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					            Willoughby Baseball League
                                    4130 Grove Ave., Willoughby, Ohio 44094

                                                                                                                Spring 2011
The Willoughby Baseball League is turning 60!
                                                                                                                  Dates To
This is a great accomplishment for everyone that                                                                  Remember
has participated in all ways to help this league be                                                          February 19, 26 &
                                                                                                             March 5:
                    a success.                                                                               Walk-in registration

                  THANK YOU!!                                                                                10:00 am to 1:00 pm
                                                                                                             March 26: Tryouts
                                                                                                             Lost Nation
Baseball & Softball Registration                            OPENING DAY                                      Sports Park
                                                                                                             12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
The Willoughby Baseball League will be accept-       Join us on Saturday May 14, 2011
ing mail-in registration through March 5th.          for opening day at Todd Field.                          March 28:
Colt, 14U-18U Fast Pitch Softball may start          Games will be played on this day.                       Deadline for 2011
registering now, but no later than May 1st.          Legend’s Sports Photography                             WBL scholarship
Please take the time to print the registration       will be taking team and individual                      Applications
                                                     pictures. Your Coach will hand-
form off of the league website. All completed                                                                April 4:
                                                     out the forms and time for your
registrations, fee payment and the Code of Con-                                                              First official day of
                                                     pictures. Rain out Date is May
duct, signed by both the player and legal guard-     15th.                                                   practice
ian must be received by the league on or before
                                                                                                             April 27:
March 5th. All registrations received after that
may be subject to a $20 late fee. Registration          2011 Umpire Info                                     Turn in candy money
                                                                                                             to your team manager
fees are shown on Page 3. Please remember to
add a $10.00 “non-resident fee” if you do not        Those interested in becoming an umpire for              May 5:
reside in the city limits of Willoughby.             The Willoughby Baseball League can look up              Pants exchange at
Please make checks out to Willoughby Baseball        information and print an application from the           Field House
League. Mail to: Youth Field House, 4130             league website. You will be contacted directly
                                                                                                             May 9:
Grove Ave., Willoughby, Ohio 44094                   with regards to training sessions by the Umpire-
                                                     in-Chief. This is a paid position.                      Regular season begins
Registrations can also be dropped off at the
Field House in the mail slot in the door on the                                                              May 14:
                                                      CONSESSION STAND WORKERS NEEDED
right side of the building.                                                                                  Opening Day at noon &
                                                     If you are interested in working in one of the          Picture Day at todd
Walk-in registrations will also be held at the       concession stands, fill out the form on the last page
Field House on the following Saturdays: Febru-       and return with your registration.                      May 15:
ary 19th, February 26th and March 5th from           This is a paid position.
                                                                                                             Rain Out Date For
10:00 am to 1:00 pm                                                                                          Opening Day
                  New Players                         VOLUNTEERS NEEDED                                      July 15:
All new players must turn in a copy of their         The League is totally run by adult volun-               End of Regular Season
birth certificate that is kept on file with their    teers. We could always use more help. If
                                                     you are interested in helping out in any way,
registration. No registrations will be accepted or
                                                     please print the Volunteer Checklist on                 July 18:
try-outs after March 14 with the exception of        page 6 and mail or bring in on registration
high school players. All applications received       days. Demands on your time depend on                    City Championship &
after this date will be placed on a waiting list,    what you are willing to help with. Help us              League Tournaments
with no guarantee of playing.                        make 2011 a great season.                               Begin
   Willoughby Baseball League Is Turning 60

   The Willoughby Baseball League started in 1951 and is one of the
oldest leagues in North East Ohio. The League is run with volunteers
from Board members, coaches, registration workers, tournament or-
ganizers and more. The League also offers paid positions in the con-
cession stands and umpires. Along with the many boys, girls and
young men and women who play, the Willoughby Baseball League is
one of the few that offer an Individual Assistance Program for those
children who have special needs. The league also offers a scholarship
program for those players who would like to go to college. The winner
of the annual scholarship will receive $750.00 a year for four years.
The Willoughby Baseball League also hosts four large tournaments a
year: The Rebel Rouser, The Reach for the Starzz, The Willoughby
Starzz Invitational and The Willoughby All-Star Tournament.
   The Willoughby Baseball League would like to invite parents and
players to join us on Opening Day, Saturday, May 14th to celebrate
this occasion and start off our 6oth year with much excitement and en-
thusiasm. Check our website www.willoughbybaseball.com for up-
dates on times and events.
                                Leagues, Fees, Divisions, and Ages
        LEAGUE                  AGE               DIVISION                     DRAFT ?               FEE W/ CANDY              FEE W/O CANDY
INSTRUCTIONAL BOYS              5&6       INSTRUCTIONAL BOYS            FORMED                              $50.00                     $75.00

INSTRUCTIONAL GIRLS             5&6       INSTRUCTIONAL GIRLS           FORMED                              $50.00                     $75.00

HARDBALL                        7&8       MITEY MITES                   FORMED                              $60.00                     $85.00

HARDBALL                        9 & 10    MINOR                         DRAFT                               $65.00                     $90.00

HARDBALL                       11 &12     MAJOR                         DRAFT                               $65.00                     $90.00

HARDBALL                       13 & 14    PONY                          DRAFT                                N/A                       $90.00

HARDBALL                       15 & 18    COLT                          DRAFT                                N/A                       $90.00

FAST PITCH SOFTBALL           8, 9 & 10   10U                           DRAFT                               $65.00                     $90.00
FAST PITCH SOFTBALL            11 & 12    12U                           DRAFT                               $65.00                     $90.00

FAST PITCH SOFTBALL            13 & 14    14U                           DRAFT                                N/A                       $90.00

FAST PITCH SOFTBALL            15 & 16    16U                           DRAFT                                N/A                       $90.00

FAST PITCH SOFTBALL            17 & 18    18U                           DRAFT                                N/A                       $90.00

SLOW PITCH SOFTBALL             7&8       PIXIE                         FORMED                              $60.00                     $85.00

HARDBALL TRAVEL                  ALL      HARDBALL TRAVEL               INVITATIONAL                         N/A                       $95.00

FAST PITCH TRAVEL                ALL      FAST PITCH TRAVEL             INVITATIONAL                         N/A                       $95.00

                        How do I determine my son or daughter's League age?
League age for hardball leagues are determined by the players age as of April 30, 2011. League age for all softball divisions, both
slow pitch and fast pitch, are determined by the players age as of December 31, 2010. Exception: Cutoff for girls playing in the
Instructional League is their age as of April 30, 2011

       NON-DRAFT DIVISIONS (FORMED) - Every effort will be made to grant requests when forming teams.
       DRAFT DIVISIONS - All divisions participating in a draft are competitive. Players are drafted the day after try-outs. In order to maintain
        fairness, special requests for placement on a team will be granted only in extreme situations.
       TRAVEL TEAMS - Travel teams are formed by invitational try-outs held each Fall. Notification of try-outs is made by posting to the home
         page on the League website.
       ALL STAR TEAMS - Coaches will distribute information regarding All Star try-outs.
         In a non-draft division, you can request to be on the same team, and the league will make every effort to accommodate you. In a draft
         division, according to our By-Laws, requests will only be granted in extreme situations. These requests must be submitted in
         writing at the time of registration and will be reviewed and voted upon by the board, prior to the draft. The boards decision is
         Any participant living outside of the City of Willoughby will be assessed a $10.00 “non-resident” fee by the City of Willoughby, paid at the
         time of registration as part of your registration fees.

                               League Try-Out Dates and Times
Try-outs are for all returning players moving into a new Division and all new players in the league. Anyone
staying in the same Division as last year does not need to try out.
All try-outs will be held at the Lost Nation Sports Park on Saturday, March 26th. Bring your glove and a bat
and go to the registration table 15 to 20 minutes before your try-out time. These times will also be posted on
the League website.
         DIVISIONS                          LEAGUE AGES                                  TIME
PONY                                              13 & 14                          12:-00 - 1:30 PM
MAJOR                                             11 & 12                           1:45 - 3:45 PM
MINOR                                              9 & 10                           4:00 - 6:00 PM
10U FAST PITCH                                   8, 9 & 10                         12:00 - 2:00 PM
12U FAST PITCH                                    11 & 12                           2:15 - 4:15 PM
14U FAST PITCH                                    13 & 14                                 TBA
16U FAST PITCH                                    15 & 16                                 TBA
18U FAST PITCH                                    15 & 18                                 TBA
COLT                                             15 thru 19                               TBA

                                    Hardball All-Star Try-Outs
The League will be holding try-outs for all 2011 Hardball All-Star teams on Sunday, May 1st. Participation in
All-Star baseball allows a Willoughby Baseball League player to compete against other All-Star teams from
other communities in three tournaments outside of Willoughby as well as in the Willoughby All-Star Tourna-
ment in July. Check with your team’s coach or your league Commissioner for any updates on dates & times.
TEAM. The teams are picked by the All-Star coach and selected judges. All-Star teams are competitive and
playing time is not guaranteed in every game. There is an additional fee (approx. $30.00) for any player cho-
sen to be on an All-Star team. If you are interested, please bring your glove and a bat to the following field:

     DIVISION                         AGE                       FIELD                        TIME
MITEY MITES                          7&8                       TODD # 3                     6:00 PM
MINOR                                9 & 10                    TODD # 4                     6:00 PM
MAJOR                               11 & 12                    TODD # 2                     6:00 PM
PONY                                13 & 14                    TODD # 1                     6:00 PM
  CANDY SALE OPTIONS                                                    FEELING THE URGE TO COACH A TEAM ?

As always, most divisions under the age of 13 have the choice of       If you are interested in becoming a Coach for the 2011
participating in the League’s Candy Sale Fund Raiser or paying         season, please contact the Commissioner of your Divi-
the additional fee not to participate. This choice must be made
at the time of your registration. There is a place on your registra-
                                                                       sion for possible openings. Contact numbers can be
tion form to mark your choice                                          found under the “Contact Us” Tab on the website.
Option 1 - Candy Sale Participation
                                                                       You can also fill out the “Volunteer” form on page 6 or
                                                                       circle “Coach” or “Manager” on the Registration Form.
This option is only available for those who register before March
6th. All players who choose this option are asked to sell one box      The league is run by all volunteers and your involve-
of candy. Dates for the sale are April 11th to April 27th. We ask      ment would be greatly appreciated.
that all players turn in their candy money to their team’s coach
on or before April 27th, so that they can turn in the money on
time and pick up the team’s uniforms.                                                  RAIN OUT ALERTS
Option 2 - Not Selling Candy                                           Rain outs can be emailed or text messaged directly to your
                                                                       computer/phone as a free service. Information can be
This option is available regardless as to when you register. How-
ever, please be aware that this is the only option available if you
                                                                       found on the League website. Any rain outs for the City of
register on or after March 6th. If you choose this option then         Willoughby games only will be sent to you as soon as the city
mark it on your registration form and add $25 to the fee.              advises the League. You will be contacted by your manager
                                                                       of any rain outs from out of city games. Rain outs will also
Any player registering after March 6th must pay the additional
$25.00 and opt out of the candy sale.
                                                                       be posted on the League website.

                              FOUR YEAR COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP
The Willoughby Baseball League is once again offering a college scholarship worth $750 per
year for four years. This will be the tenth consecutive year we are offering the scholarship to
all eligible high school seniors. To be eligible, you must have been involved in the WBL for a
minimum of five years prior to the 2011 season.
If you are interested, you can pick up a scholarship application after February 22nd at the
Youth Field House, Recreation Dept. Office, or in the Guidance office at South High School or
download it directly off our website www.willoughbybaseball.com.
Please fill out the application and return it to the Youth Field House (4130 Grove Ave., Wil-
loughby, Ohio 44094 or to your school Guidance Counselors office by March 28th. The schol-
arship winner will be announced during our WBL Opening Day on May 14th.

                                                     ??? QUESTIONS ???
If you have any questions regarding anything in this newsletter, please give us a call. You may
contact any of the following Officers.
         Rob Bartholomai - General Manager                                 440-944-0444
         Craig Franz - Administrative Vice President                       440-342-1289
         Harold Hipps - Vice President - Hardball                          440-946-4532
         John Long - Vice President - Softball                             440-622-6135
         Michelle Hall - Treasurer                                         440-721-1918
         Nancy Shea - Secretary                                            440-476-0504
You can also log onto www.willoughbybaseball.com for the latest updates, league info, helpful
downloads, league calendar, league rules, and team records and standings.
                                      WE NEED YOU!
Please take a moment to fill out his form, the Willoughby Baseball League is run entirely
                                      by volunteers.

       _____ Assembling the League Rule Books (February)
      _____ Erecting and/or removing registration signs (Feb. 13th)
      _____ Working a table during Saturday walk-in registrations (Feb. 19, 26, Mar. 5)
      _____ Entering Registration Info. (Feb. 19, 26, Mar. 5)
      _____ Make phone calls for sign-ups (End of Feb. / beginning of March)
      _____ Preparing uniforms for distribution at the start of the season (April)
      _____ Cleaning and refilling the First Aid Kits (Aug. / Sept.)
      _____ Passing out boxes of candy to managers for our fund raiser (April 12)
      _____ Committee member
      _____ Computer work
      _____ Other (Trade skill) _____________________________________________

Please check any area where you are interested in helping & return the form to the Field
House. Thank you in advance for your commitment to Willoughby Baseball!

Your Name: ________________________________              Phone No.: _________________

 If you are interested in working in the Concession Stands as a cashier or runner, please sign this
                   slip and return it with the application. These are paid positions.

      Your Name: ______________________           Phone No.: __________________ Age: ___

If you are interested in being a Manager or Coach this year, please fill out and return this form to
the Field House.

Name: _______________________________ Division: ___________________________

Experience (if any):

Phone No.: _________________________

If you are interested in being an Umpire, please refer to the website for information and an applica-
tion. You will be contacted by the Umpire-In-Chief.
This is a paid position.

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