Teenagers Pose Great Risks Behind The Wheel

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					What Are The True Costs Of Automobile Accidents? Should You Consider Lawsuit Loans
And Settlement Loans?

Each and every year, millions of individuals are injured and 40,000 people are killed in traffic
collisions in the United States alone. We need to have a greater appreciation for damages caused by
an entity that is often minimized by insurance carriers and take into consideration why it is that
lawsuit loans and settlement loans are often required to assist individuals in getting their days-in-

Are you aware of the fact that each year, approximately 3,000,000 people are injured in the United
States from car crashes? Additionally, approximately 40,000 individuals are killed each year as a
result of traffic collisions.

I its also important to realize that car crashes are currently the leading cause of death for individuals
between the ages of three years and 33 years. The vast majority of those killed are teenagers. This
group of drivers would be followed by injuries sustained when elderly drivers and young adult
males are behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The mere financial costs of injuries and lives lost from car crashes is in excess of $230 billion
annually! Of course, this does not take into consideration the tmonetary impact of the loss of
individuals to family members, loved ones, etc.

Ironically, this very tragic situation is often dimly-viewed by insurance carriers. Why? Simply
because insurance carriers must minimize the impact of injuries sustained in car crashes in an effort
to minimize the amount of money paid to individuals who sustain these injuries as a result of their
insureds' poor decisions. The insurance carriers' refusal to pay equitable settlements in a reasonable
timeframe, often forces individuals to seek financial assistance through some form of litigation
funding. Many of these individuals, if they are where of their existence, seek to obtain such
assistance from lawsuit loans and/or settlement loans.

Although insurance carriers often complain about those who seek legal counsel in pursuing a claim
when they sustain injuries in a car crash, it is oftentimes the insurance carriers' foot-dragging that
forces individuals to seek legal counsel to obtain the restitution to which they are entitled. In most
cases, the only way to do so is to retain legal counsel.

On the issue of retaining legal counsel, it is important to keep in mind that legal counsel must be
competent. Sadly, not all attorneys are created equally. Some are extremely good at what they do.
Some are very cavalier and really are not very concerned about the outcome of their clients' cases.
Rather, these individuals will have a "mill-mentality," focusing principally on the volume of claims
they tare capable of settling each month. Although it is great to settle claims quickly, these attorneys
often do so to the disadvantage tof heir - resulting in very cavalier transactions.

It is important to realize that attorneys who are genuinely interested in seeking the best possible
outcome for their clients are customarily concerned that their clients are able to meet their financial
obligations throughout the course of litigation. These attorneys are customarily likely to encourage
their clients to seek lawsuit funding by either lawsuit loans or settlement loans to assist in this

It is tragic to note the number of individuals injured and killed annually in the United States as a
result of careless drivers. Remember, every time you get behind the wheel, you have an obligation
to maintain a safe and proper lookout for other motorist. Diligenct efforts when you are behind the
wheel can greatly minimize the likelihood of either sustaining injury yourself or injuring others.
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