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birds_moreleta_kloof_january_2009 by huanghengdong


									                           BIRDLIFE NORTHERN GAUTENG: RINGING GROUP
                                       RINGING SUMMARY
Name of ringer                                                                             SAFRING No.
Name of outing leader                          Dirk
Ringing site name                              Moreletakloof
Co-ordinates                                   2548 S                  2817    E
Altitude (m)                                                      m
Acocks veld types (Leave blank)
Date(dd/mm/yyyy)                               17/01/2009
Other qualified ringers present                Karen, Dirk, Stefan alleen

Total number of nets erected                                15    Total length                             180   m
Time first net up                                                 Time last net down
Net lengths                                             x6m                         x9m                    15        x12m
Other traps used
                         Birds Ringed                                              Birds Re-trapped
Robert'                    Species              Imm     Adult                  Robert's          Species         Age Sex
                                                                   Ring No.
 s No.                                                                           No.
   317    Laughing (Palm) Dove                              1                                     #N/A
   352    Dideric (Diederik) Cuckoo                         1
   390    Speckled Mousebird                                4
   392    Red-faced Mousebird                               1
   396    Half-collared Kingfisher                          1
   431    Black-collared Barbet                             1
   439    Crested Barbet                                    1
   545    Dark-capped (Black-eyed) Bulbul                   2
   581    Cape Robin-Chat                                   2
   603    Great Reed-Warbler                                1
   604    Lesser Swamp- (Cape Reed) Warbler                 1
   606    African Reed-Warbler                              3
   607    Marsh (European Marsh) Warbler                    2
   618    Cape Grassbird                                    1
   646    Le Vaillant's (Tinkling) Cisticola                1
   649    Tawny-flanked Prinia                              2
   763    White-bellied (breasted) Sunbird                  1
   772    Amethyst (Black) Sunbird                1
   799    Cape Weaver                             5          5
   803    Southern Masked-Weaver                 39         45
   804    Thick-billed (Grosbeak) Weaver          2         12
   808    Southern Red (Red) Bishop              40         83
   814    White-winged Widowbird                             3
  1172    Cape White-eye (split)                             1
  4131    Burchell's Coucal (split)                          1

                                                      263                                                            0
Total number ringed                                    25         Total number retrapped                             0
Number of species ringed                                    263   Species retrapped
Total birds caught                                                % Retraps                                       0.0%
SAFRING    English                              Latin
       1   Common Ostrich                       Struthio camelus
       2   African (Jackass) Penguin            Spheniscus demersus
       3   Rockhopper Penguin                   Eudyptes chrysocome
       4   Great Crested Grebe                  Podiceps cristatus
       5   Black-necked Grebe                   Podiceps nigricollis
       6   Little Grebe (Dabchick)              Tachybaptus ruficollis
       7   Wandering Albatross                  Diomedea exulans
       8   Black-browed Mollymawk (Albatross)   Thalassarche melanophris
       9   Grey-headed Mollymawk (Albatross)    Thalassarche chrysostoma
      10   Yellow-nosed Mollymawk (Albatross)   Thalassarche chlororhynchos
      11   Shy Mollymawk (Albatross)            Thalassarche cauta
      12   Sooty Albatross (Mollymawk)          Phoebetria fusca
      13   Southern Giant-Petrel                Macronectes giganteus
      14   Pintado (Cape) Petrel                Daption capense
      15   Antarctic (Southern) Fulmar          Fulmarus glacialoides
      16   Great-winged Petrel                  Pterodroma macroptera
      18   Atlantic Petrel                      Pterodroma incerta
      19   Soft-plumaged Petrel                 Pterodroma mollis
      20   Blue Petrel                          Halobaena caerulea
      21   Broad-billed Prion                   Pachyptila vittata
      22   Antarctic Prion                      Pachyptila [vittata] desolata
      24   Grey Petrel                          Procellaria cinerea
      25   Great Shearwater                     Puffinus gravis
      26   Cory's Shearwater                    Calonectris diomedea
      27   Little Shearwater                    Puffinus assimilis
      28   Tropical (Audubon's) Shearwater      Puffinus lherminieri
      29   Sooty Shearwater                     Puffinus griseus
      30   European Storm-Petrel                Hydrobates pelagicus
      31   Leach's Storm-Petrel                 Oceanodroma leucorhoa
      32   SNARES CRESTED PENGUIN               Eudyptes robustus
      33   Wilson's Storm-Petrel                Oceanites oceanicus
      34   White-faced Storm-Petrel             Pelagodroma marina
      35   Grey-backed Storm-Petrel             Garrodia nereis
      36   Black-bellied Storm-Petrel           Fregetta tropica
      37   White-bellied Storm-Petrel           Fregetta grallaria
      38   Common Diving-Petrel                 Pelecanoides urinatrix
      39   Red-tailed Tropicbird                Phaethon rubricauda
      40   White-tailed Tropicbird              Phaethon lepturus
      41   Pink-backed Pelican                  Pelecanus rufescens
      42   Great White Pelican                  Pelecanus onocrotalus
      43   Australian Gannet                    Morus serrator
      44   Cape Gannet                          Morus capensis
      45   Masked Booby                         Sula dactylatra
      46   Brown Booby                          Sula leucogaster
      47   White-breasted (Great) Cormorant     Phalacrocorax carbo
      48   Cape Cormorant                       Phalacrocorax capensis
      49   Bank Cormorant                       Phalacrocorax neglectus
      50   Reed (Long-tailed) Cormorant         Phalacrocorax africanus
      51   Crowned Cormorant                    Phalacrocorax coronatus
      52   African Darter                       Anhinga rufa
 53   Great Frigatebird                       Fregata minor
 54   Grey Heron                              Ardea cinerea
 55   Black-headed Heron                      Ardea melanocephala
 56   Goliath Heron                           Ardea goliath
 57   Purple Heron                            Ardea purpurea
 58   Great White Egret                       Casmerodius (Egretta) albus
 59   Little Egret                            Egretta garzetta
 60   Yellow-billed (Intermediate) Egret      Egretta (Mesophoyx) intermedia
 61   Cattle Egret                            Bubulcus ibis
 62   Squacco Heron                           Ardeola ralloides
 63   Green-backed (Striated) Heron           Butorides striatus
 64   Black Heron                             Egretta ardesiaca
 65   Rufous-bellied Heron                    Ardeola rufiventris
 66   Dwarf Bittern                           Ixobrychus sturmii
 67   Little Bittern                          Ixobrychus minutus
 68   YELLOW-EYED PENGUIN                     Megadyptes antipodes
 69   Black-crowned Night-Heron               Nycticorax nycticorax
 70   White-backed Night-Heron                Gorsachius leuconotus
 71   Eurasian (Great) Bittern                Botaurus stellaris
 72   Hamerkop                                Scopus umbretta
 73   Marabou Stork                           Leptoptilos crumeniferus
 74   African (Openbilled) Openbill (Stork)   Anastomus lamelligerus
 75   Saddle-billed Stork                     Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis
 76   Yellow-billed Stork                     Mycteria ibis
 77   Woolly-necked Stork                     Ciconia episcopus
 78   Abdim's Stork                           Ciconia abdimii
 79   Black Stork                             Ciconia nigra
 80   White Stork                             Ciconia ciconia
 81   African Sacred (Sacred) Ibis            Threskiornis aethiopicus
 82   Southern Bald (Bald) Ibis               Geronticus calvus
 83   Glossy Ibis                             Plegadis falcinellus
 84   Hadeda Ibis                             Bostrychia hagedash
 85   African Spoonbill                       Platalea alba
 86   Greater Flamingo                        Phoenicopterus ruber
 87   Lesser Flamingo                         Phoenicopterus minor
 88   Spur-winged Goose                       Plectropterus gambensis
 89   Egyptian Goose                          Alopochen aegyptiacus
 90   South African Shelduck                  Tadorna cana
 91   Comb (Knob-billed) Duck                 Sarkidiornis melanotos
 92   African Pygmy-Goose                     Nettapus auritus
 93   Northern Shoveler                       Anas clypeata
 94   Cape Shoveler                           Anas smithii
 95   African Black Duck                      Anas sparsa
 96   Yellow-billed Duck                      Anas undulata
 97   Red-billed Teal (Duck)                  Anas erythrorhyncha
 98   Cape Teal                               Anas capensis
 99   Hottentot Teal                          Anas hottentota
100   White-faced (Whistling-) Duck           Dendrocygna viduata
101   Fulvous (Whistling) Duck                Dendrocygna bicolor
102   Southern Pochard                        Netta erythrophthalma
103   Maccoa Duck                             Oxyura maccoa
104   White-backed Duck                       Thalassornis leuconotus
105   Secretarybird                              Sagittarius serpentarius
106   Cape Vulture (Griffon)                     Gyps coprotheres
107   White-backed Vulture                       Gyps africanus
108   Lappet-faced Vulture                       Torgos tracheliotus
109   White-headed Vulture                       Trigonoceps occipitalis
110   Hooded Vulture                             Necrosyrtes monachus
111   Egyptian Vulture                           Neophron percnopterus
112   Palm-nut Vulture                           Gypohierax angolensis
113   Peregrine Falcon                           Falco peregrinus
114   Lanner Falcon                              Falco biarmicus
115   Eurasian Hobby                             Falco subbuteo
116   African Hobby                              Falco cuvierii
117   Red-necked Falcon                          Falco chicquera
118   CAMPBELL ISLAND SHAG                       Phalacrocorax campbelli campbelli
119   Amur (Eastern Red-footed) Falcon (Kestrel) Falco amurensis
120                                              Falco
      Red-footed (Western Red-footed) Falcon (Kestrel vespertinus
121   Dickinson's Kestrel                        Falco dickinsoni
122   Greater Kestrel                            Falco rupicoloides
123   Rock Kestrel                               Falco rupicolus
124   MAURITIUS KESTREL                          Falco punctatus
125   Lesser Kestrel                             Falco naumanni
126   Pygmy Falcon                               Polihierax semitorquatus
127   African Cuckoo Hawk                        Aviceda cuculoides
128   Black Kite                                 Milvus migrans migrans
129   Yellow-billed Kite                         Milvus [migrans] parasitus = M aegyptius
130   Black-shouldered (Winged) Kite             Elanus caeruleus
131   Bat Hawk                                   Macheiramphus alcinus
132   European Honey-buzzard                     Pernis apivorus
133   Verreaux's (Black) Eagle                   Aquila verreauxii
134   Tawny Eagle                                Aquila rapax
135   Steppe Eagle                               Aquila nipalensis
136   Lesser Spotted Eagle                       Aquila pomarina
137   Wahlberg's Eagle                           Aquila wahlbergi
138   Long-crested Eagle                         Lophaetus occipitalis
139   Booted Eagle                               Aquila pennatus
140   Ayres's Hawk-Eagle                         Hieraaetus ayresii
141   African Hawk Eagle                         Aquila spilogaster
142   Martial Eagle                              Polemaetus bellicosus
143   African Crowned (Crowned) Eagle            Stephanoaetus coronatus
144   Lizard Buzzard                             Kaupifalco monogrammicus
145   Brown Snake-Eagle                          Circaetus cinereus
146   Black-chested (Breasted) Snake-Eagle       Circaetus [gallicus] pectoralis
147   Southern Banded (Fasciated) Snake-Eagle Circaetus fasciolatus
148   Western Banded Snake-Eagle                 Circaetus cinerascens
149   African Fish-Eagle                         Haliaeetus vocifer
150   Bearded Vulture                            Gypaetus barbatus
151   Bateleur                                   Terathopius ecaudatus
152   Jackal Buzzard                             Buteo [augur] rufofuscus
153   Augur Buzzard                              Buteo augur
154   Steppe (Common) Buzzard                    Buteo buteo
155   Forest Buzzard                             Buteo [oreophilus] trizonatus
156                                              A
      Rufous-chested (Red-breasted) Sparrowhawk ccipiter rufiventris
157   Ovambo Sparrowhawk                         Accipiter ovampensis
158   Little Sparrowhawk                         Accipiter minullus
159   Black Sparrowhawk (Goshawk)                Accipiter melanoleucus
160   African Goshawk (incl. Red-chested)        Accipiter tachiro
161   Shikra (Little Banded Goshawk)             Accipiter badius
162   Gabar Goshawk                              Micronisus (Melierax) gabar
163   Dark Chanting-Goshawk                      Melierax metabates
164   ROYAL PENGUIN                              Eudyptes chrysolophus schlegeli
165   Southern Pale Chanting Goshawk             Melierax canorus
166   Western (European) Marsh-Harrier           Circus aeruginosus
167   African Marsh-Harrier                      Circus ranivorus
168   Pallid Harrier                             Circus macrourus
169   Black Harrier                              Circus maurus
170   Montagu's Harrier                          Circus pygargus
171   African Harrier-Hawk (Gymnogene)           Polyboroides typus
172   Osprey                                     Pandion haliaetus
173   Coqui Francolin                            Peliperdix coqui
174   Crested Francolin                          Dendroperdix (Peliperdix) sephaena
175   Kirk's Francolin                           Dendroperdix (Peliperdix) (sephaena) rovuma
176   Grey-winged Francolin                      Scleroptila africanus
177   Shelley's Francolin                        Scleroptila shelleyi
178   Red-winged Francolin                       Scleroptila levaillantii
179   Orange River Francolin                     Scleroptila levaillantoides
180   Wedge-tailed Shearwater                    Puffinus pacificus
181   Cape Spurfowl (Francolin)                  Pternistis capensis
182   Red-billed Spurfowl (Francolin)            Pternistis adspersus
183   Natal Spurfowl (Francolin)                 Pternistis natalensis
184   Hartlaub's Spurfowl (Francolin)            Pternistis hartlaubi
185   Swainson's Spurfowl (Francolin)            Pternistis swainsonii
187   MOTTLED PETREL                             Pterodroma inexpectata
188   Red-necked Spurfowl (Francolin)            Pternistis afer
189   Common Quail                               Coturnix coturnix [africana]
190   Harlequin Quail                            Coturnix delegorguei
191   Blue Quail                                 Coturnix [chinensis] adansonii
192   Helmeted Guineafowl                        Numida meleagris
193   Crested Guineafowl                         Guttera pucherani
196   Kurrichane (Small) Buttonquail             Turnix sylvatica = T sylvaticus
197   African Rail                               Rallus caerulescens
198   Corn Crake                                 Crex crex
199   African Crake                              Crecopsis egregia
200   Striped Crake                              Aenigmatolimnas marginalis
201   Spotted Crake                              Porzana porzana
202   Baillon's Crake                            Porzana pusilla
203   Black Crake                                Amaurornis flavirostris
204   White-winged Flufftail                     Sarothrura ayresi
205   Red-chested Flufftail                      Sarothrura rufa
206   Buff-spotted Flufftail                     Sarothrura elegans
207   Striped (Red-tailed) Flufftail             Sarothrura affinis
208                                              P
      African Purple (Purple) Swamphen (Gallinule) orphyrio porphyrio
209   Allen's (Lesser) Gallinule                 Porphyrula alleni
210   Common Moorhen                             Gallinula chloropus
211   Lesser Moorhen                             Gallinula angulata
212   Red-knobbed Coot                   Fulica cristata
213   African Finfoot                    Podica senegalensis
214   Grey Crowned- (Crowned) Crane      Balearica regulorum
215   Wattled Crane                      Bugeranus carunculatus
216   Blue Crane                         Anthropoides paradiseus
217   Kori Bustard                       Ardeotis kori
218   Ludwig's Bustard                   Neotis ludwigii
219   Denham's (Stanley's) Bustard       Neotis denhami
220   Karoo Korhaan                      Eupodotis vigorsii
221   Rüppell's Korhaan                  Eupodotis rueppellii
222   White-bellied Korhaan              Eupodotis senegalensis
223   Blue Korhaan                       Eupodotis caerulescens
224   Red-crested Korhaan                Eupodotis ruficrista
227   Black-bellied Bustard              Eupodotis melanogaster
228   African Jacana                     Actophilornis africanus
229   Lesser Jacana                      Microparra capensis
230   Greater Painted-snipe              Rostratula benghalensis
231   African Black Oystercatcher        Haematopus moquini
232   Ruddy Turnstone                    Arenaria interpres
233   Common Ringed Plover               Charadrius hiaticula
234   Lesser Sand (Mongolian) Plover     Charadrius mongolus
235   White-fronted Plover               Charadrius marginatus
236   Chestnut-banded Plover             Charadrius pallidus
237   Kittlitz's Plover                  Charadrius pecuarius
238   Three-banded Plover                Charadrius tricollaris
239   Greater Sand Plover                Charadrius leschenaultii
240   Caspian Plover                     Charadrius asiaticus
241   Grey (Black-bellied) Plover        Pluvialis squatarola
242   Crowned Lapwing (Plover)           Vanellus coronatus
243   Black-winged Lapwing (Plover)      Vanellus melanopterus
244   Senegal Lapwing (Plover)           Vanellus lugubris
245   Blacksmith Lapwing (Plover)        Vanellus armatus
246   White-crowned Lapwing (Plover)     Vanellus albiceps
247   African Wattled Lapwing (Plover)   Vanellus senegallus
248   Long-toed Lapwing (Plover)         Vanellus crassirostris
249   Great Snipe                        Gallinago media
250   African (Ethiopian) Snipe          Gallinago nigripennis
251   Curlew Sandpiper                   Calidris ferruginea
252   Baird's Sandpiper                  Calidris bairdii
253   Little Stint                       Calidris minuta
254   Red Knot                           Calidris canutus
255   Sanderling                         Calidris alba
256   Ruff                               Philomachus pugnax
257   Terek Sandpiper                    Xenus cinereus
258   Common Sandpiper                   Actitis hypoleucos
259   Green Sandpiper                    Tringa ochropus
260   Spotted Redshank                   Tringa erythropus
261   Common Redshank                    Tringa totanus
262   Marsh Sandpiper                    Tringa stagnatilis
263   Common Greenshank                  Tringa nebularia
264   Wood Sandpiper                     Tringa glareola
265   Black-tailed Godwit                Limosa limosa
266   Bar-tailed Godwit                          Limosa lapponica
267   Eurasian (Curlew) Curlew                   Numenius arquata
268   Common (Whimbrel) Whimbrel                 Numenius phaeopus
269   Pied (Avocet) Avocet                       Recurvirostra avosetta
270   Black-winged Stilt                         Himantopus himantopus
271   Grey (Red) Phalarope                       Phalaropus fulicaria
272   Red-necked Phalarope                       Phalaropus lobatus
273   Crab Plover                                Dromas ardeola
274   Water Thick-knee (Dikkop)                  Burhinus vermiculatus
275   Spotted Thick-knee (Dikkop)                Burhinus capensis
276   Burchell's Courser                         Cursorius rufus
277   Temminck's Courser                         Cursorius temminckii
278   Double-banded Courser                      Rhinoptilus africanus
279   Three-banded Courser                       Rhinoptilus cinctus
280   Bronze-winged Courser                      Rhinoptilus chalcopterus
281   Collared (Red-winged) Pratincole           Glareola pratincola
282   Black-winged Pratincole                    Glareola nordmanni
283   Rock Pratincole                            Glareola nuchalis
284   Parasitic Jaeger (Skua)                    Stercorarius parasiticus
285   Pomarine Jaeger (Skua)                     Stercorarius pomarinus
286   Subantarctic Skua (incl. Southern & Brown) Catharacta antarctica
287   Kelp Gull                                  Larus dominicanus (incl vetula)
288   Grey-headed Gull                           Larus cirrocephalus
289   Hartlaub's Gull                            Larus hartlaubii
290   Caspian Tern                               Sterna caspia
291   Common Tern                                Sterna hirundo
292   Antarctic Tern                             Sterna vittata
293   Roseate Tern                               Sterna dougallii
294   Arctic Tern                                Sterna paradisaea
295   Sooty Tern                                 Sterna fuscata
296   Sandwich Tern                              Sterna sandvicensis
297   Lesser Crested Tern                        Sterna bengalensis
298   Swift (Great Crested) Tern                 Sterna bergii
299   Little Tern                                Sterna albifrons
300   Damara Tern                                Sterna balaenarum
301   Black Noddy                                Anous minutus
302   Fairy Tern                                 Gygis alba
303   Brown (Common) Noddy                       Anous stolidus
304   White-winged Tern                          Chlidonias leucopterus
305   Whiskered Tern                             Chlidonias hybridus
306   African Skimmer                            Rynchops flavirostris
307   Namaqua Sandgrouse                         Pterocles namaqua
308   Burchell's Sandgrouse                      Pterocles burchelli
309   Yellow-throated Sandgrouse                 Pterocles gutturalis
310   Double-banded Sandgrouse                   Pterocles bicinctus
311   Speckled (Rock) Pigeon                     Columba guinea
312   African Olive- (Rameron) Pigeon            Columba arquatrix
313   Eastern Bronze-naped (Delegorgue's) Pigeon Columba delegorguei
314   Red-eyed Dove                              Streptopelia semitorquata
315   African Mourning (Collared-) Dove          Streptopelia decipiens
316   Cape Turtle (Ring-necked) Dove             Streptopelia capicola
317   Laughing (Palm) Dove                       Streptopelia senegalensis
318   Namaqua Dove                            Oena capensis
319   Tambourine Dove                         Turtur tympanistria
320   Blue-spotted Wood-Dove                  Turtur afer
321   Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove               Turtur chalcospilos
322   Lemon (Cinnamon) Dove                   Aplopelia larvata
323   African Green-Pigeon                    Treron calva = T calvus
324   Pink Pigeon                             Columba mayeri
327   Meyer's Parrot                          Poicephalus meyeri
328   Brown-headed Parrot                     Poicephalus cryptoxanthus
329   Ruppell's Parrot                        Poicephalus rueppellii
330   Rosy-faced Lovebird                     Agapornis roseicollis
331   Black-cheeked Lovebird                  Agapornis [lilianae] nigrigenis
332   Lilian's Lovebird                       Agapornis lilianae
337   Purple-crested Turaco                   Musophaga porphyreolopha
338   Schalow's Turaco (split)                Tauraco [persa] schalowi
339   Grey Go-away-bird (Lourie)              Corythaixoides concolor
340   Common (Eurasian) Cuckoo                Cuculus canorus
341   African Cuckoo                          Cuculus gularis
343   Red-chested Cuckoo                      Cuculus solitarius
344   Black Cuckoo                            Cuculus clamosus
345   Thick-billed Cuckoo                     Pachycoccyx audeberti
346   Great Spotted Cuckoo                    Clamator glandarius
347   Levaillant's (African Striped) Cuckoo   Clamator (Oxylophus) levaillantii
348   Jacobin (Pied) Cuckoo                   Clamator (Oxylophus) jacobinus
350   African Emerald (Emerald) Cuckoo        Chrysococcyx cupreus
351   Klaas's Cuckoo                          Chrysococcyx klaas
352   Dideric (Diederik) Cuckoo               Chrysococcyx caprius
353   Black Coucal                            Centropus grillii
354   Coppery-tailed Coucal                   Centropus cupreicaudus
355   Senegal Coucal                          Centropus senegalensis
357   Montane (Mountain) Nightjar             Caprimulgus poliocephalus
358   Green Malkoha (Coucal)                  Ceuthmochares aereus
359   Barn Owl                                Tyto alba
360   African Grass-Owl                       Tyto capensis
361   Marsh Owl                               Asio capensis
362   African Wood-Owl                        Strix woodfordii
363   African Scops-Owl                       Otus [scops] senegalensis
364   Southern White-faced (Scops-) Owl       Ptilopsus (Otus) granti
365   Pearl-spotted Owlet (Owl)               Glaucidium perlatum
366   African Barred Owlet (Owl)              Glaucidium capense
366   Chestnut Owlet                          Glaucidium capense castaneum
367   Cape Eagle-Owl                          Bubo capensis
368   Spotted Eagle-Owl                       Bubo africanus
369   Verreaux's (Giant) Eagle-Owl            Bubo lacteus
370   Pel's Fishing-Owl                       Scotopelia peli
371   European Nightjar                       Caprimulgus europaeus
372   Rufous-cheeked Nightjar                 Caprimulgus rufigena
373   Fiery-necked Nightjar                   Caprimulgus pectoralis
374   Freckled Nightjar                       Caprimulgus tristigma
375   Swamp (Natal) Nightjar                  Caprimulgus natalensis
376   Square-tailed (Mozambique) Nightjar     Caprimulgus fossii
377   Pennant-winged Nightjar                 Macrodipteryx vexillarius
378   Common (European) Swift                     Apus apus
379   Pallid Swift                                Apus pallidus
380   African Black (Black) Swift                 Apus barbatus
381   Bradfield's Swift                           Apus bradfieldi
382   Mottled Swift                               Tachymarptis aequatorialis
383   White-rumped Swift                          Apus caffer
384   Horus Swift                                 Apus horus
385   Little Swift                                Apus affinis
386   Alpine Swift                                Tachymarptis melba
387   African Palm-Swift                          Cypsiurus parvus
388   Mottled Spinetail                           Telacanthura ussheri
389   Böhm's Spinetail                            Neafrapus boehmi
390   Speckled Mousebird                          Colius striatus
391   White-backed Mousebird                      Colius colius
392   Red-faced Mousebird                         Urocolius indicus
393   Narina Trogon                               Apaloderma narina
394   Pied Kingfisher                             Ceryle rudis
395   Giant Kingfisher                            Megaceryle maxima (H. maximus)
396   Half-collared Kingfisher                    Alcedo semitorquata
397   Malachite Kingfisher                        Alcedo cristata
398   African Pygmy-Kingfisher                    Ispidina (Ceyx) picta
399   Woodland Kingfisher                         Halcyon senegalensis
400   Mangrove Kingfisher                         Halcyon senegaloides
401   Grey-headed (Chestnut-bellied) Kingfisher   Halcyon leucocephala
402   Brown-hooded Kingfisher                     Halcyon albiventris
403   Striped Kingfisher                          Halcyon chelicuti
404   European Bee-eater                          Merops apiaster
405   Blue-cheeked Bee-eater                      Merops persicus
406   Madagascar (Olive) Bee-eater                Merops superciliosus
407   Southern Carmine Bee-eater                  Merops [nubicus] nubicoides
408   Böhm's Bee-eater                            Merops boehmi
409   White-fronted Bee-eater                     Merops bullockoides
410   Little Bee-eater                            Merops pusillus
411   Swallow-tailed Bee-eater                    Merops hirundineus
412   European Roller                             Coracias garrulus
413   Lilac-breasted Roller                       Coracias caudata (C. caudatus)
414   Racket-tailed Roller                        Coracias spatulata (C. spatulus)
415   Purple (Rufous-crowned) Roller              Coracias naevia (C. naevius)
416   Broad-billed Roller                         Eurystomus glaucurus
417   Stierling's Woodpecker                      Dendropicos stierlingi
418   African Hoopoe                              Upupa africana
419   Green (Red-billed) Wood-hoopoe              Phoeniculus purpureus
420   Violet Wood-Hoopoe                          Phoeniculus damarensis
421   Common Scimitarbill                         Rhinopomastus cyanomelas
422   Trumpeter Hornbill                          Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) bucinator
423   Silvery-cheeked Hornbill                    Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) brevis
424   African Grey Hornbill                       Tockus nasutus
426   Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill             Tockus leucomelas
427   Crowned Hornbill                            Tockus alboterminatus
428   Bradfield's Hornbill                        Tockus bradfieldi
429   Monteiro's Hornbill                         Tockus monteiri
430   Southern Ground-Hornbill                    Bucorvus leadbeateri (=cafer)
431   Black-collared Barbet                      Lybius torquatus
432   Acacia Pied (Pied) Barbet                  Tricholaema leucomelas
433   White-eared Barbet                         Stactolaema leucotis
434   Whyte's Barbet                             Stactolaema whytii
435   Green Barbet                               Stactolaema olivacea
436   Red-fronted Tinkerbird                     Pogoniulus pusillus
437   Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird (Tinker Barbet)  Pogoniulus chrysoconus
438                                              Pogoniulus bilineatus
      Yellow-rumped (Golden-rumped) Tinkerbird (Tinker Barbet)
439   Crested Barbet                             Trachyphonus vaillantii
440   Greater Honeyguide                         Indicator indicator
441   Scaly-throated Honeyguide                  Indicator variegatus
442   Lesser Honeyguide                          Indicator minor
443                                              Prodotiscus regulus
      Brown-backed (Sharp-billed) Honeybird (Honeyguide)
444                                              Prodotiscus
      Green-backed (Slender-billed) Honeybird (Honeyguide) zambesiae
445   Ground Woodpecker                          Geocolaptes olivaceus
446   Reichenow's Woodpecker                     Campethera [bennettii] scripticauda
446   Bennett's Woodpecker                       Campethera bennettii
447   Golden-tailed Woodpecker                   Campethera abingoni
448   Knysna Woodpecker                          Campethera notata
449   Green-backed (Little Spotted) Woodpecker Campethera cailliautii
450   Cardinal Woodpecker                        Dendropicos fuscescens
451   Bearded Woodpecker                         Dendropicos namaquus
452   Olive Woodpecker                           Dendropicos griseocephalus
453   Red-throated Wryneck                       Jynx ruficollis
454   African Broadbill                          Smithornis capensis
455   African Pitta                              Pitta angolensis
456   Melodious (Latakoo) Lark                   Mirafra cheniana
457   Monotonous Lark                            Mirafra passerina
458   Rufous-naped Lark                          Mirafra africana
459   Fawn-coloured Lark                         Mirafra [Calendulauda] africanoides
460   Sabota Lark                                Mirafra [Calendulauda] sabota
461   Karoo Lark                                 Certhilauda [Calendulauda] albescens
462   Black-backed Barbet                        Lybius minor
463   Large-billed Lark                          Galerida magnirostris
464   Dusky Lark                                 Pinarocorys nigricans
465   Short-clawed Lark                          Certhilauda chuana
467   Abyssinian (African) Hill-Babbler          Pseudoalcippe (Illadopsis) abyssinica
468   Flappet Lark                               Mirafra rufocinnamomea
469   Olive-flanked Robin                        Cossypha anomala
470   Cinnamon (African) Reed Warbler            Acrocephalus baeticatus cinnamomeus
471   Mountain Yellow (Flycatcher-) Warbler      Chloropeta similis
472   Botha's Lark                               Spizocorys fringillaris
473   Rudd's Lark                                Heteromirafra ruddi
474   Spike-heeled Lark                          Chersomanes albofasciata
476   Baglafecht Weaver                          Ploceus baglafecht
477   Oriole Finch                               Linurgus olivaceus
479   Red Lark                                   Certhilauda [Calendulauda] burra
480   Dune Lark                                  Certhilauda [Calendulauda] erythrochlamys
483   Gray's Lark                                Ammomanes [Ammomanopsis] grayi
484   Chestnut-backed Sparrowlark (Finchlark)    Eremopterix leucotis
485   Grey-backed Sparrowlark (Finchlark)        Eremopterix verticalis
486   Black-eared Sparrowlark (Finchlark)        Eremopterix australis
487   Bimaculated Lark                        Melanocorypha bimaculata
488   Red-capped Lark                         Calandrella [brachydactyla] cinerea
490   Pink-billed Lark                        Spizocorys conirostris
491   Sclater's Lark                          Spizocorys sclateri
492   Stark's Lark                            Eremalauda [Spizocorys] starki
493   Barn (European) Swallow                 Hirundo rustica
494   Angola Swallow                          Hirundo angolensis
495   White-throated Swallow                  Hirundo albigularis
496   Wire-tailed Swallow                     Hirundo smithii
497   Blue Swallow                            Hirundo atrocaerulea
498   Pearl-breasted Swallow                  Hirundo dimidiata
499   Grey-rumped Swallow                     Pseudhirundo (Hirundo) griseopyga
500   Mosque Swallow                          Hirundo senegalensis
501   Red-breasted (Rufous-chested) Swallow   Hirundo semirufa
502   Greater Striped-Swallow                 Hirundo cucullata
503   Lesser Striped-Swallow                  Hirundo abyssinica
504   South African Cliff-Swallow             Hirundo spilodera
506   Rock Martin                             Hirundo fuligula
507   Common House-Martin                     Delichon urbica [urbicum]
508   Sand Martin (Bank Swallow)              Riparia riparia
509   Brown-throated (Plain) Martin           Riparia paludicola
510   Banded Martin                           Riparia cincta
511   Black Saw-wing                          Psalidoprocne holomelas/pristoptera
512   Eastern Sawwing Swallow                 Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] orientalis
513   Black Cuckooshrike                      Campephaga flava
514   Ashy Tit                                Parus cinerascens
515   White-breasted Cuckooshrike             Coracina pectoralis
516   Grey Cuckooshrike                       Coracina caesia
517   Fork-tailed Drongo                      Dicrurus adsimilis
518   Square-tailed Drongo                    Dicrurus ludwigii
519   Eurasian Golden-Oriole                  Oriolus oriolus
520   African Golden-Oriole                   Oriolus auratus
521   Black-headed (Eastern) Oriole           Oriolus larvatus
522   Pied Crow                               Corvus albus
523   Cape (Black) Crow                       Corvus capensis
524   White-necked Raven                      Corvus albicollis
525   Grey (Southern Grey) Tit                Parus afer
526   Miombo (Northern Grey) Tit              Parus griseiventris
527   Southern Black Tit                      Parus niger
528   Carp's Tit                              Parus carpi
529   Rufous-bellied Tit                      Parus rufiventris
530   Grey (African) Penduline-Tit            Anthoscopus caroli
531   Cape (Southern) Penduline-Tit           Anthoscopus minutus
532   Spotted Creeper                         Salpornis [spilonotus] salvadori
533   Arrow-marked Babbler                    Turdoides jardineii
534   Black-faced Babbler                     Turdoides melanops
535   Hartlaub's (Angola) Babbler             Turdoides hartlaubii
536   Southern Pied-Babbler                   Turdoides bicolor
537   Bare-cheeked Babbler                    Turdoides gymnogenys
538   Boulder Chat                            Pinarornis plumosus
539   Rockrunner (Damara Rock-jumper)         Achaetops pycnopygius
540   Cape (Rufous) Rock-jumper               Chaetops frenatus
541   Placid Greenbul                           Phyllastrephus [cabanisi] placidus
542   Bush Blackcap                             Lioptilus nigricapillus
543   Cape Bulbul                               Pycnonotus capensis
544   African Red-eyed Bulbul                   Pycnonotus nigricans
545   Dark-capped (Black-eyed) Bulbul           Pycnonotus tricolor
546   Terrestrial Brownbul (Bulbul)             Phyllastrephus terrestris
547   Yellow-streaked Greenbul (Bulbul)         Phyllastrephus flavostriatus
548   Tiny (Slender) Greenbul (Bulbul)          Phyllastrephus debilis
549   Stripe-cheeked Greenbul (Bulbul)          Andropadus milanjensis
550   Yellow-bellied Greenbul (Bulbul)          Chlorocichla flaviventris
551   Sombre Greenbul (Bulbul)                  Andropadus importunus
552   Kurrichane Thrush                         Turdus libonyanus
554   Western Mountain (Grey-throated) Greenbul Andropadus tephrolaemus
555   Shelley's Greenbul (incl. Kakamega)       Andropadus masukuensis
556   Orange Ground-Thrush                      Zoothera gurneyi
557   Groundscraper Thrush                      Psophocichla litsipsirupa
558   Spotted (Natal) Ground-Thrush             Zoothera guttata
559   Cape Rock-Thrush                          Monticola rupestris
560   Sentinel Rock-Thrush                      Monticola explorator
561   Short-toed Rock-Thrush                    Monticola brevipes
562   Miombo Rock-Thrush                        Monticola angolensis
563   Northern (European) Wheatear              Oenanthe oenanthe
564   Mountain Chat (Wheatear)                  Oenanthe monticola
565   Little Greenbul (incl. "Hall's")          Andropadus virens
566   Karoo Chat                                Cercomela schlegelii
567                                             Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) galactotes
      Rufous Bush Chat (Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin)
568   Capped Wheatear                           Oenanthe pileata
569   Buff-streaked Chat (Wheatear)             Oenanthe (Saxicola) bifasciata
570   Familiar Chat                             Cercomela familiaris
571   Tractrac Chat                             Cercomela tractrac
572   Sickle-winged Chat                        Cercomela sinuata
573   Mocking Cliff-Chat                        Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris
574   Arnot's Chat                              Myrmecocichla (Thamnolaea) arnotti
575   Anteating (Southern Anteating) Chat       Myrmecocichla formicivora
576   African (Common) Stonechat                Saxicola torquata
577   Whinchat                                  Saxicola rubetra
578   Chorister Robin-Chat                      Cossypha dichroa
579   Red-capped (Natal) Robin-Chat             Cossypha natalensis
580   White-browed (Heuglin's) Robin-Chat       Cossypha heuglini
581   Cape Robin-Chat                           Cossypha caffra
582   White-throated Robin-Chat                 Cossypha humeralis
583   Karoo Scrub-Robin                         Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) coryphaeus
584   Brown Scrub-Robin                         Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) signata
585   Bearded Scrub-Robin                       Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) quadrivirgata
586   Kalahari Scrub-Robin                      Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) paena
587   Cholo Alethe                              Alethe choloensis
588   White-browed (Red-backed) Scrub-Robin Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) leucophrys
589   White-starred (Starred) Robin             Pogonocichla stellata
590   Swynnerton's Robin                        Swynnertonia swynnertoni
591   East Coast (Gunning's) Akalat (Robin)     Sheppardia gunningi
592   Thrush Nightingale                        Luscinia luscinia
593   Collared Palm-Thrush                      Cichladusa arquata
594   Common (Whitethroat) Whitethroat        Sylvia communis
595   Garden Warbler                          Sylvia borin
596   Icterine Warbler                        Hippolais icterina
597   Olive-tree Warbler                      Hippolais olivetorum
598   River Warbler                           Locustella fluviatilis
599   Willow Warbler                          Phylloscopus trochilus
600   Yellow-bellied Eremomela                Eremomela icteropygialis
601   Burnt-necked Eremomela                  Eremomela usticollis
602   Green-capped Eremomela                  Eremomela scotops
603   Great Reed-Warbler                      Acrocephalus arundinaceus
604   Lesser Swamp- (Cape Reed) Warbler       Acrocephalus gracilirostris
605   Barred Warbler                          Sylvia nisoria
606   African Reed-Warbler                    Acrocephalus baeticatus
607   Marsh (European Marsh) Warbler          Acrocephalus palustris
608   Sedge Warbler                           Acrocephalus schoenobaenus
609   Little Rush- (African Sedge) Warbler    Bradypterus baboecala
610   Barratt's Warbler                       Bradypterus barratti
611   Knysna Warbler                          Bradypterus sylvaticus
612   Victorin's Warbler                      Bradypterus victorini
613   Cinnamon-breasted (Kopje) Warbler       Euryptila subcinnamomea
614   Barred Wren-Warbler                     Calamonastes fasciolatus
615   Stierling's Wren-Warbler                Calamonastes stierlingi
616   Broad-tailed Warbler                    Schoenicola brevirostris
617   Moustached Grass-Warbler                Melocichla mentalis
618   Cape Grassbird                          Sphenoeacus afer
619   Rufous-eared Warbler                    Malcorus pectoralis
620   Red-winged Warbler                      Heliolais erythroptera
621   Long-billed (Cape) Crombec              Sylvietta rufescens
622   Bar-throated Apalis                     Apalis thoracica
623   Black-headed Apalis                     Apalis melanocephala
624   Rudd's Apalis                           Apalis ruddi
625   Yellow-breasted Apalis                  Apalis flavida
626   Karoo (Green/Yellow-rumped) Eremomela   Eremomela gregalis
627   Green-backed Camaroptera (split)        Camaroptera brachyura
628   Grey-backed Camaroptera (split)         Camaroptera brevicaudata
629   Zitting (Fan-tailed) Cisticola          Cisticola juncidis
630   Desert Cisticola                        Cisticola aridulus
631   Cloud (Tink-tink) Cisticola             Cisticola textrix
632   Hunter's Cisticola                      Cisticola hunteri
634   Wing-snapping (Ayre's) Cisticola        Cisticola ayresii
635   Pale-crowned Cisticola                  Cisticola cinnamomeus
636   Short-winged (Siffling) Cisticola       Cisticola brachypterus
637   Neddicky (Piping Cisticola)             Cisticola fulvicapillus [fulvicapilla]
638   Grey-backed (Red-headed) Cisticola      Cisticola subruficapillus [subruficapilla]
639   Wailing Cisticola                       Cisticola lais
640   Churring Cisticola                      Cisticola njombe
641   Tinkling (Grey) Cisticola               Cisticola rufilatus
642   Rattling Cisticola                      Cisticola chinianus [chiniana]
643   Singing Cisticola                       Cisticola cantans
644   Red-faced Cisticola                     Cisticola erythrops
646   Le Vaillant's (Tinkling) Cisticola      Cisticola tinniens
647   Croaking (Striped) Cisticola            Cisticola natalensis
648   Lazy Cisticola                              Cisticola aberrans
649   Tawny-flanked Prinia                        Prinia subflava
650   Black-chested Prinia                        Prinia flavicans
652   EASTERN FOREST SCRUB WARBLER                Bradypterus (lopezi) mariae
653   Namaqua Warbler                             Phragmacia substriata
654   Spotted Flycatcher                          Muscicapa striata
655   African Dusky Flycatcher (Alseonax)         Muscicapa adusta
656   Ashy Flycatcher (Alseonax)                  Muscicapa caerulescens
657   Grey Tit-Flycatcher                         Myioparus plumbeus
658   Chestnut-vented Tit-Babbler                 Parisoma (Sylvia) subcaeruleum
659   Layard's Tit-Babbler (Warbler)              Parisoma (Sylvia) layardi
660   Herero Chat                                 Namibornis herero
661   Marico Flycatcher                           Bradornis (Malaenornis) mariquensis
662   Pale (Mouse-coloured/Pallid) Flycatcher     Bradornis (Malaenornis) pallidus
663   Chat Flycatcher                             Bradornis (Malaenornis) infuscatus
664   Southern Black-Flycatcher                   Bradornis (Malaenornis) pammelaina
665   Fiscal Flycatcher                           Sigelus (Malaenornis) silens
666   Dark-capped Yellow (Yellow) Warbler         Chloropeta natalensis
667   Black-and-white (Vanga) Flycatcher          Bias musicus
668   Southern (Mashona) Hyliota                  Hyliota australis
669   Abyssinian Slaty-Flycatcher                 Melaenornis (Dioptrornis) chocolatinus
670   Yellow-bellied Hyliota                      Hyliota flavigaster
671   Yellow-throated (Woodland-) Warbler         Phylloscopus ruficapillus
672   Cape Batis                                  Batis capensis
673   Chinspot Batis                              Batis molitor
674   Pririt Batis                                Batis pririt
675   Pale (Mozambique, East Coast) Batis         Batis soror
676   Woodward's Batis                            Batis fratrum
677                                               Platysteira
      Black-throated (Wattle-eyed) Wattle-eye (Flycatcher) peltata
678   Fairy Flycatcher (Warbler)                  Stenostira scita
679   Livingstone's Flycatcher                    Erythrocercus livingstonei
680   Blue-mantled Crested-Flycatcher             Trochocercus cyanomelas
681   White-tailed Crested-Flycatcher             Elminia (Trochocercus) albonotatus
682   African Paradise-Flycatcher                 Terpsiphone viridis
683   Forest (Short-tailed) Batis                 Batis mixta
685   African Pied Wagtail                        Motacilla aguimp
686   Cape Wagtail                                Motacilla capensis
688   Mountain (Long-tailed) Wagtail              Motacilla clara
689   Yellow Wagtail                              Motacilla flava
690   Grey Wagtail                                Motacilla cinerea
691   Wood (Woodland) Pipit                       Anthus [similis] nyassae
692   African (Grassveld/Grassland) Pipit         Anthus cinnamomeus
693   Long-billed Pipit                           Anthus similis
694   Plain-backed Pipit                          Anthus leucophrys
695   Buffy Pipit                                 Anthus vaalensis
696   Striped Pipit                               Anthus lineiventris
697   African Rock Pipit                          Anthus crenatus
698   Tree Pipit                                  Anthus trivialis
699   Bushveld Pipit                              Anthus caffer
700   Short-tailed Pipit                          Anthus brachyurus
701   Yellow-breasted Pipit                       Anthus chloris
702   Golden Pipit                                Tmetothylacus tenellus
703   Cape (Orange-throated) Longclaw            Macronyx capensis
704   Yellow-throated Longclaw                   Macronyx croceus
705   Rosy-throated (Pink-throated) Longclaw     Macronyx ameliae
706   Lesser Grey Shrike                         Lanius minor
707   Common (Fiscal) Fiscal (Shrike)            Lanius collaris
708   Red-backed Shrike                          Lanius collurio
709   Southern Boubou                            Laniarius ferrugineus
710   Swamp Boubou                               Laniarius bicolor
711   Crimson-breasted Shrike                    Laniarius atrococcineus
712   Black-backed (Southern) Puffback           Dryoscopus cubla
713   Southern Tchagra                           Tchagra tchagra
714   Brown-crowned (headed) Tchagra             Tchagra australis
715   Black-crowned Tchagra                      Tchagra senegala
716   Anchieta's (Marsh) Tchagra                 Tchagra minuta
717   Olive Bush-Shrike                          Telophorus olivaceus
719   Orange-breasted Bush-Shrike                Telophorus sulfureopectus
720   Black-fronted Bush-Shrike                  Telophorus nigrifrons
721   Gorgeous Bush-Shrike                       Telophorus quadricolor
722   Bokmakierie                                Telophorus zeylonus
723   Grey-headed Bush-Shrike                    Malaconotus blanchoti
724   Magpie (Long-tailed) Shrike                Corvinella melanoleuca
725   Eastern (Yellow-spotted) Nicator           Nicator gularis
726   White-tailed Shrike (Chatshrike)           Lanioturdus torquatus
727   White-crested Helmet-Shrike                Prionops plumatus
728   Retz's (Red-billed) Helmetshrike           Prionops retzii
729   Chestnut-fronted Helmetshrike              Prionops scopifrons
730   Southern White-crowned Shrike              Eurocephalus anguitimens
731   Brubru                                     Nilaus afer
732   Fuelleborn's (Black) Boubou                Laniarius fuelleborni
733   Common (European) Starling                 Sturnus vulgaris
734   Common Myna                                Acridotheres tristis
735   Wattled Starling                           Creatophora cinerea
736                                              Cinnyricinclus leucogaster
      Violet-backed (Plum-coloured, Amethyst) Starling
737   Cape Glossy (Glossy) Starling              Lamprotornis nitens
738   Greater Blue-eared Starling                Lamprotornis chalybaeus
739   Miombo (Lesser) Blue-eared Starling        Lamprotornis chloropterus
740   Black-bellied Starling                     Lamprotornis corruscus
741   Sharp-tailed Starling                      Lamprotornis acuticaudus
742   Meves's Starling                           Lamprotornis mevesii
743   Burchell's Starling                        Lamprotornis australis
744   Pale-winged Starling                       Onychognathus nabouroup
745   Red-winged Starling                        Onychognathus morio
746   Pied (African Pied) Starling               Spreo bicolor
747   Yellow-billed Oxpecker                     Buphagus africanus
748   Red-billed Oxpecker                        Buphagus erythrorhynchus
749   Cape Sugarbird                             Promerops cafer
750   Gurney's Sugarbird                         Promerops gurneyi
751   Malachite Sunbird                          Nectarinia [Cinnyris] famosa
752   Bronzy (Bronze) Sunbird                    Nectarinia [Cinnyris] kilimensis
753   Orange-breasted Sunbird                    Nectarinia [Anthobaphes] violacea
754   Copper (Coppery) Sunbird                   Nectarinia [Cinnyris] cuprea [cupreus]
755   Marico Sunbird                             Nectarinia [Cinnyris] mariquensis
756   Purple-banded Sunbird                     Nectarinia [Cinnyris] bifasciata [bifasciatus]
757   Shelley's Sunbird                         Nectarinia [Cinnyris] shelleyi
758   Greater Double-collared Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] afra
759   Miombo Double-collared Sunbird            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] manoensis
760   Southern Double-collared Sunbird          Nectarinia [Cinnyris] chalybea [chalybeus]
761   Neergaard's Sunbird                       Nectarinia [Cinnyris] neergaardi
762   Variable (Yellow-bellied) Sunbird         Nectarinia [Cinnyris] venusta [venustus]
763   White-bellied (breasted) Sunbird          Nectarinia [Cinnyris] talatala
764   Dusky Sunbird                             Nectarinia [Cinnyris] fusca
765   Grey (Mouse-coloured) Sunbird             Nectarinia [Cinnyris] veroxii
766   Olive Sunbird                             Nectarinia [Cyanomitra] olivacea
767   Eastern Double-collared Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] mediocris
769   Plain-backed (Blue-throated) Sunbird      Anthreptes reichenowi
770   Western Violet-backed Sunbird             Anthreptes longuemarei
771   Collared Sunbird                          Anthreptes [Hedydipna] collaris
772   Amethyst (Black) Sunbird                  Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] amethystina
774   Scarlet-chested Sunbird                   Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] senegalensis
777   African Yellow White-eye                  Zosterops senegalensis
778   Streaky Seedeater (incl. Yellow-browed)   Serinus striolatus
779   Red-billed Buffalo-Weaver                 Bubalornis niger
780   White-browed Sparrow-Weaver               Plocepasser mahali
781   Hybrid (weaver)                           Ploceidae hybrid
782   Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Weaver            Plocepasser rufoscapulatus
783   Sociable (Social) Weaver                  Philetairus socius
784   House Sparrow                             Passer domesticus
785   Great (Southern Rufous) Sparrow           Passer motitensis
786   Cape Sparrow                              Passer melanurus
788   Yellow-throated Petronia (Sparrow)        Petronia superciliaris
789   Scaly-feathered Finch                     Sporopipes squamifrons
790   Dark-backed (Forest) Weaver               Ploceus bicolor
791   Spectacled Weaver                         Ploceus ocularis
792   Lesser Masked Weaver                      Ploceus intermedius
793   Red-headed Weaver                         Anaplectes rubriceps
794   Gough Finch                               Rowettia goughensis
795   Bar-winged Weaver                         Ploceus angolensis
796   Chestnut Weaver                           Ploceus rubiginosus
797   Village (Spotted-backed) Weaver           Ploceus cucullatus
798   Bertrand's Weaver                         Ploceus bertrandi
799   Cape Weaver                               Ploceus capensis
800   Yellow (African Golden) Weaver            Ploceus subaureus
801   Golden-Weaver                             Ploceus xanthops
802   Southern Brown-throated Weaver            Ploceus xanthopterus
803   Southern Masked-Weaver                    Ploceus velatus
804   Thick-billed (Grosbeak) Weaver            Amblyospiza albifrons
805   Red-billed Quelea                         Quelea quelea
806   Red-headed Quelea                         Quelea erythrops
807   Cardinal Quelea                           Quelea cardinalis
808   Southern Red (Red) Bishop                 Euplectes orix
809   Black-winged (Fire-crowned) Bishop        Euplectes hordeaceus
810   Yellow (Yellow-rumped) Bishop (Widow)     Euplectes capensis
811   Tanzania Masked-Weaver                    Ploceus [velatus] reichardi
812   Yellow-crowned (Golden) Bishop            Euplectes afer
813   Red-collared Widowbird                         Euplectes ardens
814   White-winged Widowbird                         Euplectes albonotatus
815   Yellow-mantled (Yellow-backed) Widowbird       Euplectes macrourus
816   Fan-tailed (Red-shouldered) Widowbird          Euplectes axillaris
817   Crimson-rumped Waxbill                         Estrilda rhodopyga
818   Long-tailed Widowbird                          Euplectes progne
819   Lesser (Nyasa) Seedcracker                     Pyrenestes [ostrinus] minor
820   Red-headed Finch                               Amadina erythrocephala
821   Cut-throat Finch                               Amadina fasciata
822   Magpie (Pied) Mannikin                         Spermestes (Lonchura) fringilloides
823   Bronze Mannikin                                Spermestes (Lonchura) cucullata
824   Red-backed Mannikin                            Spermestes (Lonchura) bicolor
825   Swee (Black-faced) Waxbill (Swee)              Estrilda [Coccopygia] melanotis
826   Yellow-bellied (East African) Waxbill (Swee)   Estrilda [Coccopygia][melanotos] quartinia
827   Green Twinspot                                 Mandingoa nitidula
828   Red-faced Crimson-wing                         Cryptospiza reichenovii
829   Orange-winged (Golden-backed) Pytilia          Pytilia afra
830   Green-winged (Melba) Pytilia (Finch)           Pytilia melba
831   Pink-throated (Rosy) Twinspot                  Hypargos margaritatus
832   Red-throated (Peters's) Twinspot               Hypargos niveoguttatus
833   African (Blue-billed) Firefinch                Lagonosticta rubricata
834   Reichard's (Stripe-breasted) Seedeater         Serinus gularis reichardi
835   Jameson's Firefinch                            Lagonosticta rhodopareia
836   Brown Firefinch                                Lagonosticta nitidula
837   Red-billed Firefinch                           Lagonosticta senegala
838   Orange-breasted (Zebra) Waxbill                Amandava subflava
839   Blue Waxbill                                   Uraeginthus angolensis
840   Violet-eared Waxbill                           Uraeginthus [Granatina] granatina
841   Black-faced Waxbill                            Estrilda erythronotos
842   Grey (Black-tailed) Waxbill                    Estrilda perreini
843   Common Waxbill                                 Estrilda astrild
844   African Quailfinch                             Ortygospiza atricollis
845   Locustfinch                                    Ortygospiza locustella
846   Pin-tailed Whydah                              Vidua macroura
847   Shaft-tailed Whydah                            Vidua regia
848   Amsterdam Albatross                            Diomedea amsterdamensis
849   Dusky (Black) Indigobird (Widowfinch)          Vidua funerea
850   Purple (Purple) Indigobird (Widowfinch)        Vidua purpurascens
851   Village (Steel-blue) Indigobird (Widowfinch)   Vidua chalybeata
852   Long-tailed (Paradise) Paradise-Whydah         Vidua paradisaea
853   Broad-tailed Paradise-Whydah                   Vidua obtusa
854   Cuckoo Finch (Parasitic Weaver)                Anomalospiza imberbis
855   Cape Siskin                                    Pseudochloroptila (Serinus) totta
856   Drakensberg Siskin                             Pseudochloroptila [totta] symonsi
857   Cape (Yellow-crowned) Canary                   Serinus canicollis
858   Forest Canary                                  Serinus scotops
859   Yellow-fronted (eyed) Canary                   Serinus mozambicus
860   Black-throated Canary                          Serinus atrogularis
861   Black-headed Canary                            Serinus alario
862   White-headed Petrel                            Pterodroma lessonii
863   Brimstone (Bully) Canary                       Serinus sulphuratus
864   Greater (Snowy) Sheathbill                     Chionis alba
865   White-throated Canary                   Serinus albogularis
866   Yellow Canary                           Serinus flaviventris
867   Streaky-headed Seedeater (Canary)       Serinus gularis
868   Black-eared Seedeater (Canary)          Serinus mennelli
869   Protea Seedeater (Canary)               Serinus leucopterus
870   Common (Chaffinch) Chaffinch            Fringilla coelebs
871   Lark-like Bunting                       Emberiza impetuani
872   Cinnamon-breasted (Rock) Bunting        Emberiza tahapisi
873   Cape Bunting                            Emberiza capensis
874   Golden-breasted Bunting                 Emberiza flaviventris
875   Cabanis's Bunting                       Emberiza cabanisi
876   Light-mantled Albatross (Mollymawk)     Phoebetria palpebrata
877   Antarctic Petrel                        Thalassoica antarctica
878   Salvin's Prion                          Pachyptila salvini
879   Fairy Prion                             Pachyptila turtur
880   Slender-billed Prion                    Pachyptila belcheri
881   Flesh-footed Shearwater                 Puffinus carneipes
882   Manx Shearwater                         Puffinus puffinus
883                                           Ardeola idae
      Malagasy Pond- (Madagascar Squacco) Heron
884   Mute Swan                               Cygnus olor
885   Garganey                                Anas querquedula
886   Northern Pintail                        Anas acuta
887   Taita Falcon                            Falco fasciinucha
888   Sooty Falcon                            Falco concolor
889   Grey Kestrel                            Falco ardosiaceus
890   EMPEROR PENGUIN                         Aptenodytes forsteri
891   Chestnut-headed (Long-toed) Flufftail   Sarothrura lugens
892   Streaky-breasted (Bohm's) Flufftail     Sarothrura boehmi
893   American Purple Gallinule               Porphyrio martinicus
894   Eurasian Oystercatcher                  Haematopus ostralegus
895   Pectoral Sandpiper                      Calidris melanotos
896   Dunlin                                  Calidris alpina
897   Red-necked Stint                        Calidris ruficollis
898   Madagascar Pratincole                   Glareola ocularis
900   White-eyed Gull                         Larus leucopthalmus
901   Sabine's Gull                           Larus sabini
902   Gull-billed Tern                        Sterna nilotica
903   Black Tern                              Chlidonias niger
904   Scarce Swift                            Schoutedenapus myoptilus
905   Green Tinkerbird (Tinker Barbet)        Pogoniulus simplex
906   Pallid (Eastern Least) Honeyguide       Indicator meliphilus
907                                           Campethera scriptoricauda
      Speckle-throated (Reichenow's) Woodpecker
908   Mascarene Martin                        Phedina borbonica
909   Green-headed Oriole                     Oriolus chlorocephalus
910   Rufous-tailed Palm-Thrush               Cichladusa ruficauda
911   Eurasian Reed-Warbler                   Acrocephalus scirpaceus
912   Greater Swamp-Warbler                   Acrocephalus rufescens
913   Red-faced Crombec                       Sylvietta whytii
914   Red-capped Crombec                      Sylvietta ruficapilla
915   Chirping Cisticola                      Cisticola pipiens
916   Roberts's (Brier) Warbler               Oreophilais (Prinia) robertsi
917   Collared Flycatcher                     Ficedula albicollis
918   Souza's Shrike                         Lanius souzae
919   Olive-headed Weaver                    Ploceus olivaceiceps
920   Cinderella Waxbill                     Estrilda thomensis
921   Lemon-breasted Canary                  Serinus citrinipectus
922   American Golden-Plover                 Pluvialis dominica
923   Barred Long-tailed Cuckoo              Cercococcyx montanus
924   Southern Royal Albatross               Diomedea epomophora
925   Black-legged Kittiwake                 Rissa tridactyla
926   Buff-breasted Sandpiper                Tryngites subruficollis
927   Chirinda Apalis                        Apalis chirindensis
928   Mountain Pipit                         Anthus hoeschi
929   Wilson's Phalarope                     Steganopus tricolor
930   Long-tailed Jaeger (Skua)              Stercorarius longicaudus
931   Herring Gull                           Larus argentatus
932   Franklin's Gull                        Larus pipixcan
933   Common Black-headed Gull               Larus ridibundus
934   Adelie Penguin                         Pygoscelis adeliae
935   Royal Tern                             Sterna maxima
936   Bridled Tern                           Sterna anaethetus
937   Black-naped Tern                       Sterna sumatrana
938   White-cheeked Tern                     Sterna repressa
939   Lesser Noddy                           Anous tenuirostris
940   Rock (Feral) Dove (Pigeon)             Columba livia
941   Rose-ringed Parakeet                   Psittacula krameri
942   Ross's Turaco                          Musophaga rossae
943   Chinstrap Penguin                      Pygoscelis antartica
944   Bar-tailed Trogon                      Apaloderma vittatum
945   Zanzibar Sombre Greenbul               Andropadus importunus insularis
946   White-chested Alethe                   Alethe fuelleborni
947   Wood Warbler                           Phylloscopus sibilatrix
949   Basra Reed-Warbler                     Acrocephalus griseldis
950   Kerguelen Petrel                       Lugensa (Pterodroma) brevirostris
951   Herald Petrel                          Pterodroma arminjoniana
953   Red-billed Tropicbird                  Phaethon aethereus
954   Hildebrandt's Francolin                Pternistis hildebrandti
955   Little Ringed Plover                   Charadrius dubius
956   Forbes's Plover                        Charadrius forbesi
957   Common Snipe                           Gallinago gallinago
958   Gentoo Penguin                         Pygoscelis papua
959   Shining Blue Kingfisher                Alcedo quadribrachys
960   White-headed Barbet                    Lybius leucocephalus
961   SHORTTAILED SHEARWATER                 Puffinus tenuirostris
962   Red-rumped Swallow                     Hirundo daurica
963   Red-throated (Angolan Cliff) Swallow   Hirundo rufigula
964   White-headed Sawwing                   Psalidoprocne albiceps
965   Grey-olive Greenbul                    Phyllastrephus cerviniventris
966   Sooty Chat                             Myrmecocichla nigra
967   Tristan Thrush                         Nesocichla eremita
968   TRISTAN BUNTING                        Neospiza acunhae questi
969   Blackcap                               Sylvia atricapilla
970   Kerguelen Tern                         Sterna virgata
971   (Hartlaub's) Marsh Widowbird           Euplectes hartlaubi
 972   Long-toed Stint                             Calidris subminuta
 973   African Citril                              Serinus citrinelloides
 974   Hybrid RED/YELLOWBILL DUCK                  Anas erythroryncha x a. Undulata
 975   Lesser Sheathbill                           Chionis minor
 976   Woodchat Shrike                             Lanius senator
 977   Tropical Boubou                             Laniarius aethiopicus
 978   Hybrid Pochard                              Aythya hybrid
 979   Long-legged Buzzard                         Buteo rufinus
 980   Chukar Partridge                            Alectoris chukar
 981   Broad-billed Sandpiper                      Limicola falcinellus
 982   Slaty Egret                                 Egretta vinaceigula
 983   Macaroni Penguin                            Eudyptes chrysolophus
 984   Northern Giant-Petrel                       Macronectes halli
 985   Temminck's Stint                            Calidris temminckii
 986   South Georgia Diving Petrel                 Pelecanoides georgicus
 987   King Penguin                                Aptenodytes patagonicus
 988                                               Vidua wilsoni
       Bar-breasted Firefinch (Pale-winged) Indigobird
 989   House Crow                                  Corvus splendens
 990   South Polar Skua                            Catharacta maccormicki
 991   THICKBILLED PRION                           Pachyptila crassirostris
 992   Eleonora's Falcon                           Falco eleonorae
 993   Snow Petrel                                 Pagodroma nivea
 994   Bulwer's Petrel                             Bulweria bulwerii
 995   IMPERIAL CORMORANT                          Phalacrocorax atriceps
 996   Tristan Moorhen                             Gallinula nesiotis
 997   White-rumped Sandpiper                      Calidris fuscicollis
 998   Wilkins's Finch                             Nesospiza wilkinsi
 999   Inaccessible Island Rail                    Atlantisia rogersi
1000   Twinspot Indigobird                         Vidua [funerea] codringtoni
1002   Buller's Albatross (Mollymawk)              Thalassarche bulleri
1003   Iris Glossy-Starling (Emerald Starling)     Lamprotornis (Coccycolius) iris
1004   Common Redstart                             Phoenicurus phoenicurus
1005   European Turtle-Dove                        Streptopelia turtur
1006   Eurasian Sparrowhawk                        Accipiter nisus
1007   Fuelleborn's Longclaw                       Macronyx fuellebornii
1008   Greater Yellowlegs                          Tringa melanoleuca
1009   Hudsonian Godwit                            Limosa haemastica
1010   Isabelline Wheatear                         Oenanthe isabellina
1011   Jouanin's Petrel                            Bulweria fallax
1012   Laysan Albatross                            Phoebastria immutabilis
1013   Lesser Frigatebird                          Fregata ariel
1014   Lesser Yellowlegs                           Tringa flavipes
1015   Little Blue Heron                           Egretta caerulea
1016   Mallard                                     Anas platyrhynchos
1017   Mandarin Duck                               Aix galericulata
1018   Mascarene Shearwater                        Puffinus atrodorsalis
1019   Matsudaira's Storm-Petrel                   Oceanodroma matsudairae
1020   Merlin                                      Falco columbarius
1021   Common Peacock(Peafowl)                     Pavo cristatus
1022   European Pied Flycatcher                    Ficedula hypoleuca
1023   Pied Wheatear                               Oenanthe pleschanka
1024   Plumheaded Parakeet                         Psittacula cyanocephala
1025   Red Kite                                     Milvus milvus
1027   Red-footed Booby                             Sula sula
1028   Red-throated Pipit                           Anthus cervinus
1029   Rüppell's Vulture (Griffon)                  Gyps rueppellii
1030   Shoebill                                     Balaeniceps rex
1031   Spur-winged Plover (Lapwing)                 Vanellus spinosus
1032   Red Avadavat                                 Amandava amandava
1033   Streaked Shearwater                          Calonectris leucomelas
1034   White-throated Bee-eater                     Merops albicollis
1035                                                A
       Northern Black (White-quilled) Korhaan (split) frotis afraoides
1036   White-browed Coucal (split)                  Centropus superciliosus
1037   Barlow's Lark                                Certhilauda [Calendulauda][erythrochlamys] barlowi
1038                                                C
       Drakensberg (Orange-breasted) Rock-jumper haetops aurantius
1039   Pacific Golden-Plover                        Pluvialis fulva
1040   Hybrid Cape-Australian Gannet                Morus hybrid
1041   Black-winged Petrel                          Pterodoma nigripennis
1042   Echo Parakeet                                Psittacula echo
1043   Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike                      Coracina typica
1044   Redwhiskered Bulbul                          Pycnonotus jocusus
1045   Mascarene Paradise Flycatcher                Terpsiphone bourbonnensis
1046   Grey (Bourbon) White-eye                     Zosterops borbonica
1047   Madagascar Red Fody                          Foudia madagascariensis
1048   Mauritius Fody                               Foudia rubra
1049   Drakensberg Prinia (split)                   Prinia [maculosa] hypoxantha
1050   Brown-breasted Barbet                        Lybius melanopterus
1051   Horned Lark                                  Eremophila alpestris longirostris
1052   White-tailed Rubythroat                      Luscinia pectoralis
1053   Citrine Wagtail                              Motacilla citreola
1054   Common Chiffchaff                            Phylloscopus collybita
1055   Tickell's Leaf Warbler                       Phylloscopus affinis
1056   Robin Accentor                               Prunella rubeculoides
1057   Rosy Pipit                                   Anthus roseatus
1058   Hybrid Yellow/Redbilled Oxpecker             Buphagus hybrid
1059   Long-tailed Pipit                            Anthus longicaudatus
1060   Hybrid Natal/Chorister Robin                 Cossypha haagneri?
1061   Grand Comoro Sparrowhawk                     Accipiter francesiae griveaudi
1062   White-bellied Kingfisher                     Alcedo leucogaster
1063   Swamp Flycatcher (Alseonax)                  Muscicapa aquatica
1064   White-winged Swamp-(Scrub-) Warbler          Bradypterus carpalis
1065   Slender-billed Weaver                        Ploceus pelzelni
1066   Black-faced Canary                           Serinus capistratus
1067                                                Chloropeta gracilirostris
       Papyrus Yellow (Thin-billed Flycatcher-) Warbler
1068   Green-headed Sunbird                         Nectarinia [Cyanomitra] verticalis
1069   Red-headed Fody                              Foudia eminentissima
1070   Madagascar Bulbul                            Hypsipetes madagascariensis
1071   Aldabra Drongo                               Dicrurus aldabranus
1072   White-throated Rail                          Dryolimnas cuvieri
1073   Souimanga Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] sovimanga
1074   Seychelles Turtle Dove                       Streptopelia picturata
1075   Malagasy White-eye                           Zosterops maderaspatanus
1076   Hybrid Olive/Kurrichane Thrush               Turdus hybrid
1077   Hybrid Antarctic/Kerguelen Tern              Sterna hybrid
1078   Slender-billed Gull                       Larus genei
1079   Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross             Thalassarche carteri
1080   Tristan Albatross                         Diomedea (exulans) dabbenena
1081   Salvin's Albatross                        Thalassarche (cauta) salvini
1082   Seychelles Kestrel                        Falco araea
1083   Brown (Redtailed) Shrike                  Lanius cristatus
1084   Bocage's Akalat (Robin)                   Sheppardia bocagei
1085   Grey-winged Robin-Chat                    Cossypha polioptera
1086   Cabanis's Greenbul                        Phyllastrephus cabanisi
1087   Rufous Flycatcher-Thrush (Ant-Thrush)     Neocossyphus (Stizorhina) fraseri
1088   Bannerman's Sunbird                       Nectarinia [Cyanomitra] bannermani
1089   Orange-cheeked Waxbill                    Estrilda melpoda
1090   Fawn-breasted Waxbill                     Estrilda paludicola
1091   Laura's Woodland-Warbler                  Phylloscopus laurae
1093   Velvet-mantled Drongo                     Dicrurus modestus [coracinus]
1094   Dohrn's Thrush Babbler (~ Flycatcher)     Horizorhinus dohrni
1095   Principe Sunbird                          Nectarinia [Anabathmis] hartlaubii
1096   Principe Golden-Weaver                    Ploceus princeps
1097   Black-capped Speirops                     Speirops lugubris
1098   Greater Spotted Eagle                     Aquila clanga
1099   Buff-throated Apalis                      Apalis rufogularis
1100   Black-collared Bulbul (Greenbul)          Neolestes torquatus
1101   Black-banded Plover                       Charadrius thoracicus
1102   Australian Budgy                          Melopsittacus undulatus
1103   Yellow-throated Apalis                    Apalis flavigularis
1104   Karoo Thrush (split)                      Turdus smithi
1105   Olive Thrush (split)                      Turdus (olivaceus) olivaceus
1106                                             Bradypterus lopezi
       Evergreen Forest Warbler (incl. Cameroon ~)
1107   Cinnamon Bracken-Warbler                  Bradypterus cinnamomeus
1108   Fire-crested Alethe (incl. White-tailed)  Alethe [Pseudalethe] diademata
1109   Brown-chested Alethe                      Alethe poliocephala
1110   Sao Tomé Short-tail (Bocage's Longbill)   Amaurocichla bocagii [bocagei]
1111   Yellow-whiskered Greenbul                 Andropadus latirostris
1112   Cameroon (~ Montane) Greenbul             Andropadus montanus
1113   Honeyguide Greenbul                       Baepogon indicator
1114   Black-faced Rufous Warbler                Bathmocercus rufus
1115   Bangwa Forest-Warbler                     Bradypterus [lopezi] bangwaensis
1116   Green-throated Sunbird                    Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] rubescens
1117   Olive-bellied Sunbird                     Nectarinia [Cinnyris] chloropygia [chloropygius]
1118   Golden-winged Sunbird                     Nectarinia [Cinnyris] reichenowi
1119   Brown-backed Cisticola                    Cisticola [chubbi] discolor
1120   Mountain Robin-Chat                       Cossypha isabellae
1121                                             Criniger
       Green-backed (Eastern Bearded) Bulbul (Greenbul) chloronotus
1122   Cameroon (~ Blue-headed) Sunbird          Nectarinia [Cyanomitra] oritis
1124   Sao Tome (Giant) Sunbird                  Dreptes (Nectarinia) thomensis
1125   Yellow-bellied Wattle-eye                 Dyaphorophyia (Platysteira) concreta
1126   White-bellied Crested-Flycatcher          Elminia (Trochocercus) albiventris
1127   African Blue-Flycatcher                   Elminia longicauda
1128   Dusky Crested-Flycatcher                  Elminia (Trochocercus) nigromitratus
1129   Black-crowned Waxbill                     Estrilda nonnula
1130   Naked-faced Barbet                        Gymnobucco calvus
1131   Blue-breasted Kingfisher                  Halcyon malimbica
1132   (Western) Least Honeyguide                  Indicator exilis
1133   Grey-chested Illadopsis                     Kakamega poliothorax
1134   Principe Glossy-Starling                    Lamprotornis ornatus
1135   Yellow-breasted Boubou                      Laniarius atroflavus
1136   Sao Tome (Newton's) Fiscal                  Lanius newtonii
1137   Newton's (Yellow-breasted) Sunbird          Nectarinia [Anabathmis] newtonii
1138   Sao Tome Grosbeak                           Neospiza concolor
1139   Fernando Po Oliveback                       Nesocharis [ansorgei] shelleyi
1140   Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch                Nigrita bicolor
1141   Grey-headed Negrofinch                      Nigrita canicapilla [canicapillus]
1142   Sao Tome Chestnut-winged Starling           Onychognathus fulgidus
1143   Sao Tome Oriole                             Oriolus crassirostris
1144   Woodhouse's (Red-headed) Antpecker          Parmoptila woodhousei
1145   Icterine Greenbul                           Phyllastrephus icterinus
1146   Cameroon Olive-Greenbul                     Phyllastrephus poensis
1148                                               Platysteira cyanea
       Brown-throated (Scarlet-spectacled) Wattle-eye
1149   Giant Weaver                                Ploceus grandis
1150   Brown-capped Weaver                         Ploceus insignis
1151   Black-billed Weaver                         Ploceus melanogaster
1152   Vieillot's Black Weaver                     Ploceus nigerrimus
1153   Vitelline Masked-Weaver                     Ploceus [velatus] vitellinus
1154   White-tailed Warbler                        Poliolais lopezi
1155   Banded Prinia                               Prinia bairdii
1156   Sao Tome Prinia                             Prinia molleri
1158   African Piculet                             Sasia africana
1159   Thick-billed Seedeater                      Serinus burtoni
1160   Principe Seedeater                          Serinus rufobrunneus
1161   Principe Speirops                           Speirops leucophoeus
1162   Mount Cameroon Speirops                     Speirops melanocephalus
1163   Western Bluebill                            Spermophaga [ruficapilla] haematina
1164   Sao Tome Paradise-Flycatcher                Terpsiphone atrochalybeia
1165                                               Terpsiphone rufiventer
       Red-bellied (Black-headed) Paradise-Flycatcher
1166   Sao Tomé Weaver                             Ploceus [Thomasophantes] sanctithomae
1167   Gulf-of-Guinea (Olivaceous) Thrush          Turdus olivaceofuscus
1168   African Thrush                              Turdus pelios
1169   Green Longtail                              Urolais epichlora
1170   Principe White-eye                          Zosterops ficedulinus
1171   Orange River White-eye (split)              Zosterops (capensis) pallidus
1172   Cape White-eye (split)                      Zosterops capensis (split)
1173   Zebra (Barred ground) Dove                  Geopelia striata
1174   Seychelles Blue Pigeon                      Alectroenas pulcherrina
1175   Seychelles Magpie-robin                     Copsychus sechellarum
1176   Seychelles Warbler                          Acrocephalus sechellensis
1177   Seychelles Sunbird                          Nectarinia [Cinnyris] dussumieri
1178   Seychelles Fody                             Foudia sechellarum
1179   Golden-backed Bishop                        Euplectes aureus
1180   Yellow-necked (Falkenstein's) Greenbul      Chlorocichla falkensteini
1181   Brown Illadopsis                            Illadopsis fulvescens
1182   Forest Scrub-Robin                          Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) leucosticta
1183   Eastern Clapper Lark (split)                Mirafra fasciolata
1184   Gabela Akalat                               Sheppardia gabela
1185   Damara Hornbill (split)                     Tockus damarensis
1186   Great Tit                             Parus major
1187   Black-necked Weaver                   Ploceus nigricollis
1188   Buff-spotted Woodpecker               Campethera nivosa
1189   Olive-green Camaroptera               Camaroptera chloronota
1190   Red-headed Bluebill                   Spermophaga ruficapilla
1191   Red-tailed (Common) Bristle-bill      Bleda syndactylus
1192   Rufous-vented Paradise-Flycatcher     Terpsiphone rufocinerea
1193   Scaly-breasted Illadopsis             Illadopsis albipectus
1194   Yellow-throated Greenbul (Leaflove)   Chlorocichla flavicollis
1195   Yellow-throated Nicator               Nicator vireo
1200   Somali Ostrich                        Struthio [camelus] molybdophanes
1202   Congo Peafowl (Peacock)               Afropavo congensis
1204   Barbary Partridge                     Alectoris barbara
1206   Sand Partridge                        Ammoperdix heyi
1208   Madagascar Partridge                  Margaroperdix madagascarensis
1210   White-throated Francolin              Peliperdix albogularis
1212   Forest Francolin                      Peliperdix lathami
1214   Schlegel's Francolin                  Peliperdix schlegelii
1216   Ahanta Francolin                      Pternistis ahantensis
1218   Double-spurred Francolin              Pternistis bicalcaratus
1220   (Mount) Cameroon Francolin            Pternistis camerunensis
1222   Chestnut-naped Francolin              Pternistis castaneicollis
1224   Clapperton's Francolin                Pternistis clappertoni
1226   Erckel's Francolin                    Pternistis erckelii
1228   Grey-striped Francolin                Pternistis griseostriatus
1230   Harwood's Francolin                   Pternistis harwoodi
1232   Heuglin's Francolin                   Pternistis icterorhynchus
1234   Jackson's Francolin                   Pternistis jacksoni
1236   Yellow-necked Spurfowl                Pternistis leucoscepus
1238   Nahan's Francolin                     Pternistis nahani
1240   Handsome Francolin                    Pternistis nobilis
1242   Djibouti (Ochre-breasted) Francolin   Pternistis ochropectus
1244   Grey-breasted Spurfowl                Pternistis rufopictus
1246   Scaly Francolin                       Pternistis squamatus
1248   Swierstra's Francolin                 Pternistis swierstrai
1250   Stone Partridge                       Ptilopachus petrosus
1252   Finsch's Francolin                    Scleroptila finschi
1254   Moorland Francolin                    Scleroptila psilolaemus
1256   Ring-necked Francolin                 Scleroptila streptophorus
1258   Uzungwa Partridge                     Xenoperdix udzungwensis
1260   Vulturine Guineafowl                  Acryllium vulturinum
1262   White-breasted Guineafowl             Agelastes meleagrides
1264   Black Guineafowl                      Agelastes niger
1266   Plumed Guineafowl                     Guttera plumifera
1268   Archer's Francolin                    Scleroptila [levaillantoides] archeri = S lorti
1270   American Wigeon                       Anas americana
1272   Bernier's Teal                        Anas bernieri
1274   Common Teal                           Anas crecca
1276   Blue-winged Teal                      Anas discors
1278   Meller's Duck                         Anas melleri
1280   Eurasian Widgeon                      Anas penelope
1282   Gadwall                               Anas strepera
1284   (Greater) White-fronted Goose             Anser albifrons
1286   Greylag Goose                             Anser anser
1288   Lesser White-fronted Goose                Anser erythropus
1290   Bean Goose                                Anser fabalis
1292   Eaton's Pintail                           Anus eatoni
1294   Ring-necked Duck                          Aythya collaris
1296   Common Pochard                            Aythya ferina
1298   Tufted Duck                               Aythya fuligula
1300   Madagascar Pochard                        Aythya innotata
1302   Greater Scaup                             Aythya marila
1304   Ferruginous Pochard (Duck)                Aythya nyroca
1306   Brent Goose                               Branta bernicla
1308   Barnacle Goose                            Branta leucopsis
1310   Red-breasted Goose                        Branta ruficollis
1312   (Common) Goldeneye                        Bucephala clangula
1314   Blue-winged Goose                         Cyanochen cyanopterus
1316   Bewick's (Tundra) Swan                    Cygnus columbianus
1318   Whooper Swan                              Cygnus cygnus
1320   Marbled Teal                              Marmaronetta angustirostris
1322   White-winged (Velvet) Scoter              Melanitta fusca
1324   Black (Common) Scoter                     Melanitta nigra
1326   Smew                                      Mergellus albellus
1328   Common Merganser (Goosander)              Mergus merganser
1330   Red-breasted Merganser                    Mergus serrator
1332   Red-crested Pochard                       Netta rufina
1334   Ruddy Duck                                Oxyura jamaicensis
1336   White-headed Duck                         Oxyura leucocephala
1338   Hartlaub's Duck                           Pteronetta hartlaubii
1340   Ruddy Shelduck                            Tadorna ferruginea
1342   Common Shelduck                           Tadorna tadorna
1344   Quail Plover (Lark Buttonquail)           Ortyxelos meiffrenii
1346   Hottentot Buttonquail (split)             Turnix [nana] hottentotta = T hottentottus
1348   Madagascar Buttonquail                    Turnix nigricollis
1350   Thick-billed Honeyguide                   Indicator conirostris
1352   Spotted Honeyguide                        Indicator maculatus
1354   Dwarf Honeyguide                          Indicator pumilio
1356   Willcocks's Honeyguide                    Indicator willcocksi
1358   Lyre-tailed Honeyguide                    Melichneutes robustus
1360   Yellow-footed Honeyguide                  Melignomon eisentrauti
1362   Zenker's Honeyguide                       Melignomon zenkeri
1364   Cassin's Honeyguide                       Prodotiscus insignis
1366   Mombasa Woodpecker                        Campethera [abingoni] mombassica
1368   Brown-eared Woodpecker                    Campethera caroli
1370   Little Green (Golden-backed) Woodpecker   Campethera maculosa
1372   Nubian Woodpecker                         Campethera nubica
1374   Fine-spotted Woodpecker                   Campethera punctuligera
1376   Tullberg's (Fine-banded) Woodpecker       Campethera tullbergi
1378   Great Spotted Woodpecker                  Dendrocopos major
1380   Lesser Spotted Woodpecker                 Dendrocopos minor
1382   Melancholy Woodpecker                     Dendropicos [gabonensis] lugubris
1384   Grey-headed Woodpecker                    Dendropicos [goertae] spodocephalus
1386   Abyssinian Woodpecker                     Dendropicos abyssinicus
1388   Little Grey Woodpecker                  Dendropicos elachus
1390   Gabon Woodpecker                        Dendropicos gabonensis
1392   Grey Woodpecker                         Dendropicos goertae
1394                                           Dendropicos poecilolaemus
       Speckle-breasted (Uganda Spotted) Woodpecker
1396   Fire-bellied Woodpecker                 Dendropicos pyrrhogaster
1398   Syrian Woodpecker                       Dendropicos syriacus
1400                                           Dendropicos xantholophus
       Golden-crowned (Yellow-crested) Woodpecker
1402   Eurasian Wryneck                        Jynx torquilla
1404   Elliot's Woodpecker                     Mesopicos [Dendropicos] elliotii
1406   Grey Woodpecker                         Mesopicos [Dendropicus] goertae
1408   Olive Woodpecker                        Mesopicos [Dendropicus] griseocephalus
1410   Brown-backed Woodpecker                 Picoides (Dendropicos) obsoletus
1412   Levaillant's Woodpecker                 Picus vaillantii
1414   Yellow-spotted Barbet                   Buccanodon duchaillui
1416   Grey-throated Barbet                    Gymnobucco bonapartei
1418   Bristle-nosed Barbet                    Gymnobucco peli
1420   Sladen's Barbet                         Gymnobucco sladeni
1422   Double-toothed Barbet                   Lybius bidentatus
1424   Chaplin's Barbet                        Lybius chaplini
1426   Bearded Barbet                          Lybius dubius
1428   Black-billed Barbet                     Lybius guifsobalito
1430   Black-breasted Barbet                   Lybius rolleti
1432   Red-faced Barbet                        Lybius rubrifacies
1434   Banded Barbet                           Lybius undatus
1436   Vieillot's Barbet                       Lybius vieilloti
1438   Red-rumped Tinkerbird                   Pogoniulus atroflavus
1440   Western (Green-) Tinkerbird             Pogoniulus coryphaeus
1442   Moustached (Green-) Tinkerbird          Pogoniulus leucomystax
1444   White-chested Tinkerbird                Pogoniulus makawai
1446   Speckled Tinkerbird                     Pogoniulus scolopaceus
1448   Yellow-throated Tinkerbird              Pogoniulus subsulphureus
1450   Anchieta's Barbet                       Stactolaema anchietae
1452   D'Arnaud's Barbet (incl. Usambiro)      Trachyphonus darnaudii
1454   Red-and-yellow Barbet                   Trachyphonus erythrocephalus
1456   Yellow-breasted Barbet                  Trachyphonus margaritatus
1458   Yellow-billed Barbet                    Trachyphonus purpuratus
1460   Usambiro Barbet                         Trachyphonus usambiro
1462   Red-fronted Barbet                      Tricholaema diademata
1464   Streaky-throated Barbet                 Tricholaema flavipunctata
1466   Miombo (~ Pied) Barbet                  Tricholaema frontata
1468   Hairy-breasted Barbet                   Tricholaema hirsuta
1470   Spot-flanked Barbet                     Tricholaema lacrymosa
1472   Black-throated Barbet                   Tricholaema melanocephala
1474   White-thighed Hornbill                  Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) [cylindricus] albotibialis
1476   Black-casqued (Black-wattled) Hornbill  Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) atrata
1478   Brown-cheeked Hornbill                  Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) cylindricus
1480   Yellow-casqued (~ Wattled) Hornbill     Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) elata
1482   Piping (White-tailed) Hornbill          Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) fistulator
1484   Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill        Bycanistes (Ceratogymna) subcylindricus
1486   White-crested Hornbill                  Tockus (Tropicranus) albocristatus
1488   Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill               Tockus camurus
1490   Von der Decken's Hornbill               Tockus deckeni
1492   African Pied Hornbill                       Tockus fasciatus
1494   Eastern (Northern) Yellow-billed Hornbill   Tockus flavirostris
1496   Black Dwarf Hornbill                        Tockus hartlaubi
1498   Hemprich's Hornbill                         Tockus hemprichii
1500   Jackson's Hornbill                          Tockus jacksoni
1502   Western Red-billed Hornbill                 Tockus kempi
1504   Pale-billed Hornbill                        Tockus pallidirostris
1506   Tanzanian Red-billed Hornbill               Tockus ruahae
1508   (Southern) Red-billed Hornbill              Tockus rufirostris
1510   Northern (Abyssinian) Ground-Hornbill       Bucorvus abyssinicus
1512   Eurasian Hoopoe                             Upupa epops
1514   Madagascar Hoopoe                           Upupa marginata
1516   White-headed Woodhoopoe                     Phoeniculus bollei
1518   Forest Woodhoopoe                           Phoeniculus castaneiceps
1520   Grant's Woodhoopoe                          Phoeniculus granti
1522   Black-billed (Grant's) Woodhoopoe           Phoeniculus somaliensis
1524   Black Scimitar-bill (~ Woodhoopoe)          Rhinopomastus aterrimus
1526   Abyssinian Scimitar-bill                    Rhinopomastus minor
1528   Bare-cheeked Trogon                         Apaloderma aequatoriale
1530   Abyssinian Roller                           Coracias abyssinica (C. abyssinicus)
1532   Blue-bellied Roller                         Coracias cyanogaster
1534   Blue-throated Roller                        Eurystomus gularis
1536   Rufous-headed Ground-Roller                 Atelornis crossleyi
1538   Pitta-like Ground-Roller                    Atelornis pittoides
1540   Short-legged Ground-Roller                  Brachypteracias leptosomus
1542   Scaly Ground-Roller                         Brachypteracias squamigera
1544   Long-tailed Ground-Roller                   Uratelornis chimaera
1546   Cuckoo Roller                               Leptosomus discolor
1548   Sao Tome Kingfisher                         Alcedo [cristata] thomensis
1550   Principe Kingfisher                         Alcedo [leucogaster] nais
1552   Common Kingfisher                           Alcedo atthis
1554   Madagascar Kingfisher                       Alcedo vintsioides
1556   Dwarf Kingfisher                            Ispidina (Ceyx) lecontei
1558   Madagascar Pygmy-Kingfisher                 Ispidina madagascariensis
1560   Chocolate-backed Kingfisher                 Halcyon badia
1562   White-throated Kingfisher                   Halcyon smyrnensis
1564   Collared Kingfisher                         Todirhamphus (Halcyon) chloris
1566   Black-headed Bee-eater                      Merops breweri
1568   Red-throated Bee-eater                      Merops bulocki
1570   Black Bee-eater                             Merops gularis
1572   Rosy Bee-eater                              Merops malimbicus
1574   Blue-headed Bee-eater                       Merops muelleri
1576   Northern Carmine Bee-eater                  Merops nubicus
1578   Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater                  Merops oreobates
1580   Little Green Bee-eater                      Merops orientalis
1582   Somali Bee-eater                            Merops revoilii
1584   Blue-breasted (White-cheeked) Bee-eater     Merops variegatus
1586   Red-backed Mousebird                        Colius castanotus
1588   White-headed Mousebird                      Colius leucocephalus
1590   Blue-naped Mousebird                        Urocolius macrourus
1592   Dusky Long-tailed Cuckoo                    Cercococcyx mechowi
1594   Olive Long-tailed Cuckoo                    Cercococcyx olivinus
1596   Green Malkoha (Coucal/Yellowbill)   Ceuthmochares australis
1598   Yellow-throated (~ Green) Cuckoo    Chrysococcyx flavigularis
1600   Blue Coua                           Coua caerulea
1602   Coquerel's Coua                     Coua coquereli
1604   Crested Coua                        Coua cristata
1606   Running Coua                        Coua cursor
1608   Snail-eating Coua                   Coua delalandei
1610   Giant Coua                          Coua gigas
1612   Red-fronted Coua                    Coua reynaudii
1614   Red-capped Coua                     Coua ruficeps
1616   Red-breasted Coua                   Coua serriana
1618   Verreaux's Coua                     Coua verreauxi
1620   Madagascar Cuckoo (split)           Cuculus rochii
1622   Neumann's Coucal                    Centropus [leucogaster] neumanni
1624   Gabon Coucal                        Centropus anselli
1626   Black-throated Coucal               Centropus leucogaster
1628   Blue-headed Coucal                  Centropus monachus
1630   Madagascar Coucal                   Centropus toulou
1632   Yellow-billed Cuckoo                Coccyzus americanus
1634   Grey-headed Lovebird                Agapornis canus
1636   Fischer's Lovebird                  Agapornis fischeri
1638   Yellow-collared Lovebird            Agapornis personatus
1640   Red-headed Lovebird                 Agapornis pullarius
1642   Black-collared Lovebird             Agapornis swindernianus
1644   Black-winged Lovebird               Agapornis taranta
1646   Black Parrot                        Coracopsis nigra
1648   Vasa Parrot                         Coracopsis vasa
1650   Grey-headed Parrot (split)          Poicephalus [robustus] suahelicus
1652   Niam-niam Parrot                    Poicephalus crassus
1654   Yellow-fronted Parrot               Poicephalus flavifrons
1656   Red-fronted Parrot                  Poicephalus gulielmi
1658   Orange (Red-) bellied Parrot        Poicephalus rufiventris
1660   Senegal Parrot                      Poicephalus senegalus
1662   Mauritius Parakeet                  Psittacula eques
1664   (African) Grey Parrot               Psittacus erithacus
1666   Fernando Po Swift                   Apus [barbatus] sladeniae
1668   Alexander's (Cape Verde) Swift      Apus alexandri
1670   Madagascar Swift                    Apus balstoni
1672   Bates's Swift                       Apus batesi
1674   Forbes-Watson's Swift               Apus berliozi
1676   Nyanza Swift                        Apus niansae
1678   Plain Swift                         Apus unicolor
1680   Seychelles Swiftlet                 Collocalia elaphra
1682   Mascarene Swiftlet                  Collocalia francica
1684   Cassin's Spinetail                  Neafrapus cassini
1686   Sabine's Spinetail                  Rhaphidura sabini
1688   Schouteden's Swift                  Schoutedenapus schoutedeni
1690   Black (Chapin's) Spinetail          Telacanthura melanopygia
1692   Malagasy Spinetail                  Zoonavena grandidieri
1694   Sao Tome Spinetail                  Zoonavena thomensis
1696   Great Blue Turaco                   Corythaeola cristata
1698   White-bellied Go-away-bird          Corythaixoides (Criniferoides) leucogaster
1700   Bare-faced Go-away-bird                       Corythaixoides personatus
1702   Western Grey Plantain-eater                   Crinifer piscator
1704   Eastern Grey Plantain-eater                   Crinifer zonurus
1706   Ruwenzori Turaco                              Musophaga [Gallirex] johnstoni
1708   Violet Turaco                                 Musophaga violacea
1710   Livingstone's Turaco (split)                  Tauraco [persa] livingstonii
1712   Bannerman's Turaco                            Tauraco bannermani
1714   Red-crested Turaco                            Tauraco erythrolophus
1716   Fischer's Turaco                              Tauraco fischeri
1718   Hartlaub's Turaco                             Tauraco hartlaubi
1720   White-crested Turaco                          Tauraco leucolophus
1722   White-cheeked Turaco                          Tauraco leucotis
1724                                                 Tauraco macrorhynchus
       Yellow-billed (Verraux's/Black-tip Crested) Turaco
1726   Guinea Turaco                                 Tauraco persa
1728   (Prince) Ruspoli's Turaco                     Tauraco ruspolii
1730   Black-billed Turaco                           Tauraco schuettii
1732   Congo Bay-Owl                                 Phodilus prigoginei
1734   Cape Verde Barn Owl                           Tyto detorta
1736   Madagascar Red Owl                            Tyto soumagnei
1738   Abyssinian (Long-eared) Owl                   Asio [asio] abyssinicus
1740   Short-eared Owl                               Asio flammeus
1742   Madagascar Owl                                Asio madagascariensis
1744   Long-eared Owl                                Asio otus
1746   Little Owl                                    Athene noctua
1748   Pharaoh Eagle-Owl                             Bubo [bubo] ascalaphus
1750   Nduk (Usumbara) Eagle-Owl                     Bubo [poensis] vosseleri
1752   Eurasian Eagle-Owl                            Bubo bubo
1754   Greyish Eagle Owl                             Bubo cinerascens
1756   Akun Eagle-Owl                                Bubo leucostictus
1758   Fraser's Eagle-Owl                            Bubo poensis
1760   Shelley's Eagle-Owl                           Bubo shelleyi
1762   Sjostedt's (Chesnut-backed) Owlet             Glaucidium sjostedti
1764   Red-chested Owlet                             Glaucidium tephronotum
1766   Maned Owl                                     Jubula lettii
1768   Madagascar White-browed Owl                   Nixon supercilliaris
1770   Bruce's (Striated/Pallid) Scops-Owl           Otus brucei
1772   Anjuan Scops-Owl                              Otus capnodes
1774   Sao Tome Scops-Owl                            Otus hartlaubi
1776   Sandy Scops-Owl                               Otus icterorhynchus
1778   Seychelles Scops-Owl                          Otus insularis
1780   Sokoke Scops-Owl                              Otus ireneae
1782   Moheli Scops-Owl                              Otus moheliensis
1784   Comoro Scops-Owl                              Otus pauliani
1786   Pemba Scops-Owl                               Otus pembaensis
1788   Malagasy Scops-Owl                            Otus rutilus
1790   Common (Eurasian) Scops-Owl                   Otus scops
1792   (Northern) White-faced (Scops-) Owl           Ptilopsus (Otus) leucotis
1794   Vermiculated (Bouvier's) Fishing-Owl          Scotopelia bouvieri
1796   Rufous (Ussher's) Fishing-Owl                 Scotopelia ussheri
1798   Tawny Owl                                     Strix aluco
1800   Hume's Owl                                    Strix butleri
1802   Albertine Owlet                               Glaucidium albertinum
1804   Nechisar Nightjar                           Camprimulgus solala
1806   Black-shouldered Nightjar                   Caprimulgus [pectoralis] nigriscapularis
1808   Egyptian Nightjar                           Caprimulgus aegyptius
1810   Bates's Nightjar                            Caprimulgus batesi
1812   Brown Nightjar                              Caprimulgus binotatus
1814   Slender-tailed Nightjar                     Caprimulgus clarus
1816   Long-tailed Nightjar                        Caprimulgus climacurus
1818   Donaldson-Smith's Nightjar                  Caprimulgus donaldsoni
1820   Collared Nightjar                           Caprimulgus enarratus
1822   Golden Nightjar                             Caprimulgus eximius
1824   Sombre (Dusky) Nightjar                     Caprimulgus fraenatus
1826   Plain Nightjar                              Caprimulgus inornatus
1828   Madagascar Nightjar                         Caprimulgus madagascariensis
1830   Nubian Nightjar                             Caprimulgus nubicus = C. nubius
1832   Prigogine's (Itombwe) Nightjar              Caprimulgus prigoginei
1834   Red-necked Nightjar                         Caprimulgus ruficollis
1836   Star-spotted Nightjar                       Caprimulgus stellatus
1838   Standard-winged Nightjar                    Macrodipteryx longipennis
1840   Ruwenzori Nightjar                          Caprimulgus [poliocephalus] ruwenzorii
1842   Madagascar Blue-Pigeon                      Alectroenas madagascariensis
1844   Comoro Blue-Pigeon                          Alectroenas sganzini
1846   White-naped Pigeon                          Columba albinucha
1848   White-collared Pigeon                       Columba albitorques
1850   Western Bronze-naped Pigeon                 Columba iriditorques
1852   Sao Tome Bronze-naped Pigeon                Columba malherbii
1854   Stock Pigeon                                Columba oenas
1856   Somali Pigeon (Somali Stock Dove)           Columba oliviae
1858   Common Wood-Pigeon                          Columba palumbus
1860   Madagascar Turtle-Dove                      Columba picturata
1862   Comoro Olive-Pigeon                         Columba pollenii
1864   Cameroon Olive-Pigeon                       Columba sjostedti
1866   Sao Tome Olive-Pigeon                       Columba thomensis
1868   Afep Pigeon                                 Columba unicincta
1870   Eurasian Collared-Dove                      Streptopelia decaocto
1872   Adamawa Turtle-Dove                         Streptopelia hypopyrrha
1874   Dusky (Pink-breasted) Turtle-Dove           Streptopelia lugens
1876   African White-winged (Collared-) Dove       Streptopelia reichenowi
1878   African Collared-Dove (Rose-grey Dove)      Streptopelia roseogrisea
1880   Vinaceous Dove                              Streptopelia vinacea
1882   Madagascar Green-Pigeon                     Treron australis
1884   Pemba Green-Pigeon                          Treron pembaensis
1886   Sao Tome Green-Pigeon                       Treron sanctithomae
1888   Bruce's Green-Pigeon                        Treron waalia
1890   Black-billed Wood-Dove                      Turtur abyssinicus
1892   Blue-headed Wood-Dove                       Turtur brehmeri
1894   Arabian Bustard                             Ardeotis arabs
1896   Macqueen's Bustard                          Chlamydotis macqueeni
1898   Houbara Bustard                             Chlamydotis undulata
1900   Buff-crested Bustard                        Eupodotis [ruficrista] gindiana
1902   Savile's Bustard                            Eupodotis [ruficrista] savilei
1904   Barrow's (Southern White-bellied) Bustard   Eupodotis [senegalensis] barrowii (cafra)
1906   Hartlaub's Bustard                          Eupodotis hartlaubii
1908   Little Brown Bustard                 Eupodotis humilis
1910   Heuglin's Bustard                    Neotis heuglinii
1912   Nubian Bustard                       Neotis nuba
1914   Great Bustard                        Otis tarda
1916   Little Bustard                       Tetrax tetrax
1918   Black (Northern) Crowned-Crane       Balearica pavonina
1920   Demoiselle Crane                     Grus (Anthropoides) virgo
1922   Common Crane                         Grus grus
1924   Sakalava Rail                        Amaurornis olivieri
1926   Kioloides Rail                       Canirallus kioloides
1928   Grey-throated Rail                   Canirallus oculeus
1930   Eurasian (Common) Coot               Fulica atra
1932   Nkulengu Rail                        Himantornis haematopus
1934   Little Crake                         Porzana parva
1936   Water Rail                           Rallus aquaticus
1938   Madagascar Rail                      Rallus madagascariensis
1940   Rouget's Rail                        Rougetius rougetii
1942   Madagascar Flufftail                 Sarothrura insularis
1944   White-spotted Flufftail              Sarothrura pulchra
1946   Slender-billed Flufftail             Sarothrura watersi
1948   Brown Mesite                         Mesitornis unicolor
1950   White-breasted Mesite                Mesitornis variegata
1952   Subdesert Mesite                     Monias benschi
1954   Pin-tailed Sandgrouse                Pterocles alchata
1956   Crowned Sandgrouse                   Pterocles coronatus
1958   Black-faced Sandgrouse               Pterocles decoratus
1960   Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse          Pterocles exustus
1962   Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse            Pterocles lichtensteinii
1964   Black-bellied Sandgrouse             Pterocles orientalis
1966   Madagascar Sandgrouse                Pterocles personatus
1968   Four-banded Sandgrouse               Pterocles quadricinctus
1970   Spotted Sandgrouse                   Pterocles senegallus
1972   Pallas's Sandgrouse                  Syrrhaptes paradoxus
1974   Spotted Sandpiper                    Actitis macularia
1976   Purple Sandpiper                     Calidris maritima
1978   Semipalmated Sandpiper               Calidris pusilla
1980   Great Knot                           Calidris tenuirostris
1982   Madagascar Snipe                     Gallinago macrodactyla
1984   Pintail Snipe                        Gallinago stenura
1986   Long-billed Dowitcher                Limnodromus scolopaceus
1988   Jack Snipe                           Lymnocryptes minimus
1990   Slender-billed Curlew                Numenius tenuirostris
1992   Eurasian Woodcock                    Scolopax rusticola
1994   Solitary Sandpiper                   Tringa solitaria
1996   Madagascar Jacana                    Actophilornis albinucha
1998   Eurasian Thick-knee (Stone Curlew)   Burhinus oedicnemus
2000   Senegal Thick-knee                   Burhinus senegalensis
2002   Kentish Plover                       Charadrius alexandrinus
2004   St. Helena Plover                    Charadrius sanctaehelenae
2006   Eurasian Dotterel                    Eudromias (Charadrius) morinellus
2008   Canary Islands Oystercatcher         Haematopus meadewaldoi
2010   European (Greater) Golden-Plover     Pluvialis apricaria
2012   Sociable Plover (Lapwing)                      Vanellus gregarius
2014   White-tailed Plover (Lapwing)                  Vanellus leucurus
2016   Spot-breasted Plover (Lapwing)                 Vanellus melanocephalus
2018   Brown-chested Plover (Lapwing)                 Vanellus superciliosus
2020   Black-headed Plover (Lapwing)                  Vanellus tectus
2022   Northern Lapwing                               Vanellus vanellus
2024   Cream-colored Courser                          Cursorius cursor
2026   Somali Courser                                 Cursorius somalensis
2028   Grey Pratincole                                Glareola cinerea
2030   Oriental Pratincole                            Glareola maldivarum
2032   Egyptian Plover (Crocodile-bird)               Pluvianus aegyptius
2034   Razorbill                                      Alca torda
2036   Dovekie                                        Alle alle
2038   Great Skua                                     Catharacta skua
2040   Atlantic Puffin                                Fratercula arctica
2042   Heuglin's Gull (split)                         Larus (fuscus) heuglini
2044   Armenian Gull                                  Larus armenicus
2046   Laughing Gull                                  Larus atricilla
2048   Audouin's Gull                                 Larus audouinii
2050   Yellow-legged Gull                             Larus cachinnans
2052   Common Gull                                    Larus canus
2054   Ring-billed Gull                               Larus delawarensis
2056   Glaucous-winged Gull                           Larus glaucescens
2058   Sooty (Hemprich's) Gull                        Larus hemprichii
2060   Glaucous Gull                                  Larus hyperboreus
2062   Great Black-headed Gull                        Larus ichthyaetus
2064   Great Black-backed Gull                        Larus marinus
2066   Mediterranean Gull                             Larus melanocephalus
2068   Little Gull                                    Larus minutus
2070   Saunders's Tern                                Sterna saundersi
2072   Common Murre                                   Uria aalge
2074   Levant Sparrowhawk                             Accipiter brevipes
2076   Chestnut-flanked Sparrowhawk                   Accipiter castanilius
2078   Red-thighed (Western Little) Sparrowhawk Accipiter erythropus
2080   Frances's Goshawk                              Accipiter francesii
2082   Northern Goshawk                               Accipiter gentilis
2084   Henst's Goshawk                                Accipiter henstii
2086   Madagascar Sparrowhawk                         Accipiter madagascariensis
2088   Red-chested Goshawk                            Accipiter toussenelii
2090   Cinereous (Black) Vulture                      Aegypius monachus
2092   Adalbert's Eagle                               Aquila adalberti
2094   Golden Eagle                                   Aquila chrysaetos
2096   Imperial Eagle                                 Aquila heliaca
2098   Madagascar Baza                                Aviceda madagascariensis
2100   Grasshopper Buzzard                            Butastur rufipennis
2102   Archer's Buzzard                               Buteo [augur] archeri
2104   Red-necked (Red-tailed) Buzzard                Buteo auguralis
2106   Cape Verde Buzzard                             Buteo bannermani
2108   Madagascar Buzzard                             Buteo brachypterus
2110   Rough-legged Hawk                              Buteo lagopus
2112   Mountain Buzzard                               Buteo oreophilus
2114                                                  Chelictinia riocourii
       Scissor-tailed Kite (African Swallow-tailed Kite)
2116   Beaudouin's Snake-Eagle                      Circaetus beaudoini
2118   Short-toed Snake-Eagle (incl. Beaudouin's)   Circaetus gallicus
2120   Northern (Hen) Harrier                       Circus cyaneus
2122   Madagascar Marsh-Harrier                     Circus maillardi
2124   Congo Serpent-Eagle                          Dryotriorchis spectabilis
2126   Madagascar Serpent-Eagle                     Eutriorchis astur
2128   Eurasian Griffon (Vulture)                   Gyps fulvus
2130   White-tailed Eagle                           Haliaeetus albicilla
2132   Madagascar Fish-Eagle                        Haliaeetus vociferoides
2134   Bonelli's Eagle                              Hieraaetus fasciatus
2136   Eastern Chanting-Goshawk                     Melierax [canorus] poliopterus
2138   Cape Verde Kite                              Milvus fasciicauda
2140   Crested (Oriental) Honey-buzzard             Pernis ptilorhynchus
2142   Madagascar Harrier-Hawk                      Polyboroides radiatus
2144   Cassin's Hawk-Eagle                          Spizaetus africanus
2146   Long-tailed Hawk                             Urotriorchis macrourus
2148   Barbary Falcon                               Falco [peregrinus] pelegrinoides
2150   Alexander's Kestrel                          Falco alexandri
2152   Fox Kestrel                                  Falco alopex
2154   Saker Falcon                                 Falco cherrug
2156   Cape Verde Peregrine                         Falco madens
2158   Neglected Kestrel                            Falco neglectus
2160   Madagascar Kestrel                           Falco newtoni
2162   Common (Rock) Kestrel                        Falco tinnunculus
2164   Banded Kestrel                               Falco zoniventris
2166   Horned (Slavonian) Grebe                     Podiceps auritus
2168   Red-necked Grebe                             Podiceps grisegena
2170   Madagascar Grebe                             Tachybaptus pelzelnii
2172   Alaotra Grebe                                Tachybaptus rufolavatus
2174   Northern Gannet                              Morus bassanus
2176   European Shag                                Phalacrocorax aristotelis
2178   Crozet Shag                                  Phalacrocorax atriceps melanogenis
2180   Socotra Cormorant                            Phalacrocorax nigrogularis
2182   Pygmy Cormorant                              Phalacrocorax pygmeus
2184   Cape Verde Purple Heron                      Ardea bournei
2186   Humblot's Heron                              Ardea humbloti
2188   Dimorphic (Mascarene Reef-) Egret            Egretta dimorpha
2190   Western Reef Heron (Egret)                   Egretta gularis
2192   Snowy Egret                                  Egretta thula
2194   Yellow Bittern                               Ixobrychus sinensis
2196   White-crested Bittern (Tiger Heron)          Tigriornis leucolophus
2198   Dwarf Olive Ibis                             Bostrychia bocagei
2200   Wattled Ibis                                 Bostrychia carunculata
2202   Olive (Green) Ibis                           Bostrychia olivacea
2204   Spot-breasted Ibis                           Bostrychia rara
2206   Waldrapp                                     Geronticus eremita
2208   White-winged Ibis                            Lophotibis cristata
2210   Eurasian Spoonbill                           Platalea leucorodia
2212   Dalmatian Pelican                            Pelecanus crispus
2214   Christmas Island Frigatebird                 Fregata andrewsi
2216   Ascension (Island) Frigatebird               Fregata aquila
2218   Magnificent Frigatebird                      Fregata magnificens
2220   Magellanic Penguin                        Spheniscus magellanicus
2222   Arctic Loon                               Gavia arctica
2224   Common Loon                               Gavia immer
2226   Red-throated Loon                         Gavia stellata
2228   Cape Verde Shearwater                     Calonectris edwardsii
2230   Northern Royal Albatross                  Diomedea sanfordi
2232   Northern Fulmar                           Fulmarus glacialis
2234   Madeiran (Band-rumped) Storm-Petrel       Oceanodroma castro
2236   Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel                    Oceanodroma monorhis
2238   Medium-billed (Salvin's) Prion            Pachyptila [vittata] salvini
2240   Spectacled Petrel (split)                 Procellaria conspicillata
2242   Mascarene Black Petrel                    Pterodroma aterrima
2244   Barau's Petrel                            Pterodroma baraui
2246   Cape Verde Petrel                         Pterodroma feae
2248   Madeira Petrel                            Pterodroma madeira
2250   Cape Verde Little Shearwater              Puffinus boydi
2252   Balearic Shearwater                       Puffinus mauretanicus
2254   Mediterranean (Yelkouan) Shearwater       Puffinus yelkouan
2256   Chatham Albatross                         Thalassarche eremita
2258   Green-breasted Pitta                      Pitta reichenowi
2260   African Green (Grauer's) Broadbill        Pseudocalyptomena graueri
2262   Rufous-sided Broadbill                    Smithornis rufolateralis
2264   Grey-headed Broadbill                     Smithornis sharpei
2266   Sunbird Asity                             Neodrepanis coruscans
2268   Yellow-bellied Asity                      Neodrepanis hypoxantha
2270   Velvet Asity                              Philepitta castanea
2272   Schlegel's Asity                          Philepitta schlegeli
2274   Yellow-billed Shrike                      Corvinella corvina
2276                                             Eurocephalus rueppelli
       White-rumped (Northern White-crowned) Shrike
2278   Long-tailed Fiscal                        Lanius cabanisi
2280   Taita Fiscal                              Lanius dorsalis
2282   Great Grey (Northern) Shrike              Lanius excubitor
2284   Grey-backed Fiscal                        Lanius excubitoroides
2286   Emin's Shrike                             Lanius gubernator
2288   Red- (Rufous-) tailed (Isabelline) Shrike Lanius isabellinus
2290   Mackinnon's Shrike                        Lanius mackinnoni
2292   Uhehe Fiscal                              Lanius marwitzi
2294   Southern Grey Shrike                      Lanius meridionalis
2296   Masked Shrike                             Lanius nubicus
2298   Somali Fiscal                             Lanius somalicus
2300   Magpie Shrike                             Urolestes melanoleuca
2302   Red-eyed Vireo                            Vireo olivaceus
2304   White-headed Vanga                        Artamella viridis
2306   Malawi Batis                              Batis [capensis] dimorpha
2308   Reichenow's Batis                         Batis [capensis] reichenowi
2310   West African Batis                        Batis [poensis] occulta
2312   Rwenzori Batis                            Batis diops
2314   Ituri Batis                               Batis ituriensis
2316   Margaret's (Boulton's) Batis              Batis margaritae
2318   Verreaux's (Gabon) Batis                  Batis minima
2320   Black-headed Batis                        Batis minor
2322   Angola Batis                              Batis minulla
2324   Grey-headed Batis                        Batis orientalis
2326   Pygmy Batis                              Batis perkeo
2328   Bioko (Fernando Po/Lawson's) Batis       Batis poensis
2330   Senegal Batis                            Batis senegalensis
2332   Red-tailed Vanga                         Calicalicus madagascariensis
2334   Red-shouldered Vanga                     Calicalicus rufocarpalis
2336   Ghana (Western Wattled) Cuckoo-shrike    Campephaga lobata
2338   Oriole (Eastern Wattled) Cuckoo-shrike   Campephaga oriolina
2340   Petit's Cuckoo-shrike                    Campephaga petiti
2342   Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike             Campephaga phoenicea
2344   Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike            Campephaga quiscalina
2346   Blue Cuckoo-shrike                       Coracina azurea
2348   Ashy Cuckoo-shrike                       Coracina cinerea
2350   Grauer's Cuckoo-shrike                   Coracina graueri
2352   Reunion Cuckoo-shrike                    Coracina newtoni
2354   Common Raven                             Corvus corax
2356   Hooded Crow                              Corvus cornix
2358   Carrion Crow                             Corvus corone
2360   Thick-billed Raven                       Corvus crassirostris
2362   Dwarf Raven (Somali Crow)                Corvus edithae
2364   Rook                                     Corvus frugilegus
2366   Eurasian Jackdaw                         Corvus monedula
2368   Fan-tailed Raven                         Corvus rhipidurus
2370   Brown-necked Raven                       Corvus ruficollis
2372   Blue Vanga                               Cyanolanius madagascarinus
2374   Shining Drongo                           Dicrurus atripennis
2376   Crested Drongo                           Dicrurus forficatus
2378   Comoro Drongo                            Dicrurus fuscipennis
2380   Mayotte Drongo                           Dicrurus waldenii
2382   Principe Drongo                          Dicrusrus modestus
2384   Pink-footed Puffback                     Dryoscopus angolensis
2386   Northern Puffback                        Dryoscopus gambensis
2388   Pringle's Puffback                       Dryoscopus pringlii
2390   Large-billed (Sabine's) Puffback         Dryoscopus sabini
2392   Red-eyed (Black-shouldered) Puffback     Dryoscopus senegalensis
2394   Red-cheeked Wattle-eye                   Dyaphorophyia (Platysteira) blissetti
2396   White-fronted Wattle-eye                 Dyaphorophyia (Platysteira) albifrons
2398   Chestnut Wattle-eye                      Dyaphorophyia (Platysteira) castanea
2400   White-spotted Wattle-eye                 Dyaphorophyia (Platysteira) tonsa
2402   Black-necked Wattle-eye                  Dyaphorophyia [blissetti] chalybea
2404   Jameson's Wattle-eye                     Dyaphorophyia [blissetti] jamesoni
2406   White-tailed Blue-Flycatcher             Elminia albicauda
2408   Little Yellow Flycatcher                 Erythrocercus holochlorus
2410   Chestnut-capped Flycatcher               Erythrocercus mccallii
2412   Helmet Vanga                             Euryceros prevostii
2414   Sickle-billed Vanga                      Falculea palliata
2416   Eurasian Jay                             Garrulus glandarius
2418   Nuthatch Vanga                           Hypositta corallirostris
2420   Mountain Sooty Boubou                    Laniarius [fulleborni] poensis
2422   Gabela Bush-shrike                       Laniarius amboimensis
2424   Common (Yellowcrowned) Gonolek           Laniarius barbarus
2426   Braun's Bush-shrike                      Laniarius brauni
2428   Black-headed Gonolek                         Laniarius erythrogaster
2430   Slate-colored Boubou                         Laniarius funebris
2432   Sooty Boubou                                 Laniarius leucorhynchus
2434   Bulo Burti Boubou                            Laniarius liberatus
2436                                                Laniarius
       Luehder's Bushshrike (incl. Orange-breasted, Gabela) luehderi
2438   Papyrus Gonolek                              Laniarius mufumbiri
2440   Red-naped Bushshrike                         Laniarius ruficeps
2442   Turati's Boubou                              Laniarius turatii
2444   Chabert's Vanga                              Leptopterus chabert
2446   Uluguru Bushshrike                           Malaconotus alius
2448   Fiery-breasted Bushshrike                    Malaconotus cruentus
2450   Green-breasted Bushshrike                    Malaconotus gladiator
2452   Lagden's Bushshrike                          Malaconotus lagdeni
2454   Monteiro's Bushshrike                        Malaconotus monteiri
2456   African Shrike-flycatcher                    Megabias (Bias) flammulatus
2458   Bernier's Vanga                              Oriolia bernieri
2460   Western Black-headed Oriole                  Oriolus brachyrhynchus
2462   Abyssinian (Dark-headed) Oriole              Oriolus monacha
2464   Black-winged Oriole                          Oriolus nigripennis
2466   Black-tailed (~ Montane) Oriole              Oriolus percivali
2468   Black-billed Magpie                          Pica pica
2470   Banded Wattle-eye                            Platysteira [peltata] laticincta
2472   Yellow-crested Helmetshrike                  Prionops alberti
2474                                                Prionops caniceps
       Chestnut-bellied (Red-billed) Helmetshrike (incl. Gabon)
2476   Angola (Gabela) Helmetshrike                 Prionops gabela
2478   Grey-crested Helmetshrike                    Prionops poliolophus
2480   Gabon Helmet-shrike                          Prionops rufiventris
2482   Ward's Shrike-flycatcher                     Pseudobias wardi
2484   Piapiac                                      Ptilostomus afer
2486   Yellow-billed (Alpine) Chough                Pyrrhocorax graculus
2488   Red-billed Chough                            Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax
2490   Rosy-patched Bushshrike                      Rhodophoneus cruentus
2492   Rufous Vanga                                 Schetba rufa
2494   Anchieta's Tchagra                           Tchagra anchietae
2496   Three-streaked (James's) Tchagra             Tchagra jamesi
2498   Grey-green Bushshrike                        Telophorus bocagei
2500   Doherty's Bushshrike                         Telophorus dohertyi
2502   Mount Kupe (Serle's) Bushshrike              Telophorus kupeensis
2504   Many-colored Bushshrike                      Telophorus multicolor
2506   Perrin's Bushshrike                          Telophorus viridis
2508   Bedford's Paradise-Flycatcher                Terpsiphone [rufiventer] bedfordi
2510   Bate's Paradise-Flycatcher                   Terpsiphone [rufocinerea] batesi
2512   Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher               Terpsiphone corvina
2514   Madagascar Paradise-Flycatcher               Terpsiphone mutata
2516   Annobon Paradise-Flycatcher                  Terpsiphone smithii
2518   Blue-headed Crested-Flycatcher               Trochocercus nitens
2520   Tylas Vanga                                  Tylas eduardi
2522   Hook-billed Vanga                            Vanga curvirostris
2524   Van Dam's Vanga                              Xenopirostris damii
2526   Pollen's Vanga                               Xenopirostris polleni
2528   Lafresnaye's Vanga                           Xenopirostris xenopirostris
2530   Stresemann's Bush-Crow (Zavattariornis)      Zavattariornis stresemanni
2532   Annobon Paradise-Flycatcher               Terpsiphone [rufiventer] smithii
2534   White-necked Picathartes (Rockfowl)       Picathartes gymnocephalus
2536   Grey-necked Picathartes (Rockfowl)        Picathartes oreas
2538   White-throated Dipper                     Cinclus cinclus
2540   Fire-crested Alethe                       Alethe [Pseudalethe] castanea
2542   Red-throated Alethe                       Alethe poliophrys
2544   African Grey Flycatcher (incl. Somali)    Bradornis (Malaenornis) pumilus [microrhynchus]
2546   Sombre (Rock) Chat                        Cercomela dubia
2548   Blackstart                                Cercomela melanura
2550   Brown-tailed (Rock) Chat                  Cercomela scotocerca
2552   Moorland (Alpine) Chat                    Cercomela sordida
2554   Miombo (Central Bearded) Scrub-Robin      Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) barbata
2556   Brown-backed Scrub-Robin                  Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) hartlaubi
2558   Black Scrub-Robin                         Cercotrichas (Erythropygia) podobe
2560   Spotted Palm Thrush (~ Morning-Thrush)    Cichladusa guttata
2562   Madagascar Magpie-Robin                   Copsychus albospecularis
2564   White-bellied Robin-Chat                  Cossypha (Cossyphicula) roberti
2566   White-crowned Robin-Chat                  Cossypha albicapilla
2568   Archer's Robin-Chat (~ Ground-Robin)      Cossypha archeri
2570   Blue-shouldered Robin-Chat                Cossypha cyanocampter
2572   (Angola) White-headed Robin-Chat          Cossypha heinrichi
2574   Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat                  Cossypha niveicapilla
2576   Rueppell's Robin-Chat                     Cossypha semirufa
2578   Silverbird                                Empidornis semipartitus
2580   European Robin                            Erithacus rubecula
2582   Red-breasted Flycatcher                   Ficedula parva
2584   Semicollared Flycatcher                   Ficedula semitorquata
2586   White-browed Forest-Flycatcher            Fraseria cinerascens
2588   Fraser's (African) Forest-Flycatcher      Fraseria ocreata
2590   Humblot's Flycatcher                      Humblotia flavirostris
2592   Irania (White-throated Robin)             Irania gutturalis
2594   Siberian Rubythroat                       Luscinia calliope
2596   Common Nightingale                        Luscinia megarhynchos
2598   Bluethroat                                Luscinia svecica
2600   White-eyed Slaty-Flycatcher               Melaenornis (Dioptrornis) fischeri
2602   Angola Slaty-Flycatcher                   Melaenornis (Dioptrornis) brunneus
2604   Nimba (West African Black-) Flycatcher    Melaenornis annamarulae
2606   Yellow-eyed Black-Flycatcher              Melaenornis ardesiacus
2608   Northern (Western) Black-Flycatcher       Melaenornis edolioides
2610   Transvaal Rock-Thrush                     Monticola [brevipes] pretoriae
2612   Benson's Rock-Thrush                      Monticola bensoni
2614   Littoral Rock-Thrush                      Monticola imerinus
2616   Little Rock-Thrush                        Monticola rufocinereus
2618                                             Monticola saxatilis
       Mountain (Rufous-tailed/European) Rock-Thrush
2620   Forest Rock-Thrush                        Monticola sharpei
2622   Blue Rock-Thrush                          Monticola solitarius
2624   Itombwe Flycatcher (Alseonax)             Muscicapa [lendu] itombwensis
2626   Boehm's Flycatcher                        Muscicapa boehmi
2628   Cassin's (Grey) Flycatcher (Alseonax)     Muscicapa cassini
2630   Dusky-blue Flycatcher                     Muscicapa comitata
2632   Little Grey Flycatcher (Alseonax)         Muscicapa epulata
2634   Gambaga Flycatcher                        Muscicapa gambagae
2636   Sooty Flycatcher                          Muscicapa infuscata
2638   Chapin's Flycatcher (Alseonax)            Muscicapa lendu
2640   Olivaceous Flycatcher (Alseonax)          Muscicapa olivascens
2642   Yellow-footed Flycatcher (Alseonax)       Muscicapa sethsmithi
2644   Tessmann's Flycatcher                     Muscicapa tessmanni
2646   Ussher's Flycatcher                       Muscicapa ussheri
2648   Grey-throated Tit-Flycatcher              Myioparus griseigularis
2650   Northern Anteating-Chat                   Myrmecocichla aethiops
2652   White-fronted Black-Chat                  Myrmecocichla albifrons
2654   Rueppell's (Black-) Chat                  Myrmecocichla melaena
2656   Congo Moor-Chat                           Myrmecocichla tholloni
2658   Finsch's Flycatcher-Thrush (Ant-Thrush)   Neocossyphus finschii
2660   White-tailed Ant-Thrush                   Neocossyphus poensis
2662   Red-tailed Ant-Thrush                     Neocossyphus rufus
2664   Heuglin's Wheatear                        Oenanthe [bottae] heuglini
2666   Botta's Wheatear                          Oenanthe bottae
2668   Cyprus Wheatear                           Oenanthe cypriaca
2670   Desert Wheatear                           Oenanthe deserti
2672   Finsch's Wheatear                         Oenanthe finschii
2674   Black-eared Wheatear                      Oenanthe hispanica
2676                                             Oenanthe leucopyga
       White-crowned Black (White-tailed) Wheatear
2678   Black Wheatear                            Oenanthe leucura
2680   Mourning Wheatear                         Oenanthe lugens
2682   Abyssinian Black Wheatear                 Oenanthe lugubris
2684   Red-rumped Wheatear                       Oenanthe moesta
2686   Hooded Wheatear                           Oenanthe monacha
2688   Somali Wheatear                           Oenanthe phillipsi
2690   Schalow's Wheatear                        Oenanthe schalowi
2692   Red- (Rufous-) tailed Wheatear            Oenanthe xanthoprymna
2694   Moussier's Redstart                       Phoenicurus moussieri
2696   Black Redstart                            Phoenicurus ochruros
2698   Benson's Rock-Thrush                      Pseudocossyphus bensoni
2700   Littoral Rock-Thrush                      Pseudocossyphus imerinus
2702   Forest Rock-Thrush                        Pseudocossyphus sharpei
2704   Siberian Stonechat                        Saxicola maura
2706   Reunion Stonechat                         Saxicola tectes
2708   Alexander's Akalat                        Sheppardia [bocagei] poensis
2710   Equatorial Akalat                         Sheppardia aequatorialis
2712   Lowland Akalat                            Sheppardia cyornithopsis
2714   Iringa Akalat                             Sheppardia lowei
2716   Usambara Akalat                           Sheppardia montana
2718   Sharpe's Akalat                           Sheppardia sharpei
2720   Forest Robin                              Stiphrornis erythrothorax
2722   Gabon Forest Robin                        Stiphrornis gabonensis
2724   Sangha Forest Robin                       Stiphrornis sanghensis
2726   Eastern Forest Robin                      Stiphrornis xanthogaster
2728   White-crowned Cliff-Chat                  Thamnolaea [cinnamomeiventris] coronata
2730   White-winged Cliff-Chat                   Thamnolaea semirufa
2732   Taita Thrush                              Turdus [olivaceus] helleri
2734   Somali Thrush                             Turdus [olivaceus] ludoviciae
2736   Mountain Thrush                           Turdus abyssinicus
2738   Comoro Thrush                             Turdus bewsheri
2740   Redwing                                      Turdus iliacus
2742   Eurasian Blackbird                           Turdus merula
2744   Song Thrush                                  Turdus philomelos
2746   Fieldfare                                    Turdus pilaris
2748   Usambara Thrush                              Turdus roehli
2750   Bare-eyed Thrush                             Turdus tephronotus
2752   Ring Ouzel                                   Turdus torquatus
2754   Mistle Thrush                                Turdus viscivorus
2756   Principe Thrush                              Turdus xanthorhynchus
2758   Angola Cave-Chat                             Xenocopsychus ansorgei
2760   Kivu Ground-Thrush                           Zoothera [piaggiae] tanganjicae
2762   Black-eared Ground-Thrush (incl. Kibale)     Zoothera cameronensis
2764   Crossley's Ground-Thrush                     Zoothera crossleyi
2766   Oberlaender's Ground-Thrush                  Zoothera oberlaenderi
2768   Abyssinian Ground-Thrush                     Zoothera piaggiae
2770   Grey Ground-Thrush                           Zoothera princei
2772   White-collared Starling                      Grafisia torquata
2774   Copper-tailed Glossy-Starling                Hylopsar (Lamprotornis) cupreocauda
2776   Purple-headed Glossy-Starling                Hylopsar (Lamprotornis) purpureiceps
2778   Golden-breasted Starling                     Lamprotornis (Cosmopsarus) regius
2780   Ashy Starling                                Lamprotornis (Cosmopsarus) unicolor
2782   Southern Blue-eared Glossy-Starling          Lamprotornis [chloropterus] elisabeth
2784   (Northern) Long-tailed Glossy-Starling       Lamprotornis caudatus
2786   Bronze-tailed Glossy-Starling                Lamprotornis chalcurus
2788   Hildebrandt's Starling                       Lamprotornis hildebrandti
2790   Chestnut-bellied Starling                    Lamprotornis pulcher
2792   Purple Glossy-Starling                       Lamprotornis purpureus
2794   Rueppell's (~ Long-tailed) Glossy-Starling   Lamprotornis purpuropterus
2796   Shelley's Starling                           Lamprotornis shelleyi
2798   Splendid Glossy-Starling                     Lamprotornis splendidus
2800   Superb Starling                              Lamprotornis superbus
2802   (White-winged) Babbling Starling             Neocichla gutturalis
2804   Chestnut-winged Starling                     Onychognathus (fulgidus) hartlaubi
2806   Neumann's Starling                           Onychognathus [morio] neumanni
2808   White-billed Starling                        Onychognathus albirostris
2810   Somali Starling                              Onychognathus blythii
2812   Socotra Starling                             Onychognathus frater
2814   Bristle-crowned Starling                     Onychognathus salvadorii
2816   Slender-billed Starling                      Onychognathus tenuirostris
2818   Waller's Starling                            Onychognathus walleri
2820   Abbott's Starling                            Pholia (Cinnyricinclus) femoralis
2822   Sharpe's Starling                            Pholia (Cinnyricinclus) sharpii
2824   Kenrick's Starling                           Poeoptera kenricki
2826   Narrow-tailed Starling                       Poeoptera lugubris
2828   Stuhlmann's Starling                         Poeoptera stuhlmanni
2830   Madagascar Starling                          Saroglossa aurata
2832   Magpie Starling                              Speculipastor bicolor
2834   White-crowned Starling                       Spreo albicapillus
2836   Fischer's Starling                           Spreo fischeri
2838   Spotless Starling                            Sturnus unicolor
2840   Kabylie Nuthatch                             Sitta ledanti
2842   Wallcreeper                                  Tichodroma muraria
2844   Short-toed Tree-Creeper                  Certhia brachydactyla
2846   Winter Wren                              Troglodytes troglodytes
2848   Forest (Yellow-fronted) Penduline-Tit    Anthoscopus flavifrons
2850   Mouse-coloured Penduline-Tit             Anthoscopus musculus
2852   Yellow (West African) Penduline-Tit      Anthoscopus parvulus
2854   Sennar Penduline-Tit                     Anthoscopus punctifrons
2856   White-shouldered (Black) Tit             Parus [leucomelas] guineensis
2858   Cinnamon-breasted Tit                    Parus [rufiventris] pallidiventris
2860   White-bellied Tit                        Parus albiventris
2862   Coal Tit                                 Parus ater
2864   Blue Tit                                 Parus caeruleus
2866   Stripe-breasted Tit                      Parus fasciiventer
2868   Red-throated Tit                         Parus fringillinus
2870   Dusky Tit                                Parus funereus
2872   White-winged (Black) Tit                 Parus leucomelas
2874   White-backed Tit                         Parus leuconotus
2876   Acacia (Somali/Northern Grey) Tit        Parus thruppi
2878   Tit-hylia                                Pholidornis rushiae
2880   Eurasian Penduline Tit                   Remiz pendulinus
2882   West African Swallow                     Hirundo [daurica] domicella
2884   Pale Crag Martin                         Hirundo [fuligula] obsoleta
2886   Ethiopian Swallow                        Hirundo aethiopica
2888   Forest Swallow                           Hirundo fuliginosa
2890   Pied-winged Swallow                      Hirundo leucosoma
2892   Red-chested Swallow                      Hirundo lucida
2894   White-tailed Swallow                     Hirundo megaensis
2896   White-throated Blue Swallow              Hirundo nigrita
2898   Black-and-rufous Swallow                 Hirundo nigrorufa
2900   Red Sea (Cliff) Swallow                  Hirundo perdita
2902   Preuss's (Cliff) Swallow                 Hirundo preussi
2904   Eurasian Crag-Martin                     Hirundo rupestris
2906   Brazza's (Congo) Martin                  Phedina brazzae
2908   Eastern Saw-wing                         Psalidopocne orientalis
2910   Brown Sawwing                            Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] antinorii
2912   Shari Sawwing                            Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] chalybea
2914   Black Sawwing                            Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] holomelas
2916   Mangbettu Sawwing                        Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] mangbettorum
2918   Ethiopian Sawwing                        Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] oleaginea
2920   Petit's Sawwing                          Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] petiti
2922   Blue Sawwing                             Psalidoprocne [pristoptera] pristoptera
2924   (Cameroon) Mountain Sawwing              Psalidoprocne fuliginosa
2926   Square-tailed Sawwing                    Psalidoprocne nitens
2928   Fanti Sawwing                            Psalidoprocne obscura
2930   African River-Martin                     Pseudochelidon eurystomina
2932   Congo (Sand) Martin                      Riparia congica
2934   Firecrest                                Regulus ignicapillus
2936   Goldcrest                                Regulus regulus
2938                                            Andropadus [tephrolaemus] chlorigula
       Southern Mountain (Green-throated) Greenbul
2940   Plain (Cameroon Sombre) Greenbul         Andropadus [tephrolaemus] chlorigula 2
2942   Black-headed Mountain Greenbul           Andropadus [tephrolaemus] nigriceps
2944   Ansorge's Greenbul                       Andropadus ansorgei
2946   Plain (Cameroon Sombre) Greenbul         Andropadus curvirostris
2948   Slender-billed Greenbul                    Andropadus gracilirostris
2950   (Little ~) Grey Greenbul                   Andropadus gracilis
2952   Kakamega Greenbul                          Andropadus kakamegae
2954   Olive-breasted Mountain Greenbul           Andropadus kikuyuensis
2956   Olive-headed Greenbul                      Andropadus olivaceiceps
2958   Stripe-faced Greenbul                      Andropadus striifacies
2960                                              Baeopogon clamans
       Sjostedt's Honeyguide (White-tailed) Greenbul
2962   Grey-headed Bristlebill                    Bleda canicapilla [canicapillus]
2964   Green-tailed Bristlebill                   Bleda eximia [eximius]
2966   Yellow-lored (Lesser) Bristle-bill         Bleda notata [notatus]
2968   Yellow-eyed Bristle-bill                   Bleda ugandae
2970   Golden Greenbul                            Calyptocichla serina
2972   Joyful Greenbul                            Chlorocichla laetissima
2974   Prigogine's Greenbul                       Chlorocichla prigoginei
2976   Simple Greenbul                            Chlorocichla simplex
2978   (Western) Bearded Bulbul (Greenbul)        Criniger barbatus
2980   Red-tailed Bulbul (Greenbul)               Criniger calurus
2982   White-bearded Bulbul (Greenbul)            Criniger ndussumensis
2984   Yellow-bearded Bulbul (Greenbul)           Criniger olivaceus
2986   Olivaceous Bulbul                          Hypsipetes borbonicus
2988   Seychelles Bulbul                          Hypsipetes crassirostris
2990   Mauritius Bulbul                           Hypsipetes olivaceus
2992   Comoro Bulbul                              Hypsipetes parvirostris
2994   Spotted Greenbul                           Ixonotus guttatus
2996   Yellow-spotted (Western) Nicator           Nicator chloris
2998   Fischer's Greenbul                         Phyllastrephus [cabanisi] fischeri
3000   Sharpe's Greenbul                          Phyllastrephus [flavostriatus] alfredi
3002   White-throated Greenbul                    Phyllastrephus albigularis
3004   Appert's Greenbul                          Phyllastrephus apperti
3006   Baumann's (Olive-) Greenbul                Phyllastrephus baumanni
3008   Grey-crowned Greenbul                      Phyllastrephus cinereiceps
3010   Pale-olive Greenbul                        Phyllastrephus fulviventris
3012   Toro Olive-Greenbul                        Phyllastrephus hypochloris
3014   Liberian (White-winged) Greenbul           Phyllastrephus leucolepis
3016   Sassi's (~ Olive-) Greenbul                Phyllastrephus lorenzi
3018   Long-billed Greenbul                       Phyllastrephus madagascariensis
3020   Grey-headed Greenbul                       Phyllastrephus poliocephalus
3022   Red-tailed Leaf-love (Greenbul)            Phyllastrephus scandens
3024   Northern Brownbul                          Phyllastrephus strepitans
3026   Dusky Greenbul                             Phyllastrephus tenebrosus
3028   Xavier's Greenbul                          Phyllastrephus xavieri
3030   Spectacled Greenbul                        Phyllastrephus zosterops
3032   Dodson's Bulbul                            Pycnonotus [barbatus] dodsoni
3034   Somali Bulbul                              Pycnonotus [barbatus] somaliensis
3036   Dark-capped (Black-eyed) Bulbul            Pycnonotus [barbatus] tricolor
3038   White-spectacled Bulbul                    Pycnonotus xanthopygos
3040   Swamp (Palm) Bulbul (Greenbul)             Thescelocichla leucopleura
3042   Northern Mountain Greenbul                 Andropadus [tephrolaemus] fusciceps
3044   Lesser Bristlebill                         Bleda [eximia] notata [notatus]
3046   Grey Hypocolius                            Hypocolius ampelinus
3048   Uluguru Mountain Greenbul                  Andropadus [tephrolaemus] neumanni
3050   Brown-tailed Apalis                        Apalis [flavida] viridiceps
3052   Kabobo Apalis                                Apalis [porphyrolaema] kaboboensis
3054   Kungwe Apalis                                Apalis [rufogularis] argentea
3056   Taita Apalis                                 Apalis [thoracica] fascigularis
3058   Namuli Apalis                                Apalis [thoracica] lynesi
3060   Brown-headed Apalis                          Apalis alticola
3062   Bamenda Apalis                               Apalis bamendae
3064   Masked Apalis                                Apalis binotata
3066   Chapin's (Chestnut-headed) Apalis            Apalis chapini
3068   White-winged Apalis                          Apalis chariessa
3070   Grey Apalis                                  Apalis cinerea
3072   Gosling's Apalis                             Apalis goslingi
3074   Black-throated Apalis                        Apalis jacksoni
3076   Karamoja Apalis                              Apalis karamojae
3078   Black-capped Apalis                          Apalis nigriceps
3080   Black-faced (Mountain Masked) Apalis         Apalis personata
3082   Chestnut-throated Apalis                     Apalis porphyrolaema
3084   Black-collared Apalis                        Apalis pulchra
3086   Rwenzori (Collared) Apalis                   Apalis ruwenzorii
3088   Sharpe's Apalis                              Apalis sharpii
3090   Grey Wren-Warbler                            Calamonastes simplex
3092                                                Calamonastes undosus
       Miombo (Pale) Wren-Warbler (incl. Stierling's)
3094   Yellow-browed Camaroptera                    Camaroptera superciliaris
3096   Socotra Warbler (Cisticola)                  Cisticola (Incana) incanus
3098   Rock-loving Cisticola                        Cisticola [aberrans] emini
3100   Lepe Cisticola                               Cisticola [erythrops] lepe
3102   Tabora Cisticola                             Cisticola [fulvicapillus] angusticauda
3104   Lynes's Cisticola                            Cisticola [lais] distinctus
3106   Angola Cisticola                             Cisticola [robustus] angolensis
3108   Aberdare Cisticola                           Cisticola aberdare
3110   Chattering Cisticola                         Cisticola anonymus
3112   Boran Cisticola                              Cisticola bodessa
3114   Pectoral-patch Cisticola                     Cisticola brunnescens
3116   Bubbling Cisticola                           Cisticola bulliens
3118   Carruthers's Cisticola                       Cisticola carruthersi
3120   Madagascar Cisticola                         Cisticola cherinus
3122   Chubb's Cisticola                            Cisticola chubbi
3124   Ashy Cisticola                               Cisticola cinereolus
3126   Dambo (Cloud-scraping) Cisticola             Cisticola dambo
3128   Dorst's Cisticola                            Cisticola dorsti
3130   Black-backed (Black-necked Cloud) CisticolaCisticola eximius
3132   Coastal Cisticola                            Cisticola haematocephala
3134   Island (Socotra) Cisticola                   Cisticola haesitatus
3136   Whistling Cisticola                          Cisticola lateralis
3138   Luapula Cisticola (split)                    Cisticola luapula
3140   Ethiopian Cisticola                          Cisticola lugubris
3142   Winding Cisticola                            Cisticola marginatus
3144   Black-tailed (Slender-tailed) Cisticola      Cisticola melanurus
3146   Tiny Cisticola                               Cisticola nanus
3148   Black-lored Cisticola                        Cisticola nigriloris
3150   Tana River Cisticola                         Cisticola restrictus
3152   Stout Cisticola                              Cisticola robustus
3154   Red-pate Cisticola (incl. Mongalla)          Cisticola ruficeps
3156   Rufous Cisticola                            Cisticola rufus
3158   Kilombero Cisticola                         Cisticola sp.
3160   Melodious Cisticola                         Cisticola sp.
3162   White-tailed Cisticola                      Cisticola sp.
3164   Foxy Cisticola                              Cisticola troglodytes
3166   Trilling Cisticola                          Cisticola woosnami
3168   Red-winged Grey Warbler                     Drymocichla incana
3170   Grey-capped Warbler                         Eminia lepida
3172   Grauer's Warbler                            Graueria vittata
3174   Oriole Warbler                              Hypergerus atriceps
3176   Buff-bellied Warbler                        Phyllolais pulchella
3178   Sierra Leone (White-eyed) Prinia            Prinia (Schistolais) leontica
3180   White-chinned Prinia                        Prinia (Schistolais) leucopogon
3182   Black-faced Prinia                          Prinia [bairdii] melanops
3184   River Prinia                                Prinia fluviatilis
3186   Graceful Prinia                             Prinia gracilis
3188   Pale Prinia                                 Prinia somalica
3190   Streaked Scrub-Warbler                      Scotocerca inquieta
3192   Red-fronted Warbler (Red-faced Apalis)      Spiloptila (Urorhipis/Apalis) rufifrons
3194                                               Spiloptila clamans
       Scaly-fronted Warbler (Cricket Warbler, Longtail)
3196   Fernando Po Speirops                        Speirops brunneus
3198   Abyssinian (White-breasted) White-eye       Zosterops abyssinicus
3200   Mauritius Olive White-eye                   Zosterops chloronothos
3202   Annobon White-eye                           Zosterops griseovirescens
3204   Kulal White-eye                             Zosterops kulalensis
3206   Chestnut-sided White-eye                    Zosterops mayottensis
3208   Seychelles White-eye                        Zosterops modestus
3210   Comoro White-eye                            Zosterops mouroniensis
3212   Reunion Olive White-eye                     Zosterops olivaceus
3214   Montane (Broad-ringed) White-eye            Zosterops poliogaster [poliogastrus]
3216   Taita White-eye                             Zosterops silvanus
3218   Forest (Green) White-eye                    Zosterops stenocricotus
3220   Pemba White-eye                             Zosterops vaughani
3222   South Pare White-eye                        Zosterops winifredae
3224   Thick-billed Warbler                        Acrocephalus aedon
3226   Cape Verde Swamp (Cane)-Warbler             Acrocephalus brevipennis
3228   Moustached Warbler                          Acrocephalus melanopogon
3230   Madagascar Swamp-Warbler                    Acrocephalus newtoni
3232   Aquatic Warbler                             Acrocephalus paludicola
3234   Rodrigues Warbler                           Acrocephalus rodericans
3236   Clamorous Reed-Warbler                      Acrocephalus stentoreus
3238   Grey Emu-tail                               Amphilais seebohmi
3240   Dapple-throat (Dappled Mountain Robin)      Arcanator (Modulatrix) orostruthus
3242   Mrs. Moreau's Warbler                       Bathmocercus (Scepomycter) winifredae
3244   Black-headed (-capped) Rufous Warbler       Bathmocercus cerviniventris
3246   Bamboo (Scrub-) Warbler                     Bradypterus alfredi
3248   Ja River Scrub-Warbler                      Bradypterus grandis
3250   Grauer's Swamp- (Rush-/Scrub-) Warbler Bradypterus graueri
3252   Cetti's Warbler                             Cettia cetti
3254   Yellow-browed Oxylabes                      Crossleyia xanthophrys
3256   Cryptic Warbler                             Cryptosylvicola randrianasoloi
3258   Brown Emu-tail                              Dromaeocercus brunneus
3260   Salvadori's Eremomela                      Eremomela [icteropygialis] salvadorii
3262   Green-backed Eremomela                     Eremomela [pusilla] canescens
3264   Black-necked Eremomela                     Eremomela atricollis
3266   Rufous- (Brown-) crowned Eremomela         Eremomela badiceps
3268   Yellow-vented Eremomela                    Eremomela flavicrissalis
3270   Senegal Eremomela                          Eremomela pusilla
3272   Turner's Eremomela                         Eremomela turneri
3274   Neumann's (Short-tailed) Warbler           Hemitesia neumanni
3276   Upcher's Warbler                           Hippolais languida
3278   Olivaceous Warbler                         Hippolais pallida
3280   Melodious Warbler                          Hippolais polyglotta
3282   Green Hylia                                Hylia prasina
3284   Usumbara Hyliota                           Hyliota [australis] usumbarae
3286   Violet-backed Hyliota                      Hyliota violacea
3288   Blackcap Illadopsis                        Illadopsis cleaveri
3290   Puvel's Illadopsis                         Illadopsis puveli
3292   Mountain Illadopsis                        Illadopsis pyrrhoptera
3294   Rufous-winged Illadopsis                   Illadopsis rufescens
3296   Pale-breasted Illadopsis                   Illadopsis rufipennis
3298   Chapin's Mountain-Babbler                  Kupeornis [rufocinctus] chapini
3300   White-throated Mountain-Babbler            Kupeornis gilberti
3302   Red-collared Mountain-Babbler              Kupeornis rufocinctus
3304   Savi's Warbler                             Locustella luscinioides
3306   (Common) Grasshopper-Warbler               Locustella naevia
3308   Grey Longbill                              Macrosphenus concolor
3310   Yellow Longbill                            Macrosphenus flavicans
3312   Kemp's Longbill                            Macrosphenus kempi
3314   Kretschmer's Longbill                      Macrosphenus kretschmeri
3316   Pulitzer's Longbill                        Macrosphenus pulitzeri
3318   Spot-throat (Modulatrix)                   Modulatrix stictigula
3320   Crossley's Babbler                         Mystacornis crossleyi
3322   Wedge-tailed Jery                          Neomixis (Hartertula) flavoviridis
3324   Stripe-throated Jery                       Neomixis striatigula
3326   Common Jery                                Neomixis tenella
3328   Green Jery                                 Neomixis viridis
3330   Aldabra Brush-Warbler                      Nesillas aldabrana
3332   Grand Comoro Brush-Warbler                 Nesillas brevicaudata
3334   Anjouan Brush-Warbler                      Nesillas longicaudata
3336   Moheli Brush-Warbler                       Nesillas mariae
3338   Subdesert Brush Warbler                    Nesillas sp.
3340   Madagascar Brush-Warbler                   Nesillas typica
3342   Dark Newtonia                              Newtonia amphichroa
3344   Archbold's Newtonia                        Newtonia archboldi
3346   Common Newtonia                            Newtonia brunneicauda
3348   Red-tailed Newtonia                        Newtonia fanovanae
3350                                              Orthotomus (Artisornis) metopias
       African Tailorbird (Red-capped Forest Warbler)
3352   Moreau's (Long-billed) Tailorbird (Apalis) Orthotomus (Artisornis/Apalis) moreaui
3354   White-throated Oxylabes                    Oxylabes madagascariensis
3356   Banded Warbler (Parisoma)                  Parisoma (Sylvia) boehmi
3358   Brown Warbler (Parisoma)                   Parisoma (Sylvia) lugens
3360   Bale Parisoma                              Parisoma griseaventris
3362   Abyssinian Catbird                         Parophasma galinieri
3364   Capuchin Babbler                           Phyllanthus atripennis
3366   Western Bonelli's Warbler                  Phylloscopus bonelli
3368   Iberian Chiffchaff                         Phylloscopus brehmii
3370   Uganda Woodland-Warbler                    Phylloscopus budongoensis
3372   Dusky Warbler                              Phylloscopus fuscatus
3374   Black-capped Woodland-Warbler              Phylloscopus herberti
3376   Yellow-browed (Inornate) Warbler           Phylloscopus inornatus
3378   Red-faced Woodland-Warbler                 Phylloscopus laetus
3380   Radde's Warbler                            Phylloscopus schwarzi
3382   Brown Woodland-Warbler                     Phylloscopus umbrovirens
3384   Ruwenzori Hill-Babbler                     Pseudoalcippe [abyssinica] atriceps
3386   (Spotted) Thrush Babbler                   Ptyrticus turdinus
3388   Pallas' (Lemon-rumped) Warbler             Pylloscopus proregulus
3390   Rand's Warbler                             Randia pseudozosterops
3392   Hume's Whitethroat                         Sylvia althaea
3394   Subalpine Warbler                          Sylvia cantillans
3396   Spectacled Warbler                         Sylvia conspicillata
3398   Eastern Orphean Warbler                    Sylvia crassirostris
3400   Lesser Whitethroat                         Sylvia curruca
3402   African Desert Warbler                     Sylvia deserti
3404   Tristram's Warbler                         Sylvia deserticola
3406   Orphean Warbler                            Sylvia hortensis
3408   Red Sea (Arabian) Warbler                  Sylvia leucomelaena
3410   Sardinian Warbler                          Sylvia melanocephala
3412   Cyprus Warbler                             Sylvia melanothorax
3414   Menetries's Warbler                        Sylvia mystacea
3416   Desert Warbler                             Sylvia nana
3418   Rueppell's Warbler                         Sylvia rueppelli
3420   Marmora's Warbler                          Sylvia sarda
3422   Dartford Warbler                           Sylvia undata
3424   Chapin's Crombec                           Sylvietta [leucophrys] chapini
3426   Northern Crombec                           Sylvietta brachyura
3428   Lemon-bellied Crombec                      Sylvietta denti
3430   Somali (Long-billed) Crombec               Sylvietta isabellina
3432   White-browed Crombec                       Sylvietta leucophrys
3434   Short-billed (Phillipa's/Somali) Crombec   Sylvietta philippae
3436   Green Crombec                              Sylvietta virens
3438   Thamnornis Warbler                         Thamnornis chloropetoides
3440   Scaly Chatterer                            Turdoides aylmeri
3442   Fulvous Chatterer (Babbler)                Turdoides fulvus [fulva]
3444   Hinde's Pied-Babbler                       Turdoides hindei
3446   Northern Pied-Babbler                      Turdoides hypoleucus [hypoleuca]
3448   White-headed (Cretschmar's) Babbler        Turdoides leucocephalus [leucocephala]
3450   White-rumped Babbler (Hartlaubs)           Turdoides leucopygius [leucopygia]
3452   Brown Babbler                              Turdoides plebejus
3454   Blackcap Babbler                           Turdoides reinwardtii
3456   Rufous Chatterer                           Turdoides rubiginosus [rubiginosa]
3458   Sharpe's Pied-Babbler                      Turdoides sharpei
3460   Arabian Babbler                            Turdoides squamiceps
3462   Scaly Babbler                              Turdoides squamulatus [squamulata]
3464   Dusky Babbler                              Turdoides tenebrosus [tenebrosa]
3466   (Greater) Hoopoe-Lark                      Alaemon alaudipes
3468   Lesser Hoopoe-Lark                            Alaemon hamertoni
3470   Eurasian Skylark                              Alauda arvensis
3472   Razo Lark                                     Alauda razae
3474   Bar-tailed Lark                               Ammomanes cincturus [cinctura]
3476   Desert Lark                                   Ammomanes deserti
3478   Blanford's Lark                               Calandrella [brachydactyla] blanfordi
3480   Erlanger's Lark                               Calandrella [brachydactyla] erlangeri
3482   Athi Short-toed Lark                          Calandrella [rufescens] athensis
3484   Somali (Rufous) Short-toed Lark               Calandrella [rufescens] somalica
3486   (Greater) Short-toed Lark                     Calandrella brachydactyla
3488   Lesser Short-toed Lark                        Calandrella rufescens
3490   Beesley's Lark                                Chersomanes beesleyi
3492   Dupont's Lark                                 Chersophilus duponti
3494   Dunn's Lark                                   Eremalauda dunni
3496   Horned (Shore) Lark                           Eremophila alpestris
3498   Temminck's (Horned) Lark                      Eremophila bilopha
3500   Fischer's Finch- (Sparrow-) Lark              Eremopterix leucopareia
3502   Black-crowned Finch- (Sparrow-) Lark          Eremopterix nigriceps
3504   Chestnut-headed Finch- (Sparrow-) Lark        Eremopterix signata [signatus]
3506   Crested Lark                                  Galerida cristata
3508   Sun Lark                                      Galerida modesta
3510   Thekla Lark                                   Galerida theklae
3512   Archer's Lark                                 Heteromirafra archeri
3514   Sidamo Lark                                   Heteromirafra sidamoensis
3516   Wood Lark                                     Lullula arborea
3518   Calandra Lark                                 Melanocorypha calandra
3520   Pink-breasted Lark                            Mirafra [Calendulauda] poecilosterna
3522   Abyssinian Lark                               Mirafra [Calendulauda][africanoides] alopex
3524   Somali Rufous-naped Lark                      Mirafra [africana] sharpii
3526   Bradfield's Lark                              Mirafra [sabota] naevia
3528   White-tailed (~ Bush) Lark                    Mirafra albicauda
3530   Angola Lark                                   Mirafra angolensis
3532   Ash's Lark                                    Mirafra ashi
3534   Singing (~ Bush) Lark                         Mirafra cantillans
3536   Collared Lark                                 Mirafra collaris
3538   Kordofan Lark                                 Mirafra cordofanica
3540   Degodi Lark                                   Mirafra degodiensis
3542   Gillett's Lark                                Mirafra gilletti
3544   Madagascar Lark                               Mirafra hova
3546   Red-winged (~ Bush) Lark                      Mirafra hypermetra
3548   Malbrant's Lark                               Mirafra malbranti
3550   Agulhas Clapper Lark (split)                  Mirafra marjoriae
3552   Friedmann's Lark                              Mirafra pulpa
3554   Rusty (~ Bush) Lark                           Mirafra rufa
3556   Somali (Long-billed) Lark (Somali Red Lark)   Mirafra somalica
3558   Williams's Lark                               Mirafra williamsi
3560   Rufous-rumped Lark                            Pinarocorys erythropygia
3562   Short-tailed Lark                             Pseudalaemon fremantlii
3564   Thick-billed Lark                             Ramphocoris clotbey
3566   Obbia Lark                                    Spizocorys obbiensis
3568   Masked Lark                                   Spizocorys personata
3570   Grey-headed Sunbird                           Anthreptes [Deleornis] axillaris
3572   Nile Valley Sunbird                        Anthreptes [Hedydipna] metallicus
3574   Amani Sunbird                              Anthreptes [Hedydipna] pallidigaster
3576   Pygmy Sunbird                              Anthreptes [Hedydipna] platurus
3578   Anchieta's (Red & Blue) Sunbird            Anthreptes anchietae
3580   Violet-tailed Sunbird                      Anthreptes aurantium
3582   Scarlet-tufted (Fraser's) Sunbird          Anthreptes fraseri
3584   Mouse-brown Sunbird                        Anthreptes gabonicus
3586   Uluguru Violet-backed Sunbird              Anthreptes neglectus
3588   Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird              Anthreptes orientalis
3590   Kenya (Eastern) Violet-backed Sunbird      Anthreptes orientalis
3592   Green (Yellow-chinned) Sunbird             Anthreptes rectirostris
3594   Banded (~ Green) Sunbird                   Anthreptes rubritorques
3596   Toha Sunbird                               Cinnyris sp
3598   Forest Double-collared Sunbird             Nectarinia (Cinnyris] fuelleborni
3600   Usambara Double-collared Sunbird           Nectarinia (Cinnyris] usambaricus
3602   Reichenbach's Sunbird                      Nectarinia [Anabathmis] reichenbachii
3604   Buff-throated Sunbird                      Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] adelberti
3606   Socotra Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] balfouri
3608   Carmelite Sunbird                          Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] fuliginosa
3610   Hunter's Sunbird                           Nectarinia [Chalcomitra] hunteri
3612   Ludwig's (Montane) Double-collared Sunbird Nectarinia [Cinnyris] [afra] ludovicensis
3614                                              Nectarinia [Cinnyris] [afra] stuhlmanni
       Rwenzori (Stuhlmann's) Double-collared Sunbird
3616   Grauer's Double-collared Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] [afra] stuhlmanni graueri
3618   Prigogine's Double-collared Sunbird        Nectarinia [Cinnyris] [afra] stuhlmanni prigoginei
3620   Moreau's Sunbird                           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] [mediocris] moreaui
3622   Bates's Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] batesi
3624   Bocage's Sunbird                           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] bocagii [bocagei]
3626   Orange-tufted Sunbird                      Nectarinia [Cinnyris] bouvieri
3628   Violet-breasted Sunbird                    Nectarinia [Cinnyris] chalcomelas
3630   Splendid Sunbird                           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] coccinigaster [coccinigastrus]
3632   Anjouan Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] comorensis
3634   Congo (~ Black-bellied) Sunbird            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] congensis
3636   Mayotte Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] coquerellii
3638   Red-chested Sunbird                        Nectarinia [Cinnyris] erythrocerca [erythrocercus]
3640   Shining Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] habessinica
3642   Humblot's Sunbird                          Nectarinia [Cinnyris] humbloti
3644   Johanna's Sunbird                          Nectarinia [Cinnyris] johannae
3646   Red-tufted (~ Malachite) Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] johnstoni
3648   Loveridge's Sunbird                        Nectarinia [Cinnyris] loveridgei
3650   Tiny Sunbird                               Nectarinia [Cinnyris] minulla [minullus]
3652   Long-billed Green Sunbird                  Nectarinia [Cinnyris] notata
3654   Palestine (Northern Orange-tufted) Sunbird Nectarinia [Cinnyris] osea
3656   Oustalet's (~ White-bellied) Sunbird       Nectarinia [Cinnyris] oustaleti
3658   Pemba Sunbird                              Nectarinia [Cinnyris] pembae
3660   Northern Double-collared Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cinnyris] preussi
3662   Purple-breasted Sunbird                    Nectarinia [Cinnyris] purpureiventris
3664   Regal Sunbird                              Nectarinia [Cinnyris] regia [regius]
3666   Rockefeller's Sunbird                      Nectarinia [Cinnyris] rockefelleri
3668   Rufous-winged Sunbird                      Nectarinia [Cinnyris] rufipennis
3670   Little Green Sunbird                       Nectarinia [Cinnyris] seimundi
3672   Superb Sunbird                             Nectarinia [Cinnyris] superba [superbus]
3674   Tacazze Sunbird                            Nectarinia [Cinnyris] tacazze
3676   Tsavo Sunbird                               Nectarinia [Cinnyris] tsavoensis
3678   Ursula's (~ Mouse-coloured) Sunbird         Nectarinia [Cinnyris] ursulae
3680   (Ruwenzori ~) Blue-headed Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cyanomitra] alinae
3682   Blue-throated Brown Sunbird                 Nectarinia [Cyanomitra] cyanolaema
3684   (Smaller ~) Black-bellied Sunbird           Nectarinia [Cynnyris] nectarinioides
3686   Beautiful Sunbird                           Nectarinia [Cynnyris] pulchella
3688   Sharpe's Pipit (Longclaw)                   Anthus (Macronyx) sharpei
3690   Cameroon Pipit                              Anthus [cinnamomeus] camaroonensis
3692   Jackson's Pipit                             Anthus [cinnamomeus] latistriatus
3694   Bannerman's Pipit                           Anthus [similis] bannermani
3696   Tawny Pipit                                 Anthus campestris
3698   Malindi Pipit                               Anthus melindae
3700   Long-legged Pipit                           Anthus pallidiventris
3702   Rock Pipit                                  Anthus petrosus
3704   Meadow Pipit                                Anthus pratensis
3706   Kimberly Pipit                              Anthus pseudosimilis
3708   Richard's Pipit                             Anthus richardi
3710   American Pipit                              Anthus rubescens
3712   Sokoke Pipit                                Anthus sokokensis
3714   Water Pipit                                 Anthus spinoletta
3716   Bob-tailed Weaver                           Brachycope anomala
3718   White-billed Buffalo-Weaver                 Bubalornis albirostris
3720   Pale Rock-Finch (-Sparrow)                  Carpospiza brachydactyla
3722   Brown Twinspot                              Clytospiza monteiri
3724   Dusky Crimson-wing                          Cryptospiza jacksoni
3726   Abyssinian Crimson-wing                     Cryptospiza salvadorii
3728   Shelley's Crimson-wing                      Cryptospiza shelleyi
3730   White-headed Buffalo-Weaver                 Dinemellia dinemelli
3732   Black-faced (-lored) Waxbill                Estrilda [astrild] nigriloris
3734   Black-cheeked (Red-rumped) Waxbill          Estrilda [erythronotos] charmosyna
3736   Abyssinian Waxbill                          Estrilda [paludicola] ochrogaster
3738   Anambra Waxbill                             Estrilda [paludicola] poliopareia
3740   Black-headed Waxbill (incl. Kandt's)        Estrilda atricapilla
3742   Lavender Waxbill                            Estrilda caerulescens
3744   Black-rumped Waxbill                        Estrilda troglodytes
3746   Fire-fronted Bishop                         Euplectes diadematus
3748   Orange (Northern Red) Bishop                Euplectes franciscanus
3750   Black Bishop                                Euplectes gierowii
3752   Jackson's Widowbird                         Euplectes jacksoni
3754   Zanzibar (Red) Bishop                       Euplectes nigroventris
3756   Mountain Marsh (Buff-shouldered) Widowbird  Euplectes psammocromius
3758   Dusky Twinspot                              Euschistospiza cinereovinacea
3760   Dybowski's Twinspot                         Euschistospiza dybowskii
3762   Rodrigues Fody                              Foudia flavicans
3764   Forest Fody                                 Foudia omissa
3766   Rufous-tailed Weaver                        Histurgops ruficauda
3768   Bar-breasted Firefinch                      Lagonosticta [nitidula] rufopicta
3770   Reichenow's Firefinch                       Lagonosticta [rhodopareia] umbrinodorsalis
3772   Mali (Kulikoro) Firefinch                   Lagonosticta [rhodopareia] virata
3774   Pale-billed Firefinch                       Lagonosticta [rubricata] landanae
3776   Black-throated Firefinch (incl Black-faced) Lagonosticta larvata
3778   Black-bellied Firefinch                     Lagonosticta rara
3780   Rock Firefinch                            Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis
3782   Madagascar Munia                          Lemuresthes (Lonchura) nana
3784   African (Warbling) Silverbill             Lonchura [Euodice] cantans
3786   Pangani Longclaw                          Macronyx aurantiigula
3788   Abyssinian Longclaw                       Macronyx flavicollis
3790   Grimwood's Longclaw                       Macronyx grimwoodi
3792   Yellow-legged Malimbe (Weaver)            Malimbus (Ploceus) flavipes
3794   Gola (Ballmann's) Malimbe                 Malimbus [racheliae] ballmanni
3796   Black-throated (Cassin's) Malimbe         Malimbus cassini
3798   Red-crowned Malimbe                       Malimbus coronatus
3800   Red-bellied Malimbe                       Malimbus erythrogaster
3802   Ibadan Malimbe                            Malimbus ibadanensis
3804   Crested Malimbe                           Malimbus malimbicus
3806   Blue-billed (Gray's) Malimbe              Malimbus nitens
3808   Rachel's Malimbe                          Malimbus racheliae
3810   Red-headed Malimbe                        Malimbus rubricollis
3812   Red-vented Malimbe                        Malimbus scutatus
3814   Moroccan Wagtail                          Motacilla [alba] subpersonata
3816   White Wagtail                             Motacilla alba
3818   Madagascar Wagtail                        Motacilla flaviventris
3820   White-collared Oliveback                  Nesocharis ansorgei
3822   Grey-headed Oliveback                     Nesocharis capistrata
3824   White-breasted Negrofinch                 Nigrita fusconota
3826   Pale-fronted Negrofinch                   Nigrita luteifrons
3828   Red-billed (Black-chinned) Quailfinch     Ortygospiza [atricollis] gabonensis
3830   Compact Weaver                            Pachyphantes superciliosus
3832   Red-fronted Antpecker (incl. Jameson's)   Parmoptila rubrifrons
3834   Parrot-billed Sparrow                     Passer [griseus] gongonensis
3836   Swahili Sparrow                           Passer [griseus] suahelicus
3838   Swainson's Sparrow                        Passer [griseus] swainsonii
3840   Kenya Rufous-Sparrow                      Passer [motitensis] rufocinctus
3842   Somali Sparrow                            Passer castanopterus
3844   Kordofan Rufous Sparrow                   Passer cordofanicus
3846   Chestnut Sparrow                          Passer eminibey
3848   Arabian Golden-Sparrow                    Passer euchlorus
3850   Parrot-billed Sparrow                     Passer gongonensis
3852   Northern Grey-headed Sparrow (split)      Passer griseus
3854   Spanish Sparrow                           Passer hispaniolensis
3856   Iago (Rufous-backed) Sparrow              Passer iagoensis
3858   Socotra Sparrow                           Passer insularis
3860   Sudan Golden-Sparrow                      Passer luteus
3862   Dead Sea Sparrow                          Passer moabiticus
3864   Eurasian Tree Sparrow                     Passer montanus
3866   Shelley's Rufous Sparrow                  Passer shelleyi
3868   Desert Sparrow                            Passer simplex
3870   Bush Petronia                             Petronia dentata
3872   Rock Sparrow                              Petronia petronia
3874   Yellow-spotted Petronia                   Petronia pyrgita
3876   Donaldson-Smith's Sparrow-Weaver          Plocepasser donaldsoni
3878   Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver           Plocepasser superciliosus
3880   Lake Lufira (Ruwet's) Masked-Weaver       Ploceus [velatus/reichardi] ruweti
3882   Katanga Masked-Weaver                     Ploceus [velatus] katangae
3884   Maxwell's Black Weaver                     Ploceus albinucha
3886   Strange Weaver                             Ploceus alienus
3888   Orange Weaver                              Ploceus aurantius
3890   Golden-naped Weaver                        Ploceus aureonucha
3892   Cinnamon Weaver                            Ploceus badius
3894   Bannerman's Weaver                         Ploceus bannermani
3896   Bates's Weaver                             Ploceus batesi
3898   Golden Palm Weaver                         Ploceus bojeri
3900   Kilombero Weaver                           Ploceus burnieri
3902   Taveta Golden Weaver                       Ploceus castaneiceps
3904   Northern Brown-throated Weaver             Ploceus castanops
3906   Juba (Salvadori's) Weaver                  Ploceus dicrocephalus
3908   Yellow-capped Weaver                       Ploceus dorsomaculatus
3910   Rueppell's Weaver                          Ploceus galbula
3912   Clarke's Weaver                            Ploceus golandi
3914   Heuglin's Masked-Weaver                    Ploceus heuglini
3916   Golden-backed Weaver                       Ploceus jacksoni
3918   Little Weaver                              Ploceus luteolus
3920   Streaked Weaver                            Ploceus manyar
3922                                              Victoria melanocephalus
       Black-headed (Yellow-backed) Weaver (incl. Ploceus Masked)
3924   Nelicourvi Weaver                          Ploceus nelicourvi
3926   Usambara (Tanzanian Mountain) Weaver Ploceus nicolli
3928   Black-chinned Weaver                       Ploceus nigrimentum
3930   Preuss's Weaver                            Ploceus preussi
3932   Sakalava Weaver                            Ploceus sakalava
3934   Speke's Weaver                             Ploceus spekei
3936   Fox's Weaver                               Ploceus spekeoides
3938   Loango Weaver                              Ploceus subpersonatus
3940   Northern Masked-Weaver                     Ploceus taeniopterus
3942   Bocage's Weaver                            Ploceus temporalis
3944   Yellow-mantled Weaver                      Ploceus tricolor
3946   Weyns's Weaver                             Ploceus weynsi
3948   Alpine Accentor                            Prunella collaris
3950   Hedge Accentor                             Prunella modularis
3952   Grey-headed Social-Weaver                  Pseudonigrita arnaudi
3954   Black-capped Social-Weaver                 Pseudonigrita cabanisi
3956   Crimson Seedcracker                        Pyrenestes [ostrinus] sanguineus
3958   Black-bellied Seedcracker                  Pyrenestes ostrinus
3960   Lineated Pytilia                           Pytilia [phoenicoptera] lineata
3962   Red-faced Pytilia                          Pytilia hypogrammica
3964   Red- (Crimson-) winged Pytilia             Pytilia phoenicoptera
3966   Grey-headed Silverbill                     Spermestes (Lonchura)[Odontospiza] griseicapilla
3970   Grant's Bluebill                           Spermophaga poliogenys
3972   Speckle-fronted Weaver                     Sporopipes frontalis
3974   Red-cheeked Cordonbleu                     Uraeginthus bengalus
3976   Blue-capped Cordonbleu                     Uraeginthus cyanocephalus
3978   Purple Grenadier                           Uraeginthus ianthinogaster
3980   Jos Plateau Indigobird                     Vidua [funerea] maryae
3982   Quail-finch Indigobird                     Vidua [funerea] nigeriae
3984                                              Vidua
       Long-tailed (Uelle/Exclamatons) Paradise-Whydah [orientalis] interjecta
3986   Togo Paradise-Whydah                       Vidua [orientalis] togoensis
3988   Cameroon Indigobird                        Vidua camerunensis
3990   Straw-tailed Whydah                       Vidua fischeri
3992   Steel-blue Whydah                         Vidua hypocherina
3994   Black-faced Firefinch (Baka) Indigobird   Vidua larvaticola
3996   Northern (Sahel) Paradise-Whydah          Vidua orientalis
3998   Gold-breast (Jambandu) Indigobird         Vidua raricola
4000   Lapland Longspur (Bunting)                Calcarius lapponicus
4002   Eurasian Linnet                           Carduelis cannabina
4004   European Goldfinch                        Carduelis carduelis
4006   European Greenfinch                       Carduelis chloris
4008   Common Redpoll                            Carduelis flammea
4010   Warsangli Linnet                          Carduelis johannis
4012   Eurasian Siskin                           Carduelis spinus
4014   Common Rosefinch                          Carpodacus erythrinus
4016   Sinai Rosefinch                           Carpodacus synoicus
4018   Hawfinch                                  Coccothraustes coccothraustes
4020   Brown-rumped Bunting                      Emberiza affinis
4022   Cretzschmar's Bunting                     Emberiza caesia
4024   Rock Bunting                              Emberiza cia
4026   Cinereous Bunting                         Emberiza cineracea
4028   Cirl Bunting                              Emberiza cirlus
4030   Yellowhammer                              Emberiza citrinella
4032   Ortolan Bunting                           Emberiza hortulana
4034   Pine Bunting                              Emberiza leucocephalos
4036   Black-headed Bunting                      Emberiza melanocephala
4038   Somali Golden-breasted Bunting            Emberiza poliopleura
4040   Little Bunting                            Emberiza pusilla
4042   Rustic Bunting                            Emberiza rustica
4044   Reed Bunting                              Emberiza schoeniclus
4046   Socotra Bunting                           Emberiza socotrana
4048   House Bunting                             Emberiza striolata
4050   Brambling                                 Fringilla montifringilla
4052   Red Crossbill                             Loxia curvirostra
4054   Corn Bunting                              Miliaria calandra
4056   Nightingale Finch                         Nesospiza acunhae
4058   Java Sparrow                              Padda oryzivora
4060   Snow Bunting                              Plectrophenax nivalis
4062   Eurasian Bullfinch                        Pyrrhula pyrrhula
4064   Trumpeter Finch                           Rhodopechys githaginea
4066   Desert Finch                              Rhodopechys obsoleta
4068   Crimson-winged Finch                      Rhodopechys sanguinea
4070   Somali Golden-winged Grosbeak             Rhynchostruthus louisae
4072   Golden-winged Grosbeak                    Rhynchostruthus socotranus
4074   Kenya Yellow-rumped Seedeater             Serinus [atrogularis] reichenowi
4076   Abyssinian Yellow-rumped Seedeater        Serinus [atrogularis] xanthopygius
4078   Kipengere Seed-eater                      Serinus [burtoni] melanochrous
4080   Papyrus Canary                            Serinus [capistratus] koliensis
4082   Western Citril                            Serinus [citrinelloides] frontalis
4084   Southern [East African] Citril            Serinus [citrinelloides] hypostictus
4086   Southern (Kenya) Grosbeak-Canary          Serinus [donaldsoni] buchanani
4088   West African Seedeater                    Serinus [gularis] canicapillus
4090   Ankober Serin                             Serinus ankoberensis
4092   Citril Finch                              Serinus citrinella
 4094   Northern (Abyssinian) Grosbeak-Canary    Serinus donaldsoni
 4096   White-bellied Canary                     Serinus dorsostriatus
 4098   Yellow-crowned Canary                    Serinus flavicollis
 4100   Yellow-throated Seedeater                Serinus flavigula
 4102   Damara Canary                            Serinus leucolaema
 4104   White-rumped Seedeater                   Serinus leucopygius
 4106   Yemen Serin                              Serinus menachensis
 4108   Abyssinian (Black-headed) Siskin         Serinus nigriceps
 4110   Fire (Red)-fronted Serin                 Serinus pusillus
 4112   European Serin                           Serinus serinus
 4114   Syrian Serin                             Serinus syriacus
 4116   Brown-rumped Seedeater                   Serinus tristriatus
 4118   Yellow-browed Seed-eater                 Serinus whytii
 4120   Salvadori's Seedeater                    Serinus xantholaemus
 4121   Kermadec Petrel                          Pterodroma neglecta
 4122   Madagascar starling                      Hartlaubius auratus
 4123   Agulhas Long-billed Lark (split)         Certhilauda [curvirostris] brevirostris
 4124   Benguela Long-billed Lark (split)        Certhilauda [curvirostris] benguelensis
 4125   Cape Long-billed Lark (split)            Certhilauda [curvirostris] curvirostris
 4126   Eastern Long-billed Lark (split)         Certhilauda [curvirostris] semitorquata
 4127   Karoo Long-billed Lark (split)           Certhilauda [curvirostris] subcoronata
 4128   Black-rumped Buttonquail (split)         Turnix nanus
 4129   Red-billed Hornbill (split)              Tockus erythrorhynchus
 4130   Lesser Cuckoo (split)                    Cuculus poliocephalus
 4131   Burchell's Coucal (split)                Centropus burchelli
 4132   Cape Parrot (split)                      Poicephalus robustus
 4133   Knysna Turaco (split)                    Tauraco [persa] corythaix
 4134   Southern Black Korhaan (Black) (split)   Afrotis afra
 4136   Lesser Black-backed Gull (split)         Larus fuscus
 4137   White-chinned Petrel (split)             Procellaria aequinoctialis
 4138   Rufous-winged Cisticola (split)          Cisticola galactotes
 4139   Karoo Prinia (split)                     Prinia maculosa
 4140   Cape Clapper Lark (split)                Mirafra apiata
 4142   Southern Greyheaded Sparrow (split)      Passer diffusus
 4143   Elegant Tern
 4144   Woodwards' Barbet                        Stactolaema [olivacea] woodwardi
10000   Hybrid Lesser-crested x Sandwich tern    Lesser-crested x Sandwich tern
10001   Hybrid Kermadec x Round Island Petrel    Kermadec x Round Island Petrel
10002   Hybrid Damara x Red-billed Hornbill      Damara x Red-billed Hornbill
10003   Muscovy Duck                             Cairina moschata
aena) rovuma
Neotis denhami
Glaucidium capense
Prodotiscus regulus
hrochlamys] barlowi
a [chloropygius]
ndricus] albotibialis
Laniarius luehderi
s [microrhynchus]
Spiloptila clamans
manni graueri
manni prigoginei

 er [coccinigastrus]

ca [erythrocercus]
spiza] griseicapilla
Notes on how to enter information into the spreadsheet page "Datasheet"

  1   Use tab key to enter information. Only certain (green) cells will allow entry of data
  2   Fill in only the green blocks on the datasheet
  3   To enter bird data first summarise your report seperately and then copy list
  4   Key "Edit, Paste special, Values, OK" in the Roberts No. column
  5   Do the same for the numbers of immatures and adults for each species
  6   The spreadsheet should automatically total all the data for you
  7   Use a similar approach for the data for the retraps
  8   In this case you will need to do a manual count of species

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