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					Sept 2010                                                                   VOL. # 2
                                      ISSUE #2

       Womenʹs Ministry at White Mountain Bible Church

               All Sisters Newsletter
                          Finding Joy in the Journey

 Mission Statement:                        Vision Statement:
 Our Womenʹs Ministry at White             The women at WMBC are 
 Mountain Bible Church                     committed to loving God with 
 (WMBC) exists to help women               whole heart, connecting with one 
 love God, love one another and            another through the love of Christ 
 love their neighbor!                      and motivating each other to 

  (... May the Lord make your love         reach out to others who donʹt yet 
    increase and overflow for each         know Him! 
                                            (….walking in a manner worthy of 
       1 Thessalonians 3:12 NIV 
                                                     the calling...)  
                                                    Ephesians 4:1‐4 

                                 Our Focus

White Mountain Bible Church Prayer
       Do not be anxious about anything but in everything,
by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to
                          Philippians 4:6

            What can I say about this event to describe its effect on
me, but WOW!!! What an incredibly moving experience. We started
our morning with beautiful praise and worship led by Laura
Blomstrand and members of our White Mountain Bible worship
team. It was a glorious time to prepare our hearts for the words of
God brought to us through our guest speaker Cathy Cryer.
            Cathy Cryer, Associate Director of Prayer, graciously came
to visit us from Central Christian Church in the valley. She
imparted us with so much important information on just how prayer
is a relationship with God. “Because that easy conversation in the
Garden was broken by sin, effective communication with God on
our part until Christ comes again will take intentional prayer”.
            EM Bounds writes: To pray is the greatest thing we can
do; and to do it well there must be calmness, time, and
deliberation (intention); otherwise it is degraded to the littlest and
meanest of things… There is nothing which takes more time to
learn. And if we would learn the wondrous art, we must not give a
fragment here and there – “A little talk with Jesus” as the tiny
saint-lets sing – but we must demand and hold with iron grasp the
best hours of the day for God and prayer.”
            Effective relationship and communication with our Lord
takes 2 Wings. Prayer is our part of the equation and Scripture is
God’s part in communication. God calls His Church to intentional
            As Cathy shares a life verse with us, we can hear the
heart of God longing for us to come to Him in prayer.
            For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord,
            “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give
            you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and
            come and pray to me and I will listen to you. Your will
            seek me and find me when you seek me with all your
            heart. I will be found by you,” declared the Lord, “and                 Next we heard testimony from Beth Johnson. As she
            will bring you back to place from which I carried you into   shared her life struggles and the impact of intentional prayer in
            exile.”                                                      her life, we all saw firsthand just how our Lord hears us and
                                           Jeremiah 29:11-14             answers our prayers, remembering that our answered prayer is
                                                                         always in His time not our time. Beth revealed to us how her
          We broke from our morning session into small groups and        continual prayer is heard. She had us all in laughter and tears as
had very meaningful discussion led by questions posed to us              she spoke. We were grateful to hear how our God has worked in
regarding our prayer life. What were some of the stumbling blocks        her life.
we experience? Where have we seen God working in our Church life                    Cathy finished our session with the 3 levels of prayer:
and what prayers are needed in our Church? What do we need to            casual, crisis and kingdom. Our prayer life is more than a one-
pray for today? Each of the ladies filled out a prayer card with         way communication to God. Prayer includes listening as well.
whatever the Lord put on their heart at that moment. The Women’s         Prayer is a relationship, not just an activity. God speaks to His
ministry team will pray for each individual prayer. What another         people by the Holy Spirit through prayer. Many of the women
blessing.                                                                attending mentioned the need to incorporate prayer and bible
          After lunch we were once again led by our worship team.        study combined in their daily prayer, meditation and quiet time
Laura and Brian Blomstrand, Heather McGrew, Eppie Engle and Dee          with the Lord.
Fernau gave us an unexpected blessing as they sang Holy Holy by                     All of the women were asked if they felt it was worth
Nicole Nordeman. Laura shared how for her, as well as all of us, we      spending a Saturday in this way. Every woman answered, “Yes.”
travel many roads before we find the road that leads to Jesus                       As we came to an end of the day’s activities, Cathy left
Christ. The world will continue to pull us in many directions away       us with a warning about spiritual warfare attacks on prayers in
for our Lord and it is so important to keep our eyes focused on Him.     ministry or events. She urges us to be determined in your prayer
We were so thankful that each of the members gave up their               and stay in relationship with the Powerful One Who answers.
Saturday to lead us in praise and worship.
                                                                         Written by
                                                                         Connie Halley
                                                                     S.T.A.T.I.C                 Urban Experience
                                                                When I was asked to submit an article about the mission trip I
                                                                wondered hummm - - could I write an "article"? So after some
                                                                thought and prayer I decided I might not be a writer but I can for sure
                                                                share my heart and what I witnessed with you!

                                                                So here goes! On July 22 we left Show Low, AZ with 21 kids headed
                                                                to California. Little did we know that our everyday lives would be
                                                                changed FOREVER! We pulled into LA around 3:30 with 21 sweaty,
                                                                tired kids who were ready to relax and yet we had LOTS of work to
                                                                do! We had to set up tents because after all this trip is "The Urban
                                                                Experience" so we would be sleeping on top of a 5 story building in
                                                                sleeping bags in TENTS! So as the kids unpacked and looked over
                                                                the edge in awe of what they saw, the leaders were starting to get the
                                                                groups ready to serve dinner that night in the kitchen to the hundreds
                                                                of homeless!

                                                                Just in one meal they serve over 200 single men, 400 single women
                                                                and 200 parents with children! Let me tell you one of many little ways
                                                                God showed us his mighty power. Both times we served at the Union
                                                                Rescue Mission they have run out of food! They have told us BOTH
                                                                times they RARELY run out of food. Coincidence???? I will tell you
                                                                God showed up and showed us how many people need HIM! :) So as
                                                                we served LOTS of meals daily we also got a huge privilege of
                                                                working with the children who LIVE at the shelter! Our kids put on a
                                                                VBS for around 30-35 kids! As we thought we would have a "time
                                                                frame" when the kids would be with us we soon discovered the kids
                                                                would stay with us until we MADE them go back to their floors! These
                                                                children were not the average children that our youth come in contact
                                                                with. These children ranged from the ones who said NOTHING to the
                                                                extreme of screaming to get every little bit of attention we could give
                                                                them!! Our youth played with these kids like they had been friends for
                                                                years! They carried kids on their shoulders so much they had rashes
                                                                around their necks! Our girls had their hair done so many times I’m
                                                                sure they lost half of their hair there in California! I don’t even have a
                                                                word to describe how amazing it was to see our kids show God's love
                                                                to these kids that they just met and for them step up and fill these
                                                                kids cup with love that some of these kid may have never felt!
                                                                I don’t think our youth fully understand what it means to a mother for
      Serving Opportunities                                     someone to "love on" your baby! When I left I asked all my close
                                                                friends to "love on" my babies because I was going to miss them so
                                                                much! So every time I saw these little kids face light up I remembered
There are several ways you can serve with the Women’s           how much my kids shine from people in our lives loving them!! These
Ministry of WMBC!                                               images will forever be in my heart! On the day we left it was bitter
                                                                sweet. These people that we have spent 5 days with kind of grew on
Below are area’s you may be interested in:                      us a little more than we thought they would! As we gave hugs and
    •    Women’s Ministry Team                                  said “good-bye,” a mother grabbed me and gave me a huge hug and
    •    Women’s Ministry  Treasurer                            told me “Thank you. No group of people have every loved our kids
                                                                the way you all did!" With tears in my eyes I held her tight and just
    •    Article Writer for the “All Sisters” Newsletter        expressed how awesome her kids were and that we are forever
    •    Poet’s for the “All Sisters” Newsletter                changed from them! I wondered how I could put the kids words into
    •    Interviewers for the “All Sisters” Newsletter          this and so I did what I do best, I TEXTED them and asked them to
                                                                send me ONE word to describe the trip. Here are a FEW words to
    •    Photographer for the “All Sisters” Newsletter          describe the trip!
    •    “Go‐To‐Gal” for the Connection Hour 
    •    Telephoning                                            AMAZING - AWAKENING - REWARDING - UNDESCRIBABLE -
                                                                LIFE-CHANGING - DIVERSE - ADVENTURE - AWESOME and the
    •    Flyers and Bulletin Boards 
                                                                best for last AMAZINGLYAWESOMETASTIC!!!! It’s very safe to say
    •    Decorators                                             God took us to California and each one of us brought a piece back
    •    Activity Planners                                      with us! A little change that we will never forget and forever praise
                                                                God for taking us there!
    These are just to name a few if you are interested in 
    anything listed above or if you have a passion to serve.    Tyla Francis
     Please contact Nancy Engle or       S.T.A.T.I.C Leader
               Team Africa 2010

Why did I go to South Africa? Was it to serve, was it to see old
friends or was it to just see South Africa? In Philippians Paul
speaks to service. Philippians 2: 5 -7 says, “Your attitude should
be the same as that of Christ Jesus, who being in the very nature
God did not consider equality with God something to be grasped
but made himself nothing taking the very nature of a servant.”
Service is often not what we think it is or what we want it to be,
but it is what God wants it to be. Whatever our original motives
are or how righteous they may be, if we don’t get ourselves out
of the equation we will be a stumbling block to his work. Peter
had his own agenda for Christ. He expected Christ to be the
reigning King not the suffering servant. That is why for a time
Peter was in God’s way, he was a stumbling block to God’s plan.
Romans 12:3 says “Do not think of yourself more highly than you
ought.” In Romans 12: 9 & 13 he says, “Love must be sincere.....
Be devoted to each other in brotherly love. Honor one another
above yourself...Share with God’s people who are in need.”

Well that is why we went and that is what we did. We prayed to
be in his will, to be his servant and to stay out of his way. Oh
my, I just hope we were as much of a blessing to them in South
Africa as they were to us. There is nothing more rewarding than
to serve our Lord in this capacity. This trip gave me a deeper
respect and understanding for our missionaries and a true picture
of what it means to be sold out to the Lord. As we worked
alongside Kelly, Cherise, Henriette, Angel and Lindi we learned
more about that selfless attitude that Jesus teaches that we all
must have to be true servants for our Lord whether in a foreign
field or in our own country, church and community.

We had a great group of people. Christa Marler, her mom Kathi
Bachi, Mary Beth Castle, Shawn and Kristian Loeffler, Vicki
Kulicki, Carol Wade, Shiloh Taft, myself and Pastor Corey. We
couldn’t imagine one of us not being there. We worked so well
together and we developed new friendships that will carry on
forever. I want to thank Pastor Corey for putting this together
and if you have any inclination that you may want to do this
someday please let him know. You will never regret it.
                                                                     We strolled along the beach of the Indian Ocean and had church on
During our two weeks we scraped and painted a building that will     the beach. We had tea and crumpets at the local Methodist church
someday be a church and a medical clinic. We watched the             and at the sea side café where we got to have a lovely visit with
children stuff their pillows and wait anxiously in line for us to    Jayne, our missionary in Lesotho South Africa. We had a typical
sew them together. They were so proud of their pillows with the      African barbeque or as they say a brie Sunday after church and visited
many bright and cheerful colors. We sang Bible songs and             with new friends. We went to the TaLa game reserve and saw many
danced with them. We then taught the meaning of the Ten              of God’s beautiful creatures up close and at a distance. My favorite is
Commandments and about who Jesus is and showed them love             the giraffe.
through all we did. We played games with them and they sang
songs to us and did the traditional ZuLu dance for us. We laughed    Then after two wonderful weeks of service with love and sadness in
and we cried.                                                        our hearts we had to say good-bye to old and new friends. We will
                                                                     miss the beautiful landscapes and sunrises and ocean waves of South
With the help of Mary Beth, Carol, Krista and my ZuLu                Africa, but most of all we will miss serving alongside the Smiths and
interpreter, Mu we saw and did approximately 120 check-ups.          the Otto’s and Lindi we, Angel and Peter. I pray our being there
We saw the fear in their eyes melt away with a hug and               brought them encouragement and that it was all glorifying to our Lord
knowledge from Mu that they would not be getting an injection.       ,
 I am not sure which helped the most. Out of all the children we     Someday I hope I can return.
saw there were approximately 20 that needed the attention of
either a doctor or social worker.                                    In His Love,

     Father, Where shall I work today?
    And my love flowed warm and free.

Then He pointed me out a tiny spot and said,
            "Tend that for me."

   I answered quickly, "Oh, no, not that.
        Why, no one would ever see

  No matter how well my work was done.
      Not that little place for me."

  And the word He spoke, it was not stern.
         He answered me tenderly,

  "Ah, little one, search that heart of thine.
     Art thou working for them or me?

         Nazareth was a little place,
           and so was Galilee."
                          -Author Unknown
Dear Sisters-in Christ of WMBC,

Are you wondering if or why you should come to the all-sisters brunch on
Saturday Sept. 25th? Let me have a minute of your time before you decide.
Thanks. First, let's think about being "sisters", especially sisters who have a
Perfect Father and Jesus for our Older Brother! In this family all the sisters are
truly equal, though all unique and different. All of Jesus' "sisters" are
encouraged (actually commanded is more accurate!) to know and love one
another. They all have a divine calling: to exemplify and glorify their Father by
being like the Son. And these things are mutually inclusive: by loving on one
another they show to the world (those who aren't part of the family yet) that this
family is very special, there is real love shown here and our Father pours His
love on us so we can pour it on each other. What a family to be part of!

 The trouble is, it's pretty hard to celebrate loving lavishly without knowing
each other’s names, spending time together or playing and talking together as
close sisters do. The WM Bible women's ministry team desires to provide
avenues that lead us to each other: Bible studies, teas, special events, prayer
times, special interest groups, etc. But sometimes we just need to all get
together! You know how families can get scattered, have different interest and
can drift apart. This just happens. And we are all busy, have our own lives, and
certainly don't need one more thing to add to our Saturday morning to-do list.

WMBWM team knows that. We don't want you to feel you must come. BUT,
when you got together with the sisters in your family, I doubt you went away
wishing you hadn't bothered to get together. Sister talk feels good. We want to
build an atmosphere of love in our church family. So, as we plan events and
activities we need to ALL be together sometimes. Especially as we begin a fresh
experience of Women's ministry we need to chat together, to bounce ideas off
one another and talk about how to make our family more like our Father

 These all-sister get-together will be like a family meeting two or three times a
year; an opportunity to hear what's being planned, where you might be able to
fit in future events, express interest in helping with certain areas, offer
suggestions that solve problems or round out our activities. Perhaps you will
bring ideas to the table that we would never think of without your input. We are
a sisterhood. We want to live, laugh, love and do life together. Saturday is a
chance for you to make a difference in how we do it.

Thanks for your time. See you there.

Saturday September 25th 9am to 11am

Bev Ironside, for the Team
             Women’s Ministry                                              Bible Study Information
                                                                     Starting September 7 at 9:00am at WMBC
September 11 (oops! We made a mistake. Please                        Walking thru the Word, Bible 101 Led by Sue Gifford and Keri
note your calendar the all Sisters brunch                            Brewer
is on the 25th..(NOT September 11th.)                                A continuation of exploring and becoming familiar with the
September 25          “All Sisters Brunch”                           Bible.
9:00am – 11 am                                                       (Also offered at 6:30 pm at Sue’s home)
** Potluck brunch** Bring a Friend** Come
Enjoy Together Sisterhood**                                          Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them Free by
                                                                     Nancy Leigh Demoss.
                                                                      Led by Kim Mortimer
October 1– 3                 Women’s Retreat                         Ms. Demoss exposes areas of deception she believes are
November 13                  Christmas crafting                      to many Christian women and are at the root of their struggles.

December 11                  Christmas Tea                           Believing God                         Led by Alicia Ironside
9:00am                                                               This study examines what it means to believe God and not only
                                                                     in Him. Participants will study the lives of faith in Hebrews 11.
        Come and celebrate this blessed Season with us.
                                                                     Starting September 16 at 6:30pm—Carolyn Jacob’s home
                     **************************                      Gospel of John, Part One                    Led by Carolyn
                                                                     A study of the book of John, referred to by many as the most
 Tuesdays               Prayer time                   1:30pm
                                                                     profound of the Gospels, and has been called the most precious
                                                                     jewel of the Word of God.
Join us for the weekly Women’s prayer time as we pray specifically
                    for ourselves, our husbands,
  our children, our community and the global community. Led by
                           Bev Ironside.
     Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow closer to God!
                                                                     Starting January 4, 2011 at 9:00am—WMBC
                                                                     Walking thru the Word continues         Led by Keri Brewer
                                                                     (Also offered at 6:30 pm at Sue’s home)

First Thursday of every month - Quilting                             Stranger on the Road to Emmaus by John R. Cross
                                                                                                          Led by Kim Mortimer
          White Mountain Bible Church will assist in 
                                                                     This study explains the greatest themes of the Bible, step by step
making charity quilts.  We can use anyone for this project           Creating an understanding of sin, substitution and atonement.
whether you know how to quilt or not; the objective is to 
learn how to put quilts together.  If you can tie a knot, if you     A Christian Woman’s Calling                 Led by Bev Ironside
can hand sew labels on the finished quilts or sew simple             Using major passages of scripture, discover God’s designed role
seams we can use you.  If you have a sewing machine please           for women.
bring it, but not necessary. We will meet from 10 a.m. to 4          Starting January 6, 2011 at 6:30 pm—Carolyn Jacob’s home
p.m. with a potluck at noon.  If you can only attend part of         Gospel of John, Part Two                   Led by Carolyn
the day we welcome your willingness to help a short time,            Jacobs
too. These quilts are given to the Show Low,                         The second part of the study of the book of John
Pinetop/Lakeside, Vernon and McNary fire departments.  
Other areas are the local Hospital, Police, Sheriff, DPS and 
                                                                     If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Bible Study
CPS offices and any other needs in the White Mountains.              coordinator, Sue Gifford at 928.537.3052 or
   Come and learn the quilting process and
   help the different charities in the White
   Mountains. Any further questions please
       contact Mary Lou Hindal at 532-6353
 Sept 2010                                                                                                                                  VOL. # 2

             Dear Heavenly Father we lift our hearts to you today in Prayer for the Winslow Family as they get settled in their new 
             home and in the new church that they will continue to be faithful servants to you Lord and that they will know that they 
             are Loved and Missed dearly Lord, Be strong in their hearts so that they will beam the love and light that they possess to 
             touch all of those around them. Please Bless them tremendously for following your calling to Iowa. 
                         Lord also Pray for the Walters family as they are embarking on a new journey to WMBC. We are thankful they 
             are following Gods Path in bringing them to us. We are excited to see what wonderful works the Walters family will bring. 
             We again thank you for answering our prayers for a Preaching Pastor. 
                         We pray for the Elders of our church to remain strong and steady in the Lord during this time of change. We 
             appreciate all the hard work they do. And we are thankful for the Elders families for supporting them in their service to 
                        We ask you Lord to be with all the people of WMBC that you keep their hearts open and their eyes focused on 
             you Lord. We pray for those who do not yet know you, that they will find you Lord and invite you into their hearts. 
                        We pray for the many ministries at WMBC.  And we pray for those feeling the tug in their hearts to be a part of 
             the different Ministryʹs at WMBC, that they may have the courage to give their lives over to you Lord and lend themselves 
             to serve your Church and that they will be blessed greatly. 
                        We pray for those doing Mission work for you Lord. We are thankful for the many missionaries, and as they go 
             thru trials we pray that they stay focused on you Lord .We pray for all of the lives the missionaries touch, that they will 
             remain strong in your loving arms. 
                        Lord, we thank you for sending us your Son, Jesus, for the redemption of our sins and our wrong doings. We lift 
             our lives to you Lord to direct us in the way you know is best for us. We pray that we remain open to your guidance and 
             follow your way as directed. 
             In Jesusʹ name we pray ~ AMEN    

3171 Show Low Lake Road Show Low
        Arizona 85901

                                                                                                All Sisters


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