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									               2012 State of the Union

    1) Given that most of America’s leaders are gathered in one spot during occasions like this,
       what would happen if the unthinkable took place? Follow this link to find out and then listen
       to the network coverage. The news anchors always let the viewers know who is the
       designated survivor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Designated_survivor
       _____________________ was the designated survivor for this State of the Union.

    2) When delivering the State of the Union address, the President will usually insert the line or
       phrase, “The state of our union is strong.” Listen for this catch phrase. Every modern
       President has used a phrase similar to this. What time was it when President Obama used the
       catch phrase? _________

    3) Watching a State of the Union, you might think that it was a physical education class for
       geezers. The people in attendance are constantly getting up out of their seat to applaud, then
       sit down, and then do it again. Believe it or not, they might do this more than 20 times! What
       was your final count? ______

    4) When Ronald Reagan was President, he began a practice each President has used since of
       bringing in special guests (who usually sit with the First Lady) and are recognized during the
       speech. President Obama is likely to continue that tradition this year. Who was a special
       guest and recognized by the President? __________________________

    5) Modern Presidents have always used the State of the Union to address any number of issues.
       Though times may change some issues, others remain constant. Summarize one thing the
       President said about these things:

•Education: __________________________________________

•Health Care: __________________________________________


•Nat’l Defense:__________________________________________

Here arefive activities to completeduring the President’s state of the Union address on Jan. 25, 2011

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