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									Merchant Affiliate Programs - What Is
     the Best Affiliate Network
You may ask why not just list your product on multiple affiliate
networks in order to gain maximum exposure and gain extra affiliates.
You can do this, but then you have to create multiple sales pages all with
the same copy on the same domain which the search engines won't like
and your affiliates would quickly recognize this and abandon you.

The reasoning for this is that if they send the traffic to your sales page
with their affiliate link/cookie and that customer doesn't purchase the
product right then but tries to come back a few days later and
inadvertently finds one of your OTHER sales pages with a different
network, that affiliate obviously won't get credit for the sale.

This will severely turn off any affiliates who have this realization, but
furthermore it just looks extremely awkward having multiple sales pages
on the same domain which is why you don't see it more often.

However, in the case of the merchant affiliate programs I'll be covering
in this article I will address this as there is an exception which I'll get to
in a moment. Right now, let's talk about what is the best affiliate
network to sell your new product through.

ClickBank Vs. DigiResults

With the completion of my new informational product, I had to consider
which affiliate network I would sell it through.

My first instinct was to go with ClickBank; they've been around for
years, it's a reputable brand name, they're known for informational
products, they have a huge marketplace and affiliate base, and they
handle every aspect of payment on your behalf. Then I heard about an
up and coming affiliate network which was garnering a lot of praise cal

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