Xikou              Py, Cu, Zn           Hyd/Ffill     K     M   4.59Mt at 13.6-20.5% S                                                                       py, cp, sph                               N28-50-00, E119-10-0   Zhu,1996
3507   Japan              Handa              Ag, Au               Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   78.8t Ag, 1.98t Au (prod: 1874-1944)                                                         arg, stp, nslv, sph, gal, cp, py          N37-52-15, E140-30-1   MMPIJ, 1992
3508   Japan              Nebazawa           Ag, Au, Cu           Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   322kt at 202g/t Ag, 3.1g/t Au (prod: 1961-1982)                                              ngld, arg, plb, py, cp                    N36-52-15, E139-19-2   MMPIJ, 1992
3509   Japan              Omidani            Ag, Au               Hyd/Vn        K     S   214.9Kt at 372g/t Ag, 1.8g/t Au (prod: 1961-83)                                              nslv, ngld, arg, cp, gal, sph             N35-14-45, E134-38-5   MMPIJ, 1994
3510   Japan              Iwami/Omori        Ag, Au, Cu           Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   65.7t Ag, 1.4t Au, 6.3kt Cu (prod. 1891-1919)                                                arg, cp, py, gal, sph, sid, hem, nslv     N35-09-52, E132-26-3   MAJ, 1968
3511   Japan              Tada               Ag, Cu, Zn           Hyd/Vn        K     M   785g/t Ag, 5.4% Cu                                                                           arg, bon, sph, gal, nslv, py, stn         N34-53-35, E135-21-3   MMPIJ, 1994
3512   Japan              Hokuryu            Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   300Kt at 7.4g/t Au, 32.4g/t Ag(prod: 1920-43)                                                ngld, arg, pyg, tet, py                   N44-32-30, E142-49-0   GSJ, 1980a, MMPIJ, 1990
3513   Japan              Sanru              Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   807.7Kt at 7.3g/t Au, 42g/t Ag (prod: 1926-83)                                               ngld, elc plb, pyg, tet, cp, py, pyr, s   N44-23-00, E142-38-3   MMPIJ, 1990
3514   Japan              Konomai            Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   11.5Mt at 5.9g/t Au, 106g/t Ag (prod: 1917-73)                                               ngld, arg, py, tet, py, chg, pyg, nslv,   N44-07-00, E143-20-3   MMPIJ, 1990; Narita et al., 1996a
3515   Japan              Kitanoo            Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   500Kt at 5.9g/t Au, 5g/t Ag(prod: 1924-43)                                                   ngld, arg, py, mgt, cnb                   N43-55-30, E143-34-1   GSJ, 1980; Narita et al., 1996a
3516   Japan              Teine              Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   2.6Mt at 2.0-31.2g/t Au, 30-350g/t Ag (prod: 1941-71)                                        ngld, ntll, orp, rlg, stb, bis, sph, ga   N43-05-30, E141-12-1   MMPIJ, 1990
3517   Japan              Todoroki           Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   800Kt at 7.1g/t Au, 216g/t Ag(prod: 1903-74)                                                 ngld, arg, rhc, pyg,                      N43-00-30, E140-55-3   GSJ, 1980a
3518   Japan              Chitose            Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   1.05Mt at 16.8g/t Au, 66.3g/t Ag (prod: 1936-74)                                             ngld, arg, plb, sph, gal, cp, py, pyg,    N42-43-30, E141-13-0   GSJ, 1980a; MMPIJ, 1990; Narita et al., 1996
3519   Japan              Shizukari          Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   3.2Mt at 2.3g/t Au, 15.9g/t Ag(prod: 1918-62)                                                ngld, arg, pyg, chg, Mn-clc, py           N42-36-00, E140-27-3   GSJ, 1980a; MMPIJ, 1990
3520   Japan              Nurukawa           Au, Ag, Zn, Pb, Cu   Str/Mas       Tn    M   2.5-12.7g/t Au, 32-508g/t Ag, 3.67-24.52% Pb+Zn, 0.67-1.29% Cu for No. 5 Ore body            elc, sph, gal, cp, py                     N40-30-12, E140-47-2   Yamada et al., 1988; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3521   Japan              Kohoku-Matsuiwa    Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K     S   242Kt at 8.8g/t Au, 21.5g/t Ag, 1.1% Cu(prod: 1949-74)                                       pyr, cp, py, apy, mgt, sch,               N38-58-00, E141-31-1   GSJ, 1980a; MMPIJ, 1992; Sudo and Igarashi,
3522   Japan              Oya                Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn-Dis    K     M   11.1t Au at 23.2g/t Au, 3.8t Ag at 8g/t Ag (prod: 1915-71)                                   apy, pyr, py, ngld, gal, sph, cp, arg,    N38-52-00, E141-31-2   MMPIJ, 1992; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3523   Japan              Isobe-Koyama       Au, Cu               Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   385Kt at 8.4g/t Au, 6.1g/t Ag, 1.0% Cu(prod: 1932-77)                                        ngld, sph, cp, py, bar, gal, bon, chc     N38-27-00, E140-13-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3524   Japan   Sado                   Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   >15Mt at 5.1g/t Au, 153g/t Ag, 0.3% Cu(prod: 1601-1974)                             ngld, arg, py, sph, gal, cp, mRc, pyg,    N38-02-15, E138-15-4   MMPIJ, 1992
3525   Japan   Takatama               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   26t Au, 248t Ag at 3.0-7.1g/t Au, 36-63g/t Ag (prod: 1929-66)                       elc, arg, pyg, chg, nslv, py, mRc, sph,   N37-30-25, E140-17-5   MMPIJ, 1992
3526   Japan   Takahata               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   414Kt at 7.4g/t Au, 7.0g/t Ag(prod:1936-70)                                         ngld, cp, py, sph, gal, hem               N37-22-00, E140-12-0   GSJ, 1980a
3527   Japan   Togi                   Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   9.8g/t Au, 43g/t Ag                                                                                                           N37-08-40, E136-47-0   MMPIJ, 1994; Sudo & Komura, 2000
3528   Japan   Takeno                 Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   4.625t Au at 19.0g/t Au, 90.53t Ag at 371g/t Ag                                     ntll, ngld, arg, cp, py                   N35-36-40, E134-44-1   MMPIJ, 1994
3529   Japan   Nakase                 Au, Ag, Sb           Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   6.2t Au, 36.0t Ag at 5.9g/t Au, 34g/t Ag(prod.)                                     py, pyr, sph, cp, brt, stb, cnb           N35-21-30, E134-37-3   MMPIJ, 1990; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3530   Japan   Tsugu                  Au, Ag, Sb           Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   17.1g/t Au, 31g/t Ag                                                                ngld, pyr, sph, py, cp, stb, mRc, cub     N35-09-30, E138-38-1   MMPIJ, 1994
3531   Japan   Asahi                  Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       K    S   2.9t Au, 47.3t Ag at 6.0g/t Au, 97g/t Ag (prod: 1921-85)                            arg, plb, py, elc, sph, cp                N34-54-06, E134-18-5   MMPIJ, 1990; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3532   Japan   Toi                    Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   12.9t Au, 100.6t Ag at 9.5g/t Au, 74g/t Ag (prod: 1925-65)                          ngld, stp, arg, pyg, sph, gal, py         N34-54-00, E138-47-5   MMPIJ, 1990
3533   Japan   Seigoshi               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   15.7t Au, 503t Ag at 11.1g/t Au, 355g/t Ag (prod: 1935-83)                          ngld, nslv, arg, pyg, cp, sph             N34-53-55, E138-49-5   MMPIJ, 1990
3534   Japan   Yugashima              Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   2.2t Au, 30.0t Ag at 12.2g/t Au, 165g/t Ag (prod: 1939-58)                          ngld, arg, py                             N34-52-50, E138-54-5   MMPIJ, 1990
3535   Japan   Mochikoshi             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   4.9t Au, 100.1t Ag at 6.4g/t Au, 136g/t Ag (prod: 1929-52)                          elc, arg, stp, plb, ngld, nslv, cp, gal   N34-52-34, E138-51-5   MMPIJ, 1990
3536   Japan   Sakoshi-Odomari        Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       K    S   20-30g/t Au, 200-300g/t Ag                                                          elc, pyg, arg                             N34-44-15, E134-25-1   Kikuchi et al., 1982
3537   Japan   Kawazu-Rendaiji        Au, Ag, Cu, Mn       Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   5.357t Au, 222.8t Ag, 1.05kt Cu, 15.84kt Mn (prod: 1915-1959)                       ngld, nslv, arg, sph, cp, py, gal, rhc,   N34-41-58, E138-55-2   MAJ, 1965
3538   Japan   Bajo                   Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   13.1t Au, 70.2t Ag at 41.7g/t Au, 228g/t Ag (prod.)                                 py, cp, bon, tet, asp, pyg, stb, ars, n   N33-28-50, E131-31-0   MMPIJ, 1989; Sudo et al., 2003
3539   Japan   Hoshino                Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   2.3t Au, 6.7t Ag at 5g/t Au (prod.)                                                 ngld, py, mRc, arg, plb, pyg, sph, gal,   N33-15-00, E130-49-0   MMPIJ, 1989; Sudo et al., 2003
3540   Japan   Taio                   Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   37t Au, 160t Ag (prod.)                                                             ngld, arg, mrg, sph, gal, cp, py          N33-08-20, E130-53-4   MMPIJ, 1989; Sudo et al., 2003
3541   Japan   Fuke                   Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Q    S   2.3t Au, 1.4t Ag at 8.6g/t Au, 5.3g/t Ag (prod: 1937-76)                            elc, gal, sph, cp, py, hem                N32-09-00, E130-37-0   MMPIJ, 1989
3542   Japan   Oguchi                 Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Q    S   4.9t Au, 3.0t Ag at 10.6g/t Au, 6.4g/t Ag (prod: 1937-77)                           elc, py, stb, tet, cp, sph, arg, pyg, g   N32-04-57, E130-37-0   MMPIJ, 1989
3543   Japan   Hishikari              Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Q    L   260t Au, 120t Ag at 45.0g/t Au, 20g/t Ag                                            elc, py, arg, mac, cp, sph, hem           N31-59-30, E130-42-3   MMPIJ, 1989; Sudo et al., 2003
3544   Japan   Onoyama                Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Q    S   1.7t Au, 0.75t Ag at 8.5g/t Au (prod: 1936-42)                                      ngld, elc, arg, cp, py,                   N31-56-15, E130-43-5   MMPIJ, 1989; Sudo et al., 2003
3545   Japan   Yamagano               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Q    M   28.4t Au, 28.3t Ag (prod.)                                                          ngld, py, cp, sph, pyg, tet, arg, stb,    N31-55-10, E130-37-0   MMPIJ, 1989; Sudo et al., 2003
3546   Japan   Kushikino              Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Q    M   9.6Mt at 5.0g/t Au, 54.6g/t Ag (prod: 1939-74)                                      elc, arg, pyg, stp, stb, nmn, tet, cp,    N31-45-15, E130-18-0   GSJ, 1980b; MMPIJ, 1989
3547   Japan   Akeshi                 Au, Ag               Hyd          Q    S   175Kt at 13.9g/t Au, 8.0g/t Ag (prod: 1915-74)                                      luz, eng, py, ngld                        N31-18-15, E130-22-4   GSJ, 1980b; MMPIJ, 1989
3548   Japan   Kasuga                 Au, Ag               Hyd/Dis      Q    S   >3.3t Au at 2-3g/t Au (prod.)                                                       eng, py, gth, ngld, lzn, mRc, nslf        N31-15-59, E130-16-3   MMPIJ, 1990
3549   Japan   Hatta-Gambi            Cr                   Mgm/Pdf      K    M   14Kt at 49% Cr2O3 (prod.)                                                           chm                                       N42-56-00, E142-18-4   Saito et al., 1967
3550   Japan   Nitto                  Cr                   Mgm/Pdf      K    M   52Kt at 50% Cr2O3(prod: 1917-59)                                                    chm                                       N42-46-00, E142-21-1   Banba, 1957; Saito et al., 1967
3551   Japan   Hatta                  Cr                   Mgm/Pdf      K    M   15Kt at 41.1-43.9% Cr2O3(prod: 1922-43)                                             chm                                       N42-45-00, E142-19-2   Banba, 1957; Saito et al., 1967
3552   Japan   Wakamatsu              Cr                   Mgm/Pdf      Pz   M   770Kt at 32.0% Cr2O3 (prod.)                                                        chm                                       N35-04-30, E133-13-0   Nokleberg et al., 2003; ツSツつ閉つ・つ・and
3553   Japan   Hirose                 Cr                   Mgm/Pdf      Pz   M   780Kツつ・at 34.0% Cr2O3 (prod.)ツ                                                      chm                                       N35-04-00, E133-12-0   Nokleberg et al., 2003; Sudo and Murao, 2004
3554   Japan   Shimokawa              Cu, Zn               Str/Lnt      K    M   4.2Mt at 2.7% Cu, 1.1% Zn, 0.9g/t Au, 9.7g/t Ag (prod: 1941-79)                     py, cp, pyr, sph, cbn, vll, gal           N44-12-30, E142-42-1   GSJ, 1980a
3555   Japan   Kunitomi               Cu, Au, Ag           Str/Mas      Tn   S   1.0Mt at 2.4% Cu, 2.5g/t Au, 95g/t Ag (prod: 1909-45)                               sph, gal, bar, py, cp                     N43-00-30, E140-39-3   GSJ, 1980a; Narita et al., 1996b
3556   Japan   Horobetsu              Cu, Au, Ag           Hyd-Rpl      Tn   S   200Kt at 2.4% Cu, 7.0g/t Au, 25.0g/t Ag (prod: 1940-59)                             cp, py, nslf, bar                         N42-28-30, E141-03-0   GSJ, 1980a
3557   Japan   Abeshiro               Cu, Au, Ag           Str/Lnt      Tn   S   1.5Mt at 1.6% Cu, 1.0g/t Au, 60.0g/t Ag (prod: 1912-43)                             sph, gal, py, cp, bar, eng, tet,          N41-15-52, E140-59-4   GSJ, 1980a
3558   Japan   Kamikita               Cu, Zn, Ag           Str/Mas      Tn   M   3.07Mt at 1.5% Cu, 2.4% Zn, 27.5g/t Ag, 0.2g/t Au (prod:1942-70)                    cp, py, gal, sph, tet, bar                N40-43-45, E140-57-3   GSJ, 1980a
3559   Japan   Furutobe               Cu, Zn, Ag, Au       Str/Mas      Tn   S   1.27Mt at 2.4% Cu, 2.6% Zn, 0.8% Pb, 1.4g/t Au, 49.8g/t Ag (prod: 1965-74)          cp, gal, sph, py                          N40-23-05, E140-43-0   GSJ, 1980a
3560   Japan   Furokura               Cu, Au               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   1.50Mt at 1.7% Cu, 0.8g/t Au(prod: 1862-1963)                                       cp, sph, gal, py, hem                     N40-16-00, E140-56-3   GSJ, 1980a
3561   Japan   Komaki                 Cu                   Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   411Kt at 1.4% Cu, 0.3g/t Au(prod: 1941-49)                                          cp, py                                    N40-14-38, E140-43-4   GSJ, 1980a
3562   Japan   Osarizawa              Cu, Pb, Zn, Au, Ag   Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   31Mt at 1.1% Cu, 2.6% Pb, 0.5% Zn, 0.2g/t Au, 8.1g/t Ag (prod: 1936-65)             py, cp, gal, sph, hem, mRc, rhc, ncp, n   N40-11-00, E140-45-0   GSJ, 1980a
3563   Japan   Tatsumata              Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   1.42Mt at 1.1% Cu, 1.8% Zn, 0.3% Pb, 44.9g/t Ag (prod: 1914-1973)                   mgt, hem, sid, py, cp, sph, gal, stn, b   N40-08-30, E140-34-0   GSJ, 1980a
3564   Japan   Ani                    Cu, Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   2.07Mt at 1.0% Cu, 0.5g/t Au, 15.4g/t Ag, 0.3% Pb (pdod: 1885-1978)                 py, cp, chc, gal, sph, ncp, ngld, nslv    N39-58-19, E140-25-5   GSJ, 1980a
3565   Japan   Arakawa                Cu, Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   37.0Kt Cu (prod: -1966)                                                             py, cp, sph, gal, bar                     N39-37-53, E140-25-0   MAJ, 1968, Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3566   Japan   Akaishi                Cu, Au               Hyd          K    S   750Kt at 0.8% Cu, 0.4g/t Au (prod: 1914-73)                                         py, cp, sph, gal, bar, chc, bon           N39-21-30, E140-47-3   GSJ, 1980a
3567   Japan   Sennin                 Cu, Fe               Skn/Irg      T    S   470Kt at 2.8% Cu, 44.7% Fe (prod: 1911-74)                                          py, cp, mgt, hem                          N39-18-40, E140-53-2   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3568   Japan   Tsunatori              Cu, Au, Ag           Str/Lnt      Tn   S   110Kt at 4.1% Cu, 18.9g/t Au, 22.3g/tAg (prod: 1908-62)                             py, cp, ngld, nslv, arg, gyp              N39-18-15, E140-56-3   GSJ, 1980a
3569   Japan   Washinosu/Tsuchihata   Cu, Au               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   530Kt at 0.9% Cu, 1.1g/t Au, 7.3g/t Ag (prod: 1901-63)                              py, cp, sph, gal, chc, bon, bar           N39-17-00, E140-48-3   GSJ, 1980a
3570   Japan   Oarasawa/Akutozawa     Cu                   Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   116Kt at 6.3% Cu (prod: 1907-20)                                                    cp, py, chc, bon, gal, sph                N39-16-25, E140-53-4   GSJ, 1980a
3571   Japan   Unekura                Cu                   Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   520Kt at 1.5% Cu (prod:1907-66)                                                     cp, py, bon, gal, sph, mlb                N39-14-00, E140-51-0   GSJ, 1980a
3572   Japan   Washiaimori            Cu                   Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   1.0Mt at 2.9% Cu, 24.0g/t Ag (prod: 1905-70)                                        cp, py, gal, sph, tet, bon                N39-13-30, E140-52-0   GSJ, 1980a
3573   Japan   Yoshino                Cu, Ag               Str/Mas      Tn   M   4,20Mt at 1.1% Cu, 8.6g/t Ag, 0.1g/t Au (prod: 1911-69)                             bar, sph, gal, cp, py                     N39-12-10, E140-35-4   GSJ, 1980a
3574   Japan   Esashi/Akagane         Cu, Fe               Skn/Mas      K    S   3.79Mt at 0.6% Cu, 23.7% Fe, 1.1g/t Au, 10.1g/t Ag (prod: 1912-74)                  mgt, pyr, cp, py, apy, mlb                N39-10-00, E141-20-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3575   Japan   Akayama                Cu                   Hyd/Vn       U    S   323Kt Cu at 0.8% Cu (prod: 1900-67)                                                 cp, py, bon, ngld, sph                    N38-04-25, E140-18-1   GSJ, 1980a
3576   Japan   Akatani                Cu, Fe               Skn/Lnt      Tn   S   2.22Mt at 1.1% Cu, 45.1% Fe (prod: 1940-73)                                         hem, cp, py, sph, gal                     N37-48-30, E139-29-3   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3577   Japan   Takanokura             Cu                   Skn/Lnt      K    S   169Kt at 2.7% Cu (prod.)                                                            mgt, cp, pyr                              N37-37-33, E140-49-2   GSJ, 1980a
3578   Japan   Yaguki                 Cu, W                Skn/Mas      K    M   6.37Mt at 0.8% Cu (prod: 1945-74)                                                   cp, sch, pyr, mgt,                        N37-10-20, E140-55-0   GSJ, 1980a
3579   Japan   Yaso                   Cu, Zn               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   1.51Mt at 1.4%Cu, 0.5% Zn, 10.5g/t Ag (prod: 1952-70)                               cp, py, sph, gal, bis, pyg, nbis          N37-03-30, E139-39-3   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3580   Japan   Kidogasawa             Cu, Zn               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   1.88Mt at 1.4% Cu, 0.5% Zn (prod: 1940-74)                                          cp, py, sph, bis, chc, gal                N36-47-50, E139-42-0   GSJ, 1080a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3581   Japan   Tochigi                Cu, Ag               Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   27.5Kt Cu, 9.5g/t Ag (prod: 1946-65)                                                cp, py, bon, chc, sph, bis                N36-47-40, E139-48-5   MAJ, 1968, Sudo, 1998
3582   Japan   Asio                   Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Stw      Tn   M   647.8Kt Cu at 1.15% Cu, 3.4% Pb, 3.4% Zn, 0.15g/t Au, 13.1g/t Ag (prod:1877-1967)   cp, bon, chc, py, pyr, sph, gal, apy, w   N36-38-00, E139-26-4   GSJ, 1980a
3583   Japan   Hitachi                Cu, Zn               Str/Ksl      P    M   29.5Mt at 1.4% Cu, 0.6% Zn, 0.5g/t Au, 5.0g/t Ag (prod: 1905-74)                    py, cp, pyr, mgt, sph                     N36-37-45, E140-36-2   GSJ, 1980a
3584   Japan   Ogoya                  Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   3.4Mt at 1.5% Cu, 1.5% PbZn, 5.8g/t Ag (prod:1940-71)                               py, cp, bon, sph, gal, chc, mgt           N36-17-35, E136-35-3   GSJ, 1980b
3585   Japan   Tsuchikura             Cu                   Str/Lnt      J    S   638.6Kt at 2.18% Cu (prod: 1901-61)                                                 py, cp, bonツ,ツつ督つ青つ・                      N35-36-05, E136-17-5   MAJ, 1965; Sudo & Komura, 2000
3586   Japan   Iwami                  Cu                   Hyd/Vn       Tn   S   22.13Kt Cu (prod: 1923-65)                                                          py, cp, chc, bon                          N35-31-35, E134-20-5   MAJ, 1968, Sudo & Komura, 2000
3587   Japan   Kohmori                Cu, Ag               Hyd/Vn       K    S   1.23Mt at 1.7% Cu, 22.8g/t Ag (prod: 1928-69)                                       cp, pyr, cbn, sph, apy, gal, py, mlb, m   N35-27-30, E135-08-3   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3588   Japan   Minamidani             Cu                   Str/Lnt      P    S   241.1Kt at 4.22% Cu (prod: 1921ツ-61)                                                cp, py, mgt                               N35-18-00, E134-40-4   MAJ, 1965
3589   Japan   Akenobe                Cu, Zn, Sn, Ag       Hyd/Vn       K    M   16Mt at 1.1% Cu, 2.3% Zn, 0.3% Sn, 25g/t Ag (prod: -1974)                           sph, cp, gal, cas, wlf, sch, bon, mgt,    N35-17-00, E134-40-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3590   Japan   Ikuno                  Cu, Zn, Pb, Ag       Hyd/Vn       K    M   6.9Mt at 1.1% Cu, 2.2% Zn, 0.4% Pb, 0.3g/t Au, 58.8g/t Ag (prod:1940-73)            sph, cp, gal, pyr, py, cas, wlf, brn, t   N35-10-00, E134-49-3   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3591   Japan   Kune                   Cu, Zn               Str/Lnt      P    M   3.75Mt at 3.06% Cu                                                                  py, cp, mgt, sph                          N35-05-06, E137-50-0   MAJ, 1965
3592   Japan   Minenosawa             Cu, Py               Str/Lnt      P    S   25.4Kt Cu at 0.64% Cu                                                               py, cp, mgt, sph, hem, pyr, bon           N34-59-40, E137-50-2   MAJ, 1965
3593   Japan   Yoshioka               Cu, Ag               Hyd/Vn       K    M   2.10Mt at 1.2% Cu, 22.5g/t Ag (prod: 1905-72)                                       cp, pyr, apy, py, mgt,                    N34-51-30, E133-27-3   GSJ, 1980a
3594   Japan   Tsumo                  Cu, Zn, W            Skn          K    S   1.37Mt at 1.1% Cu, 1.5% Zn, 0.6g/t Au, 14.0g/t Ag (prod: 1935-74)                   pyr, sph, cp, gal, mgt, mlb, sch          N34-39-00, E131-59-1   GSJ, 1980a
3595   Japan   Obie                   Cu                   Hyd/Vn       K    S   16.45Kt Cu (prod: 1906-47)                                                          cp, gal, sph, pyr, arg                    N34-36-40, E133-47-5   MAJ, 1968; Sudo & Murao, 2004
3596   Japan   Sasagatani             Cu, As, Zn           Skn/Lnt      K    S   8.3Kt Cu, 4.0Kt As, 0,9Kt Zn at 0.9% Cu, 4.3ツ・纏n, 4.6ツ・鄭s (prod:ツ~1960)             py, pyr, cp, apy, mgt, sph, gal, hem      N34-32-55, E131-42-1   MAJ, 1965
3597   Japan   Takara                 Cu, Zn, Ag, Ba       Str/ Lnt     Tn   S   2.20Kt Cu, 4.88Kt Zn (prod: 1942-62)                                                py, sph, cp, ten, bar                     N35-34-30, E138-51-0   MAJ, 1965
3598   Japan   Kawayama               Cu, Zn, Ag           Str/Lnt      U    S   19.9Kt Cu at 0.74% Cu, 0.67% Zn (prod: 1951-61)                                     py, pyr, cp, sph                          N34-16-00, E132-00-3   MAJ, 1965; Sudo and Murao, 2004
3599   Japan   Iimori                 Cu, Zn               Str/Lnt      K    S   2.27Mt Cu at 1.3% Cu (prod:1919-1961)                                               py, cp, sph, bon, mgt                     N34-14-51, E135-26-2   MAJ, 1965
3600   Japan   Higashiyama            Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   355Kt at 3.5% Cu (prod: 1914-62)                                                    cp, py, mgt, pyr                          N34-01-44, E134-19-2   GSJ, 1980a
3601   Japan   Kotsu                  Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   1.78Mt at 1.4% Cu (prod:1915-69)                                                    py, cp, bon, mgt, hem                     N34-01-16, E134-13-3   GSJ, 1980a
3602   Japan   Minawa                 Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   170Kt at 2.7% Cu (prod: 1956-70)                                                    py, cp, bon, mgt, hem                     N33-59-30, E133-47-1   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Murao, 2004
3603   Japan   Nonowaki               Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   161Kt at 1.7% Cu (prod: 1927-66)                                                    py, cp, sph, mgt, pyr, brn                N33-58-12, E134-14-5   GSJ, 1980a
3604   Japan   Shingu                 Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   504Kt at 1.2% Cu (prod: 1911-75)                                                    , pyr, mgt, hem                           N33-56-00, E133-38-0   GSJ, 1980a
3605   Japan   Sazare                 Cu, Zn               Str/Ksl      J    M   4.16Mt at 1.7% Cu, 0.4% Zn, 6.9g/t Ag, 0.1g/t Au (prod: 1897-1974)                  py, cp, bon, sph, mgt                     N33-54-14, E133-32-3   GSJ, 1980a
3606   Japan   Kishu                  Cu, Au               Hyd/Vn       Tn   M   7.45Mt at 1.2% Cu, 0.3g/t Au, 24g/t Ag (prod: 1940-73)                              py, cp, sph, gal, pyr, arg, ngld, cas,    N33-52-20, E135-54-4   GSJ, 1980a
3607   Japan   Besshi                 Cu, Zn               Str/Ksl      J    M   14.17Mt at 1.2% Cu, 0.3% Zn, 0.2g/t Au, 6.6g/t Ag (prod: 1941-74)                   py, cp, bon, sph, mgt, pyr                N33-51-10, E133-18-5   GSJ, 1980a
3608   Japan   Shirataki              Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   3.1Mt at 1.1% Cu, 0.3% Zn, 3.8g/t Ag (prod: 1914-71)                                py, cp, bon, sph, pyr, chc, nslv          N33-49-40, E133-28-2   GSJ, 1980a
3609   Japan   Motoyasu               Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   372Kt at 1.4% Cu, 3.8g/t Ag (prod: 1877-1972)                                       py, cp, mgt                               N33-47-47, E133-15-1   GSJ, 1980a
3610   Japan   Yoshiwara              Cu, Au               Skn/Mas      K    S   500Kt at 1.0% Cu, 0.8g/t Au (prod: 1910-71)                                         cp, mgt, py, pyr                          N33-45-00, E130-51-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo et al., 2003
3611   Japan   Yuryo                  Cu                   Str/Lnt      J    S   183Kt at 0.9% Cu (prod: 1938-54)                                                    py, cp, tet, stb                          N33-42-25, E132-48-1   GSJ, 1980a
3612   Japan   Myoho                  Cu, Zn, Pb           Hyd/Vn-Stw   Tn   S   23.66Kt Cu at 1.58-1.93% Cu (prod: 1948-65)                                         cp, py, bon, chc, mRc                     N33-39-15, E135-49-1   MAJ, 1968
3613   Japan   Hirota                 Cu                   Str/Ksl      J    S   143Kt at 2.8% Cu (prod: 1917-30)                                                    py, cp, pyr, mgt, hem                     N33-39-00, E132-48-0   GSJ, 1980a
3614   Japan      Okuki                  Cu, Zn                Str/Ksl       K     M   ,                                                                            py, cp, bon, sph, mgt, hem                N33-30-50, E132-39-2   GSJ, 1980a
3615   Japan      Takaura                Cu, Au                Str/Ksl       K     S   286Kt at 1.1% Cu, 0.8g/t Au (prod: 1914-65)                                  py, cp, mgt                               N33-22-34, E132-07-2   GSJ, 1980a
3616   Japan      Makimine               Cu                    Str/Ksl       K     M   5.2Mt at 1.8% Cu, 0.4g/t Au, 5.6g/t Ag (prod: 1905-67)                       py, cp, pyr, sph, mgt                     N32-37-48, E131-27-3   GSJ, 1980a
3617   Japan      Moe-Tatsugou           Cu                    Str/lnt       P     S   1-2% Cu                                                                      cp, pyr, py                               N28-27-30, E129-36-4   Kinoshita, 1961
3618   Japan      Matsubara              Cu                    Str/Lnt       P     S                                                                                pyr, cp, py                               N27-51-40, E128-55-0   Kinoshita, 1961
3619   Japan      Kamaishi               Fe, Cu                Skn/Mas       K     M   50Mt at 29.8% Fe, 0.5% Cu, 7.6g/t Ag (prod: 1892-1974)                       mgt, cp, cbn, pnt, cbt, pyr, py, sph, h   N39-18-00, E141-41-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3620   Japan      Ryushoden              Hg                    Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   220Kt at 0.4% Hg (prod: 1943-73)                                             cnb, mcy, py, mRc                         N44-19-30, E143-19-1   GSJ, 1980a; Narita et al., 1996a
3621   Japan      Itomuka                Hg                    Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   2,816t Hg ( prod.)                                                           cnb, mcy, py, mRc                         N43-41-00, E143-10-0   MAJ, 1968; Narita et al., 1996a
3622   Japan      Yamato-Suigin          Hg                    Hyd/Vn        U     M   645t Hg at 0.5% Hg(prod.)                                                    cnb, py, mRc, stb                         N34-28-24, E135-58-3   MAJ, 1968
3623   Japan      Inakuraishi            Mn                    Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   902Kt at 25-36.0% Mn (prod.)                                                 rhc, alb, apy, sph, stb, bar              N43-09-00, E140-38-0   MAJ, 1968; Narita et al., 1996b
3624   Japan      Yakumo                 Mn, Pb, Zn, Ag        Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   0.8Mt at 20.0% Mn, 2.9% Zn, 1.5% Pb, 87.5g/t Ag (prod: 1931-69)              rhc, py, sph, gal, tet, cp, stb, bar      N42-09-30, E140-09-0   GSJ, 1980a; Narita et al., 1996b
3625   Japan      Jokoku                 Mn, Pb, Zn            Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   2.67Mt at 27-31%Mn (prod: 1941-74)                                           rhc, sph, gal, py, mRc, arg, pyg, nslv,   N41-40-00, E140-03-1   GSJ, 1980a; Narita et al., 1996b
3626   Japan      Noda-Tamagawa          Mn                    Sed/Bed       PTr   M   0.6Mt at 28.3% Mn (prod: 1939-71)                                            rhd, tph, pyl, hsm, brn                   N40-04-24, E141-48-3   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3627   Japan      Kaso                   Mn                    Str-Sed/Lnt   J     M   196Kt at 28-33% Mn (prod: 1922-66)                                           pyph, rhd, tph, rhc                       N36-36-15, E139-38-0   MAJ, 1968
3628   Japan      Hamayokokawa           Mn                    Vol-Sed/Lnt   K     M   260Kt Mn ore at 33-42% Mn (prod: 1925-66)                                    rhc, rhd, hsm, mgn, tph                   N35-58-23, E137-54-0   MAJ, 1968
3629   Japan      Ananai                 Mn, Fe                Vol-Sed/Lnt   P     M   300Kt FeMn ore at 30-40% Mn                                                  brn, rhc, hem                             N33-41-30, E133-38-5   Suyari et al., 1991, Yoshimura, 1969
3630   Japan      Kunimiyama             Mn, Fe                Vol-sed/Lnt   P     M   100Kt at 17-18% Mn, 26-27% Feツ (prodツ:1949-61)                               bmn, fmn, rhd, rhc                        N33-37-50, E133-25-1   Yoshimura, 1969
3631   Japan      Hirase                 Mo                    Hyd/Vn        K     S   171Kt at 1.4% MoS2 (1931-79)                                                 mlb, py                                   N36-10-15, E136-55-0   GSJ, 1980a
3632   Japan      Daito                  Mo                    Hyd-Grs/Vn    Tp    S   2.54Kt Mo at 3-5% MoS2 (1950-66)                                             mlb, py                                   N35-17-45, E132-58-4   MAJ, 1968ツ;Ishihara, 1971
3633   Japan      Seikyu                 Mo                    Hyd-Grs/Vn    Tp    S   2.2Kt Mo conc. at 83% MoS2 (1954-66)                                         mlb, py, sph, gal, cp, mgt, hem           N35-17-18, E132-59-2   MAJ, 1968; Ishihara, 1971
3634   Japan      Motokura               Zn, Pb, Cu            Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   150Kt at 12.4% Zn, 8.6% Pb, 1.0% Cu, 99.4g/t Ag, 0.2g/t Au (prod: 1958-67)   sph, gal, py, cp, arg, hem                N44-41-00, E142-28-0   MAJ, 1968; GSJ, 1980
3635   Japan      Kitami-Inaushi         Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag        Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   590Kt at 2.5% Zn, 1.5% Pb, 0.8% Cu, 37.6g/t Ag (prod: 1934-64)               py, cp, sph, gal, pyr, cbn, bis, eng, t   N44-01-30, E143-22-0   GSJ, 1980a; Narita et al., 1996a
3636   Japan      Yoichi                 Zn, Pb, Ag, Cu        Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   1.47Mt at 4.3% Zn, 0.9% Cu, 0.8% Pb, 0.2g/t Au, 21.9g/t Ag (prod:ツ-1963)     py, cp, sph, gal, brn, hem, chc, bar      N43-13-00, E140-42-0   GSJ, 1980a
3637   Japan      Ooe                    Zn, Pb, Ag, Au        Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   1.9Mt at 2.5% Zn, 0.9% Pb, 1.3g/t Au, 56,9g/t Ag (prod: 1890-1974)           sph, gal, rhc, ngld, cp, tet, mRc, bar    N43-09-00, E140-41-0   GSJ, 1980a; Narita et al., 1996b
3638   Japan      Toyoha                 Zn, Pb, Ag, In        Hyd/Vn        Tn    L   20.556Mt at 8.1% Zn, 2.4% Pb, 125g/t Ag (prod: 1951-2003)                    sph, gal, py, rhc, cp, hem, pyr, mRc, s   N42-58-45, E141-02-3   GSJ, 1980a; Nikko-metal, 2005
3639   Japan      Nishimata              Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au    Str/Lnt       Tn    S   200Kt at 8.0ツ・纏n, 0.6% Pb, 2.6 Cu, 92g/t Ag, 1.5g/t Au (prod: 1914-54)       sph, gal, py, cp, bar, gyp                N41-11-36, E140-53-4   GSJ, 1980a
3640   Japan      Funauchi               Zn, Pb, Cu            Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   600Kt at 5.3% Zn, 2.2% Pb, 0.3% Cu (prod: 1936-62)                           sph, gal, cp, py, bar                     N40-31-30, E140-20-4   GSJ, 1980a
3641   Japan      Oppu                   Zn, Pb, Cu            Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   3.66Mt at 3.4 % Zn, 1.5% Pb, 0.6% Cu (prod: 1954-74)                         py, sph, gal, cp, tet, bon, pyr, bis, h   N40-27-30, E140-17-0   GSJ, 1980a
3642   Japan      Namariyama             Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au    Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   351Kt at 5.7% Zn, 1.1% Pb, 1.4% Cu, 23.5g/t Ag, 0.9g/t Au (prod: 1952-74)    sph, gal, cp, py, bar                     N40-26-15, E140-50-4   GSJ, 1980a
3643   Japan      Ainai                  Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au,   Str/Mas       Tn    M   1.64Mt at 3.8% Zn, 1.2% Pb, 1.8% Cu, 1.9g/t Au, 73.9g/t Ag (prod: 1950-74)   py, cp, gal, sph, tet, ten, bon, chc, n   N40-24-00, E140-42-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3644   Japan      Daira                  Zn, Pb, Ag            Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   470Kt at 5.4% Zn, 2.3% Pb, 56.5g/t Ag, 0.4g/t Au (prod: 1910-55)             sph, gal, cp, py, cbn, pyr, rhc, ank, b   N40-23-05, E140-19-0   GSJ, 1980a
3645   Japan      Kosaka                 Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au,   Str/Mas       Tn    L   12Mt at 5.3% Zn, 2.0% Pb, 2.3% Cu, 0.3g/t Au, 96.3g/t Ag (prod: 1884-1974)   sph, gal, cp, py, tet, bon, chc, bar, g   N40-20-50, E140-46-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3646   Japan      Hanaoka                Pb, Zn, Cu, Au, Ag,   Str/Mas       Tn    M   16.7Mt at 0.29-1.5% Pb, 0.98-5.9% Zn, 1.2-2.4% Cu (prod: -1974)              sph, gal, cp, py, tet, brn, chc, bar, g   N40-18-50, E140-32-5   GSJ, 1980a
3647   Japan      Shakanai               Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au,   Str/Mas       Tn    M   2.5Mt at 4.9% Zn, 1.6% Pb, 2.2% Cu, 0.5g/t Au, 70.7g/t Ag (prod: 1965-74)    sph, gal, cp, ten, py, gyp, anh           N40-18-30, E140-34-4   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3648   Japan      Fukazawa               Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au,   Str/Lnt       Tn    M   >5Mt at 12.0% Zn, 3.2% Pb, 1.2% Cu, 107g/t Ag, 0.6g/t Au                     sph, gal, cp, py, tet                     N40-16-00, E140-40-1   GSJ, 1980a; Ishizuka and Imai, 1998
3649   Japan      Hanawa                 Zn, Pb, Cu, Gyp       Str/Mas       Tn    M   3.3Mt at 3.2% Zn, 0.8% Pb, 1.1% Cu (prod: 1937-74)                           sph, gal, cp, py, tet, bon, gyp, anh      N40-10-35, E140-52-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3650   Japan      Taro                   Zn, Pb, Ag            Vol-Sed/Lnt   K     M   750Kt at 7.0% Zn, 2.4% Pb, 0.2g/t Au, 11.3g/t Ag (prod: 1939-71)             py, sph, gal, cp, pyr, mgt, chc           N39-45-30, E141-56-0   GSJ, 1980a
3651   Japan      Matsuoka               Zn, Pb, Au, Ag        Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   450Kt at 8.6% Zn, 5.7% Pb, 3.4g/t Au, 139g/t Ag (prod: 1907-53)              sph, gal                                  N39-09-00, E140-26-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3652   Japan      Nissho                 Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au    Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   188Kt at 4.8% Zn, 0.8% Pb, 0.9% Cu, 12.9g/t Ag (prod: 1937-63)               sph, gal, py                              N38-59-30, E140-14-3   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3653   Japan      Hosokura               Zn, Pb, Ag            Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   14.36Mt at 4.1% Zn, 1.5% Pb, 36.7g/t Ag (prod: 1898-1977)                    gal, sph, cp, pyg, stb, py, mRc, pyr, m   N38-48-30, E140-54-0   GSJ, 1980a
3654   Japan      Ohori                  Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag, Au    Skn/Mas-Vn    Tn    S   194Kt at 6.3% Zn, 2.2% Pb, 0.8% Cu, 24.5g/t Ag (prod: 1953-67)               sph, py, gal, cp                          N38-44-45, E140-27-5   GSJ, 1980a
3655   Japan      Asahi-Budo             Zn, Pb                Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   276Kt at 5.3% Zn, 2.0% Pb (prod: 1941-57)                                    gal, sph,ツ cp, ツつ青つ・                      N38-24-00, E139-33-4   GSJ, 1980a
3656   Japan      Yoshino                Zn, Cu, Ag, Gyp       Str/Lnt       Tn    M   1.859Mt at 2.9% Zn, 0.8% Cu, 14.0g/t Ag, 0.3g/t Au (prod: -1975)             sph, gal, cp, py, bar                     N38-09-10, E140-11-5   GSJ, 1980a
3657   Japan      Mikawa-Otani           Zn, Pb, Cu, Au, Ag    Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   863Kt at 1.5% Zn, 0.3% Pb, 0.6% Cu, 1.0g/t Au, 23.8g/Ag (prod: 1932-61)      sph, cp, gal, py, chc, cov                N37-46-35, E139-27-2   GSJ, 1980a
3658   Japan      Yatani                 Zn, Pb, Ag, Au        Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   1.27Mt at 4.6% Zn, 2.3% Pb, 50.0g/t Ag, 1.0g/t Au (prod: 1870-1974)          gal, sph, py, ngld, arg, rhd              N37-46-30, E140-01-0   GSJ, 1980a
3659   Japan      Yokota                 Zn, Pb, Cu, Gyp       Str/Lnt       Tn    S   480Kt at 3.7% Zn, 0.8% Pb, 1.1% Cu (prod: 1938-72)                           sph, gal, cp, py, mRc, bar                N37-23-15, E139-26-3   GSJ, 1980a
3660   Japan      Kurosawa               Pb, Zn, Cu, Gyp       Str/Mas       Tn    S   208Kt at 11.0% Pb, 6.0% Zn, 3.5% Cu (prod: 1942-62)                          sph, gal, py, cp, gyp                     N37-20-30, E139-20-0   GSJ, 1980a
3661   Japan      Nan-etsu               Zn, Pb,Cu             Hyd/Vn        Tn    S   328Kt at 4.0% Zn, 1.6% Pb, 0.2% Cu (prod: 1963-71)                           gal, sph, pyr, cp, py, apy, mRc, mgt, c   N37-05-37, E139-02-3   GSJ, 1980b; Sudo, 1998
3662   Japan      Kamioka                Zn, Pb, Ag            Skn/Mas       K     L   28Mt at 6.2% Zn, 1.2% Pb, 0.5% Cu, 6.1g/t Ag (prod: 1941-74)                 sph, gal, cp, mgt, pyr, sch               N36-21-00, E137-18-0   GSJ, 1980a
3663   Japan      Chichibu               Pb, Cu, Au, Ag        Skn/Mas       Tn    M   5.8Mt at 2.24% Pb, 0.3% Cu, 1.0g/t Au, 20.0g/t Ag (prod: 1941-71)            sph, gal, py, pyr, mgt, cp, apy, ngld     N36-01-20, E138-49-0   GSJ, 1980a
3664   Japan      Nakatatsu              Zn, Pb, Ag            Skn/Mas       K     M   6.1Mt at 5.7% Zn, 0.6% Pb, 0.1% Cu, 33.7g/t Ag (prod: 1941-74)               sph, gal, cp, pyr, apy, mgt, mlb          N35-52-25, E136-34-4   GSJ, 1980b
3665   Japan      Taishu                 Zn, Pb, Ag            Hyd/Vn        Tp    M   3.5Mt at 7.0% Zn, 4.2% Pb, 91.0g/t Ag (prod: 1943-73)                        sph, gal, pyr, apy, cp                    N34-13-15, E129-13-1   GSJ, 1980b
3666   Japan      Ichinokawa             Sb                    Hyd/Vn        Tn    M   5.8Mt at 20.0% Sb (prod: 1915-57)                                            stb                                       N33-53-20, E133-13-1   GSJ, 1980b; Sudo and Murao, 2004
3667   Japan      Kimu                   Sb                    Hyd/Vn        Tn    S                                                                                stb                                       N26-29-55, E127-54-1   Sudo & Ogasawara, 2005
3668   Japan      Hoei                   Sn, Zn                Skn/Mas       Tn    S   326Kt at 1.3% Sn, 5.8% Zn (prod: 1956-77)                                    cas, stn, py, sph, cp, apy, pyr, mRc      N32-51-32, E131-27-1   GSJ, 1980b; Sudo et al., 2003
3669   Japan      Obira                  Sn, Cu, As            Grs-Hyd/Vn    Tn    S   1.4Kt Sn, 2.18Kt Cu, 5.54Kt As, 6.86t Ag (prod: 1935-61)                     cas, pyr, ars, cp, sph, gal, stn, py, w   N32-50-30, E131-34-4   MAJ, 1968
3670   Japan      Mitate                 Sn                    Skn/Mas       Tn    M   1.50Mt at 1.0% Sn (prod: 1917-69)                                            pyr, sph, apy, gal, cp, cas, sch, stn     N32-46-30, E131-28-2   GSJ, 1980b
3671   Japan      Suzuyama               Sn                    Hyd/Stw-Dis   Tn    S                                                                                cas, sid, pyr, ars, stb, gal, sph, cp,    N31-29-25, E130-27-0   Kinoshita, 1961; Sudo et al., 2003
3672   Japan      Tono                   U                     Sed/Lnt       Tn    M   0.06% U3O8                                                                   cff, pbl, uph, aut, py                    N35-24-30, E137-14-0   PR&NFDC, 1994; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3673   Japan      Ningyotoge             U                     Sed/Lnt       Tn    M   0.035-0.079% U3O8                                                            cff, gth, urn, uph, aut                   N35-18-30, E133-56-0   PR&NFDC, 1994; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3674   Japan      Takatori               W, Sn                 Hyd/Vn        K     M   0.42-0.58% WO3, 0.4-0.6%Cu                                                   wlf, cas, cp, apy, py, stn, gal, sph, b   N36-30-00, E140-17-4   GSJ, 1985; Sudo, 1998
3675   Japan      Kaneuchi               W                     Hyd/Vn        K     M   1.5Kt WO3 at 0.55-0.72% WO3 (prod: 1956-1965)                                sch, wlf, pyr, apy, cp, py, cas, sph, s   N35-14-30, E135-24-0   MAJ, 1968; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3676   Japan      Otani                  W, Sn                 Hyd/Vn        K     M   1.1Mt at 0.5% WO3, 0.1% Sn, 0.3% Cu (prod: 1938-74)                          sch, cas, cp, pyr, py, apy, bis, cbn, s   N35-02-00, E135-31-0   GSJ, 1980a; Sudo and Komura, 2000
3677   Japan      Kuga                   W, Cu                 Skn/Mas       K     M   0.68% WO3, 0.75% Cu                                                          sch, pyr, cp, cas, sph                    N34-13-00, E132-01-3   MAJ, 1965; Sudo and Murao, 2004; Nokleberg e
3678   Japan      Fujigatani             W                     Skn/Mas       K     S   1.3% WO3, 0.1% Cu, 5.3g/t Ag                                                 pyr, py, sch, cp, apy, mlb, gal, sph      N34-08-40, E132-01-0   GSJ, 1985; Sudo and Murao, 2004
3679   Japan      Minami-Shiraoi         Ba, Kl                Vol-Sed/Lnt   Tn    M   210Kt BaSO4                                                                  bar, kl                                   N42-36-59, E141-15-5   Marumo & Sawai, 1986; Yoneda, 1987
3680   Japan      Wanibuchi              Gp, Pb, Zn            Str/Lnt       Tn    M                                                                                gyp, sph, gal, py                         N35-25-00, E132-45-0   Sudo and Murao, 2004
3681   Japan      Iwate                  Kl                    Sed/Bed       Tp    M                                                                                kln, qz                                   N39-53-07, E141-37-5   Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3682   Japan      Itaya                  Kl                    Vol/Alt       Q     M                                                                                kln, qz                                   N37-46-20, E140-15-0   Sudo and Igarashi, 1997
3683   Japan      Toki Area              Kl                    Sed/Bed       Tn    M                                                                                kln, qz                                   N35-21-00, E137-21-0   Sudo and Komura, 2000
3684   Japan      Seto Area              Kl                    Sed/Bed       Tn    L                                                                                kln, qz                                   N35-15-00, E137-05-0   Sudo and Komura, 2000
3685   Japan      Hiraki                 Kl                    Hyd/Rpl       K     M                                                                                kln, qz                                   N34-57-30, E135-06-0   Sudo and Komura, 2000
3686   Japan      Ochidani               Pp                    Hyd/Rpl       K     M                                                                                pph, kln, qz                              N35-06-30, E134-50-0   Sudo and Komura, 2000
3687   Japan      Shokozan Area          Pp                    Hyd/Rpl       K     M                                                                                pph, qz                                   N34-56-40, E133-01-3   Sudo and Murao, 2004
3688   Japan      Ohira/Mitsuishi Area   Pp                    Hyd/Rpl       K     L                                                                                pph, kln, ser, qz                         N34-47-50, E134-15-3   Sudo and Murao, 2004
3689   Japan      Goto                   Pp                    Hyd/Rpl       Tn    M                                                                                pph, kln, qz                              N32-41-00, E128-47-0   Sudo et al., 2003
3690   Japan      Hattori-Kawai          Ps                    Hyd/Rpl       Tp    M                                                                                qz, kln, ser                              N36-24-00, E136-35-0   Sudo and Komura, 2000
3691   Japan      Amakusa-Sarayama       Ps                    Hyd/Rpl       Tn    M                                                                                qz, kln, ser                              N32-21-30, E130-02-0   Sudo et al., 2003
3692   Japan      Yanahara               Py, Cu, Au, Ag        Str/Lnt       P     L   25Mt at 43.6% S, 1.2% Cu, 0.6g/t Au, 57.7g/t Ag (prod: 1884-1974)            py, pyr, cp, sph, mgt                     N34-57-30, E134-04-1   GSJ, 1980b
3693   Japan      Matsuo                 S, Py                 Vol-Exh/Dis   Q     M   8.9Mt S, 15Mt Py ores at 27% S, 36-38% Py (prod: 1914-69)                    slf, py, orp, qz                          N39-56-00, E140-56-0   Sudo & Igarashi, 1997
3699   Mongolia   Undur Tolgoi           Ag                    Hyd/Vn        U     M   3,372t Ag at 199g/t Ag                                                                                                 N47-00-00, E105-11-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3732   Mongolia   Ulziit                 Au                    Hyd/Vn        U     S   <5.0g/t Au, <50g/t Ag                                                                                                  N46-30-00, E111-28-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3733   Mongolia   Mukhar Ireg            Au                    Sed/Alv-Plc   Q     S   1.50t Au at 0.90-0.96g/m3 Au                                                                                           N46-23-00, E100-06-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3734   Mongolia   Khuh Bulgain Hundii    Au, Ag                Skn           U     S   8.8t Au at 8.6-22.9g/t Au, <20g/t Ag                                                                                   N46-21-00, E099-36-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3735   Mongolia   Khan Uul               Au                    Hyd/Vn        U     M   16t Au at 0.8-6.2g/t Au                                                                                                N45-43-00, E101-36-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3736   Mongolia   Olon Ovoot             Au                    Hyd/Vn-Dis    U     M   16.0t Au at 5g/t Au                                                                                                    N44-23-00, E104-10-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3748   Mongolia   Bayan Uul              Cu, Mo, Au            Hyd/Vn        U     M   300Kt Cu at 0.14-0.32% Cu, 0.22-2.0g/t Au                                                                              N46-41-00, E104-52-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3749   Mongolia   Saran Uul              Cu, Mo, Au            Hyd/Stw       Pz2   M   60Kt Cu at 0.37% Cu, 0.03% Mo                                                                                          N45-46-00, E100-36-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3750   Mongolia   Bituut                 Cu, Au, Ag            Hyd           U     M   400Kt Cu at <0.4%Cu, 30g/t Ag                                                                                          N45-43-00, E096-53-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; GIC, 2003b
3751   Mongolia   Shar Tar               Cu, Zn                Hyd/Dis       U     M   200Kt Cu, 200Kt Zn at 1% Cu, 0.1-1.0% Zn, 1-20g/t Ag                                                                   N45-23-00, E096-11-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; GIC, 2003b
3752   Mongolia     Ojut                  Cu, Zn, As           Hyd           U       S   0.2-0.3% Cu, 0.5% Zn, 0.05-0.2% As                                                         N44-43-00, E110-54-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3753   Mongolia     Nain Hudag            Cu                   Hyd/Dis       U       S   50Kt Cu at 0.1-0.58% Cu                                                                    N44-14-00, E108-02-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3754   Mongolia     Hunguut               Cu, Mo               Hyd           U       M   390Kt at 0.1-0.9% Cu                                                                       N44-04-00, E107-52-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3755   Mongolia     Harmagtai             Cu, Mo               Hyd/Stw       U       M   600Kt Cu at 0.38% Cu                                                                       N44-01-00, E106-41-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3756   Mongolia     Tsagaan Suvarga       Cu, Mo               Prp           Pz2     L   230Mt at 0.53% Cu, 0.018% Mo                                      py, cp, mlb              N43-52-00, E108-19-0   ESCAP, 1999
3757   Mongolia     Turquoise Hill        Cu, Au               Prp           Pz2     L   1.6Bt at 0.63% Cu, 0.17g/t Au                                                              N42-56-00, E106-34-0   MMAJ, 2003
3764   Mongolia     Navchit Gol           Fe                   Sed/Bed       U       M   23.2Mt at 21.9-53.3% Fe                                                                    N48-22-00, E109-55-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3765   Mongolia     Tamir Gol             Fe                   Sed/Bed       U       M   60Mt at 42-48% Fe                                                 mgt, hem                 N47-37-00, E102-10-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3766   Mongolia     Bargit                Fe, Bi               Skn           U       M   31Mt at 41.9% Fe; 4.2Kt Bi at 0.023% Bi                                                    N46-20-00, E109-17-0   ESCAP, 1999
3767   Mongolia     Dartsagt              Fe                                 U       M   10.2Mt at 35-52% Fe                                               mgt, hem                 N45-57-00, E108-50-0   ESCAP, 1999
3768   Mongolia     Ereen                 Fe                   Sed/Lnt       U       M   158Mt at 32-38% Fe, 1.09% Mn                                      mgt, hem                 N45-51-00, E108-14-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3769   Mongolia     Chandmany Uul         Fe, Cu               Skn           U       M   13Mt at 52.3% FE, 0.75% Cu                                        mgt, cp, py              N45-43-00, E111-06-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3770   Mongolia     Monkhtiin Tsagaan     Li, Be                             U       M   15.0Kt Li, 36t Be at 0.03-2.27% Li2O                                                       N45-53-00, E108-22-0   GIC, 2003d
3779   Mongolia     Bayantsogt            Mo, W                              U       M   91.0Kt Mo at 0.05-0.06% Mo, 0.05-0.11% WO3                                                 N47-48-00, E109-15-0   GIC, 2003d
3780   Mongolia     Tsagaan Chuluut       Mo                   Hyd/Stw       J       S   0.06% Mo                                                                                   N47-42-00, E110-10-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3781   Mongolia     Ikh Uul               Mo                                 U       M   55.0Kt Mo at 0.015% Mo                                                                     N47-23-00, E111-46-0   GIC, 2003d
3782   Mongolia     Arinur/Arin Nuur      Mo, Cu               Hyd/Stw       Pz2     S   20Mt as oxide ore at 0.1% Mo, 0.02-0.14% Cu                       py, mlb, cp              N47-13-00, E113-57-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3783   Mongolia     Hol Fudag             Mo, Zn, Fe           Skn/Lnt       U       M   34.7Kt Mo, 38.5Kt Zn at 0.1% Mo, 2.5% Zn, 35.7% Fe                                         N46-50-00, E113-26-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3784   Mongolia     Ilrel-27              Mo, Cu                             U       S   6.37Kt Mo at 0.13% Mo, 69.1Kt Cu at 0.09% Cu                                               N46-40-46, E096-36-3   GIC, 2003d
3785   Mongolia     Ilrel-23              Mo, Cu                             U       M   28.0Kt Mo at 0.13% Mo, 14Kt Cu at 0.09% Cu                                                 N46-34-35, E096-28-4   GIC, 2003d
3803   Mongolia     Mungun Undur          Pb, Zn, Ag           Hyd/Dis       U       S   2.8Mt at 1.52% Pb, 12.5g/t Ag                                                              N47-50-00, E110-10-0   ESCAP, 1999
3804   Mongolia     Tugalgatain Nuruu     Zn, Pb, Ag           Hyd/Dis       U       M   260Kt Pb+Zn at 1.8-7.2% Pb, 1.4-8.5% Zn, 50-200g/t Ag                                      N47-17-00, E109-46-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3805   Mongolia     Tumurtiin Ovoo        Zn, Cd               Skn/Lnt       Pz2     L   10Mt at 11.3% Zn, 0.023% Cd                                       sph, mgt                 N46-47-00, E113-30-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3806   Mongolia     Salhit                Zn, Cu, Pb           Skn           U       S   78.3Kt Zn, 897t Cd at 9.0% Zn                                                              N46-47-00, E113-35-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; GIC, 2003c
3807   Mongolia     Modon ツⅢ              Pb, Zn               Str/Lnt       U       S                                                                                              N46-41-00, E117-20-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3808   Mongolia     Zuun Toirom           Zn, Pb, Ag           Skn           U       S   95.0Kt Zn+Pb at 1.37% Zn, 1% Pb, 540-640g/t Ag                                             N46-08-00, E107-48-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3809   Mongolia     Haraat Uul            Zn, Fe               Skn           U       M   270Kt Zn, 5Mt Fe at 2-4% Zn                                                                N45-59-00, E107-45-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3810   Mongolia     Tumurtei              Zn, Pb, Cu, Ag       Skn           U       M   274Kt Zn at 1.5-3.0% Zn, 1.3% Pb, 0.46% Cu, 108g/t Agツ                                     N45-57-00, E107-33-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3811   Mongolia     Hondloi               Zn, Pb, Cu           Hyd/Dis       U       M   340Kt Zn, 150Kt Cu, 100Kt Pb at 1-5% Zn, 0.1-8% Cu, 0.7-1.5% Pb                            N44-38-00, E099-49-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; GIC, 2003c
3812   Mongolia     Har Tolgoi            Pb, Sb, Ag           Hyd/Ffill     U       S   1.8-13.4% Pb, 0.47-0.61% Sb, 17.6-206.6g/t Ag                                              N42-08-00, E104-55-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3813   Mongolia     Mushgai Khudag        REE                  Crb/Mas       U       M   200Mt at 1.5% REO                                                                          N44-20-00, E104-00-0   ESCAP, 1999
3814   Mongolia     Lugin Gol             REE                  Crb/Mas       U       S   4Kt REO at 3.2% REO                                                                        N42-57-00, E108-34-0   ESCAP, 1999
3816   Mongolia     Modot                 Sn, W                Sed/Alv-Plc   Q       S   260-830g/m3 cas., 25-100g/m3 wlf.                                 cas, wlf                 N47-48-00, E109-03-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3817   Mongolia     Khujkhaan             Sn                   Sed/Alv-Plc   Q       S                                                                     cas                      N47-47-00, E109-13-0   GIC, 2003d
3818   Mongolia     Elstuin               Sn, W, Ti            Sed/Plc       Q       S                                                                     cas, wlf, ilm            N47-40-00, E107-33-0   ESCAP, 1999
3819   Mongolia     Ortsogt/Ortsog Ovoo   Sn, Fe               Skn/Lyr       U       M   40Kt at 0.6% Sn                                                   cas, mgt                 N45-34-00, E108-06-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3824   Mongolia     Harat/Kharaat         U                    Sed/Lnt       U       M   8.0Kt U at 0.12% U                                                                         N45-40-00, E108-22-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; ESCAP, 1999
3825   Mongolia     Nars                  U                    Sed/Lnt       U       S                                                                                              N45-20-00, E110-40-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; ESCAP, 1999
3832   Mongolia     Undurstagaan          W, Mo                Hyd/Stw       U       S   0.124% WO3, 0.08% Mo                                              wlf, mlb, mbt, hem       N47-52-00, E110-10-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3833   Mongolia     Tumentsogt            W                    Grs-Hyd/Vn    U       S                                                                     wlf                      N47-39-00, E112-07-0   ESCAP, 1999
3834   Mongolia     Ongon Khairkhan       W                    Hyd/Vn-Stw    U       S                                                                     wlf                      N46-55-00, E105-55-0   ESCAP, 1999
3835   Mongolia     Salaa                 W                    Hyd/Vn        U       S                                                                     wlf                      N46-45-00, E113-26-0   ESCAP, 1999
3836   Mongolia     Burentsogt            W                    Hyd/Vn        U       S                                                                                              N46-44-00, E111-43-0   ESCAP, 1999
3837   Mongolia     Yugozor/Yegzer        W, Mo                Grs-Hyd/Vn    U       M   42Kt WO3, 12Kt Mo at 0.197% WO3, 0.056% Mo                        wlf, mlb                 N45-54-00, E115-24-0   ESCAP, 1999; Jargalsaihan et al., 1996; GIC,
3838   Mongolia     Khar Mosit            W                    Hyd/Vn        U       S                                                                     wlf                      N42-01-00, E104-55-0   ESCAP, 1999
3840   Mongolia     Zulegt                C                    Mtm/Bed       U       M                                                                                              N47-04-00, E107-39-0   ESCAP, 1999
3841   Mongolia     Khuliin-Kholboo       F                    Hyd/BRc       U       M                                                                                              N48-13-00, E111-06-0   ESCAP, 1996
3842   Mongolia     Berth                 F                    Hyd/Vn        U       M   1.6Mt at 81.8% CaF2                                               fl                       N47-46-00, E111-11-0   ESCAP, 1999
3843   Mongolia     Delrerhaan            F                    Hyd/Vn        U       M                                                                                              N47-44-00, E111-17-0   ESCAP, 1999
3844   Mongolia     Anas                  F                    Hyd/Vn        U       M                                                                                              N47-30-00, E112-07-0   ESCAP, 1999
3845   Mongolia     Chuluut Tsagaan Del   F                    Hyd           U       M   2.4Mt at 44.6% CaF2                                                                        N46-57-00, E107-15-0   ESCAP, 1999
3846   Mongolia     Adag                  F                    Hyd/BRc       U       M   4.6Mt at 30-36% CaF2                                                                       N46-30-00, E109-20-0   ESCAP, 1999
3847   Mongolia     Zuum Tsagaan Del      F                    Hyd           U       M   3.4Mt at 32-36% CaF2                                                                       N46-23-00, E110-02-0   ESCAP, 1999
3848   Mongolia     Khajuu Ulaan          F                    Hyd           U       M                                                                                              N46-16-00, E109-52-0   ESCAP, 1996
3849   Mongolia     Bor Undur             F                    Hyd/Vn        U       M   8.4Mt at 32.25% CaF2                                              fl                       N46-14-00, E109-26-0   ESCAP, 1999
3850   Mongolia     Har-Airak             F                    Hyd           U       M                                                                                              N45-48-00, E109-19-0   ESCAP, 1999
3851   Mongolia     Urgun                 F                    Hyd           U       M   18.6-61.3% CaF2                                                                            N44-42-00, E110-44-0   ESCAP, 1999
3853   Mongolia     Taragt                Gp                   Sed/Bed       U       M                                                                                              N45-02-00, E104-29-0   ESCAP, 1999
3854   Mongolia     Modon Us              Gp                   Sed/Bed       U       M                                                                                              N44-33-00, E107-36-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3855   Mongolia     Unegt Uul             Gp                   Sed/Bed       U       M                                                                                              N44-17-00, E109-43-0   ESCAP, 1999
3856   Mongolia     Tavantolgoi           Gp                   Sed/Bed       U       M                                                                                              N43-38-00, E105-22-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3864   Mongolia     Shorvog Nuur          Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N47-28-00, E115-59-0   ESCAP, 1999
3865   Mongolia     Barun Shavar          Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N47-27-00, E117-15-0   ESCAP, 1999
3866   Mongolia     Ikh Tsaidam           Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N47-00-00, E107-55-0   ESCAP, 1999
3867   Mongolia     Songiyn Dalai Nuur    Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N46-54-00, E116-51-0   ESCAP, 1999
3869   Mongolia     Bayantsagaan          Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N46-40-00, E099-39-0   ESCAP, 1999
3871   Mongolia     Khunugt               Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N45-11-00, E100-10-0   ESCAP, 1999
3872   Mongolia     Buuri                 Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N44-45-00, E096-05-0   ESCAP, 1999
3873   Mongolia     Alag Tsav             Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N44-04-00, E102-01-0   ESCAP, 1999
3874   Mongolia     Gurvan Tes            Na                   Evp           Q       M                                                                                              N43-24-00, E101-35-0   ESCAP, 1999
3892   Mongolia     Tsagaan Gol           Tl                   Mtm/Lnt       U       S                                                                                              N45-49-00, E096-15-0   Jargalsaihan et al., 1996
3893   North Kore   Gwangjiang            Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        Pz1Tr   S                                                                                              N42-42-00, E130-10-0   KIER, 1983
3894   North Kore   Obong                 Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        Pz1Tr   S                                                                                              N42-25-00, E129-45-0   KIER, 1983
3895   North Kore   Cheongam              Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu   Hyd/Vn        J       S                                                                                              N42-16-00, E129-48-0   KIER, 1983
3896   North Kore   Cheongjin             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        J       S                                                                                              N42-15-00, E129-51-0   KIER, 1983
3897   North Kore   Namyang               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N41-29-00, E129-30-0   KIER, 1983
3898   North Kore   Nandong               Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N40-45-00, E129-12-0   KIER, 1983
3899   North Kore   Shinyeon              Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu   Hyd/Vn        J       S                                                                     pyr, apy, gal, cp, sph   N40-23-00, E125-03-0   KIER, 1983; Takashima & Kishimoto, 1987
3900   North Kore   Daeyudong             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       M                                                                                              N40-17-00, E125-34-0   KIER, 1983; Takashima & Kishimoto, 1987
3901   North Kore   Cheongweon            Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N40-13-00, E125-02-0   KIER, 1983
3902   North Kore   Unsan                 Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K       M   6-7g/t Au                                                         py, gal, sph             N40-13-00, E125-42-0   KIER, 1983; Takashima & Kishimoto, 1987
3903   North Kore   Gyodong               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N40-10-00, E123-05-0   KIER, 1983
3904   North Kore   Guseong               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N40-05-00, E125-01-0   KIER, 1983
3905   North Kore   Anchangri             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N40-01-00, E125-05-0   KIER, 1983
3906   North Kore   Bugpyeong             Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        J       S                                                                                              N40-01-00, E126-08-0   KIER, 1983
3907   North Kore   Ibseog                Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N39-55-00, E125-12-0   KIER, 1983
3908   North Kore   Jeongbo               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N39-53-00, E127-06-0   KIER, 1983
3909   North Kore   Ilbong                Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N39-50-00, E125-00-0   KIER, 1983
3910   North Kore   Seoncheon             Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K       M                                                                                              N39-49-00, E125-00-0   KIER, 1983
3911   North Kore   Gilsang               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K       S                                                                                              N39-46-00, E125-10-0   KIER, 1983
3912   North Kore   Cheonwang       Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-39-00, E125-50-0   KIER, 1983
3913   North Kore   Yeongheung      Au, Ag, Cu, Pb       Hyd/Vn     K       M   N39-37-00, E127-16-0   KIER, 1983
3914   North Kore   Inheung         Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-33-00, E127-25-0   KIER, 1983
3915   North Kore   Dongchang       Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-29-00, E127-25-0   KIER, 1983
3916   North Kore   Samdeog         Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-21-00, E126-15-0   KIER, 1983
3917   North Kore   Jaseong         Au, Ag, Pb, Zn       Hyd/Vn     J       M   N39-17-00, E125-48-0   KIER, 1983
3918   North Kore   Seongheung      Au, Ag, Pb, Zn, Cu   Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-06-00, E126-30-0   KIER, 1983
3919   North Kore   Unog            Au, Ag, Pb           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-05-00, E127-33-0   KIER, 1983
3920   North Kore   Gogsanto        Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       M   N39-02-00, E127-20-0   KIER, 1983
3921   North Kore   Anbyeong        Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-02-00, E127-33-0   KIER, 1983
3922   North Kore   Hwangyong       Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     J       S   N38-59-00, E127-40-0   KIER, 1983
3923   North Kore   Anpung          Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     K       S   N38-54-00, E127-53-0   KIER, 1983
3924   North Kore   Suan-Holgol     Au, Ag, Cu           Skn-Hyd    J       M   N38-52-00, E126-20-0   KIER, 1983
3925   North Kore   Daeryeong       Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       M   N38-52-00, E127-20-0   KIER, 1983
3926   North Kore   Anbyeong        Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     J       M   N38-51-00, E127-19-0   KIER, 1983
3927   North Kore   Cheongseog      Au, Ag, F            Hyd/Vn     J       S   N38-22-00, E125-51-0   KIER, 1983
3928   North Kore   Yagsan          Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N38-18-00, E125-10-0   KIER, 1983
3929   North Kore   Yulpo           Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn     J       S   N37-53-00, E126-17-0   KIER, 1983
3930   North Kore   Huchang         Cu, Pb, Mo           Hyd/Vn     J       M   N41-15-00, E126-55-0   KIER, 1983
3931   North Kore   Gapsan          Cu                   Skn-Hyd    K       M   N41-05-00, E128-35-0   KIER, 1983
3932   North Kore   Seoggye         Cu                   Hyd/Vn     K       S   N40-14-00, E124-35-0   KIER, 1983
3933   North Kore   Eumyang         Cu                   Hyd/Vn     K       S   N40-01-00, E126-42-0   KIER, 1983
3934   North Kore   Jiyang          Cu                   Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-34-00, E125-56-0   KIER, 1983
3935   North Kore   Deogweon        Cu, Fe               Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-10-00, E127-15-0   KIER, 1983
3936   North Kore   Nagsan          Cu, Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N38-16-00, E125-10-0   KIER, 1983
3937   North Kore   Dongjo          Cu, Pb               Hyd/Vn     K       S   N38-16-00, E127-06-0   KIER, 1983
3938   North Kore   Musan           Fe                   Str/Bed    Pcm     L   N42-10-00, E129-10-0   KIER, 1983
3939   North Kore   Cheonghagdong   Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       S   N40-55-00, E129-00-0   KIER, 1983
3940   North Kore   Ipari           Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     M   N40-49-00, E128-21-0   KIER, 1983
3941   North Kore   Busangdong      Fe                   Skn-Hyd    K       S   N40-41-00, E125-35-0   KIER, 1983
3942   North Kore   Dancheon        Fe                   Skn-Hyd    Pz2Tr   S   N40-40-00, E128-30-0   KIER, 1983
3943   North Kore   Iweon           Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pz2     L   N40-12-00, E128-38-0   KIER, 1983
3944   North Kore   Chungmu         Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N40-01-00, E124-33-0   KIER, 1983
3945   North Kore   Daein           Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N39-59-00, E124-31-0   KIER, 1983
3946   North Kore   Geumdeogsan     Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N39-42-00, E125-57-0   KIER, 1983
3947   North Kore   Geonjisan       Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N39-41-00, E125-57-0   KIER, 1983
3948   North Kore   Gaecheon        Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N39-40-00, E125-56-0   KIER, 1983
3949   North Kore   Jeongtongsan    Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N39-39-00, E125-57-0   KIER, 1983
3950   North Kore   Gyeomipo        Fe                   Skn-Hyd    K       S   N38-45-00, E125-38-0   KIER, 1983
3951   North Kore   Anag            Fe                   Hyd/Vn     K       S   N38-37-00, E125-34-0   KIER, 1983
3952   North Kore   Seohae          Fe                   Str/Lnt    K       S   N38-31-00, E125-10-0   KIER, 1983
3953   North Kore   Geumseong       Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-31-00, E126-38-0   KIER, 1983
3954   North Kore   Eunyul          Fe                   Strd/Lnt   K       M   N38-30-00, E125-10-0   KIER, 1983
3955   North Kore   Songjeong       Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       S   N38-28-00, E125-59-0   KIER, 1983
3956   North Kore   Neungdong       Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-28-00, E126-39-0   KIER, 1983
3957   North Kore   Seoghyeon       Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       S   N38-27-00, E126-10-0   KIER, 1983
3958   North Kore   Eoyadong        Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-27-00, E126-40-0   KIER, 1983
3959   North Kore   Baeghyeon       Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-24-00, E125-18-0   KIER, 1983
3960   North Kore   Jaeryeong       Fe, Ba               Skn-Hyd    J       L   N38-24-00, E125-40-0   KIER, 1983
3961   North Kore   Songhwa         Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-22-00, E125-12-0   KIER, 1983
3962   North Kore   Shinseongri     Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-22-00, E126-42-0   KIER, 1983
3963   North Kore   Eunyong         Fe, Ba               Skn-Hyd    J       M   N38-19-00, E125-45-0   KIER, 1983
3964   North Kore   Hwacheon        Fe                   Str/Lnt    K       S   N38-15-00, E125-03-0   KIER, 1983
3965   North Kore   Hamisan         Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       S   N38-15-00, E126-45-0   KIER, 1983
3966   North Kore   Haseong         Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       M   N38-14-00, E125-46-0   KIER, 1983
3967   North Kore   Guyeon          Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       S   N38-13-00, E126-29-0   KIER, 1983
3968   North Kore   Myoam           Fe                   Skn-Hyd    J       S   N38-12-00, E126-31-0   KIER, 1983
3969   North Kore   Unsan           Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-09-00, E125-20-0   KIER, 1983
3970   North Kore   Deogsamdong     Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-06-00, E126-26-0   KIER, 1983
3971   North Kore   Ogyeosan        Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N38-01-00, E125-43-0   KIER, 1983
3972   North Kore   Jangjaedong     Fe                   Str/Lnt    Pcm     S   N37-59-00, E125-59-0   KIER, 1983
3973   North Kore   Deogsang        Hg                   Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-30-00, E126-23-0   KIER, 1983
3974   North Kore   Ohri            Hg                   Hyd/Dis    K       S   N38-48-00, E125-45-0   KIER, 1983
3975   North Kore   Shindon         Hg                   Hyd/Dis    K       S   N38-44-00, E126-11-0   KIER, 1983
3976   North Kore   Geumhwa         Mn                   Sed/Bed    Pz2     M   N38-22-00, E127-37-0   KIER, 1983
3977   North Kore   Dosan           Mn                   Hyd/Vn     K       M   N38-17-00, E126-50-0   KIER, 1983
3978   North Kore   Obong           Mo                   Hyd/Vn     J       S   N41-08-00, E126-48-0   KIER, 1983
3979   North Kore   Suan            Mo                   Hyd/Vn     J       S   N38-48-00, E126-23-0   KIER, 1983
3980   North Kore   Geumgang        Mo, Cu               Hyd/Vn     K       S   N38-41-00, E128-11-0   KIER, 1983
3981   North Kore   Soggye          Ni, Cu               Mgm/Lnt    Pcm     S   N40-12-00, E124-55-0   KIER, 1983
3982   North Kore   Tapgori         Ni, Cu               Mgm/Vn     K       S   N38-26-00, E127-01-0   KIER, 1983
3983   North Kore   Geumdeog        Pb, Zn, Ag           Skn-Hyd    J       L   N40-57-00, E128-48-0   KIER, 1983
3984   North Kore   Jeonnam         Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/vn     K       S   N40-56-00, E128-37-0   KIER, 1983
3985   North Kore   Chosan          Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N40-48-00, E125-46-0   KIER, 1983
3986   North Kore   Heuian          Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N40-23-00, E126-06-0   KIER, 1983
3987   North Kore   Wanpung         Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N40-22-00, E125-25-0   KIER, 1983
3988   North Kore   Songum          Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N40-19-00, E125-50-0   KIER, 1983
3989   North Kore   Changhyang      Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N40-13-00, E126-27-0   KIER, 1983
3990   North Kore   Euiju           Pb, Zn, Au, Ag       Hyd/Vn     K       S   N40-11-00, E124-54-0   KIER, 1983
3991   North Kore   Ogang           Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N40-04-00, E124-56-0   KIER, 1983
3992   North Kore   Yongomdong      Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-54-00, E126-09-0   KIER, 1983
3993   North Kore   Munye           Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-51-00, E125-15-0   KIER, 1983
3994   North Kore   Somin           Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-51-00, E126-11-0   KIER, 1983
3995   North Kore   Chuio           Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-48-00, E125-34-0   KIER, 1983
3996   North Kore   Hagmu           Pb, Zn, Ag           Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-38-00, E126-29-0   KIER, 1983
3997   North Kore   Heunghwa        Pb, Zn, Cu, Sb       Hyd/Vn     K       S   N39-37-00, E127-17-0   KIER, 1983
3998   North Kore   Ganryeong       Pb, Ag               Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-30-00, E126-01-0   KIER, 1983
3999   North Kore   Omsan           Pb, Zn, Au, Ag       Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-24-00, E125-51-0   KIER, 1983
4000   North Kore   Seongrim        Pb, Zn, Ag           Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-18-00, E126-20-0   KIER, 1983
4001   North Kore   Samcheon        Pb, Zn, Au, Ag       Hyd/Vn     J       S   N39-16-00, E126-05-0   KIER, 1983
4002   North Kore                  Seongcheon        Pb, Zn, Au, Ag   Hyd/Vn            J     M                                                                                                N39-18-00, E126-23-0   KIER, 1983
4003   North Kore                  Majeon            Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N39-12-00, E126-17-0   KIER, 1983
4004   North Kore                  Undu              Pb, Zn, Cu       Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N39-09-00, E126-11-0   KIER, 1983
4005   North Kore                  Icheon            Pb, Zn, Cu       Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N38-55-00, E127-11-0   KIER, 1983
4006   North Kore                  Sangdan           Pb               Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N38-54-00, E126-12-0   KIER, 1983
4007   North Kore                  Gapsan            Pb, Zn, Au, Ag   Skn-Hyd           J     M                                                                                                N38-53-00, E126-42-0   KIER, 1983
4008   North Kore                  Jangyang          Pb, Zn, Au, Ag   Skn-Hyd           J     S                                                                                                N38-31-00, E126-01-0   KIER, 1983
4009   North Kore                  Seoheung          Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            J     M                                                                                                N38-28-00, E126-10-0   KIER, 1983
4010   North Kore                  Seolhyeon         Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N38-25-00, E126-21-0   KIER, 1983
4011   North Kore                  Eunjeog           Pb, Zn, Ag                         J     M                                                                                                N38-19-00, E125-52-0   KIER, 1983
4012   North Kore                  Ongjin-Haeju      Pb, Zn, Au, Ag   Hyd/Vn            K     M                                                                                                N37-58-00, E125-22-0   KIER, 1983
4013   North Kore                  Gujin             Sb               Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N39-47-00, E124-42-0   KIER, 1983
4014   North Kore                  Songcheon         Sb               Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N39-19-00, E126-31-0   KIER, 1983
4015   North Kore                  Jongseo           W, Mo            Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N41-05-00, E126-40-0   KIER, 1983
4016   North Kore                  Jongpodong        W, Mo, Cu        Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N41-05-00, E126-43-0   KIER, 1983
4017   North Kore                  Ganggye           W, Mo            Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N41-03-00, E126-41-0   KIER, 1983
4018   North Kore                  Pyeongan          W, Mo            Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N40-35-00, E125-10-0   KIER, 1983
4019   North Kore                  Pyeongri          W, Cu            Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N40-32-00, E125-21-0   KIER, 1983
4020   North Kore                  Hewicheon         W, Mo            Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N40-21-00, E126-45-0   KIER, 1983
4021   North Kore                  Shinheung         W, Mo, Cu        Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N40-17-00, E127-40-0   KIER, 1983
4022   North Kore                  Giju              W, Mo, Cu        Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N38-57-00, E126-54-0   KIER, 1983
4023   North Kore                  Baegnyeon         W, Cu            Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N38-55-00, E126-59-0   KIER, 1983
4024   North Kore                  Geumgang          W, Mo            Hyd/Vn            K     M                                                                                                N38-42-00, E127-58-0   KIER, 1983
4025   North Kore                  Woegwi            Ba, Pb           Hyd/Vn            J     M                                                                                                N41-07-00, E126-21-0   KIER, 1983
4026   North Kore                  Ganggye           Ba, Ag           Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N40-59-00, E126-35-0   KIER, 1983
4027   North Kore                  Yeondaebong       Ba, Pb           Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N40-50-00, E126-48-0   KIER, 1983
4028   North Kore                  Pyeongan          Ba               Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N38-48-00, E125-20-0   KIER, 1983
4029   North Kore                  Changdo           Ba, Pb, Zn, Cu   Skn-Hyd           K     M                                                                                                N38-29-00, E127-43-0   KIER, 1983
4030   North Kore                  Ganggye           Gr               Mtm               J     M                                                                                                N40-59-00, E126-38-0   KIER, 1983
4031   North Kore                  Shinpungri        P, Fe            Sed/Bed           K     M                                                                                                N40-39-00, E128-52-0   KIER, 1983
4032   North Kore                  Geumhwa           Py, S            Hyd/Rpl           K     S                                                                                                N38-31-00, E127-30-0   KIER, 1983
4033   North Kore                  Gaebal Changdo    Py, S            Hyd-Rpl           K     M                                                                                                N38-29-00, E127-35-0   KIER, 1983
4034   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Tayozhnoe         Ag, Au           Hyd/Vn            Tp    M   50-2000g/t Ag, 1g/t Au                                tet, stp, pyg, acn                     N45-30-00, E136-39-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4035   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Soyuz             Ag, Au           Hyd/Vn            K     S   127.9g/t Ag, 1.27g/t Au                                                                      N43-25-00, E134-20-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4036   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Yagodnoe          Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            Tp    S   4.28g/t Au, 49.3g/t Ag                                                                       N47-09-00, E138-35-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4037   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Burmatovskoe      Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            Tp    S   0.8-8.4g/t Au, 10-61g/t Ag                                                                   N47-06-00, E138-06-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4038   Russia       SiKhote Alin   SuKhoe            Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            Tp    S                                                                                                N46-58-00, E138-09-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4039   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Salyut            Au, Ag, Cu       Hyd/Vn            U     S   1.75g/t Au                                                                                   N46-22-00, E137-41-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4040   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Glinyanoe         Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            KTp   S   8.3g/t Au, 122g/t Ag                                  py, apy, gal, sph, cp, arg, acn        N46-11-00, E137-55-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4041   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Balykovskoe       Au               Hyd/Vn            K     S                                                                                                N42-58-00, E132-57-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4042   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Krinichnoe        Au, Ag           Hyd/Dis           K     S   <2.8g/t Au, <171g/t Ag                                py,qz                                  N42-54-00, E132-29-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4043   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Progress          Au               Hyd/Vn            K     M   5.89g/t Au                                            py, apy                                N42-52-00, E132-50-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4044   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Porozhistoe       Au               Hyd/Vn-Dis        K     S   5.39g/t Au                                            py, pyr, cp                            N42-52-00, E133-28-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4045   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Askold            Au               Hyd/Vn-Stw        U     M   5.9-7.6g/t Au                                                                                N42-44-00, E132-20-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4047   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Kafen             Cu, Mo           Prp               U     S                                                         py, cp, mlb                            N47-36-00, E136-15-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4048   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Malakhitovoe      Cu, Mo           Prp               U     S   0.1-1.6% Cu                                           py, cp, bon, pyr                       N47-06-00, E135-04-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4049   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Verkhnezolotoe    Cu, Sn, W, Zn    Prp               K     S   0.35-2.27% Cu, 0.26% Sn, 0.69%Pb, 3g/t Au, 86g/t Ag   cp, mRc, sph, gal, mlb, cas            N46-32-00, E136-26-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4050   Russia       Sakhalinsk     Novikovskoe       Cu, Zn, Pb       Vol/Dis           U     S   1% Cu, 0.2% PbZn                                      cp, py, gal, bon, tet                  N46-18-00, E143-26-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4051   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Nesterovskoe      Cu, Mo           Prp               U     S                                                         py, cp, sph, mlb                       N46-04-00, E137-49-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4052   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Malinovskoe       Cu, Au           Prp               K     S   0.42-4.5% Cu, 0.6-12.9g/t Au                          cp, py, pyr, mRc, apy                  N45-08-00, E135-02-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4053   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Zarechnoe         Cu               Prp               U     S   0.02-0.9% Cu, 0.05g/t Au                              py, cp, chc, bon, apy                  N44-39-00, E134-39-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4054   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Plastun           Cu               Prp-Skn           U     S   0.3-0.8% Cu, 30-350g/t Ag                             py, cp, apy, sph, gal                  N44-39-00, E136-12-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4055   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Lazurnoe          Cu, Mo           Prp               K     S   0.3-0.6% Cu, <0.2% Mo, <3g/t Au                       cp, bon, py, sph, mlb                  N44-06-00, E134-24-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4056   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Ussuri            Fe               Vol-Sed/Lnt       Cm    S   23.8-38.6% Fe                                         mgt, hem                               N45-18-00, E133-38-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4058   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Skalistoe         Mo, W            Prp               Tp    S   0.02-0.2% Mo, 0.15-2.8% WO3                           mlb, py, wlf                           N43-36-00, E133-45-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4059   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Yuzhnoe           Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Vn            K     M   6.7% Pb, 9.8% Zn, 349g/t Ag, 0.16-1.2% Sn             gal, sph, pyr, apy, cp, cas            N44-45-00, E135-21-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4060   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Smirnovskoe       Pb, Zn, Sn, Ag   Hyd-Grs/Vn        KTp   M   6.2% PbZn, 69g/t Ag, 0.41% Sn                         gal, sph, cas, apy                     N44-38-00, E135-20-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4061   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Nikolaevskoe      Pb, Zn, Ag       Skn               K     M   1.5-8.7% Pb, 1.36-10.5% Zn, 62g/t Ag                  gal, sph, cp, apy, py, pyr             N44-35-00, E135-40-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996; Sato et al., 1993
4062   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Krasnogorskoe     Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            K     M   5% Pb, 6.77% Zn, 62g/t Ag, 0.26% Sn                   sph, gal, py, mRc, pyr                 N44-28-00, E135-55-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4063   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Lidovskoe         Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            K     M   7.8% Pb, 6.4% Zn                                      sph, gal, cp, cas, stn, pyr, py, apy   N44-26-00, E135-49-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4064   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Partizanskoe      Pb, Zn           Skn               KTp   M   1.5-3.0% Pb, 0.6-4% Zn, 67.6g/t Ag                    gal, sph, cp                           N44-25-00, E135-30-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4065   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Chernyshevkoe     Pb, Zn           Sed/Lyr-Dis       U     S   1.5-6.5% Pb, 0.7-2.5% Zn                              pyr, apy, py, gal, sph                 N44-24-00, E133-17-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4066   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Voznesenka-I      Pb, Zn           Skn/Lyr           U     M   4% Zn                                                 mgt, sph                               N44-18-00, E132-08-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4067   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Fasolnoe          Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            U     S   <30% Pb, 0.1% Zn, 0.01-0.3% Sn                        mgt, sph, gal, pyr, py, apy, cas       N43-35-00, E134-42-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4068   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Shcherbakovskoe   Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn            K     S   3-5% Pb, 2-9% Zn, 1-4% Sn                             sph, gal, pyr, py, mRc                 N43-35-00, E134-28-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4069   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Yantarnoe         Sn               Prp               K     S   <2.17% Cu, 7.3% Sn, <3.2% PbZn                        cas, py, sph, cp                       N46-20-00, E136-34-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4070   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Zvezdnoe          Sn, Cu, Pb, Zn   Prp               K     S   0.53% Sn, 4.7% PbZn                                   cas, gal, sph, stn, cp                 N46-10-00, E136-30-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4071   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Tigrinoe          Sn, W, Ta, Nb    Grs-Hyd/Vn-Stw    K     M   0.14% Sn, 0.045% WO3                                  cas, wlf                               N46-05-00, E135-45-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4072   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Zimnee            Sn, Pb, Zn       Hyd/Vn            K     S   0.1-3.0% Cu, 0.59% Sn, 7.2% PbZn                      pyr, py, apy, sph, stn, cas            N45-46-00, E135-58-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4073   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Dalnetayozhnoe    Sn, Pb, Zn       Hyd/Vn            U     S   0.53% Sn, 4.1% PbZn                                   pyr, py, sph, stn, cas, gal, cp        N45-40-00, E136-08-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4074   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Khrustalnoe       Sn, Pb, Zn, W    Hyd/Vn            U     M   0.22% Sn, 0.8-1.7% Pb                                 cas, apy, pyr, sph, gal, cp, stn       N44-28-00, E134-59-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4075   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Arseyevsky        Sn, W, Pb, Zn    Hyd/Vn            Tp    M   2-3% Sn, 0.1-0.5% WO3, 1-2% PbZn                      cas, apy, pyr, gal, sph                N44-25-00, E134-47-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4076   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Vysokogorskoe     Sn               Hyd/Vn            U     M   1.0% Sn                                                                                      N44-21-00, E135-10-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4077   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Yaroslavskoe      Sn               Grs/Mas-Vn        Pz1   M   0.52% Sn                                              cas, fl, tum                           N44-16-00, E132-13-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4078   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Nizhnee           Sn, Pb, Zn       Hyd/Vn            K     S   0.33-1.53% Sn, 2.0% Zn                                                                       N43-37-00, E134-15-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4079   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Katenskoe         Ti               Mgm/Dis           K     L                                                         ilm                                    N47-17-00, E136-13-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4080   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Ariadnoe          Ti, V            Mgm/Dis           J     L   1.0-11.8% TiO2, 0.086% V2O5                                                                  N45-13-00, E134-28-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4081   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Koksharovskoe     Ti, P            Mgm/Dis           J     L   1.0-10% P2O5, 3.3-4.5% TiO2                           ilm, mgt, apt                          N44-28-00, E134-08-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4082   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Lermontovsky      W, Au            Skn-Grs/Lnt-Sheet K     L   0.67-3% WO3                                           pyr, apy, py, sch                      N46-57-00, E134-27-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4083   Russia       Sakhalinsk     Burea River       W                Grs/Vn-Dis        Tp    S   <1.0% WO3                                             sch                                    N46-33-00, E143-30-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4084   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Vostok-2          W, Cu            Skn/Vn-Sheet      K     L   0.65% Cu, 1.64% WO3                                   sch, apy, pyr, cp                      N46-28-00, E135-53-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996; Sato et al., 1993
4085   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Zabytoe           W, Sn, Bi        Grs/Rpl-Vn        K     M   0.01-12.6% WO3, 0.01-0.1% Sn                          wlf, mlb, cas, pyr, sph                N45-39-00, E135-25-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4086   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Skrytoe           W                Skn               K     S   0.1-0.88% WO3                                                                                N45-05-00, E134-35-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4087   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Benevskoe         W                Skn-Hyd/Lnt-Vn    K     S   0.44-3.15% WO3                                        sch, mgt, apy, py, cas                 N43-06-00, E133-43-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4088   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Dalnegorsk        B                Skn               K     L                                                         dat, dnb                               N44-29-00, E135-35-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996; Sato et al., 1993
4089   Russia       SiKhote Alin   Voznesenka-II     F                Hyd/Mas-Vn        Cm    L   450Mt at 30-25% CaF2                                  fl, msc                                N44-11-00, E132-08-0   Nokleberg et al., 1996
4090   South Kore                  Bupyoung          Ag, Pb, Zn, Au   Hyd/Stw           K     S   1,774Mt at 227g/t Ag                                  nslv, gal, py                          N37-28-30, E126-42-1   ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg et al., 2003, Koh, 20
4091   South Kore                  Eunchi            Ag, Au           Hyd/Vn            K     S   225Kt at 542g/t Ag, 1.8g/t Au                         py, sph, cp, tet, gal, nslv            N37-23-40, E128-52-4   Koh, 2004
4092   South Kore                  Jeonjuil          Ag, Au           Hyd/Vn            K     S   648Kt at 224.3g/t Ag, 0.6g/t Au                       py, cp, gal                            N36-03-10, E127-18-4   Koh, 2004
4093   South Kore                  Youngjung         Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn            J     S                                                                                                N37-58-00, E127-17-0   ESCAP, 1987
4094   South Kore   Dongyang             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K     S   43Kt at 4.0g/t Au, 34g/t Ag                                                                    N37-53-20, E128-05-2   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4095   South Kore   Daegeumsan           Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        J     S                                                                                                  N37-47-00, E127-21-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4096   South Kore   Pungsan              Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        J     S                                                                                                  N37-45-00, E127-34-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4097   South Kore   Hwajeonri            Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        J     S                                                                                                  N37-36-00, E127-53-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4098   South Kore   Ogkye                Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        U     S   149Kt at 8.6g/t Au, 73.5g/t Ag                               elc, apy, pyr, sph, cp, gal       N37-33-50, E128-58-3   Koh, 2004
4099   South Kore   Samseong             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        U     S   190Kt at 2.0g                                                                                  N37-31-50, E127-46-3   Koh, 2004
4100   South Kore   Cheongan             Au, Cu               Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N37-31-00, E127-47-0   ESCAP, 1987
4101   South Kore   Jeil Samseong        Au, Ag                             J     S                                                                                                  N37-31-00, E127-49-0   ESCAP, 1987
4102   South Kore   Sangpum              Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        J     S                                                                                                  N37-25-00, E127-28-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983;
4103   South Kore   Mugeug               Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K     M   1.22Mt at 13.5g/t Au, 72.8g/t Ag                             elc, nslv, arg, tet               N36-57-50, E127-36-3   Koh, 2004
4104   South Kore   Geumjeong            Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        Pr    S   688Kt at 7.0g/t Au, 2.0g/t Ag                                py, apy                           N36-57-50, E128-51-2   ESCAP, 1987; Kim, J.H., 1982; Koh, 2004
4105   South Kore   Geumwang             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K     S   497Kt at 4g/t Au, 500g/t Ag                                  elc, apy, sph, gal, cp            N36-57-15, E127-36-3   ESCAP, 1987; Kim, J.H., 1982
4106   South Kore   Daeheung             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        JK    S   <100Kt                                                       py, gal, sph, apy                 N36-51-10, E127-14-0   ESCAP, 1987
4107   South Kore   Samwang/Cheongyang   Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        K     S   205Kt at 9.0g/t Au                                           apy, py, sph, cp, elc             N36-31-00, E126-54-0   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4108   South Kore   Daebong              Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        J     S   187Kt at 7.3g/t Au                                           py, sph, cp, gal, elc             N36-22-30, E126-46-1   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4109   South Kore   Geumdeok             Au, Ag               Hyd/Vn        U     S   118Kt at 10.4g/t Au, 88.2g/t Ag                              py, cp                            N35-46-40, E128-14-4   Koh, 2004
4110   South Kore   Kwangyang            Au, Ag, Cu, Zn       Hyd/Vn        Mz2   S                                                                                                  N34-56-00, E127-37-0   ESCAP, 1987
4111   South Kore   Tongyeong            Au, Ag, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K     S   214Kt at 6.9g/t Au, 117g/t Ag                                py, cp, sph, gal, arg, elc        N34-50-00, E128-26-0   Koh, 2004
4112   South Kore   Shiheung             Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Vn        U     S                                                                                                  N37-25-00, E126-52-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4113   South Kore   Jeonheung            Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        U     M   100Kt Cu, 100.4Kt Pb+Zn at 2.12% Cu, 4.4% Zn, 2.4% Pb        cp, azr, bonn, gal, sph, mal      N36-21-40, E128-48-4   Koh, 2004
4114   South Kore   Cheongsong           Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        Tp    M   117Kt Cu, 117.6Kt Pb+Zn at 2.13% Cu, 4.6% Pb, 5.9% Zn        cp, gal, sph, py, mal             N36-19-30, E128-58-0   Koh, 2004
4115   South Kore   Geumryoung           Cu                   Prp           K     S   1.6Mt at 0.58% Cu                                                                              N35-42-20, E129-25-4   ツつ仰つ可つ・and Hwang, 1983; ツEツSツCツAツ‚
4116   South Kore   Yanggudong           Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        K     S   5.0Kt Cu, 5.2Kt Pb+Zn at 1.8%Cu                              cp, gal, sph, py                  N35-27-30, E128-41-1   Koh, 2004
4117   South Kore   Baegweol             Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        K     S   20Kt Cu at 1.05% Cu                                          cp, gal, sph                      N35-21-10, E128-38-1   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4118   South Kore   Ilgwang              Cu, Pb, Zn, Ag       Hyd/Stw-Pip   K     S   648Kt at 0.58% Cu, 43g/t Ag                                  cp, gal, sph, py, sch             N35-18-20, E129-13-2   Kim, 1982; ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4119   South Kore   Guryong              Cu, Pb               Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N35-18-00, E128-38-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4120   South Kore   Gunbug               Cu, Pb               Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N35-12-00, E128-21-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4121   South Kore   Haman                Cu, Pb, W            Hyd/Vn        K     S   112.9Kt at 0.86% Cu                                                                            N35-11-00, E128-23-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg
4122   South Kore   Dongseong            Cu                   Hyd/Vn        K     S   200.3Kt at 2.76% Cu                                          cp, py, sph, azr, mgt             N35-05-00, E128-35-5   Koh, 2004
4123   South Kore   Buyeong              Cu, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N34-58-00, E128-15-0   ESCAP, 1987
4124   South Kore   Samanjell            Cu, Au, Ag           Hyd/Vn        K     S   147Kt at 2.25% Cu                                            cp, py, gal                       N34-57-03, E128-17-3   Koh, 2004
4125   South Kore   Daedong              Cu                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N34-54-00, E128-27-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4126   South Kore   Yangyang             Fe                   Vol-Sed/Bed   Pcm   S   3.779Kt at 45.41% Fe                                         mgt, py, pyr                      N38-05-00, E128-32-0   ESCAP, 1987; Kim, J.H., 1982; Koh, 2004
4127   South Kore   Pocheon              Fe                   Vol-Sed/Bed   U     S   10.0Mt at 36.68% Fe                                          mgt, cp, py                       N38-02-00, E127-17-2   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4128   South Kore   Jaeun                Fe                   Vol-Sed/Bed   Pcm   S                                                                                                  N37-50-00, E128-14-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4129   South Kore   Soyeonpyeongdo       Fe, Ti               Mgm/Lnt       Pcm   M   3.8Mt at 48.8% Fe, 17.59% TiO2                                                                 N37-36-00, E125-43-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg
4130   South Kore   Gyeongin             Fe                   Vol-Sed/Bed   Pcm   M                                                                                                  N37-26-00, E126-49-0   Kim and Hwand, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4131   South Kore   Weondong             Fe, Cu, Mn           Skn           KTp   S                                                                                                  N37-16-00, E128-58-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4132   South Kore   Shinyemi             Fe, Pb, Zn           Skn           K     M   13.8Mt at 41% Fe                                             mgt, pyr, sph, gal, cp            N37-11-20, E128-40-4   Koh, 2004
4133   South Kore   Chungju              Fe                   Vol-Sed/Bed   Pr    S   1.5Mt at 44% Fe                                              mgt, hem                          N37-08-40, E127-54-3   Koh, 2004
4134   South Kore   Seosan               Fe, Cu               Vol-Sed/Bed   Pr    S   6.7Mt at 31.42% Fe                                                                             N36-38-00, E126-17-0   ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg et al., 2003
4135   South Kore   Ulsan                Fe, W                Skn           K     S   1.7Mt at 43% Fe, 0.38% WO3, 0.02% Pb                         mgt, sch, apy                     N35-38-00, E129-20-0   ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg et al., 2003
4136   South Kore   Malgeum              Fe, Cu               Skn           K     S   1.9Mt at 38% Fe                                              mgt, hem, py, pyr                 N35-28-00, E129-05-0   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4137   South Kore   Janggun              Mn, Pb, Zn           Hyd/Vn        J     S                                                                Mnox, sph, gal                    N37-06-00, E129-03-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4138   South Kore   Garisan              Mo                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                mlb                               N37-53-00, E127-52-0   ESCAP, 1987
4139   South Kore   Donsan               Mo                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                mlb                               N37-05-00, E127-46-0   ESCAP, 1987
4140   South Kore   Daehwa               Mo, Au, Ag, Cu       Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                mlb, cp                           N37-05-00, E127-47-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4141   South Kore   Geumseon             Mo, W                Skn/Lnt       U     S   1.8Mt at 0.47-0.49% MoS2                                     mlb, sch, py                      N37-04-00, E128-13-1   Kim and Hwang, 1983; Koh, 2004
4142   South Kore   Samdeog              Mo                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                mlb                               N36-49-00, E127-59-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4143   South Kore   Sameyulsobo          Mo                   Hyd/Vn        J     S   1.02Mt at 0.41% MoS2                                         mlb                               N36-41-00, E129-27-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4144   South Kore   Changsu              Mo                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                mlb                               N36-34-00, E129-20-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4145   South Kore   Jangsu               Mo                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                mlb                               N35-43-00, E127-39-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4146   South Kore   Yeonhwa              Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           K     M   6.64Mt at 3.45% Pb                                           gal, sph, pyr, py                 N37-34-00, E129-02-0   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4147   South Kore   Sambo                Pb, Zn, Ba           Hyd/Vn        Mz2   S                                                                                                  N37-13-00, E126-56-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4148   South Kore   Dangdu               Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           J     S                                                                                                  N37-12-00, E128-16-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4149   South Kore   Yeomisan             Pb, Zn, Ag, Cu       Skn           K     S   590Kt at 5.38% Zn, 26.16% Fe                                                                   N37-12-00, E128-40-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg
4150   South Kore   Jeyi Yeonhwa         Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           K     M   5.04Mt at 5.16% Zn, 0.4% Pb                                  sph, gal, cp, pyr                 N37-07-30, E129-09-4   Kim and Hwang, 1983; Koh, 2004
4151   South Kore   Uljin                Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           K     S   292.5Kt at 4.32% Pb, 7.75% Zn                                                                  N36-59-50, E129-15-0   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4152   South Kore   Eungog               Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           K     S                                                                                                  N36-59-00, E128-25-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4153   South Kore   Seoseong             Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn        Tp    S                                                                                                  N36-54-00, E126-25-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4154   South Kore   Dadog                Pb, Zn               Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N36-54-00, E128-50-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4155   South Kore   Sanmak               Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           U     S   621Kt at 1.96% Pb, 4.17% Zn                                                                    N36-49-50, E129-03-5   Kim and Hwang, 1983; Koh, 2004
4156   South Kore   Janggun              Pb, Zn, Au, Ag, Mn   Skn           K     S   635Kt at 1.48% Pb, 5.76% Zn; 163Kt at 116g/t Ag              py, gal, sph, cp, apy, pyr, mgt   N36-48-40, E128-59-4   Koh, 2004
4157   South Kore   Geomjang             Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn        U     S   110.8Kt at 5.3% Pb, 9.12% Zn, 272g/t Ag, 0.73% Cu            gal, sph, cp                      N36-43-00, E129-19-3   Koh, 2004
4158   South Kore   Seojeom              Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N36-22-00, E129-18-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4159   South Kore   Geoseong             Pb, Zn, Au, Cu       Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                                                  N36-21-00, E128-53-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4160   South Kore   Gugjeon              Pb, Zn, Cu           Skn           K     S                                                                                                  N35-28-00, E128-54-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4161   South Kore   Mireugdo             Pb, Zn, Ag           Hyd/Dis       U     S   238Kt at 2.0% Pb, 2.0% Zn                                    gal, sph, cp, bon, hem            N34-48-20, E128-26-0   Koh, 2004
4162   South Kore   Jeil                 Pb, Zn, Cu           Hyd/Vn        U     S   133.2Kt at 5.8% Pb, 2.04% Zn                                 gal, sph, cp, py                  N34-40-40, E126-58-2   Koh, 2004
4163   South Kore   Hongcheon-Jaeun      REE, Fe              Crb/Hyd       Pcm   S   10.15Mt at 2.39% REE, 3.05% P, 1.38% Sr; 88.5Mt at 24% Fe,   mgt, mz, dlm                      N37-52-20, E128-00-2   Nokleberg et al., 2003; Kim et al, 2005
4164   South Kore   Deogseong            Sb                   Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                stb                               N36-49-00, E127-22-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4165   South Kore   Soongyeongseok       Sn                   Pgm/Vn        Pr    M   867Kt at <2.8% Sn                                            cas                               N37-07-20, E128-50-1   Koh, 2004
4166   South Kore   Yuchang              Sn                   Pgm/Vn        U     S   107Kt at 0.01-13.2% Sn                                       cas                               N36-54-20, E129-14-1   Koh, 2004
4167   South Kore   Yeoncheon            Ti                   Mgm/Lnt       Pr    S   1.2Mt at 21.3-27.1% TiO2, 33.7-41.4% Fe                      ilm, tmgt                         N38-06-00, E127-14-0   Koh, 2004
4168   South Kore   Chilbo               W, Mo, Fe            Skn           K     S   0.2-3.4% WO3, 48.89% Fe, 0.15% Cu                            sch, mlb                          N37-27-00, E127-35-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg
4169   South Kore   Samma                W                    Skn-Grs       K     S                                                                sch                               N37-10-00, E127-28-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4170   South Kore   Sangdong             W, Mo, Cu, Pb, Zn    Skn-Grs/Lnt   K     L   19.5Mt at 0.45% WO3                                          wlf, mlb                          N37-08-50, E128-50-2   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4171   South Kore   Namyang              W, Mo                Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                sch, mlb                          N37-05-00, E126-57-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4172   South Kore   Daehwa               W, Mo, Sn            Hyd/Vn        K     M   209Kt at 0.1-2.46% WO3                                       wlf, sch, mlb, py, cp, sph        N37-04-05, E127-50-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; Koh, 2004
4173   South Kore   Geumsan              W                    Hyd/Vn        Pr    S   215Kt at 0.2-0.38% WO3                                       wlf                               N36-59-00, E129-20-2   Koh, 2004
4174   South Kore   Gyeonghwa            W, Mo                Pgm/Vn        U     S   215Kt at 0.2-0.38% WO3                                       wlf, sch                          N36-58-40, E129-08-3   Koh, 2004
4175   South Kore   Ssangjeong           W, Mo                Pgm/Vn        Pr    M   1.9Mt at 0.41% WO3                                           sch, wlf, gal, mlb, apy, pyr      N36-55-30, E129-08-4   Koh, 2004
4176   South Kore   Gyegog               W, Mo                Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                wlf, mlb                          N36-55-00, E128-13-0   ESCAP, 1987
4177   South Kore   Weolag               W, Mo, Cu            Hyd/Vn        K     S   2% WO3, 0.6% MoS2                                            wlf, mlb, cp                      N36-52-00, E128-08-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg
4178   South Kore   Ogbang               W, F, Mo             Pgm/Lnt       Pr    S   0.5% WO3                                                     sch, fl, wlf, pyr, cp             N36-51-23, E129-08-2   ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4179   South Kore   Cheongyang           W, Mo                Hyd/Vn        K     S                                                                sch, mlb                          N36-21-00, E126-51-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4180   South Kore   Dalseong             W, Cu                Hyd/Stw-Pip   K     S                                                                wlf, sch, cp, pyr, apy            N35-47-00, E128-40-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4181   South Kore   Sannae               W, Mo                Hyd/Vn        K     S   25Kt at 0.45% WO3                                            wlf, sch, mlb, py, mgt            N35-37-00, E128-57-1   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Koh, 2004
4182   South Kore   Oryudong             Gr                   Mtm           Pcm   M   3% FC                                                        grp                               N37-25-00, E126-50-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987; Nokleberg
4183   South Kore   Sanae-Sinpo          F                    Hyd/Vn        JK    M                                                                fl                                N38-02-00, E127-31-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4184   South Kore   Chuncheon-Sinpo           F                     Hyd/Vn            JK    M                                                                                     fl                            N38-01-00, E127-36-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4185   South Kore   Changweol                 F                     Hyd/Stw-Pip       JK    M                                                                                     fl                            N37-17-00, E128-18-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4186   South Kore   Uil                       F                     Hyd/Stw-Pip       J     M                                                                                     fl                            N36-55-00, E128-16-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4187   South Kore   Gumi                      F                     Skn               K     M                                                                                     fl                            N36-55-00, E128-17-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4188   South Kore   Chungil                   F                     Skn               K     M                                                                                     fl                            N36-55-00, E128-28-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4189   South Kore   Oggye                     F                     Skn               K     M                                                                                     fl                            N36-06-00, E127-23-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4190   South Kore   Mireugdo                  Pp                    Hyd-Rpl           K     M                                                                                     pph, qz                       N35-48-00, E128-24-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4191   South Kore   Gwangdo                   Pp                    Hyd-Rpl           K     M                                                                                     pph, qz                       N34-52-00, E128-24-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4192   South Kore   Jangsando                 Pp                    Hyd-Rpl           K     M                                                                                     pph, qz                       N34-39-00, E126-08-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4193   South Kore   Ogmaesan                  Pp                    Hyd-Rpl           K     L                                                                                     pph, qz                       N34-34-00, E126-22-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983;
4194   South Kore   Hwangsan                  Pp                    Hyd-Rpl           K     M                                                                                     pph, qz                       N34-33-00, E126-05-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4195   South Kore   Gasado                    Pp                    Hyd-Rpl           K     M                                                                                     pph, qz                       N34-29-00, E126-03-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4196   South Kore   Pyeongan                  Tl                    Skn               Pcm L                                                                                       tlc                           N36-40-00, E126-55-0   Kim and Hwang, 1983; ESCAP, 1987
4197   Viet Nam     Dong Dang                 Al                    Sed/Bed           P     M   4.6Mt at 50% Al2O3, 9.2% SiO2                                                     dsp, bhm                      N22-02-00, E106-43-0   ESCAP,1990
4198   Viet Nam     Ma Meo                    Al                    Sed/Bed           P     M   9.53Mt at 50% Al2O3, 6.5% SiO2                                                    dsp, bhm                      N21-56-00, E106-37-0   ESCAP,1990
4199   Viet Nam     Ban Dam                   Au, Ag                Hyd/Vn            Pz2Mz1S                                                                                                                   N22-27-00, E106-02-0   GSV, 1991
4200   Viet Nam     Pac Lang                  Au, Ag                Hyd/Vn, Plc       J     M   137t Au                                                                           py, sph, gal, cp              N22-21-00, E106-05-0   ESCAP,1990;Do,1992
4201   Viet Nam     Lang Vai                  Au, Ag, Sb            Hyd/Vn            U     M                                                                                     apy, stb, py, sph             N22-08-00, E105-20-0   ESCAP,1990;Do,1992
4202   Viet Nam     Na Pai                    Au, Ag                Hyd/Vn            U     M   17t Au                                                                            py, apy, mRc, cp, gal, sph    N21-58-00, E106-20-0   ESCAP,1990;Do,1992
4203   Viet Nam     Lang Vang                 Au                    Sed/Plc           Q     S                                                                                                                   N21-47-00, E105-56-0   GSV, 1991
4204   Viet Nam     Bo Cu                     Au, Ag                Hyd/Vn, Plc       KQ    S   2.1t Au from placer                                                               py, pyr, mgt, sph, gal        N21-40-00, E105-57-3   ESCAP,1990;Do,1992
4205   Viet Nam     Mau San                   Au, Ag                Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-34-00, E106-46-0   GSV, 1991
4206   Viet Nam     Bo Xin                    Au, Ag                Hyd               U     S                                                                                                                   N21-15-00, E103-20-0   Phan et al.,1991
4207   Viet Nam     Muon Soi                  Au As                 Hyd               U     S                                                                                                                   N20-59-00, E103-57-0   Phan et al.,1991
4208   Viet Nam     Xom Xuan                  Au, Ag                Hyd               U     S                                                                                                                   N20-54-00, E105-27-0   Phan et al.,1991
4211   Viet Nam     Ban Xeo Area              Cu                    Hyd/Vn            Pz1   S                                                                                                                   N22-46-00, E103-40-0   GSV, 1991
4212   Viet Nam     Sin Quyen                 Cu, Zn, Au, Ag, REE   Hyd/Vn            K     M   550Kt Cu at 1.07% Cu, 5.24% Zn, 0.46-0.55g/t Au, 0.67% RE2O3                      cp, mgt, ort, pyr, py         N22-34-30, E103-48-0   ESCAP,1990
4213   Viet Nam     Lang Cha Area             Cu                    Sed/Bed           Pz1   S                                                                                                                   N21-32-00, E106-38-0   GSV, 1991
4214   Viet Nam     Bieng Dong Area           Cu                    Sed/Bed           Pz1   S                                                                                                                   N21-23-00, E106-43-0   GSV, 1991
4215   Viet Nam     TaKhoa Area               Cu                    Hyd               U     S                                                                                                                   N21-16-00, E104-13-0   GSV, 1991
4216   Viet Nam     Phu Lu Area               Fe                    Wth/Lnt           TnQ   M                                                                                                                   N22-14-00, E104-13-0   GSV, 1991
4217   Viet Nam     Quy Xa                    Fe                    Wth-Res           TnQ   L   119Mt at 54-55% Fe                                                                hem, mgt, ank                 N22-08-30, E104-14-0   ESCAP,1990
4218   Viet Nam     Chi Ngai Area             Hg                    Hyd               U     S                                                                                                                   N21-12-00, E106-32-0   GSV, 1991
4219   Viet Nam     Lung Luong                Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     S                                                                                                                   N22-51-00, E106-30-0   ESCAP,1990
4220   Viet Nam     Toc Tat                   Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     M   1Mt at 20-35% Mn                                                                  psl, pyl, hsm, brn            N22-50-00, E106-24-0   ESCAP,1990
4221   Viet Nam     Bang Khuong               Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     S                                                                                     psl, pyl, hsm, brn            N22-46-00, E106-26-0   ESCAP,1990
4222   Viet Nam     Bang Ca                   Mn                    Sed/Bed           D     S                                                                                     psl, pyl, hsm, brn            N22-46-00, E106-32-0   ESCAP,1990
4223   Viet Nam     Lang Bai                  Mn                    Vol-Sed/Lnt       D     M   1.7Mt at 15-50% Mn                                                                brn, psl                      N22-17-00, E105-12-0   ESCAP,1990
4224   Viet Nam     Cha Pa Area               Mo                    Skn-Hyd           U     S                                                                                                                   N22-22-00, E103-47-0   GSV, 1991
4225   Viet Nam     Muong Bo Area             Mo                    Skn-Hyd           U     S                                                                                                                   N22-15-00, E103-55-0   GSV, 1991
4226   Viet Nam     Ban Phuc                  Ni, Cu                Mgm/Mas           PTr   M   1.78Mt at 2.1% Ni, 1% Cu & inf. 10.4Mt at 0.94% Ni                                pyr, pnt, cp, py              N21-12-30, E104-17-0   Roskill;1999;ESCAP,1990
4227   Viet Nam     Ha Giang Area             Pb, Zn                Hyd               U     S                                                                                                                   N22-55-00, E105-03-0   GSV, 1991
4228   Viet Nam     Ban Giam Area             Pb, Zn                Hyd/Stw           U     S                                                                                                                   N22-45-00, E105-38-0   GSV, 1991
4229   Viet Nam     Cho Dien                  Pb, Zn                Str/Mas           U     M                                                                                     sph, gal, py, cp, smt         N22-26-00, E105-31-0   ESCAP,1990
4230   Viet Nam     Ngan Son                  Pb, Zn                Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N22-24-00, E105-54-0   GSV, 1991
4231   Viet Nam     Ban Nam Muong Area        Pb, Zn                Skn/Lnt           U     S                                                                                                                   N22-15-00, E103-20-0   GSV, 1991
4232   Viet Nam     Lang Son Area             Pb, Zn                Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-50-00, E106-50-0   GSV, 1991
4233   Viet Nam     Tuyen Quang Area          Pb, Ba                Hyd/Stw           U     S                                                                                                                   N21-49-00, E105-07-0   GSV, 1991
4234   Viet Nam     Tule Area                 Pb, Zn                Hyd/Vn, Stw       U     S                                                                                                                   N21-47-00, E104-16-0   GSV, 1991
4235   Viet Nam     Lang Hit Area             Zn, Pb                Skn-Hyd/Lnt       U     S                                                                                                                   N21-43-00, E105-50-0   GSV, 1991
4236   Viet Nam     Lang Ro Area              Pb, Zn                Hyd/Stw, Lnt      U     S                                                                                                                   N21-37-00, E106-32-0   GSV, 1991
4237   Viet Nam     Dien Bien Phu Area        Pb, Zn                Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-20-00, E103-10-0   GSV, 1991
4238   Viet Nam     Phu Ta                    Pb, Zn                U                 U     S                                                                                                                   N21-20-00, E103-17-0   Fontaine & Workman,1978
4239   Viet Nam     Tu Le                     Pb, Zn                Str/Mas           U     S                                                                                                                   N21-15-00, E104-11-0   Fontaine & Workman,1978
4240   Viet Nam     Nam Xe                    REE                   Mgm-Hyd /Dis-Vn   U     M   940.0Kt RE2O3, includes 3.22Kt Y2O3                                               bst, par, mgt, apt, bar, fl   N22-32-00, E103-27-0   ESCAP,1990
4241   Viet Nam     Dong Pao                  REE                   Mgm-Hyd /Dis-Vn   Tp    M   645.0Kt RE2O3                                                                     bst, bar, fl                  N22-16-00, E103-33-0   ESCAP,1990
4242   Viet Nam     Na Loung Area             Sb                    Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N22-12-00, E106-26-0   GSV, 1991
4243   Viet Nam     Ham Yen Area              Sb                    Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N22-07-30, E105-10-0   GSV, 1991
4244   Viet Nam     Tie Co South Area         Sb                    Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-59-00, E105-56-0   GSV, 1991
4245   Viet Nam     Ba Che Area               Sb                    Hyd/Stw           U     S                                                                                                                   N21-09-00, E107-18-0   GSV, 1991
4246   Viet Nam     Cum Pha-Mong Duong Area   Sb                    Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-04-00, E107-14-0   GSV, 1991
4247   Viet Nam     Pia Oac Area              Sn, W                 Sed/Plc, Hyd/Vn   K     M   1.5Kt WO3 at 0.23% WO3, 5Kt (Sn + WO3) at 0.04-0.24% Sn                           cas, wlf, cp, apy             N22-40-00, E105-52-0   ESCAP,1990
4248   Viet Nam     Tam Dao Area              Sn                    Sed/Plc           Q     M   13.5Kt SnO2 at 273g/m3 SnO2                                                       cas, wlf, trm                 N21-40-00, E105-26-0   ESCAP,1990
4249   Viet Nam     Cay Cham                  Ti, V                 Mgm/Lnt           U     M   2.81Mt ilm at 15-30% TiO2 in high-grade ores and 10-16% in low-grade ores         ilm, pyr, rut, py, hem, mgt   N21-44-00, E105-39-0   ESCAP,1990
4250   Viet Nam     Thien Ke                  W, Bi                 Hyd/Vn            K     M   10.0Kt WO3 at 0.5% WO3, 0.1% Bi, 0.23% Sn                                                                       N21-38-00, E105-26-0   ESCAP,1990
4251   Viet Nam     Da Lien/Nui Phao          W, Sn                 Skn-Hyd           K     M   35.0Kt WO3 at 0.01-0.74% WO3, 6.3Kt Sn at 0.1-3.6% Sn, 0.08% Bi for 164 samples                                 N21-38-00, E105-27-0   ESCAP,1990
4252   Viet Nam     Tuyen Quang Area          Ba                    Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-50-00, E105-18-0   GSV, 1991
4253   Viet Nam     Tan Yen Area              Ba                    Hyd/Vn            U     S                                                                                                                   N21-22-00, E106-07-3   GSV, 1991
4254   Viet Nam     Lao Cai                   Gr                    Mtm/Bed           U     M   15.9Mt at 45% Crbon                                                                                             N22-28-00, E103-57-0   ESCAP,1990
4255   Viet Nam     Kim Tinh                  Kl                    Wth-Res           TnQ   M                                                                                                                   N21-33-00, E107-49-0   ESCAP,1990
4256   Viet Nam     Truc Thon                 Kl                    Sed/Bed           TnQ   M   8Mt, at 25-30% Al2O3 +TiO2, <3.48% Fe2O3, 61.7-71.1% SiO2, 2.2-4.6% K2O+Na2O                                    N21-20-00, E106-22-0   ESCAP,1990
4257   Viet Nam     Thach Khoan               Kl                    Pgm/Wth           U     M                                                                                     kln, fsp                      N21-12-00, E105-13-0   ESCAP,1990
4258   Viet Nam     Lao Cai                   P                     Sed/Bed           Cm    L   265Mt at 20-41% P2O5                                                              apt, dlm, cal, qz             N22-27-00, E103-57-0   ESCAP,1990
4259   Viet Nam     Chepha                    Pp                    Hyd/Mas           Mz2   S                                                                                                                   N21-37-00, E107-26-0   ESCAP,1990
4260   Viet Nam     Tan Mai                   Pp                    Hyd/Mas           Mz2   M                                                                                     pph, kln, aln, qz             N21-36-00, E107-41-0   ESCAP,1990
4261   Viet Nam     Bantrong                  Pp                    Hyd/Mas           Mz2   S                                                                                                                   N21-34-00, E107-22-0   ESCAP,1990
4262   Viet Nam     Truc Bai Son              Pp                    Hyd/Mas           Mz2   M                                                                                     pph, ser, qz                  N21-30-00, E107-36-0   ESCAP,1990
4263   Viet Nam     Lang Lom                  Pp                    Hyd/Mas           Mz2   S                                                                                     pph, ser, qz                  N21-26-00, E107-25-0   ESCAP,1990

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